CIA-19ubiquity: cjwatson * r2154 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/components/partman_commit.py):10:13
CIA-19ubiquity: * Fix question_type vs. self.question_type crash in partman_commit10:13
CIA-19ubiquity:  (LP: #125539).10:13
CIA-19ubiquity: cjwatson * r2155 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog partman/commit.d/01unmount_busy):11:25
CIA-19ubiquity: * Unmangle entries from /etc/mtab before trying to unmount them (also11:25
CIA-19ubiquity:  LP: #125539).11:25
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xivuloncjwatson, evand, are you in for a beer later on today?11:32
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xivuloncjwatson, evand are you tied up later on today?01:38
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cjwatsonxivulon: I don't think it's going to work out for me this evening, unfortunately - last day is always mad05:06
cjwatsonsorry :(05:06
xivuloncjwatson, np will do next time you are in london05:10
xivulonevand, are you in?05:11
CIA-19ubiquity: evand * r2156 ubiquity/ (4 files in 3 dirs):05:44
CIA-19ubiquity: * Don't preseed seen to false, or stay in the gtk event loop on the05:44
CIA-19ubiquity:  summary page, when using --automatic.05:44
evandxivulon: I'm afraid I cannot make it either.  They're throwing some sort of wine and cheese party in the office and then I've got to go present shopping before I leave.06:04
evandI'll be back here at the next sprint though06:04
xivulonhave fun, and a nice trip home06:26
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superm1_cjwatson, is there an eta when 1.5.5 will be released as a package?  I've got probably one more thing i wanted to get into the mythbuntu frontend yet, and wanted to see how much time i've got to do it09:39
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cjwatson_superm1_: err, 1.5.5 was released on Wednesday; see the changelog11:01
superm1_oh, haven't bzr merged since my last commit11:01
cjwatson_superm1_: there is no reason why you should be bound by any particular version, though11:01
superm1_cjwatson, well I was hoping to be able to source the archives rather than rely on a mythbuntu mirror when generating the next alpha ISO11:02
cjwatsonwe are kind of planning to do further uploads, you know ;-)11:02
superm1_haha, well i wasn't sure on how often they will be generated - so for future reference then, what's the frequency on this sort of thing?11:03
cjwatsondepends on what's there to uploads - look back through the changelog for a sampling11:09
cjwatsoncan be anything from days to a small number of weeks, typically11:10
superm1_alright, that's kinda what i was assuming11:10
cjwatsonhistorical average since we took it over from Guadalinex (so all espresso or ubiquity uploads) is once every 2.9 days, which is a touch disturbing11:12
superm1_i had another question regarding casper, i wanted to get some input on.  I've toyed with the idea of generating an overlay filesystem similar to how you can use a flash drive to save changes to a live boot.  I was considering adding that as an append option to the boot menu - one with fglrx and one with nvidia, so that if someone really wanted to use a disk as a full live frontend, they could boot right into the proprietary drivers.11:12
superm1_What would be your take on us doing something like that?11:12
superm1_yes that is wow.11:13
cjwatson(you might reasonably expect development to slow down over time though)11:13
cjwatsonhmm, it would require some care to make that work with ubiquity, but it should be possible11:13
cjwatsonTBH I really think we should just fix the crappy way the proprietary drivers work with libGL11:14
superm1_i'm imagining the hook that generates the xorg.conf in casper may need additional work too, to choose them11:14
superm1_is there a spec out there to do such things regarding libGL?11:14
cjwatsonjust calls dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg or the moral equivalent11:14
cjwatson(not to my knowledge; not my area)11:14
superm1_perhaps i'll consider drafting one up for the dev summit in boston this year, but i'll have to investigate how much is involved11:15
cjwatsonthe problem is that both require overlay libGL implementations and they conflict 'cos they need to go in the same place in the filesystem11:16
superm1_perhaps in the place that they would need to be, replace a dynamic loader11:17
superm1_to load the correct libGL implementation from another area on the FS11:17
superm1_and then you would be able to store all three implementation in their own area11:18
cjwatsonit's not trivial and requires much thought, anyway11:19
=== superm1_ nods
cjwatsonanyway, time to go to the hotel; offline until Monday11:20
cjwatsonhave fun :)11:20
superm1_okay cu :)11:20
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