tgm4883superm1, regarding the lircrc file12:32
tgm4883ideally, would we want to have the user select their own button configuration, or have some sort of standard configuration?12:33
=== foxbuntu [n=nfoxqci@12-216-24-171.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1standard i'd say12:33
superm1is the best way12:33
OpenMediaFor some remotes there should be reasonable standards.12:33
superm1see thats part of the problem12:34
superm1there is that effort12:34
superm1to standardize the namespace12:34
superm1and i talked to Arnaud about it today12:34
OpenMediatgm4883: We make sure all the funky custom keys behave correctly - http://openmedia.co.nz/openmedia/content/view/27/59/12:34
superm1and i'm still pretty worried about things being ready in time12:34
foxbuntuopenMedia, thats my remote12:35
OpenMediaWant a customer lirc file that maps the keys like this?12:35
tgm4883could we do something along the lines of implementing this in some form?  lircconfig.commandir.com12:36
superm1tgm4883, that's who i was speaking with this morning about it12:36
superm1and he joined with Arnaud to help with the standardization of the name space12:36
=== tgm4883 didn't know who Arnaud was
superm1ah he is leader of Ubuntu Media Center12:36
superm1if everything doesn't play out in time, we will have to fall back to prebuilt configs for a variety of "popular" remotes12:37
superm1in which case OpenMedia, yours will be very appreciated12:37
superm1but the UMC team is very friendly, they will be using some of the work i put into making lirc work, and anything that we want a hand on they are willing to help12:38
superm1with other common areas12:38
superm1since there will undoubtedly be some12:38
superm1but given what time frame we're in right now, and how much I know has to get in yet, someone needs to start on Daviey's control centre idea12:38
foxbuntusuperm1, where did you get your programmable mce remote?12:39
superm1foxbuntu, um bby?12:39
superm1i think12:39
foxbuntuguess i will look around12:39
tgm4883got mine on ebay12:39
tgm4883for about $30 after shipping12:39
tgm4883great remote ;)12:40
foxbuntuok...I am tired of the extra remotes12:40
superm1it's only 3 programmable buttons12:40
tgm4883Yea, it's not a whole lot.12:40
foxbuntuthats ok...tv, and audio are good with me12:40
superm1i still keep my other two remotes around12:41
superm1so i can switch video sources12:41
superm1since my ir transmitter doesn't work on my tv12:41
tgm4883just make sure if you have a 360 to turn off the MCE remote function12:41
superm1and since my serial cable didn't work the first time around, and i haven't had time to retry it12:41
foxbuntubut I am tired of finding the other remotes for turning the tv on and adjusting volume12:41
=== tgm4883 still needs to get a serial IR receiver so he can capture his TV remote
superm1foxbuntu, you could always get any other brand of learning remote too12:42
superm1and use it12:42
superm1it doesn't have to be that mceusb2 one12:42
superm1just teach it the mceusb2 codes12:42
foxbuntubut isnt the mceusb2 remote easiest to deal with in lirc?12:42
tgm4883or any JP1 remote should work12:42
superm1foxbuntu, you can use a universal that learns the mceusb2 codes12:43
superm1if you wanted to12:43
tgm4883it's not actually the remote, just the codes12:43
foxbuntuoh...you mean get a learning universal and teach it my lirc remote and then add my other devices to it12:43
tgm4883if you could get your eyes to transmit the mceusb2 codes12:43
superm1OpenMedia, did you have anything else you wanted to add towards mythtv/mythplugins during my next update, or are you guys good?12:43
superm1right foxbuntu12:44
foxbuntucould be a good time to buy a stupidly overkill remote for my system12:44
tgm4883I think there is a pretty nice logitech learning remote for around 10012:45
superm1its a very neat remote12:45
superm1i got it for my dad for xmas12:45
superm1last year12:45
tgm4883thats what all the 360 people talk about12:45
superm1but the problem is that you need to program it on a windows box12:45
tgm4883Is it a JP1 remote?12:46
superm1i'm not sure what jp1 is12:46
superm1foxbuntu, thats one of the nicer ones12:48
superm1you dont need to go that overkill12:48
=== tgm4883 cue angels ahhhhhhhhh
OpenMediasuperm1 I was going to donate the packaged up version of the myth-webremote package, but had a bit of a busy week.12:48
superm1OpenMedia, ah okay12:49
superm1well that would likely go in a sep. package for the time being either way12:49
superm1until a patch was made to link directly into mythweb12:49
superm1tgm4883, i dont believe it was jp112:49
superm1the harmony12:49
tgm4883im thinking its not12:49
superm1because i read some problem a guy had on digg with getting logitech to budge on spcs12:50
foxbuntusuperm1, please boot your otherself...it annoying in tab complete12:50
tgm4883you would notice 6 little prongs when you open the battery compartment12:50
superm1foxbuntu, i'm the first tab complete12:50
superm1not the second12:50
superm1it should be easy12:50
foxbuntubut it makes me use a space after it becuase its there12:50
superm1tgm4883, this looks like neat stuff12:51
superm1so you can make macros on cheapo remotes12:51
=== Hugolp [n=jo@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntusuperm1, that remote is only what...$20012:51
tgm4883yea the jp1 stuff is pretty nice12:52
OpenMediasuperm1 I have a package for myPVR that just want a couple of tweaks. Still haven't had time to read the whole REVU process anyway12:52
tgm4883if you don't want to spend $$$12:52
superm1OpenMedia, well if you don't want to go through the whole submitting process, i'll package it up and submit it with you listed as the author in debian/copyright and just put the maintainer as this mailing list (ubuntu-mythtv@lists.ubuntu.com, so anyone on the list could comment on issues with it)12:53
foxbuntuthere ya go tgm4883 http://www.newegg.com/Product/ShowImage.aspx?Image=80-118-001-02.jpg%2c80-118-001-03.jpg&CurImage=80-118-001-02.jpg&Depa=10&Description=SONY+RM-VL600+Universal+Infrared+Universal+Learning+Remote+Control+-+Retail12:57
foxbuntusuper cheapo JP1 it looks like12:57
foxbuntuI found one that seems to be a good buy12:59
foxbuntuwith macro control12:59
foxbuntufor about 9512:59
tgm4883yea, theres my remote01:00
tgm4883good stuff01:00
OpenMediasuperm1 Thanks for the offer, I'll see how I do this weekend, but I'd like to have a good at submitting.01:06
superm1OpenMedia, alright, i'll give some advice before -motu does after you've got it on revu if you want too then01:07
=== tgm4883_laptop [n=tgm4883@c-67-160-174-176.hsd1.or.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== RAOF [n=Chris_@matht464.maths.unsw.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1hey RAOF02:50
RAOFsuperm1: So, that worked.  Kinda.02:55
superm1RAOF, gdm issues likely02:55
superm1i know post alpha2, some issues developed that need to be addressed02:55
RAOFNah.  I ran into bug #11853902:55
