mhbRiddell: thank you for the positive mid-term survey.12:25
mhbRiddell: that means - I don't know what you wrote about me, but you answered "yes" on the most important question of all :o)12:26
odlaScottK: no memory problems thus far ... it's now installing the upgrades12:31
odlaScottK: do you know if there is some long that i should to ubuntu about this when it completes or fails?12:33
odlas long/log12:33
ScottKFile bugs if there are problems.12:34
ScottKAlso see the Tribe 3 announcement on kubuntu.org for a link to where you can leave comments.12:34
odlaScottK: ok ... thanks for the help12:35
ScottKno problem12:35
odlahe he ... powermanager says the battery has been removed12:35
odlaone other quick question ... why not include krita by default, sort of as a kde GIMP replacement?12:36
ScottKI'm currently trying to fix the upgrader bug, so I'm still on Feisty.12:37
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odlacrashed during clean up phase and bug comment added :)01:00
=== lontra [n=lontra@c-75-72-235-37.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
lontrathe onscreen LCD for volume control is called kmilo right?01:25
manchickenYeah, but it's an OSD01:27
lontramanchicken: he he ... right ;)01:27
ryanakcaRiddell: since kwwii isn't here at the moment (I'll pass it by him on Monday when I get back from camping), the "Fixed" kdm Dialog.png are (pick the one you like best) available at http://blog.ryanak.ca/archives/3501:43
ryanakca(they're dark in the thumbnail, click on them to see fullsized, white background)01:43
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mhbThis post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:01:50
mhbryanakca: ^^01:50
=== DaSkreech [n=chatzill@] has joined #Kubuntu-devel
DaSkreechSo I get Broadband today02:03
DaSkreechWhat shall I test it on?02:03
DaSkreech :-)02:04
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xerosismhb: password is 'kubuntu'02:39
=== xerosis is a hacker from the movies
=== TheInfinity [n=TheInfin@p508F1B77.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== TheInfinity [n=TheInfin@p508F1B77.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbxerosis: I thought it would be something like "kubuntu" or "ryan"02:56
=== scotty is away: Fooding
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ryanakcamhb: hehe, wow, I thought I had removed that, oh well03:49
ryanakcamhb: which one do you like03:49
ryanakcamhb: there, I managed to take it off03:50
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lontrathere isn't a kde-games meta package in gutsy?03:55
lontrasorry ... nevermind03:55
mhbryanakca: I like the idea of having a not-so-gradienty login "window"03:59
ryanakcamhb: when you put them into KDM, the transparency really kicks in...04:00
mhbryanakca: I'd like them plainer, to be honest04:00
ryanakcamhb: they are just as gradiently. All I did was mess with the logo size, and the ration of logo to box04:00
ryanakcait's the same box. The whole idea behind it was to fix the 'line' from the circular/elliptical gradient next to the last "u" in Kubuntu...04:01
mhbI got to talk to Kenneth about dropping some of those gradients.04:01
mhbryanakca: I'm probably too tired to see the difference/judge the best one :o)04:02
=== ryanakca too
ryanakcamhb: go right ahead. Or, download the .svg , drop them yourself, and give him your proposal04:02
mhbryanakca: ah, neat, thanks04:03
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=== DasKreech waves from Gutsy
=== Tm_P waves from Windows Mobile
=== DasKreech flings Gibbon poop
DasKreechcan't test compiz on the Live CD05:22
=== DasKreech registers dislike with the new theme
=== nixternal [n=nixterna@ubuntu/member/pdpc.active.nixternal] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalhrmm, it seems that Kubuntu won't be apart of the Ubuntu training stuff06:53
DasKreechWhy not?06:54
nixternaldon't know, but it is kind of upsetting06:56
nixternalI kind of get sick of the feeling of being put on a back burner..06:58
nixternalthe talent that is here tends to get overlooked...just think, a majority of these people are responsible for creating what could be the most popular KDE distro among the community06:59
nixternalif you use KDE, and are into the whole free software thing, 3 OS's come to mind for offering top knotch KDE implementations, Kubuntu, openSUSE, and BSD07:00
nixternalgranted KDE 4 is a PITA to get running on BSD ;p07:00
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DasKreechDoes MacOSX count?07:05
