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blizzowAnyone here know if running an encrypted root filesystem will screw with Xen in Gutsy?  I can't get Xen to boot.  It says there is a kernel mismatch with Dom0.01:29
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jmgxubuntu really struggles on 256mb ram01:39
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lontrais it a known bug that when you unplug your laptop in gutsy that your laptop thinks your computer battery is toast and turns off?01:46
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Zapek(at least I have it too)01:47
lontraZapek: ok ... and it's been reported?01:48
Zapeklaunchpad isn't easy to search imho01:48
SeveredCrossLaunchpad is a pain to search.01:49
Zapekhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/38756 har!01:49
ubotuLaunchpad bug 38756 in gnome-power-manager "Wrong power warnings + sleep" [Medium,New] 01:50
SeveredCrossIs there a search function even?01:50
Zapekbut that's for dapper :)01:50
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SeveredCrossThe bug I reported hasn't even been looked at. :(01:51
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jsestri2Can anyone here give me a work around for the upgrade-manager giving me this error message? Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.bz2 Sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2)01:56
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lontrajsestri2: edgy?  that's feisty-102:01
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jsestri2longtra: yes, but i need edgy before i can get feisty02:12
jsestri2lontra: ^02:13
jsestri2how bad is it to dist-upgrade with apt instead of using upgrade-manager?02:14
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thoreauputicjsestri2: not "bad" exactly - but you would probably have a lot more problems02:17
thoreauputicjsestri2: you would need to re-run the upgrade, probably use apt-get -f install several times etc. etc.02:18
jsestri2thoreauputic: hmm thanks for the info, it will help me decide. Am I at risk of breaking anything badly?02:18
thoreauputicjsestri2: in other words, you would need to know what you were doing :)02:18
thoreauputicjsestri2: why do you want to do it that way?02:19
jsestri2thoreauputic: I can't get upgrade-manager to work, it keeps giving me: "Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/edgy/universe/binary-i386/Packages.bz2 Sub-process bzip2 returned an error code (2)"02:19
thoreauputicjsestri2: try changing your apt mirror in /etc/apt/sources.list02:20
thoreauputicjsestri2: for instance, remove the counry code or use a different one02:20
jsestri2thoreauputic, disovered the upgrad-manager does that for you, so I can't effect where they point to...also odd is that I can get to that file if i open that in a browswer02:20
thoreauputicjsestri2: have you run  sudo aptitude update ?02:21
thoreauputicjsestri2: I would try that first02:21
jsestri2i believe so, but I will run it just to be sure02:21
thoreauputicjsestri2: there is a wiki page about upgrades - have you read that?02:22
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes02:22
thoreauputicjsestri2: I think it has a section about using aptitude02:22
thoreauputicjsestri2: read this02:24
jsestri2thoreauputic: Wow, that looks great! thanks02:25
thoreauputicjsestri2: but be aware that you will probably have to do some post-upgrade fixing with apt-get -f install etc02:25
jsestri2thoreauputic, thats not a huge deal, I just wanted to avoid getting stuck with a half installation where i couldn't go forward or back02:25
thoreauputicjsestri2: no worries - just don't be surprised when you have to fiddle to get things going :)02:26
jsestri2thoreauputic, I've been on ubuntu for 2 years now, but I've been waiting because I hate redo'ing my custom drivers02:26
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thoreauputicjsestri2: OK - well if you know your way around dpkg and apt-get and aptitude you should manage it02:26
jsestri2thoreauputic: awsome, thanks for your help02:27
thoreauputicjsestri2: you're welcome02:27
thoreauputicjsestri2: just don't blame me if it breaks ;p02:27
jsestri2thoreauputic: lol, I'll try. BTW are you a dev or ???02:27
thoreauputicno, I'm just an obsessive op with an Ubuntu addiction problem ;)02:28
jsestri2lol, you should channel some of that into contributing02:28
thoreauputicjsestri2: this is part of my contribution :)02:28
jsestri2i suppose it is...I always forget the support people, my bad, many thanks, keep up the good work02:29
thoreauputicI am also working on a live CD without X as a tutorial for CLI phobics :)02:29
jsestri2without X?02:30
thoreauputicwith framebuffer, runs videos using mplayer, picture viewer with fbi , graphical browsing with links2 -g02:31
jsestri2thoreauputic: thats kinda cool. I wouldn't have thought of something like that02:31
thoreauputicplus streaming audio etc from bash script menus02:31
thoreauputicThe user can navigate from menus by choosing options02:32
jsestri2so you're looking to get people back onto the terminal?02:32
thoreauputicno, just to show them that the terminal is powerful and things can be done there02:33
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thoreauputicas it's a live CD only, they can play in it without fear02:33
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jsestri2heh i can't imagine life without the term, I'd die personally02:34
jsestri2clicking is amazingly slow02:34
thoreauputicwell, since we have so many windows refugees, a lot of them have no clue what can be done without X using a tty02:35
jsestri2that is a good point02:35
thoreauputicthis is just an attempt to show/demonstrate what is under the surface in GNU/Linux02:35
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jsestri2how different is fiesty?02:37
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thoreauputicjsestri2: different from what?02:38
thoreauputicor do you mean gutsy ?02:38
thoreauputicah OK02:38
jsestri2then whats the diff rom fiesty up to what gutsy is so far?02:38
rsknewer kernel newer gnome newer gcc02:39
rskupdates packages02:39
DanaGOne issue: the need for native-res framebuffer.02:39
thoreauputicwell, feisty has, for example, dialogs that ask you if you want to install codecs when you click on something it can't hadle out of the box02:39
DanaGWith vesafb, there's no way for me to run at my LCD's native resolution.02:39
jsestri2thats a cool feature02:39
DanaGInstead, I have to use nvidiafb, with acceleration disabled.02:39
DanaGAnd then once nvidiafb is loaded, nvidia cannot be loaded until I reboot.02:40
DanaGEr, I mean, loading nvidiafb blocks nvidia, and nvidiafb is not unloadable.02:40
thoreauputicDanaG: actually the whole framebuffer thing is pretty arcane ( I've been working it out for my CD)02:40
thoreauputicDanaG: vga=789 seems to be a compromise that works OK for my purposes, but it needs testing on other hardware02:41
DanaGOh yeah, there are NO widescreen framebuffer resolutions, at least on my system.02:42
thoreauputicDanaG:  yes, that is 800x600 with full colour IIRC02:42
DanaGI use 792.02:42
thoreauputicright, that's 1024x76802:42
thoreauputicsome apps insist on running suid root to access the console ( links2 -g for instance)02:43
thoreauputicchanging the permissions is too invasive so I'm just making my "no X" CD not installable02:44
thoreauputicso far anyway02:44
DanaGlinks2 -g actually has TWO modes.02:46
DanaGfb, and directfb.02:46
DanaG(besides any X-based modes).02:46
DanaGOnly the latter needs root access.02:47
DanaGIn addition, if you install GPM (not gnome-power-manager), you'll notice that the mouse acts differently between the two.02:47
thoreauputicDanaG: yes - you forgot svgalib by the way :)02:48
thoreauputicDanaG: links2 tries to use directfb if it is present02:49
thoreauputicand the plain vanilla fb is horribly slow :)02:49
thoreauputicalso, svgalib insists on manual config of the mouse and complains if it isn't configured02:50
thoreauputicthus, my current compromise is to set vga=789 and set links2 suid root ( only for the live CD I am trying to cobble together)02:51
DanaGSafer: instead of running the browser as root, make the device writeable.02:55
DanaGIs that safer?02:55
thoreauputicDanaG: well, if it only a live CD suid root seems reasonably safe to me02:55
thoreauputici.e. anyone using it only has to sudo or su to get Total Power (tm)02:56
thoreauputicand it's essentailly read-only02:56
DanaGWhich is worse: web browser as root, or framebuffer rw to all?02:56
thoreauputicI don't know, to be honest02:56
DanaGNor do I.02:57
thoreauputicYou can for example add users to group tty, and make the device writeable for that group02:58
thoreauputicbut if that was an actual install, i think it would be against policy02:58
