kshahnjdiface eth0 inet static12:09
tcksudo route add default gw
tckthen try, sudo dhclient 12:10
Nafallotck: WHAT!? :-)12:11
kshahnjdwhen i use your first line it says invalid argument12:11
Nafallokshahnjd: your conf looks good. that should just work.12:11
kshahnjdwhen i dhclient it assigns me .33 again12:12
kshahnjdinstead of .5012:12
kshahnjdit goes back to dhcp essentially12:12
Nafallotck: why would you set up a static ip just to use dhcp to reset what you just did?12:12
tckdhclient can assign static ip addresses too right?12:12
Nafallotck: if you've configured the dhcpd for that yes.12:13
tckkshahnjd, print a netstat -r 12:13
Nafallotck: but you doesn't have to set up the static ip on the computer before that then12:13
tckand show the output12:13
Innatechscottk lionel : thanks for info @ 15:21 & 15:27. 12:13
kshahnjdtck: I can't show you the input, I can type it over to you, two separate computers12:13
lionelnp :)12:13
Nafallokshahnjd: sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth0 with that conf should just work. you might want to try that.12:13
=== CarlFK [n=carl@c-76-29-25-210.hsd1.il.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
Nafallokshahnjd: forget about using dhcp until you have configured the dhcpd :-)12:14
kshahnjdNafallo: it returns the following "don't seem to be have all the avariables for eth0/inet failed to bring up eth0"12:15
Nafallokshahnjd: try to add broadcast
Nafallokshahnjd: to interfaces of course.12:15
Nafallokshahnjd: then save the file and try sudo ifup eth0 again12:16
tckiface eth0 inet static12:16
Nafalloright. network aswell :-)12:17
Nafallobut I can't understand why does are still needed.12:17
Nafallothose even12:17
tckvariety is the spice of life :P12:17
kshahnjdsame thing, same error "if down: interface eth0 not configured don't seem to have all the variables for eth0/inet"12:17
tckkshahnjd, try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart12:18
kshahnjdi have, ifconfig still says .3312:19
tckbring eth0 down12:19
tcksudo ifdown eth012:19
kshahnjdsame error, "don't seem to have all the variables for eth0/inet" faild to bring up eth012:20
Nafalloehrm. if down says you don't have the variables?12:20
kshahnjdyeah, keeps saying the same thing12:20
kshahnjdam i missing something else?12:20
tckspecify, ifdown -i eth012:20
Nafallokshahnjd: definatly. I just don't know what :-)12:20
kshahnjd-i isn't an option12:21
kshahnjd'use --help for help12:21
tcki've never used it, but hey12:21
tckits eliminated12:21
kshahnjdactually in the help it still says its there12:22
tckhey try this12:22
tcksudo ifport eth0 auto12:22
kshahnjdifport command not found12:22
tckok nm12:22
tckcan you print netstat -r12:23
Nafallonever heard of :-)12:23
tckand ifconfig for us?12:23
Nafallowhats ifport?12:23
tck ifport - select the transceiver type for a network interface12:23
tck       ifport interface [auto|10baseT|10base2|aui|100baseT|##] 12:23
tck       The  network  drivers  may not reconfigure a card for a new transceiver12:23
tck       type if the interface is already open12:23
kshahnjdKernel IP Routing Table destination default Gateway * Flags U UG MSS 0 0 Window ) 0 irtt 0 0 Iface eth 0 eth012:24
Nafallotck: hmm. I use ethtool for that :-)12:24
kshahnjdthat is the netstat -r12:24
tckcan you paste that in http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org please?12:25
kshahnjdthe server is on another laptop, is there a way?12:26
kshahnjdi mean, beyond piping it and reading it here and copying and pasting12:26
kshahnjdthe laptop i'm on is not the server, the server is next to me12:27
tckwell its a bit messed up, hard to see whats what 12:27
tckah ok12:27
tckwell yeah..12:27
kshahnjdi wrote the columns side by side12:27
tckcan you try12:27
tckwell it has taken your default gateway12:27
tckthere should usually be a default entry under Destination12:28
kshahnjdwhat is the apache wwwroot by default install? I can pipe it to a new file there and copy and paste it over here12:28