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternalwell, they just got my 2 cents07:15
nixternalhiya Hobbsee07:15
nixternalgotta take the garbage out..brb07:16
Hobbseeheya nixternal!07:16
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ubotuI phear the stick so shhhhh07:18
Hobbseehiya DasKreech07:19
DasKreechhow areyou?07:20
=== jack_wyt_ [n=jack@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
DasKreechStill Not sold on dolphin07:29
DasKreechnixternal: Ping07:31
nixternalyo yo07:32
DasKreechHow the heck does strigi work?07:35
DasKreechThe Konqueror thing crashes it?07:35
nixternalI have no clue..I haven't used it in a while07:36
DasKreechThe Dolphin here isn't the same as the Dolphin in KDE4?07:37
nixternalit is close07:39
DasKreechwithout the nice Line views07:40
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Riddellryanakca: could you commit directly to k-d-s?10:52
=== tmske [n=thomas@dD5763506.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
tmskeHi, When I try to open something with kaffeine X crahses, kaffeine does seem to play because I can hear some sound of the movie (like 1 or 2 seconds).  How can I find debug info about what causes the crash?11:03
Riddellrun it through gdb?11:06
tmskeI'm not familiar with gdb but I'm willing to try, I'll first read some tutorials11:08
Tm_Phmm, kaffeine with xine or gst?11:11
Tm_PI wonder if it could be xv problem11:11
Tm_Psaw something about Crash happy xv somewhere, but Can't remember11:12
tmskeTm_P: kaffeine with xine I suppose, haven't changed it11:12
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=== tmske [n=thomas@dD5763506.access.telenet.be] has joined #kubuntu-devel
tmskewell, X just crashed again, I was just playing a movie with mplayer, driver: xv but it's the first time x crashed while playing a movie with mplayer11:17
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Tonio_Riddell: sorry for the 2 ftbfs uploads yesterday..... I was just so busy that I didn't upload the good packages, once again...12:01
Tonio_Riddell: katapult is fixes this time :)12:01
Riddellcan't say I even noticed them :)12:07
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellTonio_: how come you deleted session/kmix from k-d-s?12:40
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pgquiles_are freetype and X.org in gutsy compiled with subpixel rendering?01:07
Tonio_Riddell: because it is useless01:08
Tonio_Riddell: there is no need of this for kmix to start01:08
Tonio_just add kmix to ksmserverrc is enough, same thing for katapult01:08
Tonio_Riddell: I'm not even sure ksmserver considers session files that aren't in the user profile to be honnest01:09
RiddellTonio_: does it start minimised?01:09
Tonio_Riddell: yep01:09
Tonio_Riddell: would be interesting to test this on a new profile btw :)01:10
Tonio_Riddell: but here it starts minimized, as does katapult01:10
Riddellthe reason for the file was to make it minimised01:10
Riddellor hidden even, only in the system tray01:11
Tonio_Riddell: if it doesn't we'll notice this testing the next tribe, we can switch back then01:11
Tonio_Riddell: but I already tested removing the session entries for the french parliament, and didn't notice any regression on that point01:11
Tonio_Riddell: so on the very first start it wasn't minimized before this ?01:12
Tonio_Riddell: well I'll test and readd the file if I notice any regression01:12
Tonio_Riddell: I'll test that toonight01:12
Riddellas far as I remember, it was done in hoary time01:12
Tonio_Riddell: oki, well it may have sense than the application state was in the session file01:17
Tonio_Riddell: but that's not required for katapult for example, that's why it would be nice testing this :)01:17
ryanakcaRiddell: Yes, but, which one should I commit?01:18
pgquiles_Riddell: are freetype and X.org in gutsy compiled with subpixel rendering?01:18
Riddellryanakca: I can't see much difference between the ones you have posted, but I would just remove the white background blur entirely01:23
Riddellryanakca: not number 3, big logo nicer01:24
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kwwiierm, posted? where?01:42
ryanakcaRiddell: so, get rid of the white blur behind the logo?01:42
kwwiiryanakca: link?01:44
kwwiiryanakca: it would probably be easier to judge the logos if they were overlaid on the background01:46
kwwiias one would not notice the white gradient behind the logos so much01:47
ryanakcakwwii: *nods*01:47
