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gerrohow do I force rmmod need to remove a wireless driver01:54
gerroralink rt2500 just lagged up my comp to a hault01:54
viddwhat did you type when you modprobe'd it?01:55
viddgerro, ^^^01:55
gerroI went to network to configure wireless and after it configured interface everything lagged horribly01:55
gerrocan barely move mouse01:55
viddright....but did you type sudo modprobe [drivername] ?01:56
gerroI am root and doing rmmod -f rt250001:57
gerroit says ERROR: removing `rt2500` resource temporarily unavailable01:57
vidddo modprobe -r rt250001:57
gerroFATAL: Module rt2500 is in use.\01:58
gerroI need to edit blacklist and add rt250001:58
gerrois there some way I can echo it into that file?01:59
viddthen ifdown [card id ie eth1] 01:59
gerroooh that might work01:59
gothenburgJohan  johanna..01:59
viddTHEN dprobe -r rt250001:59
viddTHEN do modprobe -r rt250001:59
gerroooh think its working now command line is more responsive02:00
gerrobut my ethernet doesn't work either :(02:00
viddwell...of COURSE not...you killed your connection!02:01
viddifdown tells the system to shut down that ethernet connection02:02
viddand ifup will turn it back opn02:02
gerrono I mean I can't use ethernet so I was trying out wireless that is when I had the lag problem02:07
viddwhy can't you use ethernet?02:09
gerrono clue its a  weird NIC02:09
vidddesktop or laptop?02:09
gerroVIA technologies, inc. vt6102 [Rhine-II]  (rev 74)02:10
viddpcmcia or pci?02:10
gerroits an averatec 3200 model, the card is internal02:10
viddi have no ideas02:11
gerrowhat is weird is the (rev 74) part02:14
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gerrovidd: I just tried to ifup eth0 and it wouldn't so I went into applications> system> network and tried to set a static ip address for ethernet and it completely froze up02:22
gerrooh and 2 led lights on laptop were blinking with funky symbols02:23
gerroI'm thinking about trying 6.06 perhaps02:23
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viddgerro, what version you using now?02:27
viddUSUSALLY older versions have more problems02:29
viddbut...it cant hurt02:29
=== vidd pries the caps-lock key off and throws it accross the room....
gerrohttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=312821&highlight=averatec+3200 its an IRQ issue I think02:33
gerrovidd: how do I do this "The irq poll issue from earlier versions *is* annoying but easy to fix. The error message that suggests disabling IRQ polling is valid; edit your grub startup script."02:36
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viddgerro, idk.....not anything i ever had to mess with02:37
=== vidd has pcmcia lan cards
viddfor those times when everything goes wrong02:39
gerrosounds interesting I might check into getting one of those02:40
gerroany advice on nice model?02:40
=== vidd has an achient Xircom cem56-100
viddbut it does the trick02:41
viddheck...i think even the dial-up works on it02:42
=== celt1c [n=celtic42@209-6-163-104.c3-0.wak-ubr1.sbo-wak.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
celt1ci am downloading ubunutu right now and i am a linux noob, any advice for me?02:43
viddcelt1c, ubuntu or xubuntu?02:43
Jester45my advice is to give linux some time before you decide you dont like it02:44
celt1cubunutu i think02:45
celt1cdont remember any x in there, whats the difference?02:45
Jester45at first it might seem difficult because lots of things are diffrent02:45
vidd95% of the apps....the desktop environment02:45
Jester45celt1c, ubuntu uses the GNOME desktop environment xubuntu uses XFCE02:46
celt1cwhats better for a noob or better in general?02:46
viddcelt1c, PLEASE tell me you are using the ALT-cd and not the LIVE-cd!02:46
viddhow old is your system?02:46
Jester45is better to ask what are you system specs02:47
viddhow far above the minimum specs is it02:47
celt1ci downloaded it from here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download02:47
celt1cits a brand new laptop02:47
celt1chp pretty nice02:47
Jester45celt1c, thats ubuntu your in the xunbutu channel (just so you know )02:47
viddcelt1c, BOTH versions (live and alt) are available for download on that page02:47
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celt1ccrap sorry im so bad i didnt know that this was xubunutu02:48
viddif you got the first one you saw...that is the LIVE02:48
Jester45did you download the desktop cd iso file02:48
celt1ci got 7.0402:48
Jester45celt1c, doesnt really matter to us02:48
Jester45celt1c, whats the file name02:48
celt1c7.04 - desktop - i386 iso02:48
Jester45thats the live cd02:49
celt1cok good02:49
viddwe only ask because the alt cd...while not as pretty to look at, has a kick-*** installer, and i have never had issues using it02:49
celt1cwhat exactly is the alt cd i dont get it02:49
viddon the other hand, i have yet to NOT have some kind of issue using a live cd02:49
Jester45yep, it sets up the3 system better and is faster02:49
celt1cso should i get the other one defintly?02:50
viddthe alt cd is a text-based installer02:50
Jester45vidd, but you have had a lot of people in here that had problems on it or after the install from it02:50
viddJester45, from the ALT?02:50
Jester45celt1c, it doesnt matter that much if you want to try it you can get the mini iso and that downloads programs during the install02:51
Jester45vidd, no the live02:51
celt1cthe download is already done, so ill stick with this one i think02:51
viddheh...the alt and the mini just work02:51
viddthe mini is less the 9 mg02:52
celt1c9 mb?02:52
Redimeremini takes a few hours to install though02:52
viddRedimere, maybe on dial-up02:52
Jester45unless you got a good connection02:52
celt1cnow this live cd, does it install permanetly on my computer/02:52
RedimereIf you tell it to02:52
celt1cdo u recommend that, is it any different02:53
Redimerevidd: No, on my Cable connection the install took three hours02:53
viddcelt1c, not until you deliberately tell it to02:53
gerrovidd: yo all I did was add Option "DisableIRQ" to xorg.conf and all problems gone lol02:53
viddRedimere, wow...i never took that long02:53
Jester45celt1c, it will boot to the desktop then there is a link to the installer on that desktop02:53
Jester45you can try our the programs and stuff before instaling02:53
viddgerro, cool02:54
celt1chow much space does the isntall of ubuntu take up and will i have to partition the drive?02:54
celt1cbtw i only have 55 gb free on my drive02:54
Jester45~2gm and yes02:54
viddcelt1c, ONLY????02:54
celt1cok so thats good02:55
celt1ci dont know anything about paritioning drives02:55
Jester45celt1c, you can install to part of the drive and then install a diffrent OS to the other part02:55
viddthe partitioner will walk you through it....02:55
Jester45or you can have it auto partition02:55
viddand if you have any questions on the way...we will be happy to offer guidence02:55
celt1ci am using vista right now...i wanna keep that, ok02:56
viddeven if you ARE installing gnome instead of Xfce!02:56
vidd=] 02:56
celt1cthanks u guys, u are really helpful and friendly02:56
Jester45but i wouldnt do that my self, i like having separate partitions for separate parts of the OS02:56
celt1cill use the auto paritioner02:56
celt1cthe burn is almost done, im gonna disconnect and go install it02:57
Jester45celt1c, is the vista install from the manufacturer02:57
celt1cya i didnt do it myself02:57
celt1cit came with vista on it02:58
Jester45celt1c, do you only have the C drive as a harddrive02:58
viddmake sure you choose to "partition the free space" and not "use entire drive"02:58
celt1cyes only c02:58
Jester45vidd, i dont think there will be free space02:58
Jester45vidd, can the partitioner resize ntfs partitions02:59
viddcelt1c, if that is an hp...there is likely a recovery partition....02:59
celt1cthats what that is02:59
viddJester45, no idea02:59
celt1cyes there is so what does that mean02:59
viddburn your recovery disks now03:00
celt1ci already did lol03:00
celt1cso idont need that partition anymore?03:00
Jester45celt1c, you can foramat that partition so you can install (but try the use free space option first)03:00
viddbecause if you mess up the recovery partion, your toast03:00
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Jester45ok nevermind that03:01
celt1cso ill try the free space parition first?03:01
RedimereHey Vidd, you up for some tinker-age?03:01
Jester45vidd i guess you know more about windows than me03:01
=== vidd owns like 4 HP/Compaq's
viddRedimere, sure03:01
=== Torahteen [n=torahtee@c-67-172-140-84.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
celt1cso i will try the free space thing, and another thing...i tried feather linux the other day and it booted it fine from the cd but neither my touchpad nor usb mouse worked so i had to stop, what do i do if this happens with ubuntu?03:02
=== Jester45 dislikes HP because they are like microsoft
viddcelt1c, i evicted billy so the penguin could move in on each03:02
TorahteenHey, out of curiosity, has support for wireless gotten any better with Feisty?03:02
Redimerevidd: Bring me into that chat, I port forwarded SSH03:02
Jester45celt1c, do you have a PS/2 mouse?03:03
viddTorahteen, compared with?03:03
viddyeah...a little03:03
celt1cits usb, and my touchpad didnt work either03:03
Jester45Torahteen, yes03:03
TorahteenI did manage to get a linksys pci card working in dapper03:03
celt1ci am on a laptop, laptops dont have ps/2 right?03:03
TorahteenAnyone manage to get a USB linksys wireless going?03:03
viddoh yuck....03:03
Jester45celt1c, some do some dont03:04
viddyou most likely have a broadcom 43xx wireless card03:04
Torahteencelt1c do you know what they look like?03:04
TorahteenI'm sure I do vidd03:04
viddwith the stupid power button on it03:04
celt1cya, im pretty sure i dont have one03:04
celt1ci guess ill just try instaslling and seeing if the touchpad works?03:04
TorahteenNo power button I'm pretty sure03:04
viddTorahteen, yeahworked by defualt for me03:04
TorahteenWow, really?03:05
viddyep....those other comments were fro celt1c03:05
Jester45well everyone im afk, my freelancer rank dropped i need to get it back up03:05
celt1cwel im gonna go try to install this ill be back soon03:05
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TorahteenOk, I'm trying to install xubuntu on an older dell03:06
Redimerevidd: I never could get my video drivers to work. Would you mind tinkering now?03:06
Redimerevidd: I've forwarded SSH to my computer03:06
viddTorahteen, do lsusb and pastebin the results03:07
TorahteenIf I choose "Start or Install Xubuntu" or whatever that is, it goes to a blue screen with a mouse and then just sits there. I waited 10 minutes or so (the CD is being read), but nothing further03:07
viddRedimere, go to #viddandme03:07
viddTorahteen, get the alt or the mini iso03:08
TorahteenWhere's that? :\03:08
=== vidd has both on his downloads page
viddthe mini is <9 MB03:08
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Torahteen192 MB RAM to install03:09
TorahteenI only have 12803:09
TorahteenI guess that's my problem03:09
viddyeah...get the mini03:09
TorahteenWhere's the alternate?03:09
PumpernickelFurther down on the same page as the other one.03:09
viddthe alt is on my site, or halfway down the same page you got the live03:09
TorahteenI don't see the alt on the official site, so I'll use yours vidd03:11
TorahteenGot good mirrors?03:12
viddits coming right off my server03:12
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celt1cguys its celtic again, i had a problem installing, it came up with this error after i clicked install: /bin/sh: can't access tty; job contrl turned off03:14
viddcelt1c, you need to go into your bios and turn virus protection off03:15
celt1cis that easy to find in bios03:15
viddno idea03:16
celt1cthere is virus proteciton in bios?03:17
viddyes....basically...all it does it prevent anything non-M$ from writing to the MBR03:17
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celt1clol alright03:18
viddin M$-=land...thats a good thing...03:18
celt1cbe back soon03:18
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celt1cvidd, i seared everywhere, no sign of virus control in the bios03:30
viddthen there is something else preventing linux from loading.....03:31
=== vidd sugests that you write down the error and type the whole thing in a google serch
celt1cok, how do u do that thing u just did03:32
viddtype "/me" before everything else03:32
viddalso....in that search, include "linux" and "ubuntu"03:33
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celt1crandom question, can i take the files that are on the live cd and put them on a usb drive?03:36
viddcelt1c, there is a guide somewhere about using a usb boot03:37
celt1cis it possible for ubunutu?03:37
viddyes...its possible for ALL linux flavors03:37
celt1cis it better/faster than cds?03:38
viddit is all a matter of perspective....03:38
viddinstalling from a live cd will be slower then any other method because you are running the entire OS from ram03:39
celt1cthe process of getting it to a usb drives seems way too complicated for me03:40
=== vidd said it was POSSIBLE....not EASY!
