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nixternalhow goes it my fellow kde'rz12:58
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ScottKnixternal: It turns out that manchicken_ is the real Vista lover.  He confessed and everything.03:03
nixternalman, I had to fork out $125 for new mobo, cpu, and heatsinc/fan03:03
nixternalgoing to RMA this current board, get it back, and then have my 64bit build system I have always wanted...just struck at a very hard time03:04
nixternalI hadn't realised this next week is my 8 week finals, and I need Visual Studio for one of them03:04
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nixternalya, but after this week, I will be able to work a little more on some things...especially that thing you and I talked about ScottK :)03:06
ryanakcanixternal: umm... since classroom has kindof 'branched' off from NUN, would you be interested in reconsidering joining it, after your finals?03:06
ScottKCool.  I was wondering.03:07
nixternalnever take 15 credits in 8 weeks...it is pretty difficult03:07
nixternalryanakca: sure03:07
nixternalthe other problem and I have resolved our issues, so I have no problems03:07
=== ryanakca 's going to contact jono, see if he has any ideas, since he's the Community Manager
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ryanakcaumm... why do I get the following when building kde4skd in pbuilder-gutsy?03:34
ryanakca -> Considering  kdepimlibs4-dev (>= 3.91.0-0ubuntu5)03:34
ryanakca      Tried versions: 3.80.3-0ubuntu203:34
ryanakcaoh, oops. nevermind, my bad, *blames the early time of night*03:35
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DaSkreechWhen was the last time someone saw Jucato?04:16
ryanakcaDaSkreech: in here, or on planet? I think he had a blog entry yesterday...04:31
ryanakcahmm. dunno04:31
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ryanakcaRiddell: looks like kde4sdk builds fine... so far05:10
DaSkreechHobbsee: hi again05:12
ryanakcakde4sdk build fine, lintian whines a lot, but, it built, and I think the whining is known05:14
Hobbseehi DaSkreech05:17
DaSkreechHow are you?05:17
ryanakcacan someone test my kde4sdk package(s)? http://packages.ryanak.ca/dists/ryan-gutsy/kde/05:17
Hobbseemmm...good....bouncing :)05:17
ryanakcaHobbsee: bouncy chair?05:17
DaSkreechPoofy cushion?05:19
ryanakcastandard old wooden chair?05:20
=== ryanakca yawns and figures he should go to bed
ScottKSo, did anyone else notice that Linspire is touting one of their advantages over Ubuntu is that they provide KDE?05:44
Hobbseeright, back05:44
HobbseeScottK: no....but that's odd05:44
DaSkreechWhoot! :)05:44
DaSkreechKDE is an advantage :)05:44
=== DaSkreech does the happy dance
HobbseeDaSkreech: so go triage some of it's bugs :)05:47
=== DaSkreech moves the LongPointyStick
ScottKKDE, not linspire, in case you were confused.05:47
DaSkreechSince you are bouncy you may hurt yourself :)05:47
ScottKInteresting rationalization of a self defense mechanism.05:48
HobbseeDaSkreech: hah.05:48
DaSkreechOh yeah :) I'm a Guru Zen Technobabble fiend05:48
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DaSkreechhi manchicken05:52
Hobbseehi manchicken05:53
Hobbsee***anyone who is bored, please fix stuff on http://people.ubuntu.com/~ubuntu-archive/testing/gutsy_probs.html - there are various main people around who can sponsor changes ***06:21
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Hobbseenixternal: are you release-noting for tribe 3?07:46
nixternalI will be yes07:47
nixternalwhen is it due out?07:47
nixternaloh, ya, I will have something once again :)07:47
Hobbseecool, tahnks :)07:48
ScottKnixternal: Do you have it in your notes to mention the crypto changes for Kmail?07:49
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nixternalwell, 4 hours later and Windows XP still needs more software, updates, and I have to actually install Realtek audio drivers...a shame...the Kubuntu install of course went its usual 15 minutes and everything worked out of the box...why is Microsoft considered #1 again?10:27
nixternalheck in 1 hour, Kubuntu 64 is ready to build Gutsy package, test them in a chroot if needbe, and my development environment is ready to go10:28
mhbnixternal: it's not about "considering", it's just a fact10:28
