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aesthetichi there09:00
aestheticjust trying to get mythbuntu but the mirrors are amazingly slow for me09:00
aestheticdoes anyone have a link to any other ones?09:00
aestheticim in .au09:00
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Davieyaesthetic: you've tried the torrent, http://mirror.polorix.net/Mythbuntu/mythbuntu-7.10~070702-i386.iso & http://www.mythbuntu.org/files/iso/mythbuntu-7.10~070702-i386.iso10:10
aesthetici tried all three :/10:15
aestheticim having a little bit of success off the third mirror10:15
aestheticit timed out at 50% earlier10:15
aestheticbut ill see how it goes10:15
aesthetici was hoping you had a mirror not listed on mythbuntu.org ;)10:15
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=== laga makes a mental note to give the link posted above to superm1
DaveMorristhe themes can still be done via a deb though04:28
DaveMorrisas some people might not have their box connected to the net04:29
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superm1morning guys06:38
Kenzuhmm... morning... naa06:45
Kenzunot in danmark06:45
superm1well its actually almost noon now here too, but i've been driving all morning and just got into work06:46
Kenzuher it 6.51 in the afternoon06:51
rogue780hey superm1, top o' da noon too ya06:57
lagamorning superm1. here's some details on theme handling in 0.21: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/dev/279368#27936807:08
superm1laga, interesting07:09
superm1so we should blow away the mythtv-themes package?07:09
laga16:24 < DaveMorris> the themes can still be done via a deb though07:10
laga16:24 < DaveMorris> as some people might not have their box connected to the net07:10
lagai wonder if such a theme-downloader would be able to perform system-wide installs07:10
superm1could you poke around?07:12
superm1and find out07:12
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superm1DaveMorris, Daviey you here?09:06
DaveMorrisyou rang09:13
superm1hey DaveMorris .  wanted to ping you regarding docs stuff09:14
superm1the installer is pretty much feature complete once i do the next build09:14
DaveMorrisI'm doing more of them weds evening, and I'll commit the changes I've made then09:14
DaveMorrisyou finished adding new features yet?09:14
superm1lirc should be the last of it09:15
superm1if anything, the theme stuff might be taking out depending on what laga finds out09:15
superm1but nothing more is planned to be added to it directly09:15
DaveMorristhats for .21 though09:15
superm1my work is more focused to the autostart package, i coded together a lot of python last week for it, and wrote an initial gui this weekend09:16
DaveMorrisI'll also write an article for fullcirclemagazine for the release of mythbuntu in october09:16
laga19:09 < laga> hey gbee, i just saw your posting regarding a theme downloader for 0.21. is anyone already working on this? i'm wondering how if it'd handle system-wide installs of themes09:16
superm1very good09:16
laga19:11 < gbee> laga: no-one is working on it yet, I added the themeinfo.xml files in support of it, but currently it's just a rough plan for the future09:17
laga19:13 < gbee> I'm not sure how system wide installs would work either, but that probably won't be an issue for most people who only use mythtv under a single user09:17
superm1laga, if you can add some comments to gbee, hopefully it will work via both09:17
superm1so that theme packages can be done for the interested09:17
DaveMorrislaga also mention people who have an 'offline' as in the internet sense system09:18
superm1laga, what ended up being the situation with the trunk packages?09:22
superm1get everything merged together?09:22
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Kenz1how do I set up wireless on mythbuntu? no network-manager10:07
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superm1Kenz1, Haven't considered that yet10:43
superm1there is a command line way to do things10:43
superm1i guess it depends on how common the case of having a wireless myth box comes up?10:44
superm1i would expect not often - but don't really know10:47
Kenz1As the wireless network gets better I think i'am not the only one10:50
Kenz1I know how to use iwconfig but not how to save my settings10:51
Kenz1something with /etc/network/interfaces10:51
superm1yes it's /etc/network/interfaces10:51
superm1do a 'man interfaces'10:51
superm1for more info10:52
superm1i guess my worry with network manager was added bloat, but perhaps it is worthwhile.10:56
superm1it appears to use no more than 500k ram for the daemons and 1.4mb ram for the user space applet10:57
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