superm1Daviey, eek#?12:49
Davieysuperm1: laga saying some OTA listings are only 3-4 days12:50
superm1but why the #?12:50
Davieytoo close to the enter button.12:50
superm1wait, too close to enter?12:50
Davieysausages for fingers12:50
superm1your keyboards must be really funky12:51
Davieyyeah, lappy keyboard12:51
Daviey - but has a numeric keypad aswell :/12:51
superm1Daviey, okay so what i wanted to discuss earlier12:51
superm1regarding seeds12:51
superm1you read all of the back log ?12:51
Davieynot yet :(12:52
Davieyi skimed it earlier tho, with Hobsee12:52
superm1okay well here is what it will come down to12:52
superm1we want to branch from the ubuntu-archive seed12:52
superm1as in bzr branch URL blah12:52
superm1and then we will push it up to our own branch for now until its ready to merge in12:53
Davieyerm, whats the technical difference?12:53
superm1and we want to use existing seeds (live, minimal, etc) as much as possible12:53
superm1we can bzr merge then12:53
Davieyto bzr co url1 then commit to another?12:53
superm1to update to new changes they have12:53
superm1if we bzr branch12:53
superm1rather than bzr co12:53
Davieywhen is tribe3 due?12:54
superm1i'm not sure off hand12:55
superm1so all in all12:55
superm1the seed should be very straightforward12:55
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1only use one or two files to calculate it12:55
superm1so no extra-apps12:55
superm1or anything like that12:55
Davieywhy not?12:55
Davieyseemed the cleaner way12:56
superm1well because you organize within it12:56
superm1using = and ==12:56
superm1those are strictly for organization within a seed12:56
Davieyi wasn't exactly sure how the syntax of them worked12:56
superm1me either, that's why i asked joejaxx :)12:57
superm1basically when germinate runs12:57
superm1it strips all of the lines that don't start with " *"12:57
Davieyahh, so they are *just* comments?12:58
superm1(at least for our purposes)12:58
Davieythey don't play any germinating purpose?12:58
superm1if they do, its related to the canonical build process, not to how we do it12:58
superm1also next item of business01:00
superm1all the config files and postinst /preinst /postrm scripts01:00
superm1pull them out01:00
superm1i'm going to submit a mythbuntu-default-settings with them in the appropriate places01:01
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superm1hi sun-ping.  what brings you into #ubuntu-mythtv this evening?01:07
sun-pingHi... Trying to build a Linux based HTPC .... Basically just looking around for any tips. For now Im reading at01:09
sun-pingmythtv.org ...01:09
sun-pingHi! Trying to get some info about building a Linux based "HTPC"...01:10
superm1sun-ping, ah okay.  well if your looking to use mythbuntu to do it, it is currently at alpha 2.  if you would like to use ordinary Ubuntu however, we have a guide detailed for it01:10
superm1!mythtv | sun-ping01:10
ubotusun-ping: MythTV is a TV framework for Linux - Instructions for using with Ubuntu at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV01:10
sun-pingThanks ... (setting away for awhile)01:11
superm1laga, you still here?01:16
=== jono [n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Davieysuperm1_: any news on the mirror?01:38
Davieymy mirror has barely been used01:38
superm1_he mailed me an hour or two ago01:38
superm1_well we weren't dugg this time around01:38
superm1_for some reason or another01:38
superm1_the link he gave me is broke though, so i mailed him back01:39
superm1_waiting to hear again01:39
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Davieywell i think we can safely add pegasys as a mirror now01:39
superm1pegasus, not sys :)01:39
superm1well i'll put all three as a list then01:39
=== superm1 knocks on wood as we get dugg tomorrow or something
Davieywe we can remove it just as easily01:40
DavieyI'm not suprised we haven't been dugg so much.  It's no longer a 'new' thing01:40
superm1well via the seeding01:40
superm1pegasus put out a few gigs01:40
superm1and so did my laptop01:40
Davieyno peers atm01:42
superm1Daviey, so you have a good understanding now re: the seeds01:45
superm1how things will need to be done01:45
Davieythink so, but still not confident what needs to be added/dropped01:46
Davieyonly a build will tell :(01:46
superm1well hopefully nothing dropped01:47
superm1hopefully its all just adding01:47
Davieysuperm1: mythweather is fixed in mythtv svn?02:11
superm1there is a different branch02:11
superm1that has a revamp02:11
superm1its fixed foru s though02:11
superm1in our gutsy release02:11
superm1and on the mythbuntu.org fixes weekly builds02:12
