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ubotuIn ubotu, hero said: suck is ubotu02:14
ubotuIn ubotu, hero said: sorry is me02:14
=== nalioth waits for the next verse
naliothruh roh02:21
naliothcheck pricechild for exploit vulnerability when he returns02:21
ubotuJordan_U called the ops in #ubuntu02:57
ubotuHey nalioth, jenda, rob, SportChick, seanw, BearPerson or ompaul! I could use a bit of your time :)02:57
naliothtonyyarusso: yes?02:58
tonyyarussonalioth: bunch of bots all from @67.Red-83-37-255.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net02:58
tonyyarussonalioth: Is that a reg. ban, or KLining, and why do you suppose it is so many clients were launched from the same machine this time, rather than spread out?02:59
nalioththey are reading in file 13 now02:59
naliothclones is clones03:00
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=== mneptok unzips
mneptokaccess granted. be gentle, mistress.05:29
=== Hobbsee offers elkbuntu a gun, and a knife, and lets her have her pick
elkbuntui need to aquire some 3inch pinpoint heals for this sort of situation05:30
Burgundaviahey elkbuntu!05:30
elkbuntuhey Burgundavia!05:30
mneptoki'm popular with the ladies. like a punching bag at the gym after work.05:31
Burgundaviamneptok: you are cracked. I see you are also loosing your boss05:32
Burgundaviathat is sad05:32
elkbuntueh? who's leaving now?05:33
Burgundaviajeff bailey05:34
BurgundaviaI can understand, him having a kid and all05:34
mneptoki submitted my resume a few weeks ago. sabdfl said we could discuss my suitability when he's done laughing.05:34
Hobbseeright then05:35
mneptokthat was ... a few weeks ago05:35
elkbuntumneptok, are you feeling bored enough to try figure wtf ubuntuserver is smoking so we can rid of him from -au please. bonus points if you can speak russian, because he doesnt make a whole lot of sense in english05:44
elkbuntu(who needs deadly heels when i can inflict this sort of pain :D)05:45
Vorianwatch out for ubuntuserver05:47
Vorianhe was just causing problems on -us05:48
elkbuntuVorian, that is because he's a russian, and hence russian ips often get banned from #ubuntu, so he then went through all the other english speaking channels, recieving hostility and more bans05:49
elkbuntuhe can barely speak english at that05:49
elkbuntuhe's been directed to #ubuntu-ru now05:49
Vorianwell, he seems to know the F word fairly well :)05:49
elkbuntuVorian, that's often an issue for people who learn english from forums etc where the f word is used alot05:50
elkbuntubut simply banning him and sending him on doesnt solve his problem, since he really has 2 problems, the issue he was asking about, and the issue of a communication barrier05:51
BurgundaviaI am currently chatting with ubuntuserver in #ubuntu-server05:52
elkbuntuhe's still in -au too05:53
mneptokelkbuntu: junt got home06:19
mneptokelkbuntu: is he still a problem?06:20
Burgundaviamneptok: appears to have gone quiet in -server06:22
=== mneptok is talking him out of his tree
=== Hobbsee drops mneptok into the lava
Burgundaviamneptok: you talked him into it, you talk him out of it :)06:24
mneptoki did?06:25
Burgundaviaby your very presence, yes06:26
=== mneptok senses the Ubuntu community's new convenient excuse emerging from its chrysalis
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elkbuntumneptok, new excuse?07:47
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ubotuIn #ubuntu, joules said: !! uh.. this is so not fun08:23
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gnomefreakubotu doesnt use !info app when there is no reply set for !bleh like it used to?10:29
ubotuI'll remember that, gnomefreak10:29
Hobbsee!forget doesnt use !info app when there10:30
ubotuI'll forget that, Hobbsee10:30
Hobbseegood bot10:30
gnomefreaki was getting there but ty, the page wasnt coming up :(10:31
gnomefreakeither way he used info app as default for apps that didnt have factoids10:31
