laserbeak43ok thx :)12:25
TheSheepman find and info find will give you a lot more options12:27
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=== keb [i=keb@pdpc/supporter/active/keb] has joined #xubuntu
kebwhat is the best way to transfer operating system to a new hard disk?  my current boot+root partition drive is dying12:37
TheSheepkeb: make new partitions on the other disk and use tar c | tar x to copy all the files with permissions and dates and everything intact12:41
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=== vidd_laptop [n=vidd@207-172-178-217.c3-0.tlg-ubr6.atw-tlg.pa.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== elbing [n=elbing@229.Red-88-11-42.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
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=== kikr [n=ant@ool-435499fc.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #xubuntu
kebthanks TheSheep02:54
kebTheSheep why not "cp -ax" instead of tar ?02:55
Jester45tar keeps the permissions and hierarchy02:58
kebi thought that is what -ax does too03:02
kebbut it has problems copying special files03:02
=== ron_o [n=ron@12-210-174-186.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-21-76-248.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== justin__ [n=justin@pool-72-77-66-155.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
justin__Hey guys, i need a bit of help setting up my Xubuntu installation as a server, and i cant find any information that seems to help out03:23
justin__Anyone willing to lend a hand?03:23
=== kalikiana__ [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-154-27.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
kebjustin__ : i just uninstalled all the graphical stuff and installed the server kernel03:29
=== illu45 [n=illu45@p-dynamic-border5-196.xDSL-1mm.sentex.ca] has joined #xubuntu
justin__keb:  yeah, but heres the thing03:31
justin__keb: I need very specific things, and all the tutorials i read all talk as if i have semi advanced knowledge, ive been using ubuntu now for months but by no means am an expert03:31
justin__keb:  they also dont explain exactly WHAT im doing, just how to do it03:31
kebwhat do you need03:32
justin__keb:  well first thing i need is this, i need some sort of file sharing service running, that upon accessing the server, it will ask for a name and password, and give them read/write access to certain files/folders that i have set up for them03:32
justin__keb:  the closest thing i could get was samba, but i am not catoring to windows users, only linux, and NFS is way beyond my knowledge03:33
=== Catoptromancy [n=cat@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
godlessjustin__:  Just to pat you on the back, your desire to understand what you're doing instead of just cutting and pasting is a 'Good Thing'03:33
justin__godless:  yes, unfortunately, noone else seems to think so, as thats all they tell me to do03:33
kebi would suggest vsftpd for that sort of file sharing03:34
justin__what i really need is for someone to take some time out, and help me out with a fresh clean install of xubuntu and help me turn it into a server. Walk me through all the steps to properly set it up and to administer it03:35
justin__keb:  vsftpd?03:35
kebif it isnt a heavy usage system, you dont need a special server installation03:35
j1mcjustin__: when you talk about file sharing, do you mean over the web via a webserver, or?03:35
godlessand if it is a heavy usage system, you're gonna have to pay somebody for their admin expertise03:36
j1mcmore local.03:36
justin__keb:  im not going with the server installation, although i do want it to be headless by the time i am done with it03:36
justin__it will be local, just for me and my roomates to use03:36
j1mcare any of them windows users?03:36
godlessA straight xubuntu installation should be able to be modified / set up to do what you want03:36
godlessAnyway I'm going to bow out of this discussion for now, road trip to prepare for.03:37
godlessgood luck03:37
justin__yes... and no, they all have windows installed, and run dual boot systems with ubuntu and kubuntu, and they will be dropping windows completely as soon as i find the time to get wow+wine working for them03:37
j1mctake care, godless03:37
justin__godless:  have fun03:37
j1mcjustin__: what kind of files are you going to share?  do you want to stream media, or just share access to files?03:37
justin__j1mc: well a little bit of both, i need our combined music/video collection to be streamable, and i need a place for them to deposit files for backup purposes or to free up space on their on machines03:38
j1mcwell...  let me think03:39
justin__j1mc:  further down the line i will also be making it a torrent box, but i can worry about that later, i am in no rush to get this finished, i have two weeks03:39
justin__j1mc:  its just ive been working on it for 2 days and have gotten nothing accomplished03:39
j1mctwo weeks to set it up as a torrent box, too?03:39
justin__j1mc:  two weeks to get it all set up and running03:40
laserbeak43can someone please help with that?03:40
justin__laserbeak43: what are you trying to do?03:40
kebyou don't need streaming if it isnt a live broadcast03:41
j1mcjustin__: well, i would break it down into steps.  the easiest, and most important thing, is to get basic file sharing put in place.03:41
j1mcthen you can try and tackle the media streaming03:41
laserbeak43install jre03:41
j1mci would recommend samba for file sharing.03:42
godlessmpd is good for shared media... or just use sshfs to allow everybody to access the shared drive as a folder on their own machine..03:42
justin__j1mc:  yeah, and media streaming isnt that important in the end03:42
j1mcgodless: does sshfs work with windows?03:42
godlesssamba I would only use if windows needs to be accomadated..03:42
godlessj1mc:  ...maybe with cygwin. But I thought everybody was running *buntu03:42
justin__godless:  i had ssh working just fine, but i dont know how the CLI will go over with them, And as i said, not accomadating windows will help ease them to linux03:42
