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mptGoooooooooooooooooooood morning Launchpadders!01:30
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cprovmorning, guys !09:20
Hobbseemorning cprov!09:20
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FujitsuHi carlos.09:59
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mrevellMorning all!10:12
Hobbseemorning mrevell!10:12
mrevellhey Hobbsee - what were your impressions of Edge, then?10:12
Hobbseemrevell: slower, but were OK :)10:12
Hobbseethe 12 dupes i marked just then were quick.  opened them in tabs, did them that way, etc10:13
mrevellHobbsee: Ah, so the slowness persisted? That's a shame10:13
Hobbseeah, whcih is production10:13
Hobbseenot sure.  i mean, it's slow anyway10:13
Hobbseei wonder if i can search for things with /'s in them...10:14
=== BjornT [n=bjorn@canonical/launchpad/BjornT] has joined #launchpad
mrevellHobbsee: Search for apostrophes?10:14
Hobbseemrevell: for slashes10:15
mrevelloh right10:15
mrevellHobbsee: Got an example?10:15
=== seb128 [i=seb@nat/canonical/x-7aad4b86991a7648] has joined #launchpad
Hobbseemrevell: searching for /usr/share/icons/locolor10:15
Hobbseeshould bring up https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openoffice.org/+bug/12540010:15
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125400 in openoffice.org "[MASTER]  package openoffice.org-common 2.2.1-5ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [High,Confirmed]   - Assigned to Chris Cheney (ccheney)10:15
mrevellHobbsee: Ah, I see.10:16
mrevellHobbsee: Have you spoken to BjornT about that?10:16
FujitsuMalone search sucks. Surely you've learnt that by now, Hobbsee?10:16
Hobbseemrevell: nope.  just tried it today10:16
HobbseeFujitsu: i did know that.  anything that's not a-z is a bit hit and miss10:16
=== Fujitsu has a bug open about `[can-not-install] ' being unsearchable too.
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BjornTHobbsee: fixing searching is not something that is simple to do. the best thing you can do is to file bugs about what doesn't work, even though it might take quite a while for the bug to be fixed.10:23
HobbseeBjornT: i figured that, from when i wrote a search engine thing, for uni :P10:24
HobbseeBjornT: it seems to be just anything with a symbol, i suspect, but i'll have to test more before filing10:24
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babarhaqHi all, i submitted a bug some time back. how can i follow it up since i lost the bug # and launchpad doesent seem to offer something like "my submitted bugs"10:40
Fujitsubabarhaq: https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+reportedbugs10:41
babarhaqFujitsu: thnax10:41
Fujitsubabarhaq: np10:41
gnomefreakisnt it ~me/+reportedbugs10:42
Fujitsugnomefreak: Not unless your username is `me'10:44
gnomefreakFujitsu: you used +me thought it should be ~ instead10:45
Fujitsugnomefreak: people/+me, not +me10:45
gnomefreakhttps://launchpad.net/~gnomefreak/ is my homepage no people and its ~nick10:46
Fujitsugnomefreak: That's the same as /people/gnomefreak.10:47
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gnomefreakah ok10:47
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shirishcan somebody look at bug 12547211:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125472 in launchpad "mail bounced sent to launchpad" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12547211:06
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barry /nick barry03:36
=== Hobbsee confiscates barry's spacebar
=== barry doesn't need it anyway! he uses xemacs and has esc ctrl meta hyper 9 bound to space
Hobbseeoh dear03:38
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jordibarry: dude!03:52