Daviey#mythtv-users was just saying it's broke and dunno when it will be fixed ;s02:13
superm1well we've got the fix from trac that switches it over to weather.com in02:13
superm1joejaxx, you here still?02:35
superm1what about other tweaks to the live cd user only (for example adding desktop icons that idesk uses), should those also be packaged?02:36
superm1or can they be considered 'part of the build process'02:36
joejaxxif the regular users does not have that after they install02:36
joejaxxi would not package it02:37
superm1did cjwatson ever point you at http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/bzr/debian-cd/ubuntu/ ?02:37
superm1thats apparently where the initial splash images for the disks are stored02:37
superm1keescook, you got a few minutes to look over a few things tonight?05:14
superm1i've got 3 items05:14
OpenMediasuperm1: did you get some accommodation sorted?05:21
superm1OpenMedia, yup :)05:21
superm1Red Lion hotel05:21
superm1andrew also tested out his machine with a few hidef streams at once, appears to work out fine05:22
superm1so no need to lug your hardware across the pond :)05:22
OpenMediaTake a look at http://wiki.oreillynet.com/ubuntulive07/index.cgi?Socialising05:22
OpenMediaWhen do you get to Portland?05:22
OpenMediasuperm1: No worries. Happy to make the offer. Been flat out with some customer changes recently anyway.05:23
superm1oooh microbreweries05:23
superm1thats what i like to read05:23
OpenMediaI'm on a diet now to make room.05:23
superm1joejaxx, actually one of them I Might have you look at too if you have a moment.  I set up the first incarnation of mythbuntu-default-settings.  I was going to model it off of xubuntu-default-settings, but opted to use cdbs instead: http://revu.tauware.de/details.py?upid=586305:29
OpenMediasuperm1: Why does ubuntu follow the /var/lib/mythtv structure as standard for data. I always felt the Knoppmyth struction of /myth/* worked really well05:29
superm1linux standards base05:30
superm1is supposed to put it in /var05:30
OpenMediaI suppose /var/lib/mythtv could be a separate volume.05:30
superm1well thats if you want to do it that way05:31
OpenMediaJust working our a possible migration plan for myPVR from Knoppmyth -> Mythbuntu and there are some interesting bits like this one.05:31
OpenMediaQuestion is should we change, or keep our current standards.05:31
superm1well you can use symlinks05:31
superm1if you'd like to keep it that way05:31
superm1rather than have to force large changes05:31
superm1OpenMedia, did you grab alpha 2 to see how things are coming along?05:32
OpenMediasuperm1: Not had a chance this week, Maybe this weekend. Need more Ram for my virtual box instances.05:32
superm1yea i bought another 512 for my laptop last month05:33
superm1for that exact reason05:33
OpenMediaGetting some 2Gb sticks for the test box.\05:33
OpenMediaShame my Xen sandbox server is full. Not enough RAM slots05:34
superm1wow, planning on running multiple virtual box instances then?05:34
superm12gig sticks...05:34
tgm4883_laptopneed help on a lirc problem on the forums if anyone has the time05:38
superm1that i2c/pvr 150 thread?05:40
superm1i've thought about it05:40
superm1and dont know what to say05:40
superm1been thinkign about it it for a whie now actually05:40
OpenMediatgm4883_laptop: Care to let me know some of the details or a link.05:41
tgm4883_laptopim thinking a complete removal of lirc would work05:43
OpenMediatgm4883_laptop: You mention your build of the modules didn't work. Is that correct?05:44
OpenMediaHave you tried "locate lirc_pvr150.ko" on your box to see if the module has been compiled and installed correctly.05:45
tgm4883_laptopoh, not my problem, im trying to help the other guy05:45
tgm4883_laptopdon't have the pvr150 remote hooked up anymore or I could help him more05:45
OpenMediaAh I see.05:45
OpenMediaSounds like the module isn't compiled/installed correctly.05:46
OpenMediaOnce thats sorted I'd05:46
OpenMediadepmod -a05:46
OpenMediaand then modprobe lirc_pvr150 manually and see if there are any error messages05:46
tgm4883_laptopwant me to respond with that or you want to respond yourself?05:47
OpenMediaOk I'll do it... Hmmm now what was my forum login as its been a while...05:48
OpenMediatgm4883_laptop: ok i've updated the forum.05:56
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=== foxbuntu___ is now known as foxbuntu
foxbuntusuperm1: you in here?06:58
superm1did you subscribe to the mailing list earlier06:59
foxbuntuanyways...I was just about to play with the colors on the logos that have been passed around07:01
foxbuntuwhite is too out there unless we switched the entire color scheme07:01
