timmaI am having a PXE-E32 error.12:32
timmaTFTP timeout12:33
timmawhat is the difference between vmlinuz- and -2?12:57
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[joseluis] hi sombody fron san luis potosi?01:10
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joebob777as7where do i specify for dhcp to use eth1?05:14
joebob777as7hey i just set up my ltsp server and i have two nic's in the system. one is static at and i am trying to run my thinclients on ip's i have the /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf setup fine it always tries to use eth0 to do dhcp on instead of eth1... any help please?05:14
joebob777as7cliebow? you here?05:14
=== sbalneav [n=sbalneav@S0106000b6a5631f9.wp.shawcable.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavEvening all05:15
joebob777as7sbalneav you a human?05:15
sbalneavNo, sorry, I'm not human.05:15
joebob777as7do you know how i specify dhcp to use eth1? i am trying to set up dhcp...05:15
joebob777as7ahhhh crap! screwed again! lol05:16
joebob777as7i just set up my ltsp server and i have two nic's in the system. one is static at and i am trying to run my thinclients on ip's i have the /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf setup fine it always tries to use eth0 to do dhcp on instead of eth1...05:16
sbalneavchange INTERFACES="" to INTERFACES="eth1"05:16
sbalneavThen restart dhcp3-server05:17
joebob777as7awesome! i know it was something like that.05:17
joebob777as7it worked perfect! thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@$!@$%@!!@05:21
joebob777as7ok sbalneav another question. I am trying to boot a intel core 2 duo on this? is it possible? or is it only amd4 and i386?05:32
sbalneavWell, an intel core duo should be able to use i38605:33
joebob777as7oh ok cool05:33
joebob777as7one more question in the dpcpd.conf file is there a way to make it boot to amd64 if it isn't a i386?05:34
joebob777as7with an else option or something?05:34
sbalneavYou'd have to have to map by mac address, and provide a special kernel for the amd64, but i368 will work on amd64 too.  It'll just run the client in 32 bit mode.05:37
sbalneavYou're really not going to gain much performance gains by running the client in 64 bit mode.05:37
joebob777as7no i know that but i have a couple amd64 laptops in our office that won't boot i386 i wanted it to be able to boot it.05:38
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joebob777as7i want to create a couple of users that are limited to their own home folder and can not view the other user's information or home folders... how do i do this?07:12
Burgundaviajoebob777as7: you need to set the permissions on the /home directory to only allow the owners to view it07:14
joebob777as7is there a way i can do that by default for all new users or do i have to run a command for every user folder?07:14
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Burgundaviajoebob777as7: hmm, google it07:15
BurgundaviaI think you need change /etc/skel, but I am not certain07:15
joebob777as7Burgundavia, do you know what command i would run to make it so only owners can view it?07:17
Burgundaviato change the existing home dir?07:18
Burgundaviaa recursive chmod07:18
Burgundaviawhich is highly dangerous and should be tested first on a test dir07:19
joebob777as7why is it dangerous? think it would kill the user account?07:19
Burgundaviano, it might render your home dirs unreadable07:20
joebob777as7oh ok... i'll look it up07:20
joebob777as7is there a way that when a user logs out their home folder and all that is in it copies to another directory?07:20
Burgundaviayou want to remove their home dir?07:21
joebob777as7no copy their entire home dir to another folder as a backup every log off07:21
Burgundaviait would probably be better to run one script in the middle of the night07:28
Burgundaviato backup all homedirs07:28
Burgundaviabecause if a user downloads something large, it could cause so much io that it woudl slow down the computer07:29
Burgundaviaand then use rsync at midnight each night07:29
joebob777as7ok thx07:33
Burgundaviahow many users on the computer?07:36