ubotuLaunchpad bug 118539 in linux-ubuntu-modules-2.6.22 "[regression]  acx does not load" [Undecided,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/11853902:55
RAOFAlso, no LVM on the live disk :(02:56
superm1oh well go bug cjwatson about no LVM :)02:56
superm1okay so nothing thats too much of our faults then :)02:57
=== RAOF [n=Chris_@matht464.maths.unsw.edu.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
=== OpenMedia [n=sellis@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
RAOFI do have one comment that is your fault, though: The gtk theme makes it *very* difficult to tell whether or not a checkbox is selected.02:59
superm1Yes someone has already commented that03:00
superm1foxbuntu, ^^ :)03:00
superm1it also causes a few oddities with FF03:01
RAOFOh, didn't notice that.03:01
RAOFWould an "alternate" cd be possible, with LVM support?  Mythtv really is a killer app for LVM03:02
superm1well starting with 0.21 LVM won't matter03:03
superm1with the introduction of storage groups03:03
superm1and as Daviey pointed out the target for 0.2103:03
RAOFSo they're implementing some of LVM's functionality into mythtv?03:03
superm1we're going to delay release until after 0.2103:03
superm1so if its a month or two after gutsy, it will be a month or two after gutsy :)03:04
superm1storage groups lets you set multiple recording locations03:04
superm1without tying you down to making them be on a continuous set of space03:04
superm1so you could have one mount point be a NFS server03:05
superm1one hard drive03:05
superm1and then add an additional hard drive to the box03:05
superm1without needing to expand anything, just add the new mount point to mythtv-setup03:05
RAOFOk, so it's not just a poor-man's lvm :)03:05
superm1na, its supposed to be somewhat decent :)03:06
superm1laga could comment more since he is a trunk fella03:06
superm1if he is around03:06
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, did you see the latest feature request?03:12
superm1tgm4883_laptop, where at?03:12
tgm4883_laptopfeature miguel03:12
tgm4883_laptopi read that and i was like wtf?03:12
superm1okay well i'll nuke that03:13
tgm4883_laptopalso, i was looking at the nfs-shares spec, and wondered if there should be a samba-shares spec also?  Or are we assuming that most people seting up mythbuntu run only linux?03:19
superm1well samba is setup  if they ask for it in the installer right now03:19
superm1some of those specs are partially implemented in the installer03:20
tgm4883_laptopit auto detects samba shares?03:20
tgm4883_laptopah ok03:20
superm1i should probably go through and update them accordingly03:20
superm1well it automatically shares them03:20
superm1eg it checks what plugins you have installed03:21
superm1and makes shares for those03:21
tgm4883_laptopwait im confused, does it share local files on the myth box, or connect to shares on another box?03:21
foxbuntuI was thinking on the lircrc thing...isn't that pretty generic, just includes the lirc.conf?03:22
tgm4883_laptopcrap, gotta run, back in 4503:22
superm1well the problem is that lircrc's need to adapt to the 100s of possible configs03:22
foxbuntubut just the same the signal and main buttons is all you would have to consider right?03:23
foxbuntuall the generics03:23
foxbuntuplay, stop, pause ect ect03:23
superm1well those would be the most important03:23
superm1but there is still a trouble03:23
superm1different lircd.conf's03:23
superm1use Play03:24
superm1or play03:24
superm1or PLAY_UP03:24
superm1or PLAY_en03:24
superm1tons of different varieties03:24
foxbuntucouldnt you parse that somehow...reas it in and generate a consitant lirc.conf?03:24
foxbuntuso that Play = play03:25
superm1well thats part of what the RemoteControls spec talks about03:25
superm1a standard namespace03:25
superm1if the namespace is standardized, then you can get around that03:25
superm1and easily generate these configs03:25
foxbuntubut that is not looking to happen in time for gusty release either is it03:26
superm1well its looking to happen upstream,03:26
superm1i'm not sure on an eta03:26
superm1foxbuntu, and upstream doesn't really have a "schedule"03:26
superm1so it makes for trouble03:27
foxbuntuwell like I was saying, in the mean time wouldn't it just be easier to generate a parser to standardize the namespace for MythBuntu's use?03:28
superm1well i'm not sure how difficult that would be03:28
superm1if its possible03:28
superm1then that is a very good idea03:28
superm1you can look in /usr/share/lirc/remotes03:28
superm1to see the lircd.confs that need to be standardized03:29
foxbuntuwell, it couldn't be that hard because you only have to look for key words03:29
foxbuntuand output a standard forma03:29
superm1well feel free to take a look :)03:30
foxbuntusay the standard is "play" look for the indescriminate of play and find Play or Play_en and change it to "play" and drag in all of he codes beyond the whitespace03:31
foxbuntuok ok03:31
foxbuntuI will see about a parser...I recently put something similar together for work03:32
foxbuntubut that was vb script03:32
foxbuntuI think you should try my MySQL memory settings out on your backend and see if you want to drag them into the build...they are working great03:34
superm1foxbuntu, well parsing is easy in perl or python03:35
superm1so either of those are the way to go03:35
foxbuntuok...I will bug you for help with those then03:35
superm1such a standardization might even be doable with sh/awk/grep/sed/tee03:35
foxbuntuthis could get intresting03:48
superm1sed is a fun utility for text manipulation among many files03:52
superm1i'm not sure the most appropriate way to do this though03:53
foxbuntuI was thinking rather than stardinzing the namespace in the lirc.conf, why not just grab the code names and drop them into he lircrc on the fly03:54
superm1there is no lirc.conf03:54
superm1what do you mean?03:54
superm1well that probably is more feasible03:55
foxbuntusry, something wrong with my keyboard03:55
superm1at least in the interim until the namespace is finalized03:55
superm1it would likely do the trick03:55
superm1would need a list of what possibilities are there right nwo though03:56
foxbuntubecause...no matter the format...they all have "begin codes"03:56
foxbuntuand "end codes"03:56
foxbuntuand only read the line until whitespace is inncurred03:57
foxbuntuor read the entire line and then drop all whitespace and 0x and beyond03:58
superm1i'm thinking more and more this is doable in python03:58
superm1using regular expressions03:58
superm1for the common buttons03:58
superm1not for sure though03:58
foxbuntuits going to take some tweaking...to get everything we need and to covert it as needed03:59
superm1that is how i parse the lirc.hwdb04:01
superm1if you want to use it for a basis to get an idea of how to parse a few files04:01
superm1and put examples in04:01
foxbuntuand this is perl04:04
foxbuntuso just paste it to a text editior and save as .py?04:06
superm1i spelled the top line wrong04:06
superm1it should be import04:06
superm1not mport04:06