vidd=] 03:41
viddbut running from usb rather then cd will NOT fix your issue03:42
celt1cok about the other issue03:42
celt1ci found this: Grub was aiming to the wrong partition (swap!) and thus it couldn't boot ubuntu properly. I replace the right UUID and it works!03:42
viddthe issue is that your bios is "protecting" your hard drive from linux03:42
=== FactTech [n=facttech@c-68-54-18-57.hsd1.sc.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
celt1cya so does what he said make sense, to reaplace the right uuid (what does that mean)03:43
viddyou cant do that until linux is actually INSTALLed03:43
celt1cerrrr so what do i do!03:43
FactTechHey, everyone -- is this a good place to ask about problems with sound on Xubuntu, or is there a more specific channel?03:43
viddwhat did that search bring up?03:44
celt1cforums with people having the same problem03:44
celt1ccouldnt understand a lot of it03:44
viddFactTech, ask away03:44
viddso celt1c post me a link and i'll translate03:44
vidd=] 03:44
FactTechvidd Well, I'm having a strange problem with Streamtuner... when I play a stream with a bit rate below 128, the sound gets very choppy and garbled.03:44
Jester45FactTech, you can ask or or in the channel of your sound daeomon probly #esd #oss or #alsa03:44
celt1cvidd, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27988403:45
FactTechJester45 Hello, again! I was trying to figure out which one is being used. I've seen a control panel on Edubuntu that would let you switch between ALSA/OSS/ESD, but can't seem to find the same thing on Xubuntu.03:45
=== Torahteen [n=torahtee@c-67-172-140-84.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
TorahteenOk, computer froze lol03:46
TorahteenI need that link again vidd, please03:46
Jester45FactTech, unless you changed somthing its alsa+esd03:47
Jester45FactTech, you can do ps uax | grep esd to see if its running (also tried oss and alsa)03:47
Jester45or wait03:47
FactTechJester45 Nope, this should be default install. I'll check.03:47
celt1cvidd, i will brb 5 minutes, thank you for ur time, cya soon03:48
viddcelt1c, are you running an amd64 processor?03:48
Jester45FactTech, wait that doesnt work if its defualt you have alsa and esd03:48
FactTechJester45 OK, I believe you! :) The thing is, I'm not 100% sure that the problem is coming from ALSA...03:49
FactTechJester45 I'm only getting it when I play certain music streams. Ones with bit rates below 128.03:49
FactTechJester45 I'm kind of thinking it is whatever piece of software is translating the stream's bitrate into the audio output. Is that ALSA?03:49
Jester45it might be somthing with how it changes to to pcm03:50
FactTechJester45 Is there a special channel for that type of question, or should I just check the ALSA one?03:52
Jester45the alsa they know a lot about sound03:52
FactTechJester45 It's just #alsa?03:52
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FactTechJester45 OK, thanks once again for your help.03:53
celt1cvidd, im running an intel core 2 duo03:56
=== illu45 [n=illusha@p-dynamic-border5-7.xDSL-1mm.sentex.ca] has joined #xubuntu
celt1cvidd, could u make sense of that link?03:58
viddyeah...has NOTHING to do with your issue.....03:58
viddTHIS is more appropreate:03:59
celt1co ok...reading it04:01
celt1calright well i read the first page of posts, and im not sure what to do and theres 25 more pages lol, do u know what i should do?04:03
Jester45read 24 more pages04:03
celt1clol ya right04:03
=== Redimere[Mechani is now known as Redimere
celt1ci dont even know what half of it means04:04
=== scrooge_74 [n=scrooge_@] has joined #xubuntu
viddwell...95% is banter....04:04
celt1cyes, well do u know what the problem is?!04:05
viddno...im only on page 2....04:06
viddnow...on your live cd, do you have an option that says "Boot with Driver CD"04:06
celt1cok ok thank you, take ur time lol04:06
celt1con my cd?04:06
viddwel...do you even GET to the live cd menu?04:07
celt1ci think that was an option04:07
=== test3r [n=tester@71-89-151-154.dhcp.aldl.mi.charter.com] has joined #xubuntu
vidduse that option04:07
celt1cwhat will that do04:07
viddbut leave the live cd in04:07
Redimeredoes Xubuntu have a built in firewall?04:07
viddno clue...but that is what the post said worled04:07
celt1cok i will try that and be back here soon, thanks vidd04:08
test3rRedimere > yes and there are many many programs that can manipulate it - the firewall is called IP Tables04:08
test3r!IP Tables04:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ip tables - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:09
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ip-tables - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi04:09
test3rdid i tell u guys i got GRUB fixed on my mom's laptop?   ;p04:10
test3rthe MBR would work 1/2 of the time , the other 1/2 BIOS wouldnt load the HDD04:11
test3ralso - i highly recommend setting up a spare box running linux to leave up to retrieve *news*  from your ISP. (yes, news.)04:12
=== celt1c [n=celtic42@209-6-163-104.c3-0.wak-ubr1.sbo-wak.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
celt1chey vidd, there was no optiion like the one u described04:13
celt1conly like boot from update drivers cd, or boot in safe graphics mode, thats it04:13
viddthat is what i said04:13
celt1cwhat which one/04:14
vidd"boot  from update driver cd!04:14
celt1cwow im just gonna leave lol04:14
test3rwe have an update CD???? I thought you just installed the full thing, or used the Applications>System>Update Manager ?04:15
Jester45its not a cd to update your system04:17
test3rjester> oh, OK, I didn't *think* there was anything like that, but it's been a second since I came to chat04:17
Redimeretest3r: do you know how to tell iptables to unblock SSH?04:18
viddhe comes back again, im telling him to drop back to dapper04:18
test3rSo - who's watching the Mummy special on "discovery" channel?04:18
test3r"unblock" secureshell?04:18
RedimereI'm running opennssh-server04:19
Redimereand I still can't connect to myself04:19
test3rhmmmmmmmm good question right. read about what port it uses. thats where ID start. Ive never did it yet though04:19
test3ralso chek any router settings04:19
Redimeredone so04:19
test3rare u using a hardware router in front of the box????  hmmmmmmm  OK.   =/04:19
test3ryou will want to clear only your internal network for the SSH04:20
viddRedimere, are you calling the machine by the INTERNAL ip address or the EXTERNAL ip address?04:20
test3rso that it blocks external attempts to ssh04:20
Redimereit works from the internal04:20
test3rOH ok04:20
test3rno dont do that lol.04:20
viddRedimere, then turn of NAT filtering on your router04:20
=== celt1c [n=celtic42@209-6-163-104.c3-0.wak-ubr1.sbo-wak.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
viddcelt1c, then get dapper04:21
celt1cvidd, same thing happened, same error message04:21
viddget the dapper cd04:21
RedimereI dont think NAT is being filtered04:21
celt1cok, what is that, is that ubuntu04:21
viddRedimere, i can tell you right now....yes it is04:21
test3rFeisty will give problems on old goofy hardware sometimes.04:21
test3ralso other times you have to know how to dump yourself to TTY and hak it to boot04:21
viddtest3r, this is NEW goofy hardware04:22
test3rit can b hard04:22
test3roh  !!   =x04:22
viddit's an HP04:22
vidd*nuff said*04:22
test3rthe laptop i have is an HP and has tripple boot.04:22
test3rit is from 2002-2003 though, back when HP was HP04:22
test3rand not influenced by the *junk* that is known as COMPAQ04:23
viddcelt1c, it is the same linux....but with an older kernel04:23
test3rhey celtic - have you tried dumping to tty04:23
test3rrunning xserver reconfig04:23
celt1cdonno what that is04:23
test3rand selecting the i800 chipset?04:23
viddtest3r, he cant even get the live to boot04:23
celt1c2 days ago i knew nothing about linux04:23
test3rOK, well, you might b running an intel graphics board.04:24
test3ryou should scan your busses04:24
test3rfrom terminal04:24
celt1cwell its nvidia graphics04:24
celt1cintel processor04:24
celt1chow do i do that04:24
viddright now you cant04:24
viddcuzz you cant get it to load04:24
celt1co ok04:24
celt1cill just use the the dapper right04:24
test3roh OK.  and newer NVIDIA is supposed fine - i havent tested a new NVIDIA though. This box Right Now that im on is running a gForce2 with no fan it is only a card it is great04:24
celt1cits older, is that bad04:25
viddno...it doesnt have the recent bug04:25
test3rits not bad just runnn the updates once ur in04:25
test3rthat will patch u for security04:25
viddtest3r, if he does that he will be right back to the same issue04:25
test3rrly? wait - i thought if u updated dapper04:25
test3ror edgy04:26
test3rit "stayed" in that time frame04:26
viddmy bad....04:26
test3ronly updated the nessecary patches????????  NONON you might b right Vidd04:26
viddyou said "update" not "upgradw"04:26
test3rcheck on that celtic neither of us know 4 sure it looks04:26
test3ryes yes use the GUI util to do it04:26
celt1ci have no idea what these updates will look like, i have never used linux, will it be easy to tell04:27
=== Jester45 sticks with apt-get
viddrun the updates...do NOT upgrade past edgy04:27
=== cellofellow [n=josh@69-71-170-29.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45hi cellofellow04:27
test3rceltic>  it is in Applications>System>Updates Manger04:27
viddtest3r, dont tell ppl to use that....its broke in dapper04:28
celt1calright thanks guys, im a third of a way donw with the dapper download04:28
test3roh ur Kidding? I forgot!~    =((((04:28
viddyeah....all it does is toast the system04:28
test3rur right we never used it back when For A Reason- but we didnt need to. edgy came out04:28
cellofellowhi Jester4504:28
vidduse CLI04:28
test3rwell then04:29
test3rceltic - u could *try* edgy04:29
celt1cwhat? what is edgy?04:29
test3r?  It WOULD b better.04:29
viddsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:29
celt1cer im confsued, i should stop this download and download dapper 6.1?04:29
viddtest3r, you cant GET edgy from the site anymore04:29
test3rim probably wrong with my name - now "edgy" is probably the NEW edgy04:29
test3ryeah i figured    =D04:30
viddcelt1c, no...your good04:30
test3rdang, thats a shame. i should serv it on a mirror - clear it with the main site.04:30
celt1co ok, what do i do about updates04:30
viddget the system up first04:30
cellofellowthen just use apt-get04:30
celt1calright half way doen with the download04:31
viddcelt1c, live or alt?04:31
celt1ci think its live...how do i tell04:31
cellofellowit will say if it's alt04:32
vidddid you READ before you clicked?04:32
test3rcaltic : if you have no need for any other OS on the system besides linux , you should try the Alt install it has higher success ratings in cases when it is messing up I hear04:32
test3rLoL, vidd.  ;p04:32
=== vidd aint joking....