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ryanakcakwwii: sorry, I have to go to my "Life Guard"-ing lesson, erm. I'll try to do that this afternoon when I get back, before going camping, or, when I get back from camping (unless you want to do it meanwhile)01:49
kwwiino problem, I am online all day and night :-)01:49
kwwiiI might find some time on the weekend to play with things as well01:49
=== ryanakca nods, I'll be back on Monday
ryanakcawell, late Sunday01:50
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kwwiiryanakca: have a fun camping trip02:13
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbkwwii: another one of my stupid, ugly ideas: how about making the KDM "foreground window" with less gloss? http://bayimg.com/naEecAAbc02:18
=== Starting logfile irclogs/kubuntu-devel.log
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=== Topic for #kubuntu-devel: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Merge! http://merges.ubuntu.com | Bugs! https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-team/+packagebugs | Tribe 3 Released! \o/
=== Topic (#kubuntu-devel): set by Hobbsee at Thu Jul 19 17:53:01 2007
=== marseillai_ [n=mars@AMarseille-156-1-123-144.w83-201.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu-devel
hungermhb: I am for it... as long as that ugly user list vanishes;-)03:10
mhbhunger: removing user list was not what I intended to do, it's just the side effect of using a mockup without it03:12
hungermhb: I assumed that, but I still had hope;-)03:12
=== jpetso [n=jpetso@chello062178070021.24.11.vie.surfer.at] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellmhb: how's restricted-manager progressing?03:25
manchickenAmarok seems to be having a hard time reading from postgres.03:37
manchickenLots of updates this morning.03:40
kwwiimhb: probably a good idea, I think03:45
hungeryakuake is behaving really strange ever since I updated my xserver.03:48
hungerDoes no longer stay properly in the foreground.03:49
manchickenUnfortunately, the newest version of amarok doesn't like some of its existing configs.03:49
manchickenI just had to create a new table for amarok and reset the scan directory.03:50
manchickenSimple... but annoying.03:50
=== cmvo [n=cmvo@ex4.73a.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
manchickenkmail needs better threading or something.03:57
manchickenIt's really annoying when the mail editor locks up during a mail sync.03:57
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Hobbseehurrah, commit access to debian qt kde svn...04:19
=== xerosis [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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Tonio_Riddell: ping ?04:43
Tonio_Riddell: hehe :)04:44
Hobbseehiya Tonio_!04:44
Tonio_Riddell: wanted to know if you have knowledge in dcop04:44
Tonio_hey Hobbsee :)04:44
Tonio_Riddell: just in case you might be able to help on the kdesudo part on that point04:44
Tonio_Riddell: we just miss one command line function to make it possible to replace the all kdesu, so we're not that far to be able to put it in gutsy04:45
Riddellexcellent, I've been using it today for this kiosk work04:45
Tonio_Riddell: and as mhb is a bit alone on that part, I though any other developper miht be able to help :)04:45
Tonio_Riddell: btw, the ida is just to reproduce the same functionnality as kdesu as04:46
Tonio_unfortunatelly I can't help on that point....04:46
mhbI must admit that I'm pretty lousy, when it comes to DCOP and handling connections using ICEAUTHORITY and such04:47
Tonio_mhb: nobody's perfect :)04:47
Tonio_mhb: I though manchicken could eventually help on that point04:47
Tonio_Riddell: do you think you might have a bit of time to help on that point before it is too late to test and eventually consider a default inclusion on kubuntu ?04:49
ryanakcakwwii: back04:54
=== ryanakca will test the logos on the background
RiddellTonio_: what's the issue?04:54
Tonio_Riddell: adding the command line option04:55
Tonio_Riddell: nonewdcop, which is used in  kcontrol, to let a kcm module go administrator04:55
Tonio_Riddell: that currently doesn't with kdesudo because of this missing command line option04:56
Tonio_mhb: can you describe the issue eventually, you might have more infos than me on that point :)04:56
=== freeflying_ [n=freeflyi@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== hunger has a secure system now. Just activated apparmor after reading about it in the tribe3 release notes.