nixternala fact that is #1 in terms of users, yes...but not #1 in any other comparisons, except for maybe games10:29
mhbnixternal: how often are you going to be updating the KDE4 packages?10:29
nixternalwell I need to talk to Riddell about that, I would like to do either weekly or biweekly snapshots of SVN10:29
mhbalso, I think we (someone) should start making KDE4 live CDs10:30
nixternalI believe that is the plan...I think JR even said something in his talk at aKademy about that10:30
mhbya, I believe so10:31
Hobbseenixternal: why are you installing XP again?10:31
Hobbseenixternal: that'd be cool10:31
nixternalmy motherboard took a dump, so I went out and bought a new motherboard and cpu today10:31
Hobbseenixternal: what are your plans for doign them?10:31
nixternaland hard drive10:32
nixternalHobbsee: I am open to start doing them, I really don't have any plans as of yet, but I don't want to step on Riddell's toes if he has plans already in the making10:32
Hobbseenixternal: you're doing the svn snapshots?10:32
nixternalI can if needbe10:32
nixternalI update my svn here weekly, unless something new comes out, then it could be twice a week10:33
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Hobbseenixternal: well, if you're doing svn, and Riddell is doing the actual releases, then there should be no toe-stepping-on10:37
Hobbseenixternal: of course, he probably wont say no if you help him out with the releases too10:37
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nixternalHobbsee: I would rather help him out then duplicate the process really10:37
mhbHobbsee: we're one release behind10:38
Hobbseenixternal: i'm not sure that you would be duplicating them, if you were taking his debian/ each time, etc10:38
Hobbseemhb: of?10:38
Hobbseemhb: kde alphas?10:38
nixternalnot anyore10:38
Hobbseei thought Riddell was uploading them during the week10:38
nixternal3.91.0 has been uploaded10:38
nixternalthey are there10:38
mhbwas it?10:38
nixternalkdepimlibs5 (3.91.0) is broken though for amd64, so I wouldn't try it just yet unless you use something other than 6410:39
mhbwhy are we labeling it kde*5 ?10:40
nixternalso it doesn't interfere with kdepimlibs4 which is KDE3 ;)10:40
mhbyes, but it interferes with common sense, doesn't it?10:40
nixternaldon't know the whole reasoning behind that though..I think because it is what debian does10:41
mhb== confusing for users10:41
nixternalI would figure kde4pimlibs10:41
nixternaloh well, time for sleep10:43
mhbsee you10:44
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mhbHobbsee: are the kde4 debian/ dirs also on bzr?10:48
Hobbseemhb: i doubt it10:50
mhbHobbsee: if there are several people that do packages, shouldn't they be?10:51
Hobbseemhb: probably10:52
=== Hobbsee --> dinner
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Hobbseemhb: there's probably a sane way of doing them.  i plan to speak to tonio_ about it, sometime12:09
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mhbHobbsee: of doing the bzr branches?12:23
mhbHobbsee: I thought you did them before, for KDE312:23
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BentJQuestion: I'm upgrading a virtual machine from feisty to gutsy by: removing korganizer, editing sources.list, update, distupgrade, but I keep winding up with that udev and volumeid do not get updated because it states udev break another package - Am I doing something wrong ?12:41
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hungerStrigi is now part of gutsy (at least as a recommendation). Is that a good idea? It eats HDD space like something that eats *VERY* much.12:57
mhbhunger: isn't strigi an important part of KDE4?01:02
hungermhb: It is.01:03
hungermhb: No reason to recommend it in kubuntu-desktop at this time.01:03
mhbhunger: what does it do for KDE3? (sorry for me not knowing)01:03
hungermhb: The daemon is pretty independent of kde4 and there is a kde3 applet.01:03
hungerIt is just that so far strigi does not care at all about index sizes (the developers have not even started to look at this problem yet).01:04
hungerSo I usually run out of HDD while indexing when strigi's index gets bigger than about 1.2x the size of the original files.01:05
