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RockjMarcC: it atleast mention stuff about screenblank in that file, but where can I change what triggers the idletime then=? because it does the screenblank too...might be that which kills the network connection12:14
Rockjscreensaver kills it? :S12:14
=== ausome [n=ausome@d220-238-81-54.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
zombielionim using kubuntu 7.0412:16
MarcCRockj: you have klaptopdaemon installed?12:16
=== chris122380 [n=chris@c-24-2-108-225.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ausome [n=ausome@d220-238-81-54.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
MarcCthere's an entry there for "lid switch closed" in the config options of the system tray icon12:16
MarcCyou can set it to "off" to not do anything12:16
RockjMarcC: not sure, I had kpowersave thingie running in tray, but its closed12:16
Rockjand its options had    do nothing when lid is closed12:17
chris122380how do I configure Wine or crossoveroffice to use a USB printer?12:17
Rockjtho, but the same thing is happening after x minutes with idling.12:17
Rockjwhen screren goes black after idle.12:17
jkmz52If I have an external usb harddrive can I install ubuntu to it and boot form it and have my computer use it as the primary harddrive?12:17
Rockjit kills my internet connection too.12:17
=== ausome [n=ausome@d220-238-81-54.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
chris122380how do I configure Wine or crossoveroffice to use a USB printer?12:18
velleMarcC: I followed your directions, and the problem is gone :) thank you very much :)12:18
MarcCRockj: wireless or wired connection?12:19
MarcCvelle: very good :)12:19
=== MarcC is learning linux bit by bit
RockjMarcC: wireless, I havent tried with wired tho.12:19
=== MarcC needs a good GUI diff tool for KDE
chris122380how do I configure Wine or crossoveroffice to use a USB printer?12:19
MarcCRockj: I'd be interested to know if it's wireless-only - I think that would help narrow it down a lot, so if you can test wired...12:20
=== pheaver [n=pweaver@dhcp185.ittc.ku.edu] has joined #kubuntu
=== ufrr_ [n=ufrr@] has joined #kubuntu
RockjMarcC: kompare?  sudo apt-cache show kompare12:20
MarcCRockj: reason I ask: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=331376&highlight=lid+closed+network12:20
MarcCah, kompare...thanks, I'll try that12:20
Rockja quick search with apt-cache ;)12:21
MarcCRockj: which search terms did you use, out of curiosity? :D12:21
RockjMarcC: kde diff12:23
Rockjand | grep diff12:23
Rockjkeywords | grep some of the keywords is always a win.12:23
MarcCRockj: ok, kde...that makes sense...I just tried diff and got like thousands of entries12:23
=== zombielion_ [n=zombieli@221-109.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== TheGateKeeper [n=m@82-36-118-96.cable.ubr03.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== apberzerk [n=pweaver@] has joined #kubuntu
=== laplante [n=laplante@bas2-sherbrooke40-1177699598.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
RockjMarcC: that forumtopic, he puts the computer to sleep/hybernate. I don't do that12:24
=== ausome [n=ausome@d220-238-81-54.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
Rockjits more like...monitor "blacks" out after idle12:24
Rockjits an apm call or something12:24
Rockjif "cpu" is idle. no user activity12:24
=== ausome_ [n=ausome@d220-238-81-54.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== avalon [n=avalon@adsl-074-229-152-198.sip.lft.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== danya [n=danya@] has joined #kubuntu
MarcCRockj: what about your energystar settings in kconfig?12:25
=== dhq [n=dhq@unaffiliated/dhq] has joined #kubuntu
Rockj1 hour, but it happens alot faster then 1 hour12:25
Rockjso tried that one ;)12:25
=== danya is now known as danya_
MarcCRockj: is this on battery or plugged in?12:26
MarcCyou can set power managers to blank the screen instead of showing a screensaver if running on battery12:26
RockjI could compile my own kernel, but I'm lazy and it always makes troubles in ubuntu, atleast last time I tried. wireless stopped working even if I used same configuration file as I've used with other distro's and so on12:26
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
avalonhow do i burn a sparseimage file?12:28
voidmageStrange.. I can't ssh to my laptop.12:28
=== sweettooth [n=gordon@i-83-67-130-90.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== flo [n=flo@p508BE4FD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
SlimeyPetevoidmage: did you install openssh-server on the laptop?12:29
SlimeyPeteit's not enabled by default in Ubuntu12:29
voidmagesshd is running12:29
voidmagemight be some weird firewall thing12:29
voidmagebut I start ssh and "nothing" happens12:29
Rockjssh'ing at same local network? or over internet?12:30
voidmageover the network12:30
Rockj; /etc/init.d/ssh start12:30
Rockjor restart12:30
Rockjnmap 192.168.1.x -p 2212:30
Rockjsee if port is open.12:31
=== apetrescu_ [n=adrian@CPE0015c525aa6e-CM0013718856b0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== apetrescu_ is now known as apetrescu
voidmageit's open12:31
Rockjthen try to   ssh 192.168.1.x again12:32
voidmageI can ssh from laptop to desktop fine12:32
voidmagebut ssh desktop to laptop won't work12:32
=== flo is now known as oTzE
Rockjand your sure sshd is running on laptop? nmap it from desktop and see if it shows port as open12:32
=== manchicken [n=manchkn@74-134-94-223.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #kubuntu
voidmagewell this was weird.12:32
voidmagei ssh'd laptop->desktop12:32
voidmageand from that session was able to ssh BACk to laptop12:33
=== tinin__ [n=tinin@64.Red-81-35-197.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
voidmagei know.12:33
RockjMarcC: oh, its running on AC ;)12:34
Rockjdidn't notice the message.12:34
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #kubuntu
voidmageyeah, i'm not sure why it's doing this.12:35
crubeIs there any way I can take a screenshot while my kmenu is open? Whenever I click anything else is disappears :)12:36
=== Puppy_ [n=Kipper@oh-65-40-65-101.dyn.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
voidmageuse scrot and set a delay?12:36
MarcCRockj: well, if wireless/wired doesn't make a difference, then you've got yourself a good forum topic :)12:36
voidmageor set a delay in ksnapshot?12:36
SlimeyPetedoesn't printscreen work?12:36
Puppy_a simple question.12:36
Puppy_how do you change the clock not to military time?12:36
=== invader_ [n=invader@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
invader_hello all12:37
=== thomas [n=thomas@p54B76281.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
voidmageright click on clock and go to format time and date12:37
voidmageor something like that12:37
invader_is there someone from poland?12:37
=== ausome_ [n=ausome@d220-238-81-54.dsl.vic.optusnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?12:37
Puppy_voidmage, ok i will see if I can get it there. thanks12:38
=== maria_ [n=maria@ppp-82-135-6-177.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== invader_ is now known as invader_pl
=== avalon_ [n=avalon@adsl-074-229-152-198.sip.lft.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== ufrr__ [n=ufrr@] has joined #kubuntu
MarcCI started the wireless energy daemon but I can't connect to any sources, not even the tesla coil on my desk. Is this a known Kubuntu bug?12:42
=== splinta [n=splinta@dialin-207-112-31-14.tor.primus.ca] has joined #kubuntu
RockjMarcC: I guess ill have to try. but still.. I have a feeling its some kind of power save daemon which turns off my wireless card12:42
=== dan_graham [n=dan@s142-179-219-245.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
MarcCRockj: that could be...you might want to reference your wireless card make/model when you're researching this too.12:43
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ^peter^ [n=peter@dsl-0-30.vic1.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
Rockjits ipw2200, which is placed in several houndred laptops12:44
Rockjnever had this type of problem in other distros12:44
MarcCoh, so it's just you then ;)12:44
=== animimotus [n=animimot@225.199.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
MarcCoh, so it's just Kubuntu then ;)12:45
Rockjit hates me! :p12:45
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
MarcCRockj: in my experience, as long as you're determined not to hate the distro, you can solve any problem pretty quickly unless it's a hardware defect :)12:46
Rockjand my sdcard reader doesnt work wither. worked before in ubuntu last time I tried. sighs :p12:46
=== McBee [n=Brian@24-64-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #kubuntu
=== urfriend [n=urfriend@dynamic-acs-24-144-248-191.zoominternet.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== MarcC just ordered his first SD card :/
=== dan_graham [n=dan@s142-179-219-245.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== msetim [n=marcos@201-14-60-90.ctame706.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
kanedoes anyone know where the color picker for the kicker lives? which pakcage that is?12:47
Rockjsd card Ill fix later, done that before too in a distro. Its a ricoch reader which troubles autodetection stuff after new drivers or something12:47
MarcCkane: it's an applet, no?12:47
Rockjbut this network thing, is being a bit pain.12:47
Rockjohhh, I found a control center I havent seen before in KDE :p12:48
Rockjthere is a system settings and control center. hum.12:48
=== odair [n=odair@] has joined #kubuntu
=== command0-182 [n=command0@71-217-205-40.spkn.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
command0-182Can someone please help me delete: /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_new_installed12:51
command0-182I really need to delete this file12:51
=== daycrawler [n=josh@ip68-106-4-253.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== velle_ [n=velle@ip-26-137.bnaa.dk] has joined #kubuntu
K-Ryansudo apt-get remove nvidia_new12:51
K-Ryancommand0-182: Try that12:51
=== merhojt [n=Jimmy@h88n2c1o885.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== admin-r2d2 [n=admin-r2@d226-117-54.home.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== [GuS] [n=gdnet@] has joined #Kubuntu
=== admin-r2d2 is now known as cs5
jkmz52I there a way to install kubuntu to an external usb harddrive and to boot form it?12:53
K-Ryanjkmz52: Yes12:53
cs5can anyone tell me what i should type if gksu "update-manager -c" gives an error that gksu:command not found?12:53
command0-182File is still there12:54
K-RyanDid that work though command0-182?12:54
K-Ryancd5: Kubuntu uses kdesu12:54
TeraDynecs5: try "kdesu" instesd of "gksu"12:54
cs5ah, yes.....ty12:54
command0-182Well the pakage is gone but the file is still there12:54
K-Ryancommand0-182: Try sudo apt-get remove nvidia_new --purge12:55
jkmz52and or is there a good how to you could reffer me to?12:55
K-RyanWell I don't know how you could do it without installing grub on your computer.12:56
=== urfriend [n=urfriend@dynamic-acs-24-144-248-191.zoominternet.net] has joined #kubuntu
K-RyanBut you could Make a small 200MB partition on your computer for /boot12:56
=== bomber [n=bomber@c-71-233-8-127.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== splinta [n=splinta@dialin-207-112-31-14.tor.primus.ca] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
cs5TeraDyne I still get an error, command not found, now its update-manager:12:56
K-RyanAnd the rest of the install on your external12:56
=== urfriend [n=urfriend@dynamic-acs-24-144-248-191.zoominternet.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
command0-182It says couldn't find pakage nvidia_new12:56
cs5any ideas?12:56
K-RyanWhat Daisuke said12:57
jkmz52my bios lets me boot form a usbdrive could I put grub o my external harddrive?12:57
K-RyanThen yes12:57
ubotuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for upgrading from Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) to Kubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)12:57
jkmz52the reason i asked is because i tried to do it already form the kubuntu lice cd install program and it failed12:58
jkmz52*live cd12:58
K-Ryanjkmz52: I dunno, that's strange12:58
command0-182It just says pakage not installed so not removed12:58
Daisuke_Idowell yeah, you need the RIT package to use the lice cd12:58
=== chozabu__ [n=chozabu@] has joined #kubuntu
RockjMarcC: might have found it...the thingie.12:59
Rockjapmd sounds like a bad guy. :p12:59
=== justin__ [n=justin@pool-72-77-66-155.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
cs5I am trying to upgrade to edgy but I cannot use the commands that have been given in the upgrade help at ubuntu.com, does anyone have any help for a dapper upgrade to edgy so I can hopefully get to fiesty.01:00
Rockjtrying it...so closing lid and away for a couple of minuts01:00
jkmz52Dose kubuntu need to be on a primary partition? That could have been the issue?01:00
command0-182Nope...file is STILL there01:00
justin__Hey guys, quick question, i just put a second hard drive onto a media box i have laying around. My problem is i cant figure out how to give anyone but root read and write access01:00
command0-182Look is there any way to forcefully remove  /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_new_installed01:00
Daisuke_Idocs5: back up what you need and install a fresh feisty01:01
=== bia [n=bia@p54BE61FB.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
TeraDynecs5: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading#head-6146e7b1dd7a50f5029fd0704e38cad9420c000a01:01
biai need help01:01
vzduchcommand0-182: sudo rm -f /lib/linux-restricted-modules/.nvidia_new_installed01:01
cs5yes i thought of the fresh instal idea, ty. ty, too teradyne01:02
=== GrahamA [n=graham@] has joined #kubuntu
command0-182YES THANK YOU :)01:02
Daisuke_Idocs5: the main reason i recommend a fresh install is that there have been several changes between dapper and feisty that make that particular upgrade path perilous01:02
biakann man hier auf deutsch schreiben01:03
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de01:03
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=== juhorner25 [n=juhorner@nc-71-53-115-136.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
biaguten morgen01:03
=== voidmage [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
juhorner25Can anybody here help me with installing the 0.7 update to Open Arena?01:05
RockjMarcC: found it! :D01:05
=== cyberg7358 [n=cyberg73@cpe-72-184-210-189.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== raghu [n=raghu@katy-adsl-66-170-206-177.consolidated.net] has joined #kubuntu
raghui am trying to install windows back onto my laptop01:09
raghubut after it boots of the cd and loads01:10
raghuit says that their is no harddrive01:10
=== McBee [n=Brian@24-64-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #kubuntu
raghui mean linux boots01:10
raghuand when i put the vista cd it found the harddrive01:10
=== cyberg7358 [n=cyberg73@cpe-72-184-210-189.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
raghubut when i put the recovery xp cd id did not01:10
=== Smooph [n=Smooph@e180138106.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
raghuit says their is no harddrive and that i am supposed to make sure its connected01:11
SlimeyPeteSATA drive?01:11
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip68-230-209-186.rd.hr.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== BudgetDedicated [n=BudgetDe@s5593c2e9.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #kubuntu
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=== apetrescu_ [n=adrian@CPE0015c525aa6e-CM0013718856b0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
raghuthe pc came built with xp media center01:12
raghuthe os im putting is home01:12
SlimeyPeteyeah... windows xp installer doesn't like SATA. I have to go into the command line and use fdisk manually if I want to install XP. Not sure what one would do when using recovery.01:12
raghuhmm, does home have sata support01:12
SlimeyPeteyeah, the OS will support it but I found that for some reason the installer didn't.01:12
raghui wanted to dual boot01:13
raghuwith kubuntu01:13
=== dvheumen [n=danny@a80-100-102-236.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== gdiebel [n=gdiebel@adsl-71-150-249-102.dsl.mdsnwi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== voidmage [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
voidmageProblem solved.01:14
=== brendon [n=brendonw@adsl-66-123-160-163.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
voidmageDidn't have ssh-askpass-gnome01:14
voidmageand seahorse was interfering with it01:15
dvheumenhi guys, probably an easy question, but I don't quite know how to search for it: when accessing a samba share with konqueror I get some strange directory names like "_L6DAN~C". I know it has to do with the names of the directories, but is there some way to prevent these dirs from showing up or some settings to correct it?01:15
=== Der_Horst [n=Horst@e176124031.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== bomber [n=bomber@c-71-233-8-127.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== BluesKaj [n=kaj@bas1-sudbury98-1177677014.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
cs5daisuke_ido: sry, just got your last reply...i can see how right you are as this is my 2nd attempt to get this thing upto edgy alone, so i can see alot of truth in what you say. TY for the advise. Going to download now.01:17
=== lavacano201014 [i=lavacano@ACC0B906.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Mitchbbaker [n=user@] has joined #kubuntu
Mitchbbakerhello all01:19
Mitchbbakeri have a problem installing kubuntu01:20
BluesKajheh, 3 hrs ago i was bragging about my wonderful internet connection and how it was so trouble free ... 15 mins later some idiot with a bckhoe cuts the fiber optic line into our town :001:22
jkmz52can and operating boot if it is in an extended partition?01:22
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@ALille-257-1-96-126.w83-204.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajMitchbbaker, what kind of problem01:23
RockjBluesKaj: atleast you can praise yourself that it doesnt happend every day that some smartass cuts your fiber ;)01:23
Mitchbbakerwell when i try to install it says it can't find ttl01:23
Mitchbbakerand suspends that01:23
Mitchbbakerand i end up in a prompt01:23
TeraDyneBluesKaj: I hope you beat him to a bloody mess with a trout.01:23
BluesKajRockj, it'll teaches me to be more humble :)01:23
BluesKajit was 15 miles from here TeraDyne01:24
dvheumenhi everyone, probably an easy question, but I don't quite know how to search for it and I come up with all kinds of problems that don't match mine: when accessing a samba share with konqueror I get some strange directory names like "_L6DAN~C". I know it has to do with the names of the directories, but is there some way to prevent these dirs from showing up or some settings to correct it?01:24
savetheWorldBluesKaj: use the LR caliber trout01:24
TeraDyneBluesKaj: Too bad. I would have loved to see that happen. XD01:24
=== malix0 [n=malix@host42-182-dynamic.10-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== TeraDyne is trying to remove openoffice.org
BluesKajit'll prolly cost the contractor he worked for a few bucks01:25
=== redoo [n=redoo@p50855BFD.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== NetersLandreau_ [n=niles@95.sub-70-222-216.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== ashram [n=ashram@staticline16951.toya.net.pl] has joined #kubuntu
redoodoes somebody know a dj-software which is similar to bpm-studio?01:29
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== Ace2016 [n=ace@80-43-123-3.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajredoo, dunno for sure but this may be close http://lmms.sourceforge.net/01:34
=== TeraDyne [n=teradyne@ip70-178-69-206.ks.ks.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lmms - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:34
=== arafat [n=arafat@ppp-62-245-162-5.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== michal_ [n=michal@host-D9ADA997.elsat.net.pl] has joined #kubuntu
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=== whippy [n=whippy@] has joined #kubuntu
=== michal_ is now known as mekus
whippyhey guys, girls, boys01:36
BluesKajold men too ?01:36
whippypag? here ;)01:36
whippyor someone ?01:37
whippyn' troub01:37
whippyhey blue01:37
=== Mitchbbaker [n=user@] has left #kubuntu []
=== kwb_ [n=kwb@p3E9E6632.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajwhat's up whippy?01:38
whippywho's who01:38
whippyonly keeping cool in a night way.01:38
whippyhad a party tonight.01:38
=== ritztechy [n=johnny@wsip-24-234-150-195.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
dvheumenAnyone who has an answer to the samba file naming problem?01:38
whippyyou're right too?01:38
whippysmb file naming prob?01:39
whippywhats it about?01:39
ritztechyis there a good newbie site01:39
whippyyou've to intall samba01:39
whippyand configure01:39
whippyyoure etc-file01:39
dvheumenI've shared my home directory, but there are some files/directories with names that aren't valid to the samba protocol01:39
whippy .  /etc/samba/smb.conf01:40
=== skarface [i=antix@ip68-12-173-115.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
dvheumenso when I visit the samba share with konqueror (but I think it's not caused by konqueror) I see a lot of files like '_L6DAN~C'01:40
whippyyou've to keep as compatible as you can...01:40
whippyso downcomp means. less than 256 chars, and no special chars.01:40
whippyor you name like:01:41
whippywith underscores01:41
dvheumenyeah, but I don't have much choice, these files aren't named by me, but by the application that created them :P01:41
TeraDyneritztechy: What do you mean by "newbie"? New to Linux or new to Kubuntu?01:41
whippyyou've to conv them01:41
whippythe called "tilde" is cause of the longnames01:42
dvheumenyeah I know01:42
whippyist to the01:42
=== chozabu_ [n=chozabu@] has joined #kubuntu
whippy8.3 formar01:42
whippyits a directory you "SAMPLED" here01:42
whippycause you have no .301:42
=== mariano__ [n=mariano@] has joined #kubuntu
dvheumenI understand the problem completely (I've got a large and technical windows background), I'm just curious if there's some kind of switch to not display these files or something01:43
whippyyou need to have no troubles,01:43
whippyits completly normally01:43
whippyto schow 8.3 if its not supported01:43
whippyhow did you mount the device?01:44
whippymount -t vfat01:44
whippy. /dev/hdaXsample /mnt01:44
=== zombielion [n=zombieli@221-109.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
dvheumenwhippy: just smb://<ip-address>/<share-name>/ in konqueror01:44
whippyoke, then its about the server01:45
dvheumenbut it seems more like a server-oriented setting01:45
Biovorehmm samba shows long names here..01:45
whippyyou've to tune the serv01:45
dvheumenyeah, for me too01:45
Biovoreyou connecting to a win98 machine or something?01:45
dvheumenI guess it's caused by the special characters like colons and such01:45
dvheumenthey have other meanings in dos/windows01:45
zombielioni have just got cinelerra installed and everytime i try to open it nothing happens what could do this i have all the dependencies installed it didnt tell me im missing anything01:45
=== elbing [n=elbing@229.Red-88-11-42.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
whippyhe can access the stuff,01:45
whippybut not in the right way he wants01:46
Biovorezombielion: try running from cli..  see if its spitting an error and dieing.01:46
whippylong name01:46
whippyyou acces from a w98 u said?01:46
zombielionwhat is cli01:46
Biovoreyeah.. thats server side problem..01:46
whippythat could it beee?01:46
Biovorecli -- command line interface01:46
zombielionim new to kubuntu well to linux all together01:46
dvheumennope, just from linux/winxp01:46
whippycause  i think w98 has a mixed mode01:46
zombielionok... well how do i do that01:46
whippy8.3 and longnames i think01:46
Biovoreprobably something with the XP setup.. I don't have problems here with it..  I have names with weird names, space, special chars..  and even files in japanese.. it all works here..01:47
dvheumenI'd put my bet on the samba-server settings01:47
whippyperhaps u use UTF?01:47
cs5there is an option in the winxp setup disk right at the beginning of its load to hit f6 to instal sata or raid drives.01:47
Biovorewell I do use UTF-8 for almost everything..01:47
Rockj /lastlog Rockj01:47
Rockj /lastlog Rockj01:48
whippyor UTF-?01:48
=== ubuntu__ [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Flegma [n=Michalek@devil.spacecom.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Tricky4
whippyso i think,01:49
whippythe downcompatibly is keeped by the server,01:49
dvheumenhmmm... guess os01:49
whippyyou've to rename the server stuff, or keep a second one01:49
whippythe second server, only for w98 machines,01:49
dvheumenI'm currently trying to filter out the problematic directories/files01:49
whippywith backup-functino01:49
dvheumenI think it has something to do with the ':' being used. It has a different meaning in Dos/Windows so that could be the cause of the 8.3 conversion01:50
Biovoreyeah.. win98 and win95 do samba by 8.3 only..  they use name mangling.01:50
whippy@ dvheu01:50
whippyyou have no problems on xp normally,01:50
whippyits only you are some versions down01:50
whippywith w9801:50
whippyeverything is in another way,01:50
whippyyou can also escape from the user login with ESC01:51
whippyw98 has a self - living -structure01:51
dvheumenGot them, they were indeed all files/directories with names containing a ':' so that was the cause of the mangling01:52
whippyfrom filesystems there are some ways to format and understand01:52
whippyfrom the operating system01:52
=== peder_ [n=peder@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
dvheumentoo bad some of them were .xsession-* files so they'll be back :(01:52
whippythe operating system / or kernel / as u use in linux01:52
whippysupports the filesystems01:53
=== wizard [n=wizard@82-217-29-213.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
whippyfat12 for floppies01:53
whippyfat16 for 8.3 i think thats in w9801:53
whippyupgrad w98 second edition01:53
whippyis on fat32 -> long name support01:53
dvheumenfat32 does support long filenames, but still only as an sort of extension01:54
=== ufrr__ [n=ufrr@] has joined #kubuntu
dvheumenthere's still an 8.3 base :p01:54
whippyi know that01:54
whippybut i said ->01:54
whippyw98se not w9801:54
whippyyou got w98se?01:54
=== wizard is now known as codr
dvheumenI've got them all, but I'm not using it :D only WinXP and linux atm01:55
dvheumenand it's NTFS01:55
whippyu use wxp -> to access samba? is it right?01:55
=== mariano__ is now known as mariano
dvheumennope, sorry I'm saying it all wrong01:55
BluesKajnot many w98 users anymore01:55
dvheumento make a summary: the server uses kubuntu with samba server, running on an ext3 fs01:56
dvheumenthe client is running winxp on an NTFS filesystem (but that doesn't matter :P)01:56
dvheumenI never brought in the win98 part ;)01:56
Tricky4could somebody help me with kopete it wont connect anymore01:57
Tricky4dont know what todo01:57
=== sobero [n=whippy@85-127-15-115.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
dvheumenwhippy: but thanks for the extra info, I think I've got it fixed not and I'll just have to live with the .xsession-<hostname>:<display> files popping up (prob. because of VNC)01:57
dvheumen*fixed now01:58
soberohi codr01:58
codrhow my bluetoth gonna work?01:58
soberoyou code?01:58
K-RyanNo he is codr01:58
sobero@ dv how do you fixed it?01:58
soberohey k-ryan ;)01:58
codrmy bluetooth is on laptop01:58
codrbut still not the light is not light01:59
dvheumensobero: all the files/directories that were mangled to 8.3 names contained a colon (':') and it turned out they could all be deleted without a problem, so I did :P01:59
codrthe wirelless and everything perfect01:59
codrbut bluetooth not.01:59
codrany idea?01:59
soberoyou solved it with DELE01:59
sobero4char command01:59
soberoyou use rarp?02:00
=== mariano is now known as mariano_
=== dustin [n=dustin@65-101-165-195.desm.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== mariano_ is now known as mariano
soberoresolve arp ;)02:00
dvheumenyeah nice isn't it... they were backup directory that contained a time like .....12:23.... and the ':' was the problem. But those backups were only made for recovering in case some conversion went wrong and it didn't.02:01
=== marcos [n=marcos@pool-71-99-17-33.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
codramyway im gonn fix it alone as always.02:01
soberoyould be02:01
=== hero [n=joe@unaffiliated/hero] has joined #kubuntu
codrK-Ryan: the nick in various, just i type it. But im code02:02
K-RyanHold on, you're having bluetooth trouble?02:02
codrmight web develop one but good enough like perl sql wml xml02:02
codri had02:02
ubotuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup02:02
dvheumenbut thanks again and I'm gone now, bye :D02:02
=== dvheumen [n=danny@a80-100-102-236.adsl.xs4all.nl] has left #kubuntu []
=== brendon [n=brendonw@adsl-66-123-160-163.dsl.sntc01.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== secleinteer [n=scl@adsl-70-237-244-135.dsl.stlsmo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== raffytaffy [n=raf@user-0cdf5dr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
sno2@dv back here02:04
raffytaffyevening , i have big problem, i cant compile anything in kubuntu feisty, it tells me i cant make executable files02:04
raffytaffyi installed build essentials02:04
sno2fine that you fixed it02:04
sno2so the backs where it,02:04
sno2and pl don't scan me ;)02:04
codrsudo /etc/init.d/bluez-utils restart02:04
codrsudo: /etc/init.d/bluez-utils: command not found02:04
sno2got a real nice monitor ;)02:04
=== sweettooth [n=gordon@i-83-67-130-90.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
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codranyway thx cya!02:08
=== cleit0n [n=cleit0n@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Gaz [n=gary@user-54410001.l5.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
cleit0nhi, how i install mplayer in Kubuntu dapper?02:09
salamonyou got it or should i continue?02:09
TeraDynecleit0n: "sudo aptitude install mplayer" in a Konsole window.02:10
TeraDyne!info mplayer02:10
ubotumplayer: The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc1-0ubuntu9.1 (feisty), package size 3967 kB, installed size 10004 kB02:10
TeraDynecleit0n: You'll also need to have the multiverse repositories enabled.02:11
cleit0nTeraDyne: dont have it here02:11
ubotuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu02:11
TeraDynecleit0n: that link will tell you how to activate the other repositories. Once you do, you can get mplayer.02:11
TeraDyne!find mplayer dapper02:13
ubotuFound: kmplayer-base, kmplayer-doc, kmplayer-konq-plugins, kmplayer, mozilla-mplayer (and 15 others)02:13
cleit0nTeraDyne: yes, i do this.. but nothing02:14
hero!search groupware02:14
grulHow do you set the default font in gvim?02:15
tallia1hello there02:16
tallia1something really easy02:16
tallia1how that rubbery material that enhance the heat transfer between processor and cooling system called?02:16
tallia1i have an overheating problem in my gateway laptop and i want to replace it to see if it could improve its performances02:16
=== rpedro [n=rpedro@87-196-103-170.net.novis.pt] has joined #kubuntu
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #kubuntu
tallia1it's not insulation, it's the opposite02:17
tallia1does not insulate02:17
=== userund [n=userund@cpe-065-190-047-105.triad.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
TeraDynecleit0n: That's odd. The Wiki says that it's in the multiverse repo, even in dapper.02:17
cleit0nTeraDyne: here only kmplayer02:17
cleit0nLinux ubuntu 2.6.15-26-386 #1 PREEMPT Thu Aug 3 02:52:00 UTC 2006 i686 GNU/Linux02:17
tallia1is that the "official" name?02:17
TeraDyne!info kmplayer02:17
ubotukmplayer: media player for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.4-0ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 185 kB, installed size 604 kB02:17
Dragnslcrtallia1- you mean thermal paste?02:18
DragnslcrOr sometimes called thermal grease02:18
tallia1Dragnslcr: yes, here you are :)02:18
=== weerdo [n=weerdo@80-44-182-238.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
tallia1Dragnslcr: listen.. where can I buy it?02:18
BluesKajrubbery material ? ...err greasy material02:18
