Elpramwell im just going into my second year in computer science12:30
Elpramso i dont have any projects that ive worked on besides programming assignments12:30
Elprambut im familiar with python, java, C, and bash, and can pick up any other language as needed12:31
asacso you are interested in real-development vs. packaging?12:31
Elpramim going to go with real-development because im not entirely sure what you mean by packaging12:32
asacpackaging needs development too ... but its nothiner that is usually visible in the application itself12:32
Elpramah, i see12:32
Elpramand what would that consist of12:32
asacwe have multiple things going on that are important and need coding :)12:33
Elpramid just like to be put where i can be of use12:33
Elpramah, this is good news12:33
Elpramany language of preference?12:33
asacwe have a python thing:12:33
Elprami just downloaded SPE if that is of any use12:34
asacits about firefox-distro-addons ... which will allow us to integrate debian packages into the mozilla plugin wizard12:34
asacfor that we have to create a database that contains plugin package information12:34
asacits basically a small program on its own ... and should be fairly simple12:35
asaci already have some code ...12:35
Elpramso basically something like synaptic, but for mozilla plugins?12:35
asachmmm ... do you know the mozilla plugin wizard?12:36
Elpramfraid not12:36
asacfirefox plugin wizard12:36
asacif you miss a plugin for some content you get an area with a puzzle piece in the webpage ... you saw that?12:36
Elpramyeah, ive noticed it tends to not find anything :P12:37
asacyes ... if you click on it ... firefox opens a plugin wizard ... one component invokes a webservice12:37
asacthat brings info of what extensions can be installed from where12:37
asacto serve that content12:37
asacnow ... it doesn't work with packages12:37
asace.g. people will install plugins from upstream sites12:38
Elpramso it just works with like a file somewhere12:38
Elpramor it just directs to an url12:38
asacbasically ... its a database on the webserver site12:38
asacand firefox submits info like version, architecture, et al12:38
asacthe webservice returns xml with info12:38
asaci have someone who wants to work on that webservice ... but in order to start with it, we need a database12:39
asacthat contains the info12:39
asacnow ... we already uploaded packages that have that kind of meta information in their package description12:39
asacthe task is to build a program that iterates through all packages and extracts that information ...12:39
Elpramand sends it to the database12:39
asacthen it would either inject that data to the datbase directly, or sends out sql commands to console12:40
asacright ... the latter would allow you to use command line tools to fill database12:40
Elpramsounds doable12:40
asacyeah wait12:40
asacthat is almost ready ;)12:40
asacbut it needs some care12:40
asacok .. i have taken care that the python api for apt/dpkg has been improved for our purpose12:41
asacyou see the file12:41
Elpramgot it d/led12:41
asacdo you know how debian package information looks like?12:42
Elpramhavent the faintest clue12:42
asacok its simple12:42
Elpramwould that be a good way to learn?12:44
asaclook at that12:45
asacjust the first 20 lines12:45
asacits the package description ... contains name of source ... and binary files .. description and dependenceies12:45
asacet al12:45
asacalways just a Tagname: some-content-like-name-or-description12:45
asacits not really important12:46
asacbut now we do add Extended headers to add meta info about plugins, like what content/mime-type they serve:12:46
asacthats the update for sun that hjmf prepared12:46
asacok ... if you look back at code you see that its basically a simple for loop12:47
asacfor pkg in cache: ...12:47
asacit iterates through all packages12:47
Elpramwe want the meta data for every single package?12:48
asacthen you see how it extracts the content of those headers12:48
asacyes ...12:48
asacmost packages don't have any12:48
asaconly plugins12:48
asacbut you have to iterate through all12:48
asacto find12:48
asacok ... that info needs to go to a datbase12:48
asacthat is what dump_combination on top does12:49
asacand you see that i dump a db entry for each mime_type + app_id combination12:49
asacbecause each plugin can serve N mime-types and app-ids12:49
asacok ... its almost done ... however12:50