hungerstrigi currently copies the indexed contents into the indexes... which causes it to get HUGE, especially when indexing compressed archives.01:06
mhbhunger: so this "bug" is what's bothering you01:07
hungermhb: I consider it not ready for wide deployment, yes.01:08
hungermhb: And the debs do not seem to work anyway:-(01:08
mhbhunger: I'm not sure who made the decision (I don't remember anyone talking about it, but I have been away for a few days)01:09
mhbhunger: but you should talk to the person that decided it01:09
hungerI think riddel mentioned doing at the aKademy already.01:09
mhbhunger: could be, I wasn't there :o)01:09
mhbhunger: it may be that he believes that this particular bug will be fixed soon enough01:10
hungerAnyway: Can't start the strigi daemon anyway.01:10
hungermhb: vandenoeder said he won't get round to reducing the index sizes soon.01:10
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hungermaybe it is just me with my tiny laptop HDD that is bothered by storage space requirements.01:12
fdovingoh, i could nebver imagine my strigi index to eat 5G, but it does.01:12
sebasmhb, hunger: It was decided in Sevilla01:12
sebasSome desktop search is needed01:12
sebasUsing strigi seemed like a good upgrade path to kde401:12
hungersebas: I agree that desktop search is nice.01:13
mhbsebas: was it? Was there some information about it in the specs?01:13
sebasI guess so01:13
sebasDidn't write it myself, only attended the session01:13
mhbsebas: I just read KubuntuGutsyPlan which had no info about it01:13
hungersebas: But then strigi currently eats up all my HDD space and then I can not work anymore. That is *really* bad.01:13
sebasYeah, I read the backlog :)01:14
hungersebas: I dunno whether the other desktop search engines are better (actually I doubt it, jos seems to know what he is doing;-)01:14
=== mhb dislikes discussions which are not documented well :o)
mhbit's like the 4th time I've heard "we discussed this at akademy" but there's no info about it on the net01:15
=== mhb shuts up :o)
hungermhb: It was not discussed at aKademy. Riddel mentioned that it was decided somewhere at aKademy IIRC.01:15
=== hunger should check out that mandriva usb stick he was handed at aKademy.
sebasI suggest to email kubuntu-devel, preferably with some figures01:17
hungersebas: 5Gig of free space.... indexing of a 1.2G directory stopped since it ran out of HDD. So the index got to about 4x the original size.01:18
sebasNice ;-)01:19
hungerAny index size which is bigger than the original filesize is unacceptable IIRC. Only got 100GB and that is the biggest I can get for this laptop:-(01:20
mhbsebas: now that I see you here, could I ask you a stupid question about KDE ev? Why do you keep your mailing lists closed (to read) ?01:22
sebasYeah, I agree. It's better discussed on the ML, I doubt that it's a known problem01:22
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Hobbseemhb: i did.  but i'm not convinced it's the sanest way to do them01:57
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Hobbseehaha, ScottK-confused today, are you?02:32
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Riddellryanakca: kde4sdk uploaded thanks, you hadn't included the debian/cdbs directory and there were some files missing from being installed02:52
Hobbseehi Riddell02:52
sebasmhb: Because there's confidential things being discussed02:52
mhbsebas: such as?02:57
mhbhello Riddell02:57
sebasmhb: Well, that's confidential :-)02:57
sebasLicensing strategies, marketing strategies and such.02:58
mhbsebas: the kde-true-core-devel, eh? :o)02:58
sebasNo technical issues, no.02:58
mhbsebas: how can I know? It's confidential :o)02:58
mhbsebas: that was a joke, my point is that discussions behind closed doors disturb me, when it comes to a free project02:59
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sebasSo you argue that *everything* has to be public?03:00
mhbsebas: in my personal opinion, it actually creates a gap between "the people in" and "the people out"03:00
sebasmhb: It's topics for those heavily involved, and the organisation is open.03:01
sebasYou only have to go through some checks first.03:01
sebashttp://ev.kde.org/getinvolved/members.php Here's how you can become a member.03:01
