foxbuntusuperm1, catch you later...going out for dinner tonight12:50
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ubotuNew bug: #125901 in mythbuntu "HD-5500 not found on install" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12590103:15
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dunderj/oin #mythtv-users04:00
dundercan someone help me figure out why my frontend isn't connecting to my backend even though it's on and mysqld & mythbackend are both running. . . .04:02
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lagahey superm103:34
lagasuperm1: http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mythtv/mythtv/ubuntu/annotate/supermario%40portablemario-20070617175227-by9l498p0mwljske?start_revid=supermario%40portablemario-20070713062925-4sga5nvxfdtj5msr&file_id=rules-20061207062049-3pdmp6d4dhibhg0b-4503:34
lagasuperm1: ^^ what am i supposed to enter there as SVN_RELEASE for the trunk packages?03:34
DavieyHmm.. i need to raise a bug - my remote's battery is flat >:(03:43
lagai got myself a new cherry keyboard today.03:44
lagait's teh win.03:44
DavieyAhh, USB keyboard with extension ftw03:45
lagai wish you could disable line numbers in the patch view in launchpad.03:48
lagaoh, it might be possible03:48
DavieyI thought it was possible03:49
lagayes, it is possible03:49
lagaclick on "view/download patch"03:49
lagamakes porting superm1's changes to the svn branch way easier03:49
lagagah. patch fails and i don't know why03:50
=== laga goes back to merging changes by hand
=== laga resorts to just replacing the old file with the new one
lagadear launchpad, please stop being slow.03:54
lagalove, michael03:54
DavieyI was speaking to a LP dev recently, and apparently one reason that it hasn't been open-src'd is that the codebase is a mess :)03:59
=== laga gets bitchy because LP is impairing his productivity
bjweeks_in Ubuntu does Mythtv use realtime threads by default?04:01
=== bjweeks_ is now known as bjweeks
lagagood question.04:11
bjweeksps shows mythfrontend.real but I'm not sure04:22
laga"mythfrontend.real" is the name of the binary, it's not related the the priority of the display thread04:23
bjweeksgah, XVMC still doesn't work with DVDs :(04:26
lagafinnaly i'm finished with merging.04:38
superm1merging is supposed to be *easy*04:42
superm1with bzr04:42
superm1morning guys04:42
lagasuperm1: how does it work? i still need to do mythplugins :)04:46
lagadebian/rules:164: *** missing separator (did you mean TAB instead of 8 spaces?).  Stop.04:46
superm1well did your branch start from mine?04:46
superm1as a parent04:46
superm1or is it completely sep04:46
lagai think it's separate04:47
superm1well then that's not going to work04:48
superm1i learned this when merging ubiquity04:48
superm1pretty much they made me take the versioning info they had before my diversion04:48
superm1otherwise the merge would have been horrid04:48
lagai think i deleted your versioning info04:49
lagai did a bzr init and copied my branch into that, then ran bzr add *04:49
superm1well the proper way would have been bzr branch *****04:50
superm1and then add your stuff04:50
superm1and then bzr push to a diffferent ****04:50
superm1then whenever i wanted to merge you, i would bzr merge your ****04:50
superm1and whenever you wanted to merge me, it would be bzr merge my ****04:50
lagagah :'(04:51
lagamaybe i could start over with a branch of yours04:51
superm1well there are a few ways to do that, but i think mythplugins will be better by hand04:51
superm1just use meld04:51
superm1meld DIR1/debian DIR2/debian04:52
superm1and it should be pretty straightforward04:52
lagatrunk does not build with --tune=i486.05:07
lagatuning the code for 486 cpus seems a bit silly to me, too.05:07
lagathe mythtv developers don't like it either ;)05:19
lagadpkg-gencontrol: warning: unknown substitution variable ${source:version}05:20
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=== laga reverts said change
lagahey superm1, it says "prerm" in your debian/mythweb.postrm when it should be "postrm" IMHO05:49
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tgm4883_laptopReading this http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-22.html trying to turn off my screen blanking, if I don't have the ServerFlags section in my xorg.conf, there should be any harm in adding it right?06:02
superm1laga, no06:22