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thoreauputicDanaG: to make a live CD without X look decent, a resolution like 800x600 works better than 1024x768, which results in everything appearing rather small, and by default in the top left corner - it starts to get complicated if you try to detect and adjust for everyone's monitor, too03:03
thoreauputicBut hey, I've only been working on this for a couple of weeks so who knows?03:04
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voidmageIs a newer version of nvidia-glx going to be packaged for support for 8-series cards?03:21
DanaGOh yeah, one thing useful: check out hwinfo.03:23
DanaGToo bad vesafb is compiled-in.  If it were compiled as a module, or compiled in as vesafb-tng (a patch), you'd be able to select a better resolution on the fly.03:24
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thoreauputicDanaG: fb support is a bit of an afterthought in Ubuntu it seems03:24
DanaGThat's the one thing (the ONLY one thing) I miss about Gentoo, from the short time I tried it: nice framebuffer support.03:25
DanaGIncluding fbsplash.03:25
thoreauputiclunchtime - later all03:29
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lontrais medibuntu available for gutsy?03:49
voidmagethe repos are up, just not published on the site03:51
voidmagelooks like they haven't packaged amarok 1.4.6 for gutsy though03:52
lontrais there no kde-games metapackage in gutsy?03:54
voidmagewell then again, neither have they for feisty (amarok)03:54
voidmage!info kde-games gutsy03:54
ubotuPackage kde-games does not exist in gutsy03:54
voidmageyeah, i don't see one.03:54
voidmage(still working on upgrading though)03:54
lontrablah they broke it up into a bunch of little packages ...03:54
voidmage!info kdegames gutsy03:55
ubotukdegames: games from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.7-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 21 kB, installed size 72 kB03:55
voidmage!info kdegames feisty03:55
ubotukdegames: games from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.6-0ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 20 kB, installed size 72 kB03:55
voidmageone word.03:55
lontrai see it ...03:55
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DanaGWhat extras does Gutsy medibuntu Amarok have over the official version?04:24
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cablesI've got Tribe 2, will it update to Tribe 3 automatically? It just had normal updates, no distribution upgrade or anything. Is a "tribe" release just a milestone and CD snapshot, not an actual new release?04:28
voidmageif you keep up with your upgrades you're fine.04:29
cablesSo, Tribe 3 doesn't have any new features when compared to Tribe 2 that I haven't already seen in the course of normal upgrades?04:29
cablesI don't seem much of a difference from when I installed it.04:30
chowmeinedthe installer04:30
chowmeinedyou can test the installer04:30
cablesah, ok :)04:30
cablesso I guess I won't see that unless I do a full install04:30
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DanaGWTF?  I just had to restart Xorg four times!04:58
thompaare you using desktop effects04:58
DanaGXscreensaver got stuck on top of my desktop under Compiz, and when I did compiz --replace, compiz died and apparently took the panel with it.04:58
DanaGAnd then I logged in, and no windows appeared -- yet I could hear the new-IM sound.04:59
thompai have different effects for diff drivers04:59
DanaGSo I logged out again, and this time compiz started, but when I tried to remove it from my session, the x server locked up so that only alt-sysrq-k could kill it.05:00
thompaon macbook always two panes05:00
DanaGThen I logged in again, and again the windows failed to appear.05:00
thompaon my nvidia box 4 panes05:00
thomparemove compiz if you need a quik fix or check bug stuff05:00
thompai get no wireless with compiz enabled either05:01
DanaGI find it quite annoying that xscreensaver gets "burned in" to the desktop.  The close animation stalls, but when I rotate the cube I can see other windows beneath it.05:01
thompastill i like this better than osx lol05:01
DanaGThen compiz --replace locks up the X server.05:01
thompause apt-get remvove in failsafe05:02
thompasorry remove05:02
thompathen go back in and reinstall it very simple05:02
thompacheck apport then05:03
thompathere is a problem on i915 in xorg i think05:03
thompabut nvidia has a diff issue for me right now,05:04
chowmeinedwhy did ubuntu go with apparmour?05:06
thompabefore you log out disable dektop effects then05:08
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DasKreechanyone on Kubuntu Gutsy?05:29
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jmganyone know mod_python?05:40
jmghow can i use a variable passed by GET?05:40
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jmgi'm trying to do: http://fooserver/foo.py?arg=Bar05:42
chowmeinedjmg: im not sure how to exactly, but i figure there are more elegant ways to do stuff like that05:42
chowmeinedjmg: have you looked at django?05:42
jmgchowmeined: overkill05:42
chowmeinedbut even still05:42
chowmeinedyou can extract the url mapping part for your uses05:43
jmgit's for an embedded system05:43
jmgyou can do it with mod_python too05:43
jmgjust the docs are sketchy05:43
jmgand what i am doing from what i understand should wor05:43
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jmgyay! made it work05:53
jmgoh that was totally the wrong channel for this question, sorry05:54
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CitizenKanehi, is there anyone that could help me get wirless working with the 2.6.22 kernel?06:08
AmaranthCitizenKane: you are using gutsy, right?06:10
CitizenKaneAmaranth, i'm on feisty with 2.6.22 kernel06:10
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AmaranthCitizenKane: oh06:11
AmaranthCitizenKane: You get to keep both pieces then06:11
crimsundo you mean gutsy's 2.6.22-8.18 or a self-compiled kernel.org 2.6.22?06:11
CitizenKanecrimsun, self compiled kernel06:12
crimsunthen you need the respective firmware files in place.06:12
CitizenKanecrimsun, where are the firmware files normally located?06:13
Amaranthhopefully a website for the device06:14
CitizenKanemaybe just copy firmware from /lib/firmware/oldkernel to /lib/firmware/newkernel?06:15
Amaranthshould work06:15
CitizenKaneAmaranth, cool, i'll give it a try06:16
DanaGWhat WiFi card?06:16
CitizenKaneDanaG, ipw220006:16
DanaGI know ipw3945 and iwl{3945,4965} are not in-kernel.06:16
DanaGBut 2200 is, so you're safe.06:16
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ubotuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu or !qvm86), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications06:29
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DanaGOh, oops, stupid plugin.06:30
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kvm - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi06:31
ubotuqemu is an emulator you can use to run another operating system - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPUnderQemuHowTo06:31
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jsestri2Anyone know why I would get the error: #ubuntu unable to join channel (address is banned)?06:31
crdlbjsestri2, #ubuntu-ops06:34
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jsestri2Alright, I would ask this in the regular #ubuntu, but aparently I'm banned and nobody will un-ban me...06:46
jsestri2I just upgraded to feisty from dapper (upgrade-manager), my x doesn't work anymore. I remember having a similar problem way back when I got breezy...I have an nvidia card...06:47
voidmageErrors were encountered while processing:06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/libkdepim1a_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/akregator_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/guidance-backends_0.8.0-1ubuntu9_i386.deb06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/kaddressbook_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/karm_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/kmail_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/knotes_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb06:48
voidmage /var/cache/apt/archives/korganizer_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb06:48
voidmageE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:48
voidmageWhat do I do to resume my upgrade to gutsy?06:48
DanaGScroll back and see if you can find what failed first.06:48
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voidmageUnpacking replacement kmail ...06:49
voidmagedpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/kmail_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb (--unpack):06:49
voidmage trying to overwrite `/usr/share/config.kcfg/customtemplates_kfg.kcfg', which is also in package kpilot06:49
voidmagedpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)06:49
