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Tom47i was wondering is there any documentation that an administrator might refer to eg ... how to limit internet access?02:35
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Tom47i suppose thats two questions .... ok one at a time ...02:37
RichEdTom47: limit in what way ?02:37
Tom47how do you limit/manage/control thin client internet access?02:37
RichEdthat is not really an o/s or Ubuntu function, it comes more under 3rd party filtering02:37
Tom47ummm it woul be a real issue for a school though ....02:38
RichEdoh ... I see what you mean now ... but that would really again be done against the user logged in, regardless of what sort of workstation i.e. fat / thin02:38
RichEdi mean that fat or thin is not the issue, it would be against user logged in ...02:39
Tom47yes true but would apply to classes of users eg students, employeess, etc02:39
Tom47yes riched sorry i misread yu initially02:39
RichEdI'm guessing that you'd use a firewall / proxy programme, looking at each user by login name ...02:40
RichEdso if BobC logged in from the LAB using a thin client today, and then via a fat client in the library tomorrow, you'd want both sessions to be logged, stats accumulated etc. against the user02:41
Tom47wouldn't a school want to implement policies thoughwhich applied to everyone rather than needing to set up each sudent individually?02:41
RichEdso you'd make a policy for "members of the group students" another for "members of the group staff" and add user BobC to the group students02:42
RichEdi think there may be some ideas on this in the wiki ... let me do a quick search02:42
Tom47ok ty02:45
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RichEdTom47: this is the best I can find at the moment ...02:55
RichEdtry ogra when he wakes up again later02:55
=== RichEd needs to go to a meeting
Tom47ok ty02:55
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ograTom47, for professional solitions (i.e. standalone firewall machine) we have smootwall on the server addon CD ... you can just install a commandline system on a spare machine with two NICs and install smothwall on top ...11:11
ograif you want filtering directly on the server have a look at willow (its in universe)11:11
ogra(not sure about its status though)11:12
Amaranthdefinitely proof-of-concept11:13
Amaranthmuch more work than i had expected11:13
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ograAmaranth, well, white/blacklisting works, no ?11:15
Amaranthexcept the error pages you get instead don't11:16
ograi think thats the main concern for schools11:16
ograeven though you shouldnt run firewals on a server anyway :)11:16
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rYuanyone here?12:26
=== ogra waves
`6oghi :)12:39
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Tom47ogra what is the thinking behind non-running of firewalls on the server?02:31
ograTom47, well, a firewall is a security barrier02:42
ograyou dont even want user accounts on such a thing if you want real security02:42
=== ogra knows people that even compile monolithic kernels for firewalls to make it more secure)
Tom47i just installed willow ..... now to get it to run !!!!02:43
ograyou usually also dont install any stuff beyond what you need ... i.e. no compiler so hackers dont have opportunities to change binaries in case they break in etc02:44
Tom47the thing we are trying to achieve here is basically to continue to allow access to the net from the server for software updates ec but prevent user browsers from going anywhere but to the apps on the server02:44
Tom47yes ... ok .... am only setting out on the pth to server wisdom and appreciat the insight02:45
Tom47the main browser app on the server is one based on tomcat/mtsql and i would like it isolated from exernal access as well02:46
`6ogTom47, make it run on loopback02:48
Tom47it is presently accessed via ... is that what you mean by 'on the loopback' ?02:49
`6ogmake it run on any 127.*.*.* address02:51
Tom47ok right yes ty and that stops any external access ?02:51
`6ogshould do02:51
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lusomeone helpme to configure wifi -wpa ?03:17
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luthere's someone ?03:29
Tom47yes but my speciality is asking questions at this stage of my knowledge of edubuntu specifics03:30
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sbalneavMorning all03:39
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sgonzalezI'm trying to connect my edubuntu servers to Active Directory. I need to install kerberos (krb5-user) to do this, but when I try to install it, I get an error that it depend on krb5-config and that is not installable. Anyone have any ideas why?04:56
Kamping_Kaisersgonzalez, what version of ubuntu?04:57
sgonzalezedubuntu 7.0404:58
sgonzalezI did this same process using ubuntu 6.06 and it worked great. I'm fairly new to Linux, so I don't understand why packages won't install.04:59
Kamping_Kaisersgonzalez, the package may have been made "badly"04:59
Kamping_Kaiseri havent used 704, so i'm still trying to decide if i'll be any use *heh*05:00
sgonzalezKK: besides googling looking for others' experiences and chats like this, any way to know if it actually works?05:00
Kamping_Kaisersgonzalez, can you give me the exact error your getting?05:01
Kamping_Kaiseraccording to packages.ubuntu.com both packages exist, so i'm trying to work out the root of the problem05:01
