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mattwalstonusermode linux12:34
mattwalstonoops, ignore that12:34
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Jester45hi, im trying to do http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Compressed-TCP.html  i have a co-located machine that i can ssh into. i was wondering if i must use  a proxy or if there is a diffrent way of doing this. and if i must use a proxy does anyone have a good guide to set on up 02:15
lcddJester45: is this for web traffic?02:23
Jester45possibly if it is fast 02:23
Jester45im looking more for one of the co admins that only has dialup and downloading big logs take a while02:24
Jester45and i was really curious 02:28
lcddif there are any web proxies available to the ssh machine, it's easy to forward http over ssh for anyone who has an ssh account02:28
Jester45the log files and the ssh is on the same machine i could run a proxy on it 02:29
lcddso there are only two machines involved?02:31
lcddin that case there is no need for proxies02:32
lcddjust use scp or maybe rsync over ssh to copy the files02:33
Jester45so the ssh connection would make it kinda like a proxy 02:33
lcddit's just a tunnel between two machines02:35
Jester45so use the same command ? then tell rsync to use that port02:36
Jester45im not to good at networking02:36
lcddwell, if you already know how to use rsync, just add the option -e ssh02:37
lcddthere is actually a good example on the rsync man page02:40
lcddbut that connection is not compressed by default02:41
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lcddJester45: you can set ssh options, to enable compression among other things, in ~/.ssh/config (on the client machine)02:44
lcddneeds just two lines:02:44
lcddHost myserver02:45
lcdd  Compression yes02:45
lcddthat's it02:45
Jester45cant you set the level02:45
lcddi'm not sure. the CompressionLevel option is only for the older protocol version 102:46
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hatterany ideas of the numbers of servers now used by ubuntu-server ?04:17
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mralphabethatter: brazillions!04:29
hattermralphabet, haha04:32
hatterdo you use it ?04:32
mralphabetI do04:32
hatteri have etch and sarge on most servers now,  but etch is not discovering my sata controller due to a bug in the via-sata driver in the 2.6.18 kernel. so looks like i am switchiing it to ubuntu server04:33
hatterso i was wondering how many in real life use ubuntu as a server04:34
mralphabetI went from primarily from slackware to ubuntu04:34
hatterbecause of hardware driver issues ?04:34
hatterthis has been the achilles heal of all these distros04:34
mralphabetmore the support cycle and community04:34
hattercomputer hardware moving faster than software drivers04:34
hatterhow long were you using slack for ?04:35
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mralphabetI have a raid controller that isn't in the kernel yet and I have to run windows on that box, I hate it04:35
mralphabet8 years?04:35
hattereven with ubuntu ?04:35
hattersoftware raid ?04:35
fujinanyone know much about asterisk? more importantly, if it is maintained locally so that I may ask the maintainer to build some extra features or create an asterisk-addons package04:36
hatters/w raid controller that is ?04:36
hatterhow new is the mobo ?04:36
mralphabetit's a promise card04:36
hatteroh they are painful04:36
hatterits sata ?04:36
mralphabetit's the first card they used a sata chipset for an ide card04:36
hatterhave you tried a knoppix live cd ?04:37
mralphabetit's nowhere in the kernel04:37
mralphabetwas a bad purchase, learned my lesson04:38
hatterhardware hardware04:38
hatterthis is what i think happens over at ms04:38
hatterthey spend all there resources on making drivers for new hardware04:38
hatteri suffer so much with differing h/w and linux04:38
mralphabetit has been getting better, but not quite there yet with some hardware vendors04:39
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hatteryes much better04:39
hattersata was driving me nuts for awhile04:39
hatternow its driving me nuts again04:40
hatterwith etch04:40
hatterwhich i didnt think would be a problem anymore04:40
hatterwhich may lead me away from debian :(04:40
mralphabetI had luck with my last sata raid, though I don't remember the card!04:40
hatterthough i use feisty on my desktop04:40
mralphabetthe release cycle that ubuntu pushes is nice, their next LTS is going to be a lot nicer then 6.06 LTS, backports will be handled better04:41
mralphabetfujin: I don't know who maintains the asterisk package04:44
hatterwell, my new ubuntu-server is now hanging at the running local boot scripts04:46
hatterdamn sata.  it has been a pain in my ass for ages.04:47
mralphabetwhat chipset?04:48
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hatteron a gigabytre ga-7vm400am04:50
mralphabetonboard sata?04:51