cleit0n!info dapper02:18
ubotuPackage dapper does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas02:18
BluesKajelectronics hobby stores tallia102:19
Dragnslcrtallia1- any decent computer parts place should have some02:19
tallia1i would like to try a superperforming one.... otherwise i will have to send my laptop to gateway which will cost me 400$02:19
=== manowar [n=manowar@adsl-70-137-30-13.dsl.okcyok.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== srnx2 [n=whippy@] has joined #kubuntu
DragnslcrOnline places like MWave and Newegg will have it too, but it may not be worth paying shipping on a $5 order02:19
BluesKajdecent computer parts store heh ,,,there's an oxymoron02:19
Dragnslcr"Any" could be zero02:20
tallia1Dragnslcr: since i am having an overheating problem (which cause random shutdown) do you have any other suggestion on what to do beside changing the paste?02:20
TeraDyneThis is odd. I'm sure mplayer is in dapper's multiverse repo... Not sure why you can't get it...02:20
Dragnslcrtallia1- could be a dead case fan02:20
srnx2apt-get install mplayer02:20
tallia1Dragnslcr: what?02:20
=== leileilol [n=Hsi@c-75-68-37-174.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
DragnslcrI assume you aren't overclocking the CPU?02:21
tallia1Dragnslcr: no, it's working standard02:21
DragnslcrWhat temperature is it running at?02:21
tallia1but i don't have speedstep cause it's a desktop replacement02:21
tallia1dunno how to check on windows02:21
srnx2do not touch a foreign... sys ;) it comes back to you ;) remb02:21
BluesKajtallia1, if you keep your laptop om a table , get a holder which raises it off the table surface to make a space between the laptop and the table surface for air circulation and cooling effect02:22
=== dewey [n=dewey@c-67-168-51-149.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
DragnslcrSpeedfan can display temperature sensors02:22
=== Berto [n=roberto@pool-71-116-198-207.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== brainiac [n=brainiac@e177091081.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== weerdo_ [n=weerdo@80-44-182-238.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
tallia1BluesKaj: yes, that works, but i can't use my laptop anywhere02:22
BertoHi - I'm currently using 64-bit kubuntu with 32-bit browser and 32-bit flash.  Is there a doc on using 64-bit browser + 32-bit flash?02:22
tallia1would blowing high pressure air inside the cooling system do any good? l02:23
tallia1like cleaning the parts and so on02:23
tallia1or maybe greasing the fan mechanical parts02:23
=== beck__ [n=beck@dslb-084-058-223-073.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== whippy [n=whippy@] has joined #kubuntu
whippyhi guys,02:23
whippyi lost my connection ;) so i'm back ;)02:23
tallia1Dragnslcr: uh?02:24
=== brainiac [n=brainiac@e177091081.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== weerdo_ [n=weerdo@80-44-182-238.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== peder_ [n=peder@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
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peder_How can I install nvidia drivers? kubuntuguide says envy, but envy isn't in the repositories!02:26
manowarati proprietary driver worked on both outputs...I then tried out beryl, didn't work...due to the configs done I had to dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg to reset my card02:26
manowarthen to reinstall ati proprietary, however, since then only my vga out works and not my dvi out...!!??02:27
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about phpgroupware - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:27
Dragnslcrpeder_- you should be able to just enable the restricted repository and install the package02:27
Dragnslcrpeder_- most likely the nvidia-glx-new package02:28
peder_Dragnslcr: restricted is enabled, but still no envy.02:28
=== NickPresta [n=nickpres@CPE000625f47ed2-CM0011e6c456e3.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
manowardvi out=no signal input...vga=opengl working fine02:28
Dragnslcrpeder_- most likely the nvidia-glx-new package02:29
manowaranyone have an idea on how to get the dvi out to work again?02:29
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== peder_ [n=peder@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
manowarpeder's back02:31
manowarpeder, did you get his answer?02:32
manowarnvidia-glx-new package?02:32
=== whippy [n=whippy@] has joined #kubuntu
peder_Dragnslcr: I installed it, but it's obviously not enabled (no nvidia-screen when restarting X). When typing "nvidia-settings", I get an error. Will paste.02:32
peder_It didn' work.02:32
DragnslcrI seem to remember that it tried changing xorg.conf in ways that it really shouldn't02:32
whippyhey, peder_underscore02:33
peder_Here it is: http://pastebin.com/d5c57040602:34
peder_whippy: hi! (btw: this was default nick XD02:34
whippydoes this link keep refeeres?02:34
peder_say what?02:35
Dragnslcrpeder_- what gives you those errors?02:35
whippynothing... ;)02:35
peder_Dragnslcr: typing "nvidia-settings" in terminal. Nvidia-settings opens, but only with settings like "Enable tool-tips", "Show "Really quit"-dialogs?"02:36
DragnslcrHm, I don't think I've ever even run that02:36
peder_It was just something I came up with. I didn't have to run it in Ubuntu.02:37
peder_So it's obviously not vital, but still - the errors.02:37
DragnslcrDid you restart X after installing the drivers?02:37
=== ArtMoonik [n=artmooni@mar92-3-82-66-233-126.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
manowartrying to get dvi to work on ati, I just run into wall after wall02:38
=== JohanSalim [i=G3b0ys@ip84-223.cbn.net.id] has joined #kubuntu
manowarabout to just buy an nvidia 6800gs card02:38
peder_Dragnslcr: yes.02:39
Daisuke_Idomanowar: go with at least a 7600 :)02:39
=== luna [n=luna@] has joined #kubuntu
peder_manowar: hehe, I've heard that the ATI linux drivers are horrible? Is that true?02:39
=== pheaver [n=pweaver@] has joined #kubuntu
manowarhmm...I have thought of buying the 7900gs02:39
manowaryes, very true02:39
peder_BTW: I've got 7900GTX.02:39
cleit0nhi, please help me, i try install mplayer in dapper, but dont install here02:39
=== luna is now known as Gusanita
Daisuke_Idopeder_: it's not that they're horrible, it's that they're so mind-bogglingly terrible that not even cthulhu would wish them on the world.02:40
=== Gusanita [n=luna@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
Dragnslcrpeder_- check /etc/X11/xorg.conf and look at the device section for the video card02:40
manowardid you try --> sudo apt-get install mplayer?02:40
whippyhey. pede?02:40
=== labcch26 [n=labcch26@] has joined #kubuntu
DragnslcrMake sure the driver is "nvidia" and not "nv"02:40
peder_Daisuke_Ido: I'm not really sure what Cthulhu is, but I know I've played "Call of Cthulhu - dark corners of the earth" (didn't finish), and yes - I am foreign!02:40
ubotuTo make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. The package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory.02:40
DragnslcrI've refused to buy an ATI card ever since Win2k02:41
peder_Dragnslcr: Will do.02:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about cthulhu - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:41
whippy@ dragnisicr02:41
whippyyou now some security tools ;)02:41
Daisuke_Idoaww...  ubotu should know about cthulhu!02:41
whippyfor ubuntu?02:41
whippynot snort?02:41
Dragnslcrwhippy- I do?02:41
whippyor is that the best one?02:41
whippyor honeypots?02:41
Daisuke_Idopeder_: cthulhu is an incredibly hideaous demon, a creation of hp lovecraft02:41
whippyu' also like security stuff?02:42
manowarcleit0n, have you tried $ sudo apt-get update   and then $ sudo apt-get install mplayer02:42
Daisuke_Idooooh...  that gives me an idea.  a lovecraftian ubuntu fork.  cthulhubuntu!02:42
peder_Daisuke_Ido: KK :P So you've read his works, then?02:42
Daisuke_Idopeder_: not many02:42
whippythanks, drag02:42
=== nikkiana [n=nikkiana@c-24-34-69-166.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
whippy'cause i can't sleep of metalog ;)02:43
peder_Dragnslcr: Driver: "nv"02:43
manowarI don't believe nv supports 3d (opengl)02:43
peder_change to "nvidia"?02:43
Daisuke_Idopeder_: have you restarted x since installing nvidia-glx?02:43
Dragnslcrpeder_- make a backup copy of xorg.conf (always a very good idea), change that to nvidia, and restart X02:44
peder_Daisuke_Ido: yes, many times.02:44
Daisuke_Idopeder_: read the shadow over innsmouth.  very good02:44
peder_Dragnslcr: what's the full command for backup of xorg again? sudo cp?02:44
cleit0nmanowar: yes..02:45
manowarcleit0n: and still no install goodness?  does it give an error?02:45
cleit0nmanowar: apt-cache search find only kmplayer02:46
peder_Dragnslcr: restarting X, brb.02:47
=== peder_ [n=peder@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
peder_Dragnslcr: it worked, but now everything is really ugly (resolution etc).02:47
whippyokay ;)02:48
cleit0nmanowar: paste the mirror please02:48
peder_Gotta get the Hz up to 75 :/02:48
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manowarcleit0n: it is in the multiverse repository...you may need to enable it in your /etc/apt/sources.list02:52
=== NickPresta [n=nickpres@CPE000625f47ed2-CM0011e6c456e3.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
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manowarDaisuke_ldo: why 7600 or better?  the 6800gs is a 256bit with 32mbits of video bandwidth...not bad for $10002:54
=== d4rkmonkey [n=J-Red@CPE000bcd15b4ae-CM00195efba7ac.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
d4rkmonkeyHey, how do I rip CDs onto my computer with amarok?02:54
vbgunzI just logged in as a new user... nothing is loading... how do I kill that users session?02:56
manowarDaisuke_ldo: according to gpureview.com the 6800gs is much better than the 7600's02:56
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d4rkmonkeyHey, how do I rip CDs onto my computer with amarok?( I'm using gnome but running amaroK I decided to come here to see if there were more amaroK users here)02:57
=== zerozero [n=brad@unaffiliated/zerozero] has joined #kubuntu
=== Dragnslcr [n=scott@c-24-63-105-9.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
manowarlol, amaroK roKs02:58
=== kallex [n=kallex@] has joined #kubuntu
d4rkmonkeymanowar... do you know how i could rip CDs using it? I prefer to do everything with one program02:59
=== mister_roboto [n=jrk@24-136-22-252.hnc-bsr1.chi-hnc.il.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
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manoward4rkmonkey: in amaroK select 'playlist' from the top, then select 'burn to cd'03:01
d4rkmonkeythat isn't ripping..03:01
d4rkmonkeythats burning.03:01
TeraDyned4rkmonkey: I've never even heard of being able to rip CDs in Amarok. It's better to use a dedicated app like Sound Juicer or Grip for that, anyway.03:02
=== sylvisj [n=sylvisj@] has joined #kubuntu
sylvisjOk, can someone tell me where KDE's display settings (desktop resolution), etc are stored?03:02
d4rkmonkeyTeraDyne, that sucks, I'd much rather use one program for all my music needs. if I can't find a way to make amarok rip CDs, I might have to go back to something like banshee03:03
manowarah missed the rip part, sorry03:03
TeraDynesylvisj: K Menu > System Settings > Monitor & Display03:03
TeraDyned4rkmonkey: It doesn't look like you can. I can't find anything in the handbook on it, anyway.03:03
d4rkmonkeyok, thanks anyways TeraDyne03:04
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sylvisjTeraDyne: , well that's great, if KDE wasn't viewporting me to 640x480, so that I can't get to the KDE menu.03:04
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manowarsylvisj: you can also bring up konsole and type $ kcontrol03:06
tzangerhmm, am I missing something?  I can select a few news feeds to show up in my kontact summary screen03:06
tzangerakregator is there03:06
tzangerI have eeds"in my left pane03:06
=== os2mac [n=jim@114-41-178-69.gci.net] has joined #kubuntu
tzangerbut I cant select it for my summary03:06
manowartsylvisj: then go to peripherals and then monitor and display03:06
TeraDynesylvisj: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=327238 < That might help if you can't get it fixed that way.03:07
=== bipolar [n=bflong@] has joined #kubuntu
sylvisjmanowar: , I have no idea where it is in the K control panel03:08
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sylvisjTeraDyne: will attempt to view it, if I can get firefox up in that tiny space -.-03:08
=== sri__ [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
TeraDynesylvisj: Nevermind, they've changed it somehow since the short time of that post. -_-;03:09
=== sweettooth [n=gordon@i-83-67-130-90.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
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manowarsylvisj: its under peripherals and then monitor and display03:09
=== sari [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
sweettoothanyone familiar with thunderbird in here? installed new mail icon to minimise it to tray, but not sure how to minimise it on startup using bash script03:10
=== mike2105 [n=mike2105@] has joined #kubuntu
rustalothow to I make an .avi file into a burnable DVD? I looked in the k3b manual but03:11
=== mike2105 is now known as mike2105_
=== sari [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
rustalotthe Tools-> Encode video option wasn't there03:11
Biovorerustalot: have to make the .avi into a mpeg203:11
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manowaranyone got an idea why on my ati card dvi and vga worked...til I tried out beryl and had to reinstall my ati driver...now only vga out works?03:15
=== sari [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
heromanowar: #ubuntu-effects is better for beryl stuff03:17
=== dan_graham [n=dan@s142-179-219-245.ab.hsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
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manowarhero: I never got beryl to work - is why I had to reinstall, sigh...ubuntu-effects? beryl based? or compiz?03:19
manowarhero: ever since reinstalling I cannot get dvi out to work03:19
manowarboth? cool03:20
=== zerozero [n=brad@cpe-075-176-080-147.carolina.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
manowarscary though, since I never got beryl to work with my ati card03:20
herothey know more about that stuff there03:20
manowarand last time I tried it only half my card works now03:21
heroesp. since no one is saying anything about it here03:21
manowargood point03:21
=== justin__ [n=justin@pool-72-77-66-155.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
herosorry :D03:22
=== sukest [n=sukest@] has joined #kubuntu
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ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdocker - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:23
bronzeHow do I set Opera as primary web browser (closed-source oh noes!)!03:24
=== zombielion [n=zombieli@221-109.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
zombielionim needing some help with cinelerra03:24
=== RandMC_ [n=chatzill@c-75-72-242-241.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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sweettoothbronze, press Alt-F2 and type kcontrol03:26
sweettoothgo to KDE Components -> Default Applications03:26
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rustalotHow do I make a playable dvd ?03:30
intelikey"i was never crazy, but hardly ever sane"03:31
ubotuFor playing DVD, see http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/video.html - "libdvdcss2" can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/SeveasPackages - Try k9copy (available in !Universe) for backing up DVDs03:31
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=== zombielion [n=zombieli@221-109.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
rustalotI have a movie file that I want to make into a dvd03:32
=== cj_ [n=cj@] has joined #kubuntu
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herorustalot: listen to ubotu03:35
=== Xbehave [n=juan278@cpc3-gran1-0-0-cust584.nott.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== weerdo [n=weerdo@80-44-182-238.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
Xbehavedo  beryl/compliz etc work with 2 seperate screens?03:37
rustalothero: ubotu isn't telling me what I need to know.03:38
rustalotI have a video file that I want to /put/ onto a dvd.03:39
=== thatsPipe [n=rshaw@pool-151-203-77-252.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
zombielionuse devede03:40
zombielioni havnt used it yet but it looks pretty simple03:40
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nosrednaekimXbehave: yeah, it does, never done it though so i'm not sure if it works.03:41
heroyou can also use gnombaker, but that's not kde. it will still work, though03:41
=== weerdo_ [n=weerdo@80-44-182-238.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyrustalot apt-cache search dvd | less03:42
=== weerdo_ is now known as _weerdo_
nosrednaekimk3b can't do it?03:42
herorustalot: http://dot.kde.org/1066083247/03:42
heroit can03:42
heroread the above link03:42
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rustalothero: maybe it can, but I can't figure out how03:48
=== haidozo [n=mark@m208-127.dsl.rawbw.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== weerdo_ [n=weerdo@80-44-182-238.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
rustalotthe manual said there was a Tools>Encode, or something, but I couldn't find it in the menu03:49
jhutchinsrustalot: There's also tovid.03:49
intelikey!info qdvdauthor03:49
ubotuqdvdauthor: GUI frontend for dvdauthor and other related tools. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.1.2-0.0 (feisty), package size 3299 kB, installed size 6700 kB03:49
herorustalot: do you have the other packages it needs? they are listed on the link i pasted above.03:49
jhutchinsI don't think k3b does a very good job of formatting the DVD properly for a non-PC player.03:50
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=== lunar-raven [n=lunar-ra@71-37-37-11.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyi want a new/better "cdrecord" one a little more standardized and simplistic in it's usage.     or maybe just some good cli front end for it...03:52
=== weerdo__ [n=weerdo@80-44-182-238.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
intelikey!info cdrecord03:53
ubotucdrecord: Dummy transition package for wodim. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.2-1 (feisty), package size 1 kB, installed size 36 kB03:53
intelikeyhmmm that's a dummy package03:53
=== Pupeno [n=Pupeno@cl-241.dub-01.ie.sixxs.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikey!info cdrecord edgy03:55
ubotucdrecord: command line CD writing tool. In component main, is optional. Version 4:2.01+01a03-5ubuntu2 (edgy), package size 567 kB, installed size 1176 kB03:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about wodim - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:55
nosrednaekim!info wodim03:55
ubotuwodim: command line CD/DVD writing tool. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.2-1 (feisty), package size 415 kB, installed size 840 kB03:55
intelikey!info wodim dapper03:56
ubotuPackage wodim does not exist in dapper03:56
intelikeythat's what i'm saying...03:56
=== ice9_ [n=ice9@mn-10k-dhcp1-5659.dsl.hickorytech.net] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchins!info growisofs03:57
ubotuPackage growisofs does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas03:57
jhutchins!find growisofs03:57
ubotuFile growisofs found in dvd+rw-tools03:57
intelikeyso feisty uses wodim in place of cdrecord ?03:57
=== Pensa`MIA [n=pensacol@] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchins!find tovid03:58
ubotuPackage/file tovid does not exist in feisty03:58
intelikey!find find03:59
ubotuFound: findutils, kdemultimedia-kappfinder-data, ocaml-findlib, xfce4-appfinder, findimagedupes (and 17 others)03:59
intelikey!find bin/find04:00
ubotuFile bin/find found in findutils04:00
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=== scotty [n=scotty@70-41-130-124.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuwine is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information.04:01
intelikeywine is wine is not an emulator04:01
intelikeyevery bot knows that....04:01
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=== No is now known as McBee
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ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:03
=== TheCreationist [n=elyon@c-71-205-67-153.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Slyboots [n=Slyboots@82-41-5-2.cable.ubr01.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuI know why you're here04:06
MinatakuGraphics card problem04:06
Slybootsyou do?04:06
SlybootsThats freaky04:07
MinatakuNot really04:07
mneptokMinataku: pardon me?04:07
SlybootsHow did you know that? :)04:07
nosrednaekimSlyboots: you have a problem that has been bugging you for hours and you come here to the experts04:07
SlybootsSomething like that :)04:07
nosrednaekimand my super posers have told me you haven't search google yet.04:07
SlybootsActuly.. yea I have but its not been much help realy04:08
=== TheCreationist [n=elyon@c-71-205-67-153.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
SlybootsIts offered a few solutions but none that seem to fit the bill for this problem04:08
=== nosrednaekim kicks his superpowers
Slyboots2/3 aint bad04:08
nosrednaekimso whats the problem?04:08
SlybootsWell, I was using a ATI card in this machine, but after problem after problem I moved to Nvidia, Tried compiling the nvidia driver module using the one provided on their site04:09
SlybootsBut now I get a message "sh /sbin/lrm-video : not found"04:09
MinatakuYou're supposed to use that stupid "restricted driver manager" or something :P04:09
SlybootsFATAL : error running install command for nvidia04:09
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:09
=== intelikey watches the psycos do their thing,,, err excuse me psycycs :)
Slybootsthe nvidia-glx driver ? Tried that04:09
SlybootsSame error04:09
=== ToyMan [n=Stuart@user-12lcqol.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuActually I knew his problem because he was complaining about it on another network04:09
MinatakuI have a different nickname there, though :304:10
SlybootsAdded nv and nvida-new to the dont-use-these-modules file (Sorry, I forget its name)04:10
SlybootsBah, Minataku is a fraud :P04:10
=== sakabatou__ [n=sakabato@sb-217-129-120-240.netvisao.pt] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsNow, I've tried loading the machine up using the vesa driver to ensure the card is not banjaxed and it does work.. but since there is no accelration its painfully slow04:11
nosrednaekimis it a 8800 series?04:11
MinatakuYeah, xvesa is a bitch04:11
MinatakuBe glad it's not xvga04:12
=== sweettooth [n=gordon@i-83-67-130-90.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsGeforce 4 MX 44004:12
SlybootsCrap I know, but it was free ::)04:12
MinatakuBetter than anything ATI04:13
BiovoreGeforce 4 MX 440 does have accelerated support..04:13
MinatakuYeah, but the issue is that he can't even get the driver working04:13
rustalotwill gusty be using KDE 4?04:13
nosrednaekimrustalot: not by default, no04:13
MinatakuLotsa good an accelerated driver does when it doesn't work ;304:13
Biovoreyeah.. he needs the legecy-nvidia driver04:13
=== nkoc [n=nkoc@p5082F11D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
BiovoreI there are 3 version flopping around..04:13
SlybootsThat ATI card was a *pain* Video was blue.. Biovore Thats what I downloaded, Legacy 94xx04:13
SlybootsIt compiles, but fails at the modprobe stage04:14
Biovore94xx it to new..04:14
nosrednaekimno, you don't want the legacy.04:14
SlybootsBiovore: thats the one the driver ordered me to use..04:14
Biovore74xx series of drivers04:14
nosrednaekimyou want the "in between" driver04:14
Slyboots(This card is unsupported in this release, download the legacy 94xx)04:14
nosrednaekimlemme go see what its called04:14
MinatakuYou want a PDP-11/04 with up to 56K bytes of memory, WOW!04:14
Biovoreyay!!! PDP-1104:14
MinatakuSorry, I've been reading a PDP handbook04:15
BiovoreIts sad.. I have an assembly language book for one laying around here somewhere..04:15
MinatakuBiovore: bitsavers.org04:15
nosrednaekimSlyboots: you need the 9631 driver04:15
=== intelikey wishes his nvidia agp card was supported
Biovorewhat card is that?04:16
Biovoreyeah.. thats a bit old..04:17
Biovorethey did work at 1 time though..  Need to get older copy of X04:17
Biovore3.3.6 I think04:17
nosrednaekimSlyboots: no, thats too old.04:17
SlybootsThats the last driver nvidia offer that supports my card04:18
mneptokintelikey: 5200FX cards are cheap and plentiful04:19
=== intelikey [n=UN-root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsHoly crap.. I fixed it o.O04:20
Slyboots.. I think04:21
=== ceros [n=user@c-76-111-84-156.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsOooh, no04:21
SlybootsIt just crashed my entire syste04:21
Slyboots.. again04:21
=== Slyboots screams into his keyboard
intelikeymneptok but why would i want to spend even a dime on more hardware... i have hardware...04:21
SlybootsX booted up fine, then it loaded myth.. and froze the machine04:21
mneptokintelikey: so you still have that 8088?04:21
MinatakuI have a machine with an 808604:21
MinatakuAnd one with an 808504:22
intelikeymneptok have a pair of 286's04:22
Biovore8085 is a copressor04:22
MinatakuNo it's not04:22
nosrednaekimSlyboots: get restricted-manager04:22
MinatakuIt was an improved version of the 808004:22
nosrednaekimand use the driver that it recommends04:22
Slybootsnosrednaekim: Moved onto a new issue04:23
MinatakuBiovore: You're thinking of the 808704:23
SlybootsGot the nvidia module working, but now the machine hardlocks04:23
Biovoreyeah.. thats it04:23
=== MaTiAz [i=matiaz@kapsi.fi] has joined #kubuntu
Biovoreyeah.. could have a messed up Graphics card..04:24
nosrednaekimSlyboots: then it may not be actually working...04:24
=== basse [n=basse@blender/artist/basse] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsCould be04:24
nosrednaekimSlyboots: check the Xorg log.04:24
intelikeyactually the box i like the best is a p1mmx with 96m ram and two 1g hd's  does every thing i ask it to and surprisingly quick about it.04:24
nosrednaekimand see if it says anything about kernel module not matching Xorg.04:24
Biovoreand the f00f bug :-P04:24
nosrednaekimalthough that should outright crash X without freezing04:25
MinatakuThere's a workaround for F0 0F04:25
Biovorewell the graphics card interface is direct to hardware.. so if it goes.. the box gets totaly hosed04:25
=== duanarchy [n=duanarch@d235-229-250.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuIt was in the errata04:25
MinatakuThe Linux kernel even checks for this on boot04:25
Biovoreyup.. linux has destection and work around..04:25
duanarchyCan somebofu please help me get DRI working for my ati xpress 200 card?04:26
SlybootsOnce I get my machine to boot without loading X and killing everything dead, I'lll do that04:26
intelikeySlyboots boot into single user mode04:26
MinatakuI booted up my Macintosh Classic04:26
intelikeythat's what its for04:27
MinatakuMmmmm... MC6800004:27
SlybootsGood idea04:27
Biovorewasn't the first MC6800's 16 bit..04:27
=== draik [n=draik@] has joined #kubuntu
draikTeraDyne: I have the GoGear with me04:28
intelikeyMC68000 ?  MC6800 ???04:28
=== OOD_ [n=OOD@dsl-140-188.aei.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== duckdown_ [i=ice@core-3298pl.fiber.nasa-government.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== zerozero [n=brad@unaffiliated/zerozero] has joined #kubuntu
=== juhorner25 [n=juhorner@nc-71-53-115-136.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== mneptok pats the Mac Quadra 605 under his desk running OpenBSD :)
juhorner25Hey, can somebody help me with updating my Open Arena game to 0.7?04:30
=== OOD_ is now known as OOD
leileilolhttp://www.getdeb.net/app.php?name=openarena try this04:30
draikHow do I get amarok to read an mp3 player?04:31
draikamarok didn't do it automatically04:31
SlybootsThe last thing in kern.log is a message about agpgart : Putting AGP V2 device into 4x mode04:31
SlybootsLog ends there04:31
SlybootsThats it04:31
SlybootsXorg.log was empty of anything remotly helpful04:31
juhorner25Well I already have the game downloaded in Zip04:32
juhorner25I extracted it to my home dir04:32
intelikeySlyboots /var/log/ksymoops/?04:32
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuMC6800 was 16bit04:32
juhorner25I don't know how to move it to my /usr/games04:32
MinatakuMC68000 was 32bit internally, 24bit address bus04:32
nosrednaekimcp -r <source> <destination>04:32
=== srastin_ [n=srastin@c-68-44-254-91.hsd1.de.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
nosrednaekimprobably need a sudo in there.04:33
MinatakuSo while it was a 32bit core, externally it was only 24bits wide04:33
nosrednaekimas well04:33
MinatakuSimilar to the 808804:33
MinatakuWhich was a 16bit core but 8bits wide externally04:33
MinatakuThe 8088's deal was to allow easy use of 8bit hardware with the shiny new 16bit core (It was also cheaper)04:34
MinatakuDunno what the 68000's deal was04:34
=== Slyboots peers..
=== kamui [n=kamui@ip24-252-113-227.no.no.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsPerhaps the card is simply faulty04:36
=== jtong [n=jcytong@s64-180-100-244.bc.hsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
kamuiany dual display users who own tablets?04:36
kamuiquestion on aspect ratio, or restricting my tablet to work only on one display04:36
nosrednaekimSlyboots: doubt it04:37
nosrednaekimSlyboots: oh them again... its old isn't it?04:37
nosrednaekimyeah, it could be.04:37
SlybootsFairly, I got it from my flatmate04:37
SlybootsI was using a ATI up untill now and the machine worked fine..04:37
SlybootsBeyond the shitty ATI graphical bugs04:37
Slyboots... damnit those were annoying04:37
Biovorekamui: now people use touchscreens on linux.. but dual head it means you will have to write a manual driver.. I don't think its supported...04:37
=== intelikey [n=UN-root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsInstalling the Geforce4 card realy screwed things up though04:37
draiknosrednaekim: Was that for me? sudo cp -r <source> <destination>04:38
Biovore(custom touchscreen drivers)04:38
nosrednaekimno that was for juhorner2504:38
SlybootsOhh, I'll leave it for the night04:38
=== IanC26 [n=IanC26@2002:908b:a588:4:216:6fff:fe39:ff6e] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsIm tired.. working tomorrow04:38
kamuiBiovore, that is terrible news :(04:38
=== intelikey [n=UN-root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
SlybootsThanks for your help anyway :)04:39
=== nikkiana [n=nikkiana@c-24-34-69-166.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
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kamuibiovore, there MUST be a way to restrict the working surface to one screen, I don't have my dual heads set up as one large desktop anymore, but two separate displays/desktops/etc04:39
=== nacer [n=nacer@l.alcolo.a.mpl.pastIX.net] has joined #kubuntu
kamuieven had to switch from gnome to kde inorder to get a better more seamless dual display support04:39
=== Authority [n=whardin@chewy2.dalsemi.com] has joined #kubuntu
Biovorewe.. your problem isn't a gui problem but a Xorg/kernel problem..04:40
=== se7en [n=se7en@125-24-143-63.adsl.totbb.net] has joined #kubuntu
kamuiI don't think its kernel related, however you're probably right on the money with the xorg driver speculation04:40
BiovoreI don't think you can restrict it giving the default touchscreen driver..04:41
=== stylus [i=stylus@freenode/helper/stylus] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyif you say kernel the people in #kernel will dis.  if you say X the people in #xorg will dis...04:41
kamuiits just seems odd, since I can restrict a regular mouse to either screen (I have two mice, one for each display, I didn't like the cross over effect)04:41
=== Biovore agrees with intelikey
Biovoreevery point at someone else!!!04:41
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:41
=== NickPresta [n=nickpres@CPE000625f47ed2-CM0011e6c456e3.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:41
kamuiwell, Ill struggle with it some more04:41
intelikeythe buck stops here.  it's ubuntu's fault.04:42
=== sari [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
=== intelikey wonders about the subtile irony in that...