superm1just copied and pasted poorly04:06
superm1but you can get an idea to biuld from with that04:06
superm1how to filter files04:06
superm1for certain expressions04:07
foxbuntuyea, I see here you were reading on semi colan delimerter04:07
superm1well that was breaking a file into fields04:08
superm1you likely wouldn't need to do that04:08
superm1but more so just try to figure out which variant of a regex a line has04:08
superm1and cut off the end of it04:08
superm1after the text with the name04:09
foxbuntulet me switch over to my over lappy04:09
superm1probably take a lircd.conf as a basis and see if you can do such things04:09
foxbuntusuperm1, what is the xchat package for ubuntu?04:11
superm1um xchat?04:12
foxbuntuthis app04:12
foxbuntufor irc04:12
superm1like i said04:12
foxbuntui got it there04:12
foxbuntumisunderstand the ?04:13
superm1you do know that if you clicked add/remove programs and typed "xchat"04:14
superm1it comes up as one of two hits :)04:14
foxbuntusee i am always using apt or synaptic04:14
superm1you can do it there too04:15
superm1you just don't get a flashy icon to associate it with04:15
foxbuntuthe 2.6.22 kernel is so much better at memory handling04:15
superm1i heard something regarding that04:15
superm1thats good to hear :)04:15
foxbuntumy lappy is much happier now04:15
foxbuntuit boots prob at least 10 secs faster04:15
foxbuntusame on shutdown04:16
superm1well that's likely not because of memory, but because of improvements in upstart04:16
superm1but nonetheless good to hear04:16
foxbuntuits down to using ~180MB of ram in normal use now too04:17
foxbuntuwas almost 210 before04:17
=== foxbuntu_ [n=nick@12-216-24-171.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopdoes mytharchive actually produce an ISO if told to do so?04:21
foxbuntu_superm1: isnt there a way to have all the users shown on the side like Windows does?04:22
superm1any user with an id > 1000 will show up04:22
foxbuntu_I mean so I dont have to click on the users button to see them04:22
tgm4883_laptopdoesn't seem to be for me04:22
tgm4883_laptopwhere would it be stored04:22
superm1tgm4883_laptop, the temporary build directory04:23
superm1foxbuntu_, well i don't know what you are referring to04:23
tgm4883_laptopnot working for me at all04:23
superm1tgm4883_laptop, check the log04:23
=== keescook [n=kees@ubuntu/member/keescook] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1it will tell you where it is being put04:24
=== laga [n=laga@mythwiki.de] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
tgm4883_laptopis there a different log that i should check besides onscreen?04:24
superm1that log and a more detailed one are put in the same place04:24
foxbuntu_superm1: in xchat there is a button in the lower left that says "20 Users" and when you click on it it shows you who...04:24
foxbuntu_but in the windows client ithey are just in a panel on the right04:24
superm1oh drag the right panel04:25
superm1thats how i have mine04:25
superm1there are a ton of settings to customize in it04:25
foxbuntu_well I drag it to the edge of the screen and its not there04:26
superm1well i dont know where the setting for it is then04:26
superm1there is a setting though04:26
superm1because i have it on04:26
superm1and i can just drag my panel over04:26
superm1and the users are listed04:26
foxbuntu_I can't seem to find it04:27
superm1foxbuntu_, Preferences->User List->Resizable User list04:31
foxbuntu_I dont have the user list option04:32
foxbuntu_i suppose I grabbed the wrong one of the two04:32
=== foxbuntu_ [n=nick@12-216-24-171.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu-mythtv ["Ex-Chat"]
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foxbuntu_crap cakes...04:33
foxbuntu_I will brb04:33
=== foxbuntu [n=nick@12-216-24-171.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntuahh..much better04:36
foxbuntusuperm1, now..as for that pastebin link...send it again so I have it on the right machine04:37
tgm4883_laptopah that would explain it04:38
tgm4883_laptopno space left on device04:38
ubotuNew bug: #125384 in lirc (main) "Lirc GPIO module not buildable on 2.6.22 kernel" [Undecided,In progress]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12538404:40
foxbuntusuperm1, is there an easy way to copy the text from an ssh session where I am using nano to my text editor?04:49
superm1highlight it and then middle click paste04:50
foxbuntuone screen at a time?04:50
superm1cat it ?04:50
superm1and highlight the whole thing04:50
superm1and middle click paste04:51
tgm4883_laptopmy system is not being friendly to me right onw04:54
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, you going to be around for a little bit?04:55
superm1tgm4883_laptop, yup just wrapping up that lirc patch04:56
tgm4883_laptopGDM could not write to your authorization file.  This could mean that you are out of disk space or that your home directory could not be opened for writing.  in any case, it is not possible to log in.  Please contact your system administrator.04:56
superm1sounds like a full disk04:57
superm1you might have to login as single user mode04:57
superm1and clean up04:57
tgm4883_laptopit shouldnt be though04:57
tgm4883_laptopthomas@mertle:~$ free04:57
tgm4883_laptop             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached04:57
tgm4883_laptopMem:        963420     310668     652752          0      37624     19127204:57
tgm4883_laptop-/+ buffers/cache:      81772     88164804:57
tgm4883_laptopSwap:      1951888          0    195188804:57
superm1not free memory04:58
tgm4883_laptopi feel dumb posting that04:58
superm1free disk space04:58
tgm4883_laptopmy bad04:58
tgm4883_laptopwhats the command for disk space?04:58
foxbuntusuperm1, http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/29607/ errors from pasting that code04:59
superm1foxbuntu, you must have pasted something funny then04:59
superm1whitespace matters05:00
tgm4883_laptopyep looks full05:00
superm1in python05:00
tgm4883_laptopFilesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on05:00
tgm4883_laptop/dev/hda1              9614116   9125708        36 100% /05:00
tgm4883_laptopvarrun                  481708        60    481648   1% /var/run05:00
tgm4883_laptopvarlock                 481708         0    481708   0% /var/lock05:00
tgm4883_laptopprocbususb              481708        84    481624   1% /proc/bus/usb05:00
tgm4883_laptopudev                    481708        84    481624   1% /dev05:00
tgm4883_laptopdevshm                  481708         0    481708   0% /dev/shm05:00
tgm4883_laptoplrm                     481708     38972    442736   9% /lib/modules/2.6.20-15-generic/volatile05:00
tgm4883_laptop/dev/hda3            378858304 280871480  97986824  75% /var/lib05:00
superm1!pastebin | tgm4883_laptop05:00
ubotutgm4883_laptop: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:00
foxbuntuyea...geez...thats like something foxbuntu would do05:01
=== foxbuntu oh wait...I am foxbuntu
=== foxbuntu did they hear that?
