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login_I have been compiling kernel 2.6.22 and have run across a dilemna. My compiled kernel weighs in at about 400-500 mb while the ubuntu kernel weighs about 100-200 mb. How did you guys get the kernel to be so thin?While i was uncompressing the kernel i saw it uncompress folders such as sparc so is it possible that my kernel installed all architectures? if so , how can i make it only use 1386?01:00
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mjg59Disable CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL01:03
login_thank you! i will try that when i recompile01:04
login_how do i disable it? do i edit something in the menuconfig?01:04
login_thank you. the name will be exactly like that right?01:05
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login_i am compiling right now but i cant find CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL in make xconfig window01:09
mjg59It's under debug options01:09
login_hmh i cant seem to find debug options. i feel very noobish to ask but could you give me a type of written map to where to find this option? like go togeneral setup and etc01:17
login_or is there a way to do this i nthe command line01:17
login_where i do disable CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL01:17
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yulinIs there some good solution for promote the kernel compatibility about harddisk controller?04:39
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mikmorgCould someone assist me as to where the debian post/pre inst/rm scripts can be found for linux-image, linux-headers, and linux-source? I figured they would be somewhere in git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu-feisty.git, but I can't find them.05:24
crimsunthat's because make-kpkg (in the kernel-package binary package) handles it.05:28
mikmorgcrimsun: Do you know where I should send a patch to those files?05:29
mikmorgcrimsun: There is a problem with the kernel-img.conf parsing that needs to get fixed ASAP, hopefully before 16-30 comes out05:29
crimsunmikmorg: file a bug against the kernel-package source package, and attach the diff(s).05:33
mikmorgcrimsun: I filed the patches against the files in /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-*. I will change the target from linux-source to kernel-package. Thanks.05:36
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zulBenC: ping02:48
zulif your ae up02:48
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BenCzul: hey02:57
BenCzul: Can you clean up your tree to remove the commit/revert?02:57
BenCshould be able to branch from ubuntu-gutsy, and cherry pick the changes you want to keep02:58
BenCzul: thanks...so what did you need?02:58
zulthat :)02:58
zulill clean it up tonight and request another pull02:58
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:BenC] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion ONLY | Kernel Wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam | Latest kernel upload: 2.6.22-8.18 | Latest news: -rt and -xen kernels re-added | New Kernel Team machine: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/
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aquohey folks03:02
aquoi have some question03:02
aquowhat is the status on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/5021403:02
aquoaquo@cayley:/etc$ iwconfig --version03:04
aquoiwconfig  Wireless-Tools version 2803:04
aquo          Compatible with Wireless Extension v11 to v20.03:04
aquoKernel    Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v21.03:04
aquowho is the person responsible for this?03:05
zulBenC: can you add to the kernel gitguide on the wiki on how to use cherrypick?03:10
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BenCzul: git-cherrypick <sha>03:11
zulah ok03:11
zulhey pkl03:11
pkl__hi zul03:11
aquoBenC: can you tell me who is responsible for bug what is the status on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/5021403:13
BenCaquo: how about giving me a quick overview so I don't have to read the entire report, please?03:14
aquokernel is compiled with wrong Wireless Extension03:14
BenCkernel is compiled with stock 2.6.22 wireless extensions03:15
BenCit's the only way it can be compiled03:15
aquoaquo@cayley:/etc$ iwconfig --version03:15
aquoiwconfig  Wireless-Tools version 2803:15
aquo          Compatible with Wireless Extension v11 to v20.03:15
aquoKernel    Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v21.03:15
aquoath0      Recommend Wireless Extension v13 or later,03:15
aquo          Currently compiled with Wireless Extension v21.03:15
BenCI don't see the problem there03:15
BenCv20 wireless-tools works fine with v21 kernel extensions03:15
aquono, not everytime.03:15
BenCthen wireless-tools needs updating03:16
aquoit is not possible to connect to hidden networks03:16
