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BORGis there anyone running the 64bit verison of ubuntu01:13
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gellevij svn10:48
gellevisorry, missed the / : P10:48
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CIA-19ubiquity: evand * r2165 ubiquity/ (8 files in 4 dirs): (log message trimmed)04:42
CIA-19ubiquity: * Fix mythbuntu lircd.conf generation.04:42
CIA-19ubiquity: * Update lircd gui to fit better.04:42
CIA-19ubiquity: * Clean up mythbuntu summary text. Remove all passwords that are04:42
CIA-19ubiquity:  shown.04:42
CIA-19ubiquity: * Activate mythweb security.04:42
CIA-19ubiquity: * Add lirc to mythbuntu depends.04:42
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superm1thx for the merge evand.  You going to be at ULive this weekend?06:14
evandnah.  I'm not sure if I'm allowed to take conference leave yet, and I'll be in DC all weekend anyway.06:16
evandoh, and no problem06:16
superm1ah okay.  Just looking for people to annotate to my list of "Grab a beer with :)"06:16
evandheh, will you be at UDS in Boston?06:17
superm1well that depends on if I can convince canonical to help me part of the way there :)06:18
superm1i justified ULive because Orielly guys paid my admission in the conference.  I paid for hotel and airfare06:18
evandwhere are you located again?06:19
superm1well atm, Minnesota06:20
superm1I'll be in IA this next term06:20
superm1I'm doing an internship with IBM this summer, and i'll be wrapping up my final semester this fall06:21
superm1so if you could point me to the right people within canonical to speak to regarding getting me to UDS, i'll be glad to make a stab at coming06:22
evandindeed, I think it works different now (prior to UDS Sevilla there was an application process), but I'll put in a good word06:24
superm1awesome, thanks06:24
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