=== foxbuntu OH NO!
foxbuntusuperm1, the only thing different from where I pasted it I changed mport to import05:02
foxbuntuand the file name that it points at05:02
superm1you copied the raw text from pastebin?05:03
superm1or from the html page05:03
tgm4883_laptopI see the problem now05:04
tgm4883_laptopit was an ID 10 T error05:04
foxbuntunow its the raw text...same error05:05
tgm4883_laptopFuture note for everyone.  If you partition your drive so the large portion of it that is for mythtv is mounted at /var/lib, dont set mytharchives work directory to /var/archive05:05
=== foxbuntu would laugh, but I seem to remember doing that before
superm1foxbuntu, the first line reads "import re"05:06
superm1with nothing else05:06
superm1and its giving you an error when doing that05:06
superm1an identical error05:06
superm1about "line 1: import re"05:06
tgm4883_laptopi just went from / being 100% full to only 32%05:07
tgm4883_laptopI knew there was something wrong, i deleted like 100GB of shows today05:07
superm1foxbuntu, how are you launching the script?05:07
superm1python parser.py?05:08
tgm4883_laptopit was so full, shutdown wouldn't even work right05:08
foxbuntuoh...another ID 10 T error05:09
superm1hey Chadarius you around?05:09
foxbuntuok its working now05:09
ChadariusHey yeah05:09
superm1if you'd like to get something to work towards, any python experience?05:10
ChadariusEnough to hack around sure05:11
superm1Chadarius, perhaps you'd like to begin the control centre then05:12
ChadariusControl Center. The spec is up on launchpad?05:12
superm1We were thinking a pygtk app05:12
superm1it should be05:13
superm1let me make sure05:13
superm1ah no its not05:13
superm1i'll write out the spec quickly then05:13
superm1and you can see if it makes sense to you05:13
ChadariusSo is this a remote control app like thing?05:15
Chadariuspygtk would make it crossplatform too eh?05:15
superm1you'll see, give me a min here :)05:21
superm1More important right now is the frontend to it, the Glade pygtk would use05:24
superm1a lot of those functions i have backend code ready for05:25
superm1that is used in the installer05:25
superm1now not exactly cross platform, but if written modular enough, other distros might find use to it05:29
superm1Chadarius, the remote control functionality will be very basic in this first iteration05:30
superm1later revisions would implement more regarding that05:30
Chadariusbasic for first rev is good :)05:31
superm1but as you can see its a pretty hefty list of toys to enable disable05:31
superm1have you worked with glade designer before?05:31
ChadariusIs it up on blueprints now?05:32
Chadariusno I haven't05:32
superm1okay well thats something else to learn here, i just learned how to use it not more than 1.5 months ago05:32
superm1in order to write the installer :)05:32
ChadariusSo is the control centre something that will be built into the MythTV interface itself or is this a separate app05:35
superm1sep app05:36
superm1it will be used when the user wants to administer the box05:36
Chadariussuperm1: I assume this will be using pyGTK 2 and Glade 2 correct?05:50
superm1I believe glade is actually at glade 305:50
superm1i developed my ubiquity gui stuff with glade 3.2.005:50
Chadariushmmm OK default on Ubuntu repos is 2.12.1-605:51
superm1there are two glade apps there05:51
superm1in feisty05:51
Chadariusah yes I see05:51
superm1you want glade-305:51
Chadariusjust glade installs 205:51
Chadariusgot it05:51
superm1make sure to remove that older one, they both leave icons in the programming group otherwise05:54
RAOFAlso note that glade is superceded by gtkbuilder, but I'm not sure how the python bindings are.06:42
superm1RAOF, as of when?06:43
RAOFsuperm1: As of gtk-2.latest, I believe06:44
superm1is gtkbuilder present in feisty then, or only gutsy?06:44
RAOFOnly gutsf06:44
superm1ah i see06:46
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5FD48.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
foxbuntusuperm1, I am stuck as hell trying to figure out that last piece of code07:50
superm1foxbuntu, thats the fun part :)07:51
superm1and i would hardly call that the last piece07:51
superm1much more to go:)07:51
foxbuntuwell, ok07:51
foxbuntubut I can write out a simple function to build the lircrc07:51
foxbuntuanyone left in here than can help me parse lines of text in pyton?07:55
superm1foxbuntu, like i said i'm not too sure about the right way you'll parse the white space07:57
foxbuntui found a way to kill the whitespace07:59
foxbuntunow my problem is the actual hex codes07:59
foxbuntuso that my temp list file is only the names of the codes08:00
foxbuntuthen I will drop them over into the lircrc as needed08:00
superm1regular expressions?08:01
superm1do they always start with 0x?08:01
superm1or 008:01
foxbuntu0x yes08:03
superm1well than look for that?08:04
superm1split a line on that08:04
superm1and take the first field08:04
RAOFfoxbuntu: pyparsing08:09
foxbuntuhmm ok08:11
RAOFPyparsing is cool if you need anything remotely complex08:12
superm1RAOF, you by chance worked with the debconf python module ?08:12
RAOFI could look at it sometime, I suppose08:13
superm1trying to identify where my code is failing with it :)08:14
foxbuntuRAOF, if I use this module for parsing will it have to be included in the MythBuntu for the installer to work properly?08:16
RAOFI suppose so, yes08:16
RAOFBut pyparsing is all of 100K or so08:17
superm1foxbuntu, just get it working, and it wont be a big deal for me to include it08:17
foxbuntuwell, my code machine is dead for the night08:17
foxbuntusuperm1, catch you later08:18
superm1cya foxbuntu08:18
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=== Kenzu [n=jesper@4306ds2-ar.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Kenzuhow much space do i need for a frontend install?11:14
Kenzuwill it fit on a 800mb disk?11:15
=== bjweeks [n=bjweeks@unaffiliated/bjweeks] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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=== Kenzu_ [n=Kenzu@4306ds2-ar.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Kenzu_I need to know if a frontend install will fit on a 800mb disk?11:22
