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HappyCamp-Johnhi robr_laptop 06:09
robr_laptophi HappyCamp-John 06:10
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agoliveirarusty, bspencer: Hi!07:57
bspenceragoliveira, howdy friend07:57
agoliveiraAre you guys back to US or at guadec?07:57
bspencerI'm in oregon07:58
agoliveiraCool. I forgot to ask friday: is there any missing bits we need to get yet to have the full environment ready?07:59
CharliefJohnsonHey Guys - Will we be able to generate UME images as part of the Tribe-3 build ?? 08:03
bspencerCharliefJohnson, agoliveira  -- I really want to test that out but I can't today.  I will work on trying out the stuff tomorrow (Tues) and see what patches are needed to get a UME image with our stuff looking right08:05
agoliveiraCharliefJohnson: Hi. I saw your email but wanted to talk to rusty before answer. Looks like you have it :)08:06
agoliveiraCharliefJohnson: That said, I dont believe we will be able to put it into tribe 3.08:07
CharliefJohnsonagoliveira: If not, then we need to come up with a separate build schedule for UME.  I really need to be able to inform folks on when we'll truely have a UME build available.08:12
CharliefJohnsoni.e. "folks" in this context means Intel management.08:14
agoliveiraCharliefJohnson: Well, this is out of my league but we will have tribe 4 in August 9th. If we dont have any more delays with the remaining bits, we can get it there.08:16
CharliefJohnsonagoliveira: I need to talk to Tollef.  Aug 9th is way too late.08:17
agoliveiraCharliefJohnson: He`s at gaudec now. Lets see if he can jump in.08:18
bspencerCharliefJohnson, agoliveira  I thought the deadline was Tues?08:21
bspencerthat's literally /hours/ away  :)08:22
bspencerhours are big things in which lots of work can get done08:22
CharliefJohnsonThe Tribe-3 email that went out said Thursday this week for the freeze.08:24
agoliveirabspencer, CharliefJohnson: No, tuesday is the freeze and thursday is the release.08:25
agoliveiraSo, we still needed to test, package any missing bits, upload, build, etc08:25
agoliveiraThats why I dont think that will be possible.08:26
agoliveiraAh, just had an answer from Matt about this. Check out the embedded ML08:27
CharliefJohnsonbspencer: You're right.  I misread it.  mdz just sent a responce to my email on the mailing list.08:27
bspenceragoliveira, CharliefJohnson   good news.  I have to defer to rusty who was there.08:29
agoliveiraI didnt know that the automated builds are already in place so, if the bugs are fixed in time, we should have it on T3.08:29
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jacob-laptopmdz: do you know why the lpia build are mostly pending? e.g. linux-meta 2.6.22-808:39
agoliveirajacob-laptop: You mean the kernel? Right now I can see 08:46
agoliveiralinux-image-2.6.22-8-ume - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.22 on i38608:46
agoliveiralinux-image-debug-2.6.22-8-ume - Linux kernel debug image for version 2.6.22 on i38608:46
agoliveiralinux-image-ume - Linux kernel image on 386 Embedded/Mobile08:46
Mithrandirjacob-laptop: because lpia isn't fully bootstrapped yet, stuff doesn't generally build there just yet.08:51
MithrandirCharliefJohnson: as I said on Friday, we have daily images now.  I haven't responded to your email yet because of lack of working-y network.08:52
TeTeTis the 'moblin.org' announcement augmenting Ubuntu Mobile or is it intended as an alternative?09:06
bspencerTeTeT, not an alternative09:09
bspencerit is hosting some of the projects that didn't have a home09:09
bspencerlike moblin-imgae-creator09:10
bspencerand the UI09:10
bspencerhas a mobile browser repository, etc.  It can be upstream for some of these apps.09:10
TeTeTbspencer: thanks for the clarification!09:14
agoliveirarusty: BTW, the package name for the project builder is changed but the program itself has not. :)09:15
HappyCamp-Johnagoliveira, It has changed in the moblin.org repository.09:16
HappyCamp-JohnThe binary program name is now called: image-creator09:16
agoliveiraHappyCamp-John: Thanks09:16
HappyCamp-Johnhttp://www.moblin.org/projects_image-creator.html and http://www.moblin.org/build-results/tools/moblin-image-creator/09:17
MithrandirHappyCamp-John: we should actually change that again into moblin-image-creator, IMO.09:17
HappyCamp-JohnWe could.  The package is called moblin-image-creator Mithrandir but we did shorten the executable name to image-creator.  Rusty is all powerful and all knowing, so I will leave it up to him :)09:18
rustyMithrandir, what another name change :->09:18
Mithrandirrusty: ;-)09:19