voidmagePreparing to replace karm 4:3.5.7-0ubuntu1~feisty1 (using .../karm_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb) ...06:50
voidmageUnpacking replacement karm ...06:50
voidmagedpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/karm_4%3a3.5.7-1ubuntu5_i386.deb (--unpack):06:50
voidmage trying to overwrite `/usr/share/services/kontact/karmplugin.desktop', which is also in package kontact06:50
voidmagedpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)06:50
CitizenKaneAmaranth, so i installed the firmware but the card won't associate at all06:50
Amaranthi dunno dude06:51
Amaranthlike i said, you get to keep both pieces06:51
voidmageI found the same error for karm as in kmail, knotes, and korganizer06:51
CitizenKaneyep, oh well, I just wanted to play around with the cool new dynticks features06:51
voidmagethat was the one that failed first.06:51
DanaGYou can use dpkg to remove kpilot.06:52
voidmageso what should I do first?06:53
=== edgy [n=edgy@] has joined #ubuntu+1
DasKreechanyone on Kubuntu Gutsy?06:55
=== edgy [n=edgy@] has left #ubuntu+1 ["Konversation]
voidmageworking on it, stuck in an upgrade right now.06:55
voidmagei'll let you know when it comes back.06:55
voidmagelooks like a few rounds of apt-get -f install is fixing it.06:56
voidmageanyone know how to bring back the old-style sudo prompt?06:57
voidmagei'll get this upgrade done then mess with that.06:58
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voidmagegutsy has tickless kernel enabled by default right?07:22
jsestri2Is there a way to check which drivers the xserver can handle / exist? No matter what I configure the xserver for it always complains the driver couldn't be found.07:23
RAOFvoidmage: Yes, as long as you're not running the amd64 version.07:25
=== masterloki [n=mloki@] has joined #ubuntu+1
voidmagewell, one dist upgrade, 3 runs of apt-get -f install07:26
voidmageanother dist upgrade07:26
voidmagestill not done07:26
=== Toxicity999 [n=bryan@unaffiliated/Toxicity999] has joined #ubuntu+1
voidmagetwo dist-upgrades, 3 apt-get -f installs, and apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:31
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=== Nicke [n=niclasa@ua-83-227-140-135.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
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voidmageIs there a new login splash to match the new login screen?08:02
Hobbseedont think so08:06
=== Toxicity999 [n=bryan@unaffiliated/Toxicity999] has joined #ubuntu+1
chowmeinedvoidmage: gnome-look.org?08:10
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Admiral_Chicagohi, i'm getting an error with compiz, when i enable it, my windows borders disappear09:00
Admiral_Chicagothe error I get is this one: Fatal: No manageable screens found on display09:01
Tm_TAdmiral_Chicago: hi Freddy09:01
Admiral_Chicagohey there Tm_T, its been a while since i saw you in #kubuntu09:04
Tm_TI'm bit busy these days09:04
Admiral_Chicagosame here09:05
=== stone-unix [n=chatzill@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
Admiral_Chicagocould it be related to this line: exec: 252: /usr/bin/metacity: not found09:06
Admiral_Chicagothats the last thing of ourput I got, I am running KDE09:06
chowmeinedAdmiral_Chicago: did you install compiz-kde?09:08
Admiral_Chicagoyes i did09:09
chowmeinedAdmiral_Chicago: do you want emerald or whatever the kde window manager is?09:09
Admiral_Chicagoi'd like aquamarine but emerald is fine09:09
Admiral_ChicagoIf I try anything with compiz, Kwin goes away, the boarders disappear and I'm stuck without a window manager09:11
=== towlieba [n=krustycl@pool-71-104-99-22.lsanca.dsl-w.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
chowmeinedAdmiral_Chicago: open a terminal and type: kwin&09:11
=== coNP [n=conp@unaffiliated/conp] has joined #ubuntu+1
chowmeinedor aquamarine --replace&09:12
Admiral_Chicagoah thats a good idea, run it in the background...09:12
=== LinuxProbie [n=brasskid@S01060016e34ca1e0.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LinuxProbiehaving problems with my broadcom wireless card, can someone lend assistance?09:15
Admiral_Chicagothere is no aquamarine package in the repos09:15
=== Matrik [n=matrik@lacoloc.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== RedKrieg [n=RedKrieg@ip68-230-209-186.rd.hr.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
towliebaLinuxProbie, whats the problem ?09:16
LinuxProbietowlieba, after a reboot it was as if it wasn't there anymore.09:17
=== MilhousePunkRock [n=MPR@dslc-082-082-084-067.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Xemanth [n=xemanth@hostf173.hamk.fi] has joined #Ubuntu+1
LinuxProbietowlieba, I don't even have the green wireless light anymore.09:18
towliebabefore you rebooted did you do a software update with synaptic package manager ?09:18
towliebawhat did you do ?09:18
MilhousePunkRockSo who is responsible for maintaining the iso download server?09:18
LinuxProbienothing. only thing I did was change the network it was trying to connect to.09:18
towliebayou're using madwifi right ?09:19
LinuxProbieusing wha?09:19
towliebaare you using madwifi for your broadcom wireless card ?09:20
towliebait provides driver support for a lot of different wireless b/g cards09:20
LinuxProbietowlieba, never heard of it09:21
towliebaare u sure u werent connected using a wired network09:21
MilhousePunkRocktowlieba: madwifi is not for broadcom cards, as far as I know...09:22
towliebayea it is09:22
towliebai have a broadcom wireless card and need madwifi loaded for it to be recognized by linux09:22
towliebain the past i had a pcmcia wifi card that used the broadcom chipset and worked great with madwifi09:23
LinuxProbietowlieba, I think I got it working, gimmie a sec.09:23
=== LinuxProbie [n=brasskid@S01060016e34ca1e0.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LinuxProbietowlieba, well, whatever xtknight told me to do, worked like a charm.. o.o'09:30
towliebawhat did he tell you to do ?09:32
xtknight"sudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper" twice to remove possibility of duplicate drivers and then "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper"09:32
LinuxProbiesudo modprobe -r ndiswrapper twice, then sudo modprobe ndiswrapper09:32
xtknightndiswrapper wasnt in his /etc/modules so it's entirely possible it was never loaded anyway09:32
towliebai shoulda known you were using ndiswrapper09:33
LinuxProbieso I'm confused...should ndiswrapper be in modules or not?09:33
towliebaLinuxProbie, if you start to get kernel crashes like i always have when using ndiswrapper, try madwifi i know it works for broadcom chipsets and is a lot more stable than ndiswrapper09:33
towliebayes if you want it to start automatically and not manually load it09:33
DanaGWhat is madwifi?  I see no "madwifi" module.09:34
DanaGI call that confusing naming.09:34
=== mo0osah [n=mo0osah@cpe-70-116-21-77.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
towliebayou have to compile it09:34
towliebabut its easy09:34
towliebadownload madwifi ,extract,cd madwifi, make ,sudo make install,modprobe ath_pci09:34
towliebathats it09:34
DanaGaah, ath_pci.09:34
DanaGnot madwifi.  Who came up with that one?09:34
towliebabut it doesnt come with ubuntu09:34
DanaGYou see what I mean about the naming?09:35
towliebayou need to get the latest build for some of the newer wifi cards09:35
DanaGI already have ipw3945 built-in, so there's not a great point to it for me.09:35
DanaGThough I do also have a bcm43xx wireless cardbus card around here, too.09:35
DanaGAagh, droppings on my screen!09:37
DanaGThe little 000F boxes.09:38
chowmeinedi wish madwifi was completely open source :(09:38
=== Mo0oSaH [n=mo0osah@cpe-70-116-21-77.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== LinuxProbie [n=brasskid@S01060016e34ca1e0.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
LinuxProbieOk everything's fine.09:45
LinuxProbietowlieba, Hey, do you know how to change the default keyring password?09:46
=== gutsytrials [n=ubuntu@ip68-111-203-36.sd.sd.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== KMoth [n=mothfisc@CPE-121-210-36-161.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
gutsytrialsHowdy party people.09:49
KMothDo you love me too?09:49
KMothI like you a lot, gut.09:49
gutsytrialsI just installed tribe 3, and I'm excited about it, but I'm getting Grub Loading... Please Wait  then  Error 2209:49
gutsytrialsAnyone wanna walk me through fixing grub?  I'm on the Feisty live CD now, so I can get online.09:50
gutsytrialsThe gutsy CD only booted every other 5th time, and I imagine I'll be rebooting at least once during this process. :D09:51
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corevettewhat is ubufox10:09
KMoth!ubufox ! corevette10:12
KMoth!ubufox | corevette10:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ubufox - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi10:12