jordibarry: I learned just the other day you joined canonical03:52
barryjordi: hello!  good to hear from you again!03:52
jordithis is convenient, because this way I can tell you via IRC I should become (again!) the Catalan Champion for mm03:53
barryyes, i joined in feb03:53
jordibarry: I had no idea03:53
jordibarry: I'm currently fixing up the templates for the current stable version; should I focus on CVS?03:53
barryjordi: that would be excellent.  maybe we can talk about some of my short term ideas for improving translation (short of moving to rosetta, which may still happen).03:53
=== Spads_ [i=spacehob@nat/canonical/x-3aa29bc06f7adc88] has joined #launchpad
jordibarry: yeah, sure!03:54
barryjordi: we're on bzr+lp now :)03:54
jordioh, okay :)03:54
jordiI haven't tried downloading in a while, you see ;)03:54
barrythat's okay.  hope all has been well with you!03:55
=== fernando1 [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-92798786608679fc] has joined #launchpad
jordiwe didn't meet here by just one month03:55
jordiah, moved on June 22.03:55
jordiI wasn't *that* out of datye03:56
=== sinzu2 [n=sinzui@pool-70-17-109-83.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #launchpad
barrynope.  bzr so rocks better than svn03:56
jamesh"svn rocks" just prints an error03:57
=== cypherbios [n=cypher@ubuntu/member/cypherbios] has joined #launchpad
jordiokay, I wasout of date. I think the last time I downloaded bleeding edge mailman, it was on cvs, not svn :P03:57
=== cprov-lunch is now known as cprov
barryjordi, yeah, that /is/ pretty old.  i don't remember how long since we moved to svn, but it's been a while03:58
barryjamesh: :)03:58
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=== mpt spears Rinchen's bot
=== sinzu2 is now known as sinzui
mptFor the next half hour or so, we'll be discussing Launchpad development.04:00
mptWho is here today?04:00
mptTeam leaders, please check that all your colleagues who should be here are04:01
mptWho is representing the lp-bazaar team today?04:02
danilosjtv: ping04:02
=== mthaddon [n=mthaddon@canonical/launchpad/mthaddon] has joined #launchpad
matsubarastub, SteveA and mthaddon are not here04:02
=== barry pokes barry
jtvdanilos: pong04:02
mptddaa, ok04:02
matsubarahi mthaddon 04:02
danilosjtv: :)04:02
ddaaI guess that should be me, but I have not done my homework.04:02
mpt== Agenda ==04:02
mpt * Next meeting04:03
mpt * Actions from last meeting04:03
mpt * Oops report (Matsubara)04:03
mpt * Bug report ([wiki:JoeyStanford/topweeklybugs Current Top Items] )04:03
mpt * Bug tags04:03
mpt * Operations report (mthaddon)04:03
=== kiko-afk is now known as kiko
mpt * DBA report (stub)04:03
mpt * Sysadmin requests04:03
mpt * A top user-affecting issue (mrevell)04:03
mpt * Changes to security.cfg, edge.launchpad.net and you (kiko)04:03
BjornTjsk_: ping04:03
BjornTintellectronica: ping04:03
mpt * Pre-release QA (matsubara)04:03
mpt * Blockers04:03
intellectronicaBjornT, hi04:03
jtvmpt: stub said he'd be late04:03
jsk_BjornT: pong04:03
carlosmpt: I think you forgot the question about who will not be in next meeting04:03
BjornTjsk_, intellectronica: i was pinging you for the meeting04:04
mptcarlos, I have not forgotten04:04
carlosok :-P04:04
intellectronicaBjornT, thanks!04:04
mptmwh is at at post-EuroPython PyPy sprint04:04
mptAny other apologies?04:04
mptthanks jtv04:04
mpt== Next meeting ==04:05
carlosmpt: hmm, I didn't see 'Next meeting' entry in the agenda, sorry04:05
mptWho will be unable to attend same time next week?04:05
=== carlos will be at GUADEC next week
kikoI will make a special effort04:06
kikothough I will be at planning04:06
=== Watersevenub [n=Watersev@azevedo.astro.up.pt] has joined #launchpad
mpt== Actions from last meeting ==04:06
