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mptGoooooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!05:30
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Lipe_hi guys, I hae a question about the new filters when translating a package in rosetta. who can help me?07:13
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mdkeif there are any vcs-import people around, I've requested one at https://launchpad.net/gnome-user-docs/trunk09:02
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mwhudsonmdke: okidoke09:20
mdkethanks mwhudson 09:26
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=== mwhudson is confused
mwhudsonwho approved mdke's import?09:56
mwhudsoni hadn't gotten to it on the list yet09:56
mactimesHello there.  I have just created an account at launchpad and I was wondering what would be next step in order to help the Ubuntu project.09:56
mwhudsonoh oops09:56
mactimesAnyways, I'll come back later.  Cheers everyone.10:02
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mwhudsonmdke: your import completed12:42
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mmanhi all05:21
mmanAnyone willing to explain me few distro specific things in launchpad.net?05:21
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mmanHow do I register new milestone or series for my distribution?05:25
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daniloshi carlos05:46
carlosdanilos: hey dude!05:46
carloslong time!05:46
daniloscarlos: indeed05:46
daniloscarlos: I finally found a spot with working internet :)05:46
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=== Hobbsee wonders where kiko is
flacosteHobbsee:  on a plane to Portlant06:30
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geseris it possible for a package for PPA to build-depend on another package from my PPA?06:30
Hobbseeflacoste: ahhhh.  right then.  then he can be excused for not being on irc :)06:30
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TABASCOGood evening07:51
TABASCOCan anyone explain me what a "Sprint" is?07:51
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TABASCOI am the translater for the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter and I have no idea how to describe it in german ;)07:52
SpadsTABASCO: sprinting is the English word for running very fast for a short distance07:53
SpadsTABASCO: I believe it is often called a "dash" in olympic events07:53
TABASCOSpads: That's the same in german, but I gues it has a different meaning in the launchpad07:53
TABASCOThat's what I found in the UWN Issue 47:07:54
TABASCO==== Blueprint Tracker ====07:54
TABASCO * Adding a dependency will now be easier, especially for projects with large numbers of blueprints.07:54
TABASCO * When registering a new blueprint, you'll be able to propose a sprint at which to discuss it. The sprint will be automatically populated if you register the blueprint from a sprint page.07:54
SpadsTABASCO: it's become common for larger projects to hold events they call "sprints" where developers coordinate and have meetings and try to get a lot done in a short period of time07:54
TABASCOah, okay07:55
NafalloTABASCO: fly people over to the same physical room instead of IRC-rooms basically ;-)07:55
Spadsa core group almost always meets in person07:55
Spadsbut the increased activity can be felt on IRC07:55
TABASCONafallo: :D07:55
TABASCOmy home is called freenode..07:56
NafalloSpads: you mean since everyone is chatting IRL instead of on IRC? ;-)07:56
TABASCOwell, how can I translate it into german..07:56
TABASCOanyone here who speaks german?07:57
NafalloTABASCO: #ubuntu-de? :-)07:57
Spadsthere may already be an official translation07:57
TABASCONafallo: I believe they have no idea what the sprints in the launchpad means07:57
TABASCOSpads: But the launchpad is in english07:57
NafalloTABASCO: explain the word for them and you have a lot of more luck to get a reply in german :-)07:58
TABASCOI am the controller of the German Translation, so it's my task to find the right words :)07:58
TABASCOMaybe I should create a new word...07:58
TABASCOsomething like "Sauerkraut" ;)07:59
TABASCOno just a joke07:59
NafalloTABASCO: I good controller would ask his/her community07:59
TABASCONafallo: I already did so07:59
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TABASCOBut they have no idea what a sprint is07:59