j1mcyeah, some of his roommates do use windows...03:43
j1mci wouldn't count on windows being removed immediately, either.03:43
justin__j1mc:  yeah thats true03:43
j1mcjustin... i have some experience with samba, but i'm not a total samba pro.03:43
j1mclet me ask a few more questions.03:44
justin__j1mc: well as of right now, i am just finishing yet another install of xubuntu, so i will have a completely clear install03:44
j1mcdo you have a router (wired or wireless?) in your apartment?03:44
godlessjustin__:  sshfs is a nifty ssh front end which basically mounts a directory on a remote machine on the local machine... for example I have my server's media store mounted as /mnt/netmedia, and I can access it through the CLI, or the gui, and generally just use it as if it was on this machine.. save torrents to it, etc.03:44
justin__j1mc: wired, and wireless is set up only for xbox and wii.03:44
justin__godless: wow thats pretty awesome, ill have to figure out how to get that working down the road03:45
j1mcjustin__: you may want to jot a few of these things down...03:45
j1mcor... crap... hold on...03:45
justin__j1mc:  already ahead of you man, notepad and pen on hand03:45
j1mcwell, you'll need to make sure that the computer you use as a server always has the same IP address03:47
j1mcthat way, the other computers can be set to look for files at that address03:47
kebor a dynamic dns03:47
justin__j1mc: easy enough done, i was gonna have it set to
j1mckeb: right, but this is just an internal network.03:48
j1mcjustin__: as a note, down the road you can look into setting up dyndns so that you can access your server from outside your local network.03:48
justin__j1mc: doesnt that cost money though?03:48
j1mcno, it's free03:49
j1mcwell, they have a paid option if you want a fancy domain name.03:49
justin__i see03:49
j1mcotherwise, you can select from what they have.  e.g.  j1m.homelinux.net03:49
justin__well is there anyway to assign domains at least internally, for instance by having one computer be accessed as abeona isntead of the ip03:49
justin__ugh im getting ahead of myself, i apologize, lets just focus on getting file sharing working lol03:50
j1mcon the server you'll want to install samba and samba-common03:51
justin__ok well the install is about done, what are the first things i should do? i was going to wipe out abiword, thunderbird, gaim, and stuff like that, as well as get the nvidia drivers working just to speed things up03:51
justin__ok samba and samba-common03:51
j1mcand all of the configuring of the samba server is done from the /etc/samba/smb.conf file03:52
=== kalikiana__ [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-178-174.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcyou can access it via a text editor, or they have some web-based apps that can help you modify it03:52
justin__eh im pretty familiar with gedit/mousepad/kate lol03:53
justin__ive been using some form of ubuntu for about 6 months now, just never in a server set up03:53
justin__well how does samba handle permission rights? i need them to have to type in their username and password for the server whenever they try to access it, and upon doing so, give them access to specific folders, namely, their home folder, and the second hard drive03:54
j1mcyou'll want to do some reading on the smb.conf file.03:54
justin__ok i can do that03:54
j1mcit can do some cool stuff, but there are a lot of options03:54
j1mcright now, i've just set mine up with one main folder because i only use it myself.03:55
=== cellofellow [n=josh@69-71-169-6.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcyou'll want to ask some of your more technical questions in #samba03:56
justin__j1mc: ok just joined there03:56
j1mcbut... i'll just say this for now.  in my experience, kubuntu (kde) has the best samba support03:56
j1mcfollowed by ubuntu and then xubuntu.03:56
=== Chikubu [n=Chikubu@] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcxubuntu doesn't really have much in the way of native samba support at this time.03:57
justin__j1mc: i considered that, but the box im running it on is old... too old to run kde efficiently enough, and since it was gonna be headless eventually anyway, i figured it wouldnt matter03:57
j1mcit can run it as a server, but trying to access samba shares (password protected ones) via thunar, isn't really functional03:57
j1mcyeah... what you're saying is fine.03:58
j1mcbut the other computers that access it... i would recommend ubuntu or kubuntu for them.03:58
justin__j1mc: well neither myself or any of the others will be running, im on kubuntu right now, and i absolutely love it, switched from gnome about a week ago03:58
justin__running xubuntu*03:58
justin__ok well, one thing i would like to set up right now is the proper groups and what not that would be needed as if they would be logging in right at the machine03:59
justin__i tried before, but what ended up happening is my initial user gained full root and was never asked to enter a password at all03:59
Chikubuhow can i launch a command line program, in a way that wont take up a terminal window will its running, hidden i guess04:00
Pumpernickelfoo &04:01
=== icicled [n=icicled@cpe-76-185-100-17.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcjustin__: i think that you will have to do some reading on this...04:02
=== kalikiana_ [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-155-180.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
justin__ok no sweat than, will do that04:03
justin__j1mc: do you know anything about setting up a VNC?04:03
j1mcand feel free to ask in #samba.04:03
j1mcjustin__: no, sorry04:03
justin__j1mc: im in there, but doesnt seem like much is going on04:03
=== maxamillion [n=adam@mobile-166-217-076-075.mycingular.net] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcfeel free to ask, though.04:04
j1mcpeople may just be lurking04:04
=== maxamillion just got here ... what's up?
