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sbalneavEvening all04:21
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Burgundaviahey sbalneav05:19
sbalneavHello Burgundavia05:19
sbalneavAnything new and exciting?05:20
Burgundaviagot accepted to college05:20
sbalneavAh!  Going back to school?05:20
sbalneavWhatcha taking?05:20
sbalneavGot a future job in mind?05:21
Burgundaviaurban planning05:21
sbalneavWhen you get done, we could use you here in Winnipeg.05:22
Burgundaviayour downtown is dead05:22
Burgundaviabecause you built all those bloody big box stores05:22
sbalneavSustainable Communities are some kind of crazy moon language to our people05:23
sbalneav"Geez, wonder why no one comes downtown anymore?!?!"05:23
BurgundaviaI remember walking around and seeing how the downtown was filled with pawn shops, dead stores and garbage and feeling very sad05:23
sbalneav"Can't have anything to do with the stupid boutique stores and 1.50 an hour street parking we implemented!"05:24
Burgundavialack of transit and lack of people living downtown doesn't help05:24
BurgundaviaI remember seeing Summerside, PEI, a town of around 10k is blighted by the same thing05:24
sbalneavThe biggest urban planning disaster of the last 60 years has been the "Suburb"05:24
sbalneavBack when people used to live near where they worked, you had a vibrant community.05:25
Burgundaviaa lot of that has to do with planning for a car, not humansx05:26
sbalneavNow, you just cram up stupid office buildings, and wonder why there's so much crime in the downtown at night, WHEN EVERYONE LEAVES.05:26
sbalneavI gave up my parking pass at work last week05:26
sbalneavI'm back to biking/public transit.05:26
Burgundaviadriving around downtown Tulsa at 6pm was funny. It was like being in a zombie movie. large office buildings, everything closed and nobody around05:26
sbalneavWell, good for you.05:27
sbalneavWe're going to need to get back to the old ways.05:28
BurgundaviaI rather suspect I will not go wanting for a job when I graduate05:28
sbalneavThe coming eco-disaster/energy crunch/whatever is going to force us to go back to living where we work, and setting up pedestrian and cycle friendly communities.05:29
Burgundaviaon another topic, have you seen that ebox has been packaged05:29
sbalneavNo I haven't05:30
Burgundaviajust hit gutsy05:30
sbalneavwhat's ebox?05:30
sbalneavaptitude search ebox isn't returning me anything, and I just updated 15 minutes ago :()05:31
Burgundaviamaybe ftbfs05:31
sbalneavI've seen that acronym before.  Excuse my ignorance, but what's it mean?05:32
Burgundaviafails to build from source05:32
sbalneavok, so it crapped out the build servers.05:32
sbalneavgot it.05:32
sbalneavI published my little hobby last week.05:33
Burgundaviawhat is that?05:34
sbalneavWhen I get a moment, hopefully I can go to motu school, package it, and become motu-riffic :)05:34
sbalneavIt's a fuse filesystem that allows you to control a Velleman K8055 USB interface board.05:34
jsgotangcoi thought you were mentioning twitterrific hehe05:34
sbalneavhey jsgotangco05:34
Burgundaviawhat is the usb interface board?05:35
sbalneavIt;s a little bit of kit that's got 2 AD converters, 2 DA converters, 5 digi inputs, 8 digi outputs and 2 16 bit counters.05:35
sbalneavBasically, monitor and control the real world with  your computer.05:36
sbalneavtemperature measurements, instrumentation, anything you want.05:36
Burgundaviaah, cool05:36
sbalneavMy long term project (10 years now) is to build an Aurora Borealis detector, that detects auroral events, measures deflections in the earths magnetif field, and is hooked up to a digi camera with a fisheye lens that automatically takes pictures!05:38
sbalneavI've got the sensor head, the interface board, and I've written the control software.05:38
sbalneavI LOVE the aurora.05:39
jsgotangcois that the curtain lights thing?05:39
sbalneavEver seen them?05:41
sbalneavI've watched them ever since I was a kid.05:42
sbalneavIt is quite possibly the most beautiful and specacular thing you'll ever see on this planet.05:42
sbalneavI've been out on a moonless night in the country, and they were so bright, I could read a book.05:43
jsgotangcono i haven't seen them05:48
jsgotangcomust be a spectacle for a first timer05:49
jsgotangcothe first time i experienced summer solstice i was like WTF05:49
jsgotangcois that solstice or equinox05:50
jsgotangcono idea05:50
=== jsgotangco likes living along the equator
sbalneavTake every fireworks display you've ever seen in your life, add them together, and multiply them by 10^805:50
sbalneavOne time, when I was WAY up north, and there was a really big event, I actually heard them.05:51
sbalneavWhich is very rare.05:51
