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johnc4510beuno: greetings :)02:48
beunohey johnc4510!02:48
johnc4510how's it going02:49
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beunogood good, back home after a month and a half of travelling02:50
beunoso pretty happy  :D02:50
johnc4510beuno: after that long i would be toooooo!02:50
johnc4510your own bed is a wonderful thing02:51
beunoabsolutely, best night ever yesterday!02:51
johnc4510hee hee02:51
beunojohnc4510: how are you getting along with UWN?  I see you're putting a lot of great work into it02:52
johnc4510beuno: thanks, hope i'm not over reaching     but no problems 02:53
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: awesome work on the UWN02:53
johnc4510boredandblogging: ty  and howdy02:53
beunojohnc4510: that's the good thing about wikis, you can never over reach  :D02:53
johnc4510beuno: ok great i'll just keep on truckin then02:54
beunogf here02:54
beunoba bye  :D02:54
johnc4510see ya02:54
johnc4510boredandblogging: was it you talking with the guy yesterday about the country problem? whether is was or not02:55
boredandbloggingjohnc4510: about catalan? yeah02:55
johnc4510can you tell me how this all works   are some uwm translated and some completely separate papers02:56
boredandbloggingthe ones that are translated put their links directly on the UWN, but I believe there is an European or South American LoCo does there own thing, but don't quote me on that02:57
johnc4510ok, i just wondered because what he was talking about wasn't in our edition   it confused me a little02:58
johnc4510that happens with me some though02:58
johnc4510hee hee02:58
boredandbloggingthe reference to the catalan countries? yes it was02:59
johnc4510ok, thanks for the info :)02:59
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Burgundaviahello johnc451006:08
Burgundaviarocking work on the UWN btw06:08
johnc4510Burgundavia: thanks06:12
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flickerflyA LUG guy said you guys might be interested in the weakness of Linux solutions in the NGO "market". Non-profits just don't get much attention, particularly small ones who could benefit hugely from the provision of good software tools. The greatest weakness is constituent relationship management (CRM), but just a decent fund-accounting software would be a good start. You can't even buy stuff for this08:03
Burgundaviaflickerfly: there is actually the NGO in a box, done by the tactical tech people in Amsterdam08:05
Burgundaviait is based on Ubuntu, afaicr08:06
flickerflydo you have a link to that, it doesn't sound familiar08:06
BurgundaviaI am, in fact, wearing on their tshirts right now08:07
Flannelor, I guess http://ngoinabox.org/08:07
flickerflythanks, I'll have to check that out08:08
Burgundaviathe tactical tech people are cool people, actually08:08
flickerflyWhat they are recommending for NGOs to use for finances is GnuCash. While GnuCash is a fine personal accounting software, it doesn't have the features to address fund accounting like an NGO wants to do08:20
flickerflyI do like what they're trying to do.08:20
flickerflyI'll have to see if I can find a feed on them to get more familiar with their tech08:21
flickerflyI should re-visit CiviCRM.08:22
flickerflyThat might be improved in the last few years and may fit.08:22
Burgundaviait is likely that money can be found to improve software for NGO use08:25
flickerflycool, then all that needs to happen is find someone with the time. That's another thing lacking at NGOs. :-) Thanks for listening guys. I'm off.08:40
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IDF_Mikeme and some guys in the FL team were looking into making an ubuntu page and I just wanted to run it by you guys and see what you think10:16
IDF_MikeIt's main purpose would basically an exhaustive list of links for useful ubuntu related sites10:18
IDF_Mikewith a rating system and a place for users to submit links10:18
IDF_MikeI don't wanna keep rattling on here, but I just wanted to make sure something like this wasn't in the works and see if anyone thought it would be beneficial10:20
IDF_Mikewe feel like sites are starting to spread out and that it's getting harder to find what you are looking for and a good index would help10:21
IDF_Mikeany comments or suggestions, send them this way thanks, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3051979#post305197910:22
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Burgundavialoserboy: a list of links?11:32
loserboywell... yea  but a massive list11:32
Burgundaviamassive lists have a serious problem; they are massive11:33
Burgundaviaevery study of humans and picking shows that beyond 7 items, we loose the ability to quickly parse11:33
loserboylol well we are going put stress on having it well organized and indexed11:34
loserboybut I know what you mean11:34
BurgundaviaI personally think it would be a better project to clean up a few good resources11:34
loserboyalso rating systems, brief comments11:34
Burgundaviasuch as finishing and publishing the DIY stie11:35
Burgundaviaor fixing some pages on teh Ubuntu Help wiki11:35
loserboythat's what I thought at first too, but it seems like such a huge project, and not everyone is going to cooperate11:35
Burgundaviayou don';t need a lot of cooperation11:35
Burgundaviayou need bit sized chunks11:36
loserboyalot of the wiki hasn't been updated since hoary11:36
Burgundaviaand actually, lots has11:36
loserboywell, I spent a long time on the hardware compatibility11:36
Burgundaviathe challenge is building a community around a resource, not producing another resource11:36
Burgundaviathat is a project similar to what you are envisioing11:37
Burgundaviait doesn't work. I know because a couple of people from my LUG run it11:37
loserboyI'll take a look in just a sec here11:38
loserboyit is similar to what we have in mind, is it still updated?11:39
Burgundaviait died because it really isn't a useful resource11:40
Burgundavianot in the Google area11:40
Burgundaviawhat drivers users to sites is content, lots of good content11:41
Burgundaviaone place that need more cool content is the Fridge11:41
Burgundaviaand the UWN11:41
Burgundaviaone idea might be a "cool Ubuntu device of the day" post, about somebody running Ubuntu on something cool11:42
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loserboyyea I see what you're saying11:42
Burgundaviathere are no end of existing projects that badly need people to write cool things for them11:43
loserboyI just see so many people in the forums that can't find what they are looking for through search functions in the forum or from google11:44
loserboyand I admit many times it's their fault11:44
Burgundaviathen choose a resouce and improve that11:44
Burgundaviaif you have good content, it will float its way up the list in google11:45
loserboywell, I'm glad I talked to you and I'll run everything you said by the guys11:46
loserboyI gotta say I still think we could make it work11:46
loserboyworking on the wiki was actually my first thought before this idea, it's depressing just to think about it11:48
loserboy(working on the wiki that is)11:48
Burgundaviathe wiki is a large resource with lots of disorder11:48
loserboydo you know of anyone that has a game plan for reorganizing it11:49
Burgundavianot really11:49
loserboyso you really feel like it's a waste to have a links site?11:52
Burgundaviaa few carefully selected links, maybe as part of a story on a existing resource11:53
Burgundavialink maybe a story on the Fridge, with a few links abougt a specific story11:53
Burgundaviathen you get a few high quality links11:54
loserboysort of a news style11:54
loserboyor highlights11:54
Burgundaviabasically, yes11:54
Burgundaviawhen something like Ubuntu Mobile is announced, a short news roundup11:55
loserboyis that any real use to anyone, I've seen sites that cover this already11:56
Burgundaviayes, it is11:56
loserboyare you part of the marketing team, i'm only asking so I can say where I got the feedback from11:59
Burgundaviateh marketing team is anybody who wants to market11:59
loserboylol oh ok, is there no official status?11:59
Burgundaviathere is, but people tend to see the "Marketing Team" as this entity12:00

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