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tgm4883_laptopdoes mytharchive make a new log file with each archive or append to the end of the last log file06:32
tgm4883_laptopmy cutfile isn't working rirght06:42
tgm4883_laptop:(, shouldn't the word cut be in either mythburn.log or progress.log if im using a cutfile?06:45
superm1_so you made the cutlist by going into edit mode06:48
superm1_and then told it to use the cutlist?06:48
tgm4883_laptopmade the cutlist06:50
tgm4883_laptopthen hit stop to exit.06:50
tgm4883_laptopwhen i went to mytharchive, it had the scissors indicating a cutlist, and i checked use cutlist06:51
superm1_weird. and that's not working?06:54
superm1_you can try to transcode it06:55
tgm4883_laptoptried it twice06:55
superm1_before hand06:55
superm1_with a mpeg2-mpeg2 transcode06:55
tgm4883_laptopone HD, and one SD06:55
tgm4883_laptopno reencoding?06:55
tgm4883_laptophavent tried that06:55
tgm4883_laptopnot sure i have anything in the dvd spec06:55
tgm4883_laptopunless via the stb is06:56
superm1_well the re-encoding can happen later06:56
superm1_that's not a big deal06:56
superm1_but if the cutlist is the part failing06:56
superm1_then you can cut via that transcode at least06:56
tgm4883_laptopwell i'll try not reencoding it and see if that works06:58
tgm4883_laptopive been having it make a 1 layer dvd iso06:58
superm1_yea that's a good plan06:58
tgm4883_laptopso atleast im not wasting dvds06:58
superm1_to start with06:58
tgm4883_laptopwhen we were talking about the dual layer problem07:01
tgm4883_laptopwas that with mytharchive burning the dvd or making the iso?07:01
superm1_making the iso07:02
superm1_burning the dvd is no trouble07:03
superm1_but if your making a video dvd, you won't hit that anyway07:03
tgm4883_laptopjust wanted to know as im planning on archiving my planet earth shows07:05
tgm4883_laptop1 dvd per show07:05
superm1_you get them all in HD?07:05
superm1_how big was all that?07:05
tgm4883_laptopfreaking awesome07:06
tgm4883_laptoplet me check07:06
tgm4883_laptop11 episodes @ 7GB each07:07
superm1_i wouldn't be able to justify putting that onto ordinary dvds :)07:07
tgm4883_laptopexternal HD/07:08
superm1_well at least in native format07:08
superm1_after snipping commercials07:08
superm1_those are likely about 4 gigs or so07:08
superm1_so they could go on native dvds instead07:09
tgm4883_laptopideally, not having to reduce the quality would be great.  But encoding them in the HQ encoder should produce some nice results07:14
tgm4883_laptopI will probably keep them on my file server uncompressed also07:14
superm1_well do you *need* them in dvd video?07:15
tgm4883_laptopwhen i say uncompressed, i mean in their full 7gb glorry07:15
tgm4883_laptopmy sister in law wants to see them07:15
tgm4883_laptopand she has no mythtv07:15
superm1_i see07:15
superm1_and no pc hooked up either ?07:15
superm1_because they are indeed just mpeg2 files07:15
tgm4883_laptopor fortunetly, depending on how you look at it07:15
tgm4883_laptopwell i was going to wire their house for some nice audio/video, but in the end they went with a professional company07:17
tgm4883_laptop*cough* overpriced *cough*07:18
superm1_well you know what though, it prevents you getting flak if something ever breaks07:18
tgm4883_laptopbut it really is overprice07:18
tgm4883_laptopwhen the wiring costs $10000.....07:18
tgm4883_laptopits a large house, but still07:20
tgm4883_laptopever heard of crestron?07:20
superm1_she must have compared your cost to her company's cost, and been like well "if its this expensive, i must be getting more by having these guys do it"07:20
tgm4883_laptopmy brother just thought it was too complicated07:20
tgm4883_laptopthis was before he knew the price07:21
tgm4883_laptop10000 for wireing and it doesn't do anything yet07:21
superm1_that's insane07:22
tgm4883_laptopits a nice system, but all proprietary coding07:22
superm1_how so?07:22
superm1