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ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 16 Jul 22:00: Forum Council | 17 Jul 15:00: Ubuntu Server Team meeting | 17 Jul 19:00: Technical Board | 18 Jul 20:00: Edubuntu | 19 Jul 20:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 24 Jul 15:00: Kernel Team02:54
greg_g@schedule Detroit02:54
ubotuSchedule for America/Detroit: 16 Jul 18:00: Forum Council | 17 Jul 11:00: Ubuntu Server Team meeting | 17 Jul 15:00: Technical Board | 18 Jul 16:00: Edubuntu | 19 Jul 16:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 24 Jul 11:00: Kernel Team02:54
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Meyvnisn't there supposed to be a meeting now?10:55
ubotuSchedule for Etc/UTC: 16 Jul 22:00: Forum Council | 17 Jul 15:00: Ubuntu Server Team meeting | 17 Jul 19:00: Technical Board | 18 Jul 20:00: Edubuntu | 19 Jul 20:00: Ubuntu Development Team | 24 Jul 15:00: Kernel Team10:56
ubuntugeek1 hour from now10:56
simirauh, 5 mins?10:56
simiraoh, right10:56
ubuntugeekthat got me too :)10:57
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MeyvnI'm not part of the forum council, am I supposed to leave the channel?11:01
=== jdstrand [n=james@mail.strandboge.com] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Mithrandirwell, you're of course free to, but you're welcome to attend the meeting, just either be quiet or productive11:01
=== jdstrand [n=james@mail.strandboge.com] has left #ubuntu-meeting ["Ex-Chat"]
Meyvnit's my first meeting, so should be interesting to listen and see how things are done11:02
stgraberSome people here (like me) are on that channel 24/24 and when they have time simply follow a meeting or another, it's a really good way to learn interesting new things11:04
Meyvnstgraber: I agree completely.11:05
forumsmattheweveryone is welcome to be here during the meeting11:05
Meyvnshouldn't the meeting have already started?11:22
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: July 16 2007, 21:23:04 - Next meeting: Forum Council in 36 minutes11:23
ubotuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: July 16 2007, 21:23:05 - Next meeting: Forum Council in 36 minutes11:23
stgraberdidn't know which one was the correct one, seems like both are :)11:23
Meyvnhmm seems like I won't be able to attend sadly, it's almost 11:25 PM here and I have a Ruby on Rails workshop early in the morning11:25
stgrabergood night Meyvn11:27
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-meeting:ubotu] : Current meeting: Forum Council | Calendar: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/event | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/ | 17 Jul 15:00 UTC: Ubuntu Server Team meeting | 17 Jul 19:00 UTC: Technical Board | 18 Jul 20:00 UTC: Edubuntu | 19 Jul 20:00 UTC: Ubuntu Development Team | 24 Jul 15:00 UTC: Kernel Team
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MikeB-get UG message about being late?11:52
compiledkernelsure did11:53
Vorianhey hey hey11:53
jdonghe will be quite a bit late11:57
jdongI spoke with him moments ago11:57
forumsmatthewkiwi is on his way11:58
Vorianhi ronnietucker :)11:58
MikeB-excellent, glad Kiwi can make it11:58
ronnietuckerhi Vorian  :)11:58
Voriandarkog, are you around?11:58
=== KiwiNZ [n=mikee44@125-238-156-60.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu-meeting
Vorianw00t! KiwiNZ :)11:58
MikeB-greet Kiwi11:59
KiwiNZGreetings folks I have escaped a meeting at work11:59
forumsmatthew4/5 are here. again, ubuntu-geek will be quite late11:59
forumsmatthewshall we get going?11:59
MikeB-sounds like a plan11:59
forumsmatthewVorian...what's first?11:59
VorianFull Circle Magazine12:00
VorianApplication for 3rd Party Forum.12:00
Vorianronnietucker, you are up :)12:00
ronnietuckerHi all, thanks Vorian12:00
forumsmatthewwhat can we do for you?12:00
Voriansorry forgot to post the agenda12:00
ronnietuckerwell, UbuntuForums helped give birth to FullCircle and we'd like to apply for a 3rd Party forum12:00
ronnietuckerwe do have a forum at the moment but ideally we'd like to get rid of it and use the 3rd Party forum instead12:01
KiwiNZI am impressed with fullcircle its a credit to its creators12:01
ronnietucker(since most of our forum members are members on UF anyway)12:01
forumsmatthewanyone have any questions?12:01
Vorianronnietucker, who will you want to assist you as a moderator of your forum?12:01
ronnietuckerthanks KiwiNZ, couldn't have done it without UF's help in the first place12:01
MikeB-what would the forum be used for, feedback to the magazine, communication between writers?12:01
ronnietuckeri'd like to be linuxgeekery, he's our admin for web stuff12:02
KiwiNZWill members be able to submit stories through a 3rd party forum12:02
ronnietuckerwe'd like to use it more for reader assistance.12:02
ronnietuckermrmonday is our IRC guy and he's always helping people out on IRC so he'd also be seen in there quite a bit helping people12:03