kamuiit was surprisingly harder than expected to get my Penwizard 12" tablet to work in tablet mode in ubuntu04:42
kamuipensketch excuse me04:42
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=== noxx is now known as noxx_
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intelikeystill truth be known   it's a "propritary" issue.  if the hardware maker would open source then it would be a linux issue.04:45
=== intelikey [n=UN-root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
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BiovoreAMD has been talking about open sourcing the ATI driver..04:46
nosrednaekimBiovore: talk talk talk.... I just wanna see it04:46
intelikeyyeah but talk is worth $0.0004:46
=== couto [n=couto@74-210-212-116.hy.cgocable.ca] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyor dito nosrednaekim04:46
noxx_Anyone have any leads on good documentation for tweeking dual display monitor sections to prevent spaning accross both monitors?04:47
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=== level1 [n=level1@adsl-67-36-178-45.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama04:47
ubotuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead04:47
intelikeythat's all backwards04:48
intelikeymaybe the  http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead   will have something04:48
K-RyanAnyone here use a D-Link WNA-2330 notebook wireless card?04:49
=== hero [n=joe@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeywhy am i always on heinlein.freenode.net ???04:50
noxx_My current configuration is twinview. I have it working but I want to tweek it to prevent the maximized window from spanning both displays and setup a default monitor for windows to open in.04:50
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draikWhere can I ask about amarok?04:50
=== hoora_ [i=ariel@gateway/tor/session] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuAmarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.3 for Dapper and 1.4.5 for Edgy and packages are  available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok04:50
=== apberzerk [n=pweaver@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeydraik there is an #amarok  and  #kde   as well04:51
intelikeydraik and when someone is here that knows/uses/likes amarok this would be a good places to ask04:52
=== intelikey [n=UN-root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
draikI have my friend's Philips GoGear HDD1630/17 and it's supposed to **allegedly** read as PTP in Amarok04:54
=== Agrajag` [i=Agrajag@c-67-163-214-103.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #Kubuntu
intelikey<---<< clueless04:54
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intelikey /_____________///04:56
intelikey \         \\\04:56
=== luciano [n=luciano@201-35-95-238.paemt704.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyspaces are to short.04:57
=== cerda_ [n=cerda@74-38-106-176.dr01.wrtn.mn.frontiernet.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== TheCreationist [n=elyon@c-71-205-67-153.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistI'm trying to delete files from my MP3 player (tried to do so in Amarok, Terminal, and File Browser), but it says it's a read-only file system.  I can still ADD files to it, but not delete them.  Anyone have any ideas what gives?04:57
cerda_hey im trying to install ubunt but it wont load04:58
draikTheCreationist: I'm trying to retrieve the audio from a Philips HDD1630/17 with Amarok.04:58
lucianothebook is on the table04:58
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jugheadhello #kubuntu!  I have a quick question.  How can I change the font color on my desktop icons?05:02
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
cerda_idk, im havin trouble installing it05:02
marcelo_hola gente, tengo un problema , si alguien me puede dar una mano les voy a agradecer.Quiero cambiar la pantalla de login o (kdm) , intale kdm theme y kde-kdm themes, el problema surge cuando quiero cambiar pantalla porque no me aparece el boton "modo administrador"05:02
=== lunar-raven is now known as zeitgeist49
cerda_no se05:03
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draikmarcelo_: !es05:04
AmyRoseAre there any good reasons not to use a lowlatency kernel?05:04
draik!es | marcelo_05:04
ron_if your a slow person05:05
ubotumarcelo_: Si busca ayuda en Espaol por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, all obtendr mas ayuda.05:05
intelikeyAmyRose depends mainly on the desired end result05:05
TheCreationistI'm trying to delete files from my MP3 player (tried to do so in Amarok, Terminal, and File Browser), but it says it's a read-only file system.  I can still ADD files to it, but not delete them.  Anyone have any ideas what gives?05:05
ron_chekc your permisions05:06
intelikeyTheCreationist what does mount say about it ?05:06
cerda_can somone help05:06
wolferinecerda_, thats not how you get answers05:07
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRosecerda_: What's the problem?05:07
AmyRoseI just entered so I don't know05:07
=== dhq [n=dhq@unaffiliated/dhq] has joined #kubuntu
=== Carnage\ [n=carnage@ppp-] has joined #kubuntu
cerda_ok, well i try to install ubuntu and i get to the loading screen and freezes, somthimes i get to the ubuntu icon with the bar moving back and forth it just sits ther, i know the cds good cuz ived used it in other pc05:08
AmyRosedraik: Well, I'm trying to ask marcelo_ on #kubuntu-es, and getting no answer...05:08
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyTheCreationist  mount | grep /media/        maybe ?     is it mounted 'ro' or 'rw' ?05:09
=== ahmadou [n=ahmadou@209-148-139-19.dynamic.rogerstelecom.net] has joined #kubuntu
cerda_AmyRose: Any idea?05:09
=== SuprUsr is now known as Kr4t05
TheCreationistintelikey: mounted as rw, uid=100005:09
draikAmyRose: Umm... ok05:10
=== Bazi [n=rawr@74-32-48-111.dsl1.mdl.ny.frontiernet.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyTheCreationist and your $UID is ?05:10
AmyRosedraik: nm, I just answered him05:10
TheCreationistintelikey: 100005:10
=== strabes [n=alex@ip68-108-31-178.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyTheCreationist ok what about permissions   ls -l /mountpoint/somefile05:11
=== ron_ [n=ron@modemcable037.190-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyor ls -ld /mountpoint/05:11
AmyRosecerda_: Uh, you did do a CD check, right?05:11
intelikeyor both05:11
AmyRoseok then05:11
TheCreationistintelikey: drwxr-xr-x 10 elyon root 4096 1969-12-31 19:00 /media/sansa/05:11
=== e1mer [n=elmer@] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistintelikey: "elyon" is me :)05:12
=== jtong_ [n=jcytong@s64-180-100-244.bc.hsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistwell, the username I have for login.05:12
=== raylu [n=raylu@adsl-76-203-158-149.dsl.hstntx.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyyeah i saw when you came in.    err   no it's not.  but i know what you mean.05:12
=== crazyrobot [n=crazyrob@Wheeler-pbdsl3.Stanford.EDU] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyTheCreationist if you are not afraid it will cause an error...      touch /media/sansa/test ;rm -v /media/sansa/test05:14
TheCreationistintelikey: I have no ideas what that does lol05:15
intelikeymakes a blank "test" file05:15
intelikeyand deletes it05:15
intelikeywe hope...05:15
rayluUsage: touch [OPTION] ... FILE...05:15
rayluUpdate the access and modification times of each FILE to the current time.05:15
rayluso basically...it opens and closes the file?05:16
intelikeyraylu that's kinda the idea.   if the file doesn't exist it will make it.05:17
TheCreationistintelikey: Okay, said it could not delete because there was no such file.05:17
=== yoshibot [n=tails@pool-71-170-106-182.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyTheCreationist ok then it didn't make the file and you don't have write access05:17
TheCreationistintelikey: But when I drag a file into a folder, it copies it fine.05:17
intelikeyat least not unrestricted write access05:18
=== cje [n=cje@proxy.officegeneral.com] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyTheCreationist show me the output from the mount command05:18
intelikeyjust that line05:18
TheCreationistintelikey: /dev/sdb1 on /media/sansa type vfat (rw,uid=1000)05:18
intelikeyhmmm vfat  it should be full access05:19
rayluso what is he actually having a problem with?05:19
TheCreationistintelikey: It was in Edgy.  Only since installing Feisty did the problem start.05:19
TheCreationistraylu: I can't mount my MP3 player with read/write access...05:19
=== amitk_ [n=amit@] has joined #kubuntu
draikTheCreationist: Same here.05:20
rayluyour mp3 player acts as a usb device, right?05:20
TheCreationistraylu: Basically, although every indication says that I DO have rw access.. but I get errors when trying to delete files from it.  That's the jist of it.05:20
=== hero [n=joe@unaffiliated/hero] has joined #kubuntu
rayluand are you on the original feisty user account?05:20
draikmtp-detect reads my Philips mp3 player, but that's about it05:20
TheCreationistraylu: Acts as a standard flash drive.05:20
rayluwhat do you get when trying to delete?05:20
TheCreationistraylu: Yeah, I'm uid 100005:20
=== mikedomo [n=mikedomo@] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistraylu: Says could not remove because it is a read-only filesystem.05:20
raylutried sudo rm?05:21
=== noxx__ [n=noxx@adsl-75-6-4-56.dsl.spfdmo.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== mikedomo [n=mikedomo@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
intelikeyTheCreationist lets try this.   sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sansa -o remount,rw,umask=00005:21
TheCreationistraylu: Yeah, I've tried sudo.05:21
TheCreationistintelikey: Do I unmount it first?05:21
rayluthat's a remount command05:21
TheCreationistintelikey: Hmm... seems to have worked.05:22
TheCreationistintelikey: I was able to rm -r one directory so far ;)05:22
=== wonko_ [n=wonko@85-125-176-170.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
dewittI have screen resolution problem,my computer was running 1024x600 now i booted up and now it is 640x480 i checked bios and it is set on nga/vga i am running a new monitor 19" wide screen acer.ps i am quite new at linux05:23
intelikeyshould work in the file manager too05:23
=== zombielion [n=zombieli@221-109.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistintelikey: Nope... didn't actually work.05:23
TheCreationistintelikey: I was able to remove the directory I recently copied to the drive.05:23
TheCreationistintelikey: The ones that were already on here still can't be removed.05:23
rayludewitt: did the livecd run in 640x480?05:23
=== ryan__ [n=ryan@c-68-58-141-72.hsd1.in.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ryan__ is now known as N00basaraus
rayluyou could run the livecd05:24
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
rayluand get the xconf at /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:24
dewitteverything was running 1024x800 or 60005:24
rayluand use that as your xorg.conf in your install05:24
TheCreationistI think I'm just going to stick to Windows for updating the player for write now.  I'll ask more later, but I wanted to get this loaded so I can take off.05:25
intelikeyhmmm that makes me think it's not really a vfat fs   but some kind of emulated vfat  on a unix slice or something...    seeing that i don't have the hardware to play with i'll have to defer to anyone with a clue TheCreationist05:25
=== brendonw [n=brendonw@] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistintelikey: I appreciate the help as always.05:25
TheCreationistintelikey: I received a suggested from someone in #ubuntu to use windows to format it, then only update with Linux from now on.05:25
=== amitk__ [n=amit@] has joined #kubuntu
rayluer...you mean linux to format it?05:26
TheCreationistintelikey: Not sure if that would help, but it would give me a valid vfat format, right?05:26
TheCreationistraylu: I guess I could try that, but how am I supposed to format a read-only drive? ;)05:26
intelikeyTheCreationist might well work.   there is the possability that you might be able to format it from linux as well      idk.05:26
rayluyou h ave to unmount to format05:26
TheCreationistraylu: How would I format it from Linux?  I don't know the commands for that.05:27
intelikeyTheCreationist i really should NOT guess/assume too much there...05:27
=== bonz [n=bonz@pool-70-106-169-35.chi01.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistintelikey: Well, the player is pretty useless to me right now as it is.  But I've successfully formatted it in Windows before without ill-effect.05:28
intelikeyTheCreationist mkfs.vfat /dev/sda1     would be a normal format command.    as root of course  and un mounted05:28
TheCreationistSo I'll probably just do that and see what I can do.05:28
=== dhq [n=dhq@unaffiliated/dhq] has joined #kubuntu
=== [_tharivol_] [n=DWS2003@201008242020.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== Extrapan [n=Extrapan@aamm162.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
TheCreationistintelikey, raylu:  Thanks again for your help.  I'll give the Windows format a try... but I've got to take off for now.05:29
intelikeyTheCreationist ffr.  formatting really means making a file system    and mkfs.<some type>   is the linux standard.05:29
[_tharivol_] hi everyone... how r u?05:29
AmyRose[_tharivol_] : hi05:30
TheCreationistintelikey: Okay, good to know.05:30
intelikeyTheCreationist and welcome.05:30
TheCreationistHave a good night, guys.05:30
AmyRoseWhat is the generic kernel better than the lowlatency kernal at?05:30
[_tharivol_] well, im tring to install kubuntu05:30
jhutchinsAnybody successfully doing 3D with a current ATI card?05:30
intelikeyAmyRose multi-tasking ???05:31
wolferinejhutchins, try #ubuntu-effects05:31
AmyRosejhutchins: I used to have ATI and had to wait for the open-source drivers to support it.05:31
AmyRoseThe fglrx drivers are horrible for most cards05:31
[_tharivol_] AmyRose: but something goes wrong with the driver VIA RHINE II05:31
MinatakuATI cards just suck, I think05:31
jhutchinsI'm looking for people who can refute that Nvidia is the only card that can be used for pirated windows games in cedega.05:31
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuBecause the Windows drivers are terrible, too05:32
AmyRosethat would explain it :D05:32
MinatakuWhich leads me to believe that the cards are just garbage05:32
[_tharivol_] do u know where i could find some driver?05:32
jhutchinsOk, this guy said they were fine in windows but worthless i liux.05:32
MinatakuThe drivers are perfectly fine, it's just that the cards suck :D05:32
=== lee_ [n=lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRoseMinataku: I heard I could do more with that card on Linux once the open-source driver supported it than Windows users could.05:32
jhutchinsFrom what I've seen, it varies by card, but I dont game.05:32
MinatakuAmyRose: Heh, you can05:32
MinatakuOnce the ATI cards are cracked, they're excellent05:33
AmyRoseMinataku: Yeah, true. But I'd rather buy Nvidia from now on because I want it to work right away05:33
MinatakuATI probably stole all the tech05:33
jhutchinsMinataku: Do you do any 3D gaming?05:33
Minatakujhutchins: No, but more and more emulators demand OpenGL05:33
jhutchinsMinataku: Actually, ATI was the firsst one who did TV on video cards.05:33
AmyRoseMy current laptop has nvidia and I couldn't be happier with how nvidia's drivers work :D05:34
jhutchinsAh, and open GL is only on Nvidia?05:34
MinatakuWhy the hell Midway's "Gun Fight" (An arcade game from 1975) needs OpenGL con-f*cking-founds me05:34
MinatakuBut OpenGL requires hardware accel05:34
MinatakuOtherwise it's total balls05:34
AmyRosejhutchins: Intel GPUs also have very good support on Linux05:34
=== Kr4t05 [n=andrew@dsl-206-251-7-87.dsl0.crls.pa.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuIntel GPUs are well documented with open-source drivers05:34
wolferinemy old old old one works great in linux05:34
jhutchinsAmyRose: Yeah, I thought so.  Do they do the Windows 3D games well?05:34
MinatakuI have a Trident card05:35
AmyRosejhutchins: If you want OpenGL, buy Intel or Nvidia :D05:35
MinatakuThere's no support for it even from Trident :P05:35
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuThey claim Linux support05:35
MinatakuBut there's none05:35
AmyRoseEven the Unichrome ones have drivers.05:35
MinatakuAnd the X11 driver is unaccelerated05:35
MinatakuI have a Trident CyberBLADE XPAi105:35
Minataku01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Trident Microsystems CyberBlade XPAi1 (rev 82)05:36
AmyRosejhutchins: I don't know about Windows support, since I only use Linux (and have used it as my only OS for the past 3 years)05:36
jhutchinsBasically there's this guy on another channel who is responding to any question about 3D on any other card with "Buy Nvidia".05:36
MinatakuConnected via an unsupported AGP chipset05:36
=== SirFord [n=sirford8@c-71-203-8-153.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== intelikey has a trident in the p1 box
wolferinethats how I always do it too05:36
Minataku00:00.0 Host bridge: ALi Corporation M1672 Northbridge [CyberALADDiN-P4] 05:36
AmyRosejhutchins: There's a good reason for that. ;)05:36
draikDoes anyone here know how to get Amarok to read an MTP device?05:36
=== marko_ [n=marko@BSN-61-6-89.dial-up.dsl.siol.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuAh, it's the Northbridge that's unsupported by AGPGART05:36
SirFordHas any been able to install KDE 4.0 alpha on feisty?05:36
jhutchinsWell, that's what I'm looking for, how true is it?05:37
AmyRosejhutchins: I have to say I could not be any happier with my nvidia-based laptop, and I've heard that all nvidia cards work great on Linux)05:37
AmyRoseI've also had good success with Intel as well05:37
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@201-67-87-53.cpece700.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchinsI've got to say we get plenty of folks here for whom nvidia doesn't work with either xorg or nvidia drivers.05:37
intelikeyAmyRose mine works great.   if you don't want acceleration    it's not supported...   nvidia riva12805:37
AmyRoseintelikey: Really? Dang05:38
AmyRoseI heard those were supported by the old legacy driver05:38
=== ubuntu is now known as Katsui
=== kov [n=kov@c-67-174-236-157.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyit does frame buffering pretty well tho,  and being a console user that's top notch for any grapthics i need.05:40
intelikeyso i'm not complaining05:40
AmyRoseare you using the nv driver?05:40
=== intelikey just wishes it was supported so he could show off the old agp
intelikeyAmyRose yeah when i use X05:40
=== usuario [n=usuario@] has joined #kubuntu
SirFordHas anyone tried Gutsy05:41
AmyRoseintelikey: Ah.05:41
=== CrunchyFerrett [n=crash@adsl-243-58-210.bix.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
[_tharivol_] AmyRose: Hey my fellow... do u know where i find the card of VIA RHINE II to install it and could -finelly- conect to the internet?05:41
AmyRose!ubuntu+1 | SirFord05:41
ubotuSirFord: Gutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule - Roadmap and specifications: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy - Support in #ubuntu+105:41
MinatakuSuch a terrible name05:42
CrunchyFerrettCrikey. Why the heck does Konqeror always open as my default browser05:42
draikHow do I install a src.tgz and a tar.gz file?05:42
=== scholarwarrior [n=scholarw@c-68-43-230-117.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchins[_tharivol_] : I'm really sorry your question has gotten kinda snowed under here.  Have you searched google?05:42
AmyRoseCrunchyFerrett: Set your default browser to what you want to use in the System Settings or KDE Control Center05:43
jhutchins!build | draik05:43
ubotudraik: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first: not all !repositories are enabled by default!)05:43
intelikeyCrunchyFerrett update-alternatives05:43
[_tharivol_] jhutchins: Yeah, ma friend05:43
=== command0-182 [n=command0@71-221-198-206.spkn.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
CrunchyFerretthm? Oh, I can fix it. I'm just complaining.05:43
jhutchinsHow does lspci list it?05:43
AmyRose[_tharivol_] : Huh?05:44
command0-182could someone tell me the command to edit my /etc/apt/sources.list ?05:44
jhutchins[_tharivol_] : What is that, a wireless PCMCIA?05:44
intelikeyoh. sorry.  thought that was a question CrunchyFerrett05:44
Carnage\sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list05:44
[_tharivol_] google/linux - ubunutuforums-br.com; http://kubuntuforums.net/05:44
AmyRoseCrunchyFerrett: Uh... What?!05:44
Carnage\Or better kdesu kate /etc/apt/sources.list05:44
jhutchinsCrunchyFerrett: Refreshing to see someone admit that.05:44
rayluor better, sudo nano ^^05:44
CrunchyFerrettIm never happy unless I have something to b*tch about.05:44
jhutchinsCrunchyFerrett: Actually, there's an answer to that: You're running KDE.05:44
=== darshan [n=darshan@] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyraylu vi05:45
AmyRosejhutchins: But you can make KDE use a different browser by default if you want to05:45
CrunchyFerrettjhutchins: whats wrong with KDE?05:45
=== duanarchy [n=duanarch@d235-229-250.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchinsMe, I detest firefox (and all it's ancestors) and prefer konq.05:45
AmyRosejhutchins: I am using Opera as my default browser for example05:45
[_tharivol_] jhutchins: it is a wireless bord (connected to a route - this is fine), but i dont know if it is a PCMCIA05:45
AmyRosejhutchins: AMEN!05:45
jhutchinsCrunchyFerrett: Nothing wrong with it, but konq is the kde browser, so... kinda makes sense.05:45
=== AmyRose hugs jhutchins
rayluwhat's the relationship between pico and nano?05:45
[_tharivol_] jhutchins: let me see at the manual05:45
AmyRoseFinally someone who hates Firefox!05:45
jhutchinsAmyRose: Why, thank you.05:45
intelikeyjhutchins another ff hater  :)05:46
=== CrunchyFerrett wishes that IE7 would run on Linux
=== Pupeno [n=Pupeno@cl-241.dub-01.ie.sixxs.net] has joined #kubuntu
raylueven if it was OSS, no one would port it05:46
duanarchyHello, I have my Xorg.conf set up properly, I think, and everything is looking fine, but when I run fgl_glxgears I geta '"XFree86-DRI" missing' error .. how can I get DRI working?05:46
jhutchinsYeah, well, firefox still has bugs (in it's history module) that I reported back when it was called "Mosaic".05:46
AmyRoseCrunchyFerrett: ies4linux is working on it05:46
=== cyberg7358 [n=cyberg73@cpe-72-184-210-189.tampabay.res.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
AmyRosejhutchins: Firefox 3.0a6 was pretty impressive when I tried it though05:46
intelikeyraylu on ubuntu the relationship is a symlink from pico pointing to nano05:47
AmyRosebut I still find myself using Konqueror and Opera :)05:47
AmyRoseI know Opera's proprietary, but it's an incredible browser :)05:47
AmyRoseKonqueror has better CSS though :)05:47
CrunchyFerrettACtually, if Im being honest, I could care less what web browser Im using. HTML is nothing more than a porn delivery meduim for me.05:47
CrunchyFerrett*cricket noises*05:48
jhutchinsCrunchyFerrett: More than we actually need to know.05:48
intelikeyor want too05:48
CrunchyFerrettTrue, on both counts.05:48
CrunchyFerrettBut I'm in a sharing mood.05:48
rayluhow about LeavesLotsOfTracksBrowser 1.0?05:48
intelikeyme too05:49
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!05:49
intelikeyi'll share that ^05:49
raylustop stealing ubotu's shares :P05:49
=== CrunchyFerrett is chastised.
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRose /me slaps CrunchyFerrett05:50
=== hoora_ [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-1fd66bf66a309a31] has joined #kubuntu
=== level1 [n=level1@adsl-67-36-178-45.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikey/me chuckels at AmyRose for the prepended space05:50
jhutchins[_tharivol_] : I'm not finding any evidece that that card works under linux.  I presume you've checked out the madwifi and ndiswrappper websites and forums?05:50
=== AmyRose slaps CrunchyFerrett
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lart - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:51
AmyRosejhutchins: larting doesn't work here05:51
jhutchinsGonna have to figure out that macro.05:51
AmyRose/me is going to use Ctrl-Enter to force it to send this command as text05:51
rayluand here i am trying to remember the command to /quote for say05:52
intelikey/say /me too05:52
MinatakuRight-to-Left Override! Hooray for Unicode control characters! D:05:52
Hobbseeyou wont have permissions for say05:52
MinatakuOh, BTW05:52
=== mode/#kubuntu [+o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
=== mode/#kubuntu [+b %jhutchins!*@*] by Hobbsee
=== soso_fat [n=soso@] has joined #kubuntu
=== mode/#kubuntu [+z] by Hobbsee
AmyRoseNow we're in trouble05:53
CrunchyFerrettNot familiar with that flag05:53
rayluwhat mode is that?05:53
HobbseeCrunchyFerrett: means that +o'd people can watch quieted people05:53
MinatakuWho knows05:53
raylukonv doesn't even recognize it :P05:53
MinatakuThis IRCd is retarded05:53
rayluquieted = ?05:53
=== mode/#kubuntu [-b %jhutchins!*@*] by Hobbsee
rayluer, i meant what flag is that?05:53
MinatakuAnd what do you mean "watch them"?05:54
raylusee their text05:54
raylui can "watch" you right now05:54
=== MarcC [n=marc@c-76-102-223-142.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchinsHobbsee: Thank you sir, I shall behave.  In fact, I think it's bedtime.05:54
jhutchinsg'night all/05:54
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:54
Tm_Tjhutchins: good night (:05:54
Hobbsee@lart jhutchins for going to bed05:54
intelikeyjhutchins gooday05:54
MinatakuThis IRCd is confounding X305:54
rayluCrunchyFerrett, what flag is muted?05:54
draikjhutchins: This is the error I got when compiling: http://pastebin.ca/61544405:54
Hobbseeoh, larts are disabled in here, that's right05:54
MinatakuI mean, I'm a former IRC Operator and this IRCd _still_ confuses me05:54
AmyRoseSome IRC servers use +z to block people who aren't using SSL, apparently05:54
=== Minataku nods
AmyRoseaccording to this: http://www.alien.net.au/irc/chanmodes.html05:55
MinatakuThis IRCd is ass-backwards, though05:55
Hobbseedraik: you'll need some form of sqlite installed.  probably sqlite*-dev05:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about electricsheep - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:55
MinatakuYeah, "hyperion", which is some bastardized mixture of who knows what X305:56
AmyRoseMinataku: Yeah, I think it's strange that you have to edit the access levels just to auto-op or auto-voice people here05:56
=== raghu [n=raghu@katy-adsl-66-170-206-177.consolidated.net] has joined #kubuntu
jhutchinsdraik: It's late and the bourbon is good, but I suspect whatever-it-is wants the mysql headers/source installed.  See if installing mysql-devel helps.05:56
MinatakuActually, that's in the services05:56
MinatakuNot the IRCd05:56
AmyRoseoh, well it's still messed up :P05:56
MinatakuBut the services are typically tied tightly to the IRCd05:56
MinatakuSo I'm sure the services are equally as screwed up05:57
AmyRoseI went on EFnet once and left pretty quickly though05:57
intelikeyMinataku you are starting to talk like a teenager again05:57
AmyRosethey tell people to stop whining about stolen nicknames, yet they refuse to have a NickServ05:57
=== duanarchy [n=duanarch@d235-229-250.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRoseor even ChanServ05:57
MinatakuHeh, yeah EFNet is just bad05:57
=== Carnage` [n=carnage@ppp-] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuLike I said, I'm a former IRC Operator, all this stuff is second nature to me05:58
CrunchyFerrett!offtopic | CrunchYFerrett05:58
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
intelikeyyeah they don't run bots but allow you to run all the bots you want05:58
MinatakuBut Freenode confuses me and EFNet is just wrong05:58
Tm_TMinataku: IRCnet is only "right" (;05:58
MinatakuFreenode takes commonly used modes and shuffles them all around05:58
AmyRoseWell, I'd rather be here than on EFnet where the IRC opers are grouchy because they didn't implement it right :P05:59
AmyRoseso they blame the users05:59
CrunchyFerrettMinataku: Sounds like a Linux friendly environment then.05:59
draikjhutchins: Would you recommend sqlite or sqlite3? Or does it even matter?05:59
intelikeydraik i think he went to bed.06:00
jhutchinsdraik: sqlite is what it appears to be looking for.06:00
MinatakuCrunchyFerrett: Think of Freenode's IRCd like the Windows of them all06:00
MinatakuThey take everything that's known and established... and ignore every last bit of it06:00
intelikeyand i think i am about to...   later k oo boo naughts  :)06:00
=== digi10 [n=digi10@] has joined #kubuntu
Biovorefreenode runs hyperion-1.0.2b06:01
CrunchyFerrettMinataku: Frak. I can't argue with that.06:01
=== digi10 is now known as R^H^I^A
MinatakuBiovore: Yes, I can use /raw version too06:01
AmyRoseMinataku: It seems that EFnet opers just blames the users for things that could be fixed by implementing ChanServ and NickServ06:01
draikjhutchins: I installed both and still got the same thing06:01
draikSame errors06:01
MinatakuAmyRose: Of course06:01
=== intelikey [n=UN-root@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
raghuhow do i get xp onto a sata drive06:01
AmyRoseI don't know why they do that06:02
raghuusing a laptop06:02
MinatakuIt all goes back to their patently stupid policy of "no ownership"06:02
intelikey /________///06:02
intelikey \~~~~~~~~\\\06:02
AmyRoseraghu: This is a Linux support channel, not Windows.06:02
=== savetheWorld [n=Lester@c-24-62-237-120.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuReally, though, it IS the users' fault06:02
MinatakuWhy the hell they're still using EFNet is beyond anyone's understanding ;306:02
raghuyeah but i need to get it on there so i can dual boot06:02
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRoseMinataku: Yeah, which is why I avoid it... I'm mostly only on FreeNode and EsperNet06:02
raghuand i have sata and the cd dosent seem to recognise sata06:02
MinatakuI'm on Freenode and Rizon06:03
MinatakuAnd one other that I'm not gonna say06:03
AmyRoseMinataku: Didn't say you had to06:03
MinatakuI know06:03
AmyRoseMinataku: From what I've read though, EFnet had its high point in the 90's or something06:04
=== sven_oostenbrink [n=sven@] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRoseI remember when all the IRC chats were #something on EFnet06:04
MinatakuYeah, long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away06:04
=== surgy [n=surgy@ip68-97-50-188.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
level1I'm trying to chroot to /media/portcompy (my usb drive) so I can manage a debian install there, but it keeps complaining about "chroot: cannot run command `/bin/bash': Permission denied06:04
MinatakuAmyRose: Sonic the Hedgehog fan?06:04
AmyRoseI'd take Freenode's craziness over EFnet's insanity06:04
MinatakuOr real name that's an interesting coincidence?06:05
raylucan someone recommend an ftp applilcation?06:05
level1I am root and the permissions are -rwxr-xr-x06:05
AmyRoseMinataku: I'm a fan of the Sonic character :)06:05
AmyRoseMinataku: /whoising me will tell you what my real first name is06:05
rayluno, worse.06:05
MinatakuAmyRose: Ah ^^06:05
AmyRoseraylu: kbearftp, Konqueror, gftp06:06
CrunchyFerrettlevel1: This is probably a stupid suggestion, considering you're root.. but have you tried using sudo?06:06
rayluo.0? bear = ?06:06
level1CrunchyFerrett: well, actually, I tried sudo first, then root... let me try sudo+root06:06
level1CrunchyFerrett: no06:06
raylusudo+root? wtf?06:06
MinatakuNow I've got a song from Sonic Adventure in my head06:06
MinatakuThe one in that inner room in the Egg Carrier06:06
CrunchyFerrettlevel1: I dont suppose you have funky user perimissions on the USB drive?06:07
=== duanarchy [n=duanarch@d235-229-250.home1.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuThere's a minigame for Amy in there06:07
level1Is there a trick to chrooting?  I should just need root access and a working /bin/bash right?06:07
ubotuhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebootstrapChroot use this to build 32 bit environments on a 64 bit box06:07
MinatakuYou have to smack the Sonic heads with her PikoPiko Hammer and beat Robotnik's score ;306:07
AmyRoseMinataku: hahaha... my gf calls me Amy because I am like her, especially when it comes to temper :P06:07
wolferinei wish I could figure out chroot06:07
level1CrunchyFerrett: what would be funky?  the file /media/portcompy/bin/bash has root permissions06:07
raylu...and your gf's name is Amy?06:08
AmyRoseraylu: no, it's Jenni06:08
level1I swear I had this working just a couple days ago on the same drive06:08
jhutchinsOn the internet, nobody knows you're a dog.06:08
CrunchyFerrett*blink*.. Doh, I slipped into NTFS permissions mode there. SOrry06:08
=== dcantomo [n=dcantomo@] has joined #kubuntu
level1CrunchyFerrett: NTFS has permissions?  "This file might be a virus, this file isn't a virus" like that?06:09
AmyRosejhutchins: No, I'm a cat: http://tn1-4.deviantart.com/fs18/150/f/2007/188/8/4/Happy_21st_Birthday_by_Wh1sp3rZ.png06:09
AmyRosejhutchins: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/59292347/06:09
level1we have you deviant art account, now we know everything about you amy06:10
CrunchyFerrettlevel1: No, it has specific read/write/list permissions based on the user attemping to access the object. Not really relevant here, it was a brainfart06:10
jhutchinsMe, I ain't tellin.06:10
AmyRoselevel1: That's my friend's account :P06:10
jhutchinsAnd I really, really am going to bed.06:10
=== PP188 [n=pedro@] has joined #kubuntu
wolferinenite j06:10
raghuwhycome firefox always crashes in youtube06:11
raghuwhen beryl is runnin06:11
AmyRoseraghu: Because firefox sucks?06:11
wolferinei think the ubuntu guide covers that06:11
CrunchyFerrettIts not firefox. Its god smiting you for visiting youtube06:11
raghuk so what did u use06:11
raghudo u use06:12
AmyRose!u | raghu06:12
uboturaghu: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..06:12
CrunchyFerrettBah. Ok I am obvisoulsy not helping here today. I think I shall take my leave before I am tossed out on my ear.\06:12
raghuso what is a good browser06:12
raghuthat does not crash as much as firefox06:13
level1raghu: I use konqueror exclusively... its pretty nice06:13
=== mohammad [n=mohammad@CPE001346f4a717-CM0011aea585d0.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuFor information on KDE 4 (not to be released for quite some time yet), see: http://www.canllaith.org/svn-features/kde4.html. Also worth checking are: appeal/phonon/plasma/solid.kde.org06:14
AmyRoseraghu: I like Konqueror and Opera06:14
level1raghu: sometimes it renders pages a little weird, but I've only had one site that was actually unusable06:14
=== luchohoward [n=luchohow@207-240-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #kubuntu
level1CrunchyFerrett: I've been watching all the stuff on kde4, I'm real excited06:14
AmyRoseraghu: The best thing about Konqueror and Opera is that they both have built-in adblockers :D06:14
raghuand i have a problem with embeded divx videos06:15
CrunchyFerrettlevel1: I made my first linux install / usage attempt about 2 weeks ago. I still dont know what KDE stands for.06:15
raghui installed mplayer but id dosent seem to have worked06:15
AmyRoseraghu: Konqueror is the only browser I could get embedded video to work in06:15
level1CrunchyFerrett: K Desktop Environment06:15
level1CrunchyFerrett: the "K" used to stand for "Kool", but now its just "K"06:15
CrunchyFerrettraghu: I had this same issue. You need to install the mplayer plugin for Firefox06:15
AmyRoseMy Linux class textbooks said it stood for Kommon06:16
level1never heard that before06:16
AmyRoseme neither06:16
AmyRosethough there are people who want CDE to be open-sourced06:16
CrunchyFerrettwait... CDE?06:17
raghui have done so06:17
MinatakuI _love_ CDE06:17
MinatakuMotif is so awesome looking06:17
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== scotty [n=scotty@70-41-130-124.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuI love the 80s retro Unix look :D06:17
AmyRoseMinataku: You do know you can set both Qt and GTK to look like Motif, right?06:17
MinatakuYeah, but I use Fluxbox06:17
MinatakuI'm actually a Gentoo user06:17
MinatakuI won't touch *buntu06:18
CrunchyFerrettWait.. you're telling me there are spiffier GUI's out there than KDE?06:18
MinatakuWay too simplified for my taste06:18
AmyRoseMinataku: Then what are you doing here?06:18
MinatakuHelping people with non-distro-specific issues06:18
MinatakuOn a side note, you know what amazes me?06:18
MinatakuThat a system with THIS:06:18
Minataku 11:  344758492    XT-PIC-XT        yenta, yenta, ehci_hcd:usb1, ohci_hcd:usb2, ohci_hcd:usb3, ALI 5451, pcmcia0.0, ohci_hcd:usb4, ohci_hcd:usb5, ehci_hcd:usb606:19
MinatakuWorks just fine06:19
=== clep [n=clep@] has joined #kubuntu
CrunchyFerrettHang on a minute. I just did a quick google on Beryl. It looks spiffy.06:19
level1my computer was suspending improperly... it worked perfectly before06:19
AmyRoseCrunchyFerrett: It's beta software, so don't expect it to be stable.06:19
Minataku10 devices are assigned to IRQ1106:19
wolferineCrunchyFerrett, it is06:19
CrunchyFerrettHm. Hang on here.06:19
level1CrunchyFerrett: you want compiz-fusion, thats really nice06:19
AmyRoseMinataku: Interesting06:19
CrunchyFerrettIs KDE just the same thing for Linux as Explorer is for Windows?06:19
AmyRoseCrunchyFerrett: Not really06:19
MinatakuNah, that's Konqueror06:20
MinatakuThe catch-all crapcenter of KDE :P06:20
AmyRoseCrunchyFerrett: It's a set of libraries and desktop applications pretty much06:20
MinatakuIt's role is so much like explorer.exe that it's distressing06:20
CrunchyFerrettIs there a faq somewhere with a general overview of X11 / KDS / Beryl / compfiz etc, and how they differ from each otgher?06:20
AmyRoseMinataku: What browser are you using then?06:20
level1actually, my trouble suspending started when I got compiz-fusion installed... even though I'm no longer running compiz-fusion or XGL, it still doesn't suspend06:21
raghuAmyrose do you use Opra06:21
AmyRoseI love it :)06:21
level1specifically, what its doing is going into suspend, and shutting down all the usb devices, but the processor is still running and the little light for the bluetooth card is lit, but I cant bring it back out of suspend06:22
level1I have to hard reboot06:22
raghuhow is the embeded videos06:22
AmyRoseraghu: I can only get them working in Konqueror so far06:22
CrunchyFerrettyou mean embedded divx?06:22
raghui cant seem to even get it to work in Konqueror06:23
CrunchyFerrettI had to recompile the source for both mplayer and mplayer plugin before I coudl get embedded divx06:23
raghui have the plugins install i apt'd them06:23
raghui have noo idea how to do that06:23
CrunchyFerrettthe depo versions dont work out of the box.06:23
CrunchyFerrettAt least they didnt for me06:23
AmyRosemplayer has become quite sucky lately06:23
AmyRoseXine's better06:23
MinatakuCan't stand Opera... closed source options are not options (to me, anyway, though they shouldn't be to any) when open source options exist06:24
CrunchyFerrettI thought mplayer was just a frontend for Xine06:24
MinatakuEspecially superior ones06:24
AmyRoseMinataku: I don't think Firefox is better than Opera06:24
AmyRoseCrunchyFerrett, raghu: If you use the Kaffeine plug-in in Konqueror, and install the xine-ffmpeg package, you can watch most things without the w32codecs06:25
=== lordofthepigs [n=lordofth@] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRoseMinataku: Sorry, you're going to need more to convince me that Opera sucks. :P06:25
MinatakuI win.06:25
=== yan [n=yan@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Minataku celebrates.