superm1it shouldnt06:22
superm1because of the order a2dissite works06:22
superm1it needs to be that way06:22
tgm4883_laptoptell me if i'm thinking in the right way here, im  just guessing06:22
superm1and that unknown substition variable06:23
superm1look at the caps of it06:23
superm1its supposed to be source:Version06:23
superm1i think06:23
lagasuperm1: it's still a typo because your postrm shouldn't print "echo "prerm called with unknown argument"06:26
lagasuperm1: i'll try that, thanks06:26
superm1ah right :)06:33
lagait still hangs on install. i must have missed something during the merge06:46
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runkidrunhello, do i need a certain tv tuner card to use mythtv?06:55
lagarunkidrun: ^^06:57
runkidrunlaga, all i know is that the card came preinstalled with a win xp media center edition06:57
lagarunkidrun: run "lspci" to find out what card it is06:58
runkidrunlaga, it looks like an Multimedia video controller: Internext Compression Inc iTVC15 MPEG-2 Encoder (rev 01)06:59
lagarunkidrun: www.ivtvdriver.org might do the trick07:00
lagarunkidrun: it should be autodetected in ubuntu feisty and newer07:00
runkidrunlaga, i'm in dapper :) i <3 stability07:00
tgm4883_laptopwell, auto detected by ubuntu, not by mythtv07:01
runkidrunso i am compatible?07:01
runkidrunand can go ahead with installation?07:01
runkidrunif i can install this, i'd like to make navigating as easy as possible for the others on the pc...is kwintv an option?07:02
tgm4883_laptopwell since kwintv is alpha 1, it would go against your thoughts on stability07:05
runkidruntgm4883_laptop, is this installation difficult?07:06
tgm4883_laptopsecond, why are you trying to install mythtv and kwintv?07:06
runkidruntgm4883_laptop, i was just looking around really didn't know they had the same purpose07:07
runkidruntgm4883_laptop, is there any way you could help me install this software?07:07
tgm4883_laptopdo you plan on recording tv, or just watching tv?07:07
runkidrunjust watching07:07
runkidrunright now07:07
runkidrunif i remember correctly in an article, recording is difficult07:08
lagarecording is not more difficult than watching TV07:08
lagain fact, it's almost the same in tv07:08
tgm4883_laptopwell if your just going to watch tv, no need for timeshifting, recording, schedules, etc.  Then mythtv is more than you need.  But if you want to do all of it now or in the future, then go with mythtv07:08
tgm4883_laptopyea, its not hard at all07:08
tgm4883_laptopand neither is the install07:08
runkidrunplease show me the way!07:09
runkidrunthe articles i found stink!07:09
tgm4883_laptopits moi magnifete07:09
=== tgm4883_laptop hangs his head in shame at his attempt at the french language
tgm4883_laptopit is going to be a desktop PC as well as a media center?07:10
lagac'est mon manifeste07:10
=== tgm4883_laptop shrugs
runkidrunyes sir desktop also07:11
runkidrunuh, i have to make a partition for this stuff?07:11
runkidrunits own account?07:11
tgm4883_laptopi took two years of spanish in high school almost 10 years ago, i don't think it qualifies me to speak french07:11
runkidruni don't get the beginning of the tutorial07:11
tgm4883_laptopi'll be honest, i haven't run through the dapper guide, only the edgy and feisty guides, but let me look at it07:12
runkidrunokay, thank you07:12
tgm4883_laptopOK, you already have dapper installed right?07:13
runkidrundoes it matter that i use kubuntu?07:13
lagasuperm1: i see you changed some template files to use "_Description" instead of "Description"; do i have to create .po files now? how would i do that?07:13
tgm4883_laptopno, we should be able to adapt the pertinant parts07:13
tgm4883_laptopdappers already installed?07:13
tgm4883_laptoprunkidrun, couple questions for you07:14
tgm4883_laptophow big is your hard drive/how big are your partitions, and do you already have dapper installed?07:15
runkidrun166gb hard drive07:15
runkidrun25gb is for vmware install07:15
runkidrunbut rest is kubuntu07:15
tgm4883_laptopok, how much free then?07:16
tgm4883_laptoplaga, think it's better for a fe/be/desktop to have a seperate area for mythtv or combined?07:17
superm1laga, i'm not sure about how to make the po files properly07:17
tgm4883_laptopor superm1 ^07:18
superm1just copy over the ones i have07:18
superm1or do a debconf-updatepo07:18
runkidrunabout 138 or so07:18
