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KainHas anyone here used the q1 ultra?01:56
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sboyselwhen is ubuntu mobile going to be released? october?05:07
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Mithrandirrusty: the links from http://moblin.org/projects.html are all 403, is that intentional?11:19
=== rusty no
rustyI mean... no11:19
rustyMithrandir, are you still in the ubuntu office?11:20
Mithrandirno, I'm in the hotel in Birmingham11:20
rustyhow can you see the page?11:22
Mithrandiras in, how I found the projects page?11:22
Mithrandirit was linked to yesterday11:22
Mithrandirhm, the whole site is 403-ed now.11:22
Mithrandirapart from the front page which is the stock centos page11:23
rustyok, you were just looking at the cached page11:23
rustythe site wasn't yet opened up to the world11:23
rustythat happens tomorrow... we just opened it to cannonical domain to let you guys see what we were about to do11:24
Mithrandirit'll be on Monday, iirc?11:24
rustywell, monday night for us11:24
Mithrandirok, that's fine.11:24
Mithrandirjust wondering. :-)11:24
rustyMithrandir, how would you feel about adding the restricted modules to the core fset?  would that be evil?11:25
rustyit's just that by loading the restricted modules package, the wireless and the wired ethernet "just work"11:26
Mithrandirit'd be nice to look at the fset structure together tomorrow or Monday when you get here.11:27
Mithrandirgiven that you could conceivably have a target which doesn't need the restricted modules..11:27
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rustyAnyone here have tools to rebuild a flash swf file from a fla file?  11:51
MithrandirI was just looking at it.. put it somewhere and I'll poke it tomorrow?11:52
MithrandirI'm off to bed now.11:52
rustythe repo has it in the src directory now... i'll see you tomorrow11:53
rustyand the source is at: git clone rsync://moblin.org/repos/projects/mobile-basic-flash.git11:54
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