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nealmcbdpaste.com looks like a good pastebin to use for a site like this.  I'm nervous about pastebins that publish a list of previous pastes, especially given that folks might unknowingly paste passwords and the like12:44
nealmcbthe dpaste posts are still easy to enumerate - hopefully he'll use a random URL in the future12:45
nealmcbnot that it would be good for secrets, but less risk than the other common pastebins12:46
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J-_I'm currently having a problem with drupal hanging when I click on administer? do you know if that's a common problem with memeory_limit?08:44
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shawarmaJ-_: If you're hitting memory_limit, I believe there should be some mention of it in the apache error log.11:13
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KennyTheGeekhmm... i accidently sat a wrong name of my server when installing... now i want to change it to "ceres", i managed to change the hostname permanently, but i still have to access the server through kenny-server.local, and the users are user@kenny-server12:27
KennyTheGeekhow do i change that?12:27
coNPKennyTheGeek: do the /etc/hosts entries of and refer to "kenny-server" or to "ceres"?12:28
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KennyTheGeekis a reboot required?12:30
KennyTheGeekNow they do12:30
KennyTheGeekbefore refer to kenny-server12:30
KennyTheGeek127.0.0.1 refered to localhost12:30
KennyTheGeekwell, i added another entry, so localhosts still there :P12:31
KennyTheGeekcoNP: I just changed them, do i have to reboot?12:31
coNPthat is not good12:32
coNPyou should replace kenny-server to ceres but localhost should stay12:32
KennyTheGeeki added another entry12:32
KennyTheGeekdidn't replace localhost12:32
KennyTheGeekim not THAT dumb12:32
coNPI don't want to say that you are dump12:32
coNPjust that maybe it is better to leave that to localhost12:33
coNPand only replace kenny-server with ceres12:33
KennyTheGeekno, but it would be a liiitle dumb to change localhost to ceres...12:33
KennyTheGeeki also just removed my added entry12:33
coNPI guess a sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart is enough12:33
coNPi.e., no system restart is needed12:33
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KennyTheGeeknext question... i need to download a bunch of directories to the server... i can do it by x-forwarding nautilus and then drag-n-drop, but i couldn't figure out how to do it with wget... i don't want to rely it on an ssh session12:35
KennyTheGeekhmm... the server STILL only responds to kenny-server12:37
coNPhmm, do you try from the server or from another machine12:37
KennyTheGeekanother machine12:37
KennyTheGeeki'm controlling the server with ssh12:37
coNPthen maybe the DNS and/or /etc/hosts should be changed at the machine you try to connect the server from12:38
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KennyTheGeekwhen typing kenny-server.local? hmm12:38
KennyTheGeekIt isn't in the hosts file...12:39
lcddit's using a local service discovery mechanism12:40
lcddi think you at least need to restart avahi-daemon on the server12:41
KennyTheGeekyeah... but how do i update the servers service name?12:41
lcddmight require something else as well. i've never used that stuff12:41
KennyTheGeekYaY :P it works12:41
KennyTheGeeknow, my other problem... never used wget other than for single file downloads... i need to download i ~13GiB directory structure over ftp... i want all the directories in "dir", but wget won't do it...12:43
coNPKennyTheGeek: use tar & gzip :)12:43
KennyTheGeekthe computer i want to get it from is a windows machine12:44
KennyTheGeekand it's my sisters, and she is using it12:44
KennyTheGeeki made the machine run WarFTPD, and it is working12:44
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coNPthen use ftp12:44
coNPor use zip / rar whatever12:44
KennyTheGeekcan i tell ftp just to download anything in a folder?12:45
lcddmget *12:45
KennyTheGeekwhat is mget?12:45
lcddoh, it's a ftp command that works in text based ftp clients12:46
KennyTheGeekcan i make ftp overwrite anything in the existing directory of my server?12:46
KennyTheGeekcause many of the files i already got is corrupted12:47
lcddit really depends on the program you're using12:47
coNPremove all the files that might be corrupted first12:47
KennyTheGeekwell, if it's commandbased, and i can set the server to do it itself...12:47
KennyTheGeektheres 3 GiB of files12:48
KennyTheGeekand i have no clue which it is12:48
lcddftp cannot tell if they are corrupted anyway12:48
KennyTheGeeki just know that ~half of them are corrupted12:48
KennyTheGeekno, i mean, can i make ftp overwrite all of it?12:48
lcddthat's the same as removing them first, isn't it? :)12:49
KennyTheGeekwell, not quite... i got 1,2,3,7, the other comp got 1,2,3,4,5,6, i don't want to loose 7, and the other 6 are corrupted12:49
KennyTheGeek(just to show you what i mean)12:49
KennyTheGeeki mean, 1,2,3 on my server is dead12:50
