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jbaileydoko: ping?05:42
dokojbailey: pong05:43
jbaileydoko: I'm wondering where gdb is maintained.  I'll have a parisc patch to go in.05:43
dokono archive05:43
jbaileyCool, any objection to me just doing an upload?05:43
dokono, please go ahead05:58
dokojbailey: did you have a look at gij?06:36
jbaileyYes.  There's a segfault in the boehm-gc.06:37
jbaileyI complained about the fact that I was having to use printf to debug, so tausq fixed gdb for me. =)06:37
dokoyou may want to join #gcj on oftc and ask aph; he just got it on arm working and is willing to help if he has access to hardware06:37
jbaileyYeah.  I haven't narrowed it to something to ask others yet.06:40
jbaileyI suspect that the locks are just wrong for NPTL in the boehm-gc gcj bits, they changed size.06:41
jbaileyI was hacking mostly last weekend (we're in the middle of selling our place, evenings are busy), and tausq fixing gdb will make a big difference, too.06:41

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