viddi spent 10 minutes before telling him that the alt is better to use then the live04:33
celt1cno i need to keep vista04:33
celt1ci got it form here04:33
cellofellowalt will still install a dual-boot nicely04:33
cellofellowb4 Dapper, all we has was Alt. There was no Live option.04:34
viddand which of the 4 versions did you choose?04:34
cellofellownot that I started using Ubuntu b4 then. I started about a week after Dapper was released.04:34
celt1cPC (Intel x86) desktop CD04:34
viddyeah....we told you about that b404:34
viddwell...im done helping04:34
Jester45bed time vidd ?04:35
cellofellowDesktop PC is the Live.04:35
celt1csry i didnt understand that u wanted me to get the alt04:35
viddno...i want to help someone that will listen04:35
celt1call i remember is u telling me the differences and that was abiout the newer version04:35
celt1cdude, im just a noob lol but if u dont wanna help thats fine04:35
cellofellowactually in some cases, I've found the Live one installs faster. It doesn't have to extract each package one by one, it just extracts a huge image and is done with it.04:36
test3rcello > thats about the first time i ran linux.  ubuntu6.06, then i found Xubuntu & instant <304:36
Jester45celt1c, the alt is better, more stable, faster, easier to use, and more advance04:36
celt1cok ill get the alt04:36
test3ru guys tho04:36
=== vidd started with breezy
test3rhe's gana hit the spot to format the disk04:36
celt1cwhen u told me to get the dapper one, i didnt know about the alt, so i just downloaded the one i saw04:36
test3rand b like...   wt-04:36
viddtest3r, i can help with that04:37
test3rceltic - with the alt, you really have to understand how linux calls partitions on disks04:37
celt1coh, well i dont04:37
viddi have neber used a live cd so im lost there04:37
test3ryes, we can. as long as he can type us what it says on screen04:37
Jester45cellofellow, really? idk how live could be faster. it does the same operations but paste a gui over it04:37
cellofellowno, actually04:37
cellofellowit's a bit different under the hood. Alt uses the Debian installer, which is dpkg based.04:37
viddcelt1c, are you talking to us on the comp your installing on?04:38
cellofellowubiquity installs using an image or something like that.04:38
celt1cyes i am vidd04:38
viddOH! no WONDER it fails all the time04:38
Jester45really? why does it say extracting packge blah then installing package blah04:38
test3rlmfao.  celtic > can u access another computer to this room?04:38
viddcelt1c, any way you can talk to us on another pc while you install?04:39
celt1ctomorrow i could stay on a different computer while talking to u and install on the oone im on now04:39
test3rand have the installing box near you, too?04:39
celt1cits too late where i am, my fanmily is asleep04:39
celt1cbut tomorrow ill have access to a different computer where i can do that04:39
viddcelt1c, since you are going to use the alt, please do that04:39
celt1cim 18 btw, going to college next year04:39
celt1calright so i wont try installing, ill just burn it to a disc then go to sleep04:39
=== kikr_ [n=ant@ool-435499fc.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #xubuntu
celt1cinstalling box?04:41
test3rwell then we can help you get it to dual boot, im sure. it's not hard I found many guides but only one mentioned about how, after installing Linux, you should boot back into Windows normally with no CD in the drive, and let windows think it's fixing itself at the blue screen with the file system04:41
celt1cwhat do u mean installing box04:41
=== BFTD [n=thomas@67-150-254-81.oak.mdsg-pacwest.com] has joined #xubuntu
test3ronce windows (fdisk) is happy with the disk, then boot into linux and etc etc04:41
celt1cshit i really cant mess up my windows install04:41
celt1cwill it be okay?04:41
viddcelt1c, it will be fine04:42
test3rthen jus remember - let windows fix itself04:42
celt1call my files will be saved right04:42
test3rin the middle of the whole process04:42
celt1ci wont have to reinstall windwos?04:42
celt1calright, i jsut u guys u know a lo04:42
Jester45lol unless its removing itsself windows will never be fixed04:42
test3rheh, winXP is getting worse & worse  =904:42
Jester45bettter than vista04:43
test3ri have goofy error with 2 programs as of lately04:43
test3rthe error wasnt there, before, and came with some new patch im afraid04:43
celt1calright well im gonna go and ill see u all tomorrow04:43
test3r=)   ez, celtic04:43
vidd....page 16 of my tech handbook......"rebooting the machine will fix 95% of the issues in windows...installing linux will fix 100%04:43
=== Redimere [n=pj@c-24-147-189-235.hsd1.ma.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3roh shnap, the mummy show is crazy04:56
test3rwatch it when it's on in your area04:56
test3rthey even messed up! sorta.04:57
Jester45or get it online04:57
test3rthat too04:57
Jester45cellofellow, are you here05:06
test3rRedimere > earlier I mentioned dont SSH externally or enable that thing because I have been into security things lately with my laptop, and SSH is a thing you dont want enabled for external connection05:07
Redimeretest3r: was only gonna leave it on for an hour or so so Vidd could fix my video drivers05:07
Jester45unless you want to connect from somthing other than your house05:07
test3roooooh   =)  yeah it can probably b used for that, too.05:08
test3rjester > enabling that though is a security risk because anyone running *nix that can see your computer can get it05:09
test3r*get in05:09
Redimerethey need a login though05:09
Jester45test3r, what about putty? doesnt that open you up to windows... and im sure mac has one also05:10
Jester45you could just user/pass guess your way in05:10
test3ryes but typically, the users of windows dont know what SSH even *is*05:10
test3rthey are less likely to be trying some exploit thing, in whole05:11
Jester45they dont even know much about what windows is05:11
test3rhahahahahaha, yes, thats often even more true. and Dont Care!05:11
test3rthey expect U to fix it05:11
Jester45like my bro... he was using msword making a resume and it has a text box that said YOUR NAME HERE and he couldnt figure out how to enter his name05:12
Jester45called me downstairs i looked a double clicked it... all done05:13
Jester45stupid little things like that that if you just guessed a bit should of figured out05:13
RedimereI had my english teacher call me at 11 o'clock at night because she didn't know where the any key was05:13
Redimerequite literraly05:13
test3rwow, that's pretty bad. my mom is leet mom mom then LOL05:13
test3rive taught her alot she always helps her co-workers.05:14
test3rone time my buddy called me couldnt get win to come bak up and had just did hardware things05:14
test3ri told him to take the card out05:15
Jester45or like when i had a terminal window on as above all others and brother keept double clicking my movie because he thought it wasent opening (speakers where off) i can home to a computer just about to die because it was playing like 30 movies05:15
test3rput it bak in05:15
test3rand it worked.05:15
test3rthats not as an easy of level, but still a blunder.05:15
RedimereJester45: lol05:16
test3r"it's almost like [he]  knew what he was doing!"05:16
Jester45i kinda did the same thing05:16
Jester45i held the enter button down on a music file fora few minutes05:17
Jester45but i just let it play them all05:17
test3r wow i blundered the quote too. I mean - it's like he set out to break the 'puter- hahahaha dang thats alot of copies of a movie05:17
Jester45fun watching the ram drop down as a few hundred mplayer probly exited05:17
test3rjester, do u know Flash at all? in there you can make a krafted button and each time u click it it plays sound once , OK? So if you click it a bunch real fast, it layers it and u get a bunch of them playing05:18
test3ror like twice can give u a wikkid echo05:19
test3ri just made an easter egg btn in this game im making last night05:19
Jester45did you know if you make a shell script that runs something then runs itself it make a loop that can fill all your pids up really fast :)05:19
test3rup yeah thats a thing u avoid witih programming hahahahahahah05:20
test3ran infinate loop. thats like05:20
Jester45i filled mine up05:20
test3rmake a sh that divides by zero05:20
Jester45i wanted to know what happened05:20
Jester45all i did was in the script was echp "blah" sh script.sh05:21
test3rthen at bash just superDO sh script.sh?05:22
test3rthats just a scrit passing itself the same paramater tho05:22
test3rProgramming is hard. & there is alot that can go wrong. Many times it's best left to the pros.05:23
test3rlike - what would you do if you had to edit the wrapper that keeps us from sending some horrid thing direct to the CPU sorta deal ? (now that im thinking about it- I think I mean the kernel, here, in linux)05:25
test3rthere is no safety net to keep it from totally breaking05:25
test3rjester, there is a more weird way to do your program05:26
test3ryes  =D   you could have it send $105:26
Jester45that script has a pid that started a new script with a new pid05:26
=== Hexzenn [n=Hexzenn@dialup-] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45and never gave up its first one05:27
Jester45so all my pids got taken up05:27
Jester45after a long time05:27
Jester45the idea came from wikipedia's articile about zombies05:28
test3rI was quite confused05:28
test3rzombie processes05:28
Jester45and it said that the only real worrie is that the processes would take all your pids05:28
test3ryoud have to run kill #05:28
Jester45so i set out to do such a thing05:28
Jester45the script wasnt zobied05:28
test3rer no with a true zombie process tho u cant run kill on it can u05:29
Jester45it jsut never quit because the script it spawned never quit05:29
=== Hexzenn [n=Hexzenn@dialup-] has left #xubuntu []
test3rso , OK, can you add another line to that script so that it kills the old copy?05:30
test3ryou should b able to. but how to ref the # is what i dont know the key to05:31
Jester45exit 0 as the last line05:31
Jester45it will quit but the child proccess keeps going05:31
test3roh right! lol tell itself to just shut itself down, mmm.05:31
Jester45but it keeps from fill it up05:31
Jester45i learned that for my xfdesktop --reload sleep 6000 script.sh05:32
Jester45so it changed my desktop05:32
Jester45o and exit 005:32
=== Torahteen [n=torahtee@c-67-172-140-84.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
TorahteenOk, I'm installing xubuntu from the alternate CD05:33
TorahteenAnd while installing the base system, I'm getting a ton of error messages saying that XXX was corrupt05:33
test3rjester > you had me till the last little but but i'll save05:33
TorahteenI downloaded the ISO from vidd's site05:34
test3rI've gotten that too on some systems. Sometimes the CD drive needed replacing. Other times I just ran it again, and it worked the second time05:35
test3rit seems to be the drive though05:35
test3rkus i take that disk, and it md5s fine on a win box05:35
Jester45Torahteen, what speed did you write the disc and have you checked the cd from the bootup menu05:35
test3ryes let the disk check itself05:36
TorahteenNo, I didn't check the CD05:36
TorahteenI'll try again05:36
test3rmummy show says that if you put Honey on a physical wound, it kills bacteria & would work like "micetracin" (sp!)05:40
test3rthat's nuts.05:40
TorahteenHmm... that doesn't seem right though05:41
TorahteenMaybe mixing some lemon juice in, hehe05:41
Jester45acid would work also05:42
Jester45but dont use a strong one05:42
Jester45it would hurt05:42
Jester45or... heat :)05:42
test3risnt water supposidly slightly acidic?05:42
test3rlike - it's Not baseline? I think I remember something about that.05:43
Jester45yes slightly05:43
test3rmilk is very quite close to baseline05:43
Jester45acid rain is more acidic05:43
TorahteenHmm.. the check verified05:45
TorahteenMy CD is corrupt -_-05:45
TorahteenI'm downloading again, I'll make sure I do a full erase of the disk05:46
test3rTorahteen: poopy! So- check the ISO you burned from, then, too, before trying and making many coaster05:46
TorahteenThen tomorrow I'll try again05:46
TorahteenHow do I check it?05:46
test3rnononono just check the md5 f the ISO file05:46
test3rwith a crc checking program05:46
TorahteenThis time I'm downloading from the official site05:46
Jester45cellofellow, you there? i need your help05:47
cellofellowJester45: yes05:47
test3ryou might not need to. it might just *be* a misburn05:47
Jester45can you help me setup a drupal for myself05:47
cellofellowit's pretty easy05:48
Jester45Torahteen, no need vidd's had been md5ed and many people has used it before you05:48
cellofellowif you know MySQL05:48
Jester45cellofellow, wanna come to viddandme?05:48
test3rsql and mysql are So close. i dont recall the diff anymore though05:48
test3rjester > he needs to verify the md5 of the iso that made it to his machine, though05:49
test3rto know if we're burning from a corrupt transfer or not05:49
Jester45test3r, he is downloading from the offical server and i said no need05:49
test3rvidds? webpage? is the official server?05:50
Jester45way use their bandwidth when vidd has extra05:50
Jester45he said that hes going to05:50
test3roh right Exactly i agree05:50
test3ri think there is prob small chance he actually needs to get the file again05:51
Jester45<Torahteen> This time I'm downloading from the official site05:51
test3rHey - has anyone thought of having the option of getting a PAR2 for your disk of *buntu distro ?05:54
test3rthen that way, if your disk is corrupt in a few spots - it will repair it hopefully05:54
=== bitform [i=bitform@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x997D0F8C] has joined #xubuntu
test3rgoes Much quicker DLing 20MB rather than another full disk05:54
test3ryes, there is a type of file known as par205:55
test3rthere is a par, also05:55
test3rbut par2 is what We want05:55
Jester45i just have seprate partitions05:56
test3r=)   nonono, the file exension of a file name.05:56
Jester45whats it do05:56
test3ra PAR2 file checks the integrity of another file, and if it is bad, it can use these aditional, linked, PAR2 files that come along with the "main" one to repair the target MAIN orig plain in question05:57
=== BFTD [n=thomas@67-150-255-63.oak.mdsg-pacwest.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45test3r, why not just use raid? its faster05:57
test3rI'm talking about something that is sent with transfers05:58
test3rinternet files05:58
cellofellowI have one disk with three partitions, /., /home, and swap05:58
test3rbesides some people can only afford one harddrive05:58
test3ryou wouldnt use PAR2 to make files to repair a hard disk06:00
test3ryoud make PAR2 to make files to repair a CD disk06:00
test3rim sorry thats what confused you and it's the way that I said it06:00
Jester45ok.... raid is better :) still sticking with that06:01
test3rwell you're talking Night & Day06:01
=== maxamillion [n=adam@mobile-166-217-076-075.mycingular.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3rone is a hardware -based copy system06:01
cellofellowcan you have separate /home partition with RAID? I like my separate home.06:01
test3rand the other is something people have made to fix things auto06:01
maxamillioncellofellow: yes06:02
Redimeremaxamillion: Hey, what's up man06:02
cellofellowok, cool06:02
test3ryes it is a copy06:02
test3rraid is just mirror06:02
maxamillioncellofellow: raid allows separate partitions just as a single hard drive does06:02
maxamillionRedimere: not much, yourself?06:02
Redimeremaxamillion: Nothin', just fighting the good fight with my video drivers06:02
cellofellowI've heard of lots of kinds of raid. hardware, software, 1, 2.0, etc.06:02
cellofellowwhat's the diff?06:03
maxamillionRedimere: ahhh yes, ati card?06:03
Redimeremaxamillion: Yessir06:03
maxamillioncellofellow: check out wikipedia ... good explanations and diagrams there06:03
maxamillioncellofellow: it can explain better than i could try ;)06:03
cellofellowRedimere: I have no ATI cards, but I had the nuttiest fight with the s3virge driver. I tried with several nearly but not exactly identical cards, and they all had this stupid problem.06:04
cellofellowthe same one.06:04
Redimerecellofellow: Did you ever get it to work?06:05
=== maxamillion was there for the adventure
cellofellowand they weren't my cards anyway.06:05
maxamillionwell ... here06:05
maxamillionnot _ther_06:05
=== Redimere cries.