benlakeanyone setup pure-ftpd with ssl?04:51
hattermralphabet, yes04:51
mralphabethatter: o0 that's an older board04:54
mralphabethatter: /win 1704:55
mralphabethatter: I am surprised that is throwing issues04:56
mralphabethatter: try a live cd and see what it shows up as05:00
mralphabetIE desktop install cd05:01
mralphabetare you using feisty?05:01
hattermralphabet, the livecd for knoppix is fine, ubuntu is fine, etch kernel 2.6.18 doesnt detect it05:04
hatterit appears to be a problem with via_sata driver in the 2.6.18 kernel05:05
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lcddhatter: you could install etch to an external disk or some other media and then upgrade the kernel05:18
lcddmaybe on another machine or even in qemu05:19
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lcddit's not too difficult to drop the working installation in one tarball onto the sata disk afterwards05:21
hatterlcdd, ah, theres a good idea05:25
hatteri just found the sarge installer works, so my latest thought is to install sarge, u/g to etch, install kernel from backport05:26
lcddthere might be some boot option to work around the problem also05:26
hatterlcdd, i couldnt find any, i guess i may be able to get the working driver on a disk then use a boot option05:27
hatterbut then it doesnt put that driver in the kernel does it ? can the ide driver be a module ?05:28
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ubuntuserveri have installed ubuntu server05:31
ubuntuserverand they hack it,and now i again install ubuntu server05:31
ubuntuserverhow can i protect it.05:31
lcddhatter: there's a boot option "all-generic-ide" which sounds like it could work05:32
ubuntuserveri follow the how to 05:33
ubuntuserverfrom a web page to install postfix apache mysql and etc.05:33
hatterlcdd, thx i will check it out05:35
ubuntuservercan someone tell is this web site good for how to 05:35
ubuntuserveris there someone receiv ?05:37
Burgundaviaubuntuserver: that is an everything server05:40
Burgundaviawhat are you actually doing with this server?05:40
ubuntuserverapache,mail server,ssh05:41
ubuntuserverand webmin too.05:41
Burgundaviaugh, webmin is evil and unsecure05:41
Burgundaviait is likely that is how they broke your computer05:41
ubuntuserveri read that  they can brute force attack the ssh and then cna gain access05:41
ubuntuserverbut i don't log with root05:42
Burgundaviathey can, but the most common account to do that to is root05:42
ubuntuserverbut when i write root 05:42
ubuntuserverand the password is say that the password is incorrect05:42
ubuntuserverroot pass is dissabled05:42
Burgundaviaso reinstall, and install only what you need05:43
Burgundaviathere is no need to do everything they say there05:43
ubuntuserverok 05:43
ubuntuserverbut for web mai l05:43
ubuntuserverwhat i can use05:43
ubuntuserverok but how can i configure it to work with the antivirus 05:44
Burgundaviafor that I have no idea05:50
Burgundaviazimba likely has docs on how to configure clamav with it05:50
ubuntuserveror can you tell me what web mail is good?05:50
Burgundaviazimbra is pretty good05:51
ubuntuserverok man 05:52
ubuntuserverone question 05:52
ubuntuserverwhat web min do you use?05:52
Burgundaviafor web control?05:52
BurgundaviaI have been looking at ebox, but there is nothing currently good enough05:52
ubuntuserverfor example web mail server05:53
ubuntuserveri will try to install zimbra05:53
Burgundaviazimba will do everything05:53
ubuntuserverand another05:54
ubuntuserveri have ssh how can i protect it to if someone try brute force attack to bann him?05:54
lcddit's better to use proper passwords05:59
ubuntuserverlcdd, i have my passowrd but how long need to be06:00
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lcddubuntuserver: the longer the better, but more importantly it should be difficult to guess06:05
ubuntuserverok but how can i configure that when is long that if somoone try to brute to bann him06:06
ubuntuserverlike 3 time incorrect and bann him06:06
lcddi don't know any programs for that06:09
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Tonesummm needing some help, trying to install ubuntu on an oldish compaq proliant dual p3 server running a raid array.....but the installer doesn't find the hard drive06:13
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ubuntuserverTones, ubuntu feidty?06:25
Tonesurrr 7.0406:27
ubuntuserverwhy don't you try 6.0606:27
ubuntuserverok when you put the cd-rum is it load it?06:27
Tonesyea when i put the cd in, it loads to the setup gui and goes through everything fine until it gets to hard drive detection06:28
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ubuntuserverand it don't detect the cd-rum06:29
Tonesyea it does06:29
ubuntuserveri mean the hdd06:30
Tonesit detects the raid controller (i think) but then you go to the partition part nothing works, gives errors saying no space or anything even though they are 80gb06:30