bjweeksI think the ubuntu servers uses almost that much alone, not sure though11:24
Kenzu_but a standard debian installl will only take 150mb or something like that11:26
lagaKenzu_: i'd like an answer to that question, too :)12:00
lagaKenzu_: i'll try it out in a VM now.12:07
Kenzu_cool... can you give som feedback please?12:11
lagasure. i'm now downloading the iso12:12
DaveMorrisKenzu_: a standard ubuntu desktop use 2GB, you can run the livecd as a frontend though12:19
DaveMorrisIn the future I'm thinking of making it easy to install on small disks/diskless systems12:19
lagaoi'm prolly gonna install mythbuntu on an USB stick.12:22
lagafor my s100..12:22
lagai fail at mythbuntu. it says "double click to install" and i did a single click :(12:24
Kenzu_usbstick install could be cool12:25
DaveMorrisyeah, I always struggle to double click it12:26
DaveMorrisKenzu_: I'm thinking usbstick/flashdrive/old small HDD12:26
Kenzu_my epia m1000 will be total silent with a usbstick and no hd12:26
Kenzu_do we have a eta for mythbuntu 7.10 and maybe an usb install?12:27
DaveMorrismythbuntu 7.10 will be shortly after the gutsy release12:29
lagausb install should already work out of the box, right?12:30
lagai'm probably gonna pick up a 2G stick later12:30
DaveMorrisas for usb install, you can do it now, its just a case of getting a large enough usb stick, although swap will kill the drive.12:30
lagathey're easily replacable :>12:30
lagai could stillswap over nfs *cough*12:31
lagamy box has 128M ram.12:31
DaveMorristhe better way to have diskless clients are to download the image over the network using pxe boot, with swap over nfs12:31
Kenzu_how do I install it on usb?12:31
lagadownload the image? naw, that'd kill my RAM :)12:31
DaveMorristhis will allow you to quickly add extra clients etc, and I'll work on it once I've done my Masters (next summer)12:31
DaveMorrisKenzu_: select the usbstick as the target drive12:32
lagaKenzu_: i'd assume you plug in an usb stick and tell the installer to install on the usb stick-12:32
lagaDaveMorris: yes. maybe you/we could steal some stuff from the ubuntu ltsp project.12:32
Kenzu_will grub work on a usbstick? normally i use syslinux12:32
DaveMorrislaga: thats excautly how I was thinking of doing it, as I've run LTSP before12:33
lagai know that lilo will work. grub should work as well. it's a matter of the bIOS as well.12:34
lagaDaveMorris: i meant to run mythfrontend on ltsp but it proved to be too much of a hassle12:34
DaveMorrisKenzu_: grub will work, the usbstick will appear as a /dev/sdX drive12:34
laga"coyping files (less than one minute remaining)12:34
DaveMorrislaga: well hopefully we can make it so you download the image from the mythbuntu site for each release12:34
lagawhat image?12:35
DaveMorrisfor ltsp12:35
DaveMorriswith mythbuntu12:35
lagai dunno how ltsp on ubuntu is implemented.12:35
DaveMorrisso it will just be a few mouse clicks to install and get running12:35
lagai still want to get minimyth working on my diskless box.12:35
laga1.2G is used for the frontend install with most of the plugins and all themes.12:37
laga2G usb stick is it :(12:37
lagawell, i shouldn't have to pay more than 20 for it12:40
Kenzu_how can I help with mythbuntu development if I want to?12:45
Kenzu_have been playing with mythtv for 2 years now...12:45
lagayou can help writing documentation, you can help by implementing features <https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/>12:46
laga<ou can help by making suggestions12:46
Kenzu_ok i have a good suggestion... drop ltsp and use a usbstick for boot/kernel and nfs for root... maybe a shared read only root for more than one frontend...12:49
=== jono [i=jono@ubuntu/member/jono] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Kenzu_then you dont have to set up dhcp and tftp server12:49
Kenzu_only nfs12:49
lagaKenzu_: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/+spec/disklessfrontend :)12:49
lagathere is more than one approach to netboot, unfortunately.12:50
Kenzu_and i know myth stores settings in the database based on hostname, so if you could set the host name via kernel cmdline... i.e in grub12:51
lagathat should be possible.12:52
Kenzu_and maybe set the display driver to and resolution12:52
lagaKenzu_: it looks like 1.1G are needed for a frontend install12:52
Kenzu_ok thanks12:52
laga*sigh* it'12:52
lagas using ram disks. great. i'll have to disable that for my meagre 128M RAM :)12:52
bjweeksI'm trying to get my pcHDTV 5500 working with Mythbuntu alpha 2 and I'm getting this in my dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/29632/12:53
lagawhen do you get this?12:54
bjweekswhen I try to do a channel scan (no channels come up but they did in feisty)12:55
lagayou're probably not using the correct parameters for your channel scan12:55
bjweeksnot much to set :/12:56
lagawe don't do ATSC here so i'm out of ideas12:57
lagaask in #mythtv-users ?12:57
bjweekshaven't yet, thought I would give this channel a shot as gutsy broke it12:58
lagai doubt many US people in here are awake12:59
bjweeksI wish I was using DVB, seems more open and better supported01:01
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=== a5benwillis [n=benwilli@] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Kenzu_the installer fail for me... alpha 202:09
Kenzu_why do mythbuntu use openbox ? and not one of the ubuntu version... i.e xbuntu og maybe help fluxbuntu?02:13
lagawhat's the problem?02:13
lagabecause we don't need xfce or fluxbox, i guess02:13
Kenzu_ok.. it's just like we start from scrats02:14
lagawe're not trying to create a desktop distro based on openbox. we make a mythtv distro ;)02:15
Kenzu_god point02:16
Kenzu_Installer fails when I use my 2GB usb stick but not on my 4GB old laptop drive02:21
Kenzu_it crash when i click install on the last page02:22
lagaoooh :(02:22
DaveMorrisdoes it give an error message?02:22
