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AD-N770good morning11:27
AD-N770someone in the channel has a samsung Q1 ultra running ubuntu ?11:28
AD-N770I received one yesterday and I would like remove vista and install ubuntu on it, I would like comments about previous experiences like this from other people11:29
AD-N770is it possible install via network or the only way is using an external usb optical drive ?11:30
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rusty_git clone rsync://moblin.org/repos/tools/project-builder.git11:52
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lenlen is here12:01
mfreyhi len12:02
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rusty_git clone rsync://moblin.org/repos/projects/mobile-basic-flash.git12:08
bspencerrusty_: for hildon, I asked horace to send you the changes12:11
bspencerrusty_: but yo umight be able to just pull our stuff and make the diffs yourself to be faster12:12
rusty_I'm a bit behind on email... did you send a description of what all we need to look at... i.e. new packages verses patches to existing packages12:22
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tshureihhello hello06:01
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Mithrandirhiya Tariq06:02
Mithrandirand hi Mauri06:02
tshureihhey mithrandir06:02
Mithrandirmauri_: just saw the shipping thingy for the Q1s, thanks.06:02
mauri_Hope they arrive soon and also to Brazil...06:04
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robrmorning everyone06:08
robror is it afternoon in London?06:08
Mithrandirit's almost half past five, so afternoon.06:18
tshureihMithrandir, how was the sprint? any updates?06:18
Mithrandirit's still going on, very productive.06:19
Mithrandirgive me five minutes and I'll get you an update06:20
robrjacob, how's the crown beach working out in London?06:20
agoliveiramauri_: Thanks, I already spoke to Sulamita. She will keep an eye on it.06:20
tshureihagoliveira, i have an update for you on the Power Management in general and the GUI specifically, is this a good time?06:22
agoliveiratshureih: As good as ever ;)06:23
agoliveiratshureih: Can you send me an email?06:24
tshureihI need your email and Amit's please06:24
tshureihplease note that I will describe things in the email but the specification document (available in txt and pdf and will be posted on the wiki) will not be attached yet since I am awaiting review, feedback and "legal" scrubbing06:25
agoliveiratshureih: adilson@ubuntu.com and amit@ubuntu.com shuld do ;)06:25
agoliveira@canonical.com is also ok.06:26
tshureihthe document describes the internals and I will add the API as well once I get it back from the review process06:26
tshureihI am documenting the working code basically :)06:26
tshureihok agoliveira sounds great, look for it today06:26
tshureihbut heads up, on the GUI for mobile we're doing a new GUI -- actually already have a working prototype 06:27
tshureihextending Gnome Power Manager is a big task with some implications ;-)06:27
jacobrobr, it is working fine06:29
jacobrobr, they run into some build issues so the final kernel package is still not ready yet06:29
jacobrobr, can you try building the new ubuntu kernel on a fast machine and post it on moblin?06:29
jacobrobr, i am using my laptop to compile, it is too slow.06:30
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agoliveiratshureih: Ok, got it06:31
Mithrandirhi bob06:32
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agoliveirabspencer: Hi there06:32
=== rusty_ catches up on the irc log
Mithrandirwe now have dailies which build; they still need to be set up to be published, but that'll happen today or early tomorrow.06:32
bspencerif I'm coming in the middle of the weekly meeting, I apologize -- i thought it was canceled due to the sprint.06:32
Mithrandircurrently, they won't actually work, but that's fairly simple to fix.06:33
Mithrandirbspencer: there's no meeting today; I should have mailed the list with it, but have been drowned in stuff.06:33
MithrandirI've uploaded the samsung and crown beach default configs, they'll have binaries in the archive in a little time.06:34
agoliveirabspencer: How's the things in the colony? :)06:34
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bspenceragoliveira, rusty_  hows trying to get our UI into Tribe 3?  I saw that Horace sent out diffs for Ubuntu hildon-desktop vs. our current repo06:34
Mithrandirmobile-basic-flash and mobile-application-service is pending the source to the flash application; it's currently not redistributable.06:34
bspenceragoliveira: good, thankx06:34
bspenceryeah, ok06:34
bspencerMithrandir: right -- details details06:35
Mithrandir(SWF isn't a preferred form of modification => GPL requirement not fulfilled => undistributable)06:35
Mithrandirbut I'm looking at the rest of the packaging06:35
bspencerMithrandir: ok.  I also need to send modification requests to the hilldon guys for discussion of upstream changes06:35
bspencerand I'm looking for a quick alternative home screen applet to get the UI going w/o flash06:36
bspencereven if it isn't immediately scalable06:36
bspenceror extraordinarily elegant06:36
rusty_bspencer, we need to add the source for the swf into the mobile-basic-flash source06:43
rusty_bspencer, we have pushed what we think needs pushing into the appropriate bzr repositories06:43
rusty_and i have Mithrandir reviewing several of the new packages06:43
bspencerrusty_: k.  I'll add the swf source06:43
rusty_bspencer, you listening?06:43
rusty_I need you guys to checkout fresh copies of the bzr repositories and build via pbuilder06:44
bspencerbuild what06:44
rusty_and if you find that we made a merge error then commit a fix06:44
rusty_all of the packages that we changed 06:44
bspencerjust for desktop/hildon/UI stuff?06:44
rusty_today i stepped through each package on moblin, and for each one that was an existing UME bzr project, agoliveira and I merged the changes 06:46
bspencerok.  great job06:46
bspencercontrol panel even ?06:46
rusty_we might have made an error06:46
rusty_and we are about to take off06:46
bspencerI'll pull from bzr and try it out06:46
bspenceryeah, I'll have it for you first thing tomorrow boss06:46
bspencerI'll push patches 06:46
rusty_if we made any mistakes, you guys do not fix if for us, then it is very unlikely the changes will make it for tribe 306:46
bspencerrusty_: I see that you said Ken can make it work with gnash06:48
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bspencerthat would be great.  it isn't that complex.06:49
rusty_he didn't promise, but he thinks it possible06:51
robrjoin #pdx06:57
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CharliefJohnsonMithrandir:Did you get my email about UME builds & Tribe-3 ?  (My laptop is dead this morning so I didn't see if you replied.)07:18
MithrandirCharliefJohnson: yes; but I've so far failed to reply.  I'll do that tomorrow.07:20
MithrandirCharliefJohnson: short summary: we have daily builds now, they just lack publishing07:20
Mithrandirand they don't work at the moment07:20
Mithrandirboth are being worked07:20
Mithrandir+ on07:20
CharliefJohnsonOK - thanks.07:21
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