TABASCOand at the moment there is only one of our translators available07:59
NafalloTABASCO: then explain to them in the same way we did to you and one of them might know a good word.08:00
TABASCOby the way, can you say me how my english is?08:00
TABASCONafallo: Yes, that's what I just did 08:00
NafalloI'm Swedish myself. Will be moving to London next month though :-).08:01
TABASCOmhm... can you give me another word for "sprint"?08:01
TABASCOMaybe calendar?08:01
TABASCOor timetable?08:01
Nafallomeeting maybe?08:01
radix"physical meeting"08:01
Nafallodeveloper meeting?08:01
TABASCOis it a meating in reallife?08:02
radixTABASCO: yes08:02
TABASCOah.. so that's important to know08:02
NafalloTABASCO: that's what I told you. place everyone in the same room instead of IRC-room.08:02
TABASCOOkay I missunderstood you08:02
Nafallono problem :-)08:03
TABASCONafallo: I thought you were trying to explain me what "to sprint" means normaly08:03
Nafallono. this is the sprint YOU want to know about :-)08:04
TABASCOyeah, I got it08:04
TABASCOokay, perfect08:04
TABASCOWhoa, I will be forced to spent a lot of time in vacations to train my english..08:05
TABASCOI am now sixteen and for the last three years I had a unbelieveable bad english teacher...08:06
LarstiQimho, you should just use 'sprint' as is.08:10
LarstiQTABASCO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_%28development%29#Sprint08:10
LarstiQTABASCO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hackathon#Sprints08:10
TABASCOLarstiQ: I have now "Sprints" and after that a desciption what it means08:11
LarstiQTABASCO: cool.08:11
LarstiQTABASCO: you're welcome to come to the next Bazaar sprint, it's good for your English ;)08:11
TABASCOOr I write:08:12
TABASCO for further questions come and visit #launchpad on freenode..."08:12
TABASCOLarstiQ: You are in Bazaar?08:12
TABASCOI guess it's a software for developing software or something, right?08:13
LarstiQTABASCO: I work on Bazaar, which is indeed a version control system.08:14
TABASCOLarstiQ: Great - how can I come into the sprint?08:14
LarstiQTABASCO: well, we just had our previous one last week, so we'll have some downtime now.08:15
TABASCOLarstiQ: Ah, okay08:15
LarstiQnot sure when or where our next one will be held.08:15
LarstiQTABASCO: but if you want to get involved, subscribe to the announce list and you should get email about the next one.08:16
TABASCOLarstiQ: Where can I find the list? I am not very active in the launchpad, only in the Ubuntu Wiki08:16
LarstiQTABASCO: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/bazaar-announce08:16
TABASCOIs "Sprint" male or female?08:17
LarstiQneither :)08:17
TABASCODamn german language08:18
LarstiQdas Sprint?08:18
TABASCO...the sprint... so what, "the sprint"!...08:18
TABASCOit is so easy in english...08:18
LarstiQdoesn't the wikipedia entry have a german translation?08:18
TABASCOwell, if it is not male and not female :)08:18
TABASCOah.... interesting08:19
LarstiQZentrales Element von Scrum ist der Sprint.08:19
TABASCOYeah, I found it08:19
LarstiQnot that I have any idea if that is correct German or not.08:19
TABASCOLarstiQ: You are not able to speak german?08:20
TABASCO"he sprint will be automatically populated if you register the blueprint from a sprint page."08:21
TABASCOpopulated? Will they have sex in the launchpad?08:21
radix"populated" is jargon for "filled out" or "have data inserted"08:22
TABASCOah, okay08:22
LarstiQTABASCO: I can fake it, but I don't have actual knowledge of the language.08:23
TABASCOtoo bad that we do not learn something like this in school..08:23
=== LarstiQ just speaks Dutch with a German inflection.
TABASCONot bad08:23
=== TABASCO should be able to speak french.. but he isn't
=== TABASCO had four years french lessons for nothing...
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LarstiQTABASCO: ah, I had half a year of German. Actually being able to understand it is probably helped more by years of visiting demo parties/conferences.08:35
TABASCOLarstiQ: If you want to get it teached, just add me: daniel.rentzsch@jabber.ccc.de ;)08:36
LarstiQTABASCO: know what you ask for :P08:37
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=== TABASCO will went to bed now
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mdkemwhudson: great, thanks10:22
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