Kenzu_yes but I forgot to write it down before i try the laptop drive... ups... something about a name02:23
lagawe'd need that error message02:24
Kenzu_Ill will try the usb install again after the laptop drive install is finish02:24
Kenzu_is it posible to set up a wireless connection before we mount root?02:33
lagaare you talking about nfsroot?02:34
lagaor netboot?02:34
Kenzu_becuase then will my diskless senario with boot from usb and nfs root be smarter than ltsp02:34
DaveMorrisKenzu_: I don't think it's possible02:36
lagayou can set up a wireless connection before you mount root. it'd have to be done in the initramfs.02:36
lagayou'll have to set up encryption in there as well02:36
DaveMorrisyeah, but you still need a location to load the initramfs from, which you don't with PXE booting02:37
lagayeah, he wants to store kernel and stuff on an usb stick02:37
Kenzu_DaveMorris, and that location will be the usb stick02:37
DaveMorristhen why not have the whole install on the usb stick?02:38
Kenzu_because more frontends could share the same root02:38
Kenzu_and you only have to update and setup on root02:38
Kenzu_one root02:39
Kenzu_and small usbstick are given away for free almost02:39
Kenzu_plus small usb stick are easyer to boot from than 2GB stick... not all bioses like 2 gb ones02:40
Kenzu_I have a problem with my backend... my recording i missing the next day03:20
=== Kenzu [n=Kenzu@4306ds2-ar.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
Kenzuif I want to make an mythbuntu (gusty) install on my backend with 4 disk in raid 1 (boot) and raid 5 (lvm for root and myth) then Ill have to use an alternate gusty install disk and then install mythbackend-master and ubuntu-mythtv- frontend packages?03:35
=== foxbuntu [n=nick@67-41-244-37.desm.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagai don't think that the GUI installer supports lvm or raid.03:43
lagaKenzu: you said there are boot problems with 2GB usb sticks. could youplease leaborate?03:43
Kenzuyes... will try the install again i 10 min..03:45
lagai was referring to03:46
laga14:36 < Kenzu_> plus small usb stick are easyer to boot from than 2GB stick... not all bioses like 2 gb ones03:46
laga^^ this looks promising, too03:47
Kenzuthe bios have to se the usb disk as a usb-hdd if it over 512mb03:48
lagareally? does that apply to all mainboards?03:48
Kenzuand not all bios (bios bugs) like that... but they like usb-fdd and usb-zip03:48
laga^^ :(03:48
Kenzunot all..03:48
lagawell, i'll ask the store to take it back if it doesn'03:49
lagat work03:49
lagaduh. i can't use the mythbuntu in live mode because i'm low on ram. stupid limitation :(03:50
Kenzuhow do I report the install crash?04:01
lagaKenzu: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/04:08
Kenzufound it04:08
lagathat's annoying.04:09
lagai've cleaned up my mythbuntu install and it's back to its old size after an aptitude upgrade.04:10
lagaand i even ran apt-get clean.04:10
Kenzubug reported04:16
lagathanks a lot :)04:16
ubotuNew bug: #125539 in mythbuntu "Installer crased on 2GB usbstick install" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12553904:21
lagadown to 723M ;)04:36
laga706M. enough for now :)04:40
=== clarkey [n=matt@c210-49-174-217.mckinn1.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
clarkeyI need some help with a really basic script basically i need to run xmodmap /etc/xmodmap.conf05:40
clarkeyat startup on mythTV system to get the remote working properly05:40
clarkeyI am trying to put it into the openbox auto start script will that work?05:41
superm1clarkey, yes it will05:42
superm1however it will break on an update05:42
clarkeywhat do u mean on an update?05:42
superm1to the next release05:42
superm1you'll have to redo that05:42
clarkeyoh k05:43
clarkeyive tried to put it in but it doesn't work05:43
superm1which script were you modifying?05:43
superm1oh.  is that the standard xdg starting file?05:44
clarkeyI actually created it cause it didnt exist05:44
superm1well how'd you get pointed at making it?05:44
clarkeyjust read it on the openbox site05:44
superm1could you link me where you found that reference?05:44
superm1ah yes05:45
superm1okay and the contents of your autostart.sh rihgt now?05:45
clarkeyive tried alot of combinations05:46
clarkeythe latest being05:46
clarkey. $GLOBALAUTOSTART05:46
clarkeysleep 2005:46
clarkeyxmodmap /etc/xmodmap.conf05:47
superm1okay and you're using the autologin05:47
superm1of ubuntu-mythtv-frontend05:47
superm1or mythbuntu05:47
superm1okay i think i know what the problem is here05:47
superm1that openbox session source's that file05:47
superm1however a normal mythtv session doesn't05:47
superm1so do this: put the file in say ~/.xmodmap05:48
superm1the /etc/xmodmap.conf05:48
superm1and then i'll tell you what block to add whree, and i'll add it to the new packaging so it is present in gutsy05:48
clarkeyim a newbie wat is ~/05:49
clarkeyso i just copy the xmodmap.conf to ~/.xmodmap ?05:49
clarkeywhat were u saing about the blocks?05:50
superm1add that to your /usr/share/mythtv/startmythtv.sh05:51
superm1right before the openbox & command05:51
superm1(the contents of it)05:51
clarkeythnx alot ur a saviour05:51
clarkeyits taken me like 2 days to get this far lol05:51
superm1np, little things like this can easily catch anyone05:52
clarkeylirc was a bitch so I gave up05:52
clarkeygood idea to add it 2 the package05:53
clarkeybtw im lookingforward 2 it05:53
clarkeykeep up the goodwork05:54
superm1with the work i'm doing re lirc, it should be a bit easier for gutsy too :)05:54
clarkeystill didnt load properly06:13
clarkeywait do i have to do a full reset or can i just reset X06:14
foxbuntusuperm1, just thought I would let you know, the mother of Ronin from StarGate works in this building06:22
=== DaveMorris [n=dave@cubert.itri.bton.ac.uk] has left #ubuntu-mythtv []
foxbuntualso I have pyparsing now and I am just trying to get the code figured out to use it06:25
clarkeydidnt work06:28
clarkeyohh well ill try again later06:30
=== superm1 [n=superm1@ubuntu/member/superm1] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