justin__j1mc: i will, im actually reading on the samba site right now, i have to head to bed soon anyway, i have work in the morning04:04
justin__maxamillion: not too much, just asking questions about setting up a file server04:05
j1mche's using xubuntu to get it started04:05
cellofellowI think my smb.conf is a good one04:06
=== icicled [n=icicled@cpe-76-185-100-17.tx.res.rr.com] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving"]
cellofellowwant to see it for reference?04:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about proftpd - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:06
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about proftp - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:06
maxamillionthe bot has failed me04:06
justin__cellofellow: well the question is, is it possible to set up samba so that when someone connects they will have to enter their user name and password and have them gain access to certain files and folders based on their account04:07
justin__yeah... someone told me about proftpd earlier04:07
justin__cellofellow: and yes, i would love to see one for reference04:07
Chikubuwhats the port for the cups print server again?04:07
Chikubu6 something04:07
j1mccellofellow: could i see your smb.conf file?04:08
Chikubuive done something to my settings so that i cant ping localhost anymore, where is that data stored? a host file someplace?04:08
cellofellowj1mc: sure, one sec04:09
cellofellowChikubu: try /etc/hosts04:10
justin__j1mc: ok well what else should i look into? as far as sharing things goes04:11
justin__j1mc: OHHH what about swat?04:12
j1mcmake sure all of the client computers use the same workgroup name.04:12
j1mcand you can only have 1 wins server.04:12
j1mcthe rest are clients that point to the ip of the wins server04:13
j1mci've tried swat when setting things up initially.04:13
justin__j1mc: howd it go?04:13
j1mcit's pretty good!04:14
justin__j1mc:  good enough that a noob could navigate it? or good enough that a pro found is sufficient?04:14
j1mcit is a web interface to modify the smb.conf file, so it should help a noob.04:15
justin__j1mc: cool stuff04:15
j1mcit should help anyone.  :)04:15
Drew3bWhat is the very first step to update the distro from 6.06 to 7o.x04:15
j1mcbut read up on it... i'm not sure about security04:15
justin__Drew3b: back up any data you want to save, just in case04:15
cellofellowDrew3b: update to 6.1004:15
justin__cellofellow: lol that too04:16
cellofellowIt can't be done in one fell swoop, it has to be Dapper > Edgy > Feisty.04:16
=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-177-59.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
j1mcgotta go, all.04:16
cellofellowGive yourself about a full day for things to download, unless you have superfast internet of course.04:16
=== j1mc [n=jim@adsl-75-21-76-248.dsl.chcgil.sbcglobal.net] has left #xubuntu []
justin__ugh i missed saying thanks04:17
justin__cellofellow: so any chance i could talk a look at your smb.conf?04:17
Chikubui used to be able to change settings such as network and users and groups from this account, now it says i must be root i have to find equivalent command to launch with sudo...what i do?04:17
Drew3bok, not much to save.  And the names confused me (Dapper > Edgy > Feisty) Knowing the order helped ty.    A whole Day!?04:17
cellofellowjustin__: /dcc get04:17
cellofellowDrew3b: (almost) every package will be downloaded and upgraded. Your whole system.04:18
justin__cellofellow: i go it, thank you04:18
cellofellowftr Dapper = 6.06 LTS, Edgy = 6.10, Feisty = 7.04, Gutsy = 7.1004:19
Drew3bOk well, maybe 'just' to 6.10 is better; can it be done in synaptic?04:20
justin__Drew3b: i believe you do it through the update manager04:20
cellofellowIf it were me I'd drop to console only (kill gdm) and do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:20
cellofellowusing screen.04:20
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> kubrick.freenode.net
=== Pumpernickel [n=Pumperni@about/essy/bacon/PuMpErNiCkLe] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowthat way things can't go wrong if the GUI bites the dust or something.04:20
cellofellowI never upgraded with Synaptic b4.04:21
cellofellowalways apt-get (aptitude makes it too complicated.)04:21
justin__cellofellow: i did, it didnt work out well04:21
cellofellowI have have had to run the dist-upgrade command two or three times to get everything right, but it worked.04:21
justin__cellofellow: i always just end up downloading the ISO and doing a clean install every release04:22
Drew3bcellofellow: you had me till "using screen" , it's a step to far for me :-/04:22
cellofellowscreen will just make sure the program will run even if the terminal bites the dust.04:22
cellofellowand you can use C-a x to lock it up so cats can't bother it.04:23
cellofellow!screen Drew3b04:23
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about screen drew3b - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:23
cellofellow!screen | Drew3b04:23
ubotuDrew3b: screen is a terminal multiplexer. See http://www.kuro5hin.org/story/2004/3/9/16838/14935 and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GNU_Screen04:23
=== R[a] ndom [n=random@dhcp-0-9-5b-fe-6a-d9.cpe.i-zoom.net] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowtry the wikipedia link04:23
=== tors [i=c00hjn@peppar.cs.umu.se] has joined #xubuntu
justin__cellofellow: do you know anything about VNC's?04:24
cellofellowDrew3b: screen and twin are both command line "window managers". screen has full-screen windows that can be split up, twin gives you a desktop.04:24
cellofellowjustin__: Nope.04:25
Chikubuwhy am i able to ping but not localhost? any ideas?04:25
cellofellowjustin__: installed realvnc on a windows box once for remote admin, but never set up a server on linux.04:25
cellofellowjustin__: I generally use xdmcp for lan remote logins.04:25
=== jgamio [n=jgamio@] has joined #xubuntu
justin__cellofellow: i use ssh mostly for now, in hopes to get more familiar with cli04:28
justin__cellofellow: how much do you know about samba?04:29
=== odat [n=ronnie@c-71-207-39-41.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
odathow do you add a new nic card on an already installed system?04:29
=== Hexzenn [n=Hexzenn@c-75-67-252-151.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Drew3bodat: open the case? :-)04:30
Drew3bSorry, couldn't resist :-/04:30
odati mean software wise04:31
justin__odat:  nothing at all04:31
=== kalikiana__ [n=kalikian@xdsl-213-168-120-34.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
justin__odat: just click it in a pci slot and roll04:32
cellofellowjustin__: I know enough about samba to know I know little.04:32
odatso if i threw in a new pci based nic card on a already installed system it should just work?04:32
justin__cellofellow: lol good answer, well let me ask you if this is possible, and maybe you can set me on my way to figure it out04:32
=== illu45 [n=illu45@p-dynamic-border5-196.xDSL-1mm.sentex.ca] has joined #xubuntu
justin__cellofellow: I need to be able to set user accounts on the server, and when someone goes to access the server via samba, they must log in via their user names set up, and then the folders they have access to are dictated by their user account04:33
justin__cellofellow: if that makes any sense04:33
cellofellowjustin__: there's a homes share that you can set up that will share the users home folder to themselves04:34
cellofellowjustin__: by default samba authentication is based on unix authentication, I think.04:34
justin__cellofellow: ok and what about sharing a second hard drive i have installed on there?04:34