ubuntuserverok do you have the ubuntu desktop cd06:31
Tonesyea, didn't try that one though06:31
ubuntuserverput it,and if it load the go to the gnome partition 06:32
ubuntuserverand format the partition06:32
Tonesah ok, will go try that now06:32
ubuntuserverok goodluck06:32
Tonessame error, comes up saying "cannot determine the geomitry of the disc. do not use PARTED unless you kinow what your doing" or something like that06:45
ubuntuserverthe importand that is use gnomparted and delete the all disk06:47
ubuntuserveris it on laptop?06:47
Tonesno its on a proper server machine06:48
Tonesoh gnomparted....ok will try that, is it right that its detecting the hardrive as /dev/ida/c0d0?06:48
ubuntuserverok then try to format it from windows.06:48
ubuntuservermaybe for raid ?06:49
ubuntuserverfor ide or sata no?06:49
Tonesyea i've never tried any types of linux with a raid but from memory its usually something like /dev/hda/hd0 or something like that06:49
Tonesits scsi its not ide or sata06:49
Tonesbrb, will try gnomeparted06:50
Tonesgnomeparted says no device detected06:51
ubuntuserverfrom the live cd06:52
Tonesinfinity: think its not seeing the raid properly....might not have a driver for it or something06:54
Tonesurrr....that was meant to be i think....stupid irc client06:55
ubuntuserver  do you try to update the ubuntu06:55
Toneshow do i do that?06:56
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ubuntuserverapt-get update07:26
ubuntuserverbut maybe the problem is that raid07:26
ubuntuservercan you change the disk to be ide.07:26
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necrite_hi all07:41
necrite_i have one problem07:41
necrite_i have one server with load average "3" but when i run top.. i dont see any proccess using the cpu07:42
necrite_do u have any way to know which proccess is using the cpu?07:43
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athonusQuick question. I trying to setup an FTP and i got vsftpd installed but when i /etc/vsftpd.conf i get permission denied. can anyone help?07:45
necrite_sudo vim /etc/vsftpd.conf07:46
athonusahh ty07:46
athonushmm now i get command not found07:49
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necrite_sudo gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf07:50
athonusstill not found07:50
necrite_mmm 07:51
necrite_u dont have sudo? 07:51
necrite_r u using ubuntu-server?07:51
athonusim using ubuntu server07:51
athonusbut not sure about sudo07:51
necrite_sudo -V07:52
athonussudo version 1.6.8p1207:52
necrite_u have vi?07:53
necrite_sudo vi /etc/vsftpd.conf07:53
athonusthat did something07:54
athonusawsome ty again im in the file now07:54
athonuscan anyone help im in /etc/vsftpd.conf and i dont know how to get out08:23
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laichzeitany good reason why ubuntu-server 7 doesn't use dmraid?01:58
Nafallo7.04 it's called.01:59
Nafalloplease use the correct version :-/01:59
Nafalloand that package is just an apt away02:00
laichzeityeah it's an apt away, but you can't install to a raid drive if the installer doesn't see it as a raid drive.02:10
laichzeiti.e., you need dmraid so it creates /dev/mapper/raid_volume_asdl23j4lksjaa02:11
laichzeitit's a fakeraid and shows up as /dev/sda and /dev/sdb02:12
lcddi don't there are any reasons to prefer fakeraid over software raid in a server02:17
lcdddon't know if --02:17
lcddthere might be issues with data recovery from fakeraid devices if you lose the hardware02:19
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krampoHello, is there a way to tell apt not to upgrade some specific packages (say, kernel) when doing apt-get -y update ??? Some kind of masking I may say.02:26
lcddkrampo: yes, it's possible to put packages on hold02:31
krampothanks, I couldn't figure out the keyword. Looks like it's easiest to do with aptitude?02:35
lcddyeah, aptitude is probably best for that02:35
laichzeitany of you know if you can use the disk when a background resync is happening with software raid?02:37
lcddlaichzeit: you can02:38
laichzeitcool, thanks.02:38
krampoit seems that apt-get ignores aptitude 'hold' flag. only aptitude respects that, is it so?02:46
sorenNo. Apt-get respects it, too.02:47
krampohmm...I just tried to put on hold some packages, but apt-get upgrade upgraded them, aptitude said that they have been kept back02:47
sorenkrampo: Which package have you put on hold and what happens when you apt-get upgrade?02:48
krampoI put on hold update-manager and update-manager-core (for example)02:48
sorenPlease run:02:48
sorendpkg --get-selections | grep update-manager02:48
sorenand just paste the output here (shouldn't be more than two lines)02:49
krampoupdate-manager                                  install02:49
krampoupdate-manager-core                             install02:49
sorenThen aptitude is on crack.02:49
sorenecho update-manager hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections02:49