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=== Kenzu [n=Kenzu@4306ds2-ar.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagaheya superm1_07:53
superm1_hey laga08:14
superm1_any luck regarding merging my branches?08:14
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5FD48.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagai haven't started yet, i was busy playing with mythbuntu today08:16
superm1_that 700 meg install, how minimalized is it?08:17
lagaum. it's missing mythweather, mytharchive, the backend, mplayer, firefox, vlc, xine, and /usr/share/doc/08:18
lagaand some other stuff that deborphan gave me08:19
lagaas well as the restricted drivers08:19
lagado you want a package list? ;)08:19
superm1_well i was going to say, some of the stuff can be pulled from the lists08:19
superm1_because i got a little sloppy in the removals08:19
superm1_what would be better is a list of stuff removed08:20
superm1_if you could08:20
lagasure, i'll see what i can do.08:20
superm1_and then i can better see if there is anything else to pull off the list08:20
lagaKenzu: did have some trouble with installing to a 2 GB usb stick, i might as well try to reproduce that08:20
=== varun0 [n=varun@cpe-24-27-63-213.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1_i haven't looked at Kenzu's posted logs too much in depth yet08:23
superm1_but it looked like partman was where things dies08:23
superm1_it might actually be a ubiquity problem, not a mythbuntu only problem08:23
superm1_Kenzu, are you still here?08:23
lagacopying my mythbuntu install to an usb disk in virtualbox is not exactly fast08:26
superm1_Daviey, you here?08:26
superm1_yea i can see that..08:26
lagai did an rsync -av to sync my install to the usb disk. it's 700M on the virtualbox disk and 600M on the usb disk. i wonder if i have to blame block size or something.08:38
lagaah, the FS has errors.08:39
KenzuI'am back...08:48
superm1_Kenzu, could you repeat an install on that usbstick08:49
superm1_ifi  was to give you a different way to try something08:49
superm1_to rule out a problem08:49
KenzuI did it 3 times08:49
superm1_i want to make sure that it isn't caused by our code08:49
superm1_in the mythbuntu ui08:49
superm1_that its actually upstream's fault08:49
Kenzuwith normal partioning and manual08:50
Kenzuand in danish and english only08:50
superm1_if you pull up a terminal08:50
superm1_and launch it like this:08:50
superm1_sudo ubiquity gtk_ui08:50
superm1_it will deactivate all the changes we have for mythbuntu08:51
superm1_so you can run a vanilla copy of the upstream installer08:51
Kenzuok... I could try that...08:51
superm1_and if the same thing happens, we can reclassify that bug to ubiquity08:52
Kenzuplease give me some time...08:53
KenzuI try to locate a problem on my backend to...08:53
Kenzumy recordings get deleted after a day or so08:53
Kenzuand it startet after mythweb was installed... maybe a search robot on the net is trickering the delete link on the recordings?08:54
superm1_that is very possible08:55
superm1_if its not locked down08:55
lagait's probably auto expire..08:55
lagayou should lock down your mythweb!08:55
lagaKenzu: see /var/log/apache2/access.log08:56
Kenzuauto expire will only delete livetv08:56
superm1_autoexpire will delete anything if it needs more space08:56
Kenzuand recording if i'am lov on space08:56
KenzuI have 400Gb left08:58
Kenzuubiquity will not run with gtk_ui after09:04
Kenzuonly sudo ubiquity09:04
Kenzuok... It's not mythbuntu... same error on normal ubiquity09:06
superm1_okay then we can reclass that bug09:08
superm1_as ubiquity instead09:08
Kenzufound my problem on the backend... google bot09:12
Kenzu66.249.73.243 - - [12/Jul/2007:03:15:13 +0200]  "GET /mythweb/tv/recorded?delete=yes&chanid=1027&starttime=1184168100 HTTP/1.1" 302 186 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Googlebot/2.1; +http://www.google.com/bot.html)"09:12
Kenzumaybe some safety is a good place to start... he09:13
superm1_Kenzu, this doesn't happen when installing to a hard drive for you right?09:22
superm1_i reclassed the bug as a ubiquity bug09:22
lagasuperm1_: should i still try to reproduce it?09:22
superm1_laga, if you can09:23
superm1_i think i see the cause of it09:23
lagawhat is it?09:23
superm1_when a label is set on the flash drive09:23
superm1_with a name that has a space in it09:23
superm1_it automounts09:23
superm1_but then isn't able to unmount09:23
superm1_Kenzu, your flash drive did have a space in the label correct?09:23
Kenzuok... ubuntu see the usbstick as a mp3player or ipod09:24
Kenzu[73061.428000]  usb-storage: device found at 409:25
Kenzu[73061.428000]  usb-storage: waiting for device to settle before scanning09:25
Kenzu[73066.428000]  usb-storage: device scan complete09:25
Kenzu[73066.428000]  scsi 3:0:0:0: Direct-Access     Flash    Drive SM_USB20   1100 PQ: 0 ANSI: 0 CCS09:25
Kenzu[73066.432000]  SCSI device sdb: 3963904 512-byte hdwr sectors (2030 MB)09:25
Kenzu[73066.432000]  sdb: Write Protect is off09:25
Kenzu[73066.432000]  sdb: Mode Sense: 43 00 00 0009:25
Kenzu[73066.432000]  sdb: assuming drive cache: write through09:25
Kenzu[73066.436000]  SCSI device sdb: 3963904 512-byte hdwr sectors (2030 MB)09:25
Kenzu[73066.436000]  sdb: Write Protect is off09:25
Kenzu[73066.436000]  sdb: Mode Sense: 43 00 00 0009:25
superm1_right ...09:25
Kenzu[73066.436000]  sdb: assuming drive cache: write through09:25
Kenzu[73066.436000]   sdb: sdb109:25
Kenzu[73066.484000]  sd 3:0:0:0: Attached scsi removable disk sdb09:25
Kenzu[73066.484000]  sd 3:0:0:0: Attached scsi generic sg1 type 009:25
superm1_now what does ls /media say09:25
KenzuUSB DISK09:25
Kenzuwith space09:26
superm1_yup that would be it09:26
lagadoes it not auto-mount it when it doesn't have a space?09:26
Kenzufdisk or cfdisk new label?09:26
superm1_well it automounts09:26
superm1_but it won't umount09:26
superm1_it looks like09:26
superm1_due to a bug in the installer's handling of such things09:26
Kenzuhow do I set a new label?09:28