tckthe web root?12:28
kshahnjdyeah, Destination is and below it it says 'default'12:29
tckheres mine for ex.12:29
kshahnjdis link-local the local loop?12:30
tckI guess so12:31
tckjudging by the subnet12:31
Nafallono. it isn't12:31
Nafallo127.0.0.1 is loopback.12:31
kshahnjdthis is the command I'm running to pipe it so I can paste it to you:  sudo netstat-r >> /var/www/netstat.txt12:31
Nafallolink-local is the address things get when DHCP doesn't answer12:31
kshahnjdand I'm getting 'permission denied'12:32
tcki.e. like APIA12:32
tckhence the subnet mask being in that range12:32
Nafallokshahnjd: sudo doesn't work with pipes.12:32
Nafallokshahnjd: sudo -i and then run the commands.12:32
Nafallo127.0.0.1 is /8 btw12:32
Nafalloor rather
kshahnjdhere is the pastebin12:33
tckor APIPA12:34
Nafallotck: what does that mean?12:34
tckautomatic private addressing or something12:34
tckcool kshahnjd cool 12:34
tcklooks ok12:34
Nafallotck: sounds like something you just came up with TBH ;-)12:34
=== leonel [n=leonel@] has joined #ubuntu-server
tckbite me :P12:35
Nafalloother people just was link-local etc... :-)12:35
tckkshahnjd, somehow you've got to flush the current DHCP assigned ip addy12:36
kshahnjdit loves the dhcp for some reason12:36
kshahnjdday 1 of linux with me has been abject failure12:36
tckcan you do a pastebin of ifconfig -a for us too ?12:36
tckits a brilliant learning curve ;)12:36
tckyou'll be an expert after a week12:37
kshahnjdheres hopin12:37
tckifconfig -a results?12:37
tcktry  sudo ifdown eth0 again can you?12:40
kshahnjdinterface eth0 not configured12:40
kshahnjdbtw what did sudo -i do?12:41
kshahnjdwell, i can rtm12:41
tckim trying stuff in my shell, just a min :)12:42
kshahnjdoooh simulate initial login12:42
kshahnjdk, thx12:42
tckdid you have dhcpd installed by any chance?12:42
kshahnjda dhcpd12:43
kshahnjdthe daemon12:43
kshahnjdno, i don't know, unless it came standard12:43
tckok type12:43
tckdhcpd in the shell12:43
tckif you don't have it, it will prompt you to install it, you don't need to12:43
kshahnjdthe program 'dhcpd' is currently not installed12:43
tckok ok cool12:43
kshahnjddo i need to edit /etc/resolv.conf ?12:44
kshahnjdby any chance12:44
tcki know sometimes, a dhcp -k eth0 would send a sighup to the dhcpd daemon12:44
tckwhats in there at the moment12:44
kshahnjdthats it12:45
tcktype in dnsdomainname 12:45
kshahnjdno response from the shell though12:46
tckok thats ok12:46
tckbut you are letting your gateway assign dns settings right (while were talkinga bout it)12:46
tcki have my ISP settings in there12:46
tck for ex.12:46
kshahnjdI have the router's ip there12:47
kshahnjdhome network12:47
kshahnjdnetgear router12:47
tcki use a linksys, 12:47
tcki found something on google12:49
=== dorianj [n=dorian@adsl-70-135-68-188.dsl.austtx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-server
tckaccording to one of the follow up posts12:50
tckmaybe one of the network-managers are affecting it12:51
dorianjhi all, I'm running a default 7.04 LAMP stack, but cannot get PHP to recognize php.ini files that are in the same directory of the script. Are there any settings that the default install sets that I should be aware of?12:51
kshahnjdi'm going to read it over12:52
leoneldorianj: there's no php.ini per  directory  it's a php.ini only   and it is etc/php5/apache2/php.ini02:15
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r00tintheb0xHey guys, is there any way to switch a Fedora server to an Ubuntu server remotely?03:08
r00tintheb0xShould I just SCP all the directories over and reinstall grub?03:09
=== r00tintheb0x [n=mking213@] has joined #ubuntu-server
r00tintheb0xso anyone have any ideas about my question?03:30
ScottKThere is a way to do it (I've read about doing it with Debian), but it's non-trivial.  Google should help you.  I don't have the link.  03:32