Riddellhunger: what has it secured?04:57
hungerNo idea:-)04:57
Riddellthat's handy then04:57
mhbRiddell: the elevated application should reconnect to the user's dcop server04:58
hungerActually the stuff looks pretty broken for ubuntu... Granting read access to X on /usr/X11R6 and stuff.04:58
hungerRiddell: Looks like it covers a couple of services only... and those are disabled by default.04:58
RiddellTonio_: tricky stuff that, I'll try and take a look soon04:59
mhbRiddell: I was trying to copy the code over from the kdesu (actually from the stub, I think), but my code segfaults after mkstemp()...04:59
Riddellpoke me if I forget04:59
mhbRiddell: you can check out my pointless attempt at http://mhb.ath.cx/tmp/dcop/ , not sure if it helps, though.04:59
hungerRiddell: Anyway, apparmor makes me feel more secure:-) I guess that is all that counts anyway.05:00
=== kwwii is taking off for the evening...bbl
kwwiiryanakca: feel free to send me an email of anything, or just put it in if you feel happy with it, we can still work out the fine points later05:03
Tonio_Riddell: don't mind, I'll poke you ;) mhb knows I'm very capable of poking people everyday ;)05:04
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=== Hobbsee wonders what nozumi devices are
jjessemorning nixternal05:15
nixternalOK, I know Kubuntu has been adopted by some fairly large agencies..but the only one I can remember is the French government..who else has switched to Kubuntu or uses Kubuntu that is somewhat high profile?05:15
nixternaljjesse: that training stuff annoys me05:16
jjessenixternal: yeah?  focusing only on ubuntu again05:16
ryanakcakwwii: ok05:16
nixternalthey want it to be able to train corporate users, yet they have games, music and video stuff...silly05:17
nixternaljjesse: ya, and I don't remember some large success story about Ubuntu just yet besides everyone and there mother using it05:17
ryanakcakwwii: mhb was talking about getting rid of the gradient in the box? I'm thinking maybe of something 'frosty' for it? No clue how one would draw that, I'm just starting to learn Inkscape...05:17
nixternalya, but that was a biased deal if you ask me05:17
Riddellnixternal: Kubuntu users are Canary island schools and Georgia schools05:18
nixternalI am glad it happened of course05:18
nixternalRiddell: and Google? :)05:18
Riddellalso there's a company in venzualia shifting 100,000 Kubuntu machines in some way which I forget05:18
ryanakcahmm... *wonders how he can convince his School board to switch from SUSE to Kubuntu*.05:18
nixternalryanakca: I have been trying here05:18
Riddellnixternal: sure, they Ubuntu with whichever desktop the individual wants05:18
nixternaltheir Goobuntu is based off of Kubuntu supposedly05:19
Riddell"they Ubuntu with whichever desktop the individual wants"05:19
Riddellif your school board is already running free software I don't see much point in trying to change their distro05:20
ryanakcanixternal: Umm... dunno if it counts, but the local theatre (where I volunteer) is considering setting up a desktop with Ubuntu Studio for video/audio editing, and having an Ubuntu Server that burns Audio recordings of the shows for sale within 10 minutes after the Concert...05:20
nixternalour courthouse uses Ubuntu in their kiosks...which is pretty good05:21
ryanakcaRiddell: they aren't... yet. They plan on switching in the next couple years, at least that's what I hear from the school techie05:21
nixternalour school uses Novell because of the support conracts..so we have SLES and SLED as well05:21
kwwiiryanakca: yeah, I liked the idea of not using such a glassy look (and then we would not need so many boxes))05:25
=== xRaich[o] 2x [n=raichoo@i5387E6EB.versanet.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== lontra [n=lontra@c-75-72-235-37.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
ryanakcakwwii: would it be better to have a plain glass, with a bit of shine in a corner, and shading in the other, or frosted glass or ?05:29
kwwiiI am guessing that putting some shininess in the corners or such would look nice05:30
kwwiiin the end it is a matter of playing around until you're happy05:30
=== ryanakca nods
Riddellthat pretty much sums up doing artwork :)05:31
ryanakcahehe :{05:31
kwwiiRiddell: it is just fun and games :p05:31
kwwiiok, I'm off for dinner...bbl05:33
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rbrunhuberHi, nice to see Tribe 3 released, although the part on kde 4 is extremely scarce on https://wiki.kubuntu.org/GutsyGibbon/Tribe3/Kubuntu#head-4035e326d1c2905c11a346a48f553f8d93e0c57005:38