mpt * jamesh to follow up on bug 5822004:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 58220 in launchpad "When an error occurs processing a request another oops is recorded because there's no interaction set up." [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/58220 - Assigned to James Henstridge (jamesh)04:06
=== Gwaihir [n=Gwaihir@mail.foredil.it] has joined #launchpad
carlosWell, given that danilos seems like is not around04:06
carlosmpt: danilos will be at GUADEC too04:07
mptcarlos, ok04:07
jtvdanilos, wake up!04:07
kikodid jamesh look at that?04:07
jameshno I didn't.04:07
=== jamesh makes a note of it
mptok, thanks04:08
=== niemeyer [i=niemeyer@conference/europython/x-4a83c21519074b6a] has joined #launchpad
danilosI will be at GUADEC next week, along with carlos, then off to sprint with jtv and carlos week after that04:08
mpt== Oops report (Matsubara) ==04:08
RinchenThat bug is targeted for 1.1.7 btw. Kiko?04:08
daniloshum, is my text making it through?04:08
matsubarampt: No new oops to report04:08
mptdanilos, yes, thanks04:08
jtvdanilos: yes04:08
kikoRinchen, I guess not any longer :-( retarget.04:09
mptmatsubara, really? wow04:09
kikotop timeout OOPSes are still translate and filebug04:09
mptthanks anyway :-)04:09
Rinchenkiko, ok, that's what I was after. thx. 04:09
mpt== Bug report ==04:09
matsubarampt: nothing new. the ones we have are known and people are working on it.04:09
RinchenThere are two in progress critical bugs this week: Bug 125126 and Bug 125423.04:09
RinchenBoth are in progress and targeting 1.1.7.  For the future, I've changed the meeting agenda to reference this as "critical bugs" and removed the ugly wiki link seen each week on paste. Any comments?04:09
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125126 in blueprint "Broken "register a blueprint" link on certain blueprint listing pages." [Critical,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/125126 - Assigned to Jonathan Knowles (jsk)04:09
ubotuBug 125423 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/125423 is private04:09
danilosok, thanks04:10
Rinchenmpt, back to you04:10
jsk_jsk: I'm working on that one right now.04:10
mptRinchen, I will mail you about the bug report in the next few days. Please nag me if you notice that I haven't.04:10
Rinchenjsk_, I know. Saw the branch :-)04:10
mptthanks Joey04:11
Rinchenmpt, will do04:11
mpt== Bug tags ==04:11
mptThere are currently no proposed tags04:11
mpt== Operations report (mthaddon) ==04:12
mthaddonDiscovered a staging DB update that was slowing things down yesterday, but I think stub has fixed this?04:12
mthaddonWorking on app server reconfig, and PQM duration graphing04:12
mthaddonEdge redirects seemed to work okay 04:12
mthaddonthat's it from me04:12
mptmthaddon, do all the edge subdomains have correct certificates now?04:12
kikomthaddon, when we do the app server reconfig edge will start being able to send email, right?04:13
mthaddonmpt: certificates ordered, and setup in process04:13
mthaddonkiko: I believe that will happen as part of the app server reconfig04:13
kikorock on!04:13
mptI happen to know that that will make life more bearable for Safari users, who currently have no CSS at all on edge subdomains :-)04:13
RinchenLaunchpad mail is a wondrous thing.04:13
mthaddonreally, for both of them? :)04:14
mpt== DBA report (stub) ==04:14
jtvstub's not here04:14
jtvhe says nothing to report04:14
mptso he isn't04:14
mptthanks jtv04:14
jtvand everyone, please land your changes by...04:14
jtv...whatever deadline kiko & joey say.04:14
mpt== Sysadmin requests ==04:15
RinchenWe've had a number of RT requests close this week including the final PPA setup ticket. Is anyone blocked on an RT request?04:15
ddaaI have04:15
ddaaRT 2851504:15
=== Rinchen copies that down.
