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jbaileylamont: There's nothing quite so cuddly as watching the "cache hit" line on ccache -s go up.04:16
jbaileycache hit                          1284504:19
jbaileycache hit                          1286504:19
fabbionejbailey: no ccachetop?04:19
jbaileyfabbione: I try not to stress the parisc box that much.04:20
fabbionefabbione@trider-g7:~/bin$ cat ccachetop 04:20
fabbionewhile $STOP; do04:20
fabbione clear04:20
fabbione ccache -s04:20
fabbione sleep 104:20
fabbioneand it?s even configurable :)04:20
jbaileylamont: I'm building a gdb without the gij-dep.07:04
jbaileyIt might be nice to get that into stage0 for other debugging anyway.07:05
lamontif you have a source deb without the gij dep, we can stick that in stage0, and upload the with-gij version (higher number) to gutsy-proper07:06
lamonts/source deb/source package/07:06
lamontjbailey: and you can just upload that source to bld-3 (aka buildd)07:14
lamontor, yeah, you can tell me and I'll upload it signed with _my_ key.07:15
lamontt-locale.o: In function `numpunct':07:25
lamont/usr/include/c++/4.1.3/bits/locale_facets.h:1682: undefined reference to `std::numpunct<char>::_M_initialize_numpunct(__locale_struct*)'07:25
lamontcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status07:25
lamontwhy does gmp hate us?07:25
lamontmaybe installing the new g++-4.1 will help. :(07:27
lamontanswer: no09:48

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