HobbseeRiddell: why would one use a control.in file, instead fo a plain control file?05:41
Hobbseerbrunhuber: please feel free to work with nixternal on it for tribe 405:42
Hobbseeoh bleh.  isee.05:42
RiddellHobbsee: only if you are insane, packages doing that are very likely to be rejected from NEW05:44
rbrunhuberHobbsee, Riddell: I did not find any information myself... . Tried to use the kubuntu.org way for the first kde release but did not work.05:45
=== superstoned [n=supersto@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
HobbseeRiddell: good thing it's to debian, not ubuntu05:47
HobbseeRiddell: besides, was i ever sane?05:47
Riddellryanakca: what's up with it?05:51
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nixternalso, what do we have on the plate for today?06:30
Hobbseenixternal: fix bugs.06:30
Hobbseenixternal: report all of the kdenetwork bugs upstream that are applicable, please.06:31
nixternalroger dodger06:31
Hobbseegood man :)06:31
ryanakcaRiddell: what's up with what?06:37
RiddellI ment rbrunhuber06:43
Riddellnixternal: how was Phil R?06:44
rbrunhuberRiddell: Where is the how to use the kde4 packages documented?06:46
Riddellrbrunhuber: it isn't yet, I need someone to test and tell me they're ok06:48
nixternalRiddell: we are going to meet on Sunday..he was super busy yesterday06:49
rbrunhuberRiddell: This is a hen and egg problem then. How to test the packages if there is no how to use the packages?06:50
Riddellrbrunhuber: install kde4base, set the environement variables as for previous versions, run06:50
rbrunhuberRiddell : As documented on kubuntu.org for older versions?06:51
rbrunhuberRiddell : http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-alpha1.php. I'll tried this with version from a few days ago but that did not work. Will make an upgrade and retry then. I'll keep you updaten.06:52
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nixternaljjesse: do you just come in here and say "morning", "afternoon", "night"? I have a window and a clock here ;p07:04
jjessesometimes it seems like that07:04
Hobbseenixternal: doesnt say that htey're right though..07:04
jjessei come in say hi and want to do somehting else, but then i leave07:04
nixternalHobbsee: depending on where you are at I guess07:04
jjesseso now that the adept-gutsy spec is obsolete is there another spec to help track changes to adept for gutsy?07:19
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Riddelljjesse: ^^07:32
jjessethanks Riddell07:32
jjesseRiddell: cleared w/ boss today trip to UDS boston07:32
Riddelljjesse: oh, groovy, although nothing is final on our side yet mind07:33
Riddellbut they don't have a past record of refusing the people I've requested07:33
jjesseRiddell: i totally understand that, but needed to get vacation requests for 4th qtr yet07:34
jjesseyeah it is but when you are a consultant on multiple 4-8 week jobs, they get scheduled early07:34
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nixternalman, I wish the government was that fast. I have been waiting almost 3 weeks to see if they approved me missing class for a week07:40
nixternalI keep checking the mail for my letter07:41
nixternalthe last one they said no because it wasn't business related..so this time I went the "educational" route07:41
=== jjesse_ [n=jjesse@] has joined #Kubuntu-devel
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jjesse_is that for UDS Boston or just a class you missed?07:44
nixternaluds boston07:44
nixternalI can't miss class07:45
jjesse_you better make it :)07:45
nixternalhehe, it is sooooo close07:45
nixternalwell not that close, but closer07:45
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jjesse_slow friday eh?08:32
Hobbseeseems so.  saturday here08:33
jjesse_does that mean you have the new harry potter already?08:33
Hobbseenope.  4.5 hours08:33
jjesse_ oh are you getting it today then?08:33
Hobbseei actually havent read the last 6 recently, so probably wont get it tomorrow anyway08:33
Hobbseeas i'll want to read it frist08:34
jjesse_me wife and i jsut finished ready 6 again so we can't wait for UPS to show up tomorrow08:34
Hobbsee!jdong is <reply> Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:37
jdongthe bots not listening to you :D08:37
Hobbseethis bot hates me08:37
jdong!jdong is <reply> jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:37
jdonglol it's definitely not gonna listen to me08:37