r00tintheb0xOkay ScottK, i think it should pretty easy. If i "tar -cjvf root.tar.gz /", then do a "mv /var /var.old" "mv /home /home.old" etc etc etc... and reinstall grub, and ensure all the modules load correctly then that should be it correct?03:33
ScottKI really don't know.  I'd experiment on a local machine first.03:34
leonelr00tintheb0x:  pxeboot 03:34
leonelr00tintheb0x: I've installed  CentOS 4 with pxeboot remotely 03:34
leonelr00tintheb0x: I guess with ubuntu can be done   even I've never done a ubuntu install with pxe03:35
r00tintheb0xsweet leonel thanks03:35
leonelr00tintheb0x: http://myy.helia.fi/~karte/ubuntu_pxe.html  03:36
r00tintheb0xThanks, im checking out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=327597&highlight=PXE+Install also.03:38
r00tintheb0xMan, its nice not to see all the n00b questions flying by @ 100Mph.03:42
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khermanshow can i add sources from apt.sources.d/* to unattended-upgrades ?01:04
khermansi am able to add everything else, like feisty-updates01:04
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ph8hey guys! I've just joined the team01:12
ph8I want to submit a fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.0/+bug/3394001:13
ubotuLaunchpad bug 33940 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysql_setpermission broken" [Medium,Confirmed]  01:13
ph8can anyone link me to info on the procedure?01:13
ph8i have a patch file ready01:13
ph8i couldn't find a more general wiki01:20
ph8anyone got any links?01:20
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ph8anyone awake?05:50
ph8i put in a patch for a bug earlier, i only joined the team yesterday - just wondering what i need to do now05:50
ph8hi :)05:51
ivokspatch for what?05:51
ivoksand where?05:51
ubotuLaunchpad bug 33940 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 "mysql_setpermission broken" [Medium,Confirmed]  05:52
ivoksyou should include it in mysql package05:53
ph8ok, does that mean i contact its maintainer? can i do it myself somehow?05:53
ivoksand, if you don't have main upload privileges, ask for someone to mentor you05:53
ph8ah i'll need to do that then :)05:53
ivoksyou can do it (and you should)  by your self05:53
ivoksif you didn't work with deb packages, ask for mentor directly...05:54
ph8i see05:54
ivoksi don't have main upload privileges too, so i can't sponsor it05:54
ph8do you happen to know if there's a main mentor-getting site? launchpad is quite hard to navigate05:55
ivoksif you didn't work with deb packages, ask for sponsor directly...05:55
ivoksnot mentor, sponsor :)05:55
ivokshttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-server/+members - find a member who is part of core-dev team05:56
ScottKph8: This is probably a good place to ask, just not on a weekend.06:00
=== nrpil [n=nrpil@s5591f679.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu-server
ph8i work during the week06:04
ph8no time for fun in the office :)06:04
ivoksi work always :/06:04
ph8seems odd the bug i just fixed06:04
ph8odd in the sense that it's been open so long06:05
ph8argh, gotta dash06:05
ph8back soon!06:05
ScottKYou might also ask (politely) if anyone in #ubuntu-motu has time to help you prepare a debdiff for the bug.06:05
ScottKIf you get one, you can then attach it so the bug and subscribe ubuntu-main-sponsors and it'll get looked at for upload.06:06
ScottKph8: ^^06:06
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XanithI'm having a weird problem with certain characters such as ' showing up funny on my lamp server. Can someone look at this and maybe help me out?06:44
BFTDare they like @#$%?06:45
BFTDot stuff that isn't on the keyboard?06:45
Xanithyea like the ' shows up with a diamond and a ? inside of it06:46
Xanithif you'd like i can pm you the IP to access the page and see it..06:46
Xanithmy router forwards port 80 to the server here at my house06:46
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