runkidrunwhy do you ask?07:19
tgm4883_laptoptrying to figure if we should section off a part for mythtv recordings or not07:19
tgm4883_laptoprunkidrun, do you have the multiverse and universe repos activated?07:20
runkidrunnot sure07:20
runkidrundefault installation07:20
runkidrunjust got done 2 days ago07:21
runkidrunhmm = good/bad?07:22
tgm4883_laptopim not too familiar with kubuntu, but it shouldn't be a problem07:23
runkidrunhope not :)07:23
tgm4883_laptophmm = thinkin07:23
tgm4883_laptopyour familiar with kubuntu, right?07:24
runkidrunpretty wel07:24
tgm4883_laptoplets fire up synaptic then07:24
runkidrunhold on07:24
runkidruni'll brb07:25
runkidrunfire it  up on my other account07:25
tgm4883_laptopother account?07:25
tgm4883_laptopif anyone has any input, im thinking of having runkidrun section off a part of his HD for an XFS partition for mythtv07:26
tgm4883_laptopin dapper07:26
tgm4883_laptopnot so good?07:26
=== frost0 [n=pam@c-71-205-157-15.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagaif his HDD is already partitioned, he shouldn't add another partition.07:26
frost0oky, i'm back07:26
frost0its runkidru07:26
frost0synaptic is up07:27
tgm4883_laptopsec, were discussing your situation07:27
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, go ahead and go though the setup you repositories section of the guide07:27
frost0okay, i have a question though07:28
frost0what was that URL :)07:28
tgm4883_laptoplaga, then leave it as a large 166GB ext3 partition?07:28
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_Dapper_Backend_Frontend_Desktop#head-1baac7a2bcb6d02c743b571975aa6ca590fd0ee307:28
lagatgm4883_laptop: why not? ext3 is a bit slow for deletes, but i assume it's already formatted and stuff07:29
frost0tgm4883, here is the difference in kubuntu, i have  new repository add, click it and i have to select package, URI,  Distribution, Sections07:30
tgm4883_laptopalready formatted, and a fresh install.  My only concern was with regards to schedules and storage space.  A separate partition would be able to fill up and auto expire things before the drive fills up07:31
tgm4883_laptopalthough that can also be fixed with schedules07:31
frost0what do i do?!???!!?!? :)07:31
lagai wonder if there's still a repository with mythtv 0.20 for dapper07:31
tgm4883_laptoplaga, is there a problem with growing and shrinking partitions07:32
tgm4883_laptoplet me check07:32
lagatgm4883_laptop: i consider it dangerous. other people might have different opinions07:32
frost0doesn't mythtv have a .deb or something or apt-get or something?07:33
frost0wow said something twice07:33
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, sec07:33
tgm4883_laptoplaga, mythtv (0.20-0.2ubuntu2~dapper1)07:34
tgm4883_laptopis that current?07:34
lagaseems so07:35
tgm4883_laptopok, its in dapper-backports07:35
laga<- new keyboard07:35
tgm4883_laptopok frost0, lets figure out this synaptic07:35
tgm4883_laptopregarding your question on .debs and apt-get07:36
tgm4883_laptopyou always want to use apt-get (synaptic is gui version) vs just installing a .deb if you can07:37
frost0is there apt-get though07:37
tgm4883_laptopmakes keeping things updated and dependencies much easier to deal with07:37
frost0okay, repositories first though, correct?07:38
tgm4883_laptopthats what synaptic does, just apt-gets it for you using a pretty picture07:38
tgm4883_laptopyes repos07:38
frost0looks like i have to add a ton, but how with this interface?07:38
tgm4883_laptopsince you seem to be familiar with the command line, lets do this old school style (and probably easier too)07:39
tgm4883_laptopdo "sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list"07:39
tgm4883_laptopor is it kwrite?07:39
tgm4883_laptopinsert your favorite kde editor there07:40
frost0now what07:40
tgm4883_laptopyou should have lines that look like this right07:42
tgm4883_laptopdeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu dapper main restricted universe multiverse07:42
tgm4883_laptopwell without the universe and dmultiverse07:42
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:43
frost0i have deb http;//blahbalh/ubuntu dapper main restricted07:43
tgm4883_laptopyea, add the universe multiverse to the end of that line07:43
frost0take a look at it07:44
frost0could you edit it and repost it and i'll just copy and paste back?07:44
frost0plz :) ?07:44