Burgundaviawhy are you concerned about people reading other people's stuff?07:39
joebob777as7because it is a legal issue with real estate.07:40
joebob777as7confidential client data07:40
Burgundaviaahh, ok07:41
Burgundaviayou could also encrypt the home dirs, but might be overkill in this instance07:41
Burgundaviawhere it to be a medical situation, I would recommend encryption07:41
joebob777as7yeah i can't find a solution anywhere. it should be simple as i think in a lot of environments this could be an issue...07:43
joebob777as7same computer?07:43
joebob777as7oops wrong chan07:43
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RichEdmorning all09:55
RichEdping highvoltage09:55
juliuxmornin RichEd10:02
RichEdhi juliux10:02
juliuxRichEd, is ogra still on the sprint?10:02
RichEdogra said he will try to get to your conference, and daniel has beein chatting to him about it as well10:03
RichEdjuliux: he should have got home yesterday ... so should be back in action today some time after travel recovery10:03
juliuxRichEd, thxs, i want to talk with him about an education track10:04
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cbx33ping RichEd11:25
RichEdhey cbx33 ... long time no see !11:25
juliuxhey cbx3311:25
cbx33hey hey11:25
cbx33got a sec?11:25
RichEdcbx33: sure11:26
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sbalneavMorning all03:03
juliuxmorning sbalneav03:22
sbalneavMorning juliux03:22
RichEdafternoon scotty :)\03:26
sbalneavHey RichEd03:26
sbalneavKilled a couple of crashbugs on the weekend! \o/03:27
RichEdyay !03:27
=== RichEd collection -> 30 mins
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lmveloso_Hi RichEd04:58
lmveloso_thanks for your reply04:58
RichEdhi lmveloso_ ... sorry no sign of ogra yet ... as I said I think he is on a leave day following travel and work over the weekend in London04:59
RichEdwhen is your deadline ? tomorrow ? and it is US time ?04:59
lmveloso_Ok, lets try workaround it04:59
lmveloso_this is the problem04:59
lmveloso_the deadline is Today 19UTC04:59
lmveloso_so we have 4h04:59
RichEdtoday ... okay ...05:00
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lmveloso_Rodrigo Pereira told me he could fill in the survey..05:00
RichEdwhat is the format of the response ... is there any other way I can see if I can assist you and Rodrigo ?05:00
lmveloso_it is a web form available only to the mentor or to the admin guy..05:01
lmveloso_in this case Matthias Klose05:01
lmveloso_and it is at code.google.com/soc05:01
RichEdcan we reassign this so that it is available to Rodrigo ?05:01
lmveloso_Sure, but just Matthias can do it AFAIK05:02
lmveloso_by the way I think it is the best solution05:02
lmveloso_after that Matthias can reassign it back to Oliver05:03
lmveloso_after the midterm survey05:03
RichEdSo if Rodrigo is willing to fill in the survey, but only Matthias can access it, how do we reassign to get access ?05:06
RichEdHave you been able to get hold of Mattias ?05:06
lmveloso_no reply from Matthias05:06
RichEdlmveloso_: I can see doko in #canonical) do you want me to ping him and join us for a chat ?05:07
lmveloso_Sure, please.. I'm behind a proxy accessing from a webclient..05:07
lmveloso_but let's try05:07
RichEdokay ... I have pinged him ... give me 10 mins and I will let you know if he responds ... note that he was also on sprint with oliver so we may have the same problem05:08
lmveloso_Ok! Thanks for your help!05:08
RichEdNote that if we *are unable* to meet the deadline tonight, then we will need to send a mail on your behalf, explaining that there was a mentor problem and *not* a student problem05:09
RichEdAnd apply for a late submission.05:09
RichEdThis is clearly not your fault ... just bad timing for events.05:09
lmveloso_Yes, I think Google will understand the situation05:10
lmveloso_By the way, we students can fill in our survey until July/30.05:11
RichEdOkay, so the bit we need for today is the mentor submission I presume ?05:14
RichEdSo it is clear that the mentor is late :)05:14
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lmveloso_Yes, but I'm positive we will handle it.05:17
lmveloso_I'm having lunch now and I'll be back as soon as I can.05:17