RedimereI'll never get transparencies to run06:05
cellofellowI think it was something to do with 10+ year-old cards.06:05
cellofellowand driver designed for newer ones.06:06
Redimerecellofellow: Mine's less than a year old06:06
cellofellowI should have read the options in man s3virge.06:06
cellofellowyeah, ok06:06
cellofellowsounds like that would have a problem, esp. with ATI.06:06
Redimerewell it says it's active in the restricted driver thing06:07
=== cellofellow only ever used nvidia and cards supported by OSS drivers.
Redimerewell, I've got it working under the restricted drivers06:07
Redimerebut fglrx-info still says Vesa or mesa06:07
Jester45cellofellow, some pretty good ati cards are supported by OSS06:10
Jester45cellofellow, my ati radeon 9250's are06:10
=== Jester45 got a box of them
test3rI  *still* didn't explain it totally right, though - You can use PAR2 to make a group of files that will repair a corrupted disk image (for instance, *buntu disk image that you downloaded)06:11
maxamillionJester45: why would you need a box of graphics cards?06:11
Jester45test3r, one acronym RAID :)06:11
cellofellowif one is PCI ship it to me. I want dualhead.06:11
Jester45maxamillion, because they where free06:11
test3rlmfao! You cant use RAID to fix a bad download!06:12
test3rits still bad06:12
test3reven on YOUR backup\06:12
test3rdont u see?06:12
Jester45test3r, one acronym RAID :)06:12
test3rkus raid is hardware06:12
maxamillionJester45: not a bad reason06:12
Jester45maxamillion, thanks06:12
maxamilliontest3r: raid can be software06:12
Jester45i got 3 tri head working06:12
maxamilliontest3r: and why not use rsync to fix downloads?06:13
Jester45but wased to usefull06:13
cellofellowtri head wasn't useful?06:13
Jester45test3r, RAID :)06:13
test3rif you get your images on a windows-based machine because that is where your recorder is06:13
test3rthen you dont ahve "rsync"06:13
cellofellowIf I had tri-head, I'd set it up so that one was always open to a tty and the others were X.06:13
maxamilliontest3r: why would you have a windows based machine?06:13
=== maxamillion is confused
Jester45cellofellow, nope... games ran slow when i got over 4200x1250 res06:14
=== Redimere is always confused
test3rI have to run 3dstudio max06:14
test3rand flash06:14
test3rand cubase06:14
cellofellowoh, yeah. There's a way of turning off one of the monitors when you want to play a game.06:14
Jester45but then its not tri...06:14
Jester45and its easier to use 3 computers 1 for games 1 doing devel stuff and 1 on irc06:15
maxamillionJester45: you can't devel and irc on 1 box?06:15
Redimeremaxamillion: Any thoughts on my drivers?06:16
Jester45maxamillion, nope :)06:16
cellofellowtry with one two-screen desktop and another 1 screen desktop on one box.06:16
Jester45maxamillion, i use one to do the typing and stuff and the irc one to browse and things like that06:16
maxamillionRedimere: no clue, never touched an ati card with a linux install06:16
RedimereHas anybody here?06:17
maxamillionJester45: ahhh, rgr06:17
Redimerethat's succeed in getting it to work?06:17
Jester45cellofellow, if you send me a lcd screen that gets 1600x1250 res so i can get quad head i will send you a card :)06:17
Jester45Redimere, what card06:17
RedimereATI X80006:17
Jester45cellofellow, fair trade :)06:17
cellofellowI could just take the bus to the nearest computer store and buy a card n'know.06:17
cellofellowI dunno about that.  A free card vs. a huge LCD?06:18
=== Redimere has a 15" that gets 1600x1250
Jester45well... i hate when the screens are one desktop but diffrent sizes06:18
maxamillionRedimere: that would be crazy06:18
maxamillionRedimere: too small screen for such high res06:18
=== Redimere squints
Redimeremaxamillion: It's still nice06:19
cellofellowJester45: me too.06:19
Jester45cellofellow, did i mention that the cards have tv out (no linux support)06:19
cellofellowso why have such a big screen?06:19
=== maxamillion has a pair of 21" hidef wide screen lcd panels that push 1650x1080 each that sit on his desk at work
cellofellowthat's cool06:19
maxamillioni wish i could bring one home :/06:19
Jester45cellofellow, why not?06:20
cellofellowI see06:20
Jester45cellofellow, if i could get a 4th... i could make it a square and not a long rectangle06:20
Redimeremaxamillion: What do you do and are they hiring06:20
cellofellowhow big is the screen physically? 20" 22"06:20
Jester45cellofellow, 2106:20
Jester45hehe so close06:21
maxamillionRedimere: i work as a systems admin for the university i attend06:21
test3rmax & jester > OK i read on wikipedia about software RAID, and Jester, I don't see anything about being able to create cross-computer compatable, compressed, recovery files that can fix a download "magically" like PAR2 does.06:21
Redimeremaxamillion: are they hiring, and do they do overtime06:21
cellofellowwhat about two widescreen's on the sides of a box, and two normal screens on the end, and you in the middle?06:21
test3rI do know that RAID copies things from one spot into another spot so that if the first spot goes bad it falls to the Backup copy06:21
Jester45test3r, RAID... its wonderfull06:21
test3rthat is RAID06:21
test3rbut that is not what I am talking about06:21
maxamillionRedimere: no and no ... and its just a part time position, i also TA for one of my profs for extra money06:22
Jester45you can have 1 drive copy data from a 2nd drive to make an instant backup06:22
Redimeremaxamillion: damn06:22
test3rok so are you going to do that over the internet?06:22
Jester45test3r, and replace the first with the backup at anytime06:22
test3rinto my drive?06:22
test3rI wouldnt Let you   =906:22
test3rlol !06:22
test3rbut ill dl a handful of tiny "fix" files06:23
test3rand have them scan the disk image you sent me06:23
test3rthat went wrong06:23
Jester45you dont have to let me :) i will make you (if i was a cracker)06:23
test3rso that it will fix itself magically.   see?06:23
Jester45test3r, or... use rysnc06:23
test3rno rsync the burner is on windowxz06:23
test3rthat doesnt even make sense Jester06:24
maxamillionJester45: i said rsync too ;)06:24
test3rif you used raid on my drive thru the internet06:24
test3rid have Your hardware style settings06:25
Jester45test3r, DONT USE WINDOWS06:25
test3rnothing would boot at all06:25
test3rjester > im not in windows right now.  but i have to have a box that has it.06:25
test3rit is not an option.06:25
Jester45test3r, how long you gonna rant on about par files06:25
test3runtil you understand what im saying06:25
Jester45test3r, use raid :)06:25
test3rNoooooooOOOooo   rofl06:25
test3rok i give up06:25
=== Jester45 wins
test3rflamin hot munchies mix stuff with dorritos cheetos pretcalz chips is BOMB06:27
=== Redimere eyes water
=== jburd [n=jburd@] has joined #xubuntu
=== DvineLord [n=dvinelor@cpe-76-185-216-109.tx.res.rr.com] has joined #xubuntu
Redimeretest3r: D'you know ATI Drivers?06:41
test3ryes I got an ATI 128memory version running on 6.106:41
RedimereI'm running an X800, and fglrx still doesn't recognize it as such06:42
Redimereany words of wisdom?06:42
test3rit just installed with no intervention by me. I instantly could grep | glxinfo or the whatnot06:42
test3rdo u know what driver it Should use?06:42
test3rtry to reconfigure xserver-xorg and force it TO that driver. it might just be "ati"06:42
test3rtry that the default one06:43
Redimerewell I've got it up and running restricted-manager06:43
test3roh wait what is fglrx???? thats some program?06:43
cellofellowit's the binary drivers06:45
test3rtry glxinfo | grep rendering06:45
test3rwhat does that tell you ?  "Yes" ?06:45
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5FE0C.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
test3ror try the cube06:47
test3rif those r going then its above My head06:47
Redimerethat tells me "no"06:48
test3rok    =\   sry06:48
Redimereyou don't know how to fix it?06:48
test3rive never used the program "flgrxinfo" so I don't know about it, no. sorry.06:49
test3rthe card does work tho, huh?06:49
test3rin linux?06:50
Redimerejust poorly06:51
test3rhow much built in RAM does an ATI X800  have on it?06:52
cellofellowabout as bad as nv on an nvidia card, or worse than that? With nv everything works, except the acceleraration.06:52
test3rcellofellow > oh - ur kidding? So you mean the nv-legacy is better off if you can get Quake3 up and running fast?06:53
cellofellowI was just trying to get perspective.06:54
cellofellowI use nvidia-glx-legacy on my TNT2 and I'm good.06:54
test3roic . its PCI-E i bet thats why06:54
cellofellowLiveCD uses nv and it works great.06:54
cellofellowThey call it PCI-X.06:54
cellofellowfor eXpress.06:54
test3rredimere is your card goofy new connection06:54
test3rah HA06:54
Redimeretest3r: No, AGP06:54
test3rthat is whats going on.06:54
test3rah! crud.06:55
test3rredimere have you / can you try a dif card in that same slot?06:55
test3rand get it to run it?06:55
Redimeretest3r: Nope.. the card runs06:56
Redimeretest3r: just poorly06:56
test3rdid you try what someone said yet about running "man [ati driver name or somehting] "06:58
RedimereI didn't see it06:58
test3rand seeing maybe you have to turn thing off in the .conf06:58
RedimereI was in tty for a few minutes though06:58
cellofellowyou have to turn off compositing in xorg.conf if I'm not mistaken.06:59
test3r/etc/x11/xorg.conf  whats in that06:59
test3ryes you have to know the options to play with in that06:59
test3rit will go06:59
RedimereI turned that off06:59
RedimereI remember06:59
cellofellowSection "Extensions"06:59
=== jonathan_ [n=joje@] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellow        Option  "Composite" "Disable"06:59
=== maxamillion loves the composite option
RedimereSection "Extensions"07:02
cellofellowxfwm4 + compositing (on modern video card) rocks.07:02
cellofellowHave it say "Disable"07:02
maxamillioncellofellow: that it does07:02
cellofellowon my card it slows everything waaay down.07:03
cellofellowIt works, but it's slow.07:03
cellofellowfor one, I think that that video card offloads a lot to the CPU. My CPU usage shoots waay up with the transparency.07:04
maxamillioni actually just use it because i like the windows to go 50% transparent when i resize or move them07:04
cellofellowthat's nice07:04
maxamillioncellofellow: actually so does mine, i think it has something to do with mesa actually07:05
cellofellowyou can leave other transparency off and still use alt+scrollwheel to manually change transparency.07:05
maxamillionjust a moment07:06
maxamillionlemme get a link, its a part of X11 that has to do with Xgl07:06
=== cellofellow is not using XGL. Is using X.Org 7.1 Composite.
