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asacAdmiral_Chicago: hmmm .... you have the bug id? we should probably add the search engines of firefox to paradiso as well ... so if you come around, maybe assign to me and set to "in progress" :)10:39
gnomefreakasac: only a couple of more days left of sprint :)10:40
asacyeah :)10:40
asactomorrow ... finito10:40
gnomefreakget anything good done?10:40
gnomefreaki see your working on n-m ;)11:22
asacyeah justuploaded nm11:38
asacdunno if it fixes things for you11:38
asacgnomefreak: what are the nm issues you are seeing?11:38
gnomefreakdoesnt connect at log in11:43
gnomefreaklog in you get a red x on the icon, right click and uncheck enable networking, right click check enable networking than it scans and connects11:44
gnomefreakasac: bug 12429711:45
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124297 in network-manager "network-manager doesnt connect me at startup anymore" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12429711:45
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gnomefreakasac: also bug 45008 seems to have been fixed upstream for only the 1.5 branch :(11:53
ubotuLaunchpad bug 45008 in firefox "MASTER firefox theme crash" [High,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/4500811:54
gnomefreakwhat tag is used after adding upstream task?12:01
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asacgnomefreak: ok12:31
asacso you are struck a race condition12:32
asacare there ubuntu7 packages already available?12:32
gnomefreakrunning update now ill let you know as soon as its done12:32
gnomefreaknope still ubuntu612:34
gnomefreakasac: i have the build you uploaded i just havent built it since i saw you say it was uploaded12:39
gnomefreakasac: when you get time can you look at bug 124223 (doesnt matter when) Im thinking of rejecting it since its a tab plus issue not a firefox one, but would like to know your thoughts on extension crashes/breakage/ect..12:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124223 in firefox "Ubuntu's Firefox ceased to work with Tab Mix Plus extension" [Low,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12422312:54
asacgnomefreak: let me look01:01
asacgnomefreak: new policy is: when people report bugs in gutsy, they must use the Report a Bug ... Menu entry in firefox01:04
asacgnomefreak: i rejected that bug for that reason for now01:04
asacand asked to open a new one01:04
gnomefreakhow do you know they didnt use that?01:04
asacbecause there are no attachments attached01:04
asacwe now have attachments through hooks for what extensions and plugins are installed for instance01:05
asacgnomefreak: maybe report a testbug to see01:05
gnomefreakoh ok01:05
asacthats interesting01:09
asacthough the history does not go back that far01:09
asac... for now01:13
gnomefreakgoes back a year01:14
gnomefreakwell sort of01:14
gnomefreaki thought i have seen everything until yesterday, someone wanted to backport gcc4.2 to feisty becasue his game needed 4.2 :(01:20
DarkMageZthat would have been interesting to see01:28
DarkMageZwas that a bug report or irc discussion?01:29
gnomefreakDarkMageZ: it wont work. it was in -motu01:29
DarkMageZi know it would mess things up something horrid :)01:30
gnomefreakeverything would need to be rebuilt since everything depends on tool-chain01:30
DarkMageZi was thinking of having alook @ the game and seeing if dropping the configure check on gcc would work01:31
gnomefreakhe never stated game name or anything helpful01:31
DarkMageZaww, that ruins my fun. oh well.01:33
gnomefreaklmao @ bug 12499501:36
ubotuLaunchpad bug 124995 in firefox "failure to commect to internet" [Undecided,Invalid]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12499501:36
DarkMageZi don't know how he managed to install ubuntu01:53
DarkMageZmust have brought one of those dells01:53
gnomefreakwhat is with the private bugs?01:53
DarkMageZprivate bugs? security bugs get to be private.01:56
gnomefreakbug 12537902:00
ubotuBug 125379 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/125379 is private02:00
DarkMageZi'd say it's a security bug and someone from the security team hasn't declassified it yet.02:02
gnomefreakits not a security issue since its a simple crash but i asked why it was marked that way02:02
