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=== Admiral_Chicago had a killer headache :\
asactoo many drinks :) ?09:53
Admiral_Chicagoi think so, we went out the last three nights but I think I caught something on the flight back in. i have a fever and airplanes are full of germs.09:55
Admiral_Chicagoanyways, while I was gone, you highlighted me about a bug10:02
asachmmm ... when was that?10:07
Admiral_Chicagoseveral days ago, either way, i need to collapse right about now. good night10:11
asacAdmiral_Chicago: night10:18
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asacwhy do i dislike the task of preparing a mozilla 1.8.0 branch browser tarball with the patches I have backported  :(03:04
asacat least we should have all fixes that are obvious03:04
=== asac wonders what regression popped up?
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asacgnomefreak: hi03:45
gnomefreakhi :)03:45
asacbackport is ready03:45
asacat least initial preview03:45
asac1.5.0.12 (aka 13)03:45
asacyou think you can spin i386 binaries speedy?03:46
asacotherwise i would try to find someone in motu desktop03:46
gnomefreakill get it03:46
asacyeah ... about in 3 hours :)03:46
gnomefreakwhere do you want them?03:46
asacno idea :)03:46
asacin dapper backports directory?03:46
gnomefreakon MT repo?03:46
asaci will push amd bins that are currently spinning wherever you want me03:47
asacno idea03:47
asacmaybe we need another?03:47
asacbecause its contaminated by 2.0 ?03:47
gnomefreakwe have 2.0 in MT dapper03:47
asacjust upload somewhere03:47
asaci will move them in a p.u.c account03:47
gnomefreaki  can upload them to a dir and you can grab from there?03:47
asacand ask on forum for manual testing03:47
asacgnomefreak: yes03:47
asacjust start to get the sources :)03:48
asacdon't loose time03:48
asacthursday release will appear ... and we something prepared :)03:48
asacsorry :)03:49
asacbut it was not idea to do an early firefox release03:49
asacnot my idea :)03:49
gnomefreakits fine03:49
gnomefreaki can push java off a bit :)03:49
gnomefreaki ended up with a debdiff of 228.1MB for java so i have to work on that a bit but i can do that once update2 is released03:50
asacare you back from your trip btw?03:50
gnomefreakasac: i havent left yet03:51
gnomefreaki leave in morning03:51
gnomefreakill have laptop and this pc with me03:51
asacok :)03:51
asaclets get these builds out first ;)03:51
asacwhere do you go exactly?03:51
asaci forgot everything :)03:51
gnomefreakthat is so spelled wrong03:51
asacyeah :)03:52
asacPA :)03:52
gnomefreakhopefully after today ill only be down a couple of days03:52
gnomefreakhell during freeze ;)03:52
asacyeah ... freeze is good03:53
gnomefreakperfect timing03:53
asaci will miss this milestone completely03:53
asacno fixes will land for main ffox at least03:53
asacsecurity busted me now03:53
gnomefreakthats alright03:53
gnomefreakasac: we release end of this week03:53
gnomefreakwe can release03:53
gnomefreakfinal is thursday03:54
asacguess tribe-3 won't get
asacyeah thursday gets out03:54
gnomefreakyesterday was rc103:54
gnomefreaknot unless you can get it built today and get it pushed03:54
asacno ... i won't upgrade to rc103:54
gnomefreakah ok03:54
asaci am happy if i can verifiy that our 1.5.0 build really all issues that will be announced03:55
asacin time03:55
asaci definitly need to get firefox-distro addon support finished by tribe-403:55
asacotherwise things get tight03:55
gnomefreakyou dont need the .dsc or diff or source on this (i assume) so just binaries shouldnt take too long to upload03:56
asacgnomefreak: yes ... just binaries03:56
asacmaybe skip the -dbg package03:56
asacits just huge03:56
asacor push it in the end03:56
asacremember that we are on dapper :)03:56
gnomefreakthat is always last i push03:56
gnomefreakyeah i remeber03:56
gnomefreakchecking my chroot now03:57
gnomefreakasac: this built ok on dapper?04:04
gnomefreakasac: this si all fucked up04:06
gnomefreakasac: give me a while ill see if i can fix it04:06
gnomefreakthe build-deps are wrong04:06
gnomefreakasac: 1.5.dfsg+ do you have the build-deps handy for that04:09
gnomefreakthats the version in there now04:09
gnomefreakasac: i cant install any build-deps from new firefox nor the version in there now04:09
gnomefreaklooks like everything in dapper is messed up i cant even install ubuntu-dekstop04:11
gnomefreaki guess ill redo dapper chroot04:11
asacgnomefreak: yes04:12
gnomefreakasac: unmet dpends on every package04:12
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asacgnomefreak: good04:20
gnomefreakgrabbing build-deps now04:20
gnomefreakok its building ill check back with it in a while04:30
gnomefreakasac: im using fakeroot ./debian/rules binary since htere is something wrong with repesenting changes to source04:44
asacgnomefreak: why?04:47
asacthere must be something wrong then04:47
asacyou cannot do two builds04:47
asacjust one time04:47
asacthen you need fresh diff.gz04:47
asacthats the dapper pain04:47