Drew3bodat: most linux distros auto-detect new hardware.04:34
cellofellowjustin__: add an entry for its mountpoint to smb.conf.04:35
odatDrew3b, it detects it but it won't use it04:35
justin__cellofellow: ok so thats simple enough, and what about giving them write access to their home folder and that second drive?04:35
cellofellowjustin__: check this stuff out. It's all on a DVD, and my internet is slow, but these are nice ebooks. http://cellofellow.homelinux.net:8080/~josh/files/Samba/04:36
cellofellowjustin__: um04:36
cellofellowjustin__: it's all possible04:36
cellofellowjustin__: that's easy-school old-hat for Samba I believe.04:36
justin__cellofellow:  hmm 403 message lol04:36
justin__cellofellow: forbidden04:36
justin__cellofellow: when going to access that link, it gave me a forbidden message, 403 error, you dont have permission to access /~josh/etc,,,,,04:37
cellofellowumm, that's new04:38
justin__cellofellow: lol i dunno man04:38
cellofellowtry again04:38
justin__cellofellow: still got the error04:39
=== s|k [n=bjorn@ip70-171-201-121.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== TheSheep [i=sheep@atos.wmid.amu.edu.pl] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowyou wouldn't happen to know how .htaccess works?04:39
=== jtg23 [n=jtzl@unaffiliated/jtg23] has joined #xubuntu
=== Hexzenn [n=Hexzenn@c-75-67-252-151.hsd1.nh.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
justin__cellofellow: not at all, sorry04:40
justin__anyway, im off to bed, thanks for the help, looks like i have plenty of reading up to do04:41
Drew3bodat: I'm Very new to Xubuntu so cant help there,04:42
=== kalikiana_ [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-176-134.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowtoo bad. I got it working now04:45
=== s|k [n=bjorn@ip70-171-201-121.tc.ph.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== jtg23 [n=jtzl@65-102-139-192.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== FactTech [n=facttech@c-68-54-18-57.hsd1.sc.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
FactTechSo... I'm running Xubuntu 6.10 and am thinking of updating to 7.04. Anybody have experience doing this with update-manager? If so, how did it go?04:51
Jester45whats the name of the printer setup thing04:53
cellofellowI  don't. I use apt-get. Less can go wrong IMHO.04:53
cellofellowJester45: system-config-printer[s] 04:54
cellofellowmaybe the s04:54
Jester45or as windows would say wizard04:54
cellofellowIt is a wizard.04:54
cellofellowWeird eh?04:54
cellofellowJester45: I find it works best as superuser.04:54
Jester45i dont like using wizard on linux04:54
cellofellowThat one is slow.04:54
cellofellowI wish there was an easy way to get the cups web interface set up. That's easy to use.04:55
Jester45i get it setup in 2 mins with system-config-printer04:55
=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-153-250.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowreally? I tell it do something, it waits five minutes, then lets me do the next box, then I wait some more, then I have another box. Sometimes I forget what I'm doing and start over.04:57
Chikubuok, when xubuntu first starts, it gives you a logon screen....what is that application handling the login called, is it gdm on xubuntu or something else by default? anyone?04:57
cellofellowit's gdm04:58
Chikubuok thank you04:58
cellofellowconfigure using gksu gdmsetup04:58
cellofellowI do like that utility.04:58
=== Jester45 likes autologin
=== cellofellow may set it up
FactTechNo upgrade advice from anyone?04:59
=== Jester45 boxes are one user only
Jester45FactTech, my advice is to reinstall a fresh copy04:59
cellofellowFactTech: don't do that04:59
cellofellowwant some instructions?05:00
Jester45thats why i keep /home on a diffrent partition05:00
Jester45but thats just me05:00
=== cellofellow does that too
cellofellowI bit the dust once or twice05:00
FactTechcellofellow: Well, I saw the step-by-step instructions, just wanted to know if anyone out there had done it and how it worked out.05:00
Jester45and that i dont want my /home on reiser05:00
Chikubuthe help for gdm alludes to an gui setup - gdmsetup, when i type this in command line it says its not install to use apt-get install gdm to get it, but gdm is already installed....any idea how to get gdmsetup?05:00
FactTechcellofellow: Is update-manager smart enough to know you want to stick with Xubuntu? The upgrade window text looked like it was going to upgrade to standard Ubuntu 7.04.05:01
Jester45Chikubu, go menu -> settings -> login window settings05:01
Jester45and thats the same thing05:01
Jester45FactTech, it upgrades only packages you have installed so.... if you have only xubuntu installed it will only update that05:02
cellofellowFactTech: it works, I just use the CLI apt-get instead. less goes wrong.05:02
Chikubugdm fails to start on boot, ive had this problem ever since ive upgraded, my swap file also got disabled, but ive got a workaboud for that, the login window settings dosnt do anything because gdm doesnt start, i just get a raw terminal, i can log in and startx, but other things are screwy, like i can no longer change any settings unless im root...network or users and groups ect.05:03
Chikubualso localhost wont ping05:03
cellofellowChikubu: wow05:03
FactTechJester45, cellofellow: I think I don't understand something about how the updates work. Are some packages usually "off limits" during updates? If so, are these the ones that will be upgraded if you choose a 7.04 upgrade?05:04
cellofellowI never had those kind of problems.05:04
cellofellowFactTech: some packages are off-limits with a normal upgrade, but a dist-upgrade bypasses all of that.05:04
FactTechcellofellow: I see. Makes perfect sense now. Thanks very much!05:04
Chikubuive read about  this (these) bugs and they are verified for some users, something about change in kernel that involved hard drive handling, it somehow lost my uuid info on hard drive05:04
cellofellowFactTech: if you don't have anything wild and crazy, everything should go as smooth as silk.05:05
FactTechcellofellow: I don't know enough to make anything too crazy yet. :)05:05
cellofellowToo many third-party apps will cause trouble (slaps himself)05:05
Jester45FactTech, its better to upgrade with dist-upgrade because it resolves dependacies better05:05
cellofellowaptitude is the rock-star at solving dependancies, but when I try to dist-upgrade with it gives me too many choices, so it's the only thing I prefer to use apt-get for.05:06
Chikubuwhat are some commands to check version of xubuntu?05:07
cellofellowjust make sure you have the xubuntu-desktop package installed, then edit /etc/apt/sources.list, and then do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade in a terminal, preferably a screen terminal.05:07
FactTechJester45, cellofellow: Thank you both for the tips. I'll give it a shot.05:07
cellofellowChikubu: uname -r05:08
cellofellowtells you what version of linux you have, and each ubuntu version has different linux version.05:08
Jester45cellofellow, for you maybe :)05:08
Chikubuthat shows the kernel, i was looking for like fiesty or daper05:08
cellofellowwhich is it?05:09
cellofellow2.6.17 is edgy, 2.6.20 is feisty. I think dapper is 2.6.1505:09
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Chikubusome command that reproted like 7.04 instead of kernel version so i can see if there is a mismatch05:09
cellofellowsomething in /proc I think05:10
Jester45Chikubu, cat /etc/apt/sources.list05:10
Chikubuok i got gdmsetup installed, i uninstalled gdm and reinstalled, but have to reboot..ugg here goes05:13