BenCit's not like I can tell the kernel to be v2003:16
BenChow can you be sure that v21 kernel extensions is what is causing that?03:16
BenCthese extensions are meant to be compatible in cases like this03:16
aquoshould be possible, the bug report states that people solved the problem by recompiling the kernel03:16
BenCv20 wireless-tools just wont use the v21 extensions03:17
BenCrecompiling it how?03:17
aquonot sure, changing the version of Wireless Extension v2103:17
BenCI heard about this whole thing last week, and I'm just not convinced that v21/v20 compatibility is the problem03:17
BenCaquo: if you just change a line in the kernel to say it's v20, then you are actually breaking things03:18
rtgI think its more a problem with hidden SSID, not  WEXT versions.03:18
rtgThere is alot of FUD in that report.03:19
BenCyeah, the version information is a red herring, IMO03:19
aquoi don't think so, i would be interesting to see if it worked with the original kernel on the media ...03:19
BenCaquo: you can't compare 2.6.20 vs. 2.6.22 just based on v20/v21 kernel extensions03:19
rtgYeah, there is too much change in the wireless subsystem.03:20
aquoi am just comparing 20-15 and 20-1603:20
BenCthe bug could very well be somewhere else, or it could be in wireless-tools, and the fact that it breaks because it assuming something it shouldn't03:20
aquoi am still on feisty03:20
rtgaquo: Can you confirm it works if you enable broadcast SSID?03:20
BenCaquo: ok, then I'm getting ever more conflicting info on this bug report03:21
aquoyes, with broadcast it is working.03:21
rtgaquo: I think that implies the WEXT versions are fine. There might be something between wpa_supplicant and network manager. 03:21
aquohoe, i think it is a major problem if i am not able to connect to hidden networks03:22
BenCaquo: I read a little more of the report, and it seems that the wireless-tools maintainer is agreeing with your assumption that v20 tools is breaking with v21 extensions03:23
BenCaquo: IMO, that clearly says that wireless-tools for v20 extensions is broken03:24
aquo"Hi Julie, upgrading only wireless tools won't make difference, because the kernel is recompiled with Wireless Extension version that is not supported by Wireless Tools. This is a simple mismatch and the kernel team can easily solve this by recompiling the kernel. I already did that on my system and it works."03:24
BenCaquo: I'd really like someone to tell me how to recompile the kernel with an older wext03:25
BenCthat bit of info seems to be clearly absent from the report03:25
aquodon't know, but i will investigate.03:25
BenCit's not like it's a switch, or a config options...it's basically backing down the entire tree, subsystem and drivers, to older code03:25
BenCwhich we wont do03:26
aquobut first i want to check the situation on the original release media ...03:26
BenCso if newer wext tools fixes things, best bet is to find the patch that fixes this case03:26
aquowant to check if normal feisty has matching versions03:26
BenCwe wont be making sweeping "downgrade wext" or "upgrade wireless-tools" changes in feisty, period03:27
BenCaquo: I'd also appreciate if you could update this bug report with what we discussed, to keep everyone informed of the status03:29
BenCaquo: thanks03:32
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movii think i found a bug in the newest kernel in gutsy (and -7 too)04:41
movithe thing is, im using a Celeron 2.604:41
moviand ksoftirqd/0 is using about 25-30% of the cpu all the time04:42
movisomeone pointed me to look and /proc/interrupts04:42
moviand the thing is, timer only generates 62 interrupts, then stops04:42
movii tried booting with noapic and lapic04:43
movinoapic and nolapic04:43
moviand then the timer does generate interrupts, but the process eats up 35% of the cpu all the time04:43
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movi2.6.20 (on 7.04) works perfectly04:44
kylemwhile the timer "doesn't" generate interrupts, is "LOC" increasing?04:44
moviand lots it too04:44
kylemthen it's fine.04:44
kylemLOC is the local APIC timer04:44
moviwhy the cpu usage then ?04:45
movii tried disabling the usb controller and unloading the nvidia module - nothing04:45
login_Hi guys. I recompiled kernel 2.6.22 on my ubuntu box and comparing to ubuntu's kernel , it is ismply 5 times larger! my deb file is 194 mb and when i isntall it , it is 500 mb. From synaptic , i see that the ubuntu kernel is about 75 mb . how can i make my 2.6.22 compiled kernel thinner?04:45
movii booted in single mode too to rule-out any rigue processes - nothing04:45
kylemmeh. i wouldn't worry about it.04:45
pmjdebruijnlogin_, how did you 'compile it'04:45
pmjdebruijnlogin_, anyway do you _need_ 2.6.22?04:46
login_someone suggested do disable CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL ya , i am trying to make an ubuntu remaster04:46
login_i compiled it by making it into  a deb package04:46