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pvandewyngaerdeis oit possible at boot to get 1400x900 reso ?10:54
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Michael_T_KingAnyone having probs w/pidgin?11:30
=== martoya [n=paranoia@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Michael_T_KingDo we talk about .dev types of things here?11:32
Michael_T_King.j #kinuxmint11:32
=== Zdra [n=zdra@] has joined #ubuntu+1
jussi01Michael_T_King: its a bit dead here at this time of morning...11:33
jussi01and yes, we talk as deep .dev as we feel like :P11:34
Michael_T_KingI love Ubuntu, but it broke my heart when Mint came out11:34
=== Zdra [n=zdra@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== lukketto [n=lukketto@host3-193-dynamic.7-87-r.retail.telecomitalia.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
Michael_T_Kinghi guys11:42
Michael_T_Kingwhats up11:42
=== jjchico [n=jjchico@valhalla.dte.us.es] has joined #ubuntu+1
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JosefKMichael_T_King, just downloading the alternate cd, after the desktop failed spectacularly ^^ no info I could send to launchpad though, box had completely hung :( *sighs*11:44
Michael_T_Kingok JosefK are you @ a comand prompt11:44
Michael_T_KingYou have Cable or DSP inet11:44
JosefKMichael_T_King, hah, I wish, could've done something with the box then11:44
=== leif_ [n=leif@user-64-9-238-44.googlewifi.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Michael_T_KingJosefK, are you comfortable with the console command line11:45
JosefKMichael_T_King, I can ssh into a *nix box if you want to do some testing?11:45
JosefKMichael_T_King, see above ^^11:45
=== leif_ [n=leif@user-64-9-238-44.googlewifi.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Michael_T_KingJosefK, you mean me into yiours?11:45
JosefKMichael_T_King, um... hell no - just wondering why you were asking?11:46
Michael_T_KingThat'd be fine... i'd even turn prefetch on11:46
Michael_T_KingNecause i've done it for others.11:46
JosefKAh, fair enough, thanks for the offer, but it looks like the alt cd just downloaded, back in a bit after I install it11:46
Michael_T_KingJosefK, IF i think i wanted your router bad enough i could take it.11:48
JosefKMichael_T_King, were you talking about the cable router, or a unix box, out of interest?11:49
Michael_T_Kingi'll pwn them both.11:50
JosefKhehe, no no, I thought you had some magic tweaks for my aged cable modem for a sec, ISP won't send me a new one :/11:51
=== JosefK sighs
Michael_T_Kingwhat a goon.11:52
Michael_T_Kinglets see.11:52
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=== Kain [n=i@c-69-249-157-157.hsd1.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
KainDoes gutsy use tracker or does it still use beagle?12:04
=== Adlai [n=leif@user-64-9-238-44.googlewifi.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
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kervelhello, since this night (gutsy) dhclient doesn't work anymore. it complains about "permission denied". i think it drops too much privileges (when i remove the "dhcp" user and group, where dhclient does a setuid to, everything starts to work) .. i originally posted this on #ubuntu but there i was told this is the right place ...12:22
=== Sebastian [n=sb@p5088F3A0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
elkbuntukervel, have you reported it on launchpad?12:31
=== dendrobates [n=rclark@adsl-065-005-186-012.sip.asm.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Zapek [i=zapek@nat/fluendo/x-dcded82b30806260] has joined #ubuntu+1
Zapekif I lock the screen under compiz, I cannot enter my password into the string anymore. now the question is if it's a compiz bug or a gnome-screensaver bug?12:42
kervelelkbuntu i found many reports with similar errors. most of them were because of faulty drivers, i didn't find any one yet with problems with privileges12:43
kervelelkbuntu i want to know if others are suffering from the problem too .. it could be a local problem here12:43
kerveli'm already using this machine since hoary, and i never did a fresh install .. so12:43
=== Toma-- [n=e17@203-217-0-119.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
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elkbuntukervel, if you put it up on launchpad, more people will be able to find it. at worst, it gets rejected. at best, you find a fix12:53
=== sen3 [n=sen@210.179-241-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== elmargol [n=elmargol@host52-60.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu+1
elmargolWas someone able to start tribe 3 on qemu?12:58
=== grumpymole [n=warren@c58-109-125-122.lowrp2.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
gutsytrialsI am SO lost on this grub problem.01:03
gutsytrialsread about 20 things, tried about 20 things.  Have no idea what is going on.  Why is it so hard to just get grub to recognize where I JUST installed gutsy?01:03
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-187-102.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
ririi am on vmware gusty01:06
riribecause i can't start it from an acer core duo2 with xpress 1200S01:07
Xemanthstart it?01:07
ririi mean boot01:07
Xemanthhave you tried alt disc01:07
=== CodeImp [n=dont@s55910c2b.adsl.wanadoo.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
ririno desktop01:07
rirido you mean cd alternative ?01:08
Xemanthalternative cd01:08
Xemanththere's desktop cd and alternative cd01:08
Xemanthdesktop cd boots to desktop :)01:08
ririi choose desktop01:08
Xemanthxorg has problems with ati gfx chips01:09
riribecaus i wanted to try it as livecd01:09
Xemanthwhen does system hang?01:09
ririi guess i already have it with feisty01:09
ririjust at beginning01:09
Xemanthit falls to command line when trying to start X or just hangs with black screen01:09
Xemanthtry hitting ctrl alt f101:10
ririi have got a message kind of kan find kernel and hex number01:10
Xemanthnice :)01:10
Xemanthproblem might be in sata controller hmm-m01:11
Xemanthwhat laptop do you exactly have?01:11
ririi am trying it on another pc01:11
ririwith ati 920001:11
ririi will see01:11
Xemanthone othe things, maybe your cd is defected or something...01:12
=== hggdh [n=hggdh@pool-71-170-39-244.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
ririi am trying now on another pc01:13
=== Pici [n=pcmacman@ool-4355be00.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
ririlooks like booting01:14
riripassed the problem on the acer01:14
ririi guess it's ati which is not recognise01:14
Xemanthproblem might be sata/pata controller01:14
ririworks on the radeon 9200 on the other pc !01:15
ririis there any thing to do ?01:15
Xemanth9200 is antique :)01:15
riribut working ! lol01:15
=== matysecek [n=matysek@26.Red-88-25-166.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xemanthold stuff do01:15
ririyes always01:15
Xemanthwhat acer aspire do you have?01:16
rirican we upgrade feisty to gutsy01:16
Xemanthyou will break whole system with that :D01:16
riricore duo 201:16
Xemanththere are many acer aspire system which have c2d01:16
=== sen3 [n=sen@210.179-241-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
ririi will ask my wife if i can format her computer ! lol01:16
Xemanthif you want to use gutsy you can try it with vmware01:17
ririyes sorry01:17
ririT671 - PB7Z01:17
ririyes i talking to you from kde4 konversation on vmware01:18
Xemanthwtf 430e :D01:18
riribut i am interested in the new feature of kde401:18
ririi can't get it runing on feisty01:18
gutsytrialsMy grub is giving Error 22, but when I try sudo grub-install /dev/sdc201:19
gutsytrialsIt says Could not find device for /boot.01:19
gutsytrialsso... what do I do?01:19
gutsytrialsWould it fix it if I just deleted the grub directory and reinstalled?01:20
ririplasma seems to be working on vmware kde4 a bit dark (black can we change the color ?)01:20
gutsytrialsI changed the flag in gparted to boot will that do it?01:21
Xemanthdon't think so01:21
gutsytrialsSo how do I fix my grub?  I've read like 20 pages, and tried like 30 different things.01:22
Xemanthgrub is one of the hardest software to understand for me :D01:23
gutsytrialsYou're not kidding!01:23
gutsytrialsand #grub is no help at all.01:23
Xemanthgutsytrials: is sdc2 your boot partition ?01:24
gutsytrialsThat's where the grub directory is!01:24
Xemanthyeah then it is01:24
gutsytrialsOK!  So now what do I do?01:24
Xemanthi just remember that always when i sc*ew grub like that, the fastest thing to fix it is to reinstall :D01:25
gutsytrialswait, no that can't be it.01:25
gutsytrialsI just did reinstall!01:25
gutsytrialswhere the hell did /dev/sdd1 Come from?01:27
gutsytrialsAnd what IS it?01:27
=== matysek [n=matysek@26.Red-88-25-166.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
gutsytrialswhat if I just delete all of grub?01:27
gutsytrialsHow do I find out my /dev/sdx from the disk-3 that shows up in nautilus?01:27