mhbsebas: I read most of the stuff there03:01
mhbsebas: an open source project should be open, yes03:02
sebasThere are also the Quarterly Reports, if you want to know what's going on in the e.V.03:02
sebasThe KDE e.V. is a foundation, not an Open Source project03:02
sebasIt's supporting KDE's development process03:03
sebasThe source and technical discussions and decision-making is open as it is.03:03
mhbsebas: decisions are public, the decision-making is not03:04
sebasThere's some stuff you want to keep out of the press until discussion between core people has happened, that's what the closed ev list is for.03:04
sebasThe technical decision making *is* public.03:04
sebasThe e.V. has no influence on technical things.03:04
sebasThat's in fact offtopic on that list, it's purely organisational stuff.03:05
mhbsebas: how many core developers are outside the e.v?03:05
mhbsebas: the important folks, I mean03:05
sebasI am not aware of one core-dev not being e.V. member.03:05
sebasWe are in fact trying hard to get people into the e.V. that are around for a longer period of time, or are important for KDE03:05
sebasAnd I don't know one case where we failed03:06
mhbsebas: and by that, you create a gap between the people outside and the core developers03:07
sebasHow so?03:08
mhbsebas: because we don't know what you discussed there03:08
sebasThat doesn't matter, it's not technical discussions, for those that are involved enough, they do know.03:08
sebasThose that are interested what's discussed should read the reports03:08
sebasThey're actually very interesting03:08
sebasI don't see a gap that's been created by the KDE e.V.'s existance, maybe you can point me at one.03:09
sebasAnd maybe you can also point me at a comparable Free Software project that has a foundation that does not have private discussions.03:10
mhbsebas: "comparable" is the word03:11
sebasYou simply can't force anything to be open, and if you do, you loose a forum where people can speak out openly.03:11
mhbsebas: Kubuntu as a distribution has no such discussion03:11
sebasKubuntu is not this kind of foundation.03:11
sebasAnd strategical discussion is being held at Canonical03:11
mhbsebas: like I said, "comparable" is the word03:11
sebasThink about the difference between "speak openly" and "open for curious people"03:12
sebasI understand that you'd like to know everything, but in this case, we'd harm the community be removing a way to discuss things interenally, before they get into the press, for example.03:13
sebasOr in the hands of Microsoft, or whoever.03:13
sebasSome issues also touch privacy, some issues simply can't be on public lists.03:14
mhbsebas: I've heard stories about "Akademy" vs. "aKademy"03:14
sebasAnd  your point is?03:14
mhbsebas: is that really a kind of discussion that deserves to be kept private?03:15
Hobbseemhb: btw - ubuntu does have, and use, a private list, for a similar purpose of the eV list.03:15
sebasYou can't interpolate from one topic you've heard of.03:15
sebasAnd you can't blame people sending emails that are offtopic.03:15
mhbsebas: I don't interpolate, I feel distrubed by it03:15
mhbsebas: I feel disturbed by a lot of things, though :o)03:16
sebasI think you shouldn't.03:16
=== Tm_T [i=tm_travo@kde/developer/jkekkonen] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbsebas: probably. I just wanted to ask you about it.03:16
mhbsebas: thanks for your time03:16
sebasWell, you can.03:16
sebasWho told you about such a discussion, btw?03:17
mhbsebas: heard gossip on IRC03:17
mhbsebas: not sure now03:17
sebasBy *who*?03:17
mhbsebas: and you'd punish them, right? :o)03:17
sebasHow can I?03:18
Hobbseesebas: throw them out of the eV?03:18
sebasWhy don't you tell me, when you think it should be open?03:18
mhbsebas: shouldn't I be supposed to undermine the organisation instead? :o)03:19
sebasmhb: Why should you?03:19
sebasWhat good does that do?03:19
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mhbsebas: I still want the people who spread the info to remain unpunished03:23
mhbsebas: they didn't do it on purpose03:23
sebasWhat if people want to tell other KDE people this kind of information (information that can get them or others into problems when made public)? Should they be able to do so?03:24