frost0i have messed up here before07:44
rogue780tgm4883_laptop, , would you say more people use linux or mac os?07:45
frost0were good :)07:46
tgm4883_laptopi added the medibuntu repo, and you will need to add your amazing grace repo again07:46
frost0why again?07:46
tgm4883_laptopi didn't add it as i just copied and pasted from another source07:47
tgm4883_laptopso its not in there if you want it07:47
frost0may i remove plf repository?07:47
tgm4883_laptopyou can just comment it out with # if you want07:48
tgm4883_laptopthat way you can always reenable it later if you need to07:48
frost0what about backport, can i get rid of it?07:48
frost0wait, is mythtv illegal?07:49
tgm4883_laptopyou could, but then you would have an old version of mythtv07:49
frost0old is fine07:49
frost0let's go with that07:49
tgm4883_laptopsuperm1, how bad would it be to run mythtv .1807:50
rogue780frost0, why would mythtv be illegal? just curious07:50
tgm4883_laptopits not, there are many other things in the backports repo07:50
rogue780it's like a super smart VCR that you can actually program ;)07:50
tgm4883_laptopsome may be illegal, depending on your country07:50
frost0rouge780, not sure it was in a backport which CAN contain illegal packages07:50
frost0if its not legal in U.S., i'm not using it :)07:51
rogue780it's 100% legal in the US07:51
frost0i don't mess w/ that stuff07:51
frost0how, with codecs?07:51
frost0i thought that was the issue07:51
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, you wont get to use mp3's or dvd's07:51
tgm4883_laptopnot all codecs are illegal07:51
frost0that is fine07:51
frost0i know ogg isn't and .wav isn't07:51
frost0but mp3 is07:51
frost0and the dvd ones are also07:52
rogue780AFAIK, only the libdvdcss and mp3 codecs contain controversial code07:52
tgm4883_laptopthough are in medibuntu though, whats in backports?07:52
frost0if the codecs aren't prepackaged with ubuntu, i dont touch em07:52
laga "mp3" is not illegal. it might be patented.07:52
frost0you have to import it from a copy of windows that you own to make it legal07:53
rogue780yo mama might be patented... ;)07:53
rogue780ah. I own windows 98 SE legally...maybe XP too now that I think aboot it07:53
rogue780I hardly use windows anymore, so I forget07:53
frost0so what about that old version of mythtv tgm?07:53
tgm4883_laptopor rogue780?07:54
rogue780tgm4883_laptop, sorry, I started using mythtv when .20 came out07:55
rogue780well, I did dabble with .19, but unsuccessfully07:55
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, im thinking its not good.  In such a case, I would recommend that you either enable backports to get .20 or upgrade to feisty to get .20 (in feisty, i dont think its in backports).  If you do decide to go with .18, I could help you up to the install, but not with any configuring.  If you really want to know more about .18 or .20, I would recommend you go to #mythtv-users, or if you want to know more about back07:57
tgm4883_laptopports go to #ubuntu07:57
tgm4883_laptopyour decision07:57
lagatgm4883_laptop: ?07:57
frost0well, would downloading from the backport itself be illegal?07:57
rogue780frost0, NO07:57
frost0could i download it then remove it from my list?07:57
rogue780err, sorry for caps07:57
tgm4883_laptoplaga, frost0 wants to use .18, im thinking thats not such a good idea, but he is worried about the wording of the backports repo, and whether mythtv is illegal07:57
lagai can't help him then07:58
tgm4883_laptoplaga, what in backports is illegal, do you know?07:58
tgm4883_laptop^ was just wondering your thoughts on .1807:59
frost0well, i really don't have anything to worry about really i guess if the package itself is legal...but the repo contains things are not07:59
frost0i'm still okay07:59
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, sec07:59
laga0.18 is outdated, i wouldn't use it. it's unsupported.07:59
frost0and i'll remove it after were done07:59
tgm4883_laptopunsupported and unmaintained07:59
frost0is that a plan?08:00
lagasounds good08:00
rogue780frost0, don't worry about the backports repo. the things you need to install mythtv are not illegal. just don't install mp3 stuff or dvd stuff and you're golden08:00
tgm4883_laptopif you do that, you will receive no updates for mythtv.08:00
lagarogue780: what "mp3 stuff" are you talking about?08:01
lagamythtv *needs* "mp3 stuff"08:01