Jester45why do you need to reboot05:14
cellofellowsudo init 1, then init 2 should be just as good05:14
Chikubuah this did it cat /etc/issue05:14
Jester45Chikubu, you barely ever need to reboot05:14
cellofellowrunlevels keep you from needing that05:15
Chikubuwell it said i need to restart gdm, i wanna reboot and see if it comes up by itself05:15
Jester45or restarting it05:15
Jester45like an apache upgrade05:15
cellofellowsudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart05:15
Chikubui wanna see if i get gdm on startup05:16
cellofellowsuit yourself05:16
Chikubuwhich i have not been for weeks05:16
=== Catoptromancy [n=Miranda@fl-71-1-235-150.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #xubuntu
Chikubucross fingers05:16
=== Chikubu [n=Chikubu@] has left #xubuntu ["Leaving"]
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Chikubuwell that was good, but a bit weird05:21
Chikubui got gdm! but i logoed on and it started to load desktop, then blinked and took me back to logon screen, i logged on again and here i am....strange05:22
Chikubuah and now its promting me for admin password like it used to05:23
Chikubuman this was a bugger, this is an OLD system and when the swap got disabled it was molases getting anything going05:23
cellofellowChikubu: sounds like X issues05:24
cellofellowwhat video chip?05:24
Jester45i would say look at your /etc/fstab but that might be too complicated but you can try05:24
Chikubuwell at least i know more about uuid's and fstab files and gdm.config files than i did05:24
Chikubuna its a kernel bug hitting some systems, theres alot of bug reports about it05:25
Chikubui already had to hack fstab to get swap file back05:25
Chikubuswap partition rather05:25
Chikubuit seems back to the way it was now05:25
Chikubuall except i  have less free memory than i used to, if dig around and see whats eating it later, im burned out for now05:26
Chikubustill cant ping local host, but i dont think it will effect the cups server05:26
Chikubuwhat port is the cups sever on again i keep forgeting?05:27
cellofellowcups works with local sockets on local stuff05:28
cellofellowI think05:28
Chikubuah thanx05:28
Chikubuthat was it05:28
Chikubui can hit but not http://localhost:631 werid....some stuff still needs localhost though, but for now ill work around it05:29
Chikubuping says host not found05:29
cellofellowdid you check /etc/hosts ?05:29
Chikubusome snafu in the wireless and ad hoc network probably05:30
Chikubuits empty05:30
Chikubushould i assing as localhost?05:30
cellofellowneeds this:05:30
cellofellow127.0.0.1 localhost05:30
cellofellowadd that line05:30
Chikubuyup that did it05:32
Chikubulets see if the print manger can connect to server since its stuck on localhost05:32
Chikubuweird, it lists /var/run/cups/cups.sock now as a server to connect to and localhost but still cant connect05:33
Chikubuoh well its running, im off to play a game, thanks for help05:34
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teratomai randomly lose mouse focus forever.... mouse doesn't work... then i have to reboot to get my and keyboard input back .  any ieas?06:14
kalikianateratoma, Do you have a bleading edge glib version? If so, that might cause it. If not, no clue. :/06:20
=== Roger_The_Bum [n=roger@c-71-225-61-184.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Roger_The_Bumevery time I open up terminal, X reboots and I'm forced to login again06:29
Roger_The_Bumthis is on a new, but freshly updated system06:29
teratomayeah im running Gusty06:32
Roger_The_Bumsame problem?06:32
Roger_The_BumI'm fairly sure I'm running feisty06:33
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Drew3bXubuntu 606,  How do you set up the printer?07:27
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darkramoni have a question...09:10
darkramonis there any program for linux to send the same emails to a list of customers?09:11
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grub0hello everyone09:40
grub0i have dual boot xp/xubuntu ove rmy pc09:40
grub0i recently formated/installed over my xp installation which deleted grub!09:40
grub0now i dont have a way to get into linux..09:40
grub0how should i fix tht09:40
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=== yoochan_ yaaaAAAAAaaaawn
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BadRobothi there09:59
BadRobotDoes any lnows how to install themes on xmms?10:00
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NaughtyboyHi guys...got a stupid little problem here.11:28
=== yoochan_ [n=yoochan@bdn33-1-82-66-8-62.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #xubuntu
NaughtyboyI recently installed wine/steam ...and I got a little entry in the menu with links to Stem e.t.c. Now I have removed/unistalled bot steam and wine...but the entry that is highlighted wont disapear from the menu.11:28
Naughtyboynever mind..problem solved11:37
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yoochan_may I ask how to start every session with a blank one (without having each unclosed app poping out at start) ?12:14
totalwormageyou can save a session somewhere12:16
totalwormagesave a blank one :]  and don't 'autosave'12:17
totalwormageunfortunatly i don't run xfce at this time so i don't know exactly where12:17
=== xp [n=xp@] has joined #xubuntu
xphello everyone12:19
xpim having trouble installing java on my sys!12:19
xpam using xubuntu 7.0412:19
yoochan_well I would like but it's impossible to settle a "blank" session... without forgetting to close something O_o12:19
xpi installed sun java 6 webstart from the "add remove applications" but its still not working!12:20
yoochan_xp: with jedit for instance, I had to install also java 512:20
yoochan_could it be a problem like this ?12:20
xpyoochan_:  with the 6?!12:20
xpor do i install the previous one!12:21
yoochan_did you had a look at http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty#How_to_install_J2SE_Runtime_Environment_.28JRE.29_v6.0_with_Plug-in_for_Mozilla_Firefox12:21
yoochan_yes, I had to install both... I don't know why12:21
yoochan_a dependency issu12:21
totalwormageit's a silly world hehe12:21
yoochan_but at the end I still had to select java6 as the main JRE12:22
yoochan_(I don't remember how to select which java version you wanna use)12:22
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Roger_The_Bumdid somebody have an answer to my question02:26
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firsmHi, I just installed Xubuntu, but sudo seems to be broken - I can't start synaptic through the gui even though the password is correct, I can't use sudo from the terminal either, when I prefix something with sudo it asks me for my password and then *nothing*. Any ideas?03:01
TheSheepfirsm: is it the user that was created during the install, or a new one?03:05
firsmTheSheep: that's the one who was created during the install, yeah03:06
firsmahhh actually it's my fault, sorry, I renamed to user in /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow, sorry03:06
TheSheepfirsm: seems you forgot to also rename it in /etc/group03:08
firsmright, livecd time I guess :-)03:09
TheSheepor recovery mode03:11
firsmokay, works again, thanks.03:19
TheSheepI didn't do anything :)03:23
firsmyou were pointing me in the right direction :-)03:23
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cheeseboyhow do i add printer whats the gui app>??04:15
vinzeIsn't there something in Applications->Settings->Printing?04:15
vinzeI'm not too familiar with printing, but I now that's available04:16
cheeseboyi dont have that04:16
=== ndeah_ [n=ndeah@A653a.a.strato-dslnet.de] has joined #xubuntu
=== vinze knows nothing...