sgonzalezThe following packages have unmet dependencies:05:01
sgonzalezkrb5-user: Depends: krb5-config but it is not installable.05:01
sgonzalezE: broken packages05:02
Kamping_Kaisersgonzalez, try and install krb5-config on its own05:03
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sgonzalezErrors out saying...05:03
sgonzalezE: package krb5-config has no installation candidate05:03
Kamping_Kaisersgonzalez, run 'sudo apt-get update' then try again (could you pastebin the output of apt-get update and of your /etc/apt/sources.list too)05:04
sgonzalezARGH! My network is down for some reason. Maybe that's my problem (I'm chatting from a different machine) Give me a minute to check this out.05:06
Kamping_Kaiserhehe. np05:09
sgonzalezWell, I did mess up my gw setting, but after fixing it still can't install krb5-user or config. I don't know how to do a pastebin... can you tell me how?05:12
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)05:13
Kamping_Kaiserhave a look there ^^05:13
sgonzalezalright... it's pasted at paste.ubuntu-nl.org/3055305:16
sgonzalezI added my sources.list and now it's at 30554.05:23
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Kamping_Kaiseri hate my internet05:38
Kamping_Kaisersgonzalez, has anything been said after <Kamping_Kaiser> sgonzalez, wth? their both in universe :S. could you pastebin  your /etc/apt/sources.list file?05:38
sgonzalezIt's there too... it's at pate.ubuntu-nl.org/3055405:43
sgonzalezDon't hate your internet :(05:44
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Burgundaviastgraber: can I ask why you are rewriting the student control panel? /me is baffled06:02
cbx33Burgundavia, afaik stgraber isnt going to any more06:03
Burgundaviasomebody talked him out of it?06:03
cbx33we're going to collab to make tcm better06:03
cbx33how are you anywho Burgundavia06:03
cbx33been a while since we last spoke06:03
Burgundaviapretty good06:03
Burgundaviaregister for courses on monday06:04
Burgundaviayep, headed back to school\06:05
cbx33what ya doin?06:06
cbx33hey I would if i could06:06
cbx33back to uni that is to do Comp Sci06:06
=== Burgundavia wonders if he should ask system76 for a laptop to "test"
=== cbx33 tried out foresight today
Burgundaviaforesight? the linux distro?06:07
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LaserJockblah, is ogra not here?07:29
BurgundaviaI have  ogra has quit (Remote closed the connection)07:30
Burgundaviatwo minutes before you arrived07:30
LaserJockfor goodness sakes07:30
LaserJockthat's my luck07:30
LaserJocksbalneav: you around?07:32
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CaPsULehillo 2 everybody07:59
CaPsULei need driver08:00
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cliebowLaserJock, isnt he flying to the U.S?08:33
LaserJockoh, that could be08:33
cliebowhe said something about "stuck in Philly"08:33
cliebowfor 4 hours08:33
LaserJockoh, he might be off to08:34
LaserJockUbuntu Live08:34
sbalneavLaserJock: are you talkin' to me?08:34
LaserJocksbalneav: any work on docs lately?08:34
sbalneavWhen's my cut-off date?08:35
LaserJocksbalneav: and hi!08:35
LaserJocksbalneav: not for some time yet08:36
LaserJockbut we need to have a little early action at some point ;-)08:36
sbalneavwell, I could start documenting the changes to LDM I suppose.08:36
sbalneavI've got a LOT of LDM work to do this weekend (been slacking off) so I'll add that to the mix.08:37
LaserJocknp, just doing periodic pokes to make sure people are still alive :-)08:37
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RichEdhey LaserJock & sbalneav ...09:06
sbalneavHey RichEd09:06
RichEdyep ... ogra is winging his way across the big puddle in a parrafin budgie09:06
=== RichEd is already here ... in eugene in oregon
RichEdwill see oliver tomorrow some time ... when he should be online again09:07
LaserJockRichEd: oh man, I wish I could have made it09:07
LaserJockfor multiple reasons09:07
LaserJockbut it's expensive and I probably shouldn't take any time off of work09:08
RichEdLaserJock: I don't it is such a "participant event" so much as a "show the potential clients"09:08
LaserJockI'm supposed to be there "selling" a book09:09
RichEdwe'd prefer you to R&R and recharge ...09:09
RichEdoh ...09:09
RichEdspeaking of R&R what are you doing on IRC ?09:09
LaserJockI was looking for IRC09:09
LaserJockI haven't gotten any email from you or ogra for days09:09
LaserJockand you guys weren't here for the Edubuntu meeting yesterday09:10
=== RichEd imagines LaserJock in a 12 step meeting: "Hi, my name is Jordan and I'm ..."
LaserJockso I thought I'd pop in and see what's going on09:10
LaserJockRichEd: yes, yes09:10
stgraberLaserJock: not a lot of people was tbh :)09:10
LaserJockstgraber: more than usual09:10
LaserJockI counted 5 people09:10
RichEdLaserJock: orga was supposed to chair it ... I am in the company strat meetings now ... and was transatlanticing myself during the meeting time09:11
LaserJockyeah, makes sense09:11
stgraber:), right usual = ogra, riched, you and me listening (sometimes after the meeting itself)09:11
LaserJockRichEd you guys need to email edubuntu-devel when you're going away ;-)09:11
RichEdTue 6pm UTC+2 -> Thursday 10pm PDT ... ughh09:11
RichEdLaserJock: I assumed ogra would be there ... I did ask him to lead09:12
LaserJockanyway, I sidestepped ogra and got another MOTU to look over my package09:12
stgraberTribe-3 release time was quite late and I think ogra took some rest afterwards :)09:12
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