Hobbseethen they'd just use private email, if that list was public, i expect03:24
sebasThat's not the point, Hobbsee.03:25
sebasIf I understand mhb correctly, also private email should be "open"03:25
sebas(it's an open source thing, after all)03:25
Hobbseesebas: oh true, i'm merely saying that's what people would do, if that were the case.03:25
mhbsebas: no, you don't understand me in this point03:25
sebasmhb: What's your point then?03:25
sebasI don't think there's a non-technical difference between private email and a private list.03:26
sebasAfter all, I could just email all e.V. members, or all the people I think should be aware of something.03:26
mhbsebas: decision making should be open, when it comes to a free project03:27
sebasWhat kind of decisions?03:27
mhbsebas: any non-marketing related one03:27
sebasWhat is 'making deciions open'?03:28
sebasIs that "everyone should be able to vote" for example?03:28
Hobbseemhb: say, if i get harassed by....oh i dont know, jucato, or someone, who is a member of the ubuntu project.  Now, if i take that to the CC, i'm not really going to want to take that to a public list, and expose them, with all the chatlogs, in public, right?  there are legit uses for private lists03:28
mhbsebas: I'm so sorry I interrupt, but I need to go away for a while03:28
Hobbseemhb: in fact, if i went publically with that, i'd probably be breaking the COC.03:29
sebasFor the case Hobbsee mentions, we have an even more private list (closed to non-board ev-members)03:29
sebasThat's the list of the KDE e.V. board.03:29
Hobbseeas in, he'd need to be punished for it, but tehre's no need to splash it to the entire world, which could influence his future prospects, etc03:29
sebasmhb: think also about legal issues while under way03:30
Hobbsee<and that's all hypothetical>03:30
sebasHobbsee: Well, it's still a very valid example03:30
Hobbseeoh true, i didnt want to accuse jucato or something, though :)03:30
=== sebas takes a shower and another coffee
ryanakcaRiddell: oops, sorry03:34
ryanakcahmmm... I guess since I haven't had any negative replies to the proposition yet, and it's a stormy day, I might as well work on the server03:37
ryanakcaTry Kolab first, or go for straight eGroupware?03:38
ryanakcaAnd... is there anybody with a kubuntu style domain (thinks loco, etc) that is willing to donate a subdomain?03:38
fdovingryanakca: i have kde.no you can have something under that if you want.03:44
mhbsebas: a Hobbsee's example is a valid one03:45
mhbsebas: (still, if she was harassed by a core-dev, he would read the ML, too)03:45
mhbsebas: but having a mailing list which is closed, but all "important" folks are in it is rather disturbing for me03:46
mhbsebas: I can understand that a foundation can have marketing-related discussions that should be closed03:46
sebasHow about legal issues?03:46
mhbsebas: same as a company like Canonical03:46
=== superstoned [n=supersto@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbsebas: but there should be only people that are really needed to know it, like the e.v. council and some marketing-related folks03:47
sebasSo it disturbs you that there's a list you can't read, but you understand it's needed?03:47
ryanakcasebas: is e.V. to KDE as Canonical is to Ubuntu?03:48
mhbsebas: no, what distrubs me that there's a list where all the core developers are in, but which the public is unable to read03:48
=== ScottK-confused [n=ScottK@static-72-81-252-22.bltmmd.fios.verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
sebasmhb: But you said you'd understand private lists for marketing and legal stuff?03:49
=== ScottK-confused is now known as ScottK
mhbsebas: why should a "kopete" maintainer read the news about "Akademy" vs. "aKademy" and the public should not?03:49
mhbthat was an example, I don't know the person03:49
sebasmhb: There is no news.03:50
mhbsebas: oh, really? :o)03:50
sebasIt's just an offtopic discussion.03:50
mhbsebas: I understand the point about private discussions03:51
sebasGood then :)03:51
mhbsebas: I also say not everyone is able to vote03:51
ryanakcafdoving: hmm. That would be nice, please and thank you... except, might be hard to distinguish that it's -for-kubuntu-, but oh well :)03:51
sebasYou've only caught a bad example.03:51