r_a_fcheeseboy: open firefox04:23
r_a_faddress: http://localhost:63104:23
r_a_fthis is cups (common unix printing system) there you can add and manage you printer04:24
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rolandohola alguien habla espaol? tengo un problema con la instalacion de xubuntu05:11
rolandogracias de todos modos, hasta pronto05:15
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hyper_chwohoo, another 61 MB upload :)06:13
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Mufkatar^AFKHello in the #06:49
=== Mufkatar^AFK is now known as Mufkatar
MufkatarCan anyone be so kind as to tell me how to access the OS GUI? I only see a desktop with a few icons, and the right-click menu doesn't do much. Where do I go to set preferences, hardware settings and such?06:51
pleia2Mufkatar: there should be a "System" option in the right-click menu06:51
wbadgerwhat hardware settings?06:51
Mufkatarthere isn't06:51
Mufkatar4 "Create"s and 1 Desktop Settings06:51
Mufkatarwbadger: You know, mouse config, display settings, all that stuff06:52
wbadgerMufkatar, you should have "Settings" as the top entry in your XFCE menu06:52
wbadgerMufkatar, yeah that stuff is in there06:52
MufkatarI don't see it - only 2 tabs, one Appearance, one Behavior06:52
MufkatarSeems very limited to just a few windows settings06:52
pleia2Mufkatar: what version of xubuntu are you using?06:53
wbadgerMufkatar, you entered "Desktop settings"06:53
MufkatarJust downed the 7.0406:53
MufkatarI know06:53
MufkatarThat's what I wrote06:53
MufkatarIt's all I have06:53
wbadgerMufkatar, in the XFCE Menu, that thingy on your panel usually, you should have the entry "Settings"06:53
MufkatarI have no panel06:53
MufkatarThat's my problem06:53
MufkatarI only have a desktop with a few icons06:53
wbadgerMufkatar, in that case run "xfce-setting-show" in a terminal06:54
MufkatarAny idea how to get a terminal? :-)06:54
wbadgeryeah press alt+f206:54
wbadgerand run it there at least... from the settings manager create a panel06:54
wbadgerMufkatar, and in any case you can press alt+F2 and run xfce4-terminal to get oone06:55
MufkatarI haven't installed yet, just booted from it06:55
MufkatarSo I don't know if that's the reason I got no panel06:56
MufkatarJust seems odd06:56
MufkatarAnd clicking panel in the settings manager doesn't seem to do anything06:56
wbadgerMufkatar, try running xfce4-panel06:57
MufkatarThat got me a panel :-)06:59
wbadgerMufkatar, nice :) have fun07:00
MufkatarThanks for your help - but how come this happened?07:00
Mufkatardoes this mean I can't rely on the icons in the settings manager to work?07:00
MufkatarWill I have to do this every time?07:01
wbadgerMufkatar, I really don't know, in my settings manager they work.. but at least you got a panel07:02
MufkatarYeah, but I'll have forgotten that command in 2 minutes...07:03
wbadgerMufkatar, and if you are running the latest xfce you should have a "autostarted applications" setting... maybe you can try putting whatever you need in there07:03
=== Arkh [n=Arkh@] has joined #xubuntu
wbadgerMufkatar, and remembering those commands isnt hard at all... only remember the command for a terminal, then write in it xfce and press tab.. you will get every possible command that starts with xfce07:03
MufkatarDon't mean to sound ungrateful, wouldn't have gotten this far without you, but I can't use a system where I have to manually start the GUI every boot...07:04
MufkatarBut thanks again :-)07:05
wbadgerMufkatar, np... and I really dont know why this happened to you... I installed xubuntu 7.04 three days ago and it worked fine out of the box07:06
Mufkatarwbadger: I'm jinxed, that's what it is ;-)07:06
Mufkatarwbadger: Tried Knoppix, Ubuntu, and now Xubuntu, on 3 different PCs and I always get a raw deal07:06
MufkatarSomebody stole my mojo07:07
wbadgerMufkatar, real strange... does it work well before the installation? (live cd mode?)07:07
MufkatarWell, that's the mode I'm in right now with X07:08
MufkatarAnd it works better than Ubuntu did on the same PC07:08
Mufkatar(old Dell laptop)07:08
MufkatarThat practically froze on me07:08
MufkatarAlso seems no native WPA support? Bummer07:09
wbadgerdo you have any special hardware maybe? a special video card?07:09
MufkatarNah, it's a standard Dell Latitude CPx07:09
MufkatarOld, though07:09
MufkatarWEP is way too insecure to use07:09
=== Pricey [n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild] has joined #xubuntu
wbadgerI don't know much about that stuff.. my internet connection is wired and worked out of the box (with x\ubuntu)07:10
Mufkataronly reason I'm installing this is so I can surf wirelessly07:10
MufkatarSo without it, not much point ;-)07:10
MufkatarNot a lot going on in this channel considering all the people connected07:13
wbadgerthats right :<07:13
MufkatarGood thing you were here, since none of the 71 others knew the answers to my questions ;-)07:17
wbadgerlol or are just idle.. but I'm not really an expert lucky it was an easy question :P07:18
MufkatarI sensed that ;-)07:19
maxamillioni am trying to eat lunch, typing is currently taking second place :)07:25
Mufkatarmaxamillion: Fair enough ;-)07:31
maxamillionMufkatar: ok, done with the food ... what's up?07:31
wbadgerMufkatar, ?07:32
MufkatarAny idea how to see my current IP and other settings?07:32
maxamillionMufkatar: ifconfig07:32
hyper_chhow stupid is this here?  Sony BMG Music Entertainment is suing the company that developed anti-piracy software for its CDs, claiming the technology was defective and cost the record company millions of dollars to settle consumer complaints and government investigations.07:32