AmyRoseMinataku: Yeah, I have to load up 15 extensions just to get what Opera and Konqueror include standard. :P06:27
CrunchyFerretttest complete06:27
yancan i ask a question?06:27
yanplzz help me06:27
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)06:27
CrunchyFerrettyan: You dont need permission. Just ask.06:27
level1AmyRose: yes, you can load up those 15 extensions, the about 15 more that give features that opera and konqueror don't have... if your just going to stick with the defaults, why do you use linux?06:28
yanhow to connect the another server ?06:28
=== phoenixz [n=sven@] has joined #kubuntu
=== dewitt [n=dewitt@75-120-16-208.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #kubuntu
CrunchyFerrettyan: To another IRC server?06:28
level1yan: could you describe in more detail?06:28
yani want to enter glass server...so how to type the command?06:28
dewittRe-installed screen resolution fine now. ty06:29
CrunchyFerrettyan: What is "glass server" ?06:29
=== pyrotix [n=pyrotix@bas12-toronto12-1177554464.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== os2mac [n=jim@216-67-59-18.static.acsalaska.net] has joined #kubuntu
level1how is this possible?  why possible permissions could chroot want? I have drwxrwxrwx!!06:31
level1thats all of them06:31
=== dfgsdfg [n=sfgsdfg@h-67-100-8-114.nycmny83.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
level1all of them!06:31
dfgsdfgfor christ sake isn't there a GUI configuration for PPPoE?06:32
dfgsdfgthis is rediculous06:32
=== jontec [n=jontec@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
CrunchyFerrettlevel1: Pastebin your terminal window06:32
dfgsdfgwhy Gnome has it and not KDE?06:32
level1dfgsdfg: you can use gnomes config, right?06:32
=== yan [n=yan@] has joined #kubuntu
dfgsdfglevel1, that's not the point06:33
dfgsdfglevel1,I can change to Gnome as well06:33
level1dfgsdfg: well, one configuration utility is hardly a reason to move to gnome06:33
level1dfgsdfg: does knetworkmanager let you do it?06:34
AmyRoselevel1: Did the disk get mounted with the noexec option?06:34
level1AmyRose: aw damn it, that it06:34
AmyRoseI just thought of that06:34
=== yan is now known as ahmadyani
level1man, I had that problem a week ago, I completely forgot06:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about noexec - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:34
AmyRoselevel1: Sorry I couldn't think of it sooner06:35
=== kamui [n=kamui@ip24-252-113-227.no.no.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
level1man, a base debian install doesn't even include less06:36
level1it would be funny if it didn't include apt-get06:36
=== dwidmann [n=dustin@dpc67142237054.direcpc.com] has joined #kubuntu
AmyRoselevel1: I thought it did include less06:37
level1AmyRose: well, this is what you get with debootstrap, its pretty utilitarian06:37
AmyRoseAh. When I installed Debian, I got the less utility with it06:38
Biovoreits great for development though..06:38
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
level1man, this is weird06:39
=== NDPTAL85 [n=ndptal85@207-172-70-51.c3-0.sbo-ubr2.sbo.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
level1I'm running debian under qemu, and some of the instructions are giving me garbage for output... let me post an image06:39
level1whats a good site for image hosting ala pastebin? are there any that are opensourcey?06:41
kamuianyone using older ATI technology over dual displays?  I read that it MIGHT only be possible to set up the ATI to clone or stretch the desktop only, not two separate X displays, anyone confirm or counter this?06:41
=== _PP188 [n=pedro@] has joined #kubuntu
=== MistaED [n=mistaed@] has joined #kubuntu
Lynourelevel1: it does include 'more', I bet06:41
kamuiradeon 700006:42
level1kamui: all I know is there newer ati stuff sucks06:42
level1Lynoure: isn't less better than more?  thats my opinion06:42
Lynourelevel1: yes, but base install is supposed to be minimal, not better06:42
Lynourelevel1: people can choose for themselves how much space they want to use for better, and sometimes space is truly that critical.06:43
=== nikkiana [n=nikkiana@c-24-34-69-166.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== cj_ [n=cj@] has joined #kubuntu
=== lunar-raven [n=lunar-ra@71-37-37-11.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
level1I guess I should be thankful, because I'm installing on limited space06:44
=== dewitt_ [n=dewitt@75-120-16-208.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== banana [n=banana@BD06B7E1.poa.virtua.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== Trevinho [n=Trevi@host55-163-static.104-80-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
Lynourelevel1: hmm, and it's not that your installation language was English but system language you chose something more exotic with different character set?06:48
AmyRoselevel1: Is it working now?06:48
level1AmyRose: you mean chroot?  yeah06:48
AmyRosegood :)06:48
level1Lynoure: well, I'm trying to get it to use dvorak, but it doesn't seem to understand that06:48
level1dvorak should be english though, idk why it would cause this06:49
Lynourelevel1: that's just a keyboard layout, should not cause anything weird on your screen...06:49
level1Lynoure: I have a suspecian that there is an important package that debootstrap isnt installed06:49
=== kc6lbj [n=notranc@zima.linwin.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== raghu_ [n=raghu@katy-adsl-66-170-206-177.consolidated.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about piratebay - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:50
ubotuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com06:50
Lynourelevel1: the real Debian support channel could be more helpful06:50
level1Lynoure: they aren't answering me06:51
AmyRose!bot | raghu_06:51
uboturaghu_: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots06:51
raghu_is there peer guardian in linux06:51
AmyRose!botabuse | raghu_06:51
uboturaghu_: Please investigate with me only in /msg or in #ubuntu-bots (see also !Bot). Abusing the channel bots will only result in angry ops...06:51
raghu_!peer guardian06:51
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about peer guardian - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:51
Lynoureraghu_: is that name of the Linux software or a category?06:52
AmyRose!piracy | raghu_06:52
uboturaghu_: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o06:52
LynoureAmyRose: It's some software than can only used for illegal uses?06:53
raghu_ip blocker i think06:54
=== dwidmann [n=dustin@dpc67142237054.direcpc.com] has joined #kubuntu
raghu_i used to use it in windows06:54
=== DavidLeeRoth [n=DavidLee@adsl-074-229-198-249.sip.mco.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
raghu_always used to run06:54
raghu_probably just wine it06:55
AmyRoseLynoure: raghu_ tried querying the bot with "piratebay"06:56
Lynoureraghu_: you can block ips with most bittorrent clients, I think06:56
Lynoureraghu_: and if that is not enough, you can use a firewall to block the rest.06:56
Lynoureor at least ktorrent can do that06:57
DavidLeeRothHey guys, I am having an SSH problem.  When I try to connect to my machine, it says "no kex alg".  Any ideas?06:57
=== yeagerrobber_ [n=yeager@c-212-031-191-240.cust.broadway.se] has joined #kubuntu
raghu_i use Ktorrent but what ip do i block06:58
=== fraco [n=fraco@] has joined #kubuntu
rayluDavidLeeRoth, from what machine?07:01
DavidLeeRothmy pc07:02
DavidLeeRothI am trying to ssh myself, to test the connection07:02
DavidLeeRothbecause I will be needing to do it from far distances later this week07:02
=== captainalan [n=chatzill@ip68-4-78-253.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
captainalanHi all07:02
=== nixlover [n=root@75-138-105-182.dhcp.hckr.nc.charter.com] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRothraylu: can you help?07:07
kamuiwhy did raghu_ get the !piracy explanation07:07
Daisuke_Idokamui: what else is peerguardian used for?07:08
level1whats the difference between apt-get and aptitude?07:08
kamuiDaisuke_Ido, I have no idea what peer guardian is07:08
kamuithats why I was asking07:08
Daisuke_Idokamui: for the most part it's used to block known IPs from media companies and anti-p2p07:09
kamuiwell, thats not really why I was asking, I just didn't know what he said that was so bad, unless this peer guardian software is only used for piracy in some way07:09
=== kalenedrael [n=kalene@c-24-60-144-8.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
kamuiaah, I see07:10
Daisuke_IdoDavidLeeRoth: we meet again.07:10
Daisuke_Idofor the first time for the last time07:10
=== DavidLeeRoth slaps Daisuke_Ido with his glove
Daisuke_Idoi see your schwartz is as big as mine07:11
Daisuke_Idoanyway, as far as the ssh issue07:13
Daisuke_Idogive me your root password and i'll, um, "test" it for you >_>07:14
Daisuke_Idoseriously, if there's another pc in your house, test from there with a local ip07:14
DavidLeeRothstill doesn't work.07:15
DavidLeeRothit's GAY AS HELL07:15
rayluplease explain07:15
raylu"doesn't work"07:15
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.07:15
DavidLeeRothssh davidleeroth@
DavidLeeRothno kex alg07:15
raylu"doesn't work" only tells us that it doesn't work and nothing about which of the ways you have gotten it to not wokr07:15
DavidLeeRoththere ^^07:16
=== evo [n=evo@pool-71-125-156-224.cmdnnj.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
raylucould you output the error of "ssh localhost"?07:16
nixloveranyone know anything about joomla in here07:16
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about joomla - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:16
rayluword for word :P07:16
DavidLeeRothraylu: ssh localhost07:16
DavidLeeRothno kex alg07:16
raylu!find joomla07:16
rayluDavidLeeRoth, i don't believe that's a copy/pasted error =\07:16
ubotuPackage/file joomla does not exist in feisty07:16
Daisuke_Idousing a straight uncustomized openssh-server install, it seems to connect alright07:17
DavidLeeRothIT IS.07:17
nixloversign.. no one is chatting in joomla07:17
nixloverbeen waiting for a while07:17
DavidLeeRothword. for. word.07:17
=== tim [n=tim@219-89-98-240.jetstart.xtra.co.nz] has joined #kubuntu
rayluwhat the hell?07:17
=== tim is now known as SkymanNZ
Daisuke_IdoDavidLeeRoth: openssh or is there another ssh server package you're using?07:17
DavidLeeRothssh -V07:17
DavidLeeRothOpenSSH_4.5p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7l 28 Sep 200607:17
=== SkymanNZ is now known as teejay-nz
Daisuke_Idonewer openssh, older openssl, odd :\07:18
teejay-nzhi all07:18
rayluthat's the client, DavidLeeRoth, but i don't remember the server command07:18
Daisuke_Idosame thing07:18
rayluoh, ssh -D \=07:19
DavidLeeRothssh: option requires an argument -- D07:20
=== zedQ [n=zedQ@71-34-251-53.eugn.qwest.net] has joined #Kubuntu
zedQhow do I batch rename files, ordering the files by modification date07:21
Daisuke_IdoDavidLeeRoth: you're using ku/ubuntu, right?07:21
rayluis this possible in bash?07:21
Daisuke_Idoraylu: i can say with 100% certainty that he *is* copy/pasting the error.07:21
DavidLeeRothbut I also have the SAME problem on mac07:21
DavidLeeRothI have no idea what this is. lol07:21
Daisuke_Idoyeah, this is definitely off07:22
raylueh? how so, Daisuke_Ido07:22
Daisuke_Ido$ ssh
Daisuke_Idono kex alg07:22
=== raylu blinks
DavidLeeRothDaisuke_Ido: :(07:23
Daisuke_IdoDavidLeeRoth: i apologize, i wanted to make sure it was a global issue :(07:23
DavidLeeRothI don't get it.07:23
captainalanHi everyone again07:23
raylu k->name = match_list(client, server, NULL);07:23
raylu if (k->name == NULL)07:23
raylu  fatal("no kex alg");07:23
Daisuke_Idonotice no username, no actual attempted connection07:23
rayluno username means default to local user07:23
DavidLeeRothany ideas?07:24
Daisuke_Idowhich means there would be no way for me to get in :P07:25
Daisuke_IdoDavidLeeRoth: http://www-d0.fnal.gov/software/cmgt/reg-d0cvs.html07:25
rayluDavidLeeRoth, http://www-d0.fnal.gov/software/cmgt/reg-d0cvs.html07:25
Daisuke_Idothere's some info there07:25
DavidLeeRothok lol, this means nothing to me07:25
Daisuke_Idoi'm thinking host localhost or host
rayludid you find the no kex alg?07:26
DavidLeeRoth      host cdcvs*.fnal.gov07:27
DavidLeeRothwhat should I make that line on my sys?07:27
Daisuke_Idosee my last line :P07:28
Daisuke_Idoit makes sense, i think, but no promises07:28
=== zombielion [n=zombieli@190-250.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
rayluwait...in that case07:28
rayluyou might as well just try to force v107:28
Daisuke_Idoworth trying out at least07:29
DavidLeeRothalright, now we're getting somewhere07:29
=== sri__ [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
=== naught101 [n=naught10@] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRothssh localhost07:29
DavidLeeRothProtocol major versions differ: 1 vs. 207:29
=== sri__ [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
=== sri__ [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
rayluhow do i trace a symlink?07:32
=== sri__ is now known as sa_ri
=== [GuS] [n=Gustavo@unaffiliated/gus/x-663402] has joined #Kubuntu
rayluDavidLeeRoth, try taking out the last line about v107:33
=== sa_ri [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
DavidLeeRothssh localhost07:33
DavidLeeRothno kex alg07:33
DavidLeeRothback to square 107:33
raylureinstall ssh?07:34
Daisuke_Idosudo apt-get install openssh-server :D07:35
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adenicioanyone there?08:03
=== yan [n=yan@] has joined #kubuntu
=== yan is now known as pcrouter84
=== SSJ_GZ [n=SSJ@host-84-9-146-142.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== kristjan_ [n=kristjan@80-66-250-241.nrv.up.ee] has joined #kubuntu
=== ArtiFACT [n=toast@h17.28.17.98.ip.alltel.net] has joined #kubuntu
kristjan_how do I see such things in linux like my ram Hz or my harddrive rounds per minute?08:08
=== irvken [n=sean@82-46-25-42.cable.ubr01.hawk.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== ag3r [n=angellam@116.Red-217-127-24.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== adenicio [n=adenicio@Mix-Pointe-a-Pitre-104-1-67.w193-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
adeniciohow to install files: deb,rpm, tar.gz,on kubuntu?08:12
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
adenicioDaisuke_ido:how to install files: deb,rpm, tar.gz,on kubuntu?08:13
ksivajiadenicio "sudo dpkg -i  .deb" for deb file08:13
=== tripppy [n=tripppy@c220-237-80-19.kelvn1.qld.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== jimishol [n=jimishol@host-84-205-241-249.cpe.syzefxis.ote.gr] has joined #kubuntu
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=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajiarun hi08:16
=== cj_ [n=cj@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Sinistral_ [n=tlot@d115074.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #kubuntu
adenicioksivaji:u know a lot about kubuntu?08:19
arunanyone use beryl with nvidia?08:20
ksivajiadenicio no08:20
arunadenicio: what do you need?08:20
ksivajiarun #beryl08:20
arunksivaji: i just wanted to talk to people actually using beryl with kubuntu :)08:21
=== gumjo [n=ashtar@CPE00032f390ded-CM0011e67bbf01.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== animimotus [n=animimot@225.199.100-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
ksivajiarun sorry i dont know anything about beryl or nvidia08:22
phoenixzWhere in kubuntu do I make changes to the PATH variable so that each time I log in its correct??08:22
ksivajiadenicio why did you ask me such question ?08:23
=== LeeJunFan_ [i=junfan@adsl-76-204-9-149.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
adenicioksivaji:i try to install the deb file but there sayin theres bo such file.do i have to rite where is the file?08:23
phoenixzarun, I have nvidia / beryl.. its great!08:23
arunphoenixz: did you have any trouble during installation?08:24
=== gumjo [n=ashtar@CPE00032f390ded-CM0011e67bbf01.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
Daisuke_Idoyes, you have to tell it where the file is, it isn't psychic08:24
phoenixzlet me guess, you want to use nvidia propritary drivers, and you get X problems?08:24
ksivajiadenicio do right click on that file (.deb) you will get install option08:25
=== pcrouter84 [n=yan@] has joined #kubuntu
phoenixzDaisuke_Ido, I just tried to install skype with apt-get install skype-, and it gives me "E: Couldn't find package skype-".. Any idea why?08:25
arunphoenixz: i haven't installed it yet, just wanted to be aware of potential problems before installing08:25
phoenixzksivaji, should apt-get install not do the same?08:25
phoenixzarun: well, its really not difficult and it works good but there is a bug you have to be VERY carefull with08:26
=== kristjan_ [n=kristjan@80-66-250-241.nrv.up.ee] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
adenicioDaisuke_Ido:in which part i have to put where is the file? sudo dpkg -i w32codecs_20061022-0.0_i386.deb08:26
arunphoenixz: what bug is that?08:26
Daisuke_Idoi'm going to bed.08:26
ubotuAllez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.08:26
phoenixzarun, you have to install the drivers with restricted-manager (which you can install using adept manager), and do NOT just install NVidia binary drivers with adept manager! it will install a file which you need to un-install, but uninstallation leaves one little crappy file behind (in /usr/lib/registeredn08:27
ksivajiadenicio give the path of the file  /fiename08:27
arunphoenixz: I think I have the proprietary drivers installed for nvidia08:27
phoenixzarun, correction: (in /usr/lib/registered/nvidia IIRC), which, if you dont remove it, causes that you can no longer install the correct drievr08:27
=== mahler [n=mahler@hul.teknet.opasia.dk] has joined #kubuntu
phoenixzarun,  you may (or not) have to uninstall it and reinstall the driver with restricted-manager.. if you don't, it wont work08:30
arunwhat won't work? beryl?08:30
phoenixzlook on google for "ubuntu nvidia restricted-manager", it should give you plenty info08:30
phoenixzarun, 3D acceleration wont work, so beryl wont work either08:30
=== sa_ri [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
=== bentob0x [n=laurent@ip-213-49-81-25.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #kubuntu
arunalright, will look. thanks :) it just seems a little absurd that i have to re-install the driver08:31
phoenixzarun, Well, the graphic drivers under linux are always a bit of a problem child but well, it works, and it kicks bloody ass! :)08:33
arunphoenixz: if i just install beryl without going through the restricted manager,will it screw up my system08:33
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
adeniciophoenixz:on ubuntu deb's does install by double clik.but for kubuntu what type of file it does use to install stuff,with rpm's it just does enter the file same with deb's08:35
=== stylus [i=stylus@freenode/helper/stylus] has joined #kubuntu
=== verena [n=verena@] has joined #kubuntu
=== belen [n=belen@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
phoenixzadaptr, it worked already, thanks..  j08:39
phoenixzWhere can I modify the PATH variable in kubuntu so that whenever I login I will have correct path settings?08:39
=== italia_ [n=italia@AMontsouris-152-1-11-59.w82-123.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== aznpridechinese [n=aznpride@ip68-111-95-136.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
phoenixzAnd.. I found Kubuntu to kickass in speed on my single core P4.. will it also kickass speed on a dual core system??08:39
=== mindspin [n=mindspin@unaffiliated/mindspin] has joined #kubuntu
aznpridechineseit kicks ass on my quadcore08:40
aznpridechinesecan someone help me install alsa? it keeps giving me permission errors when it gets to hacking autoconf.h... in the driver installation08:41
arunphoenixz: if i just install beryl without going through the restricted manager,will it screw up my system08:41
=== amitk__ [i=amit@nat/canonical/x-90eb18f4a833fdaf] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmwhy beryl?08:43
=== userund [n=userund@cpe-065-190-047-105.triad.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmyou could try compiz fusion?08:43
rayluarun, no08:45
=== raylu g'night
arunshould i try beryl or compiz? i read on the beryl site that beryl and compiz were being merged08:45
=== rpedro__ [n=rpedro@87-196-47-192.net.novis.pt] has joined #kubuntu
aznpridechinesewhat is a curses library? it says i need it to install alsa utilities?08:46
arunevilmm?  do you use compiz fusion?08:47
=== vecina [n=vecina@c-68-52-11-196.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
phoenixzarun, nope.. it will simply not work when you start it..08:49
phoenixzarun, may crash your X even, but thats just a restart of X..08:49
phoenixzarun, point is, you simply wont have 3D accelleration without the correct drivers.. but then again, maybe you have the correct drivers already, I dunno08:49
evilmmarun: i have08:49
arunphoenixz: but it won't screw up my GUI, right? if it causes some problem with my nvidia drivers08:49
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
arunevilmm: is it easy to install and use compiz fusion?08:50
xerosisaznpridechinese: curses is a simple GUI inside of a terminal, alsa uses it for the sound mixer08:51
aznpridechinesewhere do i get it?08:51
=== nicklesh [n=nicklesh@] has joined #kubuntu
aznpridechinesethe curses library or something08:52
phoenixzarun, beryl uses some 3D library, I guess opengl, which use the drivers.. if the drivers are wrong and your 3D accell doesnt work, you simply can't run any 3D stuff.. if your drivers were so bad that 2D stuff didnt even work, then we probably would not be talking right now ;)08:52
Daisuke_Idobuhbye now08:52
arunso should i use beryl or compiz fusion?08:52
=== blenheim [n=blenheim@217-78-203-59.ktab.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
aznpridechineseit says in my adept manager that i already have it so why is alsa asking for it? but it does say curses library08:53
=== alomelo [n=wyginwys@] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmcompiz has a history of being more stable08:54
arunevilmm: how would one go about installing compiz fusion08:54
=== nikita [n=nik@] has joined #kubuntu
arunand is it easy to uninstall if i don't like it?08:55
=== zig-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== alomelo [n=wyginwys@] has joined #kubuntu
arunAnd will my window decorations and styles be preserved?08:56
evilmmeverything uses emerald to my knowledge08:56
arunthanks for the link08:56
=== belen [n=belen@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmbut make sure when you uninstall compiz/beryl that you dont rip out emerald08:57
phoenixzarun,  just use adept manager08:57
=== tripppy [n=tripppy@c220-237-80-19.kelvn1.qld.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== tmbg [i=tmbg@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x3DA923CF] has joined #kubuntu
arunso i should just search for beryl or compiz in adept and let it handle everything?08:58
=== capiira [n=capiira@dslb-088-065-202-251.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #Kubuntu
arunsorry if my questions are silly or ignorant08:59
aruni mean they are ignorant, but still08:59
evilmmlol..i dont know adept..sorry08:59
=== aznpridechinese [n=aznpride@ip68-111-95-136.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== tuan_ [n=tuan@c-69-181-179-200.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmi usually install and uninstall through terminal08:59
aznpridechinesesound blaster x-fi extreme audio =)09:00
arunexcellent, aznpridechinese09:00
arunapparently in feisty, you can just install beryl from the 'add/remove programs'09:02
aruni get options to install beryl manager, beryl settings manager, beryl settings manager (simple)09:03
arunwhich one should i install? or should i do all 309:03
=== blackflag [n=stefan@] has joined #kubuntu
phoenixzarun, beryl manager should do it09:04
arunalright, thanks09:04
arundont need the settings manager, right?09:05
arundo i have to use the emerald theme with beryl? can i use whatever i'm using now?09:05
arunok it's installing09:06
Daisuke_Idoarun: install aquamarine09:06
aruni'll just restart x, hope it works09:06
=== davascript [n=danny@c-WBD-72-28-43-162.echoes.net] has joined #kubuntu
Daisuke_Idouses your current kde theme09:07
Daisuke_Idoand restarting x isn't going to do it09:07
arunwish me luck!!09:07
arunoh ok09:07
aznpridechinesearun if you're using kde beryl doesn't work, it will crash09:07
aznpridechineseyou have to use gnome if you want to use beryl09:07
Daisuke_Idoaznpridechinese: bulls***09:07
arunthat was really scary09:07
Daisuke_Idodon't spread misinformation.09:07
aruni just installed it, Daisuke. how do i run it?09:07
arunerr.. without crashing :)09:07
aznpridechinesethat's what happens for me and i've reach a couple of forums that says the same thing, maybe you can tell me how you got yours working?09:07
Daisuke_Idoaznpridechinese: i installed it09:08
Daisuke_Idoand launched it09:08
Daisuke_Idoit works *fine*09:08
aznpridechinesehow did you install it?09:08
Daisuke_Idoaznpridechinese: straight from the repos09:08
aznpridechinesedoesn't work for me though, maybe it's cuz i have nvidia 8800gtx09:08
Daisuke_Idothat could have something to do with it09:09
Daisuke_Idomake sure you're using nvidia-glx-new09:09
arunDaisuke_Ido: how do i go ahead and make it work?09:09
Daisuke_Idoarun: k, two commands09:09
Daisuke_Ido1: beryl --replace09:09
Daisuke_IdoBUT FIRST09:09
Daisuke_IdoIF that doesn't work, ctrl-alt-f2 to a virtual TTY09:09
Daisuke_Idoand 2: sudo /etc/init.d/kdm restart09:10
Daisuke_Idostill with us?09:10
arunok, just to clarify09:11
=== sari [n=sri@] has joined #kubuntu
aruni installed beryl manager using adept, and now i should open konsole and enter beryl --replace09:11
arunand after that the next command09:11
Daisuke_Idoif you have beryl-manager, run it from the console09:11
=== LeeJunFan_ [i=junfan@adsl-76-204-9-149.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== randacs_ [n=rand_acs@dsl-240-124-248.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
Daisuke_Idoshould pop up in the tray with a little gem icon09:11
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmok...how do i turn off the little notification that popups when people sign on/off kopete09:13
arunok i did that09:13
arunand i got a whole bunch of errors in the konsole and my machine kinda hung09:13
arunas in i couldn't switch between windows and stuff09:13
Daisuke_Idowhat kinds of errors09:13
arunbut i saw the gem icon09:13
aruntoo many.. one after the other09:14
aruni think i saw the word critical flash once or twice09:14
Daisuke_Idoi assume you still have window decorations (title bar and what not)09:14
aruni restarted x and things work, so that was a relief09:14
=== level1 [n=level1@adsl-67-36-178-45.dsl.chcgil.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
arunnothing seems to be broken09:14
aznpridechinesebut is beryl up and running?09:14
Daisuke_Idoarun: ooh, yeah, we'll have to work on that another time, i have got to get some sleep09:14
arunha, alright09:14
aruntalk to you later then09:15
Daisuke_Idoaznpridechinese: i would imagine not, if he's getting critical errors09:15
arunthanks for your help09:15
aznpridechinesearun, are you on kde?09:15
Daisuke_Idosorry we couldn't get further09:15
Daisuke_Idoaznpridechinese: no spreading disinformation about kde not being able to use beryl :P09:15
evilmmDaisuke_Ido: this is the kubuntu channel :-p09:15
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmwow its too late09:16
aznpridechinesei've actually gotten it to run once09:16
aruni'm on kde09:16
Daisuke_Idoevilmm: very good!09:16
aznpridechinesealthough it was laggy but i don't even remember how it to it to run, but after i restarted x kde wouldn't even boot up09:16
arunno beryl for me, looks like09:16
Daisuke_Idoaznpridechinese: xgl?09:16
aznpridechinesemight've been but i don't think i use xgl09:16
arununinstalled it09:16
Daisuke_Idoneverever use xgl with an nvidia card :)09:16
aznpridechineseyah i figured that one out09:17
arunDaisuke_Ido: do you use beryl or compiz fusion09:17
aznpridechineseafter i installed it kde wouldn't boot up anymore09:17
arunhow did you go about installing it? adept or terminal?09:17
aruni guess you'll have that story for me another time09:17
=== Agrajag` [i=Agrajag@c-67-163-214-103.hsd1.oh.comcast.net] has joined #Kubuntu
Daisuke_Idoevilmm: you're not DLR are you?09:18
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
adeniciowhy is linux so friging hard  :-(09:18
=== surgy_ [n=surgy@ip68-97-50-188.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
Daisuke_Idoif not, you're the second OPP ircer to come through here today09:19
evilmmjust got an invite today actually09:20
Daisuke_Idoit's like fight club, you don't talk about it :P09:20
arunadenicio: what do you find hard about it?09:20
evilmmlol, you started :-p09:21
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
tripppyi get the error could not load bad EXE format error when i try and run wine wow.exe -opengl, whats wrong?09:22
aznpridechineseanother wow addict09:23
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@linagoraberri.pck.nerim.net] has joined #kubuntu
aznpridechinesedid they open black temple yet?09:23
tripppyaznpridechinese, i dont know.09:23
aznpridechinesewhat lvl chars you got?09:24
adenicioarun:just to install programmes09:24
aznpridechineseany lvl 70's?09:24
tripppyhow do i fix my problem!?!?!09:24
adenicioarun:i cant even surf on the net konqueror keep givin me error that it cant find host09:25
evilmmi played wow for 2 weeks09:25
aznpridechinesei got lvl 70 mage 69 hunter, 64 pally, 47 priest, 38 rogue, 15 lock09:25
evilmmseemed like a hassle09:25
arunadenicio: that's odd09:25
aznpridechineseyah it is, i quit awhile ago09:25
tripppyyeah but how do i fix this Bad EXE format error09:25
=== bote [n=bote@du122.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
aznpridechineseno idea, never played wow in linux09:25
=== plACEbo_B [n=konversa@tux05.met.fu-berlin.de] has joined #kubuntu
aruni should install beryl with aiglx, right?09:26
=== clouder_ [n=clouder@cpe-24-174-204-170.elp.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
adenicioarun:wa is odd?u need to go in terminal just to install,u got to type a lot of things,and everytime u tryig something u got to put in your password09:27
arunadenicio: i have never needed to install anything from terminal09:28
arunI always use adept, it does everything for me09:28
arunall i need to do is search, select from a list and click a button09:28
=== Topone [n=carati@host162-75-static.114-81-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
aruni only need to use terminal for admin-level tasks09:29
adenicioarun so how u install tar.gz files?09:29
arunadenicio: there is an application called ark09:29
clouder_does kopete have IM logging capabilities?09:29
arunyou can just extract them09:29
arunark is like winzip or winrar.. extract the files, and run them09:30
evilmmand hope they dont have dependencies09:30
=== phimic [n=michels@skywalker.ruf.uni-freiburg.de] has joined #kubuntu
arunwhich is why i don't install from tarballs09:31
arunalways adept09:31
arunyou can connect to irc but not open a website?09:32
evilmmhosts file?09:33
evilmmadenicio: open /etc/hosts in kate09:33
evilmmor not09:34
=== massi [n=massi@host139-35-dynamic.57-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== adenicio [n=adenicio@Mix-Pointe-a-Pitre-104-1-67.w193-250.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmnight all09:35
waylandbilladenicio: sounds like incorrect networking setup. Check that first.09:36
dwidmannadenico, do you have the same problem on the livecd? how about when running konqueror as root (which I really don't recommend, but I've heard of that working in the past)09:36
clouder_adenicio: Are your proxy settings correct?09:36
=== ke- [n=kenneth@port272.ds1-aboes.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== yuan [n=yuan@gra86-2-82-247-141-105.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
adenicioclouder:how to config proxy?09:39
arunis restarting X the same as restarting my desktop using kdm restart09:39
dwidmannarun, yes09:40
=== DeMolay [n=migui@] has joined #kubuntu
arunadenicio: go to system settings -> network settings09:40
arundwidmann: thanks09:40
clouder_adenicio: Go to Setting -> Configure Konqueror  then scroll down the icon list to proxy09:41
=== zig-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
clouder_connect directly to internet should work for most everyone09:41
adenicioim going to disconect and retry09:42
=== kobby [n=kobby@dhcp41155.4u.com.gh] has joined #kubuntu
clouder_is there a way to make Konq not clear the address field when i type ctrl + L?09:44
waylandbilladenicio: do you even get assigned an ip address and gateway from a dhcp server?09:44
=== adenicio_ [n=adenicio@Mix-pap-101-1-60.w193-248.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
clouder_oh woops, nevermind that's what it's supposed to do09:45
=== Pensacola [n=pensacol@dyn-113192.nbw.tue.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== LeeJunFan_ [i=junfan@adsl-76-204-9-149.dsl.klmzmi.sbcglobal.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== linuxwizard [n=linuxwiz@74-141-160-82.dhcp.insightbb.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== billykan [n=billykan@] has joined #kubuntu
adenicio_clouder na it still dont work09:49
=== olegb [n=olegb@omgwtf.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== yamal [n=yamal@Room641A.no-such-agency.net.ru] has joined #kubuntu
=== dreamer [i=dreamer@] has joined #kubuntu
=== KennethP_ [n=kpo@x1-6-00-0f-b5-65-5a-c3.k324.webspeed.dk] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbilladenicio_: in a terminal konsole, see if "ifconfig" shows an address for your interface.09:51
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== se7en [n=se7en@125-24-141-251.adsl.totbb.net] has joined #kubuntu
arunok i just installed beryl again, and this time i dont get any errors09:51
arunbut i see the icon bouncing when i launch beryl manager, and then nothing happens09:51
arunno icon in the tray, nothing09:52
adenicio_waylandbill>:yea it shows an adres ip09:53
waylandbilladenicio_: find the gateway's address and "ping" It.09:53
=== huahua [n=huahua@] has joined #kubuntu
=== runlevelten [n=ten@88-96-94-193.dsl.zen.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== nori [n=nori@TPH1Afz041.tky.mesh.ad.jp] has joined #kubuntu
adenicio_waylandbill:im a beginner how im i sopse to find gate adres and ping it?09:55
=== matthias_ [n=BlackJac@dslb-084-057-021-146.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== dromer [i=dreamer@] has joined #kubuntu
adenicio_waylandbill:oki see it09:56
=== busfahrer [n=busfahre@unixboard/user/busfahrer] has joined #kubuntu
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
arunwhy wont beryl run?09:56
waylandbilladenicio_: you can try this:  tracepath google.com09:56
adenicio_waylandbill:do i have to put the same adres as wa i saw in the terminal wen i did ifconfig?09:57
=== dranas [n=dranas@CPE-76-178-73-146.natsow.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbilladenicio_: it should hit your gateway and then every computer needed to route you to google.09:57
waylandbillthe fundamental connection is from you to your gateway. without that, you'll connect to nothing on the net. What was the address you saw in ifconfig BTW?09:58
arunok beryl is running now, but i dont see any effects09:58
=== huahua is now known as Shely
=== roconnor [n=roconnor@n138134.science.ru.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
dranashey does anyone know if when gutsy comes out if we can just update, or will we have to completely reinstall10:01
=== matthias_ is now known as BlackJac
adenicio_waylandbill:trace part got nothing10:01
ksivajidranas for every six month10:02
evilmmarun: did you set it to use beryl?10:02
arunevilmm: yes, i just tried that but it reverts back to kwin for some reason10:02
dranasi mean like just install iestygusty like how i upgraded from dapper to edgy to f10:03
ksivajidranas  for every six month  a new distro will be released10:03
arunevilmm: i used this guide to install it http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/02/06/install-beryl-on-ubuntu-feisty-with-aiglx-for-nvidia-ubuntu-704/10:03
=== naught101 [n=naught10@] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmhmmm..i stick to the wiki/forums10:04
=== Delphinus [n=jack@] has joined #kubuntu
=== spawn57 [n=sunil@n219078018124.netvigator.com] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbilladenicio_: BTW=by the way. That wasn't the important part. The important part is what is your interface's address?10:04
dranasanyone know of a good sega emulator for linux?10:05
waylandbill!info dgen10:06
ubotudgen: Sega Genesis/MegaDrive emulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.23-9 (feisty), package size 233 kB, installed size 1056 kB10:06
adenicio_waylandbill:theres a lot of adres wich one is the interface adres?10:07
=== surgy [n=surgy@ip68-97-50-188.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbilladenicio_: inet addr10:07
=== trym [n=trym@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Agrajag` [i=Agrajag@c-67-163-214-103.hsd1.oh.comcast.net] has joined #Kubuntu
=== adenicio_ is now known as AYTREZ
AYTREZwaylandbill:there are 2 one for the lo and the other for ppp10:09
=== anryko [n=anryko@81-7-103-126.ip.zebra.lt] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillAYTREZ: no ethernet address?10:10
dranassweet ty10:10
=== raul [n=mctux02@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillAYTREZ: are you trying to connect with a modem or a network router or what?10:10
=== gbrandstoetter [n=gbrandst@fw.at.vita-life.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== dervis_ [n=dervis@] has joined #kubuntu
=== informagiovani [n=informag@host57-111-static.105-80-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
AYTREZwaylandbill:my gaeway adres is emty in network conection is that normal?10:14
informagiovanihi all10:14
=== informagiovani is now known as slug
=== AYTREZ is now known as adenicio
=== dervis_ [n=dervis@] has joined #kubuntu
slughi all10:15
=== dervis_ is now known as meho_r
slugany italian ?10:15
slugi need help10:16
=== wolfgang__ [n=wolfgang@p57A67C56.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== popt [n=popt@] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbilladenicio: stop changing your name. The ppp address is the address for your interface then. The dhcp server should assign everything. Have you talked to your isp for assistance?10:17
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
poptanyone know what's shortcut to take snapshot?10:18
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu
slugexist server ftp for kubuntu10:18
adeniciowaylandbill:talk to who?isp how do i talk to that?10:18
=== irvken [n=sean@82-46-25-42.cable.ubr01.hawk.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
poptor what is program name?10:18
poptknapshot or something I forgot10:19
waylandbilladenicio: that's your internet service provider10:19
evilmmprint screen button10:19
=== Spartanb292 [n=Fabbi@pD9E3EB45.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Spartanb292 [n=Fabbi@pD9E3EB45.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu []
popt print screen button, what's it?10:20
SlimeyPetepopt: it's on your keyboard. It's usually called "PrtScr" or similar.10:21
SlimeyPeteabove the numpad10:21
poptcan I assign a shortcut to this program?10:21
=== zig-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
waylandbillon many keyboards, there's one anyway.10:21
=== gm [n=gm@d83-187-211-71.cust.tele2.it] has joined #kubuntu
poptyes, I know it under win, but for KDE, I'm not sure...10:22
=== TheGateKeeper [n=m@82-36-118-96.cable.ubr03.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== xardias [n=xardias@xdsl-87-78-134-57.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== rixxon [n=dag@unaffiliated/rixxon] has joined #kubuntu
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
=== Edulix [n=edulix@184.Red-81-44-7.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
rixxonI suddenly can't connect to encrypted wifi networks anymore, without changing anything10:24
=== dirk_ [n=dirk@cc955125-a.groni1.gr.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== dirk_ is now known as schoappied
=== tmske_ [n=thomas@dD5763506.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== adenicio [n=adenicio@Mix-Pointe-a-Pitre-105-5-70.w80-12.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== tmbg [i=tmbg@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x3DA923CF] has joined #kubuntu
=== toutpt [n=toutpt@LAubervilliers-151-11-41-36.w193-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
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=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp165-109.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
=== bliss123 [n=andypand@77-101-58-22.cable.ubr04.nmal.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
SlimeyPeteadenicio: 1) please don't shout. 2) just use synaptic to install it (it's probably already installed anyway)10:36
=== uzivatel [n=uzivatel@gw.silcomp.net] has joined #kubuntu
LynoureSlimeyPete: more likely to have adept than synaptic, in kubuntu...10:37
SlimeyPeteoh yeah10:37
SlimeyPeteforgot which channel I was in ;)10:37
adenicioSlimeyPete:synatic is in kubuntu?where?and they say wine is not install10:37
SlimeyPeteadenicio: sorry, I mean Adept. Run Adept from the menu and tell it to install Wine.10:38
bliss123what is the command line for kommander as root?10:38
=== hasan2 [n=hasan2@58-65-160-128.nayatel.pk] has joined #kubuntu