sbalneavWhen you live in a northern cold place, theres not many advantages, but the Aurora's one of 'em.05:52
jsgotangcohear an aurora?05:52
=== pitux [n=pitux@153-10-112.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcohear electricity right05:52
sbalneavThey sorta crackle a bit05:52
sbalneavThey have to come down fairly low to hear them.  But there was a huge solar flare that day, so it was a big event.05:53
sbalneavAbout 10 years ago or so.05:54
sbalneavWell, I keep hearing about jokosher05:54
jsgotangcocan those things hurt if they are low?05:55
sbalneavso, I'm installing it.05:55
sbalneav"Low" == 50 km or so.05:55
sbalneav"normal" = 80 km05:55
jsgotangcobut you "feel" them?05:55
jsgotangcoor you just see them05:55
sbalneavThey can knock out communication equipment, though.05:55
sbalneavNo, you don't feel them.05:55
sbalneavTell you what.  Here's a standing invitation for you.05:56
sbalneavIf you ever get the urge to come visit me in Winnipeg, you can stay at my house, and I'll drive you up north for a few days.05:57
sbalneavWe'll check 'em out.05:57
jsgotangcoi'll be in NA this autumn05:57
jsgotangcoso i can probably try get a canadian visa05:57
jsgotangconorth america05:57
sbalneavAh, cool.05:58
jsgotangcowill be staying in chicago and la for a while05:58
sbalneavOh, for the Boston UDS05:58
jsgotangcowell that too05:58
jsgotangcobut ive scheduled trips05:58
sbalneavWell, drop by.05:58
jsgotangcothat's in manitoba right?05:59
sbalneavSee if you can make it.05:59
jsgotangcoi'll hold you to that!06:00
sbalneavNo problem.06:00
jsgotangcobrb lunch06:00
sbalneavSo long as you like cats, you can sleep on the basement couch :)06:00
jsgotangcooh i have 4 cats here06:00
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LaserJockRichEd: ping?09:49
RichEdhi LaserJock09:49
RichEdI've responded to Justin ... and we will confirm shipping details today.09:50
=== jsgotangco yawns
=== ogra too
jsgotangcothe weather here is soo inviting to take a nap10:08
ograsame here10:13
ogralondon summer10:13
=== |Baby| is now known as Baby
ogra(sun shining in drops)10:13
jsgotangcodistro sprint?10:14
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RichEdhi ogra & jsgotangco10:20
jsgotangcohow's it going10:20
RichEdjsgotangco good and bad ... you know how it goes sometimes10:21
jsgotangcoah well10:21
jsgotangcoi am getting sick of planes lately10:21
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multikogra: you in here?01:57
ograpartially at least, i'm very busy at the distro sprint01:58
ograso i'm rather in and out, depending if i'm in meetings or on my lappie ...01:58
multikwell, I reinstalled my edubuntu server (laptop) and now I can get thin client to acquire IP from edubuntu.01:58
ograwonderful :)01:58
multikhowever now I get TFTP file not found error01:59
ograwas that gutsy or feisty ?01:59
ogradid you change anything in /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf ?01:59
multikumm, no :(01:59
multiksorry mate, I'm still learning.02:00
ogracan you check that /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386 contains the kernel and stuff02:00
multikyes pxelinux.0 file is there.02:01
ogra(it should all work out of the box, dont blame yourself ;) its my fault if its broken )02:01
ogravmlinuz etc as well ?02:01
multikcorrect, everyyhings there.02:01
ogragrep tftp /etc/inetd.conf02:02
ograwhat does that return ?02:02
multiktftp   dgram  udp  wait  root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -s /var/lib/tftpboot02:05
=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@] has joined #edubuntu
ograps ax|grep inetd02:05
ogra^^^ will show you if inetd is running02:06
ogradoes it run ?02:06
ograis there any chance that you have a second dhcp server running in your netork ?02:08
ograthat usually breaks ....02:09
multiknope, no other devices: lab setup is as follows: HP switch, edubuntu laptop and thin client. Switch is not connected anywhere. Just 2 PCs going to it.02:12
=== spacey [n=herman@ubuntu/member/spacey] has joined #edubuntu
ograhmm, i wonder if the switch somehow blocks tftp02:23
multikhmm. Well I can always try to connect thin client and edubuntu thru crossover patch02:36
ogratry that02:39
ograto make sure its not a network fault02:39
multikok, I'll try it now.02:39
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multikok ogra, I went to shop, bought crossover patch. Now it looks more promising, yet thin client complans that TFTP cannot open connection (PXE-E38)03:06
multikand PXE-E11: ARP timeout03:06
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sbalneavMorning all03:42
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multikogra: any ideas? :)04:12
