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Jordan_UAre the repository mirrors still having problems or should the note in the #ubuntu topic be removed?02:39
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ubotukitche called the ops in #ubuntu03:44
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ubotuIn #ubuntu-us, Vorian said: ubotu, !irssi-Zelut is http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/01/17/my-new-irc-client-irssi-ubuntu-606-610/04:02
Voriancan we get that response just for -us?04:03
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Hobbsee*huggles back*06:32
=== mneptok watches Kubuntu boot on The Woo Machine
naliothbeware the bots06:38
Hobbseenalioth: oh no06:39
naliothjust keep an eye out06:39
naliothwe're all having a bot-swat-a-thon and some may get through06:40
=== woowoo [n=woowoo@mneptok.com] has joined #ubuntu-ops
woowoohow quaint ;) :P06:41
=== woowoo [n=woowoo@mneptok.com] has left #ubuntu-ops []
Hobbseenalioth: are you going to kline these guys?06:43
Hobbsee[14:42]  <q60>  DCC SEND STARTKEYLOGGER06:43
Hobbsee[14:42]  <a41>  DCC SEND STARTKEYLOGGER06:43
Hobbsee[14:42]  <-- sixtyeight has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).06:44
Hobbsee[14:42]  <v7579>  DCC SEND STARTKEYLOGGER06:44
Hobbsee[14:42]  <-- doppelgaenger has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).06:44
Hobbsee[14:42]  <-- sgrove_ has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).06:44
Hobbsee[14:42]  <-- allbert has left this server ("Leaving").06:44
Hobbsee[14:42]  <g9553>  DCC SEND STARTKEYLOGGER06:44
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=== atoponce was kicked off #ubuntu-ops by nalioth (nalioth)
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naliothwhat a stupid idiot06:55
Hobbseemneptok is usually smarter than that06:55
=== Shang [n=roywu@modemcable178.77-70-69.static.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-ops
naliothShang: can we help you?06:56
Amaranthnalioth: why did you remove those people?06:56
=== mneptok [n=mneptok@canonical/support/mneptok] has joined #ubuntu-ops
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naliothAmaranth: because they were coordinating bot attacks06:56
Amaranthnalioth: uh06:56
naliothAmaranth: one of 'em, anyway06:57
mneptok00:55 -!- ERROR Closing Link: (Banned)06:57
mneptok00:55 -!- Irssi: Connection lost to brown.freenode.net06:57
Amaranthnalioth: Fujitsu...06:57
naliothmneptok: we know what happens when one is klined, now that you know, please refrain06:57
=== Fujitsu [n=fujitsu@ubuntu/member/fujitsu] has joined #ubuntu-ops
Amaranthnalioth: it was lamalex or ShangWu_,06:57
Hobbseemneptok: the autokline script is enabled.06:57
HobbseeAmaranth: or thesheep06:57
mneptokit wasn't ShangWu_06:57
AmaranthHobbsee: no way06:57
FujitsuHm, why did I vanish from here a while ago?06:58
HobbseeAmaranth: whoever it is was in this channel06:58
HobbseeFujitsu: because we just did a mass remove06:58
Amaranthlamalex is the only possibility then06:58
FujitsuI just noticed all my numbers had shifted.06:58
naliothFujitsu: idling in here is a privilege  :D06:58
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Hobbseeif it really was lamalex, then he has to be pretty stupid...07:02
FujitsuWhat happened?07:02
Amaranthif ShangWu_ wasn't it lamalex is the only possibility07:02
Amaranthbecause i can't see TheSheep doing it07:02
mneptokAmaranth: look at Shang's IP and my /join ;)07:03
Hobbseemneptok: why are you using two nicks, then?07:05
Hobbseedrat.  the upgrade is failing, as i'm out of space.07:05
mneptokhm huh?07:05
mneptokthis is the only nick i use.07:05
Hobbseeoh, is that the link into the office?07:06
mneptokShang Wu sits at the front of the room in Montreal, Fab and i are at the back :)07:06
=== atoponce [n=aaron@pdpc/supporter/bronze/oalug.member.atoponce] has joined #ubuntu-ops
mneptokso if it *is* him, he's risking his job. and he's not that a). dumb - b). disillusioned07:07
atoponcenalioth: ?07:07
naliothatoponce: i cleared the channel07:07
mneptokatoponce: long story. not personal. wb.07:07
atoponcenow i'm curious07:08
mneptokwe don't like you.07:08
=== Fujitsu wonders how you couldn't know who it was that did something evil.