ddaa"Rewrite rule for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/robots.txt"04:15
ddaablocking one of my 1.1.7 bugs04:15
Rinchenddaa, ok, I kick up it's priority04:15
cprovRinchen: yes, germanium seems to be ready (although, I haven't messed with production DB yet)04:16
Rinchenddaa, if this happens again (and this is a general statement to everyone) please don't wait until Thursday to contact me. Email or ping me ASAP.04:16
ddaaRinchen: I sent the RT yesterday04:16
ddaaI thought that could wait till the meeting :)04:16
kikoddaa, then it's likely your bug will not make
Rinchenddaa, thanks. :-)04:17
ddaakiko: closing the RT fixes the bug04:17
ddaano code involved04:17
kikoddaa, week 3 is not the week to be discovering anything.04:17
Rinchenkiko, ddaa reported on Monday that this was a config change.04:18
Rinchenkiko, I didn't realize it was an RT request but I'm happy to deal with that. It may not make it for 1.1.7 though.04:18
kikoRinchen, why wasn't the RT filed on Monday then? anyway...04:19
RinchenAnyone else blocked on RT?04:19
Rinchenkiko, yes the timing is a bit later than desired.04:19
Rinchenmpt, back to you04:19
mptthank you Rinchen 04:19
mpt== Sysadmin requests ==04:19
mptwhoops, already done that04:19
=== Rinchen chuckles.
mpt== A top user-affecting issue (mrevell) ==04:19
mrevellA quick one today!04:20
kikofont colors!!!04:20
=== kiko winks
mrevellPeople filed a large number of duplicate bugs following today's OpenOffice.org updates in Ubuntu. 04:20
mrevellThis required a lot of manual work from the bug squad.04:20
mrevellHobbsee has asked if we can introduce better bug duplicate checking intro Launchpad.04:20
mrevellI was pleased to direct her to edge, where she was able to see our new approach to bug dupe warning.04:20
mrevellThanks mpt, back to you.04:20
mrevellAs I say, a quick one.04:20
kikorock on launchpad!04:20
mrevellkiko: No, not font colours :)04:20
mptI'll take this opportunity to pimp the duplicate-bug-handling spec, which would make duplicates quicker to mark :-)04:20
mptthanks mrevell 04:21
mpt==  Pre-release QA (matsubara) ==04:21
matsubaraHow's the testing going? Did you guys prepared a plan to tackle all thespecs and bugs to be tested? I know that Translations team have one(wiki:TranslationsTestPlan). Other teams have something similar?04:21
BjornTno, not yet04:21
kikoflacoste? thumper? jsk_?04:22
flacosteflacoste: no test plan in place yet04:22
jsk_kiko: no formal test plan in place. Though have been conducting informal testing.04:23
barryno, i don't have a plan, but my landing work is fundamental, with no external exposure yet.04:23
jtvThose plans can get pretty big, so don't wait too long!04:23
kikowhat jtv said. but land your patches. :)04:23
jtv...and brush your teeth.04:23
matsubaraand let me know if you need help testing 04:23
matsubaraI think the format jtv used for the Translations test plan is pretty good. you guys can follow that one04:24
matsubaraor improve on it.04:24
kikoremember that you need to deliver a sign-off email04:24
kikoin the format we specified04:24
kikomatsubara will be collecting them04:25
kikomthaddon, matsubara's QA sign-off is a release blocker, btw!04:25
=== Rinchen points out that matsubara will be collecting them, not Rin.
mptThis smells like something that could be handled with tags and bug comments04:25
kikompt, what could?04:25
mpttesting and sign-off04:25
RinchenAs for testing, my hat is also in the ring. If you want help, I'm also available.04:25
jtvmpt: could, but harder to edit!04:25
kikoI don't think so04:26
matsubaraI think mpt has a point04:26
kikobut let me think about it04:26
mptThat's probably a subject for another day04:26
mptThank you matsubara 04:26
matsubaraok. thanks mpt04:26
mpt== Changes to security.cfg, edge.launchpad.net and you (kiko) ==04:26
kikothis is a quick topic04:27
kikoedge as you run runs against the production database04:27
kikonow, there's a slight loophole in the DB freeze04:27
kikoand that is that changes to security.cfg can be made even during freeze04:27
kikothis runs the risk of causing edge oopses, however, if edge requires a permission that has not been granted to the production DB04:28
kikoso if you are landing a security.cfg change while the database is frozen04:28