OpenMediaWhat my life really needs, another mailing list07:01
superm1foxbuntu, the entire scheme is more tailored towards darker shades07:02
foxbuntusuperm1: is OpenMedia you as well?07:02
foxbuntuI know that you are going for the darker scheme...thus we have to find a color that works with black on screen07:02
superm1green or blue or yellow07:03
superm1are the big three07:03
superm1that will show up well without clashign too much07:03
OpenMediafoxbuntu: OpenMedia is OpenMedia ;)07:04
foxbuntuyea...I am thinking a gradiant through shades of blue from right edge to left07:04
foxbuntusure sure07:04
OpenMediaSteven Ellis - developer of myPVR here.07:04
foxbuntuah...nice to meet you, Nick Fox, a friend of superm107:05
foxbuntuworking on the art team on this project...and mainly breaking stuff07:06
superm1foxbuntu, hopefully the list will help you and the other guys communicate a bit better07:07
superm1i'll send a note to the others to join if they haven't already07:07
foxbuntuso are you on schedule for Alpha 2?07:08
superm1look at the topic :)07:09
foxbuntuoh nice07:11
foxbuntuearly release07:11
superm1well we tried to track right behind tribe-207:11
superm1which was released friday07:11
superm1foxbuntu, did you file that bug about alsa and your board?07:12
foxbuntunot yet...I need to get that done, prob tonight or tomorrow...just been dealing with alot of other things07:13
foxbuntudamn washer is totaly dead now07:13
=== stanisa [n=stanisa@82-71-13-150.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
OpenMediafoxbuntu: whats your board?07:27
foxbuntua newer Gigabyte with the nForce4 Sli chipset07:28
foxbuntuI dont know the exact model off hand07:28
foxbuntusuperm1: wow this laptop sucks with only 512 of ram07:39
OpenMediafoxbuntu: With Linux... Hmmm..07:45
foxbuntuno, this is my windows bo07:45
foxbuntuthe last one lest07:45
foxbuntuIm just being lazy tonight...dont want to leave my leather chair...lol07:45
OpenMediaAh that explains the 512Mb issue07:47
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foxbuntusuperm1: you still around?08:34
=== Vai_Ro [n=noir@pool-72-73-113-58.ptldme.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Vai_RoI have a question can someone link me to a good guide on howto install and add movies to mythvideo09:42
DavieyVai_Ro: suod apt-get install mythvideo09:46
DavieyIn the frontend settings you could store a location, but it defaults to /var....09:47
Vai_Rooh lol thanks but i'm more interested in the adding movies to the databse09:47
DavieyVai_Ro: import movies?09:47
Davieymyth does have an option to auto see new files in the location09:47
Vai_Rouseing the mythvideo plugin09:47
Vai_Roso i have to throw all my files into a single folder and point it there?09:48
Davieybut if you want to add pics & info you need to add it09:48
DavieyVai_Ro: ideally, but you can also symlink items09:48
Daviey"info you need to add it" .... to the database09:49
DavieyAnd that's a case of scanning for new videos; that is an menu option09:49
Vai_Rook looks like i need to go back and rework my backend a bit09:51
Vai_Rosee i'm not trying to use the tv part of mythtv i just want it to playback what i have on my hard drive both music and movies09:52
foxbuntuthats pretty simple to just add them to the directory and make sure to have Myth index them through the Music/Video manager09:53
foxbuntuyou can also do it over a network09:53
foxbuntuMusic can be a little clunky yet as your Metadata on the music files needs to be in order09:54
Vai_Rook and how do i get mythtv to see that i have movies / music?09:55
foxbuntuthe easiest way, and the way I do it, is just open the Video Manager and it will add everything that you have in the video directory09:55
foxbuntusame for music09:56
foxbuntuI suggest that you change the default video directory from /var tho09:56
foxbuntumine is /mythtv/videos09:57
foxbuntuand /mythtv/music09:57
foxbuntuVai_Ro: do you know where the Video Manager is?09:58
Vai_Rook I'm slowly getting there09:58
Vai_Rofrontend right?09:58
foxbunturight, Setup > Video Manager09:58
foxbuntuyou will also be able to add Meta information about the files via IMDB, if the files are named properly and they are production movies, it will get the DVD cover and info about the movie09:59
foxbuntuor if your file names are off you can just go search from them at imdb.com10:00
foxbuntuand give MythTV the IMDB #10:00
Vai_Rook i went into the video manager and it said there was no videos there10:01
foxbuntuok, then you dont have them in the right directory10:01
foxbuntuor no videos are in there10:01
Vai_Roand where can i set my directory?10:01