mhbsebas: but why should a "kopete" maintainer be there?03:51
mhbsebas: what does he need to know that I cannot?03:52
sebasLegal issues, trademark crap, have input on those questions?03:52
mhbsebas: you cannot solve this in a private mail?03:52
ryanakcasebas: KDE is a meritocracy, correct? (like Debian?)03:52
sebasOften, being in the e.V. is a sanity check for people and if they're really KDE people and would act in the advantage of the project.03:52
sebasryanakca: yes03:52
sebasmhb: right, private email doesn't scale (and it's really only a technical difference)03:53
mhbsebas: heh, they wouldn't act against their employer in the first place03:53
fdovingryanakca: you can of ourse try to find something better, then if you don't ping me .03:53
ryanakcafdoving: ok, will do :)03:54
sebasmhb: Yes, that's part of the sanity check. It's taken with a grain of salt though.03:54
mhbsebas: they actually do. Even if you try to avoid it, it creates an aura of the "kde-real-core-devel" channel03:54
mhbsebas: because *all* the important folks are there03:54
sebasIt doesn't mean that KDE is their highest priority though. But we *do* check that KDE contribution is not merely due to employment (read questionnaire on ev.kde.org)03:54
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ryanakcaRiddell: did we/are we going to include the compact kmilo patch?03:54
Hobbseeryanakca: it's already in.  looks very pretty03:55
Hobbseeelse i'm confused about what it is03:55
sebasryanakca: if you refer to smaller kmilo notifications, it's in03:55
mhbsebas: I can live with a "e.v. board" channel because I'm sure you cannot influence all the devs directly through that03:55
ryanakcaHobbsee: oooh goodies :D03:55
sebasmhb: Well, I'm afraid you have to live with a private ev list as well.03:55
arunHas anyone offered to redesign kubuntu.com?03:55
mhbarun: yes03:55
arunmhb: cool, who is doing it?03:56
mhbarun: kwwii mainly03:56
mhbsebas: but I'm afraid you have to live with me criticising it everywhere because of the "kde-real-core-devel" aura03:57
sebasmhb: Is that some threat? "I will tell people it sucks"03:58
sebasI think that won't put you into a good light either.03:58
mhbsebas: oh, I thought we're talking threats03:58
sebasAnd it's not a productive way as well.03:58
mhbsebas: because your last response was one as well03:59
sebasHonestly, just try to live with it.03:59
sebasThat's a misunderstanding then.03:59
sebasYou just didn't convince me it's a bad thing.03:59
mhbsebas: well, "you cannot do anything about it." sounds very unproductive to me03:59
sebasThat's untrue, you're right.03:59
sebasGet more involved with KDE, propose to open this list. That's what you can do.04:00
mhbsebas: yes, that's the point.04:00
mhbsebas: again restricting people from the outside of the e.v.04:00
sebasRepeating myself: this list has totally absolutely nothing to do with core-devel, it's *not* about technical decisions.04:01
ScottKHobbsee: Network was confused.  I was sleeping.04:01
HobbseeScottK: heh04:01
sebasit's not restricted, there's a clearly defined way of getting in.04:01
sebasWe only have to secure ourselves against poisonous people taking important decisions (trademark, legal, marketing, for example)04:01
sebasmhb: If you're really concerned about it, by the way, you can send an email to kde-ev-membership@kde.org and complain.04:03
mhbI have a bad experience with kde teams, to be honest. I know teams that are poisoned from the inside (no public discussions at all - everything gets decided in Novell private chats). That is why I'd like to see proof that this one is really restricted to the non-tech decisions.04:04
mhbIt's my bad experience that is influencing my opinions, I know.04:04
sebasThat's not come to my attention yet. I can't really comment on that.04:05
mhband I'd really like to see proof especially because I've heard gossip.04:05
mhbagain my personal experience04:05
sebasNot more than: "I've not seen anything like this happening (a company taking too much influence in KDE)04:05
sebasAnd then, you're probably talking about technical decisions, which is *not* e.V. material.04:06
sebasI get the impression that you're oversimplifying things a lot.04:06
=== sebas goes for a shower and ends this discussion now.
