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bronsonI have a Thinkpad T61 tablet with Intel WiFi Link 4965 AGN ...01:49
bronsonAnyone know if the Gutsy kernel should work with this?01:49
crimsunyes, it should.01:49
bronsonThat's what I thought...   I'm getting no love.01:50
bronsonscanning dmesg...01:50
Nafallobaah. and I bought the earlier since I didn't thought it would :-P01:51
NafalloI should have asked.01:51
Nafallobut then again... DRAFT-N ;-)01:52
bronsonRight...  I was hoping to get lucky since the Intel guys had already released working code.01:53
bronsonGuess I'm not THAT lucky....01:53
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bronsonOverall, I'm pretty impressed with how well Gutsy works on this 2 week old laptop.02:00
bronsonJust the pesky wireless...  and the backlight.02:00
crimsunoh, sorry, misparsed that~02:01
crimsunactually I have no idea how I misparsed that as 3945, but whatever.02:01
bronsonYeah, quite different.02:02
bronsonIntel apparently released a working driver though.02:02
mjg59iwlwifi /should/ drive 496502:02
mjg59With luck I'll have test hardware in a couple of weeks02:02
bronsonOK, I scoured dmesg.  It doesn't look like the kernel tries to even probe the card.02:02
mjg59bronson: It's quite possible we don't have a recent enough iwlwifi available02:03
mjg59(If we have it at all yet)02:03
bronsonModule iwlwifi not found?02:03
mjg59Do you have linux-ubuntu-modules installed?02:04
bronsonCouldn't find package linux-ubuntu-modules02:04
bronsonsorry, I see.02:05
bronsonright.  :)02:05
mjg59We seem to be lacking a metapackage :)02:05
bronsonYes, I do.02:05
bronsonmjg59: pretty late where you are?02:06
mjg59bronson: 1AM02:06
bronsonoh, not that bad.02:06
mjg59Supposed to be in an office at 9:30, though02:06
mjg59So should really sleep soon :)02:06
bronsondoh.  That's suboptimal.02:06
bronsonAt Canonical?02:07
bronsonhm, why don't the arrows and tab key work in Gutsy's root shell?  (just idly wondering)02:07
mjg59bronson: How have you got to the root shell?02:07
mjg59Yeah, I'm visiting the London office this week02:08
bronsonsudo sh02:08
bronsonAh, plain old su works.02:08
crimsunapparently the microcode for 4965AGN isn't in the l-u-m tree yet.02:08
mjg59Yeah, sh is dash02:08
bronsonSurprised there's a difference. 02:08
bronsonOooooh.  Yeah, that makes sense.02:08
mjg59su runs root's shell, which isbash02:09
mjg59(sorry, dodgy space bar)02:09
bronsonI'll have to get in the habit of 'sudo bash'02:11
mjg59sudo -s is the best bet02:13
mjg59Or alternatively, sudo su02:13
bronsonerm, what's the l-u-m tree?02:14
mjg59It's linked off kernel.ubuntu.com/git02:14
bronsonThink it's worth my time to try to add Intel's code and send a patch?02:14
bronsonOr are they going to get to it next week...?02:14
bronson(or soon)  do you suppose?02:14
mjg59Should be merged at some point soon02:15
mjg59Like I said, I should have test hardware soon :)02:15
bronsonOK, I'll be patient.02:15
bronsonWhat test hardware?02:15
mjg59HP 2510p02:15
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bronson2.8 lib wxga?  groovy.02:17
bronsonmjg59: thanks for your help.  Hope you get the device soon.  :)02:18
mjg59crimsun: Looks like we need an alsa update for new Thinkpads :(02:19
crimsunok, right.02:20
crimsunI'll look tonight when I get home.02:20
mjg59How much longer do we have you for?02:21
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zul_crimsun: leaving?02:43
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JanC<mjg59> sudo -s is the best bet03:10
JanCsudo -i  :)03:10
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aboganilamont: May i disturb you?11:17
aboganiBenC_: ping11:19
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BenC_abogani: yes?11:24
aboganiBenC: No way to send a msg to kernel-team list. It is over-sized. May i send you this directly?11:25
BenCabogani: can you put it somewhere to download from and send the email with the URL to kernel-team?11:26
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aboganiBenC: Sure! I'm stupid... :-)11:30
xivulonmjg59: re wubi hibernation issues, I was reading http://kerneltrap.org/node/11756 , am I right that if that is implemented it may fix the issue in coming releases?11:31
BenCabogani: nah, you're good :)11:32
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mjg59xivulon: In the long run, yeah11:37
xivulonmjg59: is it realistic to have suspend-to-ram working with fuse root fs in gutsy?11:41
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mjg59xivulon: I'll look into it11:58
mjg59It /might/ be11:58
xivulonmjg59: thx a lot, since we loose suspend-to-disk while we wait for kexec, it would be nice to keep suspend-to-ram at least12:04
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mkrufkyagain... i dont want to be a pest....  but this bug that i files months ago is causing a tech support nightmare for v4l06:47
mkrufkyis there a different place i should go to get some attention on this?06:48
mkrufkyi am aware that ubuntu folks spoke to hauppauge to get these licensed firmwares.... but ubuntu is using the OLD firmware, and it causes problems with the current drivers, which use the *official* firmware06:49
mkrufkyhauppauge did not license the old fw that ubuntu is shipping06:49
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apt_getHi people07:05
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lamontamitk: out of curiosity, eta for -8.17?08:24
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amitklamont: next week09:13
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tsmithei just tested http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/kernels/linux-image-2.6.22-8-rt_2.6.22-8.18_i386.deb, and it works quite well (apart from the lack of lum). however, i did have an issue with my i91509:14
tsmithelots of unknown symbols for drm: "[  118.858742]  i915: Unknown symbol drm_release" and suchlike in dmesg09:14
lamontamitk: next week == monday, or friday?09:14
mikmorghello all09:28
mikmorgDoes anyone know when the 20-16.30 kernel is coming out?09:28
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