=== Nicke [n=niclasa@ua-83-227-140-135.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xemanthgutsytrials: you can try sudo apt-get install --reinstall grub01:34
Xemanthgutsytrials: you can see your partition with sudo fdisk -l01:35
=== hoora_ [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-a487818d73f96ac3] has joined #ubuntu+1
Xemanthmount -command tells which partition are mounted where01:35
gutsytrialsyeah, I found it.01:35
gutsytrialsI'll try that.01:35
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
gutsytrialsIt claims success!01:37
gutsytrialsHow can I be sure that that drive is my boot drive?01:37
Xemanthin next boot :P01:41
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cRhYloveHow do I enable nvidia in gutsy?02:30
=== hggdh [n=hggdh@pool-71-170-39-244.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto02:32
cRhYloveYeah, but the restricted drivers are not in my System menu!02:34
Hobbseekubuntu doesnt have a restricted drivers thing yet02:35
Hobbseeyou cna install the ubuntu one02:35
=== noob0-alpha3 [n=vladi@202-137-101-173.auto.usertools.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
cRhYloveNo this is Gutsy 7.10 Tribe 3, 64 bit edition.02:37
cRhYloveno kubuntu.02:37
cRhYloveAnd there is NO restricted driver option in the system menu.02:37
noob0-alpha3testing gutsy alpha3 to see if mdadm works (mdadm didn't work for me in feisty with software raid 5). I installed from the alternative cd and I see a device /dev/md0, but trying to sudo mount /dev/md0 /mnt/raid fails...what to do?02:37
=== Toma-- [n=e17@203-217-0-119.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu+1
cRhYloveIs this like some crazy ass new bug?02:39
Hobbseeactually, i noticed that gone.  not sure where02:40
cRhYlovewhat's the terminal code for it?02:40
cRhYloveMaybe just the menu is missing?02:41
noob0-alpha3mdadm: i'm seeing the same behaviour as in feisty, namely that my drives dont all get created so my raid cant be assembled02:42
noob0-alpha3ls /dev/sd*02:43
noob0-alpha3/dev/sda  /dev/sdb  /dev/sdb1  /dev/sdc  /dev/sdc1  /dev/sdd  /dev/sdd102:43
noob0-alpha3no /dev/sda102:43
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tattersbeen trying to upgrade keep getting   "Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy/commercial/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404 Not Found ""  is there any way to remedy this?02:50
noob0-alpha3well back to edgy..02:51
cRhYlovecould that be related to my problem?02:51
Hobbseetatters: check whether it exists....02:55
Hobbseei doubt the commercial repo is there for gutsy yest02:55
tattersapparently it does not exist YET it says it has been released, I followed the advice to update, upgrade and then run update-manager -d , I did not add that link to the repos it di it automatically02:57
=== tfreire [n=tfreire@] has joined #ubuntu+1
lamalexI'd be surpised if the commercial repo was open for gutsy yet02:59
Hobbseetatters: ubuntu tribe 3 si released.  it in no way mentions the canonical commercial repository.03:00
lamalexthey usually don't open that until release03:00
tattersY would it be in the download list if it not yet available..do I just ignore the message till it becomes live?03:01
lamalexremote that repo from your sources.list03:01
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cRhYloveSo does this mean I can't have Nvidia drivers yet (and compiz-fusion)? Or am I having a separate and weirder problem?03:08
=== tfreire [n=tfreire@] has joined #ubuntu+1
HobbseecRhYlove: what happens if you run restricted<tab> from a command line?  what does it output?03:10
HobbseecRhYlove: are you on teh live cd, or in the installed system?03:10
cRhYloveit was on the live cd, funny enough!03:11
Hobbseewhat does apt-cache policy restricted-manager say?03:11
cRhYloveinstalled: (none)03:12
HobbseecRhYlove: how was it on the tribe 3 live cd?03:12
Hobbseeit wasnt for me...03:12
cRhYloveyeah, that's a pretty serious error in tribe 3, no?03:12
cRhYloveit was on the live cd, but now installed system, it is MIA.03:12
Hobbseenot.....really a critical bug, no.03:13
Hobbseefor a tribe03:13
cRhYlovecan i get it in synaptic?03:13
cRhYloveProbably have to reboot in a second.03:14
HobbseecRhYlove: there are more serious bugs in tribe 3, let me tell you...03:14
cRhYloveWhere should I report this one?03:14
cRhYloveI'm sure! LOL03:14
=== borg_ [n=olaf@] has joined #ubuntu+1
coNPanyone trying to use liferea?03:15
HobbseecRhYlove: wouldnt bother - we're looking into it now03:16
coNPanyone aware why gparted is *so* slow?03:16
cRhYlovewell, off to reboot!03:16
HobbseecRhYlove: it's a bug in soyuz, which is part of the build infrastructure03:17
HobbseecRhYlove: which is why i held off asking you to report it :)03:17
cRhYlovegood 2 know.03:17
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=== Ronald [n=Ronald@ip51-232-58-62.adsl.versatel.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
cRhYloveHey, I was also missing the compiz config settings manager, and had to add it by hand in synaptic.03:29
=== Ronald|Laptop [n=Ronald@ip51-232-58-62.adsl.versatel.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== kervel [n=kervel@cable-213-132-140-61.upc.chello.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
HobbseecRhYlove: by design.  neither are in main.03:30
Hobbseeapt-cache madison <packagename>03:30
Hobbseeas in, the main stuff is just the defaults, no config.  at least at the moment03:30
Hobbseeno extras03:31
=== compwiz18 [n=adam18@metarb3-pool1-92.mtco.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
cRhYloveI can't find emerald themes in synaptic!03:46
=== Dannilion [n=danni@] has joined #ubuntu+1
Danniliondoes anyone know how to get direct rendering on with an intel 945 graphics card and gutsy?03:55
=== thomax [n=thomas@217-148-245-43.happymany.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
crdlbDannilion, sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri04:03
=== matysek [n=matysek@197.Red-83-33-186.dynamicIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== Dannilion [n=danni@] has joined #ubuntu+1
crdlbDannilion, did you get that?04:09
Dannilionnope :(04:12
Dannilionmy laptop's battery died- the power cable had come out04:13
crdlbDannilion, sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri04:14
=== obsethryl [n=cball@unaffiliated/obsethryl] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dannilionokay, installing04:16
crdlbthat's the free DRI package04:16
crdlbfor a (short) while gutsy wasn't going to include it on the cd04:16
crdlbdue to a misunderstanding I guess04:16
DannilionIt wasn't on the CD yesterday04:17
=== tretle_ [n=tretle@213-202-173-204.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dannilionyay! It works!04:22
Dannilionthanks crdlb04:23
Hobbseecrdlb: Dannilion thanks for raising that04:26
Hobbseehmm..  this having the ubuntu seeds here is kinda inconvenient04:26
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=== Ronald [n=Ronald@ip51-232-58-62.adsl.versatel.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
pawancan ubuntu be used with windows04:34
coNPpawan: what do you mean?04:35
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-187-102.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
pawani have windows installed in my system04:35
Dannilionyou can dual boot it, yes04:35
=== Dannilion is dual booting XP and Kubuntu
pawannow i wanna set ubuntu without destroying windows04:36
coNPit is possible04:36
=== Anton99 [i=ant77706@ip-5.108.Home-Lan.fastnet.lv] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dannilioneasiest way is a new harddrive04:36
pawanhow to make partitions04:36
pawani have fat32 filesystem04:36
Dannilionthe way I did it was to defrag Windows, then resize the partition and use the free space to create my Linux partitions04:37
pawandoes it preserver the data04:37
Dannilionit did for me, but I made sure there was plenty of free space and defragged first04:37
jussi01defrag several times...04:38
pawancant we use without defrag04:38
jussi01I recommend at least 304:38
pawani should defrag all the drives three times04:38
=== coNP [n=conp@unaffiliated/conp] has joined #ubuntu+1
pawanmy hard disk is 400gb04:39
jussi01it will minimise the amount of risk of losing data04:39
pawanwith 10 partitions04:39
jussi01the 2nd and 3rd times will be much quicker04:39
Anton99a am defragmented 10 times :) the last been only 2 minutes long :P04:40
jussi01your call... but thats my reccomendation...04:40
=== Nicke [n=niclasa@ua-83-227-140-135.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu+1
pawanif i create manully linux partition04:42
DannilionI only defragged once, but it was a new install of XP :p04:43
pawanin have window xp and windows 2008 server installed04:43
=== Zdra [n=zdra@] has joined #ubuntu+1
pawanone partion is fat32 and other is ntfs04:43