adenicioSlimeyPete;how do u tell it to install wine?i dont see the option wine10:39
SlimeyPetesearch for "wine". Then tick it and press Apply.10:40
=== user1_ [n=user1@pD9E5A4C3.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
adenicioSlimeyPete:theres no wine10:42
user1_I remember there was a way to ensure all the -dev packaged needed to compile another package would be installewd10:42
user1_do you understand what I mean? how was that?10:42
=== fshero [n=fshero@5ac7ad7c.bb.sky.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== mneisen [n=mneisen@] has joined #kubuntu
user1_or, how do I install most -dev packages, X, png, and so on?10:44
runleveltenanybody know whether adenicio has enabled universe?10:45
runleveltenwine's in universe isn't it?10:45
=== jono [i=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #kubuntu
adeniciohow to connect to host?konqueror keep saying could not connect to host10:45
=== Agrajag` [i=Agrajag@c-67-163-214-103.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #Kubuntu
adenicioin ubuntu i saw the option to activat universe but where do u activat it in kubuntu10:46
=== linescanner [n=cutter@81-86-244-201.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenkubuntu is ubuntu. run synaptic10:46
SlimeyPeteadenicio: in Adept, click Adept -> Manage Repositories10:46
SlimeyPeteremember to fetch a newfile list once you're done10:46
SlimeyPeterunlevelten: he probably doesn'thave synaptic installed10:46
runleveltenWhy not?10:46
SlimeyPeteit's not installed by default on kubuntu.10:47
runleveltenthen sudo apt-get install synaptic would be a good move :)10:47
SlimeyPeteunless you convert from ubuntu to kubuntu - then it might stick around, I guess.10:47
SlimeyPeteadenicio: when konqueror says it couldn't connect to host, that means it couldn't find the internet server for the website you are trying to access.10:48
=== runlevelten finds the verbal separation of kubuntu very odd :)
=== halfbloodprince [n=chatzill@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
halfbloodprinceOk.. I fucked up my system.. I need some help!10:49
halfbloodprinceHow do I revert back to my old xorg.conf?10:49
halfbloodprinceas in, how do i replace the xorg.conf with a backup from a recovery terminal10:49
adenicioSlimeyPete:so wa im i sopose to do for konqueror to work?for all website it says the same thing10:50
SlimeyPetehalfbloodprince: did you back it up before you changed it?10:50
SlimeyPeteadenicio: that means your network settings are wrong or your network/router/modem is broken10:50
halfbloodprinceSlimeyPete: yes10:50
SlimeyPetehalfbloodprince: ok. "sudo mv <path-to-backup> /etc/X11/xorg.conf"10:50
=== m0ns00n [n=m0ns@] has joined #kubuntu
halfbloodprincewhat does that do?10:51
runleveltenadenicio, do you have anything in the file /etc/resolv.conf?10:51
m0ns00nDoes Firefox render things differently on Linux than on Windows/Mac?10:51
SlimeyPetehalfbloodprince: it moves the backup file over the top of your exsiting xorg.conf10:51
runleveltenm0ns00n: no10:51
LynoureI'd recommend cp instead of mv10:51
Lynourejust in case.10:51
SlimeyPetewell, yeah I guess.10:51
m0ns00nI have a page I'm developing, and firefox on each platform except my kubuntu box renders it correctly10:51
m0ns00nMy kubuntu box renders it wrong, also in flock..10:51
runleveltenwhat does it render wrong?10:52
halfbloodprincealso, when you change your xorg.conf, it automatically creates a backup of the previous version right?10:52
adeniciorunlevelten:im a beginner so to modify a lock file im not good at it10:52
runleveltenadenicio: not asking you to modify it. you can just do cat /etc/resolv.conf in a console10:52
SlimeyPetehalfbloodprince: not if you edit it manually in nano or vim (though gedit/kate/whatever might do it, I don't know)10:52
halfbloodprincei had edited it using sudo kate10:53
adenicioim not good at anything on linux10:53
=== Pupeno [n=Pupeno@cl-241.dub-01.ie.sixxs.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenthe servers mentioned there are your dns servers, which tell your pooter the real addresses of those fancy 'domain names'10:53
halfbloodprinceadenicio: give it time, man10:53
runleveltenif there's none there, it won't work.10:53
halfbloodprincealright, thanks SlimeyPete.. i'll try and hopefully be back from kubuntu10:53
adeniciorunlevelten:yea there are thing in the file10:54
=== Sinistral_ [n=tlot@d115074.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== tackat [n=tackat@exit.credativ.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== runlevelten clicks
m0ns00nrunlevelten: Did you see it?10:56
adenicioi give up10:56
adenicioi'm going10:57
runleveltenm0ns00n: just looking now10:57
=== zig-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== runlevelten crack out ies4linux to see what it should look like
=== erov [n=j@c-76-22-137-36.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
arunthanks SlimeyPete, it worked10:59
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #kubuntu
SlimeyPetearun: :)10:59
aruni'm halfbloodprince, btw10:59
aruni'm back on kubuntu now10:59
m0ns00nrunlevelten: To me it seems rendering on Linux is different then on MacOSX or Windows11:00
SlimeyPeteyeah, I guessed. arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com]  has joined #kubuntu11:00
SlimeyPete^^ same host :)11:00
runleveltenmy trouble is I can't compare it to either, heh11:00
crocodileif you install ubuntu,, then put KDE on top are you considered running kubuntu or ubuntu?11:00
arunwas trying to install beryl, screwed up my xorg.conf by mistake11:00
m0ns00nrunlevelten: Well, I'll try the wine version of firefox11:00
SlimeyPetecrocodile: if you install kubuntu-desktop you are running kubuntu11:00
runleveltengood idea11:00
SlimeyPeteif you just install kde I guess you're running a bit of both ;)11:00
runleveltenbecause ies4linux isn't rendering it right either here11:01
m0ns00nrunlevelten: But is it messed up in your browser?11:01
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
m0ns00nrunlevelten: I've only tested it in ie711:01
runleveltena little bit yeah11:01
crocodileSlimeyPete - gotcha.. was just a random question that came to me :)11:01
runleveltenin ie6 here it's butchered11:01
runleveltenI'm liking what you're doing there though11:01
m0ns00nIt's not my design =)11:02
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenm0ns00n: on a google, there are a few complaints of it being different11:03
m0ns00nrunlevelten: It renders differently in wine11:03
runleveltenI don't see it, but that might be because I develop in Linux then hack for ie and I don't see it11:04
m0ns00nrunlevelten: So there's definately a different rendering method in linux or windows/mac11:04
arunAnyone running beryl successfully here?11:04
m0ns00nrunlevelten: Another reason to hate firefox =)11:04
m0ns00nrunlevelten: Opera has gotten better and better lately :-) I use it now more and more. 9.2 was the defining version for me I think.11:04
=== TheGateKeeper [n=m@82-36-118-96.cable.ubr03.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
m0ns00nrunlevelten: http://www.quirksmode.org/bugreports/archives/2005/05/Padding_difference_with_windows_and_linux.html11:05
runleveltenOpera's nice stuff. I'm digging Opera mobile too, which does a decent job of attempting to render full size pages11:06
m0ns00nthis one: http://forums.invisionpower.com/lofiversion/index.php/t173501.html11:06
runleveltenm0ns00n: damn. Well firstly sorry for the duff answer in the first place then, heh11:07
arunhow do i disable the skydome in beryl11:07
m0ns00nrunlevelten: The funny thing is that on linux, the news items are breaking on a position: absolute; element11:07
m0ns00nDo you still have my url?11:08
m0ns00nrunlevelten: Reload it once11:08
m0ns00nrunlevelten: it should still be messed up11:08
m0ns00nthe box with "News" in h1 is on top there11:08
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu
m0ns00nReload now11:08
m0ns00nI changed the news div to position: fixed11:08
m0ns00nSee how suddenly the news items order correctly11:09
=== bLooDz [n=freenode@detr0it.bLooDz.net] has joined #Kubuntu
m0ns00nSo that is differing in windows/max <> linux11:09
m0ns00nThat's just sick =)11:09
m0ns00nMust be one hellofa IFDEF11:10
=== runlevelten scratches head and tries to see what would cause that
=== john_ [n=john@isotoma.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenm0ns00n: are you able to reproduce it in other browsers on Linux?11:13
runleveltensay konqy or whatever?11:13
m0ns00nrunlevelten: No, konqi renders it perfectly11:13
=== hotel [n=hotel@] has joined #kubuntu
m0ns00nrunlevelten: Flock renders it like firefox11:13
m0ns00nsame engine11:13
m0ns00nalso opera renders it correctly11:14
=== anryko_ [n=anryko@81-7-103-126.ip.zebra.lt] has joined #kubuntu
=== cristian_ [n=cristian@103.Red-83-51-241.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
m0ns00npoint is that firefox shouldn't break on an element that is absolutely positioned11:14
runleveltenNo, you're right11:14
m0ns00nI'll just hack my way around it I suppose11:14
=== cyb [n=cyb@C241-85.surffi.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenAlthough file/add to  a bug report if you get time, too. FF ain't IE11:15
=== _4strO [n=cedric@AStrasbourg-253-1-5-168.w81-51.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== _Shade_ [n=adam@nat2.subscribers.sferia.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenm0ns00n: Hacking around stuff is one of the many things that makes web development as rewarding as it isn't :)11:16
=== meduxa [n=agustin@] has joined #kubuntu
cybcan someone give me some tips to get my usb hdd working?11:17
=== Sinistral_ [n=tlot@d115074.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #kubuntu
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=== ha [n=ha@p7123e3d4.np.gmx.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== runlevelten gets on with some work
=== zig-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== \etc\bin [n=elmer@tequilla.exist.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== tknerr [n=tknerr@e179051222.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
tknerrhi all!11:25
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@72.Red-81-38-118.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
tknerrdoes anyone know zenity?11:26
=== rixon [n=dag@ua-83-227-136-253.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
tknerri have a small problem with it...11:26
=== dvm [n=dvm@] has joined #kubuntu
tknerrwhat i want to achieve is that a zenity dialog pops up when i toggle my wireless11:27
=== cyb_ [n=cyb@C241-85.surffi.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntuim trying to install kubuntu on my macbook and i have a 65GB free partition /dev/sda3 but when i want to edit it i just can select the mount point and the file system11:27
ubuntuhow can i resize it?11:28
ubuntui wanna make a new one for swap and other for /homw11:28
tknerrso i edited the /etc/acpi/ibm-wireless.sh script to open a zenity dialog (to let me choose what to turn on/off, i.e. bluetooth or wifi)11:28
dvmHowto define window size  in gtk?11:28
tknerrthe problem is: when i run the ibm-wireless.sh script manually, the zenity dialog pops up and everything is fine11:29
ubuntuor i cannot resize or make new partitions with the kubuntu installer?11:29
Lynouredvm: you could have better response to that on #gnome, #gtk or even #ubuntu11:29
tknerrbut when it gets run automatically after hitting the Fn+F5 key the dialog does not show up11:29
tknerrany ideas?11:29
Lynouredvm: I'd assume people here tend to know more about qt than gtk11:29
=== _cerbero_ [n=jga@pD9E62B6A.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltendvm: define window size in what way?11:30
ubuntuhey Lynoure do you know how can i resize a /dev/sda3 partition when installing kubuntu11:31
ubuntuto make space at least for a swap partition11:31
Lynoureubuntu: I cannot remember for sure. what type of partition is on it?11:31
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
dvmrunlevelten, height and width11:32
runleveltendo you mean in a program?11:32
ubuntuLynoure: its nt formatted its /dev/sda311:32
ubuntubut when i click edit i cannot resize or anything like that11:32
=== brokenthorn [n=LugRadio@] has joined #kubuntu
=== randacs_ [n=rand_acs@dsl-240-124-248.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
Lynourehmm, I really cannot remember for sure. :/11:34
ubuntuok never mind, i just found out, you cannot resize partitions, just free space therefore the partition must be deleted11:34
ubuntui know other distros allow resizing11:34
ubuntuthanx anyway11:34
tknerrwhen i hit the Fn+F5 key the ibm-wireless.sh script is called by the acpi daemon i guess. but why isn't it possible to start a zenity dialog window from within this script?11:34
Lynoureubuntu: you could resize with gparted11:34
ubuntuyes but i dont really know how to use it11:35
Lynoureubuntu: takes another cd, but at least the image is small. Or it might be included in the live image by default11:35
=== sandeep [n=sandeep@] has joined #kubuntu
runlevelten(....because the rest of us already knew how to use it before we tried it...)11:35
Lynoure"we wouldn't have helped you anyway, hehe"11:36
dvmrunlevelten,  gtk_widget_set_size_request (GTK_WIDGET(window), 500,500);11:36
dvmrunlevelten, thanks11:37
=== BudgetDedicated [n=BudgetDe@s5593c2e9.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #kubuntu
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runleveltendvm, please don't think I'm being funny because I'm not, but that's exactly the sort of reason why you have the docs open in a web browser when you use a new gui toolkit.11:38
runleveltenGot to be done man.11:39
=== raul is now known as rag
=== qlr [n=qlr@] has joined #kubuntu
qlrhello there11:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about falsh64 - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi11:41
ubotuYou can run Flash, Real, and Java plugins in AMD64 bit computers with Firefox. see the steps to follow at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxAMD64FlashJava11:42
=== magical_trevsky [n=magical@host81-149-185-161.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #kubuntu
cyb_when I try to access my usb hard drive I get this error: You do not have enough permissions to read file:///home/myname/(mount point name)11:44
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== bipolar [n=bflong@] has joined #kubuntu
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=== bayram [n=bayram@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
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=== bilal is now known as Soul
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
SoulHey any news on wheather gutsy be adding ext411:46
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-187-102.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== sato_ [n=sato@220x151x33x197.ap220.ftth.ucom.ne.jp] has joined #kubuntu
pagSoul, afaik kernel will support it, but it won't be the default FS.11:47
=== comp08 [n=comp08@host-86-106-221-137.moldtelecom.md] has joined #kubuntu
=== dumbkiwi [n=matt@125-238-35-239.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
Soulthanks pag11:48
pagnp :)11:48
=== elbing [n=elbing@200.Red-88-9-150.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
cyb_doesn't anyone know anything about mounting usb drives?11:49
=== Elive_user33 [n=Elive_us@bzq-84-108-69-101.cablep.bezeqint.net] has joined #kubuntu
Lynourecyb_: Did you mount it or did it get automounted?11:49
tknerrany ideas why my shell script doesn't open a zenity alert window when the script is called by acpid? It works well if i call the script manually...11:50
cyb_first it autodetected but when I tried to access it I got some error about hal not able to mount it11:50
pag!mount | cyb_11:50
ubotucyb_: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter11:50
cyb_I enabled the partitions from system settings and now it says that I don't have permissions to read the disk11:52
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp165-109.adsl.forthnet.gr] has left #kubuntu []
arunyay beryl is working for me now11:55
=== hilary [n=hilary@82-43-245-167.cable.ubr03.pres.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== lee_ [n=lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
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=== meuhlol [n=ziko@mtg91-1-82-234-103-71.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:00
ubotuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - See also !fuse12:00
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp165-109.adsl.forthnet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
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=== charles__ [n=charles@c-76-18-2-202.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
neptunepinktknerr: give the absolute path to zenity...12:05
neptunepinkand don't forget DISPLAY, either...12:06
=== charles__ [n=zeon@c-76-18-2-202.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== tackat [n=tackat@exit.credativ.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== ivar [n=ivar@] has joined #kubuntu
=== zeon [n=zeon@c-76-18-2-202.hsd1.fl.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
ivaranybody could point me in the right direction for installing mplayer plugin for opera 9.21 in kubuntu 7.04?12:09
=== cyb__ [n=cyb@C241-85.surffi.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== uzivatel_ [n=uzivatel@gw.silcomp.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== cyb__ is now known as cyb
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=== thatsPipe [n=rshaw@pool-151-203-77-252.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
tknerr@neptunpink: what do you mean by DISPLAY?12:18
tknerr@neptunepink: yes, I have used the absolute path, but it didn't help12:19
neptunepinkand set DISPLAY?12:20
neptunepinkDISPLAY=:0; generally speaking12:20
tknerrsorry, i am a newbie :)12:20
tknerrso i have to put DISPLAY=:0; in the shell script i guess12:21
neptunepinkthere might be a slighly more awesome way that I'm unaware of12:21
cybI'm trying to access my usb hdd but i get an error that says I don't have permissions, can someone help?12:21
=== ASKA [n=aska@dna22-215.tampere.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
neptunepinksudo access usb hdd!12:22
=== serel [n=serel@] has joined #kubuntu
=== dmbkiwi [n=dmbkiwi@125-238-35-239.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
cybI already enabled the partitions from Disk & Filesystems12:23
=== fabian [n=fabian@] has joined #kubuntu
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
cybbefore I did that, i got the message "hal-storage-removable-mount-all-options-refused uid 1000"12:24
ivarcyb: seems you need to do that with root-access... thus, try the same command, but with a "sudo " in front.12:25
=== zander [n=af@] has joined #kubuntu
tknerr@neptunepink: the DISPLAY var is correctly set in the script, but the zenity window still does not show up12:26
tknerrthis is the script i am using: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/24680/comments/1612:26
=== Ilokaasu [n=matti@dsl-aur-ff27c000-33.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== oscar__ [n=oscar@169.Red-88-19-28.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
cybivar: how do I do this without using konsole?12:29
ivarcyb: sorry... don't know..12:29
qlrjoy joy joy i have flash :)12:31
cybcan I give the permissions to normal user somehow?12:31
=== fabian_ [n=fabian@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Slyboots [n=Slyboots@82-41-5-2.cable.ubr01.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== fabian_ is now known as fabian
=== fabian is now known as donTaquero
cybi'll try again later12:33
=== Darkrift [n=spooky@ip68-104-174-99.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
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=== benjamin_hr [n=benjamin@p5B055BFA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
ivarI can't get mplayer plugin to work with opera 9.21 in kubuntu 7.04. Anybody can point me in the right direction? All readme files I've read is for firefox or something else.12:44
=== tapas [n=tapas@affenbande.org] has joined #kubuntu
tapaswhat could be the reason for my desktop icons not staying in place between logins?12:46
runleveltenCosmic rays12:47
tapasoh thanks for that helpul comment ;)12:47
tapasyou got more of those?12:47
tapasanyways.. i suspect some corrupt .kde setting.12:47
aruni know a guy named tapas12:48
tapasi upgraded from dapper to feisty and i suppose it got messed up somewhere along the way12:48
tapasso what i would like to try is to remove the specific section from the specific kde config fle to see whether creating them anew fixes it12:48
tapasdunno where to look though12:48
aruntapas: check in your <user> directory12:49
tapasi do not simply wwant to rm ~/.kde/ -r12:49
=== jono [i=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #kubuntu
tapas[cause this would kill my kmail and some other settings] 12:49
=== plukin [n=Miranda@ppp-62-216-208-103.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
tapasrunlevelten: now that _was_ helpful. thanks :)12:50
runleveltenyvw. While you're there, ensure allowCosmicRaysToNudgeIcons is set to False12:50
runleveltenheh ;)12:50
=== bronze [n=peder@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
tapasthe rays must have kicked those entries ferom the config files already too12:51
=== Timppa [n=cyb@C241-85.surffi.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenps, that is the right file though12:51
=== tealson [n=patrick@dslb-084-061-041-121.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== sonoftheclayr [n=luke@C-59-101-183-54.mel.connect.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== Black5un [n=mr@cpe-71-79-229-244.woh.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
tapasi suppose i can simply delete these IconPosition thingies and nothing serious should be damaged right??12:51
bronzeWhat does apt-get -y mean? What's about the -y ?12:51
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== plukin [n=Miranda@ppp-62-216-208-103.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== sc0tt_ [n=sc0tt@cpc1-stok5-0-0-cust150.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
tapasbronze: check man page12:51
runleveltencheck the perms on the file first12:51
sonoftheclayrbronze: the -t just answers yes to any questions asked12:52
sonoftheclayr-y sorry12:52
=== adaptr [n=adaptr@adaptr.xs4all.nl] has joined #kubuntu
bronzesonoftheclayr: k thanks12:53
_4strOapt-get --help | grep -y12:53
tealsonhow do i accept the kubuntu GPG key, I get an error when runnung apt-get update (NO_PUBKEY A506E6D4DD4D5088)12:53
=== cain_ [n=cain@gw.impilinux.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
=== rag [n=mctux02@58.Red-80-24-33.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== dcorbin_work [n=dcorbin@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
tapasdidn't fix it12:54
tapasso back to square one12:54
tapasit doesn't seem to move all of the icons on oogin12:54
SlimeyPetetealson: use apt-key (I forget the act syntax)12:54
tapasjust some few of them12:54
tapasand it's really annoying12:54
=== _Shade_ [n=adam@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Gabz [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
tealsonSlimeyPete, do you know where i can get the key for the repositry?12:55
=== mike__ [n=mike@adsl-074-236-242-009.sip.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
tealsonthe syntax seems to be apt-key add or apt-key update12:56
mike__Greets, everyone...12:56
=== tackat [n=tackat@exit.credativ.com] has joined #kubuntu
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runleveltengpg --keyserver hkp://wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net --recv-keys A506E6D4DD4D508812:57
mike__If you're dual-booting two Linux OS's, they can share the same swap partition, right?12:57
SlimeyPetetealson: no, sorry. try opening the repository's address in a web-browser - it might be stored in a file there?12:57
pagmike__, yup.12:57
mike__pag: Thanks12:57
ivarmike__, as long as they are not running simultaneously... like using vmware12:58
mike__runlevelten: Does that method have any advantage over something like "wget http://url.of.key/key.gpg -O- | sudo apt-key add -"?12:58
runleveltenthen do gpg --armor --export DD4D5088 > temp.gpg && sudo apt-key update temp.gpg12:58
mike__ivar: Nope, just a traditional dual-boot. Thanks for the warning though.12:59
=== anryko [n=anryko@82-135-241-177.ip.zebra.lt] has joined #kubuntu
=== crashbandicoot [n=crashban@81-208-83-222.fastres.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenkeep or remove the temp.gpg depending on what you want to do12:59
=== runlevelten tends to keep 'em
mike__Does anyone here use APTonCD? I'm wondering if it's possible to make a key for the repositories you make with it so APT doesn't bug me about unauthenticated packages.01:02
=== Gaz [n=gary@user-54410001.l5.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
tealsonrunlevelten, i wget the gpg keyfile but apt-key add tells me it is no valid openpgp files :( It's the one from: http://kubuntu.org/packages/kde4-3.90.1/dists/feisty/Release.gpg(01:02
=== kervin6957 [n=kervin69@wlnt-04-098.dsl.netins.net] has joined #kubuntu
tapasmuahaha, i don't want to resetup my whole user just because of these damn icons01:02
tapasi suppose i will though01:03
qlrhow do i install a network printer?01:03
ivartapas: it only happens on your user? and not on other users?01:03
tapaswell my whole kde session01:03
mike__qlr: What brand is it?01:03
tapasivar: i haven't checked.. this will be the next thing i suppose..01:03
tapasand yeah it doesn't happen on my laptop which runs the ubuntu feisty, to01:04
qlrmike__: it's a HP 2300 on a windows xp box01:04
mike__qlr: K Menu -> System -> HP Printing System Control Center01:04
runleveltentealson: is that ( on the end of the url you wgetted?01:04
runleveltencos then you wgetted a page of html :)01:05
mike__He would need Samba for that, right $someone_more_knowledgable_than_me\?01:05
tealsonrunlevelten, mhh i wgetted the gpg file, at least this is what nano tells me... what did i do wrong then?01:05
mike__Do you have Samba set up?01:06
=== neonlinux [n=kvirc@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltentealson: It should work. Something is broken.01:06
=== ScarFreewill [n=sff@] has joined #kubuntu
qlrmike__: i don't know... but i can access network resourses01:07
mike__tealson: I came in late-- You're just trying to add a key?01:07
neonlinuxhey all, when browsing the net, where does the history/cache/ temp files get stored for firefox?01:07
runleveltenprovisionally, did you do it via the method I posted above as opposed to wget?01:07
tealsonmike__, yep simply trying to add it :)01:07
ivartealson: have a look at the file you downloaded?01:07
mike__qlr: You could try with that program I mentioned. Won't hurt anything - worst case scenario, it just won't work01:07
ivartealson: you know how to tell if it looks more or less like a key-file?01:07
qlrmike__: lemme c....01:07
runleveltenivar: teal said it does01:08
mike__tealson: Can you pastebin the terminal output and the commands you're running?01:08
ivarrunlevelten: ok, missed that.01:08
tealsonmike__, one sec01:08
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about newuser - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi01:08
ScarFreewillwhats the console command to create a new user?01:08
tapaswell, for the other accounts the desktop icons stay in place01:08
ivarScarFreewill: adduser01:08
tapasbut it also rememebrs open browsers etc [ugh, session management - it never does what you want] 01:09
runleveltengpg --keyserver hkp://wwwkeys.eu.pgp.net --recv-keys A506E6D4DD4D5088 &&  gpg --armor --export DD4D5088 > temp.gpg && sudo apt-key update temp.gpg01:09
tealsonmike__, this is what cat Release.gpg tells me http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/29633/01:09
runleveltenif that doesn't work, let's see temp.gpg :)01:09
=== Frost^ [n=sweiss@] has joined #kubuntu
qlrmike__: cant find it :(01:10
mike__tealson: Did you already try "sudo apt-key add -" (note the - )01:10
=== runlevelten sighs.
tealsonmike__, mhh the - seems new to me, i'll give it a try01:11
=== tackat_ [n=tackat@exit.credativ.com] has joined #kubuntu
mike__qlr: Hit Alt+F2 and run this - "hp-toolbox" - no quotes01:11
=== Kyb [n=cyb@C241-85.surffi.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltentealson: ^Did you try that or not?01:11
tapasoh well there seeems to be more broken in my kde01:12
tapashow can i start a completely new kde setup without losing my kmail and ktorrent stuff?01:12
tealsonrunlevelten, i'm trying it right now, but the terminal seems to do nothing at all01:12
tapasand korganize01:12
=== tackat_ [n=tackat@exit.credativ.com] has joined #kubuntu
mike__tapas: Backup what you want to keep and restore it once you've reset everything?01:13
tapasmike__: yeah, but how do i know i backuped everything i need01:13
tapasthe .kde dirs are not really easy t browse :)01:13
runleveltenwhat do you mean nothing at all... does the terminal fail to show a prompt?01:13
=== reklama [n=reklama@] has joined #kubuntu
tapasi might just backup the whole .kde dir01:14
tapasand then migrate stuff back one by one..01:14
mike__tapas: ~/.kde/share/config/name-of-program and/or ~/.kde/share/apps/name-of-program ;-)01:14
tealsonrunlevelten, i don't even get a new input line01:14
tapasmike__: ok01:14
tapasmike__: programs never store stuff anywhere else in the kde tree?01:15
ivartapas: just don't forget to backup your important files in there. ;-) I bet kmail and ktorrent has nothing to do with it.01:15
runleveltenEeks, you might have a very broken installation tealson.01:15
=== diogoBR [n=diogopam@] has joined #kubuntu
mike__tealson: If the terminal appears to just hang, you might just need to enter your password - I discovered that the hard way when adding keys01:15
tapasivar: what do you mean "nothing to do with it"? they store their stuff in .kde01:15
=== ScarFreewill1 [n=sff@] has joined #kubuntu
mike__tapas: Not that I'm aware of, although I'm not an expert. I just play one in IRC channels.01:15
runleveltentapas, do thus01:16
ivartapas: I meant... they have nothing to do with your icon-shuffeling problem.01:16
tapasivar: that's right..01:16
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
ivartapas: so if you just back them up, restore the .kde tree, and put those files back in again, as far as I can see, it should just get back to normal.01:16
runleveltenrename and keep your .kde directory, then log out and back in. When you've done that, come back here.01:16
tapas[don't even need to log out of irc due to the powers of "screen"] 01:17
tealsonrunlevelten, but it's more or less completly new01:17
mike__runlevelten: genius01:17
tealsonmike__, that didn't do the trick i'm afraid01:17
=== gabriel_ [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== hans [n=hans@206-248-136-247.dsl.teksavvy.com] has joined #kubuntu
ScarFreewill1my one pc just shows a blank screen after login and then after about 2sec just goes back to the log on screen, its possably the kthememanager or kslash.... any idea how I can set my themes via the cli?01:18
=== kaltas [n=kaltas@kaltoun.tepnet.cz] has joined #kubuntu
mike__tealson: Pastebin *everything* from the terminal window you've been working in, not just one command. :-)01:18
=== lee_ [n=lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
kaltashi :) may I have a question to some xorg.conf guru?01:18
tapasok, shuffling icons about and see whether they survive relogin now01:19
=== Smooph [n=Smooph@e180137230.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== stdin [i=stdin@unaffiliated/binary2k2] has joined #kubuntu
mike__ScarFreewill1: nano ~/.kde/share/config/ksplashrc I think... Hang on...01:19
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)01:19
runleveltenpossibly a good idea to look in .xsessions-errors before your start changing stuff...01:20
mike__ScarFreewill1: Yeah, that's the file for the splash screen01:20
tealsonmike__, here it is: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/29634/ after this: nothing happens01:20
runleveltens/r / /01:20
kaltasOK :)... I have my new MacBook and I want to use my 24" Dell external monitor - it works now cloning the output from internal display, but 1280x800 on 24" sucks... I would like to turn off my internal monitor and use only 24" when it's connected01:21
=== csmNapster [n=csmNapst@] has joined #kubuntu
=== csmNapster [n=csmNapst@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
arunanyone here using beryl/nvidia?01:21
ScarFreewill1thx will try mike__01:21
mike__arun: Close - Compiz-Fusion/nvidia01:22
=== runlevelten isn't using beryl/compiz
arunmike__: i'm on beryl/nvidia.. everything works fine, but when i try to watch movies full screen the apps just seem to fade out and disappear01:22
arunmike__: ksysguard shows that the apps are still running01:22
aruni just cant see them01:22
arunany idea why?01:22
=== thomas_ [n=thomas@dD5763506.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu
mike__ScarFreewill1: If you somehow got a bad theme package that's crashing your xsession (which seems really unlikely), you'll need to edit the file that determines what theme you're using - can't remember exactly where it is though01:23
=== thomas_ is now known as tmske
tealsonarun, stupid question you don't have a strange beryl keybinding which sets transparency to full?01:23
mike__arun: But you can't hear them?01:24
ScarFreewill1mike__: I think thats actually the problem, i've changed fingerprint to MoodinKDE, but fingerprint isn't a custom splash so it must be a bad there pkg crashing x01:25
=== gaetano [n=gaetano@host170-160-dynamic.10-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== runlevelten wonders how those icons are for tapas now
=== joris [n=joris@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Philip5 [i=Philip@c83-253-59-197.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
kaltasnoone knows? :)01:26
mike__Full-screen video seems to be hit-or-miss with compositing managers for a lot of people, myself included. Sometimes it's fine, others it just refuses to cooperate giving varying strange behavior.01:26
=== fdoving [n=frode@edge.lnix.net] has joined #kubuntu
tapasok, this strategy seems to suceed :)01:26
arunmike__: no it just seems to close the program01:26
mike__arun: Best bet might be to just turn Beryl off while watching FS video01:26
=== Knightlust [n=knightlu@ubuntu/member/knightlust] has joined #kubuntu
=== pCarsten [n=carsten@cpe.atm2-0-1041036.0x50c74d26.kjnxx3.customer.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu
ivartapas: so I bet you now know exactly which file and which optoin caused your problems? ;-)01:27
mike__arun: What program are you using for videos?01:27
=== Frost^ [n=sweiss@] has joined #kubuntu
=== rjb [n=rjb@bobo.fuw.edu.pl] has joined #kubuntu
tapasivar: heh..01:27
=== benjamin_hr [n=benjamin@p5B055BFA.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
ScarFreewill1mike__: i'm just going to create a new user and its most propperly not wise to delete ~/.kde ....01:27
=== plukin [n=Miranda@ppp-62-216-208-103.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
tapasi suppose i can do a diff on the directopries and let the kde people sort it out ;)01:27
=== Kyb is now known as Timppa
mike__kaltas: Sorry, that's beyond me. You might try #xorg - maybe someone there could help?01:28
tapasnote to devs:01:28
tmskeHi, anyone an idea what can be wrong with the powermanagement on my laptop, it's an easynote r1903 (Packard Bell), the powermanager can't see the cpu freq and screen dimming doesn't work either when I switch to battery01:28
tapaskde should have a fallback xterminal mode :)01:28
=== jeff_ [n=jeff@] has joined #kubuntu
rjbhi, i got a ui quirk i'm trying to sort out01:29
arunmike__: i tried both kaffeine and vlc player.. they play ok in smaller windows, but when i try to maximise the window (not even full screen), they just disappear01:29
runleveltendid you put your settings back tapas?01:29
hansScarFreewill1: why not "mv ~.kde ~.kde.old" ?01:29
ScarFreewill1hans: i'll try that01:29
=== sc0tt_ [n=sc0tt@cpc1-stok5-0-0-cust150.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
rjbin my desktop box, i get ugly huge tooltips on kicker items & taskbar buttons01:29
rjbwhile on my laptop, i get nice small unobtrusive tooltips01:29
mike__Does anyone know if that bullet-proof X feature is gonna be in *K*ubuntu Gutsy, or will that be yet another feature we're a release behind on? (I know this is more appropriate for #ubuntu+1 :-) )01:30
rjbboth run kubuntu,01:30
runleveltencosmic rays I expect.01:30
=== kjuanlu_ [n=kjuanlu@] has joined #kubuntu
rjbbut i can't find any difference in the kde look&feel settings between the 2 boxes:(01:30
tapasis there a way to change the icon size on the desktop?01:30
runleveltenfor most apps it's copying over .kde/share/apps/appname and .kde/share/config/anythingthatpertainstoyourapp01:31
=== girion [n=girion@93.86-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltentapas: the icon size on the desktop will change with your konqueror icon size01:31
=== mike__ is scratching his head at arun's problem
tapaswhat does the one have to do with the other?01:31
=== girion [n=girion@93.86-243-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
tapasrunlevelten: thanks though :)01:32
kaltasmike_: thank you for direction :) will try there01:32
mike__tapas: You can actually set it to its own size - System Settings -> Look and Feel -> Icons -> Advanced01:32
=== Riddelll [n=jr@jasmine.wyrdweb.com] has joined #kubuntu
tapasmike__: thanks01:33
runleveltenYeah, I'm thinking of another desktop tapas anyway01:33
mike__tapas: It says File Manager and Desktop, so it will change it for both, but once you change it there, you can change it in Konqueror without affecting the desktops size01:33
runleveltensorry, heh01:33
mike__kaltas: np01:33
tapasnow i also wonder: every folder on my desktop gets opened by gthumb when i click on it01:33
tapasmike__: ok01:33
=== snake_ [n=snake@] has joined #kubuntu
arunany ideas?01:34
mike__rjb: Right-click on the panel -> Configure Panel -> Appearance -> Enable mouseover effects01:34
=== zorglu_ [n=zorglub@115.43.102-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Flegma [n=Michalek@devil.spacecom.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== t2 [n=t2@] has joined #kubuntu
arunmike__: you dont face those problems?01:35
zorglu_q. i run feisty and i would like to know if the fix to get flash video in firefox has been fixed ? or how i could keep track of the issue ?01:35
ScarFreewill1this is bad i treid creating a new user but the same happened01:35
rjbmike__: thx, but no effect01:35
runleveltenScarFreewill1: are you able to run KDE without beryl?01:35
mike__tapas: Right-click the folder -> properties -> button next to type -> application preference order01:36
ScarFreewill1runlevelten: i've not installed beryl01:36
=== rhoderyc [n=roderic@ool-44c61c05.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #kubuntu
mike__rjb: You unchecked that box and hit apply and you're still getting big tooltips?01:36
=== csmNapster [n=csmNapst@] has joined #kubuntu
=== goldenear [n=goldenea@2001:0:53aa:64c:0:cc51:a5fa:de38] has joined #kubuntu
=== zez_zez [n=zez@monet7-8.comune.modena.it] has joined #kubuntu
mike__arun: Nope... What card do you have?01:36
rjbmike__: aaa got it01:36
=== csmNapster [n=csmNapst@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
runleveltenLast time I had a prob like that with KDE it was a problem with my driver setup. is there anything interesting in your ~/.xsession-errors?01:37
rjbmike__: sorry must have hit the wrong box, i'm on a localized version01:37
mike__heh, no problem01:37
rjbi unchecked the one on the left, and left the one on the right checked01:37
ScarFreewill1I'm able to start and stop kdm, but I can't log into kde.. anyway to debug a kde login?01:37
rjbgiving me just what i wanted, cool01:37
arunmike__:nvidia geforce01:38
stdinScarFreewill1: check the KDM log /var/log/kdm.log01:38
runleveltenyep, twas exactly like that.01:38
runleveltenProprietary drivers - twas either nvidia or fglrx I forget which01:38
ScarFreewill1stdin: k01:38
rjbmike__: the label on the left checkbox reads somthg like "zoom icons on mouseover".. didn't seem appropriate01:39
rjbanyway, got it fixed the way i like it01:39
=== michael__ [n=michael@p54BABDD6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
arunmike__: i dont remember the model number, how do i check on linux01:40
runleveltenRight. Work beckons methinks.01:40
ScarFreewill1stdin: should I pastebin this, there is some font issues aswell as a lot of X Error: BadDevice, invalid or uninitialized input device 16901:40
mike__That's odd. I think I remember seeing that in the config tool for KoolDock. I wonder how it got in your Kicker config. Heh01:40
=== NetersLandreau_ [n=niles@7.sub-70-223-100.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== michael__ is now known as Newbee
stdinScarFreewill1: those font errors and BadDevice errors are normal01:41
=== onechard [n=chard@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenarun: look in kinfocenter under opengl01:41
=== erik_ [n=erik@88-212-121-242.vl21-cph.dhcp.clearwire.dk] has joined #kubuntu
ScarFreewill1what about "cannot open device /dev/input/wacom"01:41
=== wizard [n=wizard@82-217-29-213.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== wizard is now known as codr
arungeforce 615001:42
stdinScarFreewill1: unless you have a wacom tablet, then it's fine01:42
=== Newbee [n=michael@p54BABDD6.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== Gabz [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== runlevelten notices that for some reason opengl info via kcmshell doesn't work on kubuntu.
