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vdquynh-hanoiHi there ?09:32
vdquynh-hanoiAnybody free for one small question ?09:32
thom(just ask the question, if someone has time to answer it they will)09:34
vdquynh-hanoiOk. I'm from Vietnam and the problem is the following : using 7.04 Live Cd Desktop (i386) for installation. When selecting installation language as Vietnamese, the installation process encounters a fatal error and exit at the moment of installing Grub (around 90-93% of installation). If installation is done using, e.g. English of French, it installs just fine. Thus the problem seems to be non-recognized characters/words that are sent durin09:37
vdquynh-hanoiSorry to disturb again : is this the right channel to ask my question or should I join an other channel ?09:48
superm1vdquynh-hanoi, this sounds like a bug to me, you should submit a bug to launchpad, and attach your syslog and partman09:52
superm1from a failed install09:52
CIA-19ubiquity: cjwatson * r2153 ubiquity/debian/ (changelog control rules): * Make ubiquity-frontend-mythbuntu Architecture: all.10:49
vdquynh-hanoiok and thanks. I'll try to do that (not much acquainted with all these procedures) !10:53
evandvdquynh-hanoi: please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingUbiquity/AttachingLogs10:57
evandvdquynh-hanoi: You'll want to file the bug against the ubiquity package10:58
vdquynh-hanoiThanks all !11:00
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xivulonHi all11:37
xivuloncjwatson, would it be possible to merge the hd-media and cdrom initrds?11:38
cjwatsonxivulon: no11:41
cjwatsonthey're quite different11:42
cjwatsonbasically for each different retrieval method you need a different initrd11:42
xivulonWhat I mean have a scanning algorithm11:42
xivulonthat tries to check whether you can mount  a CD and if that fails looks for an ISO11:43
cjwatsonthat would be slow and flaky, I think11:43
xivulonThe reason I am asking is that it would be nice to use the same initrd in the CD and in Wubi11:43
xivulonBut that means that the initrd has to support both hd-media and cdrom type of functionalities11:44
xivulonsince there is no way to know in advance if the initrd is booted from CD or from HD, and whether you have to use an ISO or the actual CD11:44
xivulonThis by the way would allow wubi to also go around bios broblems and launch the live cd as opposed to install on file11:46
cjwatsonthat should be moot when booting from the live ISO11:49
xivulonnot if you cannot boot from the live ISO because of bios11:49
xivulonin this case you could run the live iso from within windows, use wubi, that would install grub4dos and kernel and initrd on disk, that would use cdrom-initrd functionalities to launch the live iso11:50
xivulonAlso it would solve another issue11:51
xivulonA user might run wubi from within the live CD in order to actually install on file, but when he reboots he might have the CD inserted and boot from it, the live ISO should therefore scan for preseed/vergin installation folder11:53
cjwatsonthe live ISO has nothing to do with hd-media vs. cdrom initrds, therefore that cannot be relevant to the live ISO11:54
xivulonI am mixing the 2 since I will probably be targeting alternate initrds first, but once we move to the live CD equivalent functionality will need to be available11:55
cjwatsonpatch casper, then :)11:55
xivulonalready branched that off ;)11:56
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AnRkeyhi all02:56
AnRkeywho works on the net-installer?02:56
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byzzybhello everyone05:29
byzzybI have a question: I have an ASROCK 939A8X-M motherboard and the s-ata controller was causing problems when I was installing Fedora Linux v7 ... now my question is will ubuntu work with my S-ata?05:29
byzzybso will ubuntu freeze when loading initrd.img?05:30
cjwatsonthe kernel team would be a better group to ask; #ubuntu-kernel05:31
cjwatsonthey'll need details as to the particular controller in question05:31
byzzybokay thank you very much05:31
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superm1_cjwatson, could you look at bug 125539 (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/125539).  It looked to me as thought the cause of this trouble was from using a drive with a label set wtih a space in the name09:28
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