frost0nuh uh08:01
frost0for what>08:01
tgm4883_laptoplaga, only for myth-music?08:01
frost0or is it packaged with myth-tv maybe?08:01
tgm4883_laptopand the mp3 stuff isn't in backports is it?  its in PLF08:01
rogue780laga, I'm not entirely certain...I was differing to tgm4883's comment earlier "<tgm4883_laptop> frost0, you wont get to use mp3's or dvd's"08:02
lagamythtv depends on liblame in order to compress the audio from framegrabber tv cards. and liblame0 is in multiverse AFAIK.08:02
lagathe mythtv developers don't plan on getting rid of the liblame dependency, unfortunately08:02
tgm4883_laptopso its installed either way08:03
frost0if that is a dependency then how come .18 is in legal repo?08:03
laga0.18 is in multiverse.08:03
lagafrost0: how do you play mp3s on your dapper box?08:03
frost0i don't08:04
lagai'm not even sure if liblame0 is illegal. i doubt it, but it's been debated a lot. it's likely covered by a few patents.08:04
lagafrost0: because it's illegal?08:04
tgm4883_laptopand because it's in multiverse and not a seperate repo, it contains no warning in the sources.list08:04
tgm4883_laptopthe question is how you feel about it if you own a copy of windows legit08:05
frost0yes, i don't play them because the codec is shaky08:05
rogue780frost0, might I ask how old you are?08:06
rogue780just curious I s'pose.08:06
frost0not an adult08:06
tgm4883_laptoprogue780 worried about corrupting a minor :)08:06
frost0so, if i'm correct i cannot install this LEGALLY without any doubt08:07
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu-mythtv
lagawell, nowadays you can't power up your computer LEGALLY without any doubt, huh?08:08
lagafrost0: did you get a licence from SCO?08:08
frost0what is that?08:09
lagafrost0: SCO claims that parts of their "intellectual property" somehow became part of the linux kernel, thus infringing their copyright.08:09
tgm4883_laptopNot to mention that MS claims linux violates 235 of their patents08:09
rogue780although, microsoft failed to show us the code08:10
tgm4883_laptopclaimed, which means you cant be certain08:10
tgm4883_laptopnot to mention there are some really dumb patents08:10
rogue780even Mac OS may have violated the GPL08:10
frost0patents are patents08:10
tgm4883_laptopi mean seriously, how can someone patent 3rd person view in video games?08:11
lagaare patents are patents?08:11
rogue780everyone violates crap. Windows violates patents all the time...they just have enough money to pay for them when they get cot08:11
frost0under law even stupid patents count08:11
rogue780for 70 years08:11
tgm4883_laptopI'm going to patent putting your pants on one leg at a time08:11
rogue780no...that's copyright..nm08:11
tgm4883_laptopthen i'll copyright it too08:12
tgm4883_laptopand trademark08:12
frost0could someone answer my previous question though?08:12
rogue780I really should never have decided that Windows vs Ubuntu was a good topic for my compare/contrast paper08:12
lagarogue780: compare/contrast paper? what's that?08:12
tgm4883_laptopIf you really feel bad about installing mythtv, there are a few other options I think08:12
frost0such as?08:12
rogue780laga, it's a paper I'm writing for engl101. I have to compare and contrast two "things". I should have chosen penut butter and jelly08:13
tgm4883_laptoprogue780, laga, is mplayer patented ?08:13
frost0i'm sure of that one08:13
lagarogue780: heh. now your english class knows you are a geek08:13
tgm4883_laptoplaga, like there was any doubt08:13
rogue780laga, yeah. it's all online though, so bearable08:14
tgm4883_laptopi wrote a paper for writing on mythtv, start to finish08:14
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, checking a few things08:14
frost0thx :)08:14
lagafrost0: your capture card will output MPEG-2. in order to decode that, you might need to use software that's covered by patents as well08:14
rogue780in fact, I think MPEG-2 is patented08:15
lagafrost0: it's also capable of outputting a raw video stream, so don't worry :) (don't ask me how to do that, though)08:15
rogue780do a google patent search08:15
tgm4883_laptopBut since you bought the card and the software that came with the card, it's up to you whether you can use it or not08:16
lagatgm4883_laptop: really?08:16
tgm4883_laptopwhy not?08:16
lagaif that's the case.. i'm sure i've got a bunch of software dvd players for windows08:16