cellofellowat least I think it's 7.107:07
cellofellow!info xserver-xorg07:07
ubotuxserver-xorg: the X.Org X server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.2-0ubuntu11 (feisty), package size 440 kB, installed size 1320 kB07:07
maxamillioncellofellow: http://mesa3d.sourceforge.net/07:07
maxamillioni'm pretty sure that's the site07:07
maxamillionyeah, that's the site07:08
test3rfeisty runs on my laptop!  =) it's so cool I don't have fancy stuff enabled though it was hard enough to get it up with the intel graphics chip07:08
cellofellowmaxamillion: oh, so mesa == Linux OpenGL.07:08
test3rand it runs gl stuff anyway07:08
cellofellowhard to set up Intel graphics?07:09
Redimerethat's a lie07:09
maxamillioncellofellow: more or less07:09
test3ryeah kus i have to dump to tty and reconfigure xserver just to boot the livecd07:09
cellofellowI thought those were always the number 1 supported graphics, with the OSS drivers.07:09
RedimereI tried to run opengl on counterstrike07:09
Redimereit tried to eat me07:09
test3rit fails out everytime07:09
maxamillioncellofellow: intel graphics are built into the kernel now07:09
test3rive seen it do it with other intell based sets too07:09
test3rit faisl07:09
cellofellowso the Xorg modules are just kernel driver frontends?07:10
test3rfails, and i reconfigure then xserver will start07:10
cellofellowmy dads laptop with Intel chip works perfectly with LiveCD. 'cep the widescreen graphics get stretched. Even the Intel wifi works.07:10
test3ri force a i*00  driver07:10
test3rbased on the intel set07:11
jonathan_still installing xubuntu, it takes a looooonnnggggg timeee!!!07:11
maxamillioncellofellow: well, intel writes drivers for their graphics cards and open sources them ... and i think linus put them in the kernel07:11
jonathan_only 3000 byte/s07:11
test3rbuilt in wifi i take it? no this laptop is from 2002 it has a slightly just older chipset07:11
test3ri have an external wifi card07:11
test3rbut it can do things that are insane  =)07:12
cellofellowmaxamillion: yes, but I thought that graphics drivers aren't kernel drivers, but X.Org drivers. Or do they need a kernel thing too?07:12
test3ryes if the kernel didnt have it07:12
maxamillioncellofellow: uhmmm.... i'm pretty sure they need a kernel module as well07:12
test3rit wouldnt work when i reconfigured xserver from prompt07:12
maxamillioncellofellow: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/07:12
maxamillioncellofellow: same way that if you build the nvidia drivers from source you have to have the kernel headers07:13
test3ror if you build a new kernel from edgy source off the main server07:13
cellofellownvidia drivers are binary, so why is there source? Is there a shared-source license with them?07:13
test3ru should include the drivers for your hardware07:13
cellofellowyou only have to compile for custom kernels anyway.07:14
maxamillioncellofellow: if you download the drivers from their site, it runs a build script that compiles them on your machine07:14
test3rits in that07:14
test3rthats not the issue07:14
test3rso that means its xserver has problem with the older intel correctly identifying themselfs for whatever reason07:14
cellofellowthat's not the only "closed source" driver I've ever seen that's distributed as source. kqemu (before it was GPL'd) was like that.07:14
maxamilliontest3r: try the i810 drivers ... those worked for me on an older intel motherboard07:15
test3ryes they do07:15
test3ri force them from the LiveCD when it fails to boot07:15
test3rbut why do we have to force them? isnt that a goof?07:15
=== PatrickWst [n=Patrick@AMarseille-256-1-186-85.w90-36.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45anyone know how to make a picture go from green to orange07:16
test3ri wonder why xserver doesnt just pick to use the correct i*00 driver when it starts07:16
cellofellowJester45: invert it. green is opposite of orange.07:17
cellofellowimagemagick should do it.07:17
test3risnt green the opposite of red?07:18
test3rits close tho. itll b a shade close to what he wants.07:19
Jester45red is a primary color07:19
test3rhere this says its free in the txt : http://www.ficml.org/jemimap/style/color/wheel.html07:21
cellofellowdark green is opposite orange, anyway.07:21
cellofellownot all green becomes orange.07:21
cellofellowdark bluish green will become a light yellowish orange.07:22
cellofellowJester45: actually, just adjust the hue.07:22
cellofellowuse gimp07:22
Jester45doing that07:22
test3rthis is the one that is taught to art students : http://www.colormatters.com/colortheory.html07:23
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ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)08:18
=== rathel [n=rathel@c-24-9-186-226.hsd1.wa.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
phonoheadi got this very irritating problem with thunar; it's crashing all the time08:42
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BrendanMhey, does anyone here use pyNeighborhood for browsing SMB shares?10:51
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homebrewciderhi, how can I change the computer name so I can tell the 2 computers on my network apart? I've foolishly named them the same03:21
homebrewcideralso the "MAC address" and the "HWaddr" is that another way of saying the same thing?03:25
=== kalikiana_ [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-178-254.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
totalwormagehomebrewcider: are you using samba?03:36
homebrewcider2 linux boxes03:37
totalwormage:] 03:37
totalwormagethen i don't know how :O03:38
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celt1chis this is celtic, does anyone here remember me and my problem from yesterday04:38
=== gerro [n=user@c-68-33-161-50.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
gerroheya everyone04:39
=== celt1c [n=laptop22@209-6-163-104.c3-0.wak-ubr1.sbo-wak.ma.cable.rcn.com] has left #xubuntu []
gerrowas wondering if somebody mind helping a newbie pick out some old memory chips :)04:40
=== TheSheep [i=sheep@atos.wmid.amu.edu.pl] has joined #xubuntu
=== Torahteen [n=torahtee@c-67-172-140-84.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
TorahteenSo I'm about done installing xubuntu. For now my laptop is hardwired to the network04:50
TorahteenBut won't be able to stay like that for long lol04:50
=== Joakim [n=Leho@217-159-183-150-dsl.trt.estpak.ee] has joined #xubuntu
TorahteenAnyone here been able to install a linksys USB wireless module?04:50
=== celt1c [n=laptop22@209-6-163-104.c3-0.wak-ubr1.sbo-wak.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== TheSheep [n=sheep@atos.wmid.amu.edu.pl] has joined #xubuntu
TorahteenAnyone here been able to install a linksys USB wireless module?05:03
damikei installed xubuntu on a ibm thinkpad x61. is there a 3d driver for then intel 950?05:03
damikesorry i mean Intel GMA X310005:05
celt1ccould someone walk me through the partitioning part of the install for ubuntu, i am totally lost on partitions05:06
gerroTorahteen: sure which one?05:08
gerroceltlc: create an ext3 mount it in / and make another partition about 300mb for swap then after it starts to install and whines about unable to create file system restart the cd and try it again this time marking the file systems as format and make sure they right type05:09
gerroceltlc: that problem you have is related to the kernel not redetecting file systems of mounted devices05:09
celt1cha...sorry i am a linux noob i donno what that means05:10
gerroceltlc: click the install link on desktop and you will understand when time comes ;)05:10
celt1ci am literally on my other laptop right next to me in the middle of the installation, i got to the parition palce and i donno what to do05:11
gerrodo manual05:11
gerrodelete what partitions are there05:11
celt1cno no05:11
celt1ci need to keep vista05:12
celt1ci wanna dual boot05:12
gerrothen google some random guide and hope it works05:12
celt1cits not i hav ebeen for the last hour05:12
gerroif you want to use vista might want to try virtualbox05:12
celt1call the guides online are too vague05:12
gerroyeah lot of grub information should probably read up on05:12
celt1cu cant tell me right now what to do? im in th einstall righ tnow on the computer05:13
gerroI find its easiest just to use virtualbox on linux for other systems05:13
celt1cbut i have windows now, will that work05:13
gerroceltlc: do you have any space on the hard drive (not empty windows space)05:13
celt1cno just empty windows space05:14
celt1cjust one drive with 55 gb free05:14
gerrocceltlc: you might need to resize the ntfs partition but most those apps hard to find05:14
celt1ci cant do what i need to do in the install partitioner?05:14
gerromost use partition magic or some app to resize the ntfs partition05:14
celt1cthis is annoying i feel like giving up, i dont even need linux i just watned to try it05:14
gerroceltlc: you have your cd key on the comp somewhere most likely and a backup cd of vista right?05:15
celt1cya i do05:15
gerroceltlc: just do a full xubuntu install and try running vista from a virtual box session trust me it runs great05:15
gerroceltlc: if anything goes wrong you can reinstall vista05:16
celt1cno i dont wnana do that05:16
celt1clinux is just a side thing for me05:16
celt1ci really need to keep windows05:16
celt1c2 days ago i knew nothing about linux05:16
gerrowine runs most windows things05:16
celt1ci will try partition magic05:16
celt1cis there a way to run it just off the cd without installing?05:17
gerroceltlc: just don't expect much after you get it installed if you've never seen windows after it has first been installed (not preinstalled)05:17
celt1co no i have installed windows a lot05:17
celt1ci build windows machines05:17
gerroceltlc: yes xubuntu install cd is a live cd unless you downloaded alternate05:17
celt1cwhat are the advantages of alternate?05:18
gerroits mainly for computer with low memory that can't run the live cd, or if you want special file systems or raid setups05:18
celt1co ok thats not me05:18
celt1cdo u know what this error means /bin/sh: cant access tty; job control turned off05:18
gerrowhat did you input to get that error?05:19
celt1ci was jus trying to install ubuntu05:19
celt1cso then i was told to try ubuntu 6.0605:19
gerroyeah ubuntu 6.06 doesn't have all those latest tweaks and such as 7.04 does05:20
gerrothat doesn't look like a serious error05:20
celt1cthat happened when i was trying to install05:20
celt1cand nothing worked after that05:20
gerrowhat processor you using?05:21
celt1cintel core 2 duo05:21
gerrowell it works on 6.06 right?05:21
celt1cwell i dont get that error, but then i am lost on the partitioning part of it, so i am thinking now of just using a live cd, im not sure \05:21
gerrois your monitor connected by a usb plugin?05:22
celt1cim on a laptop05:22
gerroah ok05:22
celt1cso i guess ill try the livecd05:22
celt1cwhat about a usb drive, is that possible?05:22
gerroyeah it is05:23
celt1ci tried googling it, and it looks hard05:23
gerrobasically just copy over the same files from livecd and edit a few scripts to use different bootloader05:23
gerrogoogle "ubuntu installation"  will see the guide05:23
celt1cya i dont think i could do that05:23
celt1cwell i did, i dont udnerstand them05:23
gerroI never really got that method to work05:23
celt1calright ill stick with the cd05:24
gerrobest bet if you can't install from cd is plug hard drive up to a computer that can or use instlux05:24