=== t2_ [n=t2@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenso many little details :(01:42
mike__ScarFreewill1: You can avoid seeing that error by deleting the sections for the wacom devices in /etc/X11/xorg.conf - just make sure you delete their entries in the server layout section at the bottom too01:42
codri have an ubuntu distro. I had install Greek. I have a forum and i admin it with a web browser, Firefox or galeon. When i create a section or something and i fill up the form with Greek the name of the section or the topic, when im gonna see it i see it like ??????????? :-/ what can i do for it?01:43
stdinScarFreewill1: see if you can start kde manually, you need to login to a terminal (eg tty1) and start X (sudo X :1 & ) then run: export DISPLAY=:1 ; startkde01:43
=== rami [n=rami@c83-249-176-228.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
stdinScarFreewill1: you should see any errors on the console screen then01:44
arunmike__: geforce 615001:44
ScarFreewill1firstly it was working fine, then kick wouldn't unlock, then trashbin wouldn't empty, then I restated and nou its basicly screwed (just installed yesterday)01:44
mike__arun: Sorry, I'm really not too sure why that would happen. :-(01:44
ScarFreewill1stdin: I will try to start manualy01:45
runleveltenSounds almost like you're using reiser4, haha.01:45
codri have an ubuntu distro. I had install Greek. I have a forum and i admin it with a web browser, Firefox or galeon. When i create a section or something and i fill up the form with Greek the name of the section or the topic, when im gonna see it i see it like ??????????? :-/ what can i do for it?01:45
mike__arun: You might try #desktop-effects or #beryl - or you could upgrade to Compiz-Fusion and see if it still does it, since you're gonna have to eventually anyway. ;-)01:45
=== t2__ [n=t2@] has joined #kubuntu
=== PhinnFort [n=martin@unaffiliated/phinnfort] has joined #kubuntu
arunmike__: looks like i'm not the only one: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=36647601:45
PhinnFortyakuake crashes xorg here... (with beryl running)01:46
mike__arun: Did you try their solution?01:47
=== paolo [n=paolo@] has joined #kubuntu
mike__PhinnFort: Maybe try turning off yakuake's effect?01:47
=== paolo is now known as ping_luce
=== maren [n=maren@p5481C8B2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
PhinnFortmike__: I tried turning off pretty much everything01:48
runleveltenyakuake has been a miserable experience for me lately01:48
mike__PhinnFort: What versions of those two are you using?01:48
PhinnFortI'm currently using 16bit depth to get reasonable performance01:48
PhinnFortmike__: latest version01:48
PhinnFortmike__: I talked with the yakuake dev, and he knew it happened, but not why01:49
=== italia__ [n=italia@AMontsouris-152-1-94-70.w86-212.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
mike__PhinnFort: Have you tried C-F?01:49
runleveltenand the bugger is that I've been patching everything I touch lately and haven't had time to look at yakuake01:49
PhinnFortah, compiz fusion?01:49
mike__Compiz-Fusion (Beryl after the re-merge)01:49
PhinnFortyeah, trying it now01:49
runleveltenbut yakuake is one thing I really want to use, heh01:49
mike__PhinnFort: Still does it with that?01:49
=== ScarFreewill1 is now known as ScarFreewill
PhinnFortwill see01:49
mike__Oh ok01:50
=== Pricey [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #kubuntu
PhinnFortI'm waiting for xorg 7.3, though, with new radeon drivers01:50
=== visi [n=dksakd@aruba-122-211.aruba.unimo.it] has joined #kubuntu
PhinnFortthe performance really sucks with the current one, with or without compiz/beryl01:50
PhinnFortnow I'm looking into profiling to see if I can find out why 16 bit gives such a boost over 24 bits01:51
=== msetim [n=marcos@] has joined #kubuntu
=== alex__ [n=alex@cpc2-port4-0-0-cust271.cos2.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== alex__ is now known as lucidblack
mike__Gutsy will ship with 7.3, right?01:51
PhinnFortyeah, I hope so01:52
PhinnFortit will be released in August, I believe01:52
PhinnFortand with kde4 packages :D:D01:52
PhinnFortand, by then I will hopefull have a new laptop01:53
stdinPhinnFort: only same the packages that are in kubuntu.org, 3.5.6 will be default01:53
PhinnFortstdin: I know01:53
arunmike__: trying01:53
PhinnFortstdin: but gutsy+2 might have kde 4.* as default:P01:53
mike__If KWin Composite is half as flashy as Compiz/Beryl, I'll be happy, 'cause I know it'll be 10x as stable01:53
stdinPhinnFort: +2 will01:53
PhinnFortmike__: it already has the flame effect, without the flames;)01:54
mike__Yeah, I saw that. Mighty impressive :-P01:54
=== Smooph [n=Smooph@e180137230.adsl.alicedsl.de] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
=== _Iamda [n=_Iamda@tx-76-6-81-107.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
PhinnFortmike__: the window gradually disappears, but the particle effect that looks like flames isn't implemented because the kwin dev doesn't know enough about gl-particles or something;)01:54
stdinplasma is coming along nicely too :)01:55
PhinnFortthey really got a boost, after someone hinted at the slow development a couple of months ago;)01:55
mike__Any new videos on either of these two projects? It's been a while since I've seen anything01:55
=== lee_ [n=lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
stdinnot sure, I just run the SVN version01:56
PhinnFortmike__: search for plasma or kwin composite on youtube01:56
mike__Ohh ok01:56
=== G_Gorbertschow [n=feni@dslb-088-064-253-231.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
mike__Will do01:56
=== arafat [n=arafat@ppp-62-245-162-5.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
ScarFreewillok, its seems it will be faster for me to just format.. ;o01:57
stdinScarFreewill: at worst, just do "mv .kde kde-old" that will reset all the settigs01:57
ScarFreewillstdin: i've tried both that and creating a new user :p01:58
stdinScarFreewill: ahh, then it's either a bad install or a bad disk01:58
ScarFreewillstdin: it worked yesterday ;p01:58
ScarFreewillstdin: its a brand new dell latitude d62001:59
mike__ScarFreewill: If you reinstall, make a seperate partition for /home, give it all but 10GB of the hard drive, and next time you reinstall, all your preferences, files, etc. will be in tact afterwards (given you don't format the /home partition, obviously)01:59
stdinScarFreewill: did you use a disk you burnt yourself?01:59
=== ulf_ [n=ulf@e178161052.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
ScarFreewillstdin: yes, but I did the cd check and I installed it on other pcs that worked fine02:00
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as looperator
mike__If the installation completed, I don't think it's the disc. Every time I had a bad disc, it stopped in the middle of installation with an appropriate error02:00
ScarFreewillmike__: ok, forgot to do that when I installed ;p02:00
looperatorhi people, anybody know the website http://www.operator11.com02:00
stdinScarFreewill: hmm, strange. I guess reinstall is the only option for now02:01
mike__ScarFreewill: Are you familiar with that trick?02:01
ScarFreewillmike__: yes I have the pc i'm chatting with partitioned like that02:01
mike__ScarFreewill: and the dpkg --get/set selections stuff?02:01
PhinnFortlooperator: it looks suky suky02:01
runleveltenScarFreewill: I've had extremely odd problems with dell desktops. You are not alone.02:01
mike__Oh ok02:02
=== t2 [n=t2@] has joined #kubuntu
looperatorwhat do you mean PhinnFort02:02
runleveltenRight - work.02:02
ScarFreewillrunlevelten: I just got the 3g working via a simcard ;p02:02
PhinnFortlooperator: since you're spamming it in a kubuntu support channel;)02:02
PhinnFort(I didn't even look at it)02:02
looperatoranyway i am starting a linux show on http://www.operator11.com and i am looking for people who want to start a show with me02:03
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
looperatori am not spamming the channel i ask a question PhinnFort02:03
looperatorits a linux tech show02:03
PhinnFortlooperator: do you have trouble with kubuntu?02:03
PhinnFort!offtopic > looperator02:03
=== evilmm [n=garrett@cpe-65-189-220-195.neo.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
looperatorthanks PhinnFort02:04
=== cerden [n=cerden@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@home85186218147.minisat.ro] has joined #kubuntu
hasanhow can i make apache start up on boot?02:05
cerdenraga... sono disperato O_O _02:05
mike__Can any Xorg experts in here tell me how flexible an Xkboption like "lv3:ralt_switch" (I think I'm remembering that correctly) is?02:05
=== neversfelde|mobi [n=neversfe@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as Kubuntu_021
cerdenanyone are italian?02:05
meuhlol!it | cereden02:05
ubotucereden: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!02:05
Kubuntu_021hello guy's02:05
Kubuntu_021and girls02:05
=== looperator is now known as roltux
Kubuntu_021I am new in the unix world and I ws hopping for a warm welcome02:06
mike__Welcome! :-)02:06
meuhlolx) welcome02:06
Kubuntu_021:)) ok...God damn windows02:06
LynoureKubuntu_021: Welcome to the support channel, can we help you with something?02:07
=== pierre_ [n=pierre@c80-216-9-216.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolwin take a doors xD02:07
=== arcer [n=arcer@host173-155-static.104-80-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
arcersalve ragazzi02:07
arcerpotete spiegarmi una cosa gentilmente?02:07
=== alesan [n=alesan@pD9E5A79E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
arcerci siete?02:07
alesan I have a  "ATI Technologies Inc RV280 [Radeon 9200 SE] " card in my system. should I install some particular driver to be able to use it? right now I'm in vesa mode02:07
cerdenci sono io italiano02:07
cerdenquesto  un canale per soli inglesi uha02:08
pierre_I've been trying to get Kubuntu to use 1280x1024, i have a nvidia gpu and i have the correct nvidia driver, but the resolution doesnt go higher than 1024x768 for some reason02:08
meuhlol!it | arcer cerden02:08
ubotuarcer cerden: Vai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!02:08
evilmmpierre_: try nvidia-settings?02:08
mike__alesan: If no one here gives you a better answer (re: what exact driver you need), run this from a terminal - "sudo apt-get install restricted-manager" - then when that's done, this - "restricted-manager"02:09
=== plukin [n=Miranda@ppp-62-216-208-103.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== lee_ [n=lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
pierre_evilmm: yes but i cannot select the correct resolution from that program either02:09
alesanmike__: ok02:09
meuhlolpierre_: nvidia-settings and modify your screen res02:09
mike__pierre_: Can you pastebin your xorg.conf?02:09
pierre_mike__:  k02:10
pierre_mike__: http://pastebin.ca/61599902:10
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Philip5 [i=Philip@c83-253-59-197.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
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=== abdessamade [n=abdessam@adsl196-72-186-217-196.adsl196-14.iam.net.ma] has joined #kubuntu
mike__pierre_: I'm assuming you already tried System Settings?02:12
pierre_mike__: yep i have but 1280x1024 isnt selectable their either02:12
meuhlolpierre_: in nvidia-settings too? oO02:13
=== Pensacola [n=pensacol@] has joined #kubuntu
pierre_meuhlol: yes02:13
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@linagoraberri.pck.nerim.net] has joined #kubuntu
mike__meuhlol: Did you get the driver straight from nVidia's site?02:14
pierre_mike__: no from the ubuntu repositories02:14
meuhlolmike__: mine works great :) nvidia drivers ver. 1.0-9631 (have gforce4ti 4200)02:15
mike__pierre_: You *could* try uninstalling it, then reinstalling it via Restricted Manager (sudo apt-get install restricted-manager)02:15
mike__pierre_: That's how I've been getting it since I found that method and it seems to "just work"02:15
pierre_gonna try02:15
pierre_thanks will BRB02:16
=== aaron_ [n=aaron@S01060016b6ae6e95.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== olegb [n=olegb@omgwtf.dk] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmok...so somewhere i've selected transparency stuff and i dont want it02:17
=== visi is now known as visik7
evilmmlike for the taskbars and for the unfocused windows02:17
evilmmany idea what i clicksed?02:17
mike__evilmm: Alt+F3 -> Configure Window Behavior02:17
=== akram [n=akram@] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmnone of my alt+ buttons seem to work02:18
evilmmkatapult mostly i've noticed02:18
mike__For both the left and right alt keys?02:18
=== mae [n=mae@PCS201062146037.res-com.wayinternet.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
mike__You can just right-click a title-bar anyway, but something more important than window translucency is wrong if you're alt keys aren't working. :-\02:19
evilmmall since last reboot02:19
=== akram is now known as akram__
=== sidda [n=sidda@ti500720a080-6561.bb.online.no] has joined #kubuntu
mike__evilmm: Find it?02:21
=== ebbu [n=ebbu@36-189.adsl.lpoy.dnainternet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmnow any idea with the alt keys?02:21
evilmmlike when i do alt+space it just brings up the menu if i click the icon in the titlebar02:22
mike__Hrmmm.... Try running this from Konsole: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | grep "XkbOption"02:22
mike__evilmm: Oh, well you're alt keys are fine then02:22
mike__evilmm: You've just changed the default shortcuts somewhere along the line. ;-)02:23
=== akram__ is now known as akram
mike__evilmm: Run KControl, and under Regional & Accessibility, you'll see Keyboard Shortcuts. You can just hit Defaults from there to set everything back02:24
meuhlolor systemsettings -caption "%c" %i %m02:24
mike__yeah, or that. heh02:24
evilmmlol i was messing around in there last night02:24
mike__I have the bad habit of telling people to run KControl just because it's what I use.02:24
meuhlolsystemsettings -caption "%c" %i %m in konsole, after go at Keyboard & Mouse, after Keyboard SHortcuts :)02:25
mike__Am I the only one that has a strong preference for KControl?02:25
=== bmsr [n=bmsr@] has joined #kubuntu
=== DexterF [n=dexter@ip41.242.reserved.ish.de] has joined #kubuntu
DexterFhow do I renew the dhcp lease in kub?02:26
ubotudhcp is Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, a protocol for automatic IP assignment from a router. Ubuntu uses dhclient as a DHCP client but other ones (and DHCP servers too) can be obtained from the !repos. More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DHCP02:26
hansmike__: bash: KControl: command not found ;)02:26
mike__hans: all lowercase (as with 99.999% of commands) ;-)02:27
meuhlolmike__: xD no i used it too, but since there are a systemsettings shortcut directly in KMenu, so i just click on it xD02:27
=== Gast373 [n=Gast373@p57A8443B.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== wers [n=allan@] has joined #kubuntu
wershow do I run keyjnote?02:27
mike__meuhlol: Just too lazy to change the shortcut? :-P02:28
meuhlolyes xD02:28
meuhlolhans, just kcontrol in a konsole thats all :p02:28
evilmmnow it doesnt even recognize the alt button02:28
hansmeuhlol: it's ok02:28
=== viviersf [n=cain@gw.impilinux.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
Gast373hallo. brauche hilfe bei der installation von kubuntu. bin ich hier richtig??02:28
=== zipper [n=zipper@] has joined #kubuntu
mike__evilmm: Sounds like maybe you changed the layout...02:29
meuhlol!de | Gast37302:29
ubotuGast373: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de02:29
=== duns_s [n=duns_s@mnhm-590c120b.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
hansI just tried (unsucsefully) to be funny02:29
arunanyone else have problems with fullscreen video with beryl installed?02:29
mike__hans: Oh I get it. Clever ;-)02:30
=== Lunar_Lamp [n=Lunar_La@] has joined #kubuntu
mike__hans: Seriously though, good call. I'll have to keep case sensitivity in mind when I'm telling people what to run.02:31
=== gildas [n=gildas@ARennes-351-1-91-145.w86-214.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as roltux
meuhlolarun: nope haven't, but what's a problem exactly?02:33
evilmmis there really any added benefit for the kubuntu DVD over the CD?02:33
runleveltenIt's like when something is problematic.02:33
mike__evilmm: It installs more software02:33
aruneverytime i play a video in full screen or try to resize the window, the app crashes02:33
evilmmif i have a network connection02:33
mike__lol runlevelten02:33
arunmplayer, vlc, kaffeine, everything02:33
hansI tend to do most of my sysadmin on the command line, I am still trying to get  used to the graphical interfaces..02:33
=== Maelfas [i=Maelfas@i577A3670.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolevilmm: i think thats have updates and more softs, so if you have an internet connexion don't need a DVD xD02:34
runleveltenalt f2 kcontrol btw02:34
=== chozabu__ [n=chozabu@] has joined #kubuntu
=== CSills [n=csills@c-71-59-52-223.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
mike__His shortcuts were screwed up. ;-)02:35
runleveltenignore me02:35
meuhlolarun: softwares crashes when run fullscreen or resize but beryl still working?02:35
=== runlevelten is light headed after nearly chopping his finger off
mike__Now his alt keys are screwed up. lol02:35
=== Maelfas [i=Maelfas@i577A3670.versanet.de] has left #kubuntu ["mv]
evilmmwho me?02:35
mike__Or did you fix it?02:36
evilmmim trying to02:36
=== IanC26 [n=IanC26@2002:cb36:1cb0:4:216:6fff:fe39:ff6e] has joined #kubuntu
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
mike__When you go to change a shortcut and press the alt key, does it recognize it?02:36
arunmeuhlol: yes, beryl is still working02:36
runleveltenYeah, I just used a torniquet some gaffa tape and sticking plaster.02:36
evilmmwell i have alt and the f keys working02:37
aruni changed the video output to x11 and it works now.. unfortunately, x11 video quality sucks02:37
runleveltenit's a bit rpm, but it'll do, heh02:37
=== novice [n=novice@p5084956E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
mike__arun: What was it set to before?02:37
runleveltenAwkward, painful and ugly but really quite functional when you get down to it.02:38
arunmike__: it was set to whatever the default was.. someone in the beryl chat room told me to change to xv.. that didnt work either, so i changed it to x11, and that seems to work02:38
arunbut the quality isn't as good02:38
mike__runlevelten: Referencing the package management system?02:39
runleveltenyeah, heh02:39
=== comp05 [n=comp05@host-86-106-221-137.moldtelecom.md] has joined #kubuntu
mike__arun: You might try some of the other options there?02:39
meuhlolarun try to make a opengl renderer02:39
aruni tried opengl, that doesnt work either02:39
=== uzivatel__ [n=uzivatel@gw.silcomp.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== gnomefreak [n=gnomefre@ubuntu/member/gnomefreak] has joined #kubuntu
=== No [n=Brian@24-64-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #kubuntu
=== No is now known as McBee
mike__arun: Just turn Beryl off when watching f/s video. That's the best advice I can offer02:40
=== tackat_ is now known as tackat
arunthanks man02:41
=== comp05 [n=comp05@host-86-106-221-137.moldtelecom.md] has joined #kubuntu
mike__arun: You could set up a really simple script that would switch to KWin, open MPlayer, and then reload Beryl when you close MPlayer02:41
mike__arun: I can help you with that if you want02:41
arunno, it's alright..02:41
arunthanks a lot02:41
runleveltenand change it back when mplayer exits02:41
mike__heh... "no ugly hacks for me," he says :-D02:41
=== chaotika_ [n=chaotika@p54A777B6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== comp05 [n=comp05@host-86-106-221-137.moldtelecom.md] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== excitatory [n=excitato@CPE-70-94-36-196.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
tapasok, how do i get my konqueror bookmarks from the old .kde to the new one?02:43
tapasjst copying the bookmarks.xml file didn't work02:44
runleveltenimport 'em02:44
SlimeyPetedoes konqueror have an Import Bookmarks feature?02:44
tapasyes, but not for konqueroro bookmarks :)02:44
tapasonly for other browsers02:44
meuhlolarun, otherwise i found something about vlc, mplayer, totem with beryl probs02:44
tapasinteresting enough they show in the bookmark manager now02:44
tapasjust not in the bookmarks menu02:44
runleveltenbookmarks -> edit bookmarks -> import bookmarks02:44
arunmeuhlol: what's that?02:45
=== McBee [n=nano@24-64-235-201.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolfor vlc: sudo gedit .vlc/config, for mplayer: sudo gedit .mplayer/config02:45
meuhloland add this:02:45
meuhlol# Write your default config options here!02:45
runleveltentapas ^02:45
mike__Just discovered "Bookmark tabs as folder" - nifty02:45
meuhlolfor totem: gksudo gedit ~/.gnome2/totem_config02:45
meuhlolfind this:02:45
meuhlol# video driver to use02:45
meuhlol# string, default: auto02:45
tapasah it has a kde2/kde3 import02:45
meuhlolreplace with:02:45
tapasi'll try that02:45
meuhlol# video driver to use02:46
meuhlol# string, default: auto02:46
=== naught101 [n=naught10@] has joined #kubuntu
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:46
runleveltenworks fine for me every time02:46
meuhloloki :)02:46
=== wonko_ [n=wonko@85-125-176-170.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
=== wizard [n=wizard@82-217-29-213.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== giovanni [n=giovanni@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenthey import into a kde bookmarks folder, you can drag them out of there if you really want02:46
runlevelten(although it'll be untidy again)02:46
arunso basically i just need to add zoom=yes?02:46
tapasrunlevelten: it even asks if it shall replace.. so it worked now :)02:47
=== runlevelten strokes the finjury and whimpers
runleveltentapas yay02:47
=== mallize [n=clemenml@A171118.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenyou moved kwallet and kmail over yet?02:47
evilmmwow i never knew how much id miss katapult02:47
runleveltenI usually move konqy, kwallet, kmail, and kgpg02:48
=== BluesKaj [n=kaj@bas1-sudbury98-1177675725.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenI find amarok works best starting again02:48
meuhlolto vlc & mplayer yes, it's said at french doc02:48
tapasrunlevelten: yep to kmail.. kwallet doesn't matter so much02:48
runleveltenevilmm: I hate katapult. It is so very much less good than the start menu finder it's not funny02:48
mike__runlevelten: You don't seperately partition your /home folder?02:48
runleveltenkwallet stores kmail passwords btw02:49
tapasrunlevelten: hmm.. maybe that's why it aked me to ceratye a new wallet.. well that was done in a few secs02:49
runleveltenmike__: I tend to use a fresh kde config with just my app settings moved into it02:49
=== DexterF [n=dexter@ip41.242.reserved.ish.de] has left #kubuntu ["I]
=== jore [n=jore@e82-103-205-168.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenover the years I've found it to be for the best02:49
tapashaving home seperate is still useful :)02:49
BluesKajHowdy All ..I've taken K-Plunge as well ...Konq browser and Kmail ...I have Opera for " page web emergencies" but I hasve yet to encounter any02:50
runleveltenI do keep my ~ but blowing out .kde is a good idea02:50
evilmmBluesKaj: gmail?02:50
runleveltenwell done BluesKaj02:50
arunmuehlol: still crashes02:50
mike__runlevelten: What problems might I expect doing it the way I just said?02:50
meuhlolarun: :'( try to uninstall & reinstall it following official kubuntu tutorial02:51
=== dustin [n=dustin@65-101-165-195.desm.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== jonnyro [n=jonnyro@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenwhat, keeping the .kde folders? Well the odd config change, nonsense or missing menu entries etc.02:51
aruni'll just use x11 for now02:51
runleveltenit's more during upgrades, but it's become a habit now02:52
=== Gabz [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== sito [n=sito@18.Red-83-57-117.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolarun: one time i had a problems with windows manager of beryl, making me lost a titlebars etc, so i uninstalled it completly & reinstalled it again. Since never had problems, but i don't use it many times :) cuz all my friends from win already saw that linux 4ever & win must die :p02:52
mike__Oh ok... Speaking of upgrades, doing it the way I just said, do you think it'd be safe to "upgrade" just using the CD? I'd prefer that given how much faster it is02:53
mike__i.e., format the root partition, install the new Kubuntu release there, and leave /home alone02:53
mike__I know I might run into some of the little problems you mentioned, but aside from that, that shouldn't cause any major issues, right?02:54
meuhlolmike__: sure, but me don't need to dl an upgrades cd, just connect & download it (aptitude)02:54
meuhloland me i prefer updates from us or other servers, cus' french servers are too slow, omfg :)02:55
mike__meuhlol: Right, but actually upgrading takes forever, from my experience, at least02:55
runleveltenby and large, as long as permissions are alright, apps which freak out at that are the exception rather than the rule02:55
excitatorymike__: you've obviously never used gentoo.. dpkg is quick..02:56
mike__When I went from Edgy to Feisty, I think it took ~5 hours02:56
evilmmlol, i just came back from sabayonlinux02:56
runleveltenobviously some apps will freak out if your mountpointspoints change and they have configs that point to the wrong places02:56
BluesKajwow, mike__ net upgrade ?02:56
mike__BluesKaj: Yep02:56
=== PriceChild [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #kubuntu
=== onechard [n=chard@] has joined #kubuntu
excitatorymike__: choose a different server..  or find a faster connection to the net is what i would say.02:57
mike__runlevelten: But that would only happen if I remapped the partitions, right?02:57
BluesKajyeah too me about 2 hrs after akk was said and done02:57
=== mendred [n=mendred@] has joined #kubuntu
=== blenheim [n=blenheim@217-78-203-59.ktab.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajI also tried the / partiton for the OS and a separate /home , but myfstab became so totally flumuxed I reinsatlled it all on /.02:58
mike__Hmm... My memory could just be serving me poorly here, but it seemed like most of that time was for reconfiguring and setting up everything, not actually downloading packages02:58
=== T3 [n=t3@] has joined #kubuntu
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tzangerhow do I pair a device with Kubuntu?  I know how to do it by hand, but what's the Kubunutu way?03:00
tzangerkbluetoothd is there, It can see the device but it's just showing services, not giving me an option ot pair03:00
=== luvcomp_ [n=scott@ip68-97-38-110.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== meuhlol is away: Parti pour l'instant.
=== meuhlol is now known as meuhlol[away]
runleveltenAnother problem I get is that I work with SLED/SLES/openSuSE, so moving between that and kubuntu/whatever with the same .kde config can be precarious03:00
=== mhmed [n=mhmed@] has joined #kubuntu
=== buz [n=buz@84-73-66-71.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
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=== buz needs advice on notebook wireless. should i get ipw3945 or 4965?
excitatoryrunlevelten: yea, if i were in that scenario, i would only backup a handful of things.. namely ~/.bashrc .bash_aliases, and maybe a few other config files that won't clash with kubuntu..03:02
=== viviersf [n=cain@gw.impilinux.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
mike__It's a little different when you have 300+GB of stuff in your home folder though. ;-)03:03
BluesKajI just have family pics that are important, which are backed up on dvd ,  bookmarked help sites ,commands etc are all stored in text files on gmail ...all my music is wav on cd .  Never been an mp3 fan ...so if i have a disaster and have to to do a clean reinstall it's just time lost and not much else.03:03
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runleveltenwhat sort of stuff is in that 300gb mike?03:07
mike__mp3's, pictures, and videos03:07
runlevelten(funny, I was about to suggest you back up /home and give it a try)03:07
=== gdiebel [n=gdiebel@adsl-69-217-146-185.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubunturos [n=ubunturo@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
runleveltenwell I move those with my /home without modification03:07
mike__so you do have /home seperately partitioned, you just delete certain stuff in it when starting over?03:08
mike__right. got cha03:08
runlevelten...and I don't delete initially03:09
runleveltenI rename03:09
=== glauco1 [n=lib@host198-73-dynamic.57-82-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenif you wanted to you could just back up .kde without moving it and try that03:09
=== dewitt [n=dewitt@75-120-34-210.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #kubuntu
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runleveltenTo be honest I'm just extra careful about it because I like things to go smoothly every time :)03:10
=== IanC26 [n=IanC26@2002:cb36:1cf9:4:216:6fff:fe39:ff6e] has joined #kubuntu
mike__I was under the impression that config files and the like were automatically updated to conform to the new version of whatever program they're for when said version of the program is first run03:11
runleveltenThey should be, yes.03:11
=== jager [n=jag@12-214-107-171.client.mchsi.com] has joined #kubuntu
mike__*should* but not always *are*, I take it?03:11
=== davide [n=davide@host164-243-dynamic.8-79-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltennot always, no03:12
tapasnow i just discovered kontact :)03:12
hansI have moved ~/.kde before (after logging out) and from the console03:12
mike__Kontact is a godsend03:12
runleveltenI should expect you'll get away with it mike03:12
tapasif i ever want to move all kontact settings i suppose i have to move the settings of each individual coponent?03:12
hansI had no problems03:12
mike__You want a Linux killer-app, there it is03:12
mike__runlevelten: Thanks, that's what I want to hear. :-D03:13
tapasi used kmail for ages before [and it did waste my mail folders once or twice] 03:13
tzangerI can't get my RSS feeds to show up in the summary on kontact like I had in another distro03:13
tzangerit doesn't show up as part of the summary configuration03:13
hanskontact is nice, I use it all the time03:13
tapasbut the integration of kontact is quite nice03:13
runleveltenis kontact prettified yet?03:14
=== runlevelten looks
tapaswhatwould be really cool if one could group desktop icons03:14
hansrunlevelten: not on my system!03:14
tapase.g. select a number of them and say "group"03:14
runleveltentapas: ...and apply separate look and feel settings to them? Indeed :D03:14
hansthe plainer/simpler the better for me03:14
tapasand then a nice pretty named frame wih rounded corners appears03:14
=== mike__ just discovered the Select Components part of Kontact
tapasbeing able to collapse expand it etc..03:15
tapasrunlevelten: yeah :)03:15
BluesKajhmmm, Kontact seems interesting, looks nicely integated03:15
tapasand being able to move the group around etc..03:15
runleveltenfor instance, grouping office files as [smallicon Text] , shortcuts as nice fat os x icons etc.03:15
SlimeyPeteI like kontact.03:15
tapasi wonder where one would have to start adding that03:15
SlimeyPetebeats evolution any day (mainly because it can run for longer than hal an hour without crashing)03:16
=== runlevelten always uses os x icons with kde
mike__tapas: I'd imagine something like that isn't far off with Plasma03:16
=== brokenthorn [n=LugRadio@] has joined #kubuntu
tapasrunlevelten: not such a bad idea either.. i suppose you talk about logical grouping. i'm more aiming a t topological grouping :)03:16
tapasmike__: plasma?03:16
runleveltenIt is muchly muchly discussed.03:16
tapasi see03:16
=== lee_ [n=lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
mike__tapas: Plasma's the part of KDE4 that's going to replace KDesktop, Kicker and SuperKaramba03:16
runleveltenA lot of the aim is that everything should be more object oriented, being able to add and change attributes for all sorts of desktop elements (and by implication groups of them)03:17
mike__In a nutshell, it'll allow you to place anything on the desktop that you can place on the panel, and vice versa, among many other things03:17
tzangerhmm seems there is no pure gui way to connect a bluetooth mouse03:17
tapasso no need to hack around kde3 :)03:17
tzangerstandard sudo hidd --search03:17
runleveltenkind of like being able to attach the same tag to app icons x, y and z, then the same tag to your left panel and say "these things use such and such a font/icon set/composite feature"03:18
runleveltenand so on03:18
=== Vuen [n=nick@bas9-ottawa23-1088837243.dsl.bell.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== staz_ [n=staz@124-197-8-44.callplus.net.nz] has joined #kubuntu
tapasi messed up my konqueror start page by saving a file list view as web browsing profile..03:18
Vuenhey, anyone else get the recent ktorrent update? where'd the info box go??03:18
tapaswhat is the URL for the normal konqueror start screen? the nice blue one?03:18
mike__runlevelten: You can do that now, or it'll be available in KDE4?03:18
Daisuke_IdoVuen: that's a tricky thing03:19
runleveltenthat would add all sorts of functionality people ask for. it's a talking point at the moment03:19
Daisuke_Idoit's all in plugins now03:19
runleveltenmike, a long way off03:19
VuenDaisuke_Ido: the info box is now a plugin?03:19
Daisuke_Idoeverything's a plugin now03:19
VuenDaisuke_Ido: that's like... the dumbest thing ever03:19
mike__Oh ok. I was gonna say, that'd be really nice03:19
Daisuke_Idoi agree03:19
Vuenhow do i get it back?03:19
Daisuke_Idoturn on the plugin.03:19
Vuensee, and i really liked the new ktorrent03:20
tapasis kde 4 alpha available in ubuntu?03:20
Vueni was all excited, until i couldn't get an info box.03:20
SlimeyPetetapas: ~03:20
Daisuke_Idoall the plugin does is replace the info box03:20
mike__tapas: I don't remember, but unless you've changed the profile, you could do "kfmclient openProfile webbrowsing"03:20
Vuenanyway thanks, works03:20
Daisuke_Idonot that big a deal03:20
tapasmike__: ok03:20
tapasSlimeyPete: ~ is the home dir03:20
mike__tapas: Last I checked, only Alpha 1. I don't think packages for Alpha 2 are available yet03:21
SlimeyPeteoh, indeed. I just noticed. But mine has ~ in the home page setting so I assumed...03:21
tapasSlimeyPete: first thing i tried, too ;)03:21
mike__tapas: Oh, sorry. Just say what you said about your profile. Heh03:21
tapashome url seems to be ignored when having set the web browsing profile03:21
tapasabout:konqueror is the url03:22
=== cj_ [n=cj@] has joined #kubuntu
tapasok, saved the profile.. all well again03:22
tapasbtw: spiegel.de kills konqueror and kde mouse focus by some broken javascript...03:23
mike__tapas: You could add a seperate entry for Konqueror as a web browser and a file manager to KMenu03:23
tapas[kills in the sense of "making it unusable until restarted"] 03:23
tapasmike__: they have different profiles already..03:23
tapasmike__: i just messed up the web browsing profile03:23
mike__Oh ok03:23
mike__It took me forever to figure out how to open Konqueror with a certain profile. Heh03:24
tapasmike__: oh well, i misunderstood you..03:24
=== ghita [n=ghita@gmwrkm04.ediamond.ox.ac.uk] has joined #kubuntu
tapasmike__: but all is well again :)03:24
runleveltenOoh, I must run. Someone might want to give me money \o/03:25
tapasmust run, gonna buy a velocipe03:25
mike__I just meant you could have two shortcuts to Konqueror in KMenu - one for file management, the other for web browsing.03:25
tapaslaters :)03:25
=== mike__ is running in circles
tapasmike__: yah, will look into it when i rreturn03:25
Daisuke_Idoi thought it was a mix between a velociraptor and a recipe, which had me scratching my head...03:26
mike__Is anyone here very familiar with XkbOptions?03:27
=== Gabz [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== Jack3 [n=michael@pool-71-115-240-76.spknwa.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
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twylightI have a problem03:31
mike__Go on...03:32
twylightkonversation starts up without my prompting when I log in03:33
twylightalong with a few other programs03:33
ivardid you remember to close them before you logged off?03:33
evilmmits restoring the session03:33
twylightit does this every time now03:33
mike__twylight: Even when you closed them before logging out?03:33
evilmmlook in ~/.kde/Autostart03:34
=== [GuS] [n=gdnet@] has joined #Kubuntu
Vuentwylight: kde by default restarts everything you had open when you closed it down03:35
=== Newbee [n=michael@p54BABDD6.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
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twylightbut how do I change that default03:36
Vuensystem settings -> sessions03:36
twylightI don't want it to do that03:36
Vuenyeah, i don't like it either03:36
twylightthank you so much03:36
=== gdiebel loves sessions
twylightyou just made me so happy03:37
Vuensystem settings -> advanced -> session manager -> start with an empty session03:37
twylighttruth is, I recently made the switch from windows03:37
Vuenwell, good luck. i hope it works out for ya03:38
mike__Whoa - Lag: 146 s03:38
twylightit already is03:38
twylightlag != 14603:38
twylightlag = 19203:38
=== meuhlol[away] is back.