sorenecho update-manager-core hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections02:49
sorenThat's it.02:49
krampocool, thanks02:50
kramponow both are on hold02:50
krampocool, if I set hold using dpkg --set-selections, then aptitude respects it, if I set just in aptitude, apt-get doesn't get that hold02:52
infinityaptitude doesn't twiddle the dpkg selections.  If you want that in a curses package manager, use dselect.03:12
infinity(yay, dselect)03:13
soreneek, dselect.03:14
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sorenaptitude keeps its own list of held packages? Evil!03:15
infinityaptitude does pretty much everything in its own special way.03:29
infinityAnd dselect actually works. :P03:29
infinity(I have years of bitter bias here, so take this with a grain of salt)03:30
infinitysoren: What happened to "shawarma"?  Too many complaints about your nick making people hungry?03:30
soreninfinity: Kees revealed that you could hijack nicknames if they hadn't been used in more than 6 months. soren hadn't been used in almost three years.03:33
sorenAnd was registered about a week before that.03:33
soreninfinity: But yes, also too many complaints about making people hungry. :)03:33
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maswaninfinity, soren: personally I agree and avoid aptitude for pretty mcuh those reasons03:46
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zuldendrobates: ping04:00
=== EtienneG [n=etienne@ubuntu/member/EtienneG] has joined #ubuntu-server
dendrobateszul: pong04:05
zuldendrobates: for the ldap authentication stuff why arent we using redhat-config-ldap or whatever the program is called04:06
zulreading the ldap spec btw04:08
dendrobateszul: currently, the debian packages makes changes to pam-ldap and nss-ldap, that I believe makes it incompatible.  One of the main purposes of the spec is to correct that.04:08
dendrobateszul: I wouldn't rule it out in the future though.04:09
krampoheh, speaking about ldap. Week ago I tried to set up authentication through ldap (our University has all students in ldap database), but I couldn't figure out how to map any ldap user to some local user. So users authenticate through ldap username/password, but get some local home dir (everybody the same, at the beginning).04:09
dendrobateszul: also, pam-ldap and nss-ldap are linked against openldap-2.1, which is missing some functionality.04:10
dendrobateskrampo:  map? how did you do it?04:11
dendrobateszul: the spec is a work in progress.04:11
krampoI couldn't :)04:11
dendrobateskrampo: what did you try to do?  what packages dod you install?04:12
krampolibnss-ldap and libpam-ldap04:13
krampoI followed some manual about Debian/Ubuntu authentication through ldap04:14
krampoI got to the point where it authenticates username/password04:14
krampobut then got some error (tryin' to find it in syslog)04:15
dendrobateslibnss-ldap when setup correctly, and should provide nss info. 04:16
dendrobatesof course, our ldap data must also be correct.04:16
krampoanyway, as I remember it was something about can't find group or something like that04:19
dendrobatesdid you create the necessary ou=group in your directory tree?04:20
krampoI was just thinking whether it's possible to use just username/password authentication from LDAP and everything else from local system04:20
krampowhat's about that group? I just have read-only access to that LDAP server04:21
krampoeverybody is in People04:22
dendrobatesAhh, it is possible you do not have sufficient access to search the directory for group information.04:22
krampothere are also ou=groups (for example grouped by faculties)04:22
kramposomething like that04:23
krampothere should be separate group for those who can authenticate using ldap from linux?04:24
dendrobatesthe groups must contain the objectclass posixGroup  and contain memberUid attributes.04:26
dendrobatesyou also must be able to search in that ou. 04:27
=== SWAT [n=SWAT@ubuntu/member/swat] has joined #ubuntu-server
krampobut the ou=People (where all those users actually reside) can't be used?04:35
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu-server
dendrobateskrampo: it may contain primary group membership, but the system needs information about that group. i.e gid. and that is in ou=groups04:42
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krampothey have set it up like this:04:44
krampothere's a group04:44
krampoit has ojectClass posixGroup atribute04:45
krampoand it has gidNumber04:45
krampoall the members are as attributes in that cn=teo04:45
krampojust listed04:45
krampoe.g zt12345, zt2343504:45
krampoeach of them is memberUid04:46
dendrobatesthat's right.  perhaps you just have a misconfiguration. 04:46
krampobeginning of LDIF:04:47
dendrobateswhat os is the server running on?04:47
krampoI think it's AIX04:47
krampoor something like that04:47
dendrobatesis it openldap or ibm directory server?04:48
krampoopenldap I think04:48