foxbuntuSetup > Media Settings > Videos Settings > General10:03
Vai_Roand is that the backend or the front?10:03
foxbuntuafter you have your backend up and running you should have to do very little interaction with it10:04
Vai_Rothanks a bunch10:04
foxbuntuthe frontend controls the backend10:04
foxbuntumake sure to create a new directory for the location you want to put the videos and music10:05
foxbuntuand give permissions so that mythtv can access it10:05
Vai_Royep now will it reckagnize multiple folders?10:06
foxbuntuonly if they are inside of the folder you give it10:06
foxbuntuso for example10:06
foxbuntuI have /mythtv/videos10:06
Vai_Rolike /home/xyz/movies10:06
foxbuntuI have /mythtv/videos/someshow10:07
keescooksuperm1: sorry, I'm in the UK atm, so we're a bit out of sync.  :)10:07
foxbuntuand you can browse to that from inside mythtv as long as everything resides inside of /mythtv/videos10:07
Vai_Rocool cool10:08
foxbuntuor whatever folder you would like to use10:08
Vai_Rosounds like i've got alot of work to do though10:08
foxbuntushould be pretty quick10:08
foxbuntucreate the folder (mkdir /somedir_for_vidoes10:09
foxbuntuchmod 777 /somedir_for_videos10:09
foxbuntuthen go into that menu and set the video directory to /somedir_for_vidoes10:09
foxbuntuand your ready to add videos10:09
foxbuntujust move them into that dir and then run the video manager to index them10:10
Vai_Royep added videos just fine reckagnizing the file types diffrent story lol10:11
foxbuntushouldnt have much of an issue there10:11
foxbuntuit supports the big ones10:11
foxbuntuand I am prob missing some10:12
Vai_Rolol thats great i've got compiz fusion running and when the movie full screened its transparent10:13
foxbuntubut thats alot of extra overhead for a frontend10:14
Vai_Royep thanks for all your help ^.^10:14
foxbuntuunless its not a dedicated machine10:14
Vai_Roits just something i added to my main pc I wanted a really sweet player, I don't own a tv10:15
foxbuntunot a problem...gl with the MythTV...come back from help anytime10:15
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ubotuNew bug: #123947 in mythbuntu "monitor out of sync at livecd instalation" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12394710:45
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lagasuperm1: i'm here now11:23
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seanyseanHello - i've just installed the mythbuntu latest test release, but can't sudo. What's the recommended way of executing root commands in this distro?12:57
lagasudo should work12:58
seanyseanit didn't work at all. My install crapped out right at the end, it booted fine but I suspect this is part of my problem.12:59
lagathat's possible :(12:59
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superm1laga, fyi.  sudo works if you login as the normal user05:22
superm1if someone asks that again05:22
superm1(since he left already)05:22
lagapatience is a virtue...05:23
superm1i've been giving that a lot of thought05:23
superm1perhaps it will make more sense to have the normal user logged in05:24
superm1and starting 'mythtv'05:24
DaveMorrisyep, then you know the password etc05:25
superm1by doing that, the change regarding auto log out if mythfrontend quits would have to happen too05:26
superm1well i'd say i'm cool with that as soon as we have a control centre05:26
superm1that launches behind mythfrontend05:26
superm1so if the frontend quits, the control centre starts05:27
Davieywhy not make mythtv a sudoer?06:01
superm1because you dont know his password06:02
Davieymaybe make one as part of ubiquity?06:03
superm1why not use the existing user then?06:03
superm1thats made in ubiquity06:03
superm1its the same amount of work to re-implement either of them: just a different approach06:03
DavieyDoes mythfrontend provide different exit status?06:04
superm1i would think so, but i can't say i've ever tried06:04
Davieyie for exit, shutdown and kill?06:04
Davieyexit could return to gdm login06:05
Davieyshutdown, shutdowns06:05
Davieykill/crash relogins as mythtv06:05
superm1that doesn't touch upon the mythbuntu control centre though06:06
superm1where it should fit into the mix06:06
Davieyerm, what about login in as the normal user at gdm06:06
Davieyso when the user presses exit, they an then login as another user?06:06
superm1that is what the original plan06:07
superm1but DaveMorris doesn't like it06:07
Davieymissed that06:07
Davieyi thought it was restarting gdm whenever mythfrontend exits?06:07
superm1well you get brought back to the login screen06:07
superm1and an autologin gets you in with in 5 seconds06:08
