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marcin_anthi all02:12
marcin_antjbailey: hello02:12
marcin_antjbailey: I got a question to you - are you available?02:12
jbaileymarcin_ant: Well, I woke up less than 5 minutes ago and noticed the nick highlight.02:28
jbaileyBut if you'll accept that I might make no sense, ask away.02:29
marcin_antjbailey: ok02:49
marcin_antjbailey: I hope that now you can talk02:49
infinityjbailey: I'd like to ask you some glibc questions, but only if you can guarantee that you won't make sense.02:49
infinityjbailey: The bug in question doesn't make sense, so if your response doesn't make sense, we may be in two-wrongs-making-rights territory.02:49
jbaileyinfinity: If you're a true euclidian, you'll know that you need three wrongs to make a right.02:50
marcin_antjbailey: so, my question is about cdbs - because I found your mail in cdbs documentation02:50
infinityjbailey: That's three lefts.02:50
jbaileyinfinity: Sure, but they were one-way streets.  I live in Montral.02:50
marcin_antjbailey: I'm trying to prepare package that has source in *.zip file02:50
jbaileyIf there was CDBS documentation, my name probably wasn't on it. =)02:51
jbaileyAt least, not as a copyright holder.02:51
marcin_antjbailey: then I use tarball.mk to unpack this source to build-dir02:51
infinitymarcin_ant: You're almost certain to get better CDBS support from #ubuntu-motu than from jbailey...02:51
marcin_antjbailey: problem is that I cannot create dpatch because when I run dpatch-edit-patch there is no source in debian directory.. 02:52
marcin_antjbailey: any idea what to do with this problem?02:52
jbaileymarcin_ant: I have never used dpatch and cdbs together.02:52
jbaileyI know that quilt works reasonably well, but once you're willing to use tarball.mk, simple-patchsys.mk is a nice choice.02:52
jbaileyMuch less overhead than dpatch.02:52
marcin_antinfinity: I did already - no response as far02:53
jbaileyAt that point, just put diffs in debian/patches02:53
jbaileyThey can be either -p0 -p1 or -p2 to apply, it'll figure it out per patch.02:53
infinitymarcin_ant: The problem with asking Jeff how to use CDBS is the above -- he just tells you to use it the way he does. :)02:54
marcin_antinfinity: :D02:54
jbaileyGiven that I have never read any documentation for cdbs, I can't say whether it's well documented or not.  The trick is generally to refer to the source code, which is well commented.02:54
infinityWe have plenty of packages using tarball.mk and dpatch together, I'm sure.  And some of the MOTUs are sure to know which those are. :)02:54
jbaileyAlthough you may need to understand some of the finer points of GNU Make.02:54
marcin_antinfinity: can you point me to such package? 02:59
infinitymarcin_ant: Nope, hence why I suggested the MOTUs. :)03:00
marcin_antinfinity: ehh to be honest they are not helpfull but maybe this time ;)03:01
jbaileymarcin_ant: A Monday morning may not be the best time to find volunteers.  Europe is in their workday, north america isn't awake yet.03:03
marcin_antjbailey: well you are propably right03:05
infinityOh, FFS.03:07
infinityas SEGV on lpia...03:08
marcin_antjbailey: another thing is that popably most Europeans are just pretending that they work (it's so hooot here) ;) and studens have holidays03:08
infinityGood thing we don't need that.03:08
infinitymarcin_ant: I'm not pretending to work, I assure you.03:08
jbaileyinfinity: When did you become a European?03:09
jbaileyOr do you mean racioethnically.03:09
infinityjbailey: I'm in London.03:09
infinitydoko: Be awake, I need someone to yell at.03:09
jbaileyinfinity: Ah, cool.  I hadn't realised you were still there.03:10
infinityjbailey: To be fair, I hadn't realised either until a few minutes after I woke up this morning.03:10
infinity(I hate that "waking up in a strange place" feeling)03:11
infinity"This is not my beautiful flat panel TV, this is not my uncomfortable bed..."03:11
jbaileyAnd on Canonical sprints "Who's that in the bed beside me?"03:11
marcin_antLondon is not in hot part of Europe today (as usual they got ugly weather)03:13
infinityYeah, I have the room to myself now.  No more wondering whose beautiufl wife that was.03:13
jbaileyAnd thinking of skieving off, I probably shouldn't my last week of work.03:14
=== jbailey heads off to the office.
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dokoinfinity: ?07:02
infinitydoko: Your gcc-4.2 (lpia) and the i386 binutils don't seem to get along.  as SEGVs during the binutils build.07:04
infinitydoko: And you showed up just as I was considering leaving for the day...07:04
dokoinfinity: which binutils version?07:05
infinityThe latest.07:06
infinity(In both cases: the latest i386 build is being used, and the latest source is being built with it)07:07
dokoinfinity: when built with the lpia gcc?07:11
infinitydoko: When built with the lpia gcc-4.2, yes.07:12
infinitydoko: When built using the i386 gcc-4.1, it goes fine.  Haven't tested the i386 gcc-4.2.07:12
dokohow did you setup your current chroot? do you have gcc-4.1 / gcc-4.2 / binutils / dpkg /apt packages availabel somewhere?07:13
infinitydoko: I can throw the whole chroot at you, if you have the bandwidth...07:14
infinityIncluding, for bonus points, the failed build tree, and the log.07:14
dokoinfinity: the chroot would be fine07:14
infinityTaring now...07:15
infinitydoko: chinstrap:~adconrad/binutils-failure.tar.bz207:18
infinitydoko: For extra points, that tarball is huge because I left all my packages in /tmp ... So, if you need to fiddle around with installing other versions, then reinstalling the lpia stuff, it's there.07:19
infinitydoko: And the build was as the buildd user in /build/buildd (with a build.log there too)07:19
jbaileyinfinity: Are you sending that of the thread and tin-cans from .au? =)07:48
infinityjbailey: I'm not in .au...07:48
jbaileySure, but your build boxes probably are.07:49
infinityNah, this is on molybdenum, in the DC.07:49
infinityAnd if it wasn't, it'd be on my laptop, the fastest x86 machine I own.07:49
infinity(Also the only x86 machine I own...)07:50
jbaileyBut dude, if you put wheels on it, is there enough surface area to put a grip strip and use it for boarding? =)07:50
infinityNah, I have more purchasing sense than that. :P07:50
infinityYou're still using the surfboard, I take it?07:50
jbaileyAngie's going to inherit it soon.07:52
jbaileyIt's a great machine for playing Age of Mythology under wine.07:52
jbaileyOr Caesar 3.07:52
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