kikoyou need to email stub, mthaddon CC: launchpad asking them to apply the manual change to jubany as well04:28
kikoreviewers, please note this when you see a security.cfg change.04:29
kikoany questions? if not, EOT04:29
mptkiko, is this written up on a wiki page that will be more visible than a meeting log?04:29
kikoand I don't know what wiki page to write it on TBH.04:30
statikkiko: I'll volunteer to add a note about this to the reviewers page04:30
kikostatik, thanks!04:30
mptthanks statik 04:30
mpt== Week 3 reviews (kiko) ==04:30
kikoI'm looking at the reviews page04:31
barrystatik: perhaps also DatabaseSchemaChanges04:31
kikothere are a few things I'm a bit concerned with04:31
statikbarry: ack04:31
kikoa) jml has put up two branches that weren't signed off on yesterday. 04:31
kikois anyone not familiar with the no-new-branches-unless-signed-off-by-me rule?04:31
barrykiko: after friday of week 2?04:31
mptkiko, I was unfamiliar with that, and there's a branch like that of mine there too04:32
kikompt, your branch is not targeted at
kikothat's fine.04:32
gmbkiko: Me - I've seen dribs and drabs but never saw the original email.04:32
=== kiko forwards email to gmb
RinchenOriginal Email from kiko has the subject of: "Read this: 2007-06 (1.1.7) process updates"04:32
mptkiko, the what-next branch is.04:33
kikompt, it's reviewed anyway04:33
mptyes :-)04:33
kikob) I'm concerned that reviewers haven't done their reviews in advance, which is quite unfortunate04:33
kikoplease finish all your review replies now04:33
kikoI mean -- at the end of the meeting, start, and don't finish until you're replied to all your pending reviews04:33
kikoor decided to give up04:33
statikwill do. I've been particularly bad at this04:33
kikoI don't want a PQM trainwreck tomorrow.04:33
barrykiko: of course reviewers have their own branches they're trying to get through review, so there's a tension there04:34
kikobarry, monday-wednesday should really have been a review priority, in hindsight..04:34
kikobut anyway, let's make sure we finish replies today, because otherwise it will really be too late.04:34
kikois anyone interested in working late friday?04:35
barrykiko: i think we need to find some time to talk about this in more detail.  not now tho.  +1 on cranking through reviews04:35
=== carlos is tired to do that
kikocarlos, that's okay -- I just want to know if anyone /is/ interested04:35
kikoin lieu of having branches dropped off 1.1.704:35
carloskiko: I'm just pointing that is not something good to do :-)04:36
mptI will, but I'm crazy04:36
barrykiko: i can help if needed04:36
sinzuiKiko: I always work late Fridays.04:36
kikowell, reason I'm asking is that we could freeze PQM saturday morning my time instead 04:36
kikogiven that so many people are late04:36
backiko: i can work late on reviews if necessary04:36
jsk_kiko: I'll be here.04:36
barrykiko: sure04:36
kikobac, it's not so much reviews as it is landings -- reviews should be finished today, really04:37
kikookay, let's see how today went and I'll decide tonight04:37
mthaddonlet me know, kiko04:37
kikomthaddon, thanks :) I wasn't asking you to work sat, though -- I would have requested perms to do the change myself04:37
backiko: true, but there will be follow-ups.04:37
BjornTkiko: unless everyone gets merge-conditional, reviews are needed as well.04:37
kikoat this point it's either merge-conditional or 1.1.8 I feel.04:38
mthaddonkiko: I can do a one line change on Sat if need be (that's all it requires)04:38
kikomthaddon, okay. thanks so much.04:38
kikoI think I've made myself impopular enough now! let the meeting proceed.04:38
mptThank you kiko04:38
mpt== Blockers ==04:39
bigjoolstomorrow is going to be a loooong day04:39
matsubaraTEAM: infrastructure BLOCKED: no04:39
flacosteTEAM: answers BLOCKED: no04:39
barryTEAM: mailing lists BLOCKED: no04:39
statikTEAM: commercialization BLOCKED: no04:39
allenapTEAM: bug tracker BLOCKED: no04:39
jtvTEAM: translations BLOCKED: no04:39
schwukTEAM: hwdb BLOCKED: no04:39
ddaaTEAM: bazaar BLOCKED: no (not that I know)04:39
bigjoolsTEAM: Soyuz, BLOCKED: 1.1.7 reviews (does that count as a block?)04:39
jsk_TEAM: blueprints BLOCKED: no04:39