celt1cwell im downloading the live cd now, and i will try working from that, i have a question tho05:25
gerrosure what?05:26
gerrooh and if cd has any burning problems with what your using might want to try isorecorder nice win app to use for creating bootable cds05:26
TorahteenGerro, it's the Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with SpeedBooster05:27
gerroTorahteen: lol I just got that working great last week05:27
TorahteenAny instructions somewhere?05:27
gerroTorahteen: you need some .sys files from a belkin driver and latest .inf from linksys driver05:27
gerroTorahteen: then create a custom udev rule to give it more power when plugged into usb05:27
TorahteenWhere can I get those? :\05:27
TorahteenUmm... online instructions?05:28
gerroTorahteen: hang on was butchering my comp might be able to grab them off hard drive05:28
TorahteenSorry, I'm still new with linux in a way05:28
gerroTorahteen: yeah there an article in forum05:28
=== Naughtyboy [n=Naughtyb@] has joined #xubuntu
TorahteenThat's all I really need lol05:29
gerroTorahteen: go to ndiswrapper site and download latest version05:29
gerrowill need to do make uninstall, make, make install. it has dependencies of build-essential and linux headers so need to apt-get thsoe05:30
gerroor synaptic w/e you use05:30
TorahteenOk, lemme finish installing xubuntu05:30
TorahteenIt's almost done05:30
TorahteenThen I'll come to this channel and ask again :P05:31
gerroTorahteen: /join #gerro got a few forum bookmarks I used for it05:36
TorahteenHow big is the swapfile partition created by Xubuntu?05:42
Jester45Torahteen, depends but normaly its around 300-500mb05:44
=== cellofellow [n=josh@69-71-170-29.mammothnetworks.com] has joined #xubuntu
TorahteenI was just making sure it wasn't making a 2GB swap file on my 6.5GB HD XD05:46
cellofellowusually you need about 2x swap as memory.05:46
cellofellowesp. if you have a shared memory video card.05:46
Jester45unless you have a bunch of memory05:46
cellofellowyeah, true05:46
cellofellowthen your swap gets huge and unused.05:47
TorahteenI have 128mb on this compute05:47
=== maxamillion [n=adam@ngl-1-14.shsu.edu] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowMy swap is too big. on the other hand, before it was too a big, it was too small.05:47
TorahteenDoes it automatically make a 256mb swap?05:47
cellofellowI don't know.05:47
=== ron_o [n=ron@12-210-174-186.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowyou mean the installer05:48
Jester45i turned my swapiness off05:48
Jester45right now its using 4mb of 30005:49
cellofellowI need to make my computer use it more.05:49
cellofellow60% RAM used, 1% swap used.05:50
=== TheSheep [i=sheep@atos.wmid.amu.edu.pl] has joined #xubuntu
cellofellowjester has bigger ram than cellofellow05:51
=== Jester45 has 4gb
=== cellofellow as 319MB
=== Jester45 uses java and firefox alot
=== illu45 [n=illusha@p-dynamic-border5-235.xDSL-1mm.sentex.ca] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45wait... the TheSheep logged off.... the end is near05:54
Jester45not really05:57
Jester45some file servers have 64gb05:57
cellofellowfor a desktop, that is megaram.05:57
Jester45and im sure someone has a desktop with that much05:57
maxamillionJester45: file servers05:57
Jester45maxamillion, its my own term i guess. they just have a lot of harddrives05:58
TorahteenI don't see why you'd ever need a desktop with that much05:58
TorahteenNot to mention the fact that you'd never have room for it :\05:58
Torahteen1GB is enough for met ATM05:59
cellofellowunless it's a mega-size workstation.05:59
cellofellowI only ever wish I had more ram when I foolishly run Firefox, OOo with Java, and The GIMP all at once.05:59
=== grazie [n=grazie@88-111-112-105.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45i dont see why you wouldnt want that much06:01
TorahteenCurrently, you wouldn't need 64mb on a typical desktop06:02
Torahteen4GB, sure, that'd be awesome06:02
Jester45idk azureus can suck up alot06:03
maxamillionapparently windows is so horrible it even crashes inside virtualbox06:03
cellofellowthat's why I use deluge jester.06:03
cellofellowyeah, I've had that.06:03
maxamilliondeluge torrent dominates06:03
Jester45thats not advance enough for me06:04
maxamillionthough i don't torrent much ... my internet is too slow06:04
cellofellowall I ever want to do is download. Azureus makes it too complicated.06:04
cellofellowIf I wanted to set up a tracker and a seed, I'd put them on my server with CLI tools.06:04
Jester45ya... but it makes your downloads faster and more efficient06:05
cellofellowrtorrent for example.06:05
Jester45azurues can be cli06:05
cellofellowit makes the downloads faster, yet it's slower.06:05
cellofellowdoesn't work for me.06:05
Jester45o well deluge doesnt work for me06:06
Jester45now utorrent06:07
cellofellowI like deluge cause its interface is like uttorent.06:07
Jester45thats a great client but its not worth running windows or wine06:07
cellofellowstill my favorite.06:07
cellofellowbut, I don't have it anywhere.06:07
=== Dr`Maison [n=fred@] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45i think its going downhill after the version they put a web ui on it06:10
Jester45that version was good but all others after are getting worse06:11
cellofellowhaven't used it lately06:11
=== Torahtee1 [n=jordan@c-67-172-140-84.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
Torahtee1Anyone have links to the .sys and .inf files for the Linksys Wireless-G Network USB Adapter with Speed Boost?06:17
cellofellowfor ndiswrapper?06:18
cellofellowsorry, I am not a wifi expert.06:18
Torahtee1Yeah, for ndiswrapper06:19
=== Xib [n=Xib@53551F62.cable.casema.nl] has joined #xubuntu
=== damike [n=michael@N583P006.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #xubuntu
darrendTorahtee1: you should be able to d/l it from the www.linksys.com somewhere06:24
Torahtee1I'm looking in the CD that came with it06:24
Torahtee1I have a .inf file, but no .sys :\06:25
darrendis there no .exe file (in a 'drivers' directory or similar perhaps) ?06:26
Torahtee1There's two .cat files06:27
Torahtee1And two inf files06:28
Torahtee1Each is for a different version06:28
=== Cursed_6_ds [n=Shoaibi@mbl-99-53-164.dsl.net.pk] has joined #xubuntu
Torahtee1I have version 2, so...06:28
darrendexactly which model number do you have?06:28
Torahtee1There's a WUSB54GSv2.inf file and .cat file06:28
Torahtee1I'm downloading the driver from linksys06:28
Torahtee1But it's an EXE... can I use unzip?06:28
darrendyes, should be able to06:29
darrendare you getting the non-vista driver?06:29
gerroTorahtee1: use unzip or wine and don't use the gsv2 use gsc driver specific one for your device06:30
Torahtee1I downloaded the v206:31
Torahtee1It told me to find the version number06:31
Torahtee1Which I did06:31
gerroyeah that forum bit old lol06:31
gerroyours has a version number on it!?06:31
gerrothen its wusb54gs not speed boosted one?06:31
Torahtee1It's GS, and speed boosted06:32
gerroyeah so is mine but it has a c after it06:32
gerrohmm guess yours is one of the earlier models06:33
Torahtee1Umm... I still don't see any .sys files06:33
Torahtee1It's the same .cat and .inf06:33
=== magic_ninja [n=asdfsdf@ip68-103-23-222.ks.ok.cox.net] has joined #xubuntu
gerroyeah you have to use those .sys from the belkin driver06:33
gerroguy in that forum post I mentioned has them06:33
gerroposted a link on there06:34
Torahtee1I probably missed the link06:34
gerrodid you add the custom power rule? or are you using dapper 6.0606:34
Torahtee1ServiceBinary   = %12%\usb8023k.sys06:35
Torahtee1I'm on feisty06:35
Torahtee1I haven't even connected it yet06:35
Torahtee1Wanna get it set up06:35
=== dev1 [n=vitslipu@253-164-124-91.pool.ukrtel.net] has joined #xubuntu
=== ppp0 [n=kmikh@] has joined #xubuntu
ppp0hello everyone!06:43
ppp0i just turned on my pc to find out tht i cant connect to the net! i tried turning it off and on pon/poff dsl-provider06:44
ppp0it gives me /usr/bin/poff: no pppd is running none stopped06:44
ppp0whts up with tht!06:44
ppp0can any1 help out!06:45
damikedoes anybody know when there comes a new xorg intel driver?07:02
Torahtee1Plug in your device. The Power light will come on, and, after at most 3 seconds, the Link light will blink slowly. If the Link light does blink slowly, sucess!07:03
Torahtee1Link light is solid :(07:03
cellofellowdamike: if one comes out soon, it'll probably not be in Ubuntu till Gutsy.07:04
damikecellofellow, :( when is the release date of gusty?07:04
Torahtee1Ah, wait a sec...07:05
cellofellowdamike: late October I think.07:05
damikecellofellow, oh - thats finde. then i use vesa till oct07:05
damikebut sound and brightness adjustment don't work on m thinkpad :(07:06
cellofellowdamike: you may be able to get new ones from...07:07
cellofellowjust a sec let me get the link07:07
=== Torahtee1 [n=jordan@c-67-172-140-84.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has left #xubuntu []
cellofellowdamike: http://intellinuxgraphics.org/07:10
=== BFTD [n=thomas@67-150-247-118.oak.mdsg-pacwest.com] has joined #xubuntu
damikecellofellow, yes - i found that page - but they say its better to use the distribution packages07:10
cellofellowof course, but if you're desperate, you can get this working.07:11
cellofellowSId may have new packages you can use.07:11
damikewell i wait until oct ;) but i need TFT brighness and sound volume to get work :(07:12
Jester45sound wouldnt do anything with video driver07:13
=== Torahtee1 [n=jordan@c-67-172-140-84.hsd1.co.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
damikewell - but it doesnt work :)07:14
cellofellowJester45: it might.07:15
cellofellowespecially with all-intel sound and video07:15
damikethen i heva to reinstall vista :S07:16
Torahtee1Anyone have that link again?07:16
Torahtee1To the WUSB54G tutorial?07:16
BFTDTorahtee1 just install prism07:17
Torahtee1Oh, btw, should I be trying to disconnect my hardwired network cable?07:18
=== wbadger [n=wbadger@bzq-82-81-45-10.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #xubuntu
Torahtee1BFTD, what is prism?07:20
wbadgerTorahtee1, I believe it's KDE4's interface for sound07:21
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about linux-wan-ng - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi07:21
BFTD!info linux-wan-ng07:21
ubotuPackage linux-wan-ng does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas07:22
BFTD!info linux-wlan-ng07:22
ubotulinux-wlan-ng: utilities for wireless prism2 cards. In component main, is extra. Version 0.2.6+svn20061108-2ubuntu1 (feisty), package size 119 kB, installed size 556 kB07:22
BFTDTorahtee1 install linux-wlan-ng07:22
BFTDTorahtee1 then restart the comp, it should be working07:23
=== ron_o [n=ron@12-210-174-242.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
damikelol if i start gxine xserver crahes - wtf07:28
cellofellowuse MPlayer07:28
cellofellowI never touch gxine.07:28
damikebut i think its funny - they call linux the next generation desktop os - and nothing works ^^07:29
BFTDnothing works for you07:30
BFTDI've never really hada problem07:30
damikewell - if i get a new notebook and nothing works - what have i done wrong? ;)07:30
BFTDplus, a problem like that should be taken up with the developer of gxine and not linux in general07:31
=== Drew3b [n=chris1@pool-71-241-192-223.port.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
damikewell - but xine shouldnt be able to crash xserver07:31