=== meuhlol[away] is now known as meuhlol
meuhlolre all03:38
runleveltenkcontrol -> kde components -> session manager and change On Login to "Start with an empty session"03:39
meuhlolsomeone knows how to read news:alt.binairies for exemple?03:39
runlevelten^@ twylight03:39
mike__Did it go up like that for everyone, or is there something going on with my connection?03:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about lag - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi03:39
twylightI forgot I had my nick preregistered03:39
onechardmeuhlol i use pan03:41
=== DerHorst [n=Horst@e176124031.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
meuhloli tryed klibido but complicated xD and liferea sux enourmous xD03:41
Daisuke_Idomeuhlol: there's always bnr203:42
Daisuke_Idobut klibido is pretty uncomplicated by comparison03:42
=== Gabz [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolwill test pan & bnr2, thnx Daisuke_Ido & onechard03:42
meuhlolnow need to find an "free" usenet server ;) don't want my ISP news servers see me at alt.binairies or alt.hackers :p03:43
mike__Anyone here know where one might read up on XkbOptions?03:43
Daisuke_Idomeuhlol: "free" usenet server w/ binary groups?03:44
=== viviersf [n=cain@gw.impilinux.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
Daisuke_Idoyou, dear boy, are effing dreaming/03:44
Daisuke_Idothey don't exist03:44
=== martin_ [n=martin@200-204-181-95.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== vbgunz_ [n=vbgunz@217-98.127-70.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
meuhloli know, just mine isp give it, but many times it's incomplete :s03:44
runleveltenwhat's wrong with alt.hackers?03:44
meuhlolneed to re-pay giganews :p03:44
BluesKajwhat't the setting to keep tabs open in Konq , whenever I open a new site the previos one is hidden, i've tried numerous times to fix this but to no avail03:45
runleveltenapart from the *massive* kook/troll count03:45
runleveltenkoq settings > web behaviour > tabbed browsing > advanced options > open tabs in background03:46
runlevelten*konq settings too, heh03:46
mike__BluesKaj: Not sure I follow, but maybe Settings -> Configure Konqueror -> Web Behavior -> Tabbed Browsing -> Advanced Options?03:46
=== Smooph [n=Smooph@e180179248.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@adsl-pool-222.123.82-82.tttmaxnet.com] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntuhey, I'm on the kubuntu live cd,and how can I find out what sound driver is being used?03:46
runleveltentyping race!03:46
mike__runlevelten: I had a feeling you'd get that one. hehe03:47
meuhlolniaks hellanzb is good to grab :p03:47
mike__ubuntu - Alt+F2 -> kcontrol -> Sound & Multimedia -> Sound System03:47
=== roy [n=roy@p57A049DC.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
meuhlolor systemsettings :p03:48
runleveltensystem settings is weird :P03:48
=== Gabz [n=gabriel@dsl-202-173-185-172.nsw.westnet.com.au] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
BluesKajrunlevelten, mike__ ..nope it's still opening the new tab but hiding the previous one , this is annoying03:49
mike__System Settings insults the user's intelligence03:49
runleveltenit won't do if you've checked it BluesKaj03:49
twylightwhat is a decent game for someone who just abandoned microsoft?03:49
mike__BluesKaj: What do you mean "hiding" the previous one?03:49
runleveltenhave another look, you probably never clicked apply03:49
rjbsystem settings is a complete mistake - wtf is wrong with kcontrol?03:50
=== LeeJunFan_ is now known as LeeJunFan
mike__twylight: Nexuiz, OpenArena, Chromium, Briquolo... Check the Games section of getdeb.net03:50
BluesKajit drops to the panel , instead showing itself as a tab03:50
BluesKajinstead of03:50
runleveltensystem settings is like a really poor attempt at yast03:50
ubunturunlevelten: yeah03:50
runleveltenwhich rocks, except for the package manegement which novell killed.stone.dead.03:51
mike__BluesKaj: Check "Open Links in New Tab instead of New Window"03:51
runleveltenAlthough I believe they fixed it now03:51
=== Hirvinen [i=patrik@hoas-fe3ddd00-123.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajkonq keeps only one tab03:51
runleveltentoo little too late :(03:51
twylightwho here uses GLdesktop?03:51
ubunturunlevelten: they did? too late here to03:51
=== rand_acs [n=rand_acs@dsl-240-124-248.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
=== niclas_ [n=niclas@217-211-178-87-o871.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenThat stupid massive heavyweight rubbish they plugged it into made yast pm smelly.03:52
=== wolf [n=uebermwo@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenAlthough Kubuntu really makes you realise how good the SuSE KDE is, doesn't it?03:52
mike__My experience with RPM's is pretty limited, but from everything I've read, the system is pretty much inherently flawed03:52
ubunturunlevelten: oh, yeah, suse is ssweet, but then fedora is nice too03:53
hansRPM was not bad for the time, but very poor when compared to apt03:53
twylightanother question03:53
runleveltenFor instance, every single person I've known who actually *works* with KDE uses the menu finder03:53
runleveltenALL THE TIME.03:53
twylighthow do I use .deb packages?03:53
mike__BluesKaj: Try messing with the advanced options under Tabbed Browsing - something in there should get it for you03:54
Vuentwylight: right click -> kubuntu package menu -> install03:54
ubuntuwell I'm off to install03:54
SlimeyPetedpkg -i <file_name.deb>03:54
=== hoora_ [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-eb8a3fe1cbc973af] has joined #kubuntu
ubuntubye all03:54
runleveltenkatapault does not do the same thing03:54
BluesKajmike__, did that "Open Links in New Tab instead of New Window", but still drops the page down to the panel instead of opening a new tab03:54
runleveltenubuntu: have fun03:54
mike__twylight: Right-click - Kubuntu Package Menu -> Install Package03:54
mike__twylight: If that gives you errors, open Konsole and run "sudo apt-get -f install"03:54
twylightthank you03:54
runleveltenThe top option on that dialog does what you want BluesKaj.03:54
runleveltenIf you check it and press Apply, it will open new tabs in the background.03:55
=== icecruncher_ [n=jon@adsl-pool-222.123.82-82.tttmaxnet.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== dave__ [n=dave@AC8E5CB0.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
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=== dave__ is now known as Impy
mike__twylight: If you have a lot of packages in one folder you want to install, open a terminal and run these commands: "cd /path/to/packages" "sudo dpkg -i *.deb" and "sudo apt-get -f install" if you get errors03:56
=== Impy is now known as Impy^
meuhlolmaybe an "sudo" before dpkg -i <file_name.deb> xD03:56
runleveltenmike__: rpm and dpkg aren't that far apart in terms of functionality, but rpm and apt the tools are03:56
=== ramseize [n=ramseize@] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
twylightyou guys are all so helpful03:56
twylightthank you03:56
Vuenmike, twylight: DON'T do what mike__ said03:56
runleveltenOn SuSE, I tend to use apt4rpm03:56
Vuentwylight: apt-get -f is always a bad idea03:56
mike__runlevelten: I've always heard RPM's dependency handling isn't as good as that of deb's03:57
runlevelten*that should read rpm and deb the first part03:57
twylightwhat's -f do?03:57
mike__Vuen: Not if you don't follow it with a package name03:57
SlimeyPeteI like apt-get -f. It usually fixes stuff rather well, IME.03:57
meuhlol apt-get -f - force install, not great, but works xD03:57
runleveltenthere's rpm the packaging system, and rpm the tool03:57
icecruncher_ok, ubuntu on live cd ws me :)03:57
SlimeyPeteI thought -f was fix, not force03:57
runleveltenthe packaging system is actually quite good, and can work with apt03:57
runleveltenbut the tools that manage the deps and the database tend not to be as good as apt03:58
icecruncher_runlevelten: for example pclos03:58
mike__no, it's force, but if you don't follow it with a package name and the dependencies can't be appropriately handled for whatever you're trying to fix, it just removes the problematic packages and everything's fine03:58
VuenSlimeyPete, mike__: -f is force. it's virtually always a bad idea. i've been using ubuntu for two years and i've *never* had to do it.03:58
mike__That's been my experience with it, and I've used it quite extensively03:58
meuhlolSlimeyPete: dunno how is in english exactly but try to translate from french: try to follow if checking integrity is fail03:58
runleveltenalso, rpm has useful features when rolling out stuff for what gets called "enterprise environments"03:58
mike__Vuen: How do you install packages you downloaded from the web?03:58
SlimeyPeteVuen:       -f, --fix-broken03:58
SlimeyPeteVuen: ^^ from the man-page03:59
SlimeyPeteit's fix.03:59
mike__Vuen: And if you've never had to do it, how do you know it's so bad? :-P03:59
meuhlolsudo apt-get install --help ....03:59
SlimeyPeteand I've had to use it dzens of times on Debian and Ubuntu over the pat few years.03:59
VuenSlimeyPete: oh. you're right.03:59
VuenSlimeyPete: my bad. anyway --force-yes is always a bad idea.03:59
=== lee_ [n=lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
SlimeyPeteyes, I agree with that :)03:59
SlimeyPetefix good, force bad.03:59
=== mike__ concurs
mike__twylight: In other words, that series of commands I gave you is safe. ;-)04:00
runleveltenand a good idea04:00
runleveltenicecruncher_: does pclos use apt + rpm then?04:01
runleveltenoooooh sweet xD04:01
mike__I'm actually moving towards keeping all the packages I download from the web on an APTonCD repository. We'll see how that works out04:01
BluesKajI can understand why konq isn't used as a browser much ... the instructions are unclear and the settings don't seem to work as described04:01
runleveltenmike__: tis the way forward04:01
=== Ace2016 [n=ace@80-43-123-3.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenthe settings work perfectly04:02
mike__runlevelten: It's giving me one major problem so far I haven't been able to figure out04:02
=== jepan [n=jepan@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenWhat I told you to do up there ^  is what I always do to make tabs open in the background. If it didn't work, something's very wrong.04:02
runleveltenmike__: what's that?04:03
=== abe [n=kin@36-7-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajreally ...ive changed the settings and unchecked everything in tabbed browsing, just to see what it does.,  but the behaviour is exactly the same04:03
mike__It won't work with a version of qtcurve i downloaded - apt is completely unfunctional until I remove the APTonCD repository from my sources.list and apt-get update04:03
=== mindspin [n=mindspin@unaffiliated/mindspin] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenand I hate to repeat this, sorry, but are you definitely clicking apply?04:04
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@adsl-pool-222.123.82-82.tttmaxnet.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== ninghaoyu [n=ninghaoy@] has joined #kubuntu
ubotuOn IRC, if you own a nick that is currently being used, you can make it quit by typing: /msg nickserv GHOST <username> <password>04:06
=== ubuntu is now known as icecruncher
mike__I figured it might be because there are already two other versions of the package available in Trevino's repository (which is in my sources.list), but there are other versions of other packages on the CD that don't seem to cause any conflicts04:06
runleveltenwon't work with qtcurve?04:06
runleveltenand if you remove it it's fine?04:07
BluesKajrunlevelten, is there something preventing tab browsing by switching between bookmarks ?04:07
=== kane [n=kane@cpe-70-112-48-39.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenBluesKaj: Sorry, I'm not clear what you mean... could you elaborate?04:08
mike__I haven't tried that yet, going to some time today. I just started messing with APTonCD last night... But I'd imagine it would give errors about the other packages on the CD that are also in other repositories if they could be problematic04:08
mike__Could it be that the version of qtcurve on there wasn't packaged according to the Ubuntu packaging compliance guidelines?04:09
=== mouse [n=mouse@rrcs-67-53-131-233.west.biz.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenYeah, I'm thinking dodgy packages04:09
BluesKajI guess there's no automatic opening of tabs , then ... "open in new tab" has be used04:10
=== jonnyro_ [n=jonnyro@] has joined #kubuntu
=== manchicken_ is now known as manchicken
mike__BluesKaj: I'm sorry, but I'm still not sure what exact tab behavior you're going for. Could you ellaborate a little?04:11
icecruncherBluesKaj: you mean you want automatic open of new tabs?04:11
mike__BluesKaj: Do you want Konqueror to run in single window mode, more or less?04:11
=== onechard [n=chard@] has joined #kubuntu
=== linescanner_ [n=cutter@81-86-244-201.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajwhen i choose a bookmark , id like it to automatcally open in a new tab without losing the existing one , that's all04:12
runleveltenYou want open links in new tab.04:12
mike__BluesKaj: Middle-click the bookmark04:13
=== norbi [n=norbi@dsl5402CC6C.pool.t-online.hu] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajyeah, it's checked and applied04:13
runleveltenyeah, click the mousewheel not the button :)04:13
icecruncherwhat happens when you middle click a tab?04:13
icecrunchernever figured that out04:14
BluesKajright mike__ , that works, thnx :)04:14
runleveltenyou paste the last thing you highlighted, and konqueror navigates to it04:14
mike__Good chatting, everyone. G2G, peace04:14
runleveltenmiddle click pastes the last thing you highlighted with the mouse =)04:14
runleveltenlater mike__04:14
=== ScarFreewill [n=sff@] has joined #kubuntu
=== calvarez [n=Hhhhh@r82h185.res.gatech.edu] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenfast copy and paste.04:15
icecruncheryup, quite handy04:15
runleveltenCtrlC CtrlV sucks.04:15
ScarFreewilli just installed vsftpd, set the homedir for user ftp to /var/ftp its still got the default config how do i make it follow symbolic links?04:15
=== bronze [n=peder@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
icecruncherrunlevelten: ya know you can do teh highlighting in klipper as well?04:16
BluesKajctrl+C doen't wor for C & P to the terminal04:16
runleveltenYes. I always run klipper04:16
runleveltenBluesKaj: ctrl V is something else. Use shift insert04:16
runleveltenklipper is very useful, and very unobtrusive til you want it04:16
=== maus [n=maus@dslb-084-057-235-162.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #kubuntu
ScarFreewillklipper is very nice indeed04:17
runleveltenBluesKaj: that's because in a console, ^V would stuff you up04:17
=== tojaps [n=tojaps@abem86.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== bipolar [n=bflong@216-164-162-138.pa.subnet.cable.rcn.com] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajyeah , klipper and knote are useful tools04:18
runleveltenbut obviously pasting into a console with the mousewheel works better than eithert04:18
icecruncherok, how can i find out the drivers of a network card? :)04:18
icecruncherrunlevelten: wati, moousewheel works for konsole?04:18
runleveltenicecruncher: yep04:19
runleveltenicecruncher, what ones you have loaded now?04:19
icecruncherrunlevelten: ?04:19
runleveltenor what driver is needed?04:19
runlevelten@NIC driver04:19
=== junix|work [n=andrew@] has joined #kubuntu
icecruncherrunlevelten: need to find out the driver for me onboard ethernet04:20
runleveltenwhat, it's not just working?04:20
icecruncherrunlevelten: no, working, but not working on a different computer, asme specs, running opensuse :)04:21
runleveltensudo lspci | grep Eth04:22
icecruncherrunlevelten: that just gives me the name04:22
runleveltenyep. what's the name?04:23
icecruncher02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Attansic Technology Corp. L1 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter (rev b0)04:23
=== daoudi5 [n=daoudi5@] has joined #kubuntu
=== manchicken_ [n=manchkn@74-134-231-37.dhcp.insightbb.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Tonio_ [n=tonio@linagoraberri.pck.nerim.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenlsmod | grep atl104:24
=== hero [n=joe@unaffiliated/hero] has joined #kubuntu
icecruncheratl1                   36492  004:25
icecrunchermii                     6528  1 atl104:25
=== Daskreech2 [n=skreech@port0002-abm-static-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenthat's the one.04:25
icecruncheror rather atl1 3.6.49 or wahtever04:26
=== comp12 [n=comp12@host-86-106-221-137.moldtelecom.md] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenshould be with the kernel04:26
runleveltentry looking for it, then modprobe atl1 on the box where it isn't working04:27
icecruncherrunlevelten: k, well it's a older version, so taht explains it, neeed new kernel04:27
icecruncherrunlevelten: thnks04:27
runleveltennp =)04:27
=== bia [n=bia@p54BE598F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenhello bia04:28
=== leileilol [n=Hsi@c-75-68-37-174.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
biawie komm ich in den deutschen bereich04:28
=== busfahrer [n=busfahre@unixboard/user/busfahrer] has joined #kubuntu
=== manchicken_ is now known as manchicken
ubotu#ubuntu-gr  #kubuntu-gr     /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes04:29
ubotuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de04:29
heroheh, i've always wanted to do that04:30
herobieter! or however you spell it04:30
Impy^wow this is weird :o04:30
runleveltenI'm afraid I don't speak really functional Deutsch. If you're slow and careful sometimes I can follow. :)04:30
Impy^are there any sites with tutorials on how to install things? i dont understand how i install firefox ;(04:30
heroi speak piglatin like you wouldn't elievebay04:31
runleveltenclick add/remove programs, choose firefox04:31
=== arun [n=arun@nadeem2.my7star.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenwb arun04:32
Impy^ooh somethings happening :)04:32
heroImpy^: yay!04:32
Impy^cheers run hopefully this will work :$04:32
Impy^i'm a complete newbie sorry :(04:32
runleveltenImpy^: np at all :)04:32
herodon't apologize! you're in the right place.04:32
runleveltenThat's nothing to be sorry about!04:32
arunthanks runlevelten04:33
=== principo [n=principo@pD9E5FC7F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== imagine [n=imagine@modemcable050.187-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #kubuntu
=== plukin [n=Miranda@ppp-62-216-208-103.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
Impy^is firefox the best browser to use with kubuntu?04:34
runleveltenKind of subjective impy, but most people like it, yeah04:34
runleveltenI'd definitely use it if you're a newbie looking for an easy experience , it's good stuff04:35
Impy^yeah i love firefox ;)04:35
Impy^brb making a cup of tea :)04:35
runleveltenI need coffee actually04:36
=== runlevelten debates which monster munch... flamin hot or pickled onion
=== Yorokobi [n=cwilliam@unaffiliated/yorokobi] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenI wonder what sort of support staff Canonical employ. This is kind of fun =)04:38
=== runlevelten looks
=== tobias____ [n=tobias@121.80-202-223.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== calvarez [n=Hhhhh@r82h185.res.gatech.edu] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Kr4t05 [n=andrew@dsl-206-251-7-87.dsl0.crls.pa.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== blenheim [n=blenheim@217-78-203-59.ktab.customers.dnainternet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== bronze [n=fu@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmImpy^: im actually using konq...its not too bad04:41
runleveltenI use konq too and like it.04:42
runleveltenI switch JS off by default too04:42
=== toutpt [n=toutpt@LAubervilliers-151-11-41-36.w193-251.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmonly problem with konq is gmail04:42
evilmmand i just use kmail04:42
runleveltenI use kmail for gmail04:43
runleveltenhaha yeah, great minds04:43
=== drochaid_ [n=drochaid@drochaid.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmevil google people04:43
=== cat__ [n=cat@] has joined #kubuntu
=== kaltas [n=kaltas@kaltoun.tepnet.cz] has joined #kubuntu
=== pheaver [n=pweaver@] has joined #kubuntu
=== cat__ is now known as zubi
tzangerI can get my bt mouse working, but when I restart the computer, it needs to be reset and connected again... is there no way to pair devices under kubuntu>04:46
=== brendonw [n=brendonw@] has joined #kubuntu
=== tackat [n=tackat@exit.credativ.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== drochaid [n=drochaid@drochaid.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu [n=ubuntu@cus246.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu__
runleveltentzanger, did you do this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothMouse?04:49
=== notlabled [n=stian@253.62-97-228.bkkb.no] has joined #kubuntu
=== bronze [n=bronze@static226-137.adsl.no] has joined #kubuntu
HanzZheh.. does somebody know some stopwatch program which can simply count number of seconds/minutes/hours until i say STOP ?04:51
=== Frost^ [n=sweiss@] has joined #kubuntu
dewittcan you use kmail with new account or do you have to use your isp04:51
=== jepan [n=jepan@] has joined #kubuntu
=== scholle [n=scholle@p57B9C833.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
tzangerrunlevelten: hidd --search conencts it04:53
hansdewitt: you can use kmail with any number of accounts04:53
tzangerhidd --connect afterward gets "connection refused"04:53
tzangerand if I shut the mouse off, turn it on and connect I get "page timed out"04:53
dewittok thanks04:53
Impy^hi how do i go about viewing the files i have on windows through kubuntu?04:54
tzangerrunlevelten: hmm now it appears to be working a little better04:55
=== clemyeats [n=clem@setnip01.ericsson.net] has joined #kubuntu
tzangerI'll have to play with it a little04:55
arafatHanzZ: sudo apt-get install stopwatch :-)04:55
runleveltenHanzZ: there's a program called "stopwatch"...04:55
tzangernow if I could only get cups to use these printers at work... heh04:55
=== Philip5 [i=Philip@c83-253-59-197.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
HanzZlinux is so easy04:55
arafatHanzZ: sometimes it is...;-)04:55
=== admin-r2d2 [n=admin-r2@d226-117-54.home.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== onechard [n=chard@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenImpy^: hang on a second, boiling kettle =)04:56
=== admin-r2d2 is now known as cs5
=== ench0 [n=encho_@] has joined #kubuntu
=== __max_ [i=xXx@] has joined #kubuntu
=== principo [n=principo@pD9E5FC7F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
cs5Has anyone else had issues installing or upgrading to feisty. I have tried the instal with both the cd and the dvd, both failed with a freeze at 15% detecting file systems, and upgrades are not going well although it seems to be fixing the broken packages now. anyone have any ideas or help on this?04:59
=== ench0 [n=encho_@] has joined #kubuntu
Impy^hi how do i go about viewing the files i have on windows through kubuntu?04:59
=== nikkiana [n=nikkiana@c-24-34-69-166.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
SlimeyPeteImpy^: you should be able to see your windows drive in Storage Media, or in /media05:00
=== emonkey-p [n=emonkey@adsl-89-217-0-242.adslplus.ch] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmImpy^: is it iver network?05:00
=== meuhlol is away: Parti pour l'instant.
=== meuhlol is now known as meuhlol[away]
Impy^nah just one pc05:01
=== voidmage-away [n=voidmage@adsl-068-209-120-161.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenright. where were we05:01
tzangeris there a "kubuntu" way of adding mount points to /etc/fstab?  I can edit the file just fine, just trying to keep package managers/configuration managers happy05:01
runleveltentzanger: did you successfully use the connect option now?05:02
tzangerrunlevelten: no, search connected it again, connect says connection refused05:02
=== |Osiris [n=Bas@82-217-2-215.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== nova [n=benutz0r@p5481E59C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Lattyware [n=Latty@host81-154-245-64.range81-154.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== linux_ [n=linux@109.Red-83-57-226.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenimpy: do you happen to know whether your windows drive is ntfs?05:02
=== nova [n=benutz0r@p5481E59C.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== BudgetDedicated [n=BudgetDe@s5593c2e9.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #kubuntu
Impy^not a clue sorry :o05:03
=== ciacon [n=ciacon@e181046012.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltendid you look in media:/?05:03
Impy^there's things called .directory cdrom floppy05:03
runleveltennb: media:/  isn't /media05:04
runleveltenlook in both :)05:04
Impy^> /media is where im looking atm05:04
runleveltencs5 yes, there have been a lot of issues. Myself, I'd keep my home folder but install the OS from the disc as opposed to upgrading. Just my take on it.05:05
=== varga [n=varga@a1202.adsl.pool.eol.hu] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltentype media:/ into konqueror's menu bar :)05:05
=== zoohouse [n=joel@adsl-149-123-75.mia.bellsouth.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenaddress bar even, heh05:06
cs5i cant instal from the disk because of the freezing. Is there a way to instal OVER my edgy instal? without changing the partition tables?05:06
zoohouseHello everyone. I am trying to compile a file but it needs like a million dependencies. Is there a way to see all of them without having to do ./configure all the time?05:06
cs5Any reasons for the freezing that youve heard of runlevelten?05:07
runleveltentzanger: you replaced deviceaddr with what the other command spat out yeah?05:07
runleveltenhave you checked the disk cs5?05:08
runleveltensounds like it might be stuffed up05:08
cs5runlevelten: Yes, they both verified fine, and my mem test was good also05:08
Timppaany ideas why wine is grayed out in the Adept Installer?05:09
runleveltenzoohouse: looked in README and INSTALL?05:09
TeraDyne!info wine05:09
ubotuwine: Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (Binary Emulator and Library). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.33-0ubuntu1 (feisty), package size 9576 kB, installed size 44452 kB05:09
TeraDyneTimppa: you might not have the universe repository enabled.05:10
=== nikita_ [n=nik@] has joined #kubuntu
zoohouserunlevelten: yea, the INSTALL is just the general instructions05:10
=== _arafat [n=arafat@ppp-88-217-1-235.dynamic.mnet-online.de] has joined #kubuntu
TeraDyne!universe | Timppa05:11
ubotuTimppa: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu05:11
zoohouse./configure doesn't have a flag where it will test each depend first to see if you have it and then output a list of missing libs?????05:11
TimppaTeraDyne: thanks05:11
TeraDyneTimppa: No problem.05:11
=== rixon is now known as rixxon
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=== anderson [n=anderson@] has joined #kubuntu
=== kamui [n=kamui@wsip-66-210-239-81.no.no.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ceros [n=user@c-76-111-84-156.hsd1.va.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== flux__ [n=flx@c80-216-9-216.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
flux__I have installed Kubuntu but im getting nothing but a black screen when trying to boot it up, suggestions?05:14
=== rjune [n=rjune@] has joined #kubuntu
daoudi5i have some problem with my wifi carte05:15
=== drochaid [n=drochaid@drochaid.plus.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== lucho [n=lucho@] has joined #kubuntu
TeraDyneflux__: What kind of video card are you using?05:16
flux__TeraDyne its an ATI one, i know i can fix it if i can get to the terminal and edit xorg.conf from there but i cant remember how to reach it05:17
Yorokobiflux__, ctrl-alt-f1 should drop you to a terminal05:17
TeraDyneflux__: The Recovery kernel will work if that doesn't.05:18
flux__k thx gonna try05:18
evilmmanyone have an idea when i click on a .torrent file and open it in azureus instead of cacheing the torrent and opening it, azureus tries to open the url of the torrent file05:19
cs5jhutchins: are you busy right now?05:19
=== Azaraeel [n=damien@84-203-55-131.mysmart.ie] has joined #kubuntu
=== nicolas_ [n=nicolas@ras75-3-82-226-220-29.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmthis is annoying because it wont work on private trackers05:19
=== kamui [n=kamui@wsip-66-210-239-81.no.no.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
cs5evilmm can you get a magnet link for the torrent your looking for?05:20
evilmmits .torrent files on a private tracker in konq05:21
evilmmi have konq set to open with azureus05:21
=== rouzic [n=rouzic@] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmbut instead it pushes the url of the torrent to it05:21
cs5try adding the url of the torrent directly into azureus and see if it grabs it and caches it properly. Konq I have no idea about.Sry05:21
evilmmwell, it says 404 because its not logged in05:22
cs5been using the ktorrent with encryption on and it seems to work great05:22
cs5404 not found.05:22
=== NetersLandreau [n=niles@7.sub-70-223-100.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
cs5I am lost as you, if you want i'll try to grab the same torrent and try it with my setup to verify it05:23
=== replman6669 [n=Miranda@HSI-KBW-085-216-072-221.hsi.kabelbw.de] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmlol private tracker05:24
=== publico [n=publico@bl10-54-219.dsl.telepac.pt] has joined #kubuntu
=== dave__ [n=dave@AC8E5CB0.ipt.aol.com] has joined #kubuntu
cs5lol, yes true05:24
=== odissea [n=ilianahp@] has joined #kubuntu
=== garklein_13 [n=sk@h163.227.40.162.ip.alltel.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== garklein_13 [n=sk@h163.227.40.162.ip.alltel.net] has left #kubuntu []
=== t2 [n=t2@] has joined #kubuntu
evilmmsorry but its oink and im not willing to risk it05:25
=== r00t_ [n=r00t@199-2-58-32.dsl.dynamic.uninets.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== sebastian__ [n=sebastia@] has joined #kubuntu
r00t_hi im trying to setup kbfx with this howto:http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76746 but when i get to:./configure --prefix=/usr05:27
r00t_r00t@63-164-27-250:~/Desktop/kbfx-$ ./configure --prefix=/usr05:27
r00t_bash: ./configure: No such file or directory05:27
r00t_what am i doing wrong?or does anyone have/can make a .deb?05:28
r00t_^for feisty amd64?05:28
runleveltenhi r00t_ - do you need to go one directory deeper?05:30
r00t_im not sure05:31
=== pointwood [n=pointwoo@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenwhat's the output of ls in that directory?05:32
r00t_build.sh        configdialog  images kbfx.ebuild.in  kbfx.spec.in        plugins  srcCMakeLists.txt  config.h.in   kbfx-  kbfxlib  kbfx-svn.ebuild.in  po       strigi-0.3.11.ebuild makemodules    doc kbfx-9999.ebuild kbfx.spec       patches  skin05:32
=== GrueTamer [n=tg@CPE-72-133-203-78.wi.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== nanarth [n=nanarth@AStrasbourg-253-1-33-96.w86-213.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKaj!Pasterbin | r00t_,05:33
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pasterbin - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:33
BluesKaj!Pastebin | r00t_,05:33
ubotur00t_,: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)05:33
Timppahmm I checked the repositories and wine is still grayed out :/05:33
r00t_sorry BluesKaj,how many lines are okay at once?05:33
runleveltenkbfx is in universe innit?05:34
runleveltensudo apt-get install kbfx05:34
r00t_it is?05:34
=== apteekki [n=apteekki@vallila-gw.hupnet.helsinki.fi] has joined #kubuntu
runlevelten!kbfx | r00t_05:34
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kbfx - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi05:34
r00t_just apt-got it05:34
=== _Iamda [n=_Iamda@tx-76-6-81-107.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #kubuntu
BluesKajr00t_, maybe 205:34
=== stdin_ [i=stdin@82-37-240-159.cable.ubr07.smal.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
r00t_thanks for some reason i didint even think of that,i saw the guide and just started following it05:35
=== dave__ is now known as Impy^
Impy^how come when i try run certain things it askes me for a kdewallet password?05:35
runlevelten np05:36
runleveltenrun certain things?05:36
runleveltenlike as in programs?05:36
NovellImpy^: you got passwords stored in kwallet for it ?05:36
runleveltenoh well kopete - that's to get at your stored passwords05:36
Impy^is there a site with lots of infomation and tutorials on?05:36
TeraDyneTimppa: are you using Adept or the Add\Remove Programs option?05:36
runleveltenkwallet is absolutely excellent05:36
Impy^what isk kwallet? :o05:36
runleveltenIt's your encrypted password store05:37
Impy^ahh k :)05:37
runlevelten...and you can use it to carry your automatic logins to new systems, or to read old passwords you've forgotten etc05:37
runleveltenway cool.05:38
Impy^ahh :)05:38
=== darktears [n=darktear@lan31-6-82-238-147-227.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
Impy^i don't want it to remember passwords ;o05:38
Impy^sorry i'm really new to this :/05:38
=== dirk_ [n=dirk@cc955125-a.groni1.gr.home.nl] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenNo probs. Before I say this, I should say it's quite safe, and it seems to end up invaluable for end users05:39
SlimeyPetewe were all newbies once05:39
SlimeyPetehell, every day I learn something new05:39
=== Novell hugs kwallet
=== dirk_ is now known as schoappied
=== OOD [n=OOD@dsl-140-137.aei.ca] has joined #kubuntu
Timppaah I forgot to update apt-get, now it works :)05:40
runleveltenbut you can disable kwallet by running kwalletmanager05:40
Impy^i think my dad installed this with the live cd is there a better version to get?05:40
TeraDyneTimppa: Good to know you figured it out.05:40
runleveltenIt's probably in the K menu, but kubuntu insists on using the broken kmenu without the finder, so I can't see it.05:40
runleveltenImpy^: should be fine05:41
=== t2 [n=t2@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenImpy^: type alt F2 kwalletmanager05:41
BluesKajNovell, someone here told me kwallet is " evil " ...why is that , because it's a PITA or .... ?05:41
cs5could a video card issue cause a freeze in the instal of feisty?05:41
NovellBluesKaj: I don't dint it being a PITA or evil at all05:42
Impy^ahh awesome cheers run :)05:42
runleveltenNovell, could you fix the kmenu? :P05:42
SlimeyPetecs5: have you tried the alternate install cd?05:42
Novellrunlevelten: nothing wrong with it05:42
=== gumjo [n=ashtar@CPE00032f390ded-CM0011e67bbf01.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenYou're not the Novell I know :P05:43
Novellrunlevelten: I'm the only one on freenode05:43
cs5smileypete: not yet. I have tried the live/install cd and dvd and have upgraded alot already, but i just came into a problem with my monitors so im thinking incompatibility somewhere05:43
Novell(registered nick)05:43
runleveltenNovell: Never mind...05:44
=== runlevelten sighs
TeraDynerunlevelten: Referenece to SuSE?05:45
AzaraeelHey guys, I have Juk, But when I try to play any music nothing happens :/ I use Amarok to, And everything works fine on that, Any got any ideas? Help would be much appricated :)05:45
=== comp11 [n=comp11@host-86-106-221-137.moldtelecom.md] has joined #kubuntu
=== comp11 is now known as SERII
runleveltengives TeraDyne ten points =)05:46
=== runlevelten gives TeraDyne ten points also =)
TeraDyneXD Nice.05:46
=== chakal^-^ [n=c@] has joined #kubuntu
Novellrunlevelten: I can't express how old that's getting05:46
=== TeraDyne goes off to register a launchpad account...