=== txwikinger [n=txwiking@sblug/member/txwikinger] has joined #ubuntu+1
Anton99better resize NTFS04:45
Anton99this is more secure04:45
pawanhow much space does ubuntu takes04:45
Anton99approx. 2GB04:46
pawani ntfs partition is 19.5 gb04:46
pawanwith free 10 gb04:46
Anton99ok, you can defrag and resize to 15Gb04:46
Anton99and give 5Gb to / and 0.5Gb to swap04:46
Anton99how much RAM you have?04:47
pawanhow to resize04:47
Anton99you are already defragmented?04:51
pawani started the defragmentation process04:51
pawanof the 19.5 gb drive04:51
Anton99ok. how important info is on this partition?04:51
pawanthe os windows 2008 server is there04:52
Anton99i hate mustdie servers :)04:52
pawando i have to defrag all the partions or only the 19.5 gb partition04:53
=== JosefK [n=brett@82-42-147-9.cable.ubr01.sprt.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== DanaG [n=DanaG@24-205-228-241.dhcp.snlo.ca.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
Anton99only what partition you want to resize04:56
pawanthe 19.5 gb04:56
Anton99yes :)04:56
pawani started the defrag process04:56
pawanbut why to defrag04:57
=== rohan [n=rohan@unaffiliated/rohan] has joined #ubuntu+1
rohancan someone please check and mark this bug as confirmed ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/127053 ..  i am almost sure that it's a real bug04:57
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127053 in sun-java6 "Problem in sun-java6-jdk documentation" [Undecided,New] 04:57
=== profoX` [n=wesley@ubuntu/member/profox] has joined #ubuntu+1
ubotuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.ubuntu.com/  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/products/ubuntu-bots04:58
rohanAnton99: if that was directed towards me, i wonder what was the purpose ?04:58
rohanit's a bug i reported myself04:59
coNProhan: I'll check04:59
rohancoNP: thanks04:59
coNPbtw you can say bug 12705304:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127053 in sun-java6 "Problem in sun-java6-jdk documentation" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12705304:59
rohanah, i didn't know ;)05:00
coNPubotu is quite smart :)05:00
rohani think there was a different bot for it .. ubugtu or so05:00
coNP(altough it is only a *bot*)05:00
coNPit is history now05:00
rohanany reason why ?05:00
Piciubugtu and ubotu were merged05:01
rohanah ok05:01
JosefKis anyone having trouble switching between X and vtt's with 'nvidia-glx', 'nvidia-glx-new' and an 8800GTS?05:01
=== motin_ [n=motin@84-217-83-178.tn.glocalnet.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Anton99:) no05:04
Anton99i have FX5500 :D05:04
coNPbtw. anyone using liferea05:04
coNPand having troubles while updating feeds?05:04
rohancoNP: please ping me once you look into the bug ..05:05
coNProhan: I get the source05:05
coNProhan: 37% [1 sun-java6 40661632/109MB 37%]                               134kB/s 8m29s05:05
rohanah ok, coNP05:05
rohancoNP: err, to mark it as confirmed you could've just got teh binary package ? :)05:08
coNP1. I don't have enough space for that05:09
coNP2. If it is so, I can fix it quickly05:09
coNP(3. use the source, luke :))05:09
rohanah ok05:09
coNProhan: what is the version of jdk you have?05:20
rohancoNP: java version "1.6.0_01"05:22
coNPtry to update, java 1.6.0_02 seems to have this fixed05:23
=== Ronald|Laptop [n=Ronald@ip51-232-58-62.adsl.versatel.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
rohancoNP: ah ok .. thanks05:30
coNPyw, rohan05:30
coNPdid you try that05:30
rohani can't try it right now .. but if it's fixed, can you mark it that way, coNP ?05:31
=== Dannilion [n=danni@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== jussi01 [n=jussi@dyn3-82-128-187-102.psoas.suomi.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Dannilionokay, is there a guide to getting compiz fusion working nicely in Kubuntu?05:33
jussi01Dannilion: it doesnt like kubuntu right now...05:34
DannilionI shall install beryl then05:34
jussi01Dannilion: I have it and it has a few bugs atm05:34
Dannilionsuch as?05:34
jussi01like maxiised windows, and shadows are nasty...05:35
Dannilion(apart from a distinct lack of instructions anywhere for gutsy and kde)05:35
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule - Roadmap and specifications: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy - Support in #ubuntu+105:35
=== BentJ [n=BentJ@port46.ds1-esp.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu+1
Danniliondo they have instructions for compiz fusion in kubuntu gutsy?05:36
jussi01Dannilion: I dont think so05:36
jussi01Dannilion: best off asking in #ubuntu-effects05:37
rohancoNP: thank you for testing that bug. if it's solved, please mark it .. because it's not good to mark one's own bugs05:37
rohanbbl for now05:37
=== kahrn [n=kahrn@5ac4a001.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
kahrnAnyone alive?05:39
DannilionI am05:39
kahrnAre you using xubuntu tribe 3? I'm having a little problem with xfce4-mount-plugin (possibly a bug) and wondered if anyone else was having the same problem.05:40
=== _dennis_ [n=dennis@78-20-184-128.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
Anton99kahrn, this same :)05:41
kahrnyou have the same problem?05:42
pawanwhat is wubi05:42
coNPoh, rohan is left05:48
coNPit is a pity05:48
=== kahrn [n=kahrn@5ac4a001.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
jussi01coNP: you saw his comments earlier?05:49
coNPyep, but I don't want to install java05:49
coNPjava6 I mean05:49
=== Zdra [n=zdra@] has joined #ubuntu+1
coNPnp, I get the package and check that05:50
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tech404does anyone know how the compiz/beryl fusion is effecting gusty?07:31
crdlbtech404, hmm?07:32
crdlbwell it's gutsy, and gutsy will ship with compiz fusion enabled by default07:32
eagles0513875now ur tempting me to test it out lol07:36
eagles0513875but ive installed so much im just asking to break something07:36
tech404thanks for the correction, is it fairly stable in the current release07:37
blizzowAnyone here been successful with installing VMware on Gutsy?07:37
=== stdin [i=stdin@unaffiliated/binary2k2] has joined #ubuntu+1
eagles0513875blizzow: u running 64bit07:38
eagles0513875its rather complicated07:38
eagles0513875blizzow: i use something more light weight and its so easy to setup its called virtual box i tried it on a 64bit versino of gutsy with no luck07:38
blizzowI don't mind rtfm'ing as long as someone points me to the fm.07:38
eagles0513875im no help07:39
eagles0513875blizzow: try out virtual box its actually a lighter weight virtual machine software07:39
eagles0513875vry similar to vmwareserver07:39
=== lunaphyte_ [n=lunaphye@] has joined #ubuntu+1
blizzowIs it in a special repository?  I don't see it in my package list.07:41
eagles0513875u have to go and download the source and compile it from source from their site07:42
=== lunaphyte_ [n=lunaphye@] has left #ubuntu+1 []
=== tech404 [n=bikingne@southernae.com] has left #ubuntu+1 []
ubotuVirtualBox is open-source virtualization software for x86, with a proprietary "enterprise" version sporting additional features. Packages for Ubuntu are provided by the makers at http://www.virtualbox.org/ - Setup details at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/VirtualBox07:42
eagles0513875stdin: j/w does any 64bit version of kubuntu run 32bit apps07:43
=== tfreire [n=tfreire@] has joined #ubuntu+1
stdineagles0513875: with the 32bit compatibility libs, yes07:46
eagles0513875ahhhh ok07:47
=== Hobbsee [n=Hobbsee@ubuntu/member/hobbsee] has joined #ubuntu+1
eagles0513875Hobbsee: welcome back07:48
=== Adlai [n=leif@user-64-9-237-231.googlewifi.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== arpu [n=arpu@p54BFE24B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
eagles0513875Hobbsee: thought u were out for the night07:52
eagles0513875stdin: u much of a programmer07:52
stdinnot really, I'm just learning C++ (i bought a book)07:52
eagles0513875damn ok its so hard to find good programmers lol07:53
stdintry in the -devel channels, there's a few in those07:53
eagles0513875stdin: its a project of mine own designing my own distro a cluster version07:54
blizzowWhy, why why, do programmers insist on reinventing the wheel?07:55
stdinbecause the wheel is imperfect :p07:55
blizzowstdin: If programmers worked on fixing the first wheel instead of re-inventing it, the wheel would've been perfected eons ago.07:56
stdinbut now there are lots of wheels to suit your needs. (and I'm liking the wheel analogy :p )07:57
eagles0513875lol i like too07:58
=== mrfeetio [n=Anna@c-71-230-5-247.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
mrfeetioare the kde4 packages in the gutsy repos?08:04
mrfeetioare they kept up to date?08:05
=== Ronald [n=Ronald@ip51-232-58-62.adsl.versatel.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
stdinI think they are the alpha ones, 3.80.308:06