superm1if you dont manually type password06:08
superm1i guess the big question here is: "Is the system any less secure if it auto logins in to a user with sudo rights than the mythtv user"06:08
Davieysuppose if a user can get a 'mythtv' xterm; they can use 'su $normal-user'?06:08
superm1well not easily06:09
superm1because 'mythtv' needs su/sudo rights then06:09
Davieysu rights?06:09
superm1not anyone can just su/sudo06:09
Davieyi know not just anybody can sudo, but i thought anybody could su06:09
superm1well i guess yes they can06:10
superm1if they have the password06:10
Davieyof the normal user, which they should06:10
superm1but how do you wrap that into a gui?06:10
superm1to launch that term?06:10
Davieyshell script on desktop?06:10
superm1well at that point though, why not just use the normal user?06:11
superm1because your typing your password for the normal user either way06:11
superm1so if you auto login to it, you type it for gksudo06:11
superm1if you use a shell script to su06:11
superm1you type it there06:11
superm1and then again for sudo06:11
Davieyor gksu ?06:12
superm1gksu is a wrapper for gksudo i thought06:12
superm1i didn't think it actually did su06:12
superm1er maybe not06:12
Davieydunno, only executed it for the first time now :)06:12
=== superm1 reads the man page
Daviey--sudo-mode, -S06:12
Daviey--sudo-mode, -S06:13
superm1that and a gconf key06:13
superm1can do it06:13
superm1--su-mode, -w06:13
Davieytbh - i really don't think it's an issue 'mythtv' being a sudoer06:13
superm1well you dont have a password for it06:14
Davieydiscusion: GOTO 10 :)06:14
superm1and that will break the desktop packages if you do have to set one06:14
=== Daviey thinks logging in the normal user set at installation for mythfrontend and everything
DaveMorrisyou should log the user in as normal user for frontend playback06:16
DaveMorrisalso the frontend has different exit options, Exit and Shutdown06:17
DaveMorriscan we provide our own patch to have "Exit to desktop"06:17
superm1okay so the agreement then will be to switch it to login to the normal user for automatic login06:17
DaveMorrisI'd imagine it'll only be one line06:17
superm1well it will be a matter of sed06:17
superm1modify the gdm.conf that is provided by the ubuntu-mythtv-frontend package06:18
Davieyyou know that DBOX provides a root access shell?06:23
superm1did not know that06:23
Davieyso us worring if mythfrontend is used from a sudoer or not06:24
=== Daviey doesn't have issues with mythfrontend being used from a sudoer
superm1as long as that normal user is put into the mythtv group by ubiquity (which I have it doing right now)06:25
Davieymy current frontend is a sudoer; and survived an upgrade from edgy to feisty06:25
Daviey-- user 'mythtv'06:25
superm1there is already let me count, 4 passwords that may be entered during installation06:26
superm1so adding another for the 'mythtv' user would really add confusion06:26
Davieygood point06:27
Davieyanother note; i think we should add automatic security repo updates06:28
superm1automatic updates.....06:28
superm1those are always a very iffy thing06:29
superm1espcially if the kernel gets updatesd06:29
superm1espcially if the kernel gets updates06:29
superm1because rebuilding kernel modules and such06:29
Davieyyeah; that's why i thought just security repo06:30
Davieylimit the chances06:30
Davieymaybe make a ubiquity tick box offering it06:30
superm1well that is where kernel updates end up06:30
Davieywe put it into RC+x :)06:31
DaveMorrisauto updates for security fixes for the kernel is a no no06:40
DaveMorrisdue to needing kernel modules need redoing06:41
lagajust get some hooks for m-a in place?06:43
superm1not if m-a isn't used06:45
superm1then things break06:45
superm1i really think automatic updates is a *bad* idea.  you can't anticipate all breakage06:45
DaveMorrispeople might have also added 3rd party kernel modules06:48
DaveMorristhat aren't in the repo's06:48
lagacould have two repos. one for kernel updates and one for regular updates06:49
superm1setting up additional repositories to maintain and watch is a lot of extra work.  especially since there already is ubuntu-security updates06:50
superm1that can just be used06:50
superm1its just a matter of them remoting into the box to update it every so often06:50
lagasuperm1: did you try that ccache hook for pbuilder?07:00
superm1laga, not yet07:00
superm1i've been messing with more ubiquity toys07:00
DavieyDaveMorris: module assistant makes it quite easy07:01
Daviey - other issues would suggest that it be an opt-in thing07:01
=== DaveMorris doesn't care, auto updates is bad!
