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cjwatsonevand: I've been plugging on with partman-auto-loop today, and made decent progress I think, though still nothing I can show off. I had to sidetrack for a while into fixing a complicated corner case in partman-auto's recipe expansion code.05:40
evandI've been trying to figure out this partman hanging bug05:41
cjwatsonevand: in other news, mdz has been after me for a while to switch d-i to dhcp3, so I'm just doing that now, now that Debian has made that switch05:41
cjwatsonoh, any joy?05:41
evandthere doesn't appear to be anything crazy in env05:41
evandand strace'ing parted_server and partman shows it stopping on partman/choose_partition, but I can't figure out why yet05:42
evandkeeping in mind that this could be a slightly different bug than what others have been encountering05:42
evandas I can get to the advanced page, but as soon as I check the format box everything goes into a wait state05:43
cjwatsonI've lost track, but is this reproducible with --debug atm?05:52
evandcjwatson: it appears to be.  At least here it does.05:54
cjwatsonwhat question is it asking at that point?05:59
cjwatsonoh, partman/choose_partition you said05:59
evandhrmm, gksu ubiquity != ubiquity.06:04
evandand gksu ubiquity --debug doesn't write to ubiquity/debug.06:05
cjwatsonubiquity should be approximately equivalent to gksudo --desktop /usr/share/applications/ubiquity-gtkui.desktop -- ubiquity06:09
cjwatsonwith gksu ubiquity --debug, the --debug probably gets eaten by gksu. That's what the -- is for above.06:10
evandah, right.  Whoops06:10
evandok, that changes things.  It still hangs, but on next press, not the format checkbox.  And it is not triggered with --debug.06:21
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