gnomefreakasac: i didnt do 2 builds04:47
asaci hate this dapper package04:48
asacit should work ... let me try04:48
asacanyway ... dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b04:48
asacshould work04:48
gnomefreakfakeroot ./debian/rules binary seems to be working04:49
asaci just have to confirm if it really fails that way04:49
asacotherwise you are building something wrong04:49
gnomefreakdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -k3C1C3C2A -i.bzr failed on building source04:49
gnomefreakso i cleaned and ran the other command04:50
asacthat mighht already have broken it for you04:50
asacafter all04:50
gnomefreakand i didnt change anything04:50
asacyou should redownload diff.gz .dsc04:50
asacand start from scratch04:50
asacyeah... clean destroys soure tree in dapper04:50
asacat least it might04:50
asacits just a pita04:50
asacthat package04:50
gnomefreakok ill regrab them04:51
gnomefreakasac: link?04:51
asacyou can keep orig04:52
asacits definitly not changed04:52
asacunless you grabbed wrong in first place of course04:52
asacgnomefreak: just build with dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b04:52
asacto just build binaries04:52
asaccan you -kxxxxx if you want to sign as well04:52
gnomefreakok its running04:54
asacactually it should work ... e.g. just using dpkg-source -x f...dsc + dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -S -sa works for me ... and produces sources04:55
asacyou must never run anything in that sourcetree though :)04:55
asacbefore doing that04:55
asacthe version is funny :)04:56
=== asac wonders if i can identify what i ment in a year :)
gnomefreakthis doesnt need backport04:57
asacits a backport :)04:57
gnomefreakthis can go into proposed than to security04:57
asacbut its in orig :)04:57
asaci have to discuss that04:57
asacmaybe i can really push it somewhere04:57
asacwhere people will actually test it :)04:58
asaclet me see04:58
gnomefreakif it fixed atleast 1 CVE it should beablet o be pushed to proposed04:58
=== gnomefreak learned that throught this java bs
asaci will push to propose for testing now05:59
asacso we don't need to maintain these on our own05:59
asacand get buildd to build them05:59
bluekujaasac: :)05:59
bluekujaasac: pushed agg RC fix?05:59
asactell me how06:00
bluekujaI give you bzr links06:00
asaci am busted ... because mozilla rolls releases in a hurry06:00
asacdapper backports06:00
bluekujayeah, don't worry alex06:01
bluekujaI've removed the bad dir06:01
asacmaybe you can prepare the orig?06:01
asacso i just need to grab the debian.source?06:01
bluekujaif you want the orig06:02
bluekujaso you push it on tarballs06:02
asacnever mind06:02
asaci do it06:02
asacmaybe give me link to original upstream ... so i can compare :)06:02
asacbut actually its fine06:02
bluekujajust a sec06:02
asaci saw that06:02
bluekujamoved to dfsg06:04
asacyeah saw that06:04
asaclets see what the build spits out06:04
asachave you tested in pbuilder?06:04
bluekujado it too06:05
asacno time :)06:05
bluekujabuilds fine here anyway06:05
asaci trust you06:05
bluekujatnx alex06:05
asacyeah at least debian has no source only uploads ... so i build it here :)06:05
asacdoes gnash still build?06:06
bluekujadid not try yet06:06
bluekujajust built agg06:07
bluekujaasac: anyway there is a patch against gpc06:07
bluekujamade by rene06:07
asacso lets hope :)06:07
bluekujathat disables gpc stuff06:07
bluekujaon makefiles06:07
asacfor gnash?06:08
bluekujasome fixes to makefiles06:09
asacits pushed06:09
bluekujaet all06:09
asacyeah i can imagine06:09
asachope its well done :)06:09
bluekujathanks alex06:09
geserasac: Hi, have you an idea why my firefox (from gutsy) does want to update add-ons? it starts the download but it doesn't proceed06:28
asacgeser: didn't you have a broken profile?06:29
asacgeser: until ubufox brings you the right homepage ... I would assume your profile is still broken ... and everything can happen :/06:29
geserpossible as it works for my desktop but not for my notebook06:29
asacanyway ... updating addons you installed from addons.mozilla.org is a feature06:30
asacdownload breaking is not06:30
asacbut maybe their site is down?06:30
geserthis happens already since some time06:31
asacif its the profile that was broken, then thats almost certainly the reason06:31
geserI did the last upload by downloading the xpi with wget and opening it with firefox06:31
geseris there an easier way to unbreak it without starting with a fresh profile?06:32
asacif you don't have too much privacy concerns you could send me a tarball of your profile06:33
asacotherwise, I have no idea06:33
asacother than fixing permissions06:33
asaclooking into the directories06:33
asacif there are any leftovers that shouldn't be there06:33
asacet al06:33
geserthen a make a backup of it and start deleting files till it works again (or nothing else is left)06:35
asachmmm ... some files should be no problem06:35
asacit should have something to do with extensions06:35