Davieybad for the soul?07:02
=== superm1 thinks of how many windows boxen he's seen die from automatic updates
=== DaveMorris of home
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@host-212-158-244-26.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1is there a way to change the language a hostname uses after its in mysql for the first time?07:54
superm1it appears no-07:54
superm1well not in the gui at least07:54
DaveMorrisI got hits from google with knoppmyth "EPIA EN"07:55
DaveMorriswhy is deleting recordings never quick and easy08:09
Davieysuperm1: tried looking through various phpmyadmin options?08:09
superm1Daviey, i think i figured out what to do08:09
DavieyDaveMorris: what file system?08:09
DaveMorristhe interface08:09
superm1if the entry on Language08:09
superm1isn't there08:09
superm1then it will ask the first time around08:10
superm1that mythtv-setup or mythfrontend is started08:10
DaveMorrisI jwanna be able to select aload and then press delete08:10
superm1okay so now i just need a way to detect the filesystem08:10
superm1any ideas?08:10
lagasuperm1: the language of mythfrontend?08:10
Davieysuperm1: detect the file system type?08:10
Davieyie ext3?08:11
superm1laga, the language will still be asked the first time you run any of those things, but mythtv-setup doesn't have to be run before mythfrontend now08:11
superm1with this change08:11
superm1Daviey, yes08:11
Davieysuperm1: sed/awk mount?08:11
superm1but what if nothing is mounted at /var/log/mythtv/recordings?08:11
superm1and its just a higher level mount08:12
Davieydoes the fs type matter?08:12
superm1because if its ext308:12
superm1slow deletes needs to be put on by default08:12
DaveMorrisare we able to change the default guided settings?08:13
Davieysql grab the storage location then mount sed?08:13
superm1if you open mythtv-setup08:13
superm1well this is going to only be upon package installation08:13
superm1so if they change any defaults, then they will have to change other settings too08:13
Davieyso just sed mount | grep /var/log/mythtv/recordings?08:14
superm1but what if /var/lib or /var are mounted08:15
superm1or even /08:15
superm1and no seperate partition for /var/lib/mythtv/recordings08:15
superm1and what if its not mounted yet (in the case of a ubiquity install)08:15
Davieythere must be a way of prbing08:16
superm1so i wonder if there is08:16
superm1fdisk perhaps?08:16
superm1that will just tell partitions08:16
Davieyfdisk -L is no good08:16
Daviey /proc doesn't have anything i can see obv.08:19
superm1but lots of things you would think to contain this type of information08:19
superm1fs, filesystems08:19
superm1well /proc/mounts08:20
Daviey/proc/mounts i little more than $mount08:20
DavieyIt must be possible if gparted can do it08:21
superm1well /proc/mounts does show it pretty explicitly if something is mounted a particular file system08:22
superm1on one of my backends: /dev/VGforMyth/video /media/mythtv xfs rw 0 008:22
superm1shows up in /proc/mounts08:22
Davieybut if it's unmounted @ ubiquity?08:23
superm1so perhaps a set of nested if and grep commands to determine if anything in /var/lib/ is there08:23
superm1look at the new /etc/fstab08:23
superm1well lol there we go08:23
superm1that is really the way to check08:23
superm1check and see if anything explicitly says /var/lib/mythtv/recordings, followed by /var/lib/mythtv, followed by /var/lib, followed by /var, followed by /08:27
superm1until one of them is found08:27
superm1and then see if ext3 is mentioned on that line08:27
Davieysounds easy08:29
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DaveMorrisguys, which logs will hold the secret to my problem.  My PC has rebooted for a couple of times, also the screen and keyboard input/output has all died yet the machine has still been running08:34
superm1or /var/log/messages08:34
superm1or /var/log/dmesg08:34
DaveMorrisI feel it maybe hardware releated08:35
superm1well memtest and DFT are the way tot start then08:35
superm1Hitachi's Drive Fitness Test08:36
Davieydmesg will normally hind at error messages08:36
Davieyhind = hint08:36
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foxbuntusuperm1: did you catch the graphics?09:03
superm1foxbuntu, i haven't checked my mail at all09:03
superm1did the other artwork guys' look them over?09:04