MufkatarCan't get the WLAN connected it seems07:32
Mufkatarhyper_ch: Well it's stupid, but it's true07:33
maxamillionhyper_ch: yeah, i read it ... i laughed07:33
MufkatarStupid because - well, what did the idiots expect? :-)07:33
maxamillionno joke07:33
MufkatarThey're apparently never gonna learn it doesn't pay07:33
maxamillion"lets reap chaos on the world and then start suing people who try to restore order"07:33
MufkatarThe network config tool is really poor - it doesn't support WPA, there's no indication of the bitwidth of the passphrase, and it doesn't report whether it connected or not :-(07:34
MufkatarIt's tough to wean off those Windows-habits07:34
MufkatarLike getting feedback when you try something ;-)07:34
hyper_chMufkatar: it's a real pain that you can't bitch about linux that it doesn't tell you what's going wrong and instead gives you some great advice "contact support" ^^07:35
maxamillionMufkatar: the network config tool doesn't support wifi generally07:36
maxamillionMufkatar: you need to install network-manager-gnome, it will give you a little system tray icon that will make life really easy on you07:37
maxamillionMufkatar: info on the app http://www.gnome.org/projects/NetworkManager/ and it is in the repo07:37
maxamillion!info network-manager-gnome07:37
ubotunetwork-manager-gnome: network management framework (GNOME frontend). In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.4-6ubuntu7 (feisty), package size 253 kB, installed size 1696 kB07:37
Mufkatarmaxamillion: Already considered that, but I need network for that ;-)07:37
Mufkatarhyper_ch: Well, this is support isn't it? :-)07:38
maxamillioni missed the fact that you have no internet at all, i thought you just couldn't get it on wifi07:38
hyper_chMufkatar: you didn't understand :(07:38
Mufkatarhyper_ch: Nope, but then you were a little unclear? :-)07:38
Mufkatarhyper_ch: Was it a dig at Windows?07:39
hyper_chMufkatar: well, I was telling you can't bitch about linux because it gives you good feedback of what's not working.... contrary to windows where you get something like "contact customer support"07:39
Mufkatarhyper_ch: Windows ain't no miracle, I'll be the first to admit. But if I try something in there, I at least get an EM07:39
Mufkatarhyper_ch: See, it seems we have opposite experiences07:39
hyper_chMufkatar: you can start any program from the command line and see directly its output where it fails... that's much more helpful07:40
MufkatarWell, I prefer GUI ;-)07:40
MufkatarCommandline is very powerful, but GUIs have much gentler learning curve07:41
hyper_chMufkatar: for debugging use the terminal for starting a programm07:41
hyper_chMufkatar: normally the command to start a program is its application name07:41
Mufkatarmaxamillion: Anyways, I got a regular NW card somewhere, guess I have to dig it out ;-)07:41
wbadgerMufkatar, wait, you said you tried Ubuntu already right?07:42
wbadgerMufkatar, that means you have the disc?07:42
maxamillionMufkatar: you just might ;)07:42
wbadgerMufkatar, I believe the disc can serve you as a repository and maybe it has network-manager-gnome in it07:42
Mufkatarwbadger: Thanks for the tip, but I'd need to install Xubuntu first, right?07:43
MufkatarI can't swap discs while I'm running in Live mode?07:43
MufkatarAnd I'd like to see this work before I install07:43
wbadgerMufkatar, well thats catch 22 again isnt it..07:43
MufkatarBut perhaps that is asking too much...07:43
Mufkatarwbadger: As I mentioned, I can find a regular NW card somewhere I think07:44
MufkatarAlthough I'm not sure I can add apps in Live mode?07:44
wbadgerNot sure either :\07:44
hyper_chyou can add appsin live mode07:44
wbadgerI believe it should work with small apps but haven't tried it07:45
MufkatarHey guys, I've got the NW card now - but how to force a DHCP refresh?07:56
=== cellofellow [n=josh@69-71-169-6.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #xubuntu
MufkatarDon't sweat it, it autorenewed :-)07:57
Mufkatarcellofellow: Like your name ;-)07:57
cellofellowoh, thanks07:57
hyper_chhiho cellofellow07:58
cellofellowhey there07:58
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MufkatarRehi wbadger :-)08:00
wbadgerrehi :P08:01
wbadgerwent to check if autostarted beryl works... and no08:01
MufkatarWhich linux IRC client do you guys prefer?08:02
wbadgerim using xchat08:02
cellofellowxchat or irssi08:02
MufkatarI wasn't too happy with gaim08:02
cellofellowpends on whether I have X.08:02
cellofellowGaim I use only now and again.08:02
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MufkatarOK, that wasn't a resounding success08:12
MufkatarAll Networkmanager is, is a systray frontend08:12
MufkatarDidn't add WPA support08:12
MufkatarIt's definitely a tool I'll use if I go ahead, but it's not what I needed08:13
wbadgerwhat about wpasupplicant ?08:14
wbadgerI dont really know it just found it on google08:14
Mufkatar!info wpa08:15
Mufkatar!info system-wpa08:15
ubotuPackage wpa does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas08:15
ubotuPackage system-wpa does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas08:15
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Mufkatarwbadger: Looks like you're right08:17
wbadgerMufkatar, but package wpasupplicant exists08:17
Mufkatarwbadger: But how to add it?08:17
=== neozen [n=neozen@c-67-186-66-137.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
wbadgerMufkatar, well if you can add networkmanager do this in the same way... sudo apt-get install wpasupplicant08:18
wbadgerMufkatar, oh and I see it has a GUI too... so install wpagui too08:18