BFTDget a notebook from Dell? Everything on the dells with Ubuntu on them come with drives for the hardware its on07:31
cellofellowI find that X server crashes when using wrong drivers. NV would crash my system, and then nvidia didn;t.07:32
BFTDI heard it took like 2 hour to write drivers for all that stuff07:32
cellofellow2 hours to write nvidia-glx?07:33
damikecool - sound also doesnt work :D07:33
BFTDcellofellow no07:34
BFTDfor all the Ubuntu drivers for the Dells07:34
cellofellowoh, hehe07:34
BFTDdamike what are your system specs07:34
cellofellowmostly Intel stuff actually.07:34
damikeBFTD, ibm thinkpad x61s07:34
cellofellowIBM ThinkPad is brand new? They sold to Lenova a long time ago.07:35
=== OwdGitRon [n=ron@88-109-87-173.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
Drew3bError --> "W: Duplicate sources.list"  HI people, How do I remove duplicates?07:39
BFTDdamike http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/hosted/lenovo-ibm-x61s.html07:40
BFTDDrew3b edit the source.list07:40
cellofellowDrew3b: open it in text editor, and remove duplicates07:40
Drew3bnext question where is the source list?07:41
=== xjonex [n=jone@dsl-roigw1-fe87de00-163.dhcp.inet.fi] has joined #xubuntu
damikeBFTD, well i switch to XP till october and hope it works with gusty07:42
=== celt1c [n=laptop22@209-6-163-104.c3-0.wak-ubr1.sbo-wak.ma.cable.rcn.com] has joined #xubuntu
BFTDdamike aparentlly it says that just about eveyrtihng works out of the box, something tells me you're either in an older version or, that isn't the laptop you said it was.07:43
BFTDwhat does uname -a say?07:44
damikeBFTD, have you read the right column too?07:44
=== SrRaven [i=srraven@xion.phxhost.net] has joined #xubuntu
SrRavenEhm hello guys,I got a petit probleme.I got a knittering sound when listening to anything on Xubuntu 7.0407:44
BFTDsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:44
SrRaventhat to me?07:45
damikeBFTD, i did before - didn't help07:45
SrRavenk appearantly not :o07:45
damikeis the current gusty usable?07:45
BFTDdamike so sound isn't working? what else?07:45
BFTDnot really07:45
celt1chi i need help, i am trying to run ubuntu from a live cd and after i hit run ubuntu from the menu it went through a lot of scans and stuff now i am greeted with a menu asking me to run a run a command as administrator or use the sudo command, and i dont know what to do, i jjust want to boot linux up07:46
BFTDits only tribe 207:46
cellofellowSrRaven: no idea, but what sound card?07:46
BFTDthey usually have like 607:46
cellofellowcelt1c: it started without X. Linux is running, just no GUI.07:46
SrRavenVIA AC'97 Enhanced Audio Controller07:46
damikeBFTD, the buttons for brightness and audio, suspend, and 3D support for X310007:47
celt1cok, so what do i do?07:47
cellofellowcelt1c: first, what video card?07:47
celt1cits a laptop07:47
celt1cnvidia graphics tho07:47
BFTDdamike obviously you didn't ream that link I gave you07:47
cellofellowcelt1c: huh. I'd run `sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg`07:47
damikeBFTD, well - i don't want to play the whole day with current version of alsa ;)07:47
cellofellowwe'll walk you through it.07:47
celt1cso i type that in? ok07:48
BFTDcelt1c make sure you have alsa install properly, I have the same sound and it works fine07:48
celt1cwhy isnt it just working07:48
cellofellowlaptops can be weird.07:48
celt1cso ill type that in when the menu comes up07:48
BFTDcelt1c that always happened to my nVidia cards07:48
celt1cah ok07:48
cellofellowit's usually 90-95% of them work out of the box, but other don;t.07:48
celt1cwill i have to type that everytime?07:48
BFTDSrRaven is alsa installed properly07:48
cellofellowon the livecd yes, but not an install07:49
SrRavenbftd no idea07:49
SrRavenIm a windows switcher07:49
SrRavenjust installed xubuntu07:49
celt1ci need advice on partitioning a drive during the install of ubuntu07:49
celt1ci have no idea what to do, but i want to dual boot, windows and linux07:49
cellofellowkeeping windows or not?07:49
damikeBFTD, is gusty unstable?07:49
celt1ci get to the parition menu in the install and am lost07:50
SrRavenI am keeping windows07:50
BFTDdamike for the moment yes, usually it doesn't become stable until tribe 4 or 507:50
cellofellowcelt1c: you need one sort-of large Windows partition, and at least two, better three, Linux partitions.07:50
celt1ci donno how to do that07:50
damikeBFTD, ok07:50
cellofellowcelt1c: be sure to defragment windows first.07:50
celt1cright now i have one drive with 55 gb free onit07:50
celt1cok then what do i do07:50
=== cellofellow has never done a "proper" dual-boot install actually.
celt1cive been looking help for days on this topic07:51
cellofellowI'd just follow the defaults with the installer, with the Resize Current Partition or whatever option.07:51
celt1ci donno what any of that means07:51
maxamillion!dualboot | celt1c07:52
ubotucelt1c: Dual boot instructions:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo (x86/AMD64) - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot (Macintosh)07:52
maxamillioncelt1c: that first link has _alot_ of good information on the topic07:52
cellofellowa partition is a piece of a hard drive that you can effectively use as separate hard drive.07:52
cellofellowyeah for ubotu.07:52
celt1cok ill take a look, thanks07:52
celt1cis anyone good at using the vista partitioning tool?07:54
cellofellownever touched it with a 10 foot pole07:55
cellofellowGParted and cfdisk are my cup of root beer.07:55
celt1cwhat are those07:55
cellofellow*nix partitioning tools07:55
celt1care those helpful to me07:56
cellofellowShould be.07:56
celt1calright well that me ask u this07:56
cellofellowGParted will resize NTFS (WIndows NT) partitions.07:56
cellofellowAnd create Linux partitons of all types.07:56
celt1ci want an easy to use safe and popular version of linux that is friendly to noobs like me07:56
celt1cand if it saves the hassle, they could be on a live cd or usb drive07:57
celt1care there any good distros u know about that can go on a usb drive?07:57
cellofellowonly lightweights like DSL and Puppy and Feather.07:57
=== Der-Tim [n=tim@dehhs50srv0.onic.de] has joined #xubuntu
celt1cwlel what to remcommend for me07:57
Der-Timhello... :-)07:57
cellofellowAnd I think Knoppix and MEPIS can do that.07:57
celt1cwhat do u recomend to me07:58
cellofellowcelt1c: if you want super-easy, Ubuntu-based, LiveCD distro, I'd try MEPIS.07:58
celt1cok ill look at it07:58
cellofellowBut it's KDE based, and won't run on what Xubuntu will.07:58
celt1cwhat do u mean07:58
cellofellowXubuntu uses XFCE, which is faster than Ubuntu's GNOME or Kubuntu and MEPIS's KDE.07:59
Jester45it needs a better comuputer to run but your lappy is running vista so it will be fine07:59
celt1cah ok07:59
cellofellowok, all happy now.07:59
celt1cill try mepis, thanks07:59
cellofellow'sides, kde acts more like Windows out of the box than others.07:59
celt1cwhat is this on the go drive in mepis?08:00
cellofellowUSB I think.08:01
cellofellowNever got into MEPIS. When I was uber-noob I downloaded it, but it never ran on the computer I wanted it to.08:01
cellofellowGRUB bootloader on LiveCD is a bad idea IMHO.08:01
celt1cso i dont have to install mepis right, i can just live cd it?08:01
celt1ccan i, if i wnat install it later on a parition and dual boot?08:02
cellofellowIt was a LiveCD (with Knoppix technology) even before it switch to Ubuntu.08:02
cellofellowcelt1c: yes, there is an install button on the desktop just like in Ubuntu.08:02
cellofellowOr rather the other way around I think.08:02
cellofellowMEPIS had it first.08:03
celt1cok, i will have to learn how to parition first08:03
celt1cwhat tool do u recommend for that again?08:03
cellofellowjust the Linux tools. GParted or QTparted (whichever comes with MEPIS), or the command line tool cfdisk.08:03
celt1co ok so it is linux alright08:04
cellofellowLinux is a *nix.08:04
cellofellowLike BSD, Mac, and Solaris are too.08:04
cellofellowA UNIX-type OS.08:04
celt1co ya08:04
cellofellowLinux is technically a UNIX clone, while the others are true UNIXes.08:05
celt1ctricky tricky08:05
celt1cis all i need the iso image, or do i need the md5sum file too08:05
cellofellowall you NEED is the ISO, and the md5sum is just to make sure your download isn't corrupted.08:05
celt1cthanks for ur help cellofellow08:06
cellofellowyou're welcome.08:07
celt1chey cello im gonna stay on here while i try mepis on my other computer, if i need any help especially with the partitioning ill ask in here08:11
cellofellowcelt1c: I wish I hadn't ever gone the easy route with partitioning. ie I install on full hard drives. My dual boot box has two.08:14
cellofellowcorrection: I wish I had once done it the normal way, so I could be a better help.08:16
cellofellowI'm glad I do it the easy way. Less to worry about.08:16
celt1cam i doing it the easy way?08:17
cellofellowif you don't want to nuke Windows you're not.08:17
celt1coh wel i guess im doing it the hard wya, is that ok?08:18
cellofellowit's fine08:18
cellofellowonly means more partitions08:18
celt1cthere is a nice mepis user guide i am reading while i am downloading the iso which explains a lot incouding the partition, but i will still need to ask u to make sure while i do it08:18
cellofellowI never actually installed MEPIS, just so you know, so I don't know how the installer works.08:19
celt1calright do u want the link to the user guide so u can see what tha partitioner looks like?08:19
celt1cits a pdf08:20
celt1cpage 1508:20
celt1cacutally 13 or 1408:20
cellofellowholy mackerel. my internet is running at like 3.5 times normal speed.08:24
celt1cthats weird08:25
celt1cwhat kind of internet do u have08:25
celt1cdid that partitioning user guide thing make sense to u, cause i didnt understand all of it08:26
cellofellowno, wait. my VirtualBox installation must have a slow clock or something, cause though it syas 75kBps in there, out of the Box it says normal, about 27.08:27
celt1cthats slow08:27
cellofellowcheapest DSL available08:27
cellofellowstill a lot faster than dial up08:27
celt1cim on a 54 mpbs wireless08:28
cellofellowthat's LAN. Mine is 100mbps wired.08:28
celt1co cool08:28
celt1calright im booting up mepis08:28
cellofellowok, I think I can walk you through this from the screenshots.08:29
cellofellowAlthough it uses QTParted, which I don't know the GUI layout for. I like GParted more.08:29
cellofellowso, you'll have to think for yourself a bit.08:29
celt1cdefaults (auto config with xorg display driver) or opt-in (nvdiai driver for newer than quatro4) ?08:30
celt1ci have nvdidia in my laptop08:30
cellofellowtry nvidia08:30
celt1cfailed to allocate mem resource08:31
celt1cis that bad08:31
cellofellowum, if it crashed cause of that, then yes.08:31
celt1co its still going08:31
cellofellowcelt1c: check out page 64 in the MEPIS manual.08:32
celt1cyep i read that08:32
celt1cthat big paragraph was confusing08:32
celt1cresizing a windows parittion (dual booting)08:33
celt1cthe one with that title08:33
cellofellowok, getting there08:33
celt1cno not that one08:33
celt1ccreating new parititons08:33
celt1cthat one08:33
cellofellowstill getting there08:33
celt1cok my screen is just black, it went to the loading menu and now its black08:34
cellofellowtry the auto-detect thing.08:34
celt1cthe default one ok08:34
cellofellowbefore you do that, boot windows, and defrag and backup08:35
celt1ci defragged last week is that good>?08:36
cellofellowdunno. you can't resize an fs that has some data at the end of the partition. It should work though.08:36