=== laga is just playing the devil's advocate
tgm4883_laptopit's all about the interpretation of the law is it not?  Thats what courts do08:17
frost0huh :(08:18
tgm4883_laptopisn't majoridiot a lawyer or something?08:18
tgm4883_laptopi bought the card and the software that would allow me to use it and the necessary patents08:18
lagafrost0: are you using ichthux?08:19
lagadon't they ship a multimedia app?08:20
lagafrost0: just wondering, i saw it in your /whois08:20
frost0without codecs08:20
rogue780I hate codecs08:20
rogue780they really piss me off.08:20
frost0i don't agree with windows and the way they go about their business, but a law is a law08:21
tgm4883_laptopfrost0, then i believe you only course of action would be to consult a lawyer08:22
lagapatents don't have to be valid AFAIK08:22
lagathere's a big debate over software patents.08:22
lagafrost0: or get a licence for the various codecs ;)08:22
frost0np :) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$08:22
tgm4883_laptopbut even then, your lawyer doesn't interpret the law, thats to the judge08:23
tgm4883_laptopso you need to sue whoever holds the patent08:23
rogue780codecs man, they're everywhere! They seem so innocent, but really they're just trying to get you! Big codecs! like big oil, big cars, big coffee, big bird! they're all plotting together so you just have to keep getting new codecs! Then peeople break the DRM encryption, so they make new codecs and new encryption! then they copyright a hexidecimal number! CODECS. BIG F-IN CODECS! AARGHGHGH!!!!08:23
tgm4883_laptopthen you will have your answer08:23
frost0yeah, right08:23
frost0> $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$08:24
frost0thank you for your help guys, i will think about this for a while..08:24
rogue780frost0, just remember08:25
tgm4883_laptopdamn pandas08:25
tgm4883_laptopblame the panda bears08:25
rogue780there's more to life than worrying about patents and such. I mean, pirating big software programs = bad, metalica = bad (because you should't like that crap anyway)08:25
lagai like metallica08:25
tgm4883_laptoplaga = bad08:25
frost0shame on you :P08:26
rogue780little things like codecs...really, are you going to worry about that stuff, or just watch some kickass tv whenever you want to, not when the networks want you to08:26
rogue780it's about freedom08:26
rogue780apple pie08:26
lagai don't like their st. anger release, though08:26
rogue780the american flag08:26
tgm4883_laptopyour just as bad as the pandas08:26
rogue780so just install mythtv and watch some good tv.08:26
rogue780you know you want to08:26
rogue780I'm in a weird mood08:26
tgm4883_laptopisn't it funny that this whole things was sparked off by good notation?08:27
tgm4883_laptopwho woulda thought08:27
rogue780sorry to anyone who has this channel set to beep everytime a message was sent..08:27
lagarogue780: i'd point and laugh at anyone who has such a setting ;)08:27
=== tgm4883_laptop agrees
rogue780let us all point and laugh at my old room mate08:28
tgm4883_laptophaha --->08:28
frost0i'll go mow this over for a few hours and make a decision :P08:28
lagahaha *beep*08:28
rogue780frost0, and remember one more thing08:28
frost0again, thanks for your help08:28
frost0how many more?!?!!08:29
rogue780neodymium magnets can erase your hard drive very efficiently if the FBI comes to your door on the bequest of big codecs08:29
tgm4883_laptopor acid08:29
lagai'm not sure if magnets are sufficientr08:29
=== laga bites tongue
rogue780neodymium with a grade of N50 or higher rubbed across the surface of a hard drive platter will make the data irrecoverable08:30
tgm4883_laptopbut you have to get it to the platter08:31
=== tgm4883_laptop mulls over removing the notation
rogue780hey, I didn't say my method was perfect08:31
=== rogue780 wonders what notation
tgm4883_laptopisn't there an acid that disolves platters08:31
tgm4883_laptopthe comments on the repos, i was kidding though08:32
tgm4883_laptopthe ones that say illegal08:32
rogue780and FYI data on a CD that's been broken in two pieces is irrecoverable as well08:32
tgm4883_laptopnope, i can read the pits with my eye08:33
tgm4883_laptopi dont even need the whole disk08:33
lagait's the 6 billion dollar geek!08:33
tgm4883_laptopjust half08:33
tgm4883_laptopi'll use some of that reconstructive software that they have in the movies that theorizes on what the other half is08:34
