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man-divil: hello12:40
man-divil: do you have some free time?12:41
vilman-di: for you?12:41
man-difor eclipse12:41
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vilsure :)12:41
man-dican you try to build eclipse 3.2.2-1 on gutsy?12:41
man-diseveral issues12:41
man-diyou need at least to regenerate debian/control before you build the package12:42
man-dido this by touching debian/control.in12:42
man-disome time later there should be a compile error12:42
man-diI think you fixed that one for 3.2.1 once but I cant find the fix anymore12:42
man-diI know this is an evil task12:44
man-diif you have no time thats okay12:44
man-dior if you have better things to do12:45
vilwhere can I find 3.2.2-1?12:45
man-diin gutsy, apt-get source eclipse12:45
man-diit was sync and then FTBFSed on all builders12:45
man-di(its in unstable too)12:46
man-dithat problem is that eclipse was synced and not merged12:46
man-dithis was my fault12:46
vilman-di: build failed, 46 compilation errors01:44
vilis that it?01:44
viloops 46 compilation problems, 3 errors01:44
man-diif it has to do with FeatureWriter, then yes01:46
man-diI guess some new GCJ upload broke that, but I havent looked into ti01:46
vilman-di, yes, that's it01:48
vilI will look at it during the weekend, is that fine?01:49
man-dithats the last task that needs to be solved before I will request to become a MOTU01:49
vilthan I will make it asap ;)01:50
man-dithx for doing it at all01:50
vilanyway, it's nice outside, so maybe I'll do it tomorrow01:51
vilhope that's np01:51
man-dibut beware, the news say tomorrow will be even nicer weather01:51
vilman-di they say that at monday we'll get 37C, too hot even for me01:53
vilhow does it look by you?01:53
man-dihere they announced 36 for tomorrow01:53
man-dilife looks nice there01:54
man-diweather is too hot already01:54
man-diwhen it gets more warm I need to shutdown my server...01:54
vilhow much power does it take?01:54
man-dithe problem is that my server room is directly under the roof01:56
man-diand it gets really hot here01:56
man-diand when its really hot the server dies the heat death01:56
vilreminds me of when our (company's) AC in the server room got broken and when we found that out, there was already 40-50C01:57
villeaving now, see you later02:09
man-dicu, have fun02:09
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vilman-di, can you re-try with the following patch?03:42
man-diwow, that was fast03:48
vilcause that was easy :)03:48
man-dididnt you wanted to get some sun?03:48
vilI will get more than I will find comfortable the next week03:49
man-divil: there is still the issue with -emf and -gef needing a valid $DISPALY for building.03:50
vilyeah, it's beacuse it shows eclipse start-up dialog nothing more03:51
vilany idea how to get rid of it?03:51
man-dithere was some command line arg for this, I think03:52
vilok, I will look at it as well03:52
man-diand I wonder what -cdt doesnt hit *that* problem03:52
vilwhat I did there was to nearly copy the fedora packages03:53
vilso they might just ignore that03:53
viland the difference (gef x cdt) can be in running eclipse directly (gef) and using java -cp startup.jar ...AntRunner03:55
man-dineeds to be investigated03:55
man-dibut first I need to finish icedtea packages03:55
vilwhat can we expect of icedtea? what can it be used for?03:56
man-diits more or less openjdk (aka JDK 7)04:12
man-disome bits are missing or not working like JDK 6 but that is being worked on04:12
vilman-di, yes, I mean, can we use it for package building?04:15
vilor can we use it for running weblogic?04:15
vilI would guess not yet, right?04:15
man-diI will be usable as normal SUN JDK 604:16
man-dijust hat icedtea will be in main and not in non-free/multiverse04:16
man-diso it will be a huge step forward04:17
man-die.g. OOo wants to use it runtime for building as they have some issue with GCJ04:17
man-diGCJ seems to produce bad bytecode for some reason in OOo04:17
vilbut than OOo would be available only on some archs04:18
man-diwell people are already working on porting icedtea to more archs04:19
man-diand you can Build-Depend on icedtea for some archs and on GCJ for other archs04:19
man-diif you need to04:20
man-divil: it compiled past the place where it failed before04:37
man-divil: thx04:37
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