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Mithrandirbspencer: is it intentionally you don't have hildon-theme-mobile-basic in revision control?08:34
Mithrandirhm, sorry08:35
bspencerjust inadvertent mistake08:35
Mithrandirit's there, I'm just bad at copying URLs08:35
Mithrandirbspencer: but the thing in the git repo is generated using the hildon theme tools, isn't it?08:45
bspencerMithrandir, unfortunately no08:48
bspencerbecuase the hildon theme tools require a giant png file08:49
bspencerit is a copy of plankton, with modificyations08:49
Mithrandiryou seem to want to licence it under the GPL, but bits of it is CC-BY-SA?08:49
Mithrandir# Copyright Nokia Corporation 200708:50
Mithrandir# Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license08:50
Mithrandirthe bits in gtk-2.0/08:50
bspencerwe don't want to change any license08:50
bspencersharealike for all the pictures, I thought08:50
bspencerso it is mis-licensed08:51
bspencerI looked at plankton.  The only license I see is in gtkrc08:51
bspencerwhich is as you said.08:52
Mithrandirok, so I'll just replace it with a copy of the CC licence then08:52
bspencerplease... bad practice on our side08:52
Mithrandirno worry08:52
MithrandirI got access to moblin.org last night; is it ok with you guys if I just push those changes back in, or should they go through some kind of review process?08:53
bspencerI was just going to do that, but if you have access, please do it08:53
MithrandirI have some other fixes too, so I'll do those, then upload.  08:53
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Mithrandirbspencer: actually, if you could pull from git://git.err.no/hildon-theme-mobile-basic, that would be helpful.09:02
Mithrandirbspencer: I have access to moblin.org, but I'm not in the right group there, so it doesn't help09:03
bspencerI'll push your changes09:03
MithrandirI've asked HappyCamp to fix it, but I suspect he's asleep now.09:03
bspencerHappyCamp, wake up you fool09:03
bspencerMithrandir, give me a tip... git clone rsync://git.err.no/hildon-theme-mobile-basic09:05
bspencershould work?09:06
Mithrandirjust doing git pull git://git.err.no/hildon-theme-mobile-basic should work09:06
Mithrandir(when you're in a hildon-theme-mobile-basic tree already)09:06
Mithrandirnot rsync, git://09:06
Mithrandiranyway, hildon-theme-mobile-basic uploaded.09:10
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=== Mithrandir looks at the libkeyboard source and goes "aiee"
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Mithrandiralso, I think I'll rename it.11:04
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ian_brasili am writing something about moblin and i got this error:11:54
ian_brasilroot@N800-hacker:/# image-creator11:54
ian_brasil(image-creator:17289): Gtk-WARNING **: Locale not supported by C library.11:54
ian_brasil        Using the fallback 'C' locale.11:54
ian_brasil/var/lib/python-support/python2.5/gtk-2.0/gtk/__init__.py:69: GtkWarning: could not open display11:54
ian_brasil  warnings.warn(str(e), _gtk.Warning)11:54
ian_brasilTraceback (most recent call last):11:54
ian_brasil  File "/usr/sbin/image-creator", line 33, in <module>11:54
ian_brasil    import gui11:54
ian_brasil  File "/usr/share/pdk/lib/gui.py", line 38, in <module>11:54
ian_brasil    locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, '')11:54
ian_brasil  File "/usr/lib/python2.5/locale.py", line 478, in setlocale11:54
ian_brasil    return _setlocale(category, locale)11:54
ian_brasillocale.Error: unsupported locale setting11:54
ian_brasilthis is inside chroot and i installed moblin using apt-get11:54
ian_brasilany ideas?11:55
Mithrandirunset LANG12:01
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ian_brasilMithrandir: how do i do this?12:02
Mithrandirjust do "unset LANG" in the shell you're launching image-creator from12:03
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ian_brasili must be doing something wrong as now i get a seg fault12:15
rustyian_brasil, is your dbus running?  that will trigger a segfault12:17
rustyif dbus is not running, that is12:17
ian_brasili restarted dbus so it's not that...i just run image-creator directly from within the chroot...no need to open a separate xephyr?? ..i ask this as the error message is about pango/gtk windows12:26
ian_brasilalong with this: ***MEMORY-WARNING***: image-creator[18713] : GSlice: g_thread_init() must be called before all other GLib functions; memory corruption due to late invocation of g_thread_init() has been detected; this program is likely to crash, leak or unexpectedly abort soon...12:30
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asacMithrandir: midbrowser is in NEW ... I pinged pitti ... currently pushing branch05:10
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ian_brasilI manually built moblin and it works great...the UI looks great with the ajax style effects for application starting !!05:36
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agoliveiraasac: Hi. Is this the one just released by Maemo?05:59