gnomefreak    Keep bug confidential02:03
gnomefreakMake this bug visible only to its subscribers02:03
gnomefreakSecurity vulnerability02:03
gnomefreakSelect this option if the bug describes a security vulnerability02:03
gnomefreakthey are spearate02:03
gnomefreaksecurity isnt marked just confidential02:03
gnomefreakdone with bugs for time being02:04
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gnomefreakasac: the n-m is fixed thank you :)02:40
asacgnomefreak: really?02:50
asaccan your please try multiple times?02:50
gnomefreakasac: yep really and i will soon02:50
gnomefreaki want to get tarball built first than log out and than build trunk on newest to see how far they have gotten02:51
asacgnomefreak: you hope for cure?02:51
gnomefreakasac: hey without hope whatelse is there with mozilla :(02:51
gnomefreakits worth a shot atleast02:51
gnomefreakcairo is a known issue to them (atleast said it on one of the pages i looked at lastweek)02:52
gnomefreakok brb logging out02:52
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AnRkeyasac, you work on the netinstaller for ubuntu?02:54
asacnetinstaller ? ... no ... network-manager ... yes02:55
AnRkeyoh ok02:55
AnRkeydo you know who does the netinstaller?02:55
AnRkeyor how to find out02:55
AnRkeyor what it's called02:55
asacask on #ubuntu-installer02:56
AnRkeyahh ok02:56
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gnomefreakasac: tested 4 times total and still works like a charm :)03:00
=== gnomefreak can safely say its fixed
asacso ... can you digg through the network-manager bugs and find bugs that might refer to your behaviour?03:01
asacyou don't need to, but if you find some, I would be happy to close them and ask reporters to reopen03:01
asacin case they still see03:01
gnomefreakasac: yeah ill get there  sometime today03:01
gnomefreakdid this fix any other issues?03:02
gnomefreakwifi issues? wifi password issues i saw iirc03:02
asaci am on the wifi password manager issues now03:02
asac... as well on the signal 5 crashes03:02
asaci doubt that this has fixed it03:03
gnomefreakah ok those make up biggest part of the bugs03:03
asacactually i think the wifi password issues are more keyring related03:03
gnomefreaki would think so and that needs to be fixed as well :(03:03
asacthough there is definitly a bug in wpa supplicant in case you have more than 2 cells or somethnig03:03
asacgnomefreak: let me see if keyring is fixed now03:04
gnomefreakok i dont think it has been fixed here (gnome-keyring-manager03:04
asacso ... short out ... because of reconnecting to wireless03:04
asachmm ... keyring appears to work for me03:10
gnomefreakasac: ok let me try it here03:11
asacat least it does for my network manager now03:11
gnomefreaknot for nautilus yet it seems but will keep playing with it03:12
asacwhat does nautilus have to do with keyring?03:12
gnomefreakasac: connecting to ftp server user/password is not remembered after checking remember always03:13
gnomefreakmorons :(03:14
gnomefreaknot you someone that doesnt know how to use apt03:14
gnomefreakasac: heres a n-m bug :( bug 12552203:17
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125522 in network-manager-pptp "refusing mppe stateful " [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12552203:17
gnomefreakok im gone for a little while been working for 5 hours already03:17
gnomefreakits only 9:17am :(03:17
asacgnomefreak: is flashplugin-nonfree not installable for you atm ?04:12
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asac_gnomefreak: ok found the problem ... adobe rolled an update jul 1004:30
asac_and mirrors are out of synch now04:30
asac_once they are in synch again we have to sru flashplugin-nonfree04:30
asac_pretty unfortunate now that flashplugin nonfree is finally build for amd6404:30
asacok out for a smoke04:52
bluekuja_asac: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=43198706:10
ubotuDebian bug 431987 in agg "contains copy of non-free gpc" [Serious,Open] 06:10
bluekuja_asac: need to delete that source file, and upload new revision06:12
bluekuja_let me know when back06:12
asacbluekuja_: you don't need me for that :)06:20
asacjust prepare update and point me to it, so i can sponsor06:21
bluekuja_asac: of course :)06:21
asacbluekuja_: you have to prepare a new source package in case you are in doubt06:21
