jbaileylamont: ping?02:01
jbaileylamont: Now that we're blocked on Carlos ack'ing the patch, tausq commiting gdb patch, benc/amit uploading a new kernel, the world answering how to deal with missing kernel headers, the result of which might be somewhat easily debugging of gij, do you have any other tasks that I should be hacking on? =)02:02
jbaileyOtherwise I might spend the evening playing with 64 bit user space.02:02
lamontwell, we could put together a slightly tweaked 8.16 tree with our patch in it, and maybe call it 8.16hppa1 :-)03:01
lamontthat way we could have SMP support before monday03:02
=== lamont also notes that "next week" is not very specific.
lamontgmp is also holding up some stuff03:04
lamontand then there's perl03:04
jbaileylamont: That might do.03:43
jbaileyActually, do you mind playing with the kernel and seeing if a known configuration will boot?03:43
jbaileyI don't know if the non-bootingness of it is code or config.03:43
jbaileyI can take a look at perl this WE, though.03:44
lamontmy evening involves finishing the reorg of my office, before mitzi gets back home and wants to reclaim her kitchen (currently my overflow area for organizing...)04:05
lamontand then there are other honey-do items04:06
lamontdevel/ecj_3.3~M7-2: Dep-Wait-Removed by buildd-hppa+bld-4 [optional:uncompiled] 04:32
lamontwhy does it hate me?04:32
lamontamusingly, ecj is not in PaS.. how did it get removed, I wonder...04:33
=== lamont shrugs
jbaileylamont: You reproduced the build failure with perl, yes?04:34
jbaileyusing dpkg-buildpackage -B ?04:35
lamontwell, it builds just fine on hppa04:35
lamontit's everywhere else that's broken04:35
jbaileyIt's working its way through the testsuite on my ppc box.04:35
lamontOTOH, it fails to build on a feisty kernel on my i386, with a completely diff failure than the buildds04:35
lamontthread tests fail on the feisty i386 kernel, at least for me.04:36
lamontI'm disinclined to annoy people by having the buildds retry on all 5 architectures... making perl uninstallable would tend to annoy people.  I know it annoys me.. :-(04:37
jbaileyHey, do you have a Debian box handy?04:37
jbaileyCan you try building it there?04:37
lamontchecking if krita should be compiled... no04:37
lamontdh_install -pkrita04:37
lamontcp: cannot stat `./debian/tmp/usr/bin/krita': No such file or directory04:37
lamontgo koffice!!!04:37
jbaileyI'm curious if it will fail now that they're on a current glibc.04:37
lamontI have a debian chroot...04:37
jbaileyShould be close enough.04:38
jbaileyDebian boxes don't run Debian kernels anyway.04:38
lamontfor the moment, I want to pause and finish moving /home to its new, uh, home.04:39
jbaileySure, no worries.04:39
jbaileyI have a perl build in one window and  abinutils build in the other. =)04:39
jbaileyTomorrow I'll probably spend the day studying, and hack in the evening.04:39
jbaileyBut I'm hoping we can magic together enough answers for getting gdb to work.04:40
lamontI wonder if the DC x86 box would be a good one to test-build on04:40
lamontworking GDB would rock04:40
lamontdo you have a gdb with the patch, and does that work?04:40
lamontor is the jury still out?04:40
jbaileyIt works for tausq.04:41
jbaileyIt's unbuildable on Ubuntu because we don't export the kernel header needed for gdb.04:41
lamontoh.  right.  sigh04:41
jbaileyWhich is to say, upstream doesn't either.04:41
jbaileySo I started a thread on the list for solving that.04:41
lamont"the list"?04:41
lamontah, ok04:41
=== lamont should really re-subscribe to that
jbaileyOh, also, mjw and doko helped find a gij hacker who will help us.04:41
jbaileyBut he's going to need gdb anyway.04:42
lamontanyway, about a cubic meter of crap to sort through so I can move things out of the kitchen before my wife gets home and kills me.04:42
lamontlaggy, but still here04:42
jbaileyDeath by mitzi sounds probably spectacular.04:45
lamontirish redhead.04:46
lamontvery spectacular04:46
lamontoh.  uic3 glibc corruption-detected thing would be useful for you to figure out/fix too.04:47
jbaileyI can reproduce the build failure for perl./04:49
lamonttulip_2.0.6-5_20070713-1305:*** glibc detected *** /usr/bin/uic3: free(): invalid pointer: 0x00124098 ***04:50
jbaileygdb it, see what is being freed.04:51
jbaileyIf it's not threaded, gdb ought to work.04:51
lamontah, ok04:51
lamontI've been being distracted by AT04:51
jbaileyAutomated Tests?04:52
jbaileyOr your modem singing away to you?04:52
jbaileyTrying obvious solution to perl build failure.04:53
jbaileySHELL = /bin/bash =)04:53
lamontassigned taskes05:51
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lamontwow.  floor06:28
=== lamont disappears to really do the whole home-switching thing
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jbaileylamont: I've confirmed that the perl problem is a dash/bash thing.02:16
jbaileyI'm guessing your chroot still has /bin/sh -> /bin/bash02:16
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jbaileyshinmen: Heya03:00
jbaileylamont: Looks like bingo!  Trying.03:12
lamontjbailey: updating the hppa chroots to use dash instead of bash.  thanks03:43
jbaileyJust checking to make sure these lintian warnings aren't my fault and then I'll upload perl to gutsy.03:44
jbaileyIt's not, but I built it -B, feh.  Rebuilding to make sure I can do an install test.03:48
shinmenjbailey: Hey.04:06
jbaileylamont: I keep having this vague thought that the compiler should be written in something interpreter but hotspot optimised.04:11
jbaileyJava's the logical choice for existing technology, but LISP or something could do as well once Parrot is real.04:11
jbaileyAnd then we could have a massive distributed.net farm for all of our compilation.04:12
jbaileylamont: putting perl 5.8.8-7ubuntu2 now.  Please build it when you see it, kthxbye04:24
jbaileyI should probably study for the rest of the day.  I'll be back when my brain can't handle more Unified Process.04:24
jbaileylamont: Bah, your buildd is being lazy =)06:52
jbaileyBut it's built succesfully on i386, amd64 and ppc now. =)06:52
lamontjbailey: rock08:23
lamontfwiw, cron.hourly actually runs hourly now on hppa...08:24
lamontperl is building as of 30 min ago08:24
=== lamont switched root filesystems on his desktop. oh the pain
jbaileyperl-modules has hit the archive.08:25
jbaileyAfter that are we debootstrappable?08:25
lamontand gutsy-stage0 archive, too.08:25
lamontI expect so08:26
lamontgonna have to reboot again...08:26
lamontrandomly overwriting /etc/group with the "right" file is kinda fraught with pain08:26
lamontthis is a fun experiment... apt-get remove --purge hal dbus-1; apt-get install ubuntu-desktop08:32
lamonthope it works.08:32
lamonthow do I tell the system to rescan for disks?08:42
lamont"reboot" seems kinda invasive.08:42
jbaileyIt should do it automatically.08:43
jbaileyAssuming it's a pluggable bus.08:43
lamontthat was what I was afraid of08:43
jbaileyIt should have sent an event.08:43
jbaileySata should send an event.08:43
lamontmind you, I did screw up everything's permissions08:44
lamontbrb (I hope...)08:46
jbaileylamont: This lag isn't promising...10:08
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