ronnietuckerKiwiNZ: if they want to yep12:03
jdongsorry, stepping out for about 2min12:03
forumsmatthewanyone have any other questions, thoughts, or concerns about the idea?12:04
ronnietuckerwe accept articles from any angle then put them up on our private wiki for proof-reading12:04
KiwiNZI have no concerns12:04
MikeB-none hear, strong +1 from me12:04
forumsmatthewI'm in with a huge +112:04
KiwiNZyep has my vote12:04
forumsmatthewshall we give jdong a chance to chime in, even though the vote has passed?12:05
Vorianmajority has it either way forumsmatthew :)12:05
KiwiNZonly if he makes the coffee12:05
ronnietuckeri'll stay for the duration of the meeting if anyone else wants to ask anything?12:05
MikeB-great, we will ask jdong when he returns12:06
forumsmatthewcool. glad to have you around ronnietucker12:06
forumsmatthewwe can move to the next item12:06
VorianIs anyone here for the Partners Lounge?12:06
ronnietuckerno problem12:06
ronnietuckerthanks forumsmatthew12:06
VorianUbuntu Partners Lounge12:07
Vorianand other people trying to work and deploy ubuntu into the enterprise environment can discuss and share knowledge.12:07
Vorianhold on a sec12:07
Vorianthere is a thread on the forum too12:07
KiwiNZbrb phone12:08
VorianI think its a good idea12:09
PriceChildWhat are "SME markets"?12:09
BurgundaviaPriceChild: small medium enterprises12:09
forumsmatthewit's not a bad idea. Do we have anyone around who would want to take responsibility for the forum?12:09
PriceChildthanks Burgundavia12:09
compiledkernelsmall business to medium business modles PriceChild12:09
forumsmatthewother than general moderation12:09
compiledkernelmodels even12:09
PriceChildthanks compiledkernel :)12:10
forumsmatthewI think the idea is okay, but if there isn't anyone around to get it off the ground, I'm not sure it is something worth starting12:11
Vorianforumsmatthew, I'll email him and see if he can make it ASAP :)12:11
forumsmatthewVorian is looking for the person who recommended the idea12:12
MikeB-sounds like an interesting idea,   but the server area of the forum covers a lot of what this would do12:12
forumsmatthewshall we give him a minute to see if he can be found?12:12
MikeB-let move on, and see if he shows up later12:12
forumsmatthewMikeB-, +112:13
forumsmatthewwhat's next on the agenda?12:13
Vorianhow about your issue MikeB-?12:13
forumsmatthewI kind of started that, based on conversations among the staff12:13
MikeB-fine, unless there are launchpad people who are waiting?12:13
forumsmatthewMikeB-, good call12:13
mrevellMikeB-: I'm here but will fit your agenda :)12:14
forumsmatthewlet's discuss the Launchpad stuff first12:14
mrevellShall I go ahead, then?12:14
MikeB-agreed, go ahead Matt12:14
mrevellHello everyone! I work for Canonical in the Launchpad team.12:14
=== beuno pops in for this
mrevellI'm here to get your thoughts on how we can start to make Launchpad and the Ubuntu Forums work together more closely.12:14
mrevellAs you probably know, the Ubuntu wiki already uses Launchpad to authenticate users.12:14
mrevellThis makes it easier for wiki users because they only have one username and password to remember for both Launchpad and the wiki.12:15
mrevellIn the Launchpad team, we think that a similar arrangement would be useful to the Ubuntu Forums.12:15
mrevellWe're proposing that the Ubuntu Forums use Launchpad to authenticate users. So, within time, Ubuntu Forums users would use their Launchpad username and password to log into the forums.12:15
mrevellInitially, I want to let you know what we have in mind and to get your feedback. If you're happy with what I suggest, then obviously I need to get your approval and your requirements.12:15
mrevellThe first thing to say is that our proposal is based around one main aim:12:15
mrevellto minimise the impact on Ubuntu Forums users and staff.12:16
mrevellSo, that means the Launchpad team would do all the heavy lifting.12:16
mrevellTo get this to work, we think we'd need to do the following:12:16
mrevell* Create a custom plugin for VBulletin that lets it communicate with Launchpad to authenticate users.12:16
mrevell* Update Launchpad to communicate with the custom VBulleting plugin.12:16
mrevell* During a time-frame to be decided by the Forums Council, forums users are able to link the forums id to their Launchpad account. If a forum user doesn't have a Launchpad account, we'll create a new one for them12:16
mrevell* After the account claiming period, the current style of logging into the forums is switched off and all forums users have to log in using their Launchpad account.12:17
mrevellAccount claiming will be manual and will not use the Launchpad id filed in the forums user profiles.12:17
mrevellSo, timescales.12:17
mrevellWe can have the VBulletin plugin ready as early as the end of this month.12:17
mrevellAssuming you're good to go on the proposal, we'd need your requirements for how you want this to work.12:17

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