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ubotuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu01:20
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ubotuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu04:14
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elkbuntu^^ exploit victim iirc04:23
naliothPriceChild: are you here?04:23
PriceChildHey yeah nalioth04:23
PriceChildwhy don't they "ask" as the -read-topic says?04:24
PriceChildWhat've I done wrong? :(04:24
HobbseePriceChild: because they dont read.04:24
elkbuntunalioth, 5ac1be48.bb.sky.com deserves a k-ticket04:24
naliothPriceChild: you are a victim of coincidence04:24
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naliothelkbuntu: and they don't already have one?04:24
PriceChildnalioth, care  to expand on that...? :)04:25
elkbuntunalioth, not afaik, they exploited a few minutes ago04:25
naliothelkbuntu: and i klined a few minutes ago04:25
elkbunturight no prob04:25
naliothhave there been more than one occurence in the last 10 minutes?04:25
naliothPriceChild: you happened to drop yesterday during an exploit04:26
PriceChildah yeah coincidence then :)04:26
PriceChildwhat was the quit message? :s04:26
nalioth"I'm doing this to tease nalioth", i believe04:27
PriceChildhaha :)04:27
PriceChildfunnily enough I don't remember it :)04:27
=== CaptainM [n=mark@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
CaptainMCan someone test if I fixed the router exploit now?04:30
PriceChild*head desks*04:31
=== CaptainM [n=mark@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
CaptainMapparently not04:31
PriceChildCaptainM, please follow the instructions from #ubuntu-read-topic and rejoin freenode on port 800104:31
=== SWAT [n=SWAT@ubuntu/member/swat] has joined #ubuntu-ops
CaptainMPriceChild, I thought I did04:32
CaptainMPriceChild, I'll try again04:32
HobbseeCaptainM: that also includes asking to be tested, and waiting for a response04:32
Hobbseeinstead of leaving 30 seconds later04:32
=== captainm [n=mark@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
atoponcel and / are too close to each other04:35
PriceChildcaptainm, fixed?04:35
captainmPriceChild: you tell me ;) I Changed the port to 800104:35
=== PriceChild head desks
mc44elkbuntu: was repeating your "2 billion spam" post meant to be subtly ironic? :)04:39
elkbuntumc44, no. wordpress somehow fuddled up. i had a draft that i wanted to delete, and it took that post with it04:40
mc44sure sure *wink*04:41
=== Hobbsee should blog again, or something
=== GazzaK has a new shiny blog
mc44Hobbsee: you could blog about GazzaK having a blog04:44
mc44then you could get into some sort of infinite loop04:44
Hobbseewell, i have stuff that i'd like to blog about, but shouldnt04:45
PriceChildyou tease!04:45
mc44ooh, go on, we all like gossip :)04:45
=== captainm [n=mark@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildcaptainm, woooo fixed :)04:48
Hobbseemc44: PriceChild i wish i could...04:48
PriceChildcaptainm, please rejoin #ubuntu04:48
captainmPriceChild: about time :P04:48
captainmIt took me a while04:49
=== captainm [n=mark@] has left #ubuntu-ops []
mc44Hobbsee: just tell us in here, we can keep a secret! :)04:49
PriceChilddo you not trust us? :(004:50
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elkbuntuHobbsee, yeah, it's probably best you dont blog that blog you were tempted to do yesterday. kinda a CoC violation :04:52
Hobbseei dont remember which blog that was....04:53
elkbuntuthe gutsy one04:53
elkbuntuand how some people should be banned from dist-upgrading :04:53
Hobbseewhat i was going to blog about was the fact that people dont search launchpad, and should, and should know how to search for bugs as a prerequisite for using gutsy,  but suspected it woudl turn into a flamewar04:53
Hobbseeand breaking their X04:54
elkbuntuyou were not so nice yesterday :04:54
PriceChilddoes anyone actually disagree with that though...?04:54
=== Hobbsee doesnt remember much of yesterday