krampothat's an open server, if you like you can check :)04:48
kramposhould be accessible from anywhere04:49
krampodn: cn=teo,ou=groups,dc=lu,dc=lv04:50
krampoobjectClass: top04:50
krampoobjectClass: posixGroup04:50
krampocn: teo04:50
krampogidNumber: 21304:50
krampomemberUid: zt3007004:50
krampobeginning of LDIF file for that group04:50
dendrobateskrampo: you should discuss this with your directory server admins.  perhaps they have configuration steps for you.04:50
krampothen continues long list of memberUid04:51
dendrobates the group looks fine.04:51
krampook, but the group looks ok to you?04:51
dendrobateshowever, if the server is ibm directory server, all is different.  AIX clients and servers, modify the posix schema.04:52
krampobut on libnss-ldap reconfigure I should list the full path, right? cn=teo,ou=groups,dc=lu,dc=lv04:53
krampodendrobates: thanks a lot. I'll check with server admins (they're not very talktive, you know :) and try to figure out how to solve this thing.05:03
dendrobateskrampo: np05:05
krampoI know that windows classrooms in university are using tool called pagina (or smth. like that) and they're authenticating against POP3 (which is connected to the same LDAP)05:05
dendrobateskrampo: that is a completely different thing, than Linux system authentication.  It would not have the same requirements.05:07
dendrobateskrampo: you should only give suffix when it asks for the search base  i.e dc=lu,dc=lv05:10
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stiVhi everyone ... back again :-) i have a problem with the postfix package: i have an unattended ubuntu installation, which installs everything i need. most of the packages are installed AFTER the setup process with a script that is being started in rc.local. the problem is, that some packages try to use stdin/stdout (eg. i had to adapt the ssl-cert package to use /tmp instead of a homedir, because it couldn't find a homedir ;07:00
stiV(...) providing my own package would not be a problem)07:01
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necritewhen i run the "top" command. i see one line which say "cpu(s)"  and  I need one line per core. there is any SWITCH to see one liene per core?08:02
lcddnecrite: '1'08:03
lcddhit one while in top08:03
necritelcdd, i have Cpu(s): 13.5%us,  0.5%sy,  0.0%ni, 85.2%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.8%si,  0.0%st08:04
necriteand i need cpu1 blah.. cpu2 blah08:04
lcddyes. the '1' key toggles cpu summary view08:05
necritenice ty!08:06
necritelcdd, what is the %id collumn?08:07
necritemhhh so idle 100% is fine08:09
necritethere is any place to paste 8 lines to show u one thing?08:10
necritei have 3 core's idle and one 63% idle and load average of 2.3 :S08:11
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)08:11
lcddload average doesn't exactly mean cpu load08:11
necritelcdd, check this http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/29681/ 08:12
lcddnecrite: it looks ok08:17
necritebut why i have 2 of load average?08:18
lcddthis article explains load avg: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/900108:18
stiVsecond try :-) i have a problem with the postfix package: i have an unattended ubuntu installation, which installs everything i need. most of the packages are installed AFTER the setup process with a script that is being started in rc.local. the problem is, that some packages try to use stdin/stdout (eg. i had to adapt the ssl-cert package to use /tmp instead of a homedir, because it couldn't find a homedir ;). postfix asks 08:20
stiV(my own  package would not be a problem)08:20
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EnronHi question i'm trying to update snapapi using dkms build --kernelsourcedir I can't locate the kernel source build dir can someone help09:52
EnronAnyone alive?09:57
necritei am alive10:02
necritebut i cant help u10:02
stiVenron: if you have downloaded the kernel sources via aptitude they should be accessible via /usr/src/linux10:21
ubotuTo install the Linux (kernel) headers, open a terminal and: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) To install headers for libraries, you need the accompanying -dev packages10:22
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Enroninorder to install acronis backup agent, I need to update snapapi module. I need to issue the command dkms build -m snapapi26 -v 0.7.19 \ -k <KERNEL_VERSRION> --config <CONFIG_FILE> --arch <KERNEL_ARCH> \ --kernelsourcedir <PATH_TO_KERNEL_SOURCES> # dkms install -m snapapi26 -v 0.7.19 \ -k <KERNEL_VERSRION> --config <CONFIG_FILE> --arch <KERNEL_ARCH> \ --kernelsourcedir <PATH_TO_KERNEL_SOURCES> 10:36
Enronthis is what i'm trying to do10:36
mralphabetlinux-libc-dev - Linux Kernel Headers for development10:55
EnronI got an error when trying to build http://phpfi.com/24937210:59
mralphabetyou have build-essential?11:01
mralphabetis linux-libc-dev installed?11:06
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