rogue780yes! and the same software that lets us know what is in a bag based on shadows08:34
rogue780I hate enemy of the state....so inaccurate08:34
tgm4883_laptopi know08:34
tgm4883_laptopits funny we were talking about the same movie08:34
tgm4883_laptopi actually invented the software08:34
tgm4883_laptopbut i forgot to patent it :(08:35
rogue780well, at least it's not illegal to use then08:36
tgm4883_laptopthats good i guess08:36
rogue780brb. gotta pee08:36
=== tgm4883_laptop also hates the movies where they use grainy security camera footage of a suspect 100 ft away in a dark parking garage, and can zoom in and see clearly enough that he has gloves on
tgm4883_laptopstupid US Marshalls movie08:38
=== tgm4883_laptop also hates how in all the charlie brown movies the teacher sounds like "waa waaa waaa". I mean, how did she become a teacher if she can't even speak
lagawhat time is it for you guys?08:42
tgm4883_laptop20 to noon08:42
tgm4883_laptopor were you looking for a "game time, hu!'08:42
rogue780it's 2:40 here.08:43
tgm4883_laptopeast coast?08:43
rogue780sadly :(08:43
tgm4883_laptopor waaaaayyyyy east08:44
rogue780wish I were in Oregon again08:44
tgm4883_laptopnot this week08:44
tgm4883_laptopits hot08:44
rogue780that's what my dad tells me08:44
tgm4883_laptopit was 10508:44
rogue780pretty hot here to...glad I have AC08:44
=== tgm4883_laptop agrees
tgm4883_laptopwhere you at?08:45
rogue780between Baltimore and DV08:45
rogue780you going to that ubuntu conference in portland?08:46
tgm4883_laptopcan't have to work08:46
rogue780sad :( I wanted to go, but I can't get leave for that week08:47
tgm4883_laptopi may be able to shoot up there for a few hours though08:47
tgm4883_laptopshould be pretty cool.  Aparantly someone in the pacific Northwest team was asked to interview mark, although i hadn't heard much on it recently08:48
=== tgm4883_laptop wonders if frost0 jaywalks
=== rogue780 jaywalks
=== tgm4883_laptop aims for jaywalkers
=== rogue780 throws stuff at cars that almost hit me
=== rogue780 err him
=== rogue780 is not used to talking in the third person
=== tgm4883_laptop yells at bicyclists because they think they own the road
=== tgm4883_laptop isn't really bothered by pedistrians
=== tgm4883_laptop unless they are crossing the crosswalk too slow
rogue780tgm4883_laptop, did something just happen to you?09:02
tgm4883_laptopwas writing sql09:02
rogue780what does slash WALLOPS  do?09:02
rogue780if you type /WALLOPS ....I'm just testing out those /commands09:03
tgm4883_laptopsays bad arguments for user command when i do it09:03
laga try /quote wallops09:03
tgm4883_laptopare you trying it in #mythbuntu? or here?09:04
=== tgm4883_laptop shrugs
lagaor try /mode rogue780 +w09:05
rogue780what does that do?09:05
lagayou get m,essages send by irc operators via the /wallops command09:06
rogue780cool beans09:06
tgm4883_laptopugh, why do things have to be so difficult in Windows.09:12
=== tgm4883_laptop asks from his ubuntu desktop :)
rogue780tgm4883_laptop, I'm writing a paper right now on how both ubuntu and windows are userfriendly :) what is your problem with windows atm?09:23
tgm4883_laptopim trying to copy and paste something from access to word.  It works about half the time09:23
tgm4883_laptoparrgggg, im going to throw it out the window09:25
rogue780throw it out the windows!09:26
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tgm4883_laptopanyone know SQL willing to give me a quick pointer/10:44
lagajust ask your question? :)10:45
tgm4883_laptopsomehow i knew that was coming10:45
tgm4883_laptopi need to select suppliers that don't ship a part.  I have a query that selects suppliers that do ship the part, but how do i make a query that uses the other query and subtracts it from the total list of suppliers10:47
tgm4883_laptopthat was confusing10:47
tgm4883_laptopIm looking through my notes and its not any help10:47
lagacan't you just use a negation?10:48
lagadunno :(10:48
tgm4883_laptopi don't think so, as that would give me suppliers that ship all parts (without regards to P2).  But if a supplier ships both part 1 and part 2 they will still get listed10:49
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superm1laga, did you straighten that out12:17
superm1tgm4883, don't run mythtv 0.18 as i read backtrack12:18

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