elkbuntuPriceChild, the CoC04:54
mc44oooh Hobbsee, you can help me!04:55
PriceChildelkbuntu, if she worded it politely...04:55
mc44Hobbsee: as a core dev, you can change the seeds right?04:55
Hobbseemc44: yes04:55
mc44Hobbsee: can fix bugz pls?04:55
Hobbseenote, the operative word is "can" there04:55
mc44just findin the number04:55
elkbuntuPriceChild, the problem is maintaining it for an entire post04:55
PriceChildelkbuntu, haha04:55
PriceChildmaybe if we got one person to do a general layout.... then give each paragraph to someone else to maintain their calmness04:56
PriceChildand then put all the pieces together at the end,04:56
HobbseePriceChild: oh i can be polite.  remember the "forums have dubious information on there, so a bit more which may be true wont hurt?"04:56
PiciRemember, everything PriceChild says is a lie.05:06
PriceChildI always lie05:06
=== Hobbsee notes that PriceChild went very quiet over that one, and wonders why
PriceChildsee what I did there?05:06
mc44Hobbsee: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-meta/+bug/11643605:06
ubotuLaunchpad bug 116436 in ubuntu-meta "wrong version of ndiswrapper in ship-live seed" [Undecided,New] 05:06
GazzaKand he never remembers people in real life either :'(05:06
PriceChildHobbsee, because I couldn't think up a suitably witty response05:07
HobbseePriceChild: hah05:07
PriceChildGazzaK, :O you're the one that ran off after 2 minutes! :)05:07
GazzaKyou're the one who stood there like O.O when I said hi :'(05:08
Hobbseemc44: grumble05:08
mc44Hobbsee: its like a one character change!05:09
Hobbseemc44: over 3+ seeds05:09
PriceChildGazzaK, because Garry Kearly is so obviously hard to connect to GazzaK05:09
GazzaKone r, plus a e please :p05:10
GazzaKGary Kearley :-D05:10
mc44Hobbsee: it was broken for fesity too :( no one cares about ndiswrapper05:10
PriceChildthat one is impossible to connect, as they aren't the same name05:10
Hobbseemc44: everyone finds better cardes, yes05:11
mc44I haven't :)05:11
GazzaKPriceChild, i'll try to work on my confidence05:12
Hobbseemc44: 405:13
mc44Hobbsee: if I realised it was going to be that much, I wouldn't have asked :)05:13
Hobbseemc44: done ubuntu, merging kubuntu05:19
Hobbseehavent respun the metapackages, though05:20
=== mc44 hugs Hobbsee extra squeezy tight
Hobbseethanks for raising it05:20
mc44aaaah. Now I have done my bit for gutsy05:20
mc44Hobbsee: thanks very much05:21
Hobbseeno problem05:21
Hobbseek, kubuntu done05:23
=== Hobbsee grumbles at cjwatson
PriceChildhe's such a nasty man05:28
Hobbseehe's committing changes to the seeds, but i dont think he's actually picked up my slightly later changes of the ubuntu seed05:28
Hobbseeso it's putting my tree out of date, each time he uploads05:28
Hobbseeyep, he's missed my change on this one too05:29
mc44boo! /me shakes fist05:30
Hobbseeno matter, i can fix it here05:30
Hobbsee3 done...05:32
=== stdin_ [i=stdin@82-37-240-159.cable.ubr07.smal.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Hobbseemc44: done :)05:48
mc44Hobbsee: handy having a non scary core dev :)05:50
Hobbseeno one's *that* scary.  except mdz and sabdfl, maybe.05:50
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=== opapo [n=chatzill@c-67-164-200-117.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildopapo, Here for a test?06:00
=== PriceChild head desks
PriceChildAm I doing something wrong today?06:00
=== opapo [n=chatzill@c-67-164-200-117.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
PriceChildopapo, please read the intructions and reconnect to freenode on port 800106:01
lamalexwhat is this exploit?06:01
PriceChild!dcc > lamalex06:02
opapoPriceChild: what are the commands to do that?06:03
PriceChildopapo, to reconnect to port 8001?06:04
opapoPriceChild: yes06:04
PriceChildIt depends on the client you're using.06:04
PriceChildYou need to do it in the settings...06:04
PriceChildso it sets for every time.06:04