RichEdokay ... i have an interview at the top of the hour ... so may be busy for a bit05:18
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Shadow31I'm trying to install Edubuntu 7.04 on a server, but I keep getting a MD5Sum Mismatch on ./pool/main/t/ttf-kochi/ttf-kochi-gothic_1.0.20030809-4ubuntu2_all.deb. I've tried downloading and burning the file several times through several mirror, but I still get the same error. Ideas, anyone?05:52
=== pauljw_vm [n=paul@pool35.dial1-clec.newalb.win.net] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavHave you downloaded the iso?05:52
Shadow31Hmmm. I'm not sure, actually. My manager has been downloading it. I just get the cd.05:53
sbalneavMight want to check the md5 sum on the iso.05:53
Shadow31All right. How would I go about doing that?05:54
sbalneavWell, on the edubuntu download site there's an md5 sum listed for the iso05:56
Shadow31OK, thanks!05:56
sbalneavrun md5sum on the .iso file you downloaded05:56
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lmveloso_Hi RichEd.. I'm back06:38
lmveloso_It's raining heavily here06:39
lmveloso_Any update ?06:39
PetarisDoes anyone know if the network authentication system is in 7.0.406:48
Petarisand if it works06:48
RichEdlmveloso_: in my interview right now ...06:55
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lmveloso_RichEd: My computer reseted and I missed the msg since I gone away06:57
RichEdlmveloso_: no response from doko07:01
lmveloso_I received a mail from Google. Leslie Hawthorn said : "I will ping the Ubuntu team and find out what is going on and get back in touch with you.  It may take a day or two, but we *will* get this sorted out"07:01
RichEdahhh ... respond to leslie and tell her RichEd is working with you to resolve the issue, and with some grace from her w.r.t. time deadlines we will get it done07:02
RichEdleslie is a good mate of ours and supporter ... she knows us and me well07:03
lmveloso_Yes,.. I'm already resdonding to her07:03
RichEdi also remembered that ogra had a bad tooth, and he may be at the dentist for surgery today07:03
RichEdmention me by name, and send my regards07:03
lmveloso_already did :)07:03
RichEdi'll ping doko again later before I go to bed, and again in the morning07:03
lmveloso_If doko can't be found I believe we can ask to Oliver to talk to Rodrigo and fill in the survey together07:05
=== RichEd is off to dinner with the wif and squids
lmveloso_RichEd: Thanks for your help!07:06
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joebob777as7hey i'm wondering how i can make it that users can not see other user's files by default when i create a new user? can someone help?07:24
PetarisDoes anyone know if the network authentication system is in 7.0.4 and if it is working?07:38
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joebob777as7hey i'm wondering how i can make it that users can not see other user's files by default when i create a new user? can someone help?07:40
stgraberPetaris: no, network auth isn't in 7.04 (you can still configure one by hand, you can find some help on the wiki)07:43
stgraberjoebob777as7: how do you create them ? using the GUI or with adduser ?07:44
joebob777as7stgraber, gui07:44
stgraberok, I just tried 2-3 things but none made me able to have different permissions set by default for new accounts07:47
stgraberso you'll have to chmod them by hand :(07:48
stgrabersudo chmod g-rwx,o-rwx /home/*07:48
stgraberwill remove all rights for both group and other on all /home/ sub-directories07:48
stgrabersudo chmod g-rwx,o-rwx -R /home/*07:48
stgraberif you want to also change permissions for files inside the user directories07:49
joebob777as7ok is there a way i can make this run by default when i create an account? i have to create 300...07:49
stgrabermake a script to create your accounts+set permissions07:50
stgraberhave to go, be back in 30 minutes or so07:50
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Petarisstgraber: Ok, I will look at the wiki again08:10
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Petarisit appears authtool doesn't work yet08:23
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