stdinbut if you want up-to-date it's best to grab the svn source08:06
=== Gadi [n=romm@ool-18bbe47a.static.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
Gadihello, all.  I have been working on a liveCD based on gutsy for a bit, which was working well until I recently upgraded the kernel to -8 (from -7) and now, it appears the loop device is broken08:12
Gadiis this a known issue?08:12
Gadi(I mean mounting a loop device within the initramfs)08:12
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=== pvandewyngaerde [n=pvandewy@160.62-242-81.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be] has joined #ubuntu+1
pvandewyngaerdehmm, i broke it   adept and firefox dont work anymore08:43
=== cyphase [n=cyphase@c-71-198-55-219.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== tretle_ [n=tretle@213-202-173-204.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
pvandewyngaerde***MEMORY-WARNING***: firefox-bin[9539] : GSlice: g_thread_init() must be called before all other GLib functions; memory corruption due to late invocation of g_thread_init() has been detected; this program is likely to crash, leak or unexpectedly abort soon...09:01
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Some_PersonWhen will the old Gusty Gibbon be out?09:03
PiciSome_Person: 10/07 is all goes well. Hence version 7.10 :)09:03
pvandewyngaerde7.10 = 2007.10 = oktober09:03
HobbseeSome_Person: /topic09:04
Some_PersonWhy does the topic say "Go Ape"?09:04
=== ompaul [n=ompaul@freenode/staff/gnewsense.ompaul] has joined #ubuntu+1
Some_Personoh, so thats how they get the version numbers09:04
=== Ronald|Laptop [n=Ronald@ip51-232-58-62.adsl.versatel.nl] has joined #ubuntu+1
Some_Personbut why the go ape?09:05
PiciSome_Person: Gibbons are a type of monkey09:06
Some_PersonWhat was the first release of Ubuntu?09:07
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=== geem is now known as ubunut
Pici!codenames | Some_Person09:09
ubotuSome_Person: Ubuntu has awesome release codenames. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/DevelopmentCodeNames for more09:09
jussi01Some_Person: go read the ubuntu website...09:09
ubunuti wanna help the developers09:10
ubunuti'll be the test idjet09:10
Some_PersonBut I've heard of pre-4.10 releases: 4.04 and 3.1009:10
ubunuti have newb mentality09:10
Some_Personor were those just typos?09:10
ubunuti could be useful09:10
ubunutand i need a job09:10
ubunutHaHa HaHa HaHa HaHa HaHa09:10
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PriceChildSome_Person, those don't/didn't exist, you are offtopic for this channel.09:11
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=== corevette [n=corevett@adsl-75-35-76-191.dsl.pltn13.sbcglobal.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
corevetteare desktop effects going to be on kubuntu by default also?09:22
=== Pici [n=pcmacman@ool-4355be00.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== borschty [n=sebastia@p54BB54B3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
borschtyi got the problem that my ubuntu does not boot up anymore, it just loads the kernel, but it does not seem to find the disks, after some time i got into the busybox console now and /dev/disk/by-uuid does not exist - got something changed in that area lately?09:30
=== thompa [n=thompa@c-69-180-207-170.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
pvandewyngaerdedid you change partitions ?09:37
borschtymaybe i have to add that the pc completely locked up during an upgrade09:39
borschtyi rebootet, using an older kernel, which had not gone throug configuration and did a dpkg-reconfigure -a (iirc) to configure the missing packages09:40
borschtyafter that i reinstalled the linux-* packages, udev, grub, initramfs-tools, just to be on the safe side, cause the crash happened somewhere during the configuration of those09:41
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=== kalman [n=kalman@m107.net81-67-10.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu+1
kalmanhi, all. I just upgraded to gutsy from feisty09:54
kalmanhowever I'm still using kde 3.7.509:55
kalmanhow to upgrade to 4 ?09:55
=== Raystlin_FM [n=Raystlin@drfeelgood.pmt.coop] has joined #ubuntu+1
ubotuFor information on KDE 4 (not to be released for quite some time yet), see: http://www.canllaith.org/svn-features/kde4.html. Also worth checking are: appeal/phonon/plasma/solid.kde.org09:57
databuddyyey happyness ;)09:57
databuddycompy in ter mailzorz :>09:58
=== Zenton [n=vicente@8.Red-80-34-35.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
kalmanmy question is, if instead I was installing Tribe 3 CD which KDE whould I have installed ?09:59
kalmanif I see on the web site it seems I would have installed KDE 4 Alpha 2. Am I wrong ?10:00
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu:  sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop , or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE) . Latest KDE version is 3.5.7 for Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org) for more information.10:00
jussi01!info kde gutsy10:01
ubotukde: the K Desktop Environment official modules. In component universe, is optional. Version 5:47 (gutsy), package size 7 kB, installed size 40 kB10:01
databuddyjussi01 if one installed via tribe 2 - any reason to try instlaling tribe 3 if one keeps up with the updates? other than verifying that the installer works better of course :D10:01
jussi01databuddy: no, its exactly the same...10:02
databuddyfigured - just checking10:02
databuddyi had the install bug at manual partitioning on 3 boxes10:02
databuddymight try the tribe 3 to see if they got that or wat ;)10:02
jussi01databuddy: did you report a bug?10:02
=== SmrtJustin [n=SmrtJust@] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddyjussi01 yeah - its known - just gotta killall ubiquity and sudo ubiquity from terminal10:04
databuddywhich then seems to work fine10:04
jussi01databuddy: ok, great. I hate t when people come across bugs and tell no-one...10:05
databuddyjussi01 thats why im in here.10:06
databuddydidnt want gutsy to go like feisty did.10:06
jussi01databuddy: fair play to you. keep up the good work10:07
Raystlin_FManyone know how to set dolphin as the default file manager instead of konqueror?10:07
kalmanRaystilin_FM: I'm interested as well10:08
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=== hoora_ [i=ariel@gateway/tor/x-f4713340ccd5eeb6] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== jrib [n=jrib@upstream/dev/jrib] has joined #ubuntu+1
jussi01Raystlin_FM: yes, i do10:17
Raystlin_FMsweet!!! is it a pain to do?10:18
jussi01right click on a folder, and click properties, then the little spanner, then add dolphin as the first one there10:18
=== Frost^ [n=sweiss@85-250-192-236.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddywhat would be the implications if i had only 1 2gb stick of ram in vs 2 1 gb sticks?10:22
databuddyi really want to take the system to 4GB within about 6 weeks but i dont have the cash to get the larger size both at once10:23
databuddyi.e. how much performace would i lose by not using the ddr2 function?10:23
jussi01databuddy: it will still run ok10:26
=== onechard [n=chard@] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddyjussi01 as long as i get the same model is that ok for future ram upgrade to run in twin with the first?10:35
jussi01yeah, i believe so...10:35
databuddymain thing is mobo only says it supports 1.8v ram which tosses out this 1.9v stick i was looking at =[10:36
=== cyphase [n=cyphase@c-71-198-55-219.hsd1.ca.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddywas quite nice too @_@10:36
=== Dannilion [n=danni@] has joined #ubuntu+1
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=== kahrn [n=kahrn@5ac4a001.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
kahrnanyone else have the problem of Xfce interface freezing up when a window moves from one desktop to another?10:48
kahrnin tribe 310:48
jussi01databuddy: where are you?10:49
databuddylos angeles10:55
=== kahrn [n=kahrn@5ac4a001.bb.sky.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddyyou jussi01?10:55
databuddywb kahrn and ive not tried that interface sorry10:56
=== borschty_ [n=sebastia@p54BB54B3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
jussi01databuddy: im an aussie... but i live in finland10:56
databuddyo nice10:56
kahrnactually the reason i got dc'd was caused it froze when i changed virtual desktop again :/10:56
databuddyhows finland treating you?10:56
databuddykahrn i figured so10:56
databuddydo you have the extras enabled on the desktop pretty stuff?10:57
jussi01databuddy: very well. :)10:57
=== karmue [n=karli@e178163104.adsl.alicedsl.de] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddyopinions on whether its worth an extra 30 bucks to go from cas5 to cas4 ?10:58