lamalexopapo: hah i thought you meant to use the exploit on people06:04
opapoPriceChild: If I use a different client on a different computer will I have this same problem?06:06
PriceChildDepends on the router you're behind.06:07
PriceChildIt is good practice to connect on 8001 regardless.06:07
opapoI didn't know I was using anything non-standard06:08
PriceChildits not non-standard...06:08
PriceChild*thinks about that*06:08
PriceChildyeah 6667 is really the standard irc port.06:08
opapoI haven't changed anything06:08
PriceChildbut its what's exploitable... so for freenode at least you should switch to 8001.06:08
opapoI am using Mozilla's ChatZilla and I can't change the settings.06:10
opapoI guess I will just use a different client06:10
PriceChildyou can change the settings06:10
mc44but using a better client is a better idea :)06:10
lamalexopapo: try x-chat, or irssi (the best)06:11
opapoI will use my laptop and try irssi06:12
opapoThis is my home computer and it's running windows06:12
opapoMy laptop is Ubuntu06:13
lamalexx-chat has a windows version06:13
opapoI remember x-chat not being free06:13
nalioththere is an xchat you can use at no cost06:14
PriceChilduu where's that nalioth ?06:15
pleia2silverex.org has the most popular compile of it for windows06:16
lamalexxchat not free?? whaat?06:16
pleia2lamalex: the xchat.org windows compile is not free06:16
lamalexis it /free/06:16
pleia2doesn't mean people can't charge if they want :)06:16
elkbuntuit's libre, but not gratis06:16
lamalexthank you06:16
PriceChildThanks pleia2 :)06:16
naliothpleia2: why recommend that one, when the silverex build is freely used?06:17
pleia2nalioth: I never recommend the xchat.org one, I always tell people about silverex06:17
naliothPriceChild: http://www.silverex.org/06:17
PriceChildnalioth, that's where pleia sent me? :S06:17
opapoI believe I will switch to my Ubuntu laptop, but thanks for the silverex.org06:22
opapoSee ya06:22
=== opapo [n=chatzill@c-67-164-200-117.hsd1.ut.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu-ops []
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sampbarDaviey, GazzaK: sorry :(07:41
Davieysampbar: i hear you set an auto timer?07:41
sampbarDaviey, auto timer? :S07:41
DavieyExplain what happend to cause the flood.07:42
sampbarDaviey, mrmonday tricked me into using /ame and i thought it was like /me so i was winding him up on his channel07:42
sampbarDaviey, then i realised it went to all channels07:42
sampbarthankyou Daviey07:44
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Tm_T18:50 <+Hobbsee> no one's *that* scary.  except mdz and sabdfl, maybe.08:28
Tm_Twhy mdz would be scary, or sabdfl08:29
Priceycuz they're in charge?08:29
Tm_Tthey are?08:30
Tm_Tand how that make them scary?08:30
=== Tm_T is confused
Priceyare the ubuntu servers still "having issues"?08:45
PriceyI think <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> is the same as the join/part quit message troll...09:03
Priceylets see if he continues with the deutsch09:03
naliothPricey: it's a troll.09:04
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=== sampbar bye all
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stefgmigueltio is offering a virus in #ubuntu (doubt this is real) but could use some lart treatment i guess12:07
stefgmiguelito, that is12:08
=== Pricey looks
stefgban him, please... what a pr*ckhead12:09
ubotubruenig called the ops in #ubuntu12:09
Priceyargh I'm lagging sorry12:09
=== GazzaK [n=Gary@colchester-lug/pdpc.supporter.active.GazzaK] has joined #ubuntu-ops
stefgok this miguelito needs a kickban, definitly12:12
Pricey*is ready to pounce*12:12
Picipricey likes to warn just in case...12:13
Priceyjust don't feed him...12:13
ubotuIn ubotu, Pricey said: no effects is <reply> For help or discussion on Beryl or Compiz desktop effects, please go to #ubuntu-effects12:17
mneptokmerry christmas.12:26
nalioththankfully, i have no flash.12:27

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