=== chakal^-^ [n=c@] has left #kubuntu ["Saliendo"]
TeraDyneNovell: Well, you decided on using the nick...05:47
runleveltenYeah, that's what I thought.05:47
NovellTeraDyne: like 10 years ago05:48
=== rorich [i=rorich@gateway/tor/x-eb8f7961957794b7] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenMaybe it's that whole "registered trademark of the SuSE-makin'-type company for a nick" thing..05:48
=== [4K^Javax] [n=javax@83.Red-81-36-194.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
rorichin the kde taskbar it's very hard for me to find konqueror because it doesn't use its icon, but always another icon (favicon) and a site's name, which is very disturbing and confusing. how can i force konqueror show ITS FUCKING OWN ICON? please help me, i am very frustrated!05:49
runleveltenHeh - ten years ago I was working with NetWare servers. Memories...05:49
runleveltenwell, 12 :P05:49
=== tmske_ [n=thomas@dD5763506.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu
=== pierre_ [n=pierre@c80-216-9-216.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #kubuntu
pierre_i accidently removes all my panels, is there a way to restore them to default_05:52
runleveltenrorich: do you know, I don't actually know.05:52
=== runlevelten has a root around to see :)
=== sy135 [n=sy135@p549EF642.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
Minataku10 years ago I was still using Windows05:52
=== lucek [n=lucek@abzo221.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
=== srastin__ [n=srastin@pool-72-94-99-83.phlapa.east.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== aaroncampbell [n=aaroncam@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Authority [n=whardin@chewy2.dalsemi.com] has joined #kubuntu
rorichrunlevelten: what do you mean "do you know, i don't actually know"? or does the key stand in the comma?05:54
runleveltenIf it makes no sense to you, ignore the part before the comma :)05:54
runleveltensplit(',')[1:] 05:55
=== shadowhywind [n=shadowhy@user-0c93gca.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== sweettooth [n=gordon@i-83-67-130-90.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== markrian [n=markrian@82-68-11-182.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
shadowhywindHi all, werid problem here. I can not ping from one linux box to the other. I get a unknown host error anyone have any problems?05:56
=== sagar [n=sagar@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenping the IP address - does it work?05:58
cs5anyone help with this error: The X Server does not support the XRandR extension.  Runtime resolution changes to the display size are not available.05:59
Minatakushadowhywind: Check the firewall rules along the route05:59
cs5it happened after upgrading my dapper to edgy05:59
shadowhywindMinataku there is no firewall on eather computers05:59
Minatakushadowhywind: Then suspect the firewall in the router05:59
shadowhywindand runlevelten pinging the IP address work05:59
Minatakushadowhywind: You don't have DNS06:00
runleveltenright, and this is on a local lan right? So pinging google.com works yeah?06:00
markrianIs there a supported (recommended) way of upgrading a system without having X installed? i.e., a server. I don't want to have to install X just to upgrade the system.06:00
runleveltennot necessarily Minataku06:00
r00t_grrr so now i have kbfx installed but i dont know how to load it?06:00
runleveltenshadowhywind: pinging google.com works?06:00
Minatakurunlevelten: I'm assuming it's on a LAN06:00
shadowhywindrunlevelten yes06:00
MinatakuYeah, he lacks DNS for LAN machines06:00
runleveltenright, sudo nano /etc/hosts and add an entry for your other linux box06:01
shadowhywindalso don't know why, but when windows pings the one box, with the host name it works06:01
runleveltenshadowhywind: yep, it will do.06:01
=== Azaraeel [n=damien@84-203-55-131.mysmart.ie] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltendo this: sudo nano /etc/hosts06:01
r00t_if i have no menu bars/nothing on my desktop to right click on to add a menu how would i add one?06:01
shadowhywindwhat would the /etc/hosts line i should add look like?06:01
jugheadwhat is the keyboard shortcut to switch between desktops in KDE?  I thought is was ctl+alt+pgup/dn but it's not working06:02
runleveltenadd a line like this:06:02
runlevelten22.33.44.55  myhostname06:02
=== butterfree [n=gary@user-54410001.l5.c4.dsl.pol.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
tzangeris the kontact news summary plugin available anywhere?  I can't seem to locate it06:02
tzangerI have knews in kontact on the left panel but I can't get the summary plugin to show up06:03
MinatakuYou can also add in any alternative names for the system after that06:03
runleveltenit's usually ctrl+tab, but I think I might have had to set that myself on this kubuntu setup06:03
shadowhywindok, on boxA i have a line saying boxA06:03
shadowhywindand boxB i have a line saying boxB06:03
shadowhywinddo i have to add a line on boxA with boxB's ip and hostname?06:04
Minatakushadowhywind: One of those boxes is the current machine, correct?06:04
MinatakuIf so, add it's name to the line prefixed with
MinatakuAnd remove it's own line06:04
Yorokobishadowhywind, yes, boxA should have an entry for boxB and vice versa06:04
MinatakuNo need to route stuff intended for the local machine through the LAN06:05
shadowhywindalso on one of the files, I have two lines for (one with localhost and one with boxA) is that normal?06:05
Yorokobido NOT remove the line referring to itself, though06:05
Minatakushadowhywind: That's fine too06:05
MinatakuYou can assign multiple names to one machine, either on one line or multiple06:05
=== bobesponja [n=bobespon@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenshadowhywind: now ensure all machines on your lan have the appropriate entries in their /etc/hosts :)06:06
=== roconnor [n=roconnor@vhe-540354.sshn.net] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuNow, pinging boxA will ping, as will pinging localhost06:06
shadowhywindso on boxA i have three lines, localhost, boxA and boxA you suggest i but a fourth line with boxB?06:06
runleveltensave and pinging works, assuming your machines answer pings06:06
runleveltendoes it work?06:06
Minatakushadowhywind: No, change the boxA line to the boxB line06:06
runleveltenshadowhywind: localhost boxA  will do06:06
MinatakuAnd that's it06:06
shadowhywindalso here is a werid thing on boxB. I have a boxB06:07
runlevelten127.0.0.1 localhost boxa boxb06:07
shadowhywindshould i change that to sense the localhost is
runlevelten(with a newline before 192.2.5)06:07
runleveltenshadowhywind: ^06:07
=== onechard [n=chard@] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuHuh... whaddya know, it's not case sensitive06:08
MinatakuSorry, doing my own research into it06:08
runleveltenIt's all treated as lower case ;)06:08
=== _Extrapan [n=Extrapan@aalk135.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenwell, there's no distinction really, but the canonicall wossname is lower case06:08
shadowhywindok thanks! that ended up fixing it06:08
Minatakurunlevelten: Well, it'll report the name in the exact case in hosts06:09
cs5Holy Shit. Can anyone please help me figure this out before i do my 4th reinstall06:09
MinatakuBut you can specify it in any case06:09
ubotuPlease watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.06:09
=== alveola [n=alveola@] has joined #kubuntu
r00t_hi i have no panels on my desktop how do i add one?06:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about panels - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about panel - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:09
MinatakuUseful only 25% of the time :P06:09
PriceChild!xconfig | cs506:09
ubotucs5: To reconfigure your X server, open a console and type  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  - To configure only the driver and resolution, type  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh  - See also !FixRes06:09
cs5broken or not fully installed06:10
cs5tried to instal cant access lock06:10
ubotuIf Adept crashed on you and your database is locked, try this in konsole:  sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a 06:10
cs5no output06:11
MinatakuThe lock is clear06:11
r00t_would there be some sort of CL thing i could do with kicker to add a panel?any panel at all?06:11
ubotuTo reconfigure your X server, open a console and type  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  - To configure only the driver and resolution, type  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh  - See also !FixRes06:11
MinatakuNow that06:11
runleveltenright click, panel menu, add panel06:12
=== Daskreech2 [n=skreech@port0002-abm-static-adsl.cwjamaica.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
cs5get this...../usr/sbin/dpkg-reconfigure: xserver-xorg is broken or not fully installed06:12
MinatakuThere we go06:12
MinatakuPurge it and reinstall from scratch06:12
MinatakuJUST X06:13
MinatakuNot Kubuntu06:13
cs5lol, whew06:13
MinatakuSorry XD06:13
r00t_whats 256mb in kb?06:13
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
Minatakur00t_: 256*102406:13
runleveltenright, on the konqueror taskbar icon thing...06:13
=== eean [i=iam504@amarok/developer/eean] has joined #kubuntu
r00t_Minataku: whats the *?06:13
eeanwhen I tried to install flashplugin-nonfree, it complained of a md5sum mismatch and aborted06:14
runleveltenI think that if you disable favicon fetching in konqueror, it will have to use the konqueror icon as the titlebar icon (which is what taskbar uses)06:14
MinatakuOn a calculator it's the button with the "x"06:14
=== jonnylinuxnerd [n=jonathan@79-72-102-161.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== jonnylinuxnerd [n=jonathan@79-72-102-161.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== sagar is now known as sagar__
=== mariano [n=mariano@] has joined #kubuntu
Minatakucs5: No problem06:15
MinatakuProbably when you first tried to install X11, something broke and it failed06:15
MinatakuWhich is why xrandr (and probably some other crap, too) was missing06:15
cs5well, im off to try this....06:16
Impy^you can't copy and paste in the terminal can you? :06:16
MinatakuImpy^: You can06:16
MinatakuVT or xterm?06:16
MinatakuBecause if it's a VT then you need GPM06:16
Impy^$ ls06:17
MinatakuIf it's an xterm then it's the same as any other copypasta06:17
Impy^i dunno :S06:17
runleveltento get konqueror app icons in the taskbar:06:17
Impy^im trying to get flash working in firefox :o06:17
MinatakuImpy^: KDE uses Konsole06:17
MinatakuNot xterm06:17
Impy^i got konsole open atm06:17
MinatakuBut they provide the same functionality06:17
Impy^http://kubuntu101.blogspot.com/2005/11/installing-macromedia-flash-player.html i got to stage 5 :o06:18
MinatakuImpy^: Then yeah, copy/pasting is just like c/p in any other X11 app06:18
=== _aib [n=aib@71-212-133-123.hlrn.qwest.net] has joined #kubuntu
YorokobiMinataku, in konsole: echo $TERM06:18
MinatakuI don't use KDE06:18
MinatakuI don't even use Kubuntu06:18
Yorokobiah, well, $TERM is xterm in konsole06:18
MinatakuI'm a Gentoo user, but I like to help out06:19
=== Yorokobi is using fluxbox
MinatakuSame :D06:19
Impy^so any ideas what i can do? :(06:19
=== TeraDyne is actually using KDE on Kubuntu
=== PatrickWst [n=Patrick@AMarseille-256-1-27-132.w86-219.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenOpen the file .kde/share/config/konquerorrc, go to [HTML Settings]  and add EnableFavicon=false06:19
=== joelliot [n=SGAS@] has joined #kubuntu
MinatakuImpy^: I assume you're trying to do this in Konq06:19
MinatakuTo which I suggest using Firefox instead06:19
Impy^nah with firefox06:19
runleveltenrorich: then clear your cache and the taskbar should use the konqueror icon for konqueror instances06:20
MinatakuImpy^: What can you do? Step 6 would be a good plan. :306:20
=== mariano [n=mariano@] has joined #kubuntu
cs5minataku: could you take a look at this....http://pastebin.com/m2da707ca06:20
=== joelliot [n=SGAS@] has left #kubuntu []
Impy^what about step 506:20
cs5i have a very broken system06:20
Impy^when i try type $ ls i get an error06:21
Minatakucs5: What did you type to get that?06:21
NovellImpy^: don't include the $06:21
Impy^i haven't06:21
Minataku$ is the shell prompt06:21
MinatakuIn that case, what error?06:21
Impy^i tried just ls06:21
=== rixxon [n=dag@ua-83-227-136-253.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
cs5sudo apt-get install update-manager06:22
Minatakucs5: I thought you were reinstalling X1106:22
cs5i was going to but i get the same type errors with every command06:22
=== freechelmi_ [n=freechel@peh13-1-82-235-100-231.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
runlevelten"KDE uses Konsole". It's not compulsory....06:22
cs5lol, i sec i typed x-11 when looking06:23
=== runlevelten 's KDE quite often uses rxvt, yakuake, or gnome-terminal
cs5coundn't find package x06:23
Minatakucs5: Try " apt-get -f install xserver-xorg "06:23
Impy^ahh i got the ls thing working i think06:23
MinatakuWhich should forcibly install xserver-xorg06:23
=== mark_ [n=mark@] has joined #kubuntu
cs5not root....06:23
MinatakuRight, sudo first06:24
MinatakuThen what I said06:24
=== pag [n=pavel@cs181123122.pp.htv.fi] has joined #kubuntu
Minatakucs5: " sudo apt-get -f install xserver-xorg "06:24
cs5pastebinning the results06:25
=== aserafini [n=aserafin@host154-98-static.184-194-b.business.telecomitalia.it] has joined #kubuntu
=== veronica [n=veronica@] has joined #kubuntu
Minatakucs5: Yeah, try just " sudo apt-get -f install "06:26
MinatakuLet apt-get fix itself up06:26
cs53 to instal06:26
=== gdiebel [n=gdiebel@adsl-69-217-146-185.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net] has joined #kubuntu
Minataku"Simplified package management" my ass06:27
cs5no doubt06:27
MinatakuGentoo is easier than this crap06:27
=== ke- [n=kenneth@port272.ds1-aboes.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu
=== alie [n=alie@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ksz2005 [n=ksz2005@84-235-52-159.dsl.saudi.net.sa] has joined #kubuntu
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aliehai all06:31
cs5minataku: is there a way to verify if everything is good now that i am back at a prompt?06:31
evilmmgentoo = waiting for compiling06:31
Minatakucs5: If it didn't bitch and moan... everything is good06:32
cs5ok, ty again06:32
MinatakuTry reinstalling X now if it didn't already06:32
Minatakuevilmm: Not at all06:32
MinatakuSet a compile in motion, do other things06:32
MinatakuEspecially with an RT-PREEMPT kernel06:32
cs5doing it now06:32
evilmmi dunno i used sabayon for a while06:33
MinatakuLow-latency desktop with real-time preempt, so slick06:33
evilmmwhen updates take an hr to comile im sorry but no06:33
MinatakuLike turning a uniprocessor machine into multiprocessor06:33
=== duns_s [n=duns_s@mnhm-590c120b.pool.einsundeins.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== tom_ [n=tom@tux.kernelpanic.fr] has joined #kubuntu
Impy^aha awesome got flash installed cheers for the help everyone :D06:37
=== Chairman_Wow [n=Chairman@static-87-79-239-65.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== nikita_ [n=nik@] has joined #kubuntu
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Impy^now i gotta try access my files on windows:)06:40
=== Pupeno [n=Pupeno@cl-241.dub-01.ie.sixxs.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Pensacola [n=pensacol@] has joined #kubuntu
=== ArtMoonik [n=artmooni@mar92-3-82-66-233-126.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== cs5 [n=admin-r2@d226-117-54.home.cgocable.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== shuyeb [n=shuyeb@82-36-32-154.cable.ubr03.smal.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== shuyeb is now known as kubuntu
kubuntugot prblem here guys06:47
runleveltenHello shuyeb/kubuntu06:47
kubuntui cant play any videos on youtube06:47
=== Frost^ [n=sweiss@] has joined #kubuntu
=== mateus [n=mateus@] has joined #kubuntu
=== crube [n=crube@hoas-fe2cdd00-190.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #kubuntu
kubuntuits asking me to install flash player06:48
cs5minataku: it installed xserver and my monitors are both on now but i still can't fix resolution issues. Im in clone mode and the res is too high, i am scrolling around the screen but i can change it06:48
=== mateus is now known as mateus_
Minatakucs5: Still no xrandr !?06:49
=== mateus_ is now known as mateus
runleveltenso install it...06:49
=== __max_ is now known as _max_
pagkubuntu, well do you have a Flash Player installed?06:49
ubotuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type  sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart  in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: http://help.ubuntu.com/community/FixVideoResolutionHowto06:49
MinatakuTry that06:49
MinatakuAt the very least, set it to be correct on X11 start06:49
pagkubuntu, install flashplugin-nonfree from the multiverse06:49
cs5cant find package x11 when i try to instal it.06:50
runleveltenI thought there was a flash installer through firefox now?06:51
runleveltenWas that another distro?06:51
cs5ill read up more and see what i can find06:51
kubuntuim uusing opera06:51
pagcs5, iirc it's called xserver-xorg06:51
cs5oh ok, so thats what i installed , so now to configure then, right?06:52
pagkubuntu, you still have to have Flash installed, if you want to run it - there's quite little differences in browsers06:52
excitatoryrunlevelten: you can do either.06:52
=== xardias [n=xardias@xdsl-87-78-233-186.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenI use konqueror. Still install flash through a mozilla browser though06:52
pagcs5, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  ?06:53
evilmmholy shit katapult searches my amarok library if i start typing the song06:53
pagrunlevelten, I'm not sure, I've always installed it through the repos.06:53
cs5im half through it, I may need your help setting up my other head after though, if its ok.06:53
pagevilmm, yes, yes it does...06:54
=== diogo_ [n=diogopam@] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenI dislike katapult. It doesn't expand menus and stuff.06:54
kubuntuERROR: Your home directory does not have a Mozilla, SeaMonkey or Firefox06:54
kubuntu       browser user directory. Run one of these browsers at least onc06:54
Yorokobics5, nVidia or ATI?06:54
=== sigve [n=sigve@124.80-202-216.nextgentel.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenYep. That's why I install with firefox :)06:55
=== niclas_ [n=niclas@217-211-178-87-o871.telia.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== niclas_ [n=niclas@217-211-178-87-o871.telia.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
=== jono [i=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #kubuntu
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cs5ati all-in-wonder 9600 series06:56
=== brad_ [n=brad@c-24-18-99-224.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenI'm finding it hard to work out why adept is preferred06:57
Daisuke_Idocs5: let's skip the intermediate steps and go straight to you slamming your head into the wall repeatedly while locked in a rubber room06:57
runleveltenIt's very unstable, synaptic is much better.06:57
=== elad [n=elad@] has joined #kubuntu
Yorokobirunlevelten, I'm with you there.06:57
=== zombielion [n=zombieli@221-109.35-65.tampabay.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== Yorokobi is still a dselect fan
runleveltenI've always run synaptic with KDE if I want an apt GUI06:57
Daisuke_Idooh yeah, i definitely prefer synaptic06:58
=== SSJ_GZ [n=SSJ@host-84-9-146-142.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenwell, not "always", but for like 7 years or somethig06:58
cs5daisuke_ido: are you saying this is a lost cause with this card06:58
evilmmwho needs gui's06:58
evilmmaptitude serves me well06:58
runleveltenSometimes I want a GUI - for instance if someone unfamiliar with it is giong to be installing packages on the machine06:59
=== Slyboots [n=Slyboots@82-41-5-2.cable.ubr01.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
=== pCarsten [n=carsten@cpe.atm2-0-1041036.0x50c74d26.kjnxx3.customer.tele.dk] has joined #kubuntu
runleveltenaptitude is a gui anyway :P07:01
stdinbut it's not graphical07:01
runleveltenwhat is it, audio?07:01
stdinit's a TUI :)07:01
heroaptitude is not a gui07:01
heroit's command line07:01
stdinText User Interface07:01
evilmmwell i dont just run aptitude actually07:01
heromaybe you're thinking of adept07:01
heroor synaptic07:01
evilmmjust aptitide install/remove/search07:01
runleveltenNo, it's a GUI. It might be an ncurses GUI, but it's a GUI07:01
Daisuke_Idohero: aptitude is certainly GUI07:02
runleveltenjust like text mode yast07:02
Daisuke_Idojust because it doesn't have fancy graphics...07:02
evilmmhandles dependecies better then apt-get07:02
Slybootsaptitude is a ncurses..07:02
heroi've always run aptitude on the command line07:02
evilmmor so i was taught07:02
heroand there is no "gui" version07:02
Daisuke_Idohero: go type aptitude07:02
Yorokobihero, try just 'aptitude'07:02
heroyep, i did07:03
evilmmdepends on if you think its graphical or guided user interface :-p07:03
Daisuke_Idoand stop making yourself look like a complete ass.07:03
cs5honestly, am i screwed without a different card, because i just setup the whole xserver and still get XrandR extension not supported07:03
heroDaisuke_Ido: the program exists on my machine. it's NOT graphical.07:03
Daisuke_Idois there a menu at the top?07:03
heroyou're thinking of something else07:03
Daisuke_Idocouple panes07:03
Daisuke_Idotop and bottom pane07:03
heroyou're thinking of synaptic.07:03
herowho's the ass now?07:03
Daisuke_Idono, i'm not, you idiot.07:03
cs5easy fella's07:03
runleveltenwoa there, hehe07:04
stdinncurces isn't graphical, it's all text. but it really depends on what you call graphical anyway07:04
evilmmlol i didnt know i was gonna start a gang war in here07:04
cs5no war here. good help so far. we are all in here for a reason that is aside of war07:04
heroconsole-based: apt-get, aptitude; graphical-based: adept, synapic07:04
=== Daisuke_Ido slaps hero
cs5debates are always helpful to learn by though07:05
=== Yorokobi prefers 8x16 graphic cells for rendering text
evilmmnot when you call people idiots07:05
stdintho it should be in -ot07:05
Daisuke_Idoaptitude is a gui, whether you accept it or not07:05
heroDaisuke_Ido: ok, if you *really* think aptitude is graphical, then upload an image that proves that.07:05
=== evilmm prefers index cards
runleveltenOK, well let's settle with "Aptitude is a cursor driven front-end where instead of typing what you want, you move a cursor around and choose options from a menu"07:05
onechardi'll buy that07:06
cs5me too07:06
heroi still think you've got that mixed up with some other program07:06
dwidmannalright, I've got an interesting one if anyone feels they know the answer. What would cause this kernel error: "17.9704331 ..MP-BIOS bug: 8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC". I'm assume passing an option in at boot would fix it, any ideas which one would?07:06
runlevelten...and a good percentage of the interface is dedicated to display of non-text shapes and colours that do nothing but delineate the interface features.07:06
Yorokobihero, it is a matter of semantics. One a purely technical level, text _is_ graphics.07:07
runlevelteninstead of calling them graphics :)07:07
Daisuke_Idothat *is* a gui07:07
Daisuke_Idoa primitive gui07:07
Daisuke_Idobut a gui.07:07
pagdwidmann, hmm.. noapic?07:07
herowhat a waste of time. arguing over a word.07:07
Daisuke_Idoyou started this07:07
cs5is there help for me?07:07
heroand that looks like dselect, not aptitude07:07
stdindwidmann: bad bios maybe? try the options " noapic pci=noapic"07:07
dwidmannpag: 'twas what I was thinking, just probing for a second opinion.  I'll tell him to try that one first07:08
Yorokobidwidmann, did you get a kernel oops?07:08
dwidmannstdin: I'll note that also07:08
=== pauljw [n=paul@pool120.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #kubuntu
stdindwidmann: I have to do "noapic nolapic pci=noacpi acpi=off" to get my hp server to boot07:08
dwidmannYorokobi: wasn't me. Someone else. But that's the full extent of the error, it just hangs there, right off the bat.07:08
dwidmannstdin: wow, quite a few of 'em07:08
Yorokobidwidmann, try the noacpi options (make sure it is spelled correctly :)07:09
stdinsome manufacturers make buggy bios's07:09
=== docta_v [i=1400@apocalypse.OCF.Berkeley.EDU] has joined #kubuntu
dwidmannstdin: indeed07:09
heroyou should have qualified what you meant by gui07:09
Daisuke_Idoand i'm done with this.07:09
heroi understand gui to be a program meant to run in a graphical environment07:09
heronot in a console07:09
Daisuke_Idoyou're wrong.07:09
runleveltenthen you're wrong :)07:09
Daisuke_Idoend of story, time to ignore.07:10
=== kubuntu is now known as kubunturun-mozil
herothat is the general understanding of it07:10
kubunturun-mozilrun-mozilla.sh: Cannot execute .07:10
docta_vis there a debian/ubuntu equivalent of a driver update disk? my system has a controller that i need to load a driver for in order to install the OS... just wondering what the procedure is for that07:10
runleveltenaptitude is borderline WIMP to be honest =)07:10
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heromaybe not to coders, but the general public07:10
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kubunturun-mozilla.sh: Cannot execute .07:10
kubuntuim getting that message07:10
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runleveltenit has a mouse driven interface with menus, and most of the output is there to create graphics :)07:11
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Yorokobidocta_v, no. Linux doesn't use that. The install kernels are built to accomodate as much hardware as possible.07:11
runleveltenthe differentiation between GUI toolkits and $OTHER isn't really hard and fast hero :)07:11
runleveltenyou can make a GUI without X07:11
heroor i wouldn't have been called an "ass"07:11
onechardalso probably depends on your age runlrvrl :-007:11
herothanks for being so welcoming and friendly, btw, Daisuke_Ido07:12
sweettoothhi can anyone familiar with gimp provide some links for tutorials? i have been using photoshop in xp but now trying to learn gimp in kubuntu07:12
stdinugg, this channel is looking more like #ubuntu now07:12
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r00t_runlevelten: what do you use instead of aptitude in a cli?07:12
ubotugimp is an advanced image manipulation application for Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.07:12
Yorokobir00t_, dselect07:12
runleveltenHey, maybe Daisuke_Ido is just having a bad day :\07:12
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herobetter than the debate over the existence of god, often had in ##linux07:12
r00t_sweettooth: ^^^07:12
TeraDynestdin: ? I've been away... "trying" to order a dell computer for a friend...07:12
runleveltenI use apt07:12
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sweettoothr00t_, lol i've been there and its didn't seem to helpful07:13
runleveltenand occasionally other tools, obviously, heh07:13
sweettoothr00t_, but thx for the suggestion ;)07:13
stdinTeraDyne: the "discussions" people have often turn to arguments in #ubuntu, same thing happening here07:13
TeraDynestdin: Ok... What did I miss? *scrolls up*07:14
herostdin: it's never happened to me before just now.07:14
heroand i've never seen it here before07:14
heroso mea culpa07:14
stdinI've seen it a few times07:14
stdinand personal attacks are not good07:14
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dwidmannoh, and here's the thread I was speaking of a few minutes ago if anyone wants to add anything - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3008184#post300818407:15
runleveltenTo be fair I think just one person got a bit carried away07:15
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cs5when you cram as much technical knowledge into a brain its social structure tends to suffer, we must all be aware of the intentional hurt we inflict07:15
stdinrunlevelten: that's no excuse if others follow suit07:15
runleveltenhero: I hope you didn't think I was being hostile too07:15
runleveltenstdin: I don't think anyone did07:15
dwidmanncs5: on whom?07:15
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cs5i was not enabling it, we must control ourselves07:15
herorunlevelten: nah, i don't care that much about it anymore07:16
stdin"lead by example" < motto of the day07:16
cs5on anyone we choose to call names because we are angry at a difference in opinion07:16
cs5opinions are like assholes everyone has one...07:16
dwidmanncs5: but differences in opinion are punishable by death!07:16
cs5not in mY country07:16
cs5I hope07:16
TeraDynecs5: American?07:17
heronot yet at least heh07:17
dwidmannWhat about in your own, deluded, little world that exists only inside your head (assuming you have that ... I hope I'm not alone here :D)07:17
cs5Americans punish differences of opinions in far worse ways than death07:17
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dustinhah, it's not that bad07:17
cs5war is bad for everyone07:18
TeraDynecs5: Not in my state.07:18
cs5Good to hear07:18
dustini will openly insult and deride the current administration and they don't kill me07:18
runleveltenOh God, do we need to go there?07:18
stdin*cough* -ot *couch*07:18
dwidmanncs5: example of the worse ways than death (shouldn't be hard find some, I just want to hear what you have in mind)07:18
TeraDynestdin: too late for that...07:18
runleveltenGreat, torrential rain :(07:18
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stdinTeraDyne: it's only the 2nd time I have said it :p07:19
cs5I believe the current crisis overseas would suffice as a huge example of what a difference of opinion can end up being07:19
dwidmanndustin: yeah, just don't say you're going to kill them or some such anywhere online that isn't encrypted, even as a joke, or you'll have the FBI at your doorstep.07:19
runleveltenOh, and now a network printer has stopped working.07:19
=== runlevelten kicks it
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dwidmanncs5: could be worse, could be like the middle east.07:19
runleveltenAh, that's better.07:19
evilmmspeaking of bullshit i just read a 2pg article in playboy on net neutrality while i was on the shitter...like 95% of people that read that mag are really gonna give a fuck07:19
dustinyeah, i'm not making death threats07:20
stdin!language  | evilmm07:20
dustinbut i call them stupid a lot07:20
Pricey!ohmy | evilmm07:20
ubotuevilmm: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.07:20
TeraDyne!ohmy | evilmm07:20
herooh my, look at all the bangs07:20
dustini think us nerds probably read playboy the most ;)07:20
dwidmanndustin: yeah, just saying so. Think that happened to someone on lj or some such. I heard about it a year or more ago.07:20
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!07:20
herowhat would you do without that bot :P07:21
stdintype in in manually07:21
runleveltenevilmm: considering the primary activity of people whilst reading playboy, there's a good chance it'll reach a few politicians and corporate executives.07:21
TeraDyneThat offtopic should be rewritten  to point to #ubuntu-offtopic or #defocus . It's always dead in #ubuntu-offtpoic07:21
TeraDyneofftopic entry*07:21
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dustinany word on starcraft 2 for linux?07:21
heroit's always offtopic when that entry is pasted.07:22
dwidmannOh, and further yet into our offtopic discussion, while slightly less offtopic ... I ordered a laptop last night :)07:22
runleveltenYou see, CUPS respects a good kick.07:22
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evilmmdwidmann: what you get?07:22
dustindwidmann: ubuntu laptop?07:22
dustini've been eyeing the dells07:22
dwidmanndustin: yeah, that's what I want with07:22
evilmmim either gonna get a dell or a system7607:23
runleveltenRight, I have it down to 5 pages07:23
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dustinyou'll have to come back07:23
dustinand let me know how it goes07:23
dwidmannevilmm: I priced the 76 and it came out as a lot more with the same or similar specs ...07:23
dustini even have my gf eyeing one07:23
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dwidmannIt'll be about a month, it's going to take forever :(07:24
dwidmann3-5 days for shipping, 1 day for processing, a week for building, a week to get the screen (I wanted the nice one), and I forget what else07:24
dustini have a friend07:24
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dustinwho's running 7.04 on an IBM laptop07:24
dustinworks perfectly07:24
dustinwireless drivers07:25
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Yorokobi!enter | dustin07:25
ubotudustin: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:25
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dwidmannBut it's such a great punctuator :D07:25
evilmmi would need to see the screens in store to decide with the gloosy or anti glare07:25
dustinhaha, that's what i'm thinking07:26
YorokobiGreat and annoying are not far from each other07:26
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dustini must spend too much time in kopete :(07:26
dwidmannevilmm: I decided to go with one of the glossys, better resolution.07:26
evilmmalso dell has a free 160gb hdd and 2gb ddr2 upgrade now07:26
dwidmann(1440x900 as opposed to 12xx x xxx)07:26
dwidmannevilmm: yep, that brought the price down a few hundred07:27
SlybootsHm.. If I tug KDE from kubuntu, would that make it a.. buntu?07:27
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evilmmcuz i know when i actually have the money to put into one..it wont be free upgrades anymore07:27
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dwidmannThe free 160gb is a 5400 rpm, would have rathered the 7200rpm ...... but ... free!07:27
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evilmmgotta consider heat07:27
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SlybootsCant argue with free07:27
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dustinThat rings especially true with us Linux people ;)07:28
dwidmannI think they wanted an extra $1000 to put it  up to 4gb ram. How rediculous is that?07:28
dustinram is cheap too07:28
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dwidmannI think it's because the 2gb sticks are still pretty expensive, but that expensive ...... sheesh. It can't cost anywhere near that much to make it can it?07:29
dustinhave you checked newegg?07:29
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dwidmannnot lately07:29
dustinhmm, ddr2, what speed?07:30
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dustinhere's some07:30
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dustinI need a good mp3 player that works with Kubuntu.  Any suggestions?07:32
dwidmannI'll check what speed07:32
evilmmdustin: get one with ogg07:33
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evilmmogg vorbis07:33
dustinI have an iriver, but you need their stupid software to move music.  I need one that's recognized as a mass storage device, right?07:33
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GrahamI have an ethernet card in my PC, I recently switched back to cable so I've selected "start at boot" but it doesn't run DHCP and I have to do it automaticly when I turn it on, any ideas?07:33
dwidmann$265 for the pair? Impressive!07:34
arunjetaudio rocks07:34
dustinYeah, dell was about to rip you off07:34
runleveltenI have a Zen V Plus - it's excellent07:34
dwidmannevilmm: ah, yes, that ogg07:34
GrahamGet one that supports .ogg because it's awesome.07:34
aruni wish they made a linux port of jetaudio, i've been using that on windows for years07:34
GrahamAmarok FTW.07:34
runleveltenamarok > *07:34
arunamarok rocks as well07:34
GrahamAnyway, ethernet card, any ideas?07:34
dwidmanndustin: I wasn't stuipid enough to select that for $1000. No way in #$!$^@%$! would that have been worth it, ever.07:34
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runleveltenThere is no player on any platform as good as amarok, except amarok.07:35
dustindwidmann: I know ;).  I'm surprised they'd overcharge so much though.07:35
dustinrunlevelten: that zen works great with kubuntu?07:35
runleveltenIt does everything that itunes does, without sucking. It does everything that Winamp does, without sucking.07:35
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