borschty_ok, i worked arround the problem of not booting by changing the uuids in fstab and menu.lst to the device-names... i already reinstalled udev and volumeid (and some other stuff)... but /dev/disk/by-uuid is still missing10:58
kahrnborschty, does the kernel give that error when booting?10:59
jussi01databuddy: not knowing what cas 4 or cas 5 is... i cant help...10:59
databuddyha latencys on ram10:59
databuddyalso seeing some ram without heat spreaders -10:59
jussi01oh, ummm, still no idea. if you have the money, do it10:59
borschty_kahrn:no... actually it was the only thing booting, before i changed the uuids ;)11:01
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jsestri2is there a way to read the bootlog? It goes past so fast I can't read it, and there's a fail on it i'd like to see...also my boot is hanging before the command prompt...11:23
=== LinAsH [n=missmagu@] has joined #ubuntu+1
davmor2What would cause the fonts to be screwy on my laptop but not on my desktop?  By screwy, they're about an inch or so in size11:36
davmor2I was wondering if it might be the intel 945 display driver?11:37
=== obsethryl [n=cball@unaffiliated/obsethryl] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddydavmor2 check your dpi settings11:39
davmor2thanks will do11:40
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=== lontra [n=lontra@c-75-72-235-37.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
lontraisn't there a new kde splash screen in gutsy?11:46
=== sebas_ [n=sebas@] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== kazukisan [n=kazuki@cpe-65-189-8-164.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
kazukisanAnyone know how to get ati running direct rendering yes11:49
=== crysalys [n=chatzill@c-68-40-168-241.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
=== floriaki1 [n=floriaki@dslb-084-060-244-096.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddykazukisan eh?11:50
databuddywhat card do you have11:50
kazukisanati Radeon x80011:50
=== databuddy pokes masterloki
databuddyah let me run over to the other box brb11:50
kazukisanwhen i did a fresh install desktop effects was working i installed fglrx but removed it and went back to backup of xorg.conf but desktop effects dont work, but direct rendering was never on when i first installed11:51
=== DanaG [n=DanaG@pcp029450pcs.wireless.calpoly.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
masterlokii assume that you started by running sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?11:51
crysalysanybody know if acid rip can do more than mpg or avi, i want to do an exact backup of a movie11:51
masterlokiwhy fglrx ? not needed - ati drivers do fine usually11:51
=== DanaG [n=DanaG@pcp029450pcs.wireless.calpoly.edu] has joined #ubuntu+1
masterlokicrysalys, look at dvd decryptor google that and mrbass11:51
kazukisani dont know why i was a retard lol11:51
=== masterloki shrugs
kazukisanill try running reconfigure see if that helps anything11:52
masterlokiits a common choice naw wait11:52
DanaGOh, if you want to pause the bootlog, hit scroll lock.11:52
DanaGHowever, it sometimes doesn't work.11:52
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)11:52
kazukisanwhos pasting?11:53
masterlokithats current xorg.conf with dual mons both with 3d working11:53
kazukisank let me take a look11:53
masterlokinow show me yours ;-)11:54
kazukisanone sec i will have to get on xchat with box11:54
masterloki? just ssh in no?11:54
kazukisanthis laptop is windows11:54
masterlokii only really need device and screen section11:54
masterlokiimma run back to the other compy :)11:54
databuddynothing like walking 10 feet lol11:55
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crysalysmasterloki: will dvd decrypter run in Feisty?11:56
databuddycrysalys absolutely11:57
databuddyfollow the mrbass guide to the letter, and you should be fine11:57
=== kazukisan [n=kazukisa@cpe-65-189-8-164.cinci.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu+1
kazukisanthere we go11:57
kazukisanokay one sec11:57
databuddythough for shrinking nothing beats css -11:57
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)11:57
kazukisanhttp://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/30619/ there ya go thats mine11:58
crysalysdatabuddy: dvd decrypter creates an iso correct?11:58
kazukisan-lap------- http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/30617/   ---- ignore this11:58
databuddycrysalys absolutely11:58
databuddykazukisan which then? 19 or 17? lol11:59
kazukisan17 is yours11:59
kazukisan19 is mine11:59
crysalysdatabuddy: what program do I use to then burn it to a dvd-r?11:59
databuddykazukisan join me in #flood11:59
databuddycrysalys k3b beats everything out there11:59
crysalysis dvd decrypter and k3b available through synaptic?12:00
databuddycrysalys i told you how to get dvddecryptor - k3b, however is.12:00
kazukisandvd decryptor is the way to go but you have to use wine for dvd decryptor12:01
crysalyskazukisan: i have not had great success with wine in ubuntu12:02
kazukisanis it installed ?12:02
crysalyskazukisan: I tried to use it in edgy and I had nothing but problems12:02
kazukisani find the best way to get wine working correctly is to get the build-essentials package and also do a apt-get build-dep wine12:03
databuddycrysalys what hardware are you running?12:03
databuddykazukisan bah12:03
kazukisanthen download the source of wine and build12:03
databuddysudo apt-get install wine12:03
crysalyskazukisan: no i do not have it installed on Feisty12:03
databuddywinecfg - set to nt4.0 i think it is12:03
databuddygood to go12:03
kazukisanlisten to databuddy he has better way12:03
databuddyutorrent works fine, dvd-decryptor works fine12:04
databuddyhas to be a certain version for decryptor otherwise it doesnt see the drives12:04
databuddyso again, what hardware are you running there crysalys12:04
crysalysdatabuddy: im running pentium Dual core 1 gig ram12:04
databuddyyeah i wouldnt worry about it12:05
voidmageis apparmor installed by default now?12:05
voidmagea dist-upgrade is prompting me to install it12:05
databuddyi had good luck with wine in most versions to date12:05
databuddybut then again, what were you trying to run in wine crysalys?12:05
crysalysdatabuddy: so your way is a good way to get it and install it?12:06
databuddycrysalys ive never had trouble.12:06
databuddyand i'm here to help you ;)12:06
crysalysI want to make some copies of some of my dvd movies.  But no one can agree on which program is the best to use to do it.  Currently I am ripping one with acidrip but i dont know if it will do anything other than mpg or avi?12:07
=== lontra [n=lontra@c-75-72-235-37.hsd1.mn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
lontraminor bug ... but ... after upgrading to gutsy all my artwork changed except ksplash.  ksplash still uses the old default background.  is there a workaround for this so that i can get ksplash to use the up-to-date version that uses the gutsy background?12:07
voidmagelontra: I have the same issue, I don't think a new ksplash has been made yet12:07
databuddycrysalys if your making a copy and want a perfect iso nothing beats dvd-decryptor.12:08
voidmagedoes anyone know what stuff would depend on app armor?12:08
databuddyif you want to rip to avi there's many ways to go about it - crack vobs and reencode via mencoder for instance etc12:08
lontravoidmage: i thought there is a new ksplash that uses the default gutsy background instead of feisty's wallpaper .. oh well, minor12:08
crysalysdatabuddy: i will attempt your instructions and see what happens.  can you send me all the steps again.12:09
databuddy1. google mr bass + dvd decryptor12:10
databuddy2. sudo apt-get install wine12:10
crysalysdatabuddy: is that all databuddy?12:10
=== hggdh [n=hggdh@pool-71-170-39-244.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu+1
databuddyto get you started12:11
databuddytell me when you found the guide and spam me the linky12:11
=== hggdh [n=hggdh@pool-71-170-39-244.dllstx.fios.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu+1 []
crysalysdatabuddy: ok hold on12:11
crysalysdatabuddy: ok i googled mrbass + dvd decryptor12:13
voidmagedoes anyone know what depends on apparmor?12:13
voidmageor how i could easily find that?12:13
crysalysdatabuddy: heres the link12:14
crysalysdatabuddy: http://www.mrbass.org/dvdrip/12:14
crysalysdatabuddy: ok now sudo apt-get wine . . .12:17
crysalysdatabuddy: running it right now12:19
databuddyah there it is12:20
=== Dannilion [n=danni@] has joined #ubuntu+1
crysalysdatabuddy: ok terminal says its done12:21
databuddycrysalys ok great12:21
databuddyin that same terminal do winecfg12:21
databuddygotta take roomate tow ork12:22
databuddyi'll be back in about 10 minutes12:22
databuddykazukisan-lap same 2u im sorry12:22
crysalysdatabuddy: ok is it pretty simple from here?12:22
=== Dannilion [n=danni@] has joined #ubuntu+1

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