KennyTheGeekso i want to overwrite it ith 1 2 and 3 from the other comp, wjile adding 4,5 and 6 to the catalogs12:50
KennyTheGeekbut if i delete it first, i will lose 712:50
KennyTheGeekand it will be an awfull lot of sorting files it i whould remove 1 2 and 3 first12:51
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KennyTheGeekso what i want to do: if the other computer got the file, overwrite it on my server.12:52
coNPuse mc and FTP12:53
coNPyou can say "overwrite all" there12:53
KennyTheGeekbut, the problem i had all the time is: it cannot be interactive, as i need to shut this pc down im controlling it from12:54
KennyTheGeekso i need to be able to ask cron to do it or something12:54
KennyTheGeekthats why i couldn't just use nautilus12:54
KennyTheGeekand the server has no screen/keyboard/mouse12:54
lcddyou can run console programs inside screen12:55
KennyTheGeek*monitor 12:55
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KennyTheGeekbut... well, i can't make it automaticly use midnight commander, can i?12:56
coNPwhat do you mean by automatically12:56
lcddscreen is basically a terminal emulator you can detach from and continue using elsewhere12:56
KennyTheGeekmaking the server do it by itself12:56
coNPyou have to start it 12:56
KennyTheGeeklcdd: cool12:57
KennyTheGeekcoNP: exactly, and if i do that through ssh, and then closes ssh... well, all the other times, my apps stopped running on the server12:58
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ci_omegadoganyone here use lighttpd on Ubuntu server?  Is it pretty solid, or are there some "gotchas" that i should look out for01:19
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shawarmaci_omegadog: No Ubuntu specific ones. :)01:27
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ci_omegadogshawarma, ty01:37
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mathiazzul: hi04:33
bjeThe following packages have unmet dependencies: expect: Depends: tcl8.4 (>= 8.4.5) but it is not going to be installed libnet-ssh-perl: Depends: ssh libpcap0.8: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.4-1) but 2.3.5-1ubuntu12.5.10.1 is to be installed04:33
bjeE: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).04:33
bjeHey. I'm trying to install expect, but it bitches about libc6 that I need to upgrade.04:34
bjeI don't want to :) because I installed libpcap0.8 from feisty (manually) because the Breezy version contains a bug, which is only fixed in this version (0.8)04:34
bjeHow do I get apt to ignore the dependancies?04:34
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ci_omegadogI am trying to download activetcl using lynx.  It says it downloads the file, but i cannot find it anywhere.  05:00
ci_omegadoganyone have any ideas as to where its downloading it to?05:02
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resident_moronanyone ever done a remote install with Ubuntu Server Edition??05:07
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jdstranddendrobates: could you look at my added comments in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/heimdal/+bug/12378205:21
jdstrandbug #12378205:25
dendrobatesjdstrand: I was not able to reproduce your bug.  I'll look at it again though.05:32
dendrobatesDepends: libasn1-6-heimdal, libc6 (>= 2.5-0ubuntu1), libdb4.2, libhdb7-heimdal, libkadm5srv7-heimdal, libkrb5-17-heimdal, libldap2 (>= 2.1.17-1), libroken16-heimdal, libssl0.9.8 (>= 0.9.8c-1), heimdal-clients, logrotate, debconf (>= 0.5.00) | debconf-2.0, krb5-config, netbase, update-inetd05:33
dendrobatesit seems to already depend on inetd.05:34
jdstrandit depends on update-inetd-- that doesn't provide inetd.  And neither does netbase in feisty05:34
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jdstrandapt-cache search -f netbase05:35
jdstrandPackage: netbase05:35
jdstrandPriority: important05:35
jdstrandSection: base05:35
jdstrandInstalled-Size: 15605:35
jdstrandMaintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers <ubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com>05:35
jdstrandOriginal-Maintainer: Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>05:35
jdstrandArchitecture: all05:35
jdstrandVersion: 4.27ubuntu205:35
jdstrandDepends: ifupdown (>= 0.6.4-4.9), iputils-ping | ping, lsb-base (>= 3.0-6), debconf (>= 0.5) | debconf-2.0, update-inetd05:35
jdstrandConflicts: openbsd-inetd (<< 0.20050402-3), inetutils-inetd (<< 2:1.4.3+20060719-3), xinetd (<= 2.2.1-8), netstd (<< 3.00), nfs-common (<< 1:0.3.2-1), nfs-user-server (<< 2.2beta47-9), nis (<= 3.6-2), rstatd (<= 3.03-3), rwalld (<= 0.16-1), rusersd (<= 0.17-1), ugidd (<< 2.2beta47-9)05:35
dendrobatesSorry, i know that.  let me try to reproduce it in a clean vmware session05:36
jdstrandnetbase (4.27ubuntu1) feisty; urgency=low05:36
jdstrand  * Merge from debian unstable, remaining changes:05:36
jdstrand    - drop dependency on inet superserver05:36
jdstrand    - drop /etc/network/options, migrate to sysctl05:36
jdstrand    - start networking only once05:36
jdstrandI just saw that last one05:37
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jdstrandapparently that is no longer a remaining change...05:38
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ci_omegadogdoes anyone know if there is a deb for the 3.4 version of SQLite?05:45
ci_omegadogI fear compiling tar balls- its not like i'm using Slack :"05:46
mathiazci_omegadog: the latest version in gutsy is 3.405:48
mathiazci_omegadog: libsqlite3-0 (3.4.0-0ubuntu1)05:48
ci_omegadogmathiaz: how can i get that deb if i am running Dapper?05:50
ci_omegadogso sorry about this- i am a tcl dev, not a sys admin05:50
coNPci_omegadog: try to get the dapper sources and compile it for yourself05:52
ci_omegadogbut dapper doesn't use 3.405:52
dendrobatesjdstrand:  I verified it in feisty now.  Something else provided inetd on my previous test.  Let me check gutsy.05:52
jdstranddendrobates: thanks05:53
coNPsorry, ci_omegadog I mean get the gutsy sources05:53
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nealmcbcould one of you packaging gurus look at my problem installing kerberos on dapper? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/12192306:22
nealmcbit works on feisty.06:22
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ci_omegadogin trying to compile the gutsy sqlite3 3.4 sources, i just keep hitting dependancy after dependancy06:24
ci_omegadogjust like the bad old days06:24
shawarmaci_omegadog: apt-get build-dep sqlite306:25
shawarmaci_omegadog: ftw!06:25
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ci_omegadogi'm on a vps 06:30
ci_omegadogi can start from scratch in lterally 2 mins :)06:30
ci_omegadogi'm going to have to change my /etc/apt/sources.list to all gutsy06:31
ci_omegadogwhat could possibly go wrong :)06:31
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ci_omegadoghmmm- i already have deb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ gutsy main restricted06:33
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ci_omegadoghow do apt-get build-dep from sources only?06:33
ci_omegadogdoes that make sense?06:33
dthacker[Wed Jul 04 11:27:13 2007]  [error]  VirtualHost www.bluestrain.net:80 -- mixing * ports and non-* ports with a NameVirtualHost address is not supported, proceeding with undefined results06:33
dthackerthere are no * ports in the virtual host file, so what is it complaining about. 06:34
ci_omegadogdthacker: i've run into this before06:34
ci_omegadogits not in the Virtual host file that the * is located06:35
ci_omegadogif i had a memory, i could help you :)06:35
ci_omegadogask in #apache06:35
dthackeragrees with ci_omegadog :)06:35
ci_omegadogits a faq06:35
dthackerI shall google the error...06:35
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ci_omegadogwhoo-hoo- here we go06:38
ci_omegadogokay, its done i have the debs06:46
ci_omegadognow how do i apt-get update to include the current debs in the ./ directory?06:46
ci_omegadogdoes anyone know?06:46
mathiazci_omegadog: I can install the new deb with dpkg -i ./packge.deb06:48
dthackerci_omegadog: can't you just use dpkg?06:48
ci_omegadogthat is what i'm doing 06:48
ci_omegadogand its got the dependency debs in the dir with it06:48
ci_omegadogbut i think since apt-get doesn't know to look in the PWD for the dependency debs06:49
ci_omegadogit fails06:49
ci_omegadogerr ie06:49
ci_omegadogdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of sqlite3:06:49
ci_omegadog sqlite3 depends on libsqlite3-0 (>= 3.4.0); however:06:49
ci_omegadog  Package libsqlite3-0 is not installed.06:49
shawarmaci_omegadog: It can't.06:50
ci_omegadoglibsqlite3-0 is in fact in the pwd06:50
shawarmaYou can install multiple packages at a time with dpkg, though.06:50
ci_omegadogi'm sure my system is somehow hosed06:52
ci_omegadogroot@slice1:/tcl# sqlite306:52
ci_omegadogLoading resources from /root/.06:52
ci_omegadogSQLite version 3.4.006:52
ci_omegadogEnter ".help" for instructions06:52
ci_omegadogty everyone06:53
ci_omegadognow for more fun06:53
ci_omegadogi'm gonna update :)06:53
ci_omegadogerr upgrade06:54
dendrobatesjdstrand: I uploaded a fix for gutsy.  Thanks, for staying on top of this one.  In Debian, netbase depends on inetd, but we have changed that in Ubuntu.  I was confused. 06:57
ci_omegadogwow- i can still log in to my vps06:57
ci_omegadogvery nice06:57
jdstranddendrobates: np.  so the fix is in heimdal-kdc?06:58
ci_omegadogthe only problem seems to be with fdutils06:59
ci_omegadogwhich on a VPS is moot, i imagine06:59
zulhas anyone tried vserver in gutsy?07:00
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ci_omegadogroot@slice1:/tcl# tclsh07:03
ci_omegadog% package require sqlite307:03
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ci_omegadogi cannot believe it07:12
ci_omegadogi did a dist-upgrade on my VPS, rebooted, and its still running fine07:13
ci_omegadogsuper cow powers indeed!07:13
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dendrobatesjdstrand:  Yes in gutsy.  It won't show up yet though.  The problem was caused by a difference in the dependencies for netbase in Debian and Ubuntu.   I fixed it by adding the dependencies to heimdal-kdc.07:22
jdstranddendrobates: thanks07:23
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