MithrandirI'd actually have called it something else like the suggestions we came up with here a couple of days back, but rusty didn't approve.09:20
rustyyea, i'm thinking i should have... what was it... something something of doom09:21
Mithrandir(mobile image creator of doom)09:21
Mithrandirmibod was the one09:22
Mithrandirrusty: anyway, I need to do a new upload of m-i-c, your git tree should be fine to pull from now?09:22
agoliveiraI would go for mifod just for the kicks of the way it sounds in Portuguese (answers for that in pvt only) :-D09:22
=== rusty thinks ignorance is bliss
HappyCamp-JohnMithrandir, feel free to pull from rsync://moblin.org/repos/tools/moblin-image-creator.git09:23
=== HappyCamp-John hopes that I remembered the path correctly :)
Mithrandirit pulled something, now I need to make git understand it should merge that into my local branch09:25
Mithrandirrusty: have you pushed all your stuff to moblin.org?09:29
rustyMithrandir, yes09:30
Mithrandirany idea why git claims I'm up to date, then?09:31
rustyMithrandir, looks like i had another changeset to push09:31
rustypull again09:31
Mithrandirthe one with the fset cleanups?09:31
rustyyea, this contains that and others09:32
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Mithrandirthe url given by HappyCamp-John above is correct?  It claims I'm up-to-date with it already..09:32
rustythe changeset id should be deb04605d06a5c562be2e81c418df0000678ce0a09:32
rustyMithrandir, i just pushed (after i originally said yes)09:33
Mithrandirstill claims I'm up to date09:34
=== rusty copies and past in the above url
Mithrandirso, if I do git pull it should merge in your changes to my master branch, right?09:35
rustyyea, unless there was a conflict09:35
rustythe url is correct09:36
rustyfor kicks... go to another directory and do a fresh clone09:36
Mithrandirok, coolie, it worked now, apart from giving me conflicts.09:44
Mithrandirno idea why it failed before09:44
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Mithrandir*cough*.  Merging from hildon-desktop wasn't the brightest thing I've done. :-P09:45
rustyyeap, i wouldn't think hildon-desktop would merge very well09:48
Mithrandircan you now please merge from git://git.err.no/moblin-image-creator ?09:50
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rustyMithrandir, ok09:59
Mithrandiractually, just wait a little bit; I'm adding some other bits before I upload10:00
HappyCamp-Johnbspencer, lunch? :)10:08
Mithrandirrusty: ok, please pull now.10:13
Mithrandirrusty: if you can verify it makes you happy, I'll upload this.10:13
rustyMithrandir, why do you want it to use the ume kernel on the samsung?10:15
Mithrandirrusty: hm, I don't?  I thought we wanted that one there too.10:15
Mithrandirif not, I'll change it to linux-38610:15
Mithrandirso we get the restricted bits10:15
rustyin the samsung config fset, you changed the kernel from linux-image-386 to linux-ume... isn't that the lpia kernel?10:17
Mithrandirpull again. :-)10:18
rustyMithrandir, i thought yesterday you said i should be using 'generic' instead of '386'?10:20
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=== rusty feels better about pushing that abomination of a changeset into the hildon-desktop bzr repository
Mithrandirworst case, I'll just uncommit those commits10:22
Mithrandirthere, pushed10:22
Mithrandirrusty: apart from my silliness above, it should be fine now?10:34
rustylooks good10:35
Mithrandircool, please pull10:37
Mithrandir(0.4 released)10:37
Mithrandirand uploaded10:37
rustyMithrandir, just found a bug10:38
Mithrandirdamn you. :-P10:38
rustywe refer to a fset in a dep that doesn't exists10:38
Mithrandircare to just fix it and I'll pull and do a 0.5?10:38
rustylet me fix it10:38
rustythere will always be more... well, for a while10:39
Mithrandirsure, there are always bugs.10:39
Mithrandirthat doesn't mean we can't upload stuff10:39
Mithrandirrusty: tell me when I can pull and upload?10:44
Mithrandirwhat do I need to change in order for git to remember that it should pull from the rsync url?  It now tries to pull using ssh, which.. doesn't work.10:46
Mithrandirthere, uploading10:48
rustyfix .git/remotes/origin10:49
Mithrandirok, tagged, pushed, plz merge10:51
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KainAnyone here have a q1 ultra?12:10
bspencerme :)12:10
KainWhat version do you own?12:18
KainBecause I am looking at a model for 900 US and it says it has an a110 but my research says this model is an a100.12:19
bspencerKain, sorry -- I'll check, I'm in a mtg temporarily12:24
KainAh thanks12:33

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