foxbuntuoh...they have made some good progress, I threw in a sample too, but idk, they are much better than I09:04
foxbuntuand I found out there is a windows port for gimp today09:07
superm1oh i knew that for a while09:07
superm1before i got my mom on ubuntu, that is what she used for a while09:08
foxbuntuso what are you doing today for the holiday?09:08
superm1finishing the prefill database stuff, and then two friends were gonna come over and play wii and drink and such09:08
foxbuntuoh speaking of that...I bought a Wii yesterday09:09
superm1about time :)09:09
foxbuntuwell you can't find them around here..and I just happened to be in Wal-Mart over lunch and they just put them on the shelf09:10
superm1you pick up a few games for it too?09:10
superm1or just the system?09:10
foxbuntusystem and a second controller for now09:10
foxbuntuhavent decided what games to get yet09:11
superm1well if you want something to suck up all your time09:11
superm1get zelda09:11
foxbuntuneed to get my 360 listed on ebay now09:11
foxbuntuyea...thats what I was thinkin too09:11
foxbuntuI played Wii bowling yesterday some09:12
superm1what did kate think?09:12
foxbuntuI got the default "Why do we need this?"09:13
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foxbuntushe likes it tho09:13
superm1good good09:14
foxbuntushe is making her Mii right now as a matter of fact09:21
superm1foxbuntu, where is your recordings directory stored on your box?09:21
superm1the std place?09:21
superm1nvm then09:22
superm1this postinst script is only going to work on installation, and will assume that you leave the standards09:22
superm1once you switch it to something else it will be the user's responsibility to update things09:22
foxbuntuwhy dont you just query the DB with the script to get the user's settings rather than hardcoding that in09:23
superm1because this is before its installed09:23
superm1before you run mythtv-setup09:23
superm1the idea is that you can get away without having to run mythtv-setup09:23
foxbuntugotcha...so you are going to ask the user for their data driect information, select tuners and such from the livecd now?09:25
superm1well that is the direction things are going to be moved09:26
superm1but i'm writing it portably09:26
superm1so that it can be used on normal boxes09:26
superm1with normal package installation too09:26
superm1and if nothing else, they can open up mythtv-setup and have a sane set of defaults09:26
foxbuntukewl..I think you should add a link to data direct in the installer then for people to create accounts if they need to09:26
superm1thats already there09:27
superm1have you not run alpha 2?09:27
foxbuntunot yet09:27
foxbuntuthat will remove alot of confusion for first time users09:28
superm1well at the same time, i want to offer an option to bind to the public interface in the machine09:28
superm1but i'm not sure the best way to probe for it09:28
superm1i saw some python ways to do it09:29
superm1but nothing definite09:29
foxbuntuwhy just ask the user where they would like to store the recordings and such and then create the directories if they dont exsist09:29
foxbuntupublic interface?09:29
superm1too many questions09:29
superm1leave them in LSB locations09:29
superm1public ethernet interface09:29
foxbuntui suppose09:30
superm1too much room for error at least in my opinion09:30
superm1you leave them in standard places, and if they want to move them around, they can do that themselves later09:30
foxbuntumaybe allow an advanced option for other users to do that sort of cust.09:31
foxbuntubecuase otherwise its annoying to people that know what they are doing09:32
superm1annoying that it installs and sets defaults?09:32
superm1like every other application?09:32
superm1the default location is hard coded into mythtv source code09:33
superm1it needs to be recompiled to change that default09:33
foxbuntubut will this script only run on new backend installs?09:34
superm1only on installs of mythtv-database that are new09:34
superm1(don't have an existing mythconverg table)09:34
foxbuntuwell then it should be fine09:35
foxbuntujust need to ave that in the Wiki09:35
foxbuntuand also document the process for adding videos to mythvideo09:36
foxbuntuhow do I get the Wii browser?09:36
superm1well if samba is installed (which it is by default on mythbuntu)09:36
foxbuntu(side topic)09:36
superm1then its pretty easy09:36