bluekuja_and pushin06:21
bluekuja_to bzr06:21
asacuse the same version+dfsg as new upstream version06:21
asace.g. 1.006:21
asacas package version06:21
bluekuja_I gonna use a new tarball06:22
bluekuja_I'll create06:22
bluekuja_asac: you'll have to explain me dfsg stuff06:22
asacwhen we free sources we add +dfsg to the upstream version06:24
asacas its not the identical tarball as upstream06:25
asacwhich is actually what rene didn't do so we didn't see06:25
bluekuja_asac: if version is agg (2.5-1)06:26
bluekuja_should be agg (2.5+dfsg-1)?06:26
bluekuja_or 2?06:26
bluekuja_asac: ^^06:32
bluekuja_asac: and anyway, I don't have to create a new source package, if we maintain it in bzr06:37
asacyou definitly have06:37
bluekuja_yeah, but on bzr how?06:37
asacthe non-free sources must not be on the ftp servers06:37
asacbzr rm06:37
bluekuja_that's what I said06:37
bluekuja_we misunderstood06:37
asacsure :)06:37
asacjust document the bug id you close so i can review if the files are out et al :)06:38
bluekuja_asac: ok, now I push to both bzr branches06:38
bluekuja_so you can bzr bd and go06:38
bluekuja_asac: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bluekuja/libagg/debian.source06:59
bluekuja_asac: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bluekuja/libagg/upstream.source07:00
bluekuja_asac: should be ok ;)07:02
asacok .... let me see07:08
bluekuja_asac: btw diff-ext got 2 RC bugs07:08
bluekuja_both related07:08
bluekuja_now I'm investigating07:09
bluekuja_I've provided a dbg package for a better traceback07:09
asaci won't get any of those things done now ... I have to leave soon ... we are going to the theatre soon07:10
bluekuja_asac: don't worry, I have really no time07:10
bluekuja_on this period07:10
bluekuja_I've bought a new motorbike07:10
bluekuja_also work07:10
asacok ... take care07:10
bluekuja_and friends07:10
bluekuja_but one hour per day07:11
bluekuja_should be here07:11
bluekuja_asac: I'll let you know when I've fixed those07:11
bluekuja_agg is ok for now07:11
bluekuja_leaving now07:12
bluekuja_good theatre then07:12
bluekuja_take care too07:12
asacyeah ... remind me tomorrow :) ... or at best at the weekend ;)07:13
asacwho knows whatelese i have to do07:13
bluekuja_will be away07:13
asacok out07:13
bluekuja_for the weekend07:13
bluekuja_all from now on07:13
bluekuja_tomorrow I'm here07:13
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hjmf_gnomefreak: in bug 125379 to the OP why he filed the report as private08:22
ubotuBug 125379 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/125379 is private08:22
hjmf_gnomefreak: there is a new policy about crash reports08:22
hjmf_gnomefreak: --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CrashReporting08:22
hjmf_gnomefreak: "Bug reports about crashes which are automatically generated by the Apport system are now private by default. This avoids exposing potentially sensitive data like passwords to the public. Those bug reports are now inspected by a trusted Ubuntu developer before marking it public."08:23
hjmf_HTH :)08:23
hjmf_gnomefreak: that applies to gutsy crashes08:23
hjmf_<hjmf_> gnomefreak: in bug 125379 to the OP why he filed the report as private08:25
hjmf_of course I meant to say: in bug 125379 *you asked* to... :)08:25
ubotuBug 125379 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/125379 is private08:25
ubotuBug 125379 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/125379 is private08:25
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gnomefreakasac: flash is looking for version 9.0.31 but the tarball they used stayed the same name but the package is the newest release(dont remember release) i look at it the other night found out the problem nut not real sure what is needed to fix. did the newest upstream lose all regressions it had? if so i dont see an issue upgrading it if not we have to stop it from looking for that tarball. but yes it doesnt install it has no files 10:01
gnomefreakhjmf: thank you, sorry noone was ablet o tell me why it was marked private when i was there (noone in -bugs) for some odd reason10:01
gnomefreakasac: from what i saw of it md5sum in scripts should do it i dont rmemember a version number in there but if there is that needs to be changed as well10:11

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