agoliveiraasac: Ooops... I guess not.05:59
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asacagoliveira: he?06:04
asacagoliveira: its just midbrowser :)06:04
agoliveiraasac: Yes, I misread it. Don't worry :)06:05
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keen101anyone know if the nokia tablets will be able to run it?07:45
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agoliveirakeen101: As we are based on Maemo/Hildon, why not run the original code? :)08:08
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monitorHello guiz, anywone from Brazil ?08:36
=== monitor is now known as JonathanCardozo
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: Yep, the same one who answered your email ;)08:38
JonathanCardozoE ai Cara, blz?08:38
JonathanCardozotem que falar em ingles ?08:39
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: Tudo mas vamos manter em ingls que  a lngua usada no canal.08:39
JonathanCardozoi'm reading the links, wiki, but i haver some douts, you can explain ?08:40
JonathanCardozoover testing, how you test the software, on pc, and on device to?08:41
agoliveiraThis page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MobileAndEmbedded/CreatingAnImageForUMEDevice have the answers. It's not completed yet but has enough for you to understand already but, in short, you can run the environment on Xephyr in your own machine so there's no need for a device.08:43
JonathanCardozooh good08:44
JonathanCardozobut the project current verion run i devices ? or not yet08:45
JonathanCardozo* man i have to study english a lot08:45
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: The only tested device so far is the one indicated on the page, the Samsung Q1 Ultra but there's no reason for not run in others (x86 only currently) with the right kernel.08:46
JonathanCardozoMen i dream someday use my linux device to talk over voip, read my e-mails, IM, man i can't way anymore, this is the reasen to work with you08:49
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: Well, you can do that already with Nokia's 770 and 800. What we are doing is to bring this kind of experience and more to more beefed up machines that would alow us to have a more media-oriented experience.08:52
=== agoliveira is talking too much like a marketing guy now... need weekend :)
JonathanCardozoxcuse, didnt understand the "NEED WEEKEND"08:54
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: Just a joke. I meant that I need a *real* weekend08:54
JonathanCardozooh ye, but the nokias isnt totally open source, or yes?08:55
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: No, they are not.08:56
JonathanCardozoman hou i send a message to you, i dont know how to use this ehhe08:56
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JonathanCardozoi think that with ubuntu mobile, we wil have more liberty or not? kernel, hacks no more, a lot of cool prorgamms08:57
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: You can send private messages but unless you really have to I prefer you don't because they are very distracting and the idea is to share information.08:57
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: Yes, that's the idea.08:58
JonathanCardozoyes i think to, i talking to put your name in begin of messages like you put mine, its digitando mesmo?08:58
JonathanCardozoagoliveira: what you are doing in the project?09:01
agoliveiraJonathanCardozo: I'm doing a lot of different things like packaging, documentation, choosing and testing applications, etc09:02
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JonathanCardozoagoliveira: Man the UME will user the gnome mobile or MAEMO? maemo is a window manager correct?09:25
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agoliveiraNo, the window manager is matchbox09:27
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JonathanCardozoagoliveira: Gutsy Gibbon is the name of distrubution ?09:28
agoliveiraGutsy Gibbon is the name of the next version of Ubuntu (7.10)09:32
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agoliveirarusty: Hi. You there?10:26
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bspencerquestion about icons and licenses for anyone11:13
bspencerin a default Feisty distribution, in /usr/share/icons11:13
bspencerare these usable by anyone for "Common Share" license?11:13
bspencerwhere is the license information for these?11:13
bspencere.g. gnome, Crux, Human, Tango. ... 11:14
bspencercan I take these, modify them, and use them for my own GPL apps ?11:14
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Jonathan_Cardozoguyz how i run the UME on my pc? anyone have the tutorial ?11:28
Jonathan_Cardozocan you help me?11:37
ian_brasilhave a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UMEGuide11:42
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Jonathan_Cardozoian_brasil tanks i'm learning11:58
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