login_from this tutorial04:46
movilogin_: is this addressed to me ?04:46
login_to everyone that can help me04:47
login_u asked me how to ocmpile it so ya04:47
login_i made the kernel into  a eb package and the linux-image was 194 mb04:47
pmjdebruijnlogin_, that's the quick 'n dirty way to do it04:47
movii didnt ;] 04:47
login_o didnt see it :P04:47
pmjdebruijnanyway it's weird that you get such large packages04:47
login_could yo utell me wich is the long and not dirty way to do it?04:47
pmjdebruijnit's on the wiki somewhere04:48
=== pmjdebruijn doesn't know exactly where
login_the ubuntu wiki?04:48
login_ok i will search for it04:48
login_man this is the largest ammount of people i have seen talking in this chat04:49
login_i am amazed04:49
moviso anyone know what should i do about my ksoftirqd problem ?04:50
movi(except going back to 2.6.20 and ubuntu 7.04) ?04:50
aquoBenC: https://bugs.launchpad.net/baltix/+source/knetworkmanager/+bug/50214/comments/3804:51
login_is the kernel tutorial this one?https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild?highlight=%28kernel%29. I am concerned that it told me to download the kernel source from the repos so it will be 2.6.20 rather then 2.6.22. Is it possible for me to replace that with the kernel 2.6.22 source . will it make a difference?04:53
login_aww you guys dissapeared again :(05:01
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login_ill be waiting for you guys to reply :P05:15
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zulBenC: I cleaned it up06:21
login_anyoe have an anwser for my second question?06:32
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login_have an anwser to my question08:00
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login_Could you guys tel lme what you did with kernel 2.6.22 to make it so light? my kernel com[pile comes to 193 mb08:41
infinitylogin_: You've been asking this all day; this isn't a support channel.08:49
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login_i know but no one has really and trly anwsered. I am sorry if i am being a bother but i dont know where to go since in the ubuntu forums if you ask anyhting and it is hard it gets ignored08:51
BenClogin_: find /lib/modules/ -name \*.ko | xargs strip08:51
login_i type that when i am compiling?08:52
login_or do i isntall it and delete every .ko file that has xargs strip in it?08:52
login_plz anwser this will be my last question :'(08:56
bdmurraylogin_: you might find 'man strip' and 'man xargs' helpful08:59
login_i still dont get it .:(. O well. Does the gutsy kernel have any stamps on it saying it is an ubuntu kernel?09:02
mjg59login_: The Ubuntu kernel build process strips the modules before putting them in a package. If you do it by hand (without using the full kernel build process) you need to do that yourself.09:03
login_o so i run  find /lib/modules/ -name \*.ko | xargs strip while compiling09:04
mjg59No, when installed09:05
mjg59And I suspect you don't want to run strip without any arguments - that'll remove symbols needed for loading the modules09:06
mjg59But this really isn't the place to ask09:06
mjg59If you want to avoid it altogether, just disable CONFIG_KALLSYMS_ALL09:06
login_i disabled that but it only went down a couple of kb09:07
login_also , whe ni run the command it says this strip: Warning: '/lib/modules/2.6.22-custom/kernel/net/wanrouter' is not an ordinary file09:07
login_Again i am really sorry for asking noob questions here09:07
mjg59login_: Then don't?09:08
login_ok :( . bye09:08
lamontamitk said he was going to include jbailey's patch in -8.17, and yet it's still not in -8.18.... hrmpf09:28
lamontBenC: what do I need to do to get that hppa patch in before tribe3 freeze?09:29
BenClamont: it will get in, we just didn't have the time to do it last week09:30
BenCparts of the patch were actually wrong, but we'll get it munged up properly09:30
lamonton the off chance that there are other issues, and because I still need to build debian-installer et al, it'd be nice if it hit the archive sooner rather than later....09:30
=== lamont points BenC at the other window when he gets a chance
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bdmurrayI've started tagging bugs as kernel-oops BenC.  There are a few now.10:16
kylemdo we have real tags yet?10:16
kylemor can people still tag anything however they want?10:16
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bdmurrayWe have standardised tags but people can still add whatever they want.10:22
bdmurrayThe list of tags is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BugSquad/Tags10:22
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lamontBenC: I have  the various patches in my tree now, I'll send email to kernel-team tonight.  must run now.11:07
lamontand I'll do a test build, too.11:08
=== lamont runs
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