Elpramwhats left to code in this script12:50
asacthere is a tricky thing missing12:50
Elpramoh course12:50
asacall starts with cache = Cache()12:50
asacyou see that?12:50
asacyes ... thats bad because it uses the apt info that is in your computer apt cache12:51
Elpramwhich can be out of date12:51
asacwhich means: you only see packages for the architecture you are on12:51
asac... yes and to update it you need root access12:51
Elpramthat too12:51
asacyeah ... but you can provide a path to Cache12:51
asaclook in the API12:51
asacits /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/apt12:52
asacthe constructor impl of Cache: http://pastebin.mozilla.org/15713712:53
asacyou see you can pass a rootdir12:53
asaca few lines below you see that it looks for /var/lib/dpkg/status12:54
asacbeneath that rootdir12:54
asacok ... work needed is:12:54
asacdownload Packages files for all architectures12:55
asacput them somewhere beneath /var ... look in the cache.py code to see where12:55
asacand run the current script on them :)12:55
asacgo ahead12:56
Elpramhow much space will that take up?12:56
asacwas too fast i guess ;)12:56
asacdoesn't matter12:56
Elpramwell no, i only have 2gb free here ;P12:56
asacfor now we don't have that many plugin packages12:56
asacyeah that is much moire than you need12:56
Elpramoh right12:56
Elpramits just the package files12:56
Elpramnot the files themselves12:56
asacyou need maybe 10 Packages files that are each max. 6mb12:56
Elpramblonde moment12:56
asacthe datbase is small12:56
asacjust the Packages file12:57
Elprami understand what needs to be done12:57
Elpramcan i do it12:57
Elpramright now12:57
Elprambut i will teach myself12:57
Elpramso dont expect it tomorrow12:57
Elprambut ill figure it out12:57
asacyeah ... just do a basic implementation first12:57
asaccan be rudimentary12:57
asacsure ;)12:58
asacwould be great12:58
Elpramany deadline on this?12:58
asacyeah ;)12:58
asacno ...12:58
asacthe sooner the better12:58
Elpramill get right on it12:58
Elpramthanks a bunch12:59
Elpramgotta get some supper12:59
asacyeah ...12:59
asacif you need info ... let me know :)12:59
Elpramwill do12:59
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hjmfhmm, trying to reproduce bug 126917 would be hard07:59
ubotuLaunchpad bug 126917 in firefox "With many tabs open, requesting print preview causes instant crash" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12691707:59
hjmfThe provided test case states: ...main window has 176 tabs open... [...]  ... tab 173 is two pages long....08:01
hjmfif main window has 176 tabs open, might mean that could be other "no main window" firefox windows with a similar number of tabs opened...08:02
hjmfrofl :D08:03
Admiral_Chicagothere is no need for that many tabs08:03
Admiral_Chicagoit ends up destroying the need for tabbed browsing08:03
hjmfyeah, the max number of tabs  I ever had open it might be less than 2008:04
hjmfyou can get lost with that number08:04
hjmfthe reporter easily can provoke a DoS on the whole internet if he continues doing that :) j/k08:05
Admiral_Chicagoi usually do like 6 browsing for email and the like and another window for work08:05
Admiral_Chicagoyea, he'll netsplit the internet08:06
hjmfalso he states that if he tries to RESTORE that damn session the crash happens again08:06
hjmfI'm off for now08:09
hjmfcy Admiral_Chicago08:09
Admiral_Chicagobye hjmf08:11
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Admiral_Chicagoondra_AllPeers: welcome back09:10
Admiral_Chicagobtw, that is a great application the team is developing09:10
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lusomeone helpme to see qt in firefox on ubuntu 7.04 ?03:14
lusorry for my english , i'm italian03:14
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asacondra_AllPeers: ping04:02
asacondra_AllPeers: you are all peers dev right?04:02
asacondra_AllPeers: in latest gutsy we ship compatibility links for libnspr and libss04:02
asacso you don't need to link those in statically04:03
ondra_AllPeersasac: back04:39
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Admiral_laptophmm, looks like bug 127235 is a problem12:20
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127235 in firefox "All Add-ons are broken after upgrade" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12723512:20

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