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagagood question.09:30
Kenzucan you please tell me one thing about mythweb... i have to set chmod 644 on the password fil and not 640 as i the wiki...09:30
Kenzuok.. now it show up as mythbuntu09:32
Kenzubut ubuntu still think it's a mp3player09:32
superm1_thats fine09:33
superm1_as long as the label doesn't have a space in the name09:33
Kenzubut i don't want it to be an mp3player09:34
superm1_if your booting off of it, it won't matter09:34
KenzuIll try the install again09:34
Kenzuso far it's a go09:37
Kenzuit's installing09:37
Kenzusuperm1_, your the man09:37
superm1_Kenzu, more room for trouble though :)  Hopefully you don't hit any other walls09:37
laga error creating directory `./usr/share/doc/libc6': No such file or directory09:39
lagai know i shouldn't have deleted random stuff ;)09:39
Kenzunormally i use archlinux and larch on usb... this was used on my old setup... larch with xfce4.4 and mythfront and lots of plugins could fit on 350-400mb09:42
superm1_well there are a lot more thing that are installed here, and likely a few that can endure some cleanup09:43
superm1_but the install here should fit within ~1GB09:43
superm1_i'd gander09:43
Kenzularch is pretty smart for usbstick... and it uses read on compressed filesystem with overlay so you can save your setting or stuff09:44
Kenzuread only09:44
superm1_i'm working on a spec yesterday and today actually09:44
superm1_that will save a conf file to a flash drive09:44
superm1_and use that to start mythfrontend09:44
superm1_mount network shares09:45
Kenzumaybe that could be a good place to learn something for live mythbuntu09:45
superm1_so you just need a flash drive and cd09:45
superm1_and you have a complete fully configured frontend09:45
Kenzuhttp://four.fsphost.com/gradgrind/ take a look09:45
superm1_actually what that does is already supported in Ubuntu09:46
Kenzularch can save the setting to cd to... it will just burn a new session09:46
superm1_an overlay like that09:46
superm1_onto a flash drive09:46
superm1_i opted to not use it for mythbuntu though09:46
superm1_because that means you have to allow it to overwrite the whole drive09:47
superm1_the way i'm doing it with a configuration file, you will be able to use the drive for other stuff too if you awnt09:47
superm1_i'll be back in a bit09:47
superm1_i'm gonna grab some lunch09:47
=== Kenzu [n=Kenzu@4306ds2-ar.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagai totally need to update my trunk packages :(09:53
lagasuperm1_: are the mythbuntu packages built from the normal ubuntu bzr branches?09:54
superm1_laga, what do you mean?10:11
superm1_the debian/*10:11
laga^^ are they built from those tress?10:12
lagaok, thanks10:12
lagajust having some trouble installing my old trunk packages, but that's likely happened because they're too old10:12
superm1_well that shouldn't have broken anything10:16
superm1_(them being old)10:16
lagaubuntu-mythtv-frontend did not depend on mythbuntu-gdm-theme, i'd have had to install ubuntu-gdm-themes or something10:17
lagai'm rebuilding my packages now with that dependency added10:17
lagai promise i'll be a good boy and merge your changes very soon ;)10:17
=== Kenzu [n=Kenzu@4306ds2-ar.0.fullrate.dk] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
superm1_Kenzu, how did that work out for you?10:57
Kenzuok... but it wont boot... error 18 from grub11:01
KenzuSelected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS11:01
Kenzulooks like a custom partition layout11:02
Kenzui will have to make a boot partition that is completely within the first 1023 cylinders11:03
Kenzugrub wiki11:03
Kenzuand how do I know that it in the first 1023 cylinders?11:05
lagacfdisk or fdisk should be able to tell you11:05
Kenzuthis is the 512mb usbstick problem....11:05
Kenzuor 2gb11:05
Kenzuso 512 will be easy to boot from but not 2 gb11:06
lagaKenzu: just create a separate boot partition?11:11
Kenzuyeah I think so11:14
Kenzuwill try that11:14
Kenzubut not bigger that 512 mb I think11:14
Kenzumaybe 100mb for boot or 64mb11:15
Kenzudo you think I need swap with 512mb11:16
Kenzuswap and usbsticks is not a good combo11:17
lagano it's not a good combo11:17
Kenzuby the way how do i set up wireless in /etc/network/interfaces?11:18
Kenzujust wireless-key #the key# and wireless-essid #the essid#?11:18
Kenzuunder eth2?11:18
lagai have no clue11:19
lagamy 2GB usb stick only has 249 cylinders.11:24
lagafdisk -l says that.11:24
superm1_something about a non mechanical device having cylinders doesn't settle well with me11:25
laga"Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS"11:27
lagastill, that's the error message11:27
superm1_laga do you use lirc_gpio by chance?11:31
lagai try to avoid lircd11:31
superm1_do you know anyone that doe?11:31
lagano, sorryx11:31
lagaask in #mythtv-users probably11:31
superm1_well actually11:32
superm1_i'll poke on the lirc-list first11:32
superm1_for the issue11:33
superm1_it appears the bttv driver11:33
superm1_in 2.6.2211:33
superm1_is missing a few functions11:33
KenzuI think i'am booting from my 2gb stick now11:54
Kenzubut dam it's slow11:55
superm1_once the usb2 kicks in it should speed up i'd think11:55
Kenzubut loading the kernel and initrd is slow11:56
Kenzuso i ended up with a new label, a 100mb boot partition and the rest for root... no swap11:57
superm1_and how big did the isntall end up?11:57
lagai'm glad it's working...11:57
superm1_(this was a frontend only install right)11:57
Kenzufrontend only11:57
lagawhat file system did you use for /boot/?11:57
lagaa frontend only install is like 1,1G AFAIK11:58
Kenzuhow do I se the size?11:58
lagadf -h11:59
Kenzu927 mb for root12:02
Kenzu23 for boot12:02
superm1_did things speed up after the boot finished?12:02
superm1_of the kernel load12:02
superm1_or same slowness12:02
Kenzuspeed up. but still slow12:03
superm1_was it faster running the FE from live disk?12:04
lagashouldn't it be possible to use usb 2.0 to load the kernel?12:10
lagahum hum12:10
lagaprobably not12:10

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