MufkatarI used Add/remove to add networkmanager ;-)08:18
wbadgerso use the same thing for this...08:19
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs08:19
wbadgerthis article seems to tell how to use it: http://www.enterprisenetworkingplanet.com/netsecur/article.php/359494608:19
neozenanyone not been helped yet?08:20
=== neozen equips a shield
wbadgerwell neozen do you know anything about beryl and xubuntu?08:20
=== neozen grins
neozenhave you tried messing with xfce's builtin compositor?08:20
neozenmight also want to try #ubuntu-effects08:21
wbadgerneozen, no... actually I already figured it out, thanks... apparently beryl did not launch emerald automatically08:22
Mufkatarwbadger (and others), thanks for your help & patience :-)08:22
MufkatarI'm gonna go out on a limb and install it, then tinker with the Wifi afterwards08:22
MufkatarAnd then - MANY more questions ;-)08:22
wbadgerMufkatar, good luck08:22
MufkatarI'm gonna need it ;-)08:23
godlesswbadger:  I'm running beryl + xubuntu/xfce08:23
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AmgineWhere would I find "a valid VM executable" in xubuntu?08:24
=== bitform_ [n=mattg@cpe-66-91-31-27.hawaii.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
godlesskinda like being lightweight and bloaty at the same time08:24
wbadgernice godless, now I'm too... do you happen to know how to make the panel not-go gray when not in focus?08:24
godlesswbadger:  to tell you the truth I have tweaked it so much I don't even remember what the default looks like :)08:25
godlessgo through beryl-settings and play with everything, most of the descriptors aren't good so you have to fiddle to see what does what08:25
wbadgergodless, really? what could you possibly have done... change some animations, maybe the background?08:25
godlessI have adesklet widgets, background, skydome, cap images, customized animation, desktop behaviour, etc etc etc08:26
wbadgerok nice job08:27
godlesslooks something like http://dreaming.org/~rob/test.jpg08:29
godlessalthough I have fiddled since then08:30
godlessmore transparency now08:30
godlessand stuff08:30
godlessIt's a lot of nonsense since generally I just have firefox and a bunch of terminal windows but whatever :)08:31
wbadgerlol yeah.. whats with the black and white ?08:31
godlessjust where I ended up going I guess.. I like the subdued theme actually08:32
godlesschacun son gout08:32
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hyper_chTheSheep: Help ;)08:56
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VirgileHello all... :)11:18
Virgilei have little problem, if you can help me...11:19
maxamillion!ask | Virgile11:19
ubotuVirgile: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)11:19
Virgilei want record sound with ubuntu, in 'entry line' but i dont see the option in control sound11:19
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
Virgile(sorry for english i'm french)11:20
VirgileIn windows select 'record' in sound system, after i click in good device... microphone, entry line or stereo mix11:20
Virgilebut in linux i don't see11:20
Virgileif you have solution for me, i'm very happy :D11:21
cellofellowVirgile: open xfce4-mixer or alsamixer (in a terminal) and Line In should be an option.11:22
Virgilehmmm in xfce4-mixer i doesn't see this option11:22
cellofellowThen Audacity or a similar app should be able to record anything played in to the Line In soundcard port.11:22
cellofellowJust Line11:23
cellofellownot Line In11:23
cellofellowI have Line and Mic inputs.11:23
Virgilein alsamixer i see ;)11:23
cellofellowI like audacity. There's a more advanced app called Aurdour (spelled that wrong) too.11:24
Virgilehmm i test wait :D11:24
cellofellowIt should just playback through the speakers if everthing is working right, and then Audacity can record that.11:25
cellofellow!info ardour-gtk11:29
cellofellowThere it is. Ardour11:29
ubotuardour-gtk: digital audio workstation (graphical gtk interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.3-1 (feisty), package size 2434 kB, installed size 6620 kB11:29
cellofellowIt's very complicated and powerful.11:29
cellofellowAudacity is simple and to the point.11:29
Virgilethanks for all :)11:31
Virgilegood bye !11:31
cellofellowmust mean it works11:31
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teratomaI randomly lose mouse control and end up having to restart X to get it back.  how do i do that without killing X ? i'm running xubuntu11:50
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kalikiana_teratoma, What you say is confusing: restarting X w/o killing X? ;) If you don't want to *reboot*, just press ctrl+alt+backspace :)12:07
teratomaso i log in12:07
teratomai do stuff, i move windows around.  if i do crazy stuff like minimizing a window or maximizing a few times... then clicking with my mouse stops working.  i can move the pointer around.  cant click.  keyboard is responsive.  cant select a new window since i cant 'click'.12:09
kalikiana_teratoma, Do you by chance have a very recent glib version?12:09
kalikiana_I don't remember the bug number, but there's an error only fixed in trunk.12:10
kalikiana_^^ xfce svn trunk that is.12:10
teratomaim running Gutsy, so I am probably running a recent glib version.  so should i just wait for a while ?12:10
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kalikiana_teratoma, If you have the error I mentioned updating xfce from svn might work. But you would want to check if the bug is completely fixed already. *or* you wait for gutsy guys to update the packages. ;)12:11

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