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EtienneGwho is the list moderator for ubuntu-directory@lists.ubuntu.com ?02:50
dendrobatesnot me.03:41
dendrobatesEtienneG: looks like it is Corey Burger03:43
EtienneGdendrobates, he is Burgundavia, right ?03:43
dendrobatesEtienneG: yes03:44
dendrobatesEtienneG: why03:53
EtienneGdendrobates, I have a long post in response to your email from this morning03:53
EtienneGit is stuck in the moderation queue03:53
EtienneGI could cancel and resend, but I would rather just have it approved03:54
dendrobatesI did the same thing with my post.04:06
robertjbetween not knowing c and not knowing perl, I have spent 10x the effort figuring out whats going wrong with the perl stuff than the C stuff04:16
dendrobatesrobertj: so your saying C is easier to debug?04:17
robertjdendrobates: dunno, or maybe the tutorials are written by non-idiots04:17
dendrobatesperhaps.  or at least fewer idiots.04:18
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zchhi all04:29
dendrobateszch: hello04:49
zchdendrobates: I have read you mail04:52
zchdendrobates: will you lead the development of directory services for ubuntu?04:53
dendrobateszch: I will try to drive it,  but lead is a strong word.  :)05:29
zchok  :) very good news05:29
zchso "directory services" has now a higher priority for Ubuntu/Canonical?05:30
dendrobatesI am trying to make that the case.05:36
zchvery good05:41
zchwhat about the "authtool"?05:41
dendrobatesI see that fitting over this work, as a gui.  Authtool  does not configure /etc/ldap.conf, afaik.05:45
dendrobatesI would like to pull the /etc/pam.d config bit out and make a wrapper tool that anything could use, like we do for inetd.05:47
robertjdendrobates: it appears that there is some place holder code for that05:47
dendrobatesbetter to do it with debconf in a package, than the code will be easy to write.05:48
dendrobatesI like the work done on authtool, and would like it to continue, but take advantage of the new packages.05:50
zchthe meta-package with the debconf scripts and the ldap (pam, nss) -packages in main, would be a huge step forward05:52
dendrobateswe could then do the same for AD.05:52
dendrobatesI wanted to do the easiest first.  So we could see progress and attract others to help.05:53
zchok, so the first works are packaging and debconf-scripts05:55
zchgood bye06:25
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