ddaa1.1.7 reviews of course, goes w/o saying IMO04:40
mptTEAM: UI BLOCKED: lack of iconographers04:40
kikoTEAM: management BLOCKED: review replies, PPA TOS (statik)04:40
kikompt, what's up with brilliant?04:40
mptkiko, their icon artist is on holiday, Usman's trying to find a new one04:40
kikoone thing about reviews04:40
mptor a stand-in04:41
kikoyou should be proactive about seeking a reviewer04:41
kikoin particular for week 304:41
kikoif you go into week 3 without a reviewer that has agreed to work with you on your branches, you're relying on luck to get your branches through04:41
kikosecure a reviewer for your branches early04:41
kikodon't let it linger for 24h in the general queue04:41
mptall righty then04:42
mptThank you everyone04:42
kikothanks mpt!04:42
carlosmpt: thanks04:42
kikobest chair ever!04:42
mptRemember to get on to your review replies now04:43
mpteven if it happens to be 2.43am where you are04:43
=== mpt scowls
kikompt, CORRECT04:43
cprovkiko: talking about reviews, can you review my 'ppa-ui' ?04:44
=== ddaa goes to feed pqm
kikocprov, probably in a few hours04:45
jtvddaa: pqm is not hungry, from the looks of it...04:45
cprovkiko: good, apart of the TOS and some pagetests it's done.04:45
kikocprov, statik owes you!04:46
Hobbseejtv: then feed soyuz.04:46
mptkiko, are Tom B's comments sufficient as a reply to your review of mpt/launchpad/2007-04-bug-87221?04:46
Hobbseejtv: before it starts eating people's uploads again.04:46
=== jtv shudders
kikompt, not really, but I can reply to him now04:47
mptok, then I'll know what to change and what not to04:48
Hobbseejtv: :)04:48
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intellectronicampt, i'm not too busy and happy to take care of the JS stuff (I realize you're overclocking yourself over there)04:49
=== gmb is now known as gmb-afk
stubSorry guys. Anything I need to attend to?04:49
mptintellectronica, that would be fab04:52
intellectronicampt, no prob04:52
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mptkiko, replied to your review of 2007-07-what-next05:10
kikompt, I saw that! 05:10
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Hobbseeerm...why does https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.gutsy/ work, but https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-core-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ (the directory above)  404?05:12
kikonot sure Hobbsee -- ask thumper or ddaa 05:14
ddaaHobbsee: because nobody has implemented this page05:16
ddaaand there's no way to get to except URL hacking05:16
Hobbseewow, bzr seems faster05:18
ddaait probably is, the bzr folks have been focusing on performance in the past weeks05:18
Hobbseethis is the first time i've tested it out though05:18
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=== LarstiQ would like to get mailed if the diff of merging one tree into another exceeds a certain line length.
LarstiQline 4669 being at 18%, having merged earlier I'd be in less pain now.06:10
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kikomatsubara, we have a "trivial" bug tag, right?08:41
matsubarakiko: ^08:41
mptOne day, determining that will require typing "tr" into the tag field09:05
mdkehi all. is it possible for you guys to reveal someone's email address on a private basis where that doesn't appear on their lp page?09:25
mdkesomeone would like to contact a particular user about edits they have made on the documentation wiki, but they have no apparent contact details09:25
mdkekiko, SteveA ?09:27
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eXtazYWell i have a problem09:29
eXtazYI live in lithuania09:29
eXtazYHow do i know my postal code(zip)?09:29
eXtazYI can't find anywhere09:30
kikoeXtazY, both BjornT and SteveA know a lot about lithuania. I'm sure you can ask your post office for it.09:30
eXtazYIll try09:30
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BjornTeXtazY: http://www.post.lt/lt/?id=31609:41
eXtazYYeah :)09:41
kikothanks BjornT 09:42
mdkethis channel does everything!09:43
kikomdke, your pancakes and maple syrup will be right up09:43
mdkemind reading too?09:43
mdkewhoa, these LP guys rock09:43
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