Hobbseeatoponce: bot attack, bot owner was in this channel07:08
mneptokthere, i said it.07:08
FujitsuAh, I see.07:08
=== mneptok bounces on atoponce
=== atoponce shoots mneptok
mneptokget in line.07:09
elkbuntui have dibbs on second turn. i believe his gf comes first :07:25
mneptokhehehe :)07:27
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beunoany reason for this: --- You have left channel #ubuntu-ops (requested by nalioth)02:55
Hobbseebeuno: yes, we removed people02:55
Hobbseebecause this is not a lurking ground02:56
beunoah, right, maybe easier to just say so, and I can also remove it from auto-join  :D02:56
Hobbseebeuno: we had a bot owner in this channel, so removed a whole bunch of people02:57
beunoHobbsee: I don't see why that's a problem, but It's really not  a problem to leave, thanks02:59
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matt____ok, anyone currently reading anything here?06:09
matt____tritium: I got banned from #Ubuntu, but I didn't do anything, can you unban me somehow? If not, what do I do from here?06:10
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matt____anyone help me, I was banned from #ubuntu this morning, then later unbanned, and now banned again. I've not been doing anthing, only I helped a few people earlier. Can you unban me? If not, where from here? fdoving ubuntulog  Shang  stdin  stylus  Myrtti ??08:10
ompaulmatt____, let me look08:11
matt____ompaul: well...i just tried again, i could join. I don't know why... any ideas?08:11
matt____I'm using irssi08:11
ompaulare you using tor or some such?08:12
matt____ompaul: come to think of it, i installed it earlier today, but then uninstalled it, i could connect again. but it isn't installed right now, perhaps restarting x server would help? I can't right now, but I'll be able to in about 2 hours..08:12
ompaulif you use tor channels will ban you08:13
ompaultoo much abuse from tor users08:13
matt____ompaul: ahhh, gotcha. thanks ompaul08:14
ompaulright so good luck08:15
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matt____ompaul: i figured it out, i can only connect to #ubuntu after i've connected to #ubuntu-ops, in irssi i have to have 0ps open in a seperate tab. it'll probably work after i restart something, but i figured i'd let you know there is a loophole in the blocking method08:22
gnomefreakmatt____: i dont see how -ops is gonna affect you connecting to #ubuntu at all08:23
gnomefreaknothing in common08:23
matt____gnomefreak: well, it is the only way i can, or else #ubuntu tells me i am blocked08:25
matt____gnomefreak: it may just have something to do with my system, i had tor and privoxy installed earlier, and then i uninstalled them.08:25
gnomefreakmatt____: that could do it come to think of it since tor isnt banned here08:26
gnomefreakbut that is odd08:26
matt____gnomefreak: i know, because if i'm connected to this, i can then connect to #ubuntu, it works, because i tried every possible combination...08:27
PumpernickelBeing banned, or not, is handled server-side, though.  It sounds more like a really weird client configuration.08:27
matt____Pumpernickel: irssi08:28
matt____all defaults08:28
gnomefreakPumpernickel: he could still have tor config in the config08:28
=== CheshireViking [n=Interdic@unaffiliated/cheshireviking] has joined #ubuntu-ops
mc44don't tor people get a tor hostmask automatically?08:28
PumpernickelHe'd be connected via tor, or not, but not some halfway in between thing that depends on which order he joins channels.08:29
mc44he is using a different nick in #ubuntu08:29
gnomefreakthat could do it too08:29
PumpernickelThat would be it.08:30
matt____um, im using the same, i think......08:30
matt____i'm not sure.08:30
mc44no you aren't08:30
matt____you're saying when i join ops, then that forces ubuntu when i log in, to use another _08:30
matt____right right, i get it now08:30
gnomefreakmatt____: you have an extra space in #ubuntu08:30
gnomefreakextra _08:31
gnomefreakyou have 4 here and 5 in #ubuntu08:31
mc44and you are banned as matt____08:31
mc44er, with 4 _08:31
matt____Pumpernickel: so if i edit the irssi config, and get a custom name, like i've been planning on (did it before, but fresh install) it will work?08:31
matt____Pumpernickel: mc44 i'll try that, be back in a few to tell you08:31
mc44no, you are banned in #ubuntu on your name08:31
gnomefreakeither way ompaul removed the ban on his non tor hostmask08:32
gnomefreakatleast from what i saw in bt08:32
mc44right, but the ban on matt_____ is still there08:32
gnomefreakoh i didnt see that one08:32
=== BlackAnt1rax [n=BlackAnt@] has joined #ubuntu-ops
BlackAnt1raxok, (former matt) it works...08:33
BlackAnt1raxPumpernickel: mc4408:33
BlackAnt1raxso why was i banned using matt___?08:34
mc44for spamming digg links08:34
BlackAnt1raxmc44: oh yes, i did that a long time ago, (a few months) can you somehow forgive that?08:35
BlackAnt1raxnever again :)08:35
BlackAnt1raxmc44: ???08:39
BlackAnt1raxgnomefreak: why is that? to see if i am unbanned?08:42
gnomefreakBlackAnt1rax: yes08:43
BlackAnt1raxgnomefreak: well, i was just concerned because i thought mc44  may try to block my ip or something..i don't care to use this name, will that be ok?08:43
ompaulI did not do taht08:43
gnomefreakBlackAnt1rax: please try so we can get this figured out08:44
BlackAnt1raxgnomefreak: ok, i will, how many _ is that? 4?08:44
gnomefreakno make that 508:45
BlackAnt1raxgnomefreak: ok, so you want me to JUST TRY LOGGING INTO #ubuntu, no ops?08:45
gnomefreakBlackAnt1rax: 408:45
gnomefreakwith 4 _08:45
gnomefreakthere are ~400 bans in #ubuntu my eyes hurt looking for his08:46
mc44blame ompaul08:46
naliothblame it on tonyyarusso08:49
=== nalioth runs
mc44just get nalioth to remove the 400 bans then it will be pretty and shiny :)08:49
=== gnomefreak doesnt know who set ban it was by server in /mode
tomawDon't you guys have a ban tracking bot?08:52
gnomefreaktomaw: yes08:53
Tm_Tvois kohta pivitt Bugsyyn09:22
Tm_Teiku Gutsyyn09:22
Tm_TBugsy Bugger!09:22
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-187-102.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu-ops
gnomefreakanyone good with envy in here?09:27
Tm_Twho's envy who?09:28
gnomefreakenvy == gui driver install script i think i found the coder09:31
mc44try not to hit him. hard.09:31
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poningrusomeone wanna take care of that guy in #ubuntu?12:17
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