mhbsebas: I mean - I'd like to see a clear policy on what is discussed at e.v.04:07
Hobbseesebas: that's what you said before, and failed04:08
=== mhb shuts up
sebasHobbsee: Now I won't :)04:08
mhbsebas: you get a bad mark from me for ignoring people. Not that it matters to you, though.04:09
sebasmhb: So get involved with the KDE e.V. and propose such  thing.04:09
sebasmhb: And stop accusing people of being ignorant, please.04:09
mhbsebas: no, you're not ignorant.04:10
sebasThen don't say so. I've killed more than an hour of my free time trying to explain things to you. I'm actually pretty pissed you accuse me of ignoring you.04:11
mhbsebas: I'd do the same if somebody argued with me for that long.04:11
sebasSo there you got me angry as well, thanks a lot for that.04:11
fdovingit's offtopic anyway, stfu :)04:11
mhbgood point.04:12
fdovinggrr.. konqueror doesn't like all java applets..04:12
sebashttp://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4216011961522818645 half-related, but very interesting.04:13
mhbsebas: sorry for making you angry.04:13
mhbsebas: I didn't want to "kill" one our of your time either. I'm sorry to hear you consider discussions like this a waste of time.04:15
ryanakcahmmm... methinks kubuntu.org should get a user map like http://www.kubuntu-fr.org/carte/ :D well, I think it's interesting at least, it let's you see who uses Kubuntu near you, and gives you the possibility of forming a LUG...04:17
ryanakcajust an idea thrown into the wind, if kwwii is interested04:18
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ryanakcaRiddell: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/8481683/buildlog_ubuntu-gutsy-i386.kde4sdk_3.91.0-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz04:54
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=== ryanakca is going to upgrade to gutsy, bbl
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ScottKGood morning.06:17
Hobbseehiya nixternal, ScottK06:18
mhbgood morning everyone06:30
=== Hobbsee can now go to bed
mhband good night, Hobbsee06:30
Hobbseenot quite06:33
nixternalwo, when are we going to get Kobuntu :)06:34
nixternalwo? so*06:35
=== Hobbsee resends teh mail to u-devel-announce. *grumble*
=== ScottK imagines gobuntu + apt-get install kubuntu-desktop would do it nixternal
Hobbseehelps if the URL's work06:36
=== ..[topic/#kubuntu-devel:Hobbsee] : Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Merge! http://merges.ubuntu.com | Bugs! https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-team/+packagebugs | Tribe 3 coming! - please fix any of http://tinyurl.com/2krybt
nixternalyes, but it would be nice to have a Kobuntu LiveCD to install instead of that pesky gnome desktop ;p06:37
Hobbseeyeah, but i really dont like the thought of testing another cd...06:37
Hobbseesorry, batch of06:37
nixternalI will do it all! :)06:37
Hobbseejust do the amd64's06:37
nixternalI got them covered06:37
Hobbseethanks :)06:37
mhbnixternal: err, sorry for the question, but is there anything restricted other than drivers?06:44
nixternalI think just the drivers..the best people to ask would be someone like ompaul who worked on gNewSense06:44
mhbokay, thanks06:44
Hobbseeright, now that post is thru, and correct, i really can go to bed.06:52
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ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!10:31
jjesseman i love that10:31
Tonio_jjesse: hehe :)10:43
jjessei think sometimes i do it because i know it bothers him :)10:43
RiddellTonio_: have you uploaded k-d-s with the new artwork?10:54
Tonio_Riddell: nope, it's just commited bzr10:55
Tonio_Riddell: I was waiting for ken to upload all the artwork10:55
Tonio_Riddell: kdelibs ftbfs on i386, still the icon issue, so I'm fixing the package once and for all10:56
Tonio_Riddell: is the last part of the artwork ready somewhere ?10:57
RiddellTonio_: no, it's not10:58
Tonio_Riddell: oki :)10:58
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