jjesse_interesting UPS tracking shows the book is headig here today08:38
jjesse_now i can't wait to get home ;)08:38
ubotufoo is bar08:38
Hobbsee!forget foo08:38
ubotuI'll forget that, Hobbsee08:38
Hobbsee!foo is bar08:38
ubotuBut foo already means something else!08:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about foo - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi08:38
Hobbsee!no foo is bar08:39
ubotuI know nothing about foo yet, Hobbsee08:39
Hobbsee!foo is bar08:39
Hobbsee!jdong is <reply> Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:39
Hobbsee!jdongcrack is <reply> Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:39
Hobbsee!jdongcrack is <reply> Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:39
Hobbseeokay, so i do get an error for that08:39
Hobbsee!jdongcrack is Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:40
ubotuI'll remember that, Hobbsee08:40
Hobbsee!jdong is Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:40
mhbwe're getting a bit offtopic here, don't we?08:40
mhbaren't we?08:40
jdongmhb: it's for a good cause?08:40
Hobbseemhb: it was in -motu, but eagles is there...08:40
ubotujdong is Hobbsee: jdong: yes, but you're FULL OF CRACK!08:40
jdongsomewhat clobbered :)08:40
Hobbseethat works08:40
jdongactually that sums up my childhood..08:40
Hobbseethe bot is a bit stuffed, and has been since seveas took a break, i think08:41
nixternalHobbsee: didn't you just go to sleep?08:45
Hobbseenixternal: supposedly08:45
nixternalthat is what I thought08:45
nixternalsilly bot...I once had edit rights, now when I try it says it has been forwarded on ;p08:49
ubotuSeveas, gnomefreak, apokryphos, thoreauputic, Hobbsee, bimberi, nalioth, Madpilot, LjL, jrib, Riddell, imbrandon, uniq, spec, LaserJock, mez, Jucato, trappist, Hawkwind, abattoir, zorglu_, tonyyarusso, elkbuntu, ompaul, PriceChild, Amaranth, mneptok, asac, bdmurray08:50
Hobbseedo i want to give you editor capabilities, though?08:51
Hobbsee%addeditor nixternal08:51
Hobbseethere you go08:51
nixternalthank you08:51
ubotuThe anti-Microsoft, pro-freedom, KDE and Kubuntu loving mastah!08:52
=== nixternal knows that won't last
nixternalI wish they would quit switching up bots in chicago...every week it is someone new08:52
Hobbseejdong: oh, the silence...08:53
jdongHobbsee: lol08:53
nixternalI was wondering when you were going to quiet him08:53
Hobbseefar out...08:53
=== mode/#kubuntu-devel [+o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
=== mode/#kubuntu-devel [+b %*!*@] by Hobbsee
=== mode/#kubuntu-devel [-o Hobbsee] by ChanServ
nixternalI like that08:54
Hobbseei prefer the term "pre emptive strike"08:54
jdongI did the same with mr miniville in #uf08:54
jdonghmm... *checks if the ban is still there*08:54
jdongoops :)08:54
nixternalHobbsee: just for you!08:54
ubotuOh no!  The pointy-clicky Vista lover has arrived!  He's rumoured to be giving out free money, too!08:54
Hobbseehaha :)08:54
nixternalI put it back...it just doesn't have the ring unless that is it08:55
nixternalplus the chicago guys love abusing that one on me08:55
jdongLOL I love that08:55
jdongnixternal: oh have you played with SUA on Vista?08:55
nixternalI have never even played with Vista08:56
=== jdong set up what he called "GNU/Vista" on his Vista machine :D
nixternalthat is the great part about that08:56
=== nixternal needs food
jjesse_what do you mean SUA on Vista?08:58
=== jjesse_ is trying to install vista as we speak
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jdongjjesse_: SUA is an implementation of POSIX/*NIX in the Vista Kernel08:59
jdongjjesse_: it's basically Cygwin at the kernel level; so the NT kernel speaks POSIX in the same way it speaks Win3208:59
jdongit is actually IMO the best way right now to get *nix on Windows... you honestly don't feel it being horribly slow like cygwin09:00
jdongit's the only way I can live with vista :)09:00
jjesse_i'll have to try it, i have a bunch of computers to play w/ this week09:01
jjesse_Dell optiplex 745 w/ 4 gigs of RAM09:01
jdongyeah, the odd thing is that SUA is implemented in the same level as Win32, so Vista effectively natively "speaks" POSIX :)09:03
jdongthere's been good progress in making pkgsrc work on Vista, so you'd have access to basically the NetBSD Ports tree09:04
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TheInfinityhello ... the bug with dist-upgrade in already known in alpha3?09:10
=== lontra [n=lontra@c-75-72-235-37.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