celt1cok it got to another step and told me to rpess ctrl alt f7 or ctrl alt f8 to get to a menu08:38
celt1cwhich i did08:38
celt1cnow it is just a blakck scren with a blinking white line at the top08:39
cellofellowyou still not getting MEPIS to boot?08:39
celt1cguess not ill try again08:39
cellofellowI can help you with installation, but I'd try their channel (I think it's #mepis) for getting the livecd to boot.08:40
celt1cok ill try again then go there08:40
celt1cgrrr no one is repsonding in there08:55
=== vistakiller [n=spiros@ppp119-38.adsl.forthnet.gr] has left #xubuntu []
cellofellowI don't know08:57
celt1cthis is so annoying08:57
celt1civ ebene trying to get linux for the past three days non stop08:57
celt1cgoing through like 5 different distros none have worked08:57
celt1cwhat should i do? try a different distro?08:57
DvineLordtry booting in framebuffer mode09:00
DvineLordive had issues with almost every livecd with that09:00
celt1cok how do i do that09:01
DvineLordit gives an option on most distros ive tried09:01
DvineLordi honestly havent tried xubuntu yet09:01
celt1cim using mepis09:01
DvineLordhavent used that either09:01
DvineLordonly ubuntu based distro ive used so far is linuxmint09:01
celt1ctheres 9 different options for booting09:02
celt1cnone that resemble frame buffer09:02
DvineLordand i just recently tried BeaFanatIX09:02
DvineLordBeaFanatIX is super small and fast09:02
DvineLordand gives u all the framebuffer options09:02
celt1cwhat is that a distro?09:02
DvineLordid try that one09:02
celt1cive tried like 5 distros in the past few dyas09:03
celt1cnone have worked09:03
celt1cthere always has been a problem09:03
celt1cits so anooying09:03
DvineLordi been messing with slax style distros alot09:04
DvineLordand on the fly module making is wicked badass09:04
DvineLorditd be my number one live choice09:04
DvineLordalthough i hate kde09:04
DvineLordwhich is only problem09:04
DvineLordbtw pm celt1c09:05
celt1cwhats kde?09:05
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu:  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop , or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE) . Latest KDE version is 3.5.7 for Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org) for more information.09:06
=== fireflyfx [n=fireflyf@77-99-182-177.cable.ubr07.dals.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #xubuntu
=== dev1 [n=vitslipu@253-164-124-91.pool.ukrtel.net] has joined #xubuntu
DvineLordive been watching firefly series as of now09:10
fireflyfxyo im having a slight prob with my wireless09:11
fireflyfxcan someone help me out?09:11
Jester45maybe, but we cant help unless you tell just what the problem is09:12
=== celt1c [n=laptop22@209-6-163-104.c3-0.wak-ubr1.sbo-wak.ma.cable.rcn.com] has left #xubuntu []
fireflyfxlol- keep having to untick and retick box next to wireless connection in network settings after every boot09:13
fireflyfxthen it works prefectly09:13
Jester45that doesnt sound to fun09:14
fireflyfxotherwise it is connected but at 0%09:14
=== Jester45 doesnt know wireless stuff
fireflyfxi takeit this isnt normal...09:15
fireflyfxoh well09:15
Jester45stay around someone might know09:16
fireflyfxbut i dont hold out much hope09:17
Jester45there is probly a simple fix09:17
DvineLorddoes xubuntu allow u too select packages u want before installation?09:20
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celt1chey cellowfellow, i am acutally downloading knoppix and going to use that and i thought i could use ur help with the qtparted program09:20
DvineLordewww qtparted09:21
DvineLordi found out i hate that09:21
DvineLordi tried installing dreamlinux09:21
DvineLordsaw that pop up09:22
DvineLordim not even gonna try installing it now09:22
DvineLordqparted is soooo much better09:22
celt1cwhats bad about it09:22
DvineLorddont really remember09:22
DvineLordbut i like gparted alot better09:22
celt1ccan i use that with knoppix?09:22
DvineLordusually the installation stuff is scripted together09:22
TheSheepah, the toolkit holy wars :)09:22
DvineLordu could do it during the livecd on ur own09:23
DvineLordthen skip it during the install script09:23
DvineLordsaying the disk is already setup09:23
Jester45TheSheep, hehe09:23
Jester45very true major war. i think xfce will slowly kill both sides09:23
TheSheepJester45: I think that xfce is where it is precisely *because* it didn't get involve at the start, but it changed now and the victory is there for some DE that nobody heard about yet :)09:25
TheSheepmaybe e17?09:26
TheSheepit's relatively calm and quiet09:26
Jester45i will use gnome before e1709:26
DvineLordxfce is nice09:26
DvineLordi believe it should have clearlooks at default theme09:27
DvineLordxfce has the worst default theme09:27
Jester45i like xfce4-dusk09:27
TheSheepDvineLord: opinions vary, aestetics is certainly a complicated science09:27
DvineLordbut xfce is like a mini-gnome sorta09:27
DvineLordatleast now it is09:27
Jester45at least there are themes09:28
DvineLordthunar is alot like nautilus09:28
DvineLordthunar is sooo much better then xfm09:28
TheSheepDvineLord: I think that people who try to fit xfce into the 'mini-gnome' box hurt it a lot -- xfce has a different philosophy09:28
DvineLordwell i like xfce09:29
TheSheepDvineLord: not hiding what the system actually does, but making the common tasks easier09:29
TheSheepgnome does a lot of hiding and automating09:29
TheSheepand guessing, which I really hate :)09:29
TheSheepcomputers shouldn't try to be smart09:30
DvineLordkde is just sooo redundant and integrated09:30
Jester45thats what i dont like about it09:30
TheSheepwell, kde is nice from the inside -- really thought out, but on the outside it's too windowish to my tastes09:30
Jester45seems like they want you to use only apps that start with K09:30
DvineLordkde is worse then windows09:30
DvineLordu can master windows ui fast09:30
DvineLordand unlock all the hidden stuff through registry09:31
DvineLordbut kde is just nuts09:31
Jester45not all of it09:31
TheSheepDvineLord: I hate the millions of config options for each and every application...09:31
DvineLordi like application specific options09:31
Jester45but linus uses it so it must have something good09:31
DvineLordslackware uses it09:31
DvineLordslax is the best kde distro09:32
DvineLordit ownz09:32
DvineLordid always use it for live09:32
DvineLordspecially with slax 6.x09:32
DvineLordi tried using xfce on it09:32
DvineLordforgot to make a vte package09:32
DvineLordhad no terminal09:32
DvineLordit was no fun09:32
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Jester45what i cant stand using is gentoo09:33
Jester45it takes forever to get it working like you want09:34
DvineLordgentoo seems to be the way to go for things that special configs09:34
DvineLordlike pdas, game consoles09:34
DvineLordprobably be awesome for car computers09:35
Jester45i guess09:35
DvineLordi was looking at one gentoo deriv09:35
Jester45if you wanna be in your car for a week gettings it to work like you want09:35
DvineLordsabayon linux09:35
DvineLordu think thatd be any good?09:35
Jester45sabayon isnt bad09:35
Jester45still hate portage09:36
Jester45its pretty cool that it has beryl and kde working nicly on a live cd09:36
DvineLordbut for live cds slax is the way to go09:37
DvineLordor something like slax09:37
DvineLordi tried slax,wolvix,goblinx,nimblex,mutagenix09:37
DvineLordthere pretty kool ideas09:37
DvineLordand u can take any package09:37
DvineLordthen convert it09:37
DvineLordand just stick it on the live cd09:37
DvineLordtheres not single huge file u needa deal with09:38
DvineLordit just loads whatever package u want in memory09:38
DvineLordand u can load them on the fly once system boots09:38
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Jester45TheSheep, do you know how to make a ram disk and have some programs i use a lot stored in it10:55
Jester45like firefox xchat sonata10:55
TheSheepmount -t tmpfs none /mnt/some-directory -o size=30G10:56
TheSheepand then copy the fiels you want there10:56
TheSheepat every boot10:56
Jester45could i fstab that right10:57
TheSheepJester45: yes, but you still need to copy the files every time10:57
Jester45i could make that an script that autoruns10:58
TheSheepJester45: I doubt it will improve anything in a significant way10:58
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TheSheepJester45: readahead already does something like that10:58
celt1chey guys i need some help, i tried booting off a usb drive but it says could not find kernel image when i try it, can anyone help10:59
Jester45TheSheep, well if it doesnt work i wull just umount it10:59
Jester45TheSheep, and if i did 300mb woud it take that much ram even if theres nothing in the dir. like allocating it or would it use more as it fills up and the size is just the limit11:01
TheSheepJester45: it grows as need up to the specified size11:04
Jester45thats good11:05
Jester45i think 1gb should store just about everything11:05
TheSheep.oO( 640kB should be enough for anyone)11:08
Jester45less than a mb for firefox to be stored in11:09
cellofellowsays the man who live in the days of big floppies.11:09
Jester45well i might just do 500mb11:15
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SharnI know it's been asked (And debated before), but where is the trash stored besides ~/.Trash? I have some files I dno't have the permission to delete in my trash (root) and want to delete them11:39
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Jester45Sharn, cant you gksudo Thunar and delete them11:51
cellofellowwhy not? are they special files?11:52
=== cellofellow missed a part
Jester45cellofellow, its the trash files that root has11:58
cellofellowThunar should just work11:59
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Jester45cellofellow, yea... but its root's so i said open thunar as root so you can remove roots files12:00
SharnSorry, walked away. Tried that a minute ago but they don't show up when  open thunar as root12:01
Jester45Sharn, how do you delete the files12:02
SharnEither right clicking or through file > empty trash in thunar12:02
Jester45and. was thunar root when you rightclicked them12:03
SharnAnd I get "Failed to remove ***  Permission Denied"12:03
SharnIt doesn't show any trash and doest give me a right click option to remove them when thunar is opened as root12:04
SharnWhen opened as a normal user, it shows 3 directories12:04
Jester45when thunar is opened as root it has its own trash folder because the folder is in roots home12:05
Jester45so if it was root when deleted you need to be root to see it12:05
SharnThat makes sense12:05
Jester45if you can only see it when a normal user12:06
Jester45right click and restore the files12:06
Jester45then sudo rm -rf file1 file2 directory312:06
Jester45if all the files are in the same directory just delete the directory12:06
Jester45the rm command doesnt put files in the trash12:07
Jester45so when you run it they are gone12:08
SharnI understand that much at least. :P12:08
cellofellowuse shft+del to delete things in Thunar bypassing the trash.12:24
cellofellowI always use that when running with gksu12:24
cellofellowSharn: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^12:24
Jester45cellofellow, do you have any advice for a new person to installing linux ?12:25
=== Jester45 invites cellofellow to viddandme
Jester45i need to make a cool log script12:29

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