superm1go to the wii shop channel09:36
superm1sicne its past june 30th, its not free though09:36
foxbuntuis playing online free with Wii?09:37
superm1there are no games atm that play online that i know of09:37
superm1some will transfer data09:37
superm1like elebits09:37
superm1or transferring miis09:38
superm1but nothing else09:38
foxbuntuWii Ware09:45
foxbuntuMario Kart 6409:48
superm1i bought it09:48
superm1wasn't as good as i remembered :(09:48
foxbuntuI just bought it too09:48
superm1(well in my opinion)09:48
superm1i mean you'll see09:48
superm1dont you need a classic controller for it?09:49
foxbuntuoops...I guess I didnt look, I just got super mario 209:49
foxbuntuand it doesnt09:49
foxbuntudont they have the first zelda?09:52
DaveMorrisI was looking at battlailon wars when it comes out, will be muliplay over wireless, not sure of over the net09:53
superm1i thought they had the first zelda on there, but i wouldnt have bought it if they did - i've beat that wayy too many times already :)09:54
DaveMorriswhat games you got superm1?09:54
DaveMorrisI've only got Smooth Moves and Red Steel, RE4 is on its way through the post09:54
superm1DaveMorris, sports, rayman, sonic, elebits, red steel, zelda, wario ware, super paper mario, mario party 8, monkey ball, mario kart 64, toe jam and earl, bomberman09:55
superm1(the last 3 are on VC of course)09:55
DaveMorrismario party isn't out here yet09:55
DaveMorrisI was thinking of getting it09:55
superm1its a blast09:55
superm1the only thing is it isn't 16:909:55
DaveMorrisalong with Man Hunt 2 if I can get it on the grey market anywhere (Banned here)09:56
superm1so you play in a little 4:3 square on widescreen tvs09:56
DaveMorrismy TV is 4:3 anyway09:56
superm1has manhunt 2 been released in the US yet?09:56
superm1i thought it was under troubles for the AO rating09:56
superm1but i did hear about the ban out there09:56
DaveMorrisI heard both Sony and Nitendio don't want AO rated games on the consoles09:57
superm1thats a shame09:57
DaveMorrisyeah, they should let people make there own choices09:57
DaveMorrisbut over here the parents of 13yr olds are saying it should be banned and it causes violence in kids.  No shit, is that why its rated 18!09:58
superm1our stores are supposed to enforce game ratings, i dont see why thats such a hard concept for people to comprehend09:58
DaveMorrisover here, the parents buy the games for them09:59
DaveMorrisand know that they are rated a certain age, yet let them play them09:59
superm1even so, if a parent sees a AO on the game09:59
=== superm1 goes back to his beliefs that the general public really is dumb.
DaveMorrishttp://www.zeropaid.com/news/story.php?id=8877 lol10:00
superm1yea that was just on digg10:00
superm1isn't that entrapment?10:01
DaveMorristhe sites parked with godaddy now10:01
foxbuntuok, I am prob retarded...but why wont my second Wii mote connect?10:04
superm1you need to sync it10:04
superm1to the console10:04
foxbuntuit just flashes all 4 lights and then goes off10:04
superm1there is button in the flip on the wii10:04
superm1and one on the back of the controller10:04
superm1there were directions in the manual that came with it10:04
ubotuNew bug: #34776 in xorg "mplayer with xv crashes system on specific file" [Medium,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/3477610:05
foxbuntugot it thx10:06
superm1DaveMorris, i call bogus on this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQBvqyg2f9M&NR=1 You agree?10:06
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DaveMorrishe looks like a twat11:06
superm1sounds like one too11:08
DaveMorrissuperm1: there's no sensor bar11:09
superm1unless its below the tv11:10
superm1a bit hard to see11:10
superm1since its so dark11:10
DaveMorrisif it was credable they'll make an effort to show you, also notice how the screen went black before it loaded11:11
DaveMorrisas if in theinput source cable was swapped11:11
DavieyI'm trying to watch it; but his shouting and swearing is stopping me11:19
DavieyIf it's a piecse of $h1t, why buy it?!11:20
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perlmonkeya while back some kind soul here gave me a script to do null channel changing (I change channels manually from STB), but I lost it and can't find it on the web. does anyone know about this?11:44
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