TheInfinityits an kde problem :)09:11
Hobbseeplease file a bug, under upgrade-manager, including all logs09:12
Hobbseei doubt it works yet anyway09:12
TheInfinityi had to make it via bash because on 7.04 i had no xorg - nv drivers dont work in 7.209:13
TheInfinityits a mac book pro, 1 week old ...09:13
TheInfinityreport it anyway?09:16
Hobbseeif it's no use, we can just reject it09:16
TheInfinityoh an adept crash D09:17
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nixternalmmm, good lunch :)09:48
=== scotty [n=scotty@70-41-130-124.cust.wildblue.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
nixternaljjesse_: I went to Giordanos last night, that pizza place we went to when you were here..I had a couple of left over pieces..mmm mmm good!09:48
jjesse_oh yeah that place was great09:52
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nixternalholy smokes...did anyone happen to catch the image on the planet? man that is going to cause a crapstorm09:54
DaSkreechSomeone put an Image on the planet?09:54
DaSkreech That a pretty big texture map09:54
DaSkreechIs it of a busH?09:54
=== DaSkreech stops trolling now
nixternalheh, cartoon pr0n09:55
jjesse_wow just saw the image10:01
=== nixternal waits patiently for the comments to get going
nixternalMicrosoft stocks rise, and Google gets in trouble with the investors10:03
nixternalhas anyone downloaded music from iTunes and used it with Linux?10:05
nixternalthere is 1 song I want, and it is only on iTunes10:05
mhbnixternal: so who's the next one to leave Kubuntu? :o)10:08
mhbor ubuntu10:08
nixternalwho has left?10:09
nixternalI get it10:09
jjesse_what do you mean?10:09
nixternalthink of the last crap storm that happened from a blog post10:09
mhbplanet is nothing compared to the stuff that happens in the czech linux community :o)10:13
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TheInfinitymhb: what happens there?10:20
mhbTheInfinity: oh well, important people (in the translation teams) insulting ubuntu and wondering why nobody from U. cooperates with them10:22
mhbTheInfinity: then there are people who insult Ubuntu translations just because their opinion was not the opinion of the majority, etc.10:23
TheInfinitytz ...10:23
TheInfinityhmm ... okay with translations we never had problems (germany)10:24
TheInfinityseems like the usual conflict which is default in almost every linux project - some people like to get very famous and thing their opinion is the best in the world ...10:25
mhbTheInfinity: no personal attacks from other teams? Then you are a happy translation team :o)10:25
TheInfinitymhb: we had some time ago other problems - some guys who wanted to make money out of the kubuntu website10:25
TheInfinitymaking a shop around it - and so on10:26
TheInfinityhmm ...10:28
mhbTheInfinity: it's not a bad idea, but nobody should make profit out of it10:30
TheInfinitythat was the problem ;)10:30
TheInfinitythats the reason why theres kubuntu.de and kubuntu-de.org ... kubuntu-de.org is the "official" site ...10:30
TheInfinityhmm ...10:31
TheInfinityis there a problem known with gutsy and networkmanager?10:31
=== scotty [n=scotty@unaffiliated/scotty] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mhbTheInfinity: well, I've used several wireless cards and all of them had some trouble with n-m :o)10:32
mhbTheInfinity: what do you mean?10:32
lontraTheInfinity: works here with ndiswrapper10:32
TheInfinityhmm ... eth0 kicks itself with dynamic ip :/10:33
TheInfinitymy wireless lan does not work at all10:33
lontrashouldn't theme manager be in system settings -> appearance?10:34
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lontraso there are plans to include kickoff officially in kubuntu in 7.10?10:42
=== xerosis_ [n=kieran@cpc2-shep5-0-0-cust722.lei3.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
_StefanS_lontra: I havent heard anything about it.. AFAIK its alot of patches to make it work10:45
DaSkreechAnd kickoff sucks?11:29
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lontraminor bug ... but ... after upgrading to gutsy all my artwork changed except ksplash.  ksplash still uses the old default background.  is there a workaround for this so that i can get ksplash to use the up-to-date version that uses the gutsy background?12:05
seele"Cheney to be in charge during Bush colonoscopy"12:07
seelethat, by the way, is a CNN headline12:07
seele"Now George, you got to loosen those buttcheeks"12:07
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