asacand download files for staged xpis06:36
geserhmm, I've moved the old ~/.mozilla/firefox dir out of the way and started from fresh06:56
geserbut now it doesn't even tries to install addons from addons.mozilla.org06:57
geserasac: found the problem (sort of). It wasn't a broken profile but something to do with IPv6. As soon as I disabled ipv6 in firefox the updates worked again07:13
asacthats interesting07:14
asacmaybe you had a working ipv6 setup ... and you don't have that anymore?07:14
geseryes, gutsy07:15
geserseems like my ipv6 setup is somehow broken07:18
asac... that might explain it somehow07:41
asack out ... maybe back later07:55
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gnomefreakasac: you still want this uploaded or did you decide to push to -proposed?08:56
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asacgnomefreak: its in proposed now09:43
asacgnomefreak: sorry for the confusion09:43
gnomefreakhmmmmm its not hit repos yet?09:47
gnomefreakseems flash hasnt hit proposed yet either09:47
gnomefreakill worry about that stuff after i get unpacked later this week09:48
asacits still building (at least firefox)09:50
asacwhy hasn't flash reached proposed yet? should be!09:50
asacgnomefreak: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/flashplugin-nonfree/
asacthats one09:51
asacshould be available09:51
asacfeisty has i386 only09:51
gnomefreaki built ubuntu209:51
asacof course09:51
gnomefreakyou didnt change md5sums in debian/config09:51
asacubuntu2 is in gutsy09:51
gnomefreakits also in feisty09:51
gnomefreakshould be atleast09:52
gnomefreakcrimsun was supposed to push it09:52
asacwhy doesn't anybody ping me?09:52
gnomefreakasac: i did09:52
gnomefreakthe morning i found out about it09:52
asaci tested the install ... and it worked09:53
asacso what is the problem?09:53
gnomefreakhe changed the changelog entry thats why i havent seen it09:53
asacthere is not even a recent bug open about it09:53
gnomefreakasac: yep there are many09:54
gnomefreaki closed them when i sent debdiff09:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125986 in firefox "No flash after update of flashplugin-nonfree" [Undecided,Fix released] 09:54
gnomefreakwhen i couldnt find you i fixed it than all the dups came in for same bug there were alot closed already not marked as dup09:55
asaci somehow fail to see why we need that09:56
asace.g. the debian/config file09:57
gnomefreakasac: without the config change there were no .xpt or .so files installed09:57
asacthats interesting09:57
gnomefreakone of the bugs maybe dup of that one explains it09:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125989 in flashplugin-nonfree "lastest update lacks .so & .xpt files (dup-of: 125986)" [Undecided,New] 09:58
ubotuLaunchpad bug 125986 in firefox "No flash after update of flashplugin-nonfree" [Undecided,Fix released] 09:58
asac                install -m 644 install_flash_player_9_linux/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/flashplugin-nonfree/09:58
asacthats done in configure09:58
asaci see the point09:59
asacthough it looks superfluous in the first place09:59
gnomefreakthan im gonna assume that config with wrong md5 made the old versions of .xpt and .so09:59
gnomefreakthats same reason crimsun release ubuntu2 in gutsy10:00
gnomefreakthe day after10:00
asacit has to be approved by archive admin10:00
asacwhich probably didn't happen10:00
asacso far10:00
gnomefreakhe asked who did it i blamed me saying i gave you debdiff without the changes in config becasue i forgot them10:03
gnomefreakand i did but you didnt need or use it10:04
gnomefreakoh he didnt make the ubuntu2 he pulled the ubuntu1 and added it?10:04
asacprobably not10:05
asaci think he either forgot the proposed upload ... or its still not approved by archive admins10:05
gnomefreaki have ubuntu1 on my LP page10:06
asacjust pinged him on devel to see why we really want this complete debian/config logic10:06
asacyou have ppa ?10:06
asacah ok10:07
gnomefreakah ok10:07
asacyes ... thats the upload i sponsored10:07
asaci think his upload is stuck :)10:07
=== gnomefreak not sure i have it but i expected ubutnu2~7.04.0
gnomefreaksince that is the changelog and debdiff on bug report10:08
gnomefreakyou probibly will not catch him for another 2+ hours10:09
asaci am here for a few more hours10:13
asacso no problem10:13
gnomefreakthats if he is still in my state10:14
gnomefreakif he moved out of state or is traveling(he has stated hes traveling and that he moved) it may differ10:14
gnomefreaki plan on taking down pc sometime in the next 4 hours or so so i dont have to do it at 4am10:16
gnomefreakso i wont see him more than likely10:16
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asacgnomefreak: ok in case i miss you saying bye: have a good trip10:29
asactake care and cu soon!10:29
gnomefreakasac: thank you will get set up asap once there10:29
asaccool ... thats the attitude needed ;910:29

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