sbalneavmultik: What's your issue?04:16
=== kgoetz [n=kgoetz@gnewsense/friend/kgoetz] has joined #edubuntu
multikI'm trying to connect with thin client to Edubuntu server. Thin client complans that TFTP cannot open connection (PXE-E38)04:24
=== kgoetz_ [n=kgoetz@ppp100-144.static.internode.on.net] has joined #edubuntu
multiksbalneav: any ideas?04:28
sbalneavWhere's your dhcpd server running?  On the edubuntu server?04:29
multikdefault install no changes made.04:30
multikIP of edubuntu server is as per manual. It's actually laptop with 1 NIC. But that shouldn't make a difference.04:30
sbalneavIs there another dhcp server on the network?04:32
=== kgoetz [n=kgoetz@gnewsense/friend/kgoetz] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavLike a dsl router or something?04:32
multiknope, laptop (edubuntu server) and thin client are directly connected thru crossover oatch04:36
multikthin client receives IP from DHCP just fine but TFTP session is not opening.04:36
sbalneavwhat does netstat -an | grep :69 report?04:42
multikudp   0*04:46
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sbalneavseems ok04:53
ogrado you see tftp mentioned in /var/log/daemon.log ?04:54
ogra(during trying to boot the client)04:54
ograi wonder if the server even gets a request04:54
gerbraHello, i have a problem with edubuntu and software raid. It's a combination of raid1 and raid10 over 4 scsi disks. If i simulate an fault of one disk (remove it) than the server doesn't reboot. I stuck in the busybox/initramfs. There i could reassemble the raid but i think the system should reboot also with 3 of 4 devices. Anybody here with tips? I could surely give more informations.04:59
sbalneavProbably something that needs to be done in the initramfs.  edubuntu uses the stock ubuntu kernels, maybe filing a bug against the ubuntu kernel package would be the way to go.05:01
gerbrasbalneav: Hm, not sure if this is a bug, maybe a fault of mine... I've put a script with mdadm -A -s in mkinitramfs script sections an generated several new initrds. The effect is that raid comes up with 3/4 but the further mount of / an init doesn't work.05:03
sbalneavbrb, meeting05:06
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moquist__ogra: it's looking good for Edubuntu here, BTW. We'll be meeting sometime in the next week to make the decision.06:27
=== moquist__ keeps his fingers crossed
=== moquist__ is now known as moquist
=== ogra just got suspend/resume working on the classmate ... just to find out that the kernel forcefully removes all usb contoller modules during suspend ...
ograso it will never work06:29
ograsince the disk is just gone after resume :(06:29
RichEdogra: you mean it loses the entire internal flash disk ?06:33
RichEdhi moquist06:33
RichEddamn :P06:33
ograits like running it from usb stick and unplugging this while being in suspend06:34
RichEd( damn the flashdisk not the moquist )06:34
ograif you resume it actually looks like it would work since you still have half the system in ram ... but it dies with the first disk acces06:34
RichEdogra: so to fix that ... is it a s/w kernel issue, or a hardware/firmware problem ?06:34
ograthere is no fix06:35
ograbut i was thinking justin said it worked on other distros06:35
ograwhich is a bit strange, since it cant work by design06:35
RichEdwell how do we either (1) stop whatever removes the usb controller ... or (2) let the resume reload the usb controllers06:36
ograwont work06:36
RichEdare either of those an option ?06:36
ograthe kernel has a builtin routine that does it06:36
ograthere is no way to stop it from unloading them06:37
ograwhich means, even if they would return in right order etc you have filesystem corruption06:37
ograthe only way to solve it would be to use an IDE based flash device internally06:38
ograthat wouldnt get unloaded06:38
RichEdah ... but that was on our list, and was an intel manufacturing action ... not up to us ?06:38
ograi will try to play with some options and scripts but its extremely unlikely that anyone can work around that06:39
=== RichEd wonders if Justin would give us contact details to find out how the other o/s's supposedly get it right
RichEdi don't suppose that the suspend could write some necessary code routine into RAM to be executed when resume kicks in ?06:40
moquistRichEd: hehe; hi :)06:40
moquistRichEd: Just got back from our FOSSED conference yesterday; I pointed lots of area people to UES. :-)06:40
moquist...and some local devs to UDS.06:41
RichEdexcellent ... we need some new community developers06:41
RichEdmoquist: is there any where that we can find a summary of what you do at you school(s) with *buntu06:42
=== moquist is camping out in here today watching for laserjock, who has not yet responded to the first-attempt package moquist sent... ;)
moquistRichEd: not at this point.06:42
moquistRichEd: it's not a done deal that we're going edubuntu, and there still some political sensitivity06:42
RichEdwe're speaking to the big OEM boys who are looking for references before they get their diddums little feet wet in the poolie woolie06:42
moquistRichEd: what's your timetable on needing the references?06:43
ograRichEd, if i remove the floor underneath you if you are in the 2nd floor, how long can you stand ?06:43
ograthere is no solution to it06:43
RichEdmoquist: we've got a few already, but a slow trickle would help build momentum06:43
moquistRichEd: right. I'm just thinking that if things go as I hope, we could probably become a confident public reference within the next 3-4 months.06:44
RichEdogra: I never thought I would hear you "say" those words ...  but point taken06:44
RichEdmoquist: that's great :)06:44
ograRichEd, indeed i'll poke around and have one or the other sleepless night about it ... but ... ... ...06:45
=== ogra goes for a smoke
jsgotangcoRichEd: i got an email06:49
jsgotangcowill forward it06:49
RichEdjsgotangco: thanks ... also regarding all the EC and Edubuntu applicants ... we're going to hold a special Community and Contributor focus meeting on Wed 1 Aug06:50
RichEdI'll publicise it ahead of the time ... but just so you know.06:50
jsgotangcoahh cool i'll be in bangkok that time06:50
RichEdmoquist: /msg window re the laser mantha06:51
jsgotangcowhat time?06:51
RichEdits the 20:00 utc so it will be thursday morning for you06:51
jsgotangcohmm probably in a plane06:51
jsgotangcoflying from hanoi06:51
=== RichEd remembers bangkok as alive and humid and sweaty ... but fondly
jsgotangcothis month and next is crazy for me06:52
RichEdwill you hook up with stuart bishop for a visit ? and I think we also have a new guy Jeroen from bangkok as well .... Jeroen used to be with SIPA06:52
=== RichEd heads off for supper
RichEdlater chasps06:53
=== aze [n=aze@] has joined #edubuntu
jsgotangcoRichEd: i think Jeroen will be goingn to TOSSFEST06:55
moquistRichEd, ogra: if things go as I hope (and we have Edubuntu all over), I'll bet you guys could get a tour of our site around UES/UDS time. it's just over an hour drive north from Boston. If you're interested. *shrug*06:55
jsgotangcospeaking rather06:55
RichEdTOSSFEST <- ohh not such a good name to associate around geeks ... sounds quite messy ;)06:55
jsgotangcothailand open source software festival something06:56
jsgotangcoi think its aug. 1 -206:56
jsgotangcobut i'll be doing IOSN work06:56
jsgotangcoso ill probably go there anyways06:56
jsgotangco(send the email btw)06:56
gerbraFor my problem where edubuntu doesn't reboot correctly when one disk got absent in an sw raid array (17:00) i have made a bug report #125561. Maybe anyone has an idea? BTW: if updating/making a initrd.img with update-initramfs, are the scripts/hooks from /usr/share/initramfs-tools automatically build in this new initrd image?07:05
=== Petaris [n=Petaris@] has joined #edubuntu
PetarisHi all07:07
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool120.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
PetarisIf I use the 64-bit server version will the 32-bit clients be able to run 32-bit firefox and plugins?07:08
PetarisI mean automatically07:08
Petarisor do I have to do that manually like I had to on the last release?07:09
PetarisAlso is network authentication fully implemented now?07:09
=== Hilmar [n=Hilmar@4003ds1-abv.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #edubuntu
ograRichEd, i have an idea for the prob, i'll sleep about it and try it out tomorrow ;)07:27
=== ogra goes to see spamalot (monty python) now
=== pauljw_vm [n=paul@pool120.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
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moquistogra: cool! have a great time.08:33
=== davmor2 [n=davmor2@82-45-48-19.cable.ubr04.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #edubuntu
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PetarisHow can I build the i386 chroot for my thin clients, I installed the x86_64 version of the server10:16
PetarisI looked in the docs but can't find it there10:16
Petarisok, I figured out it uses ltsp-build-client --arch i386 but that gives me an error saying that it can't get the release file10:33
PetarisAny ideas?10:33
Petarisnevermind, it was a proxy issue10:34
PetarisDoes anyone know if the network auth system is done and in 7.0.4?10:55
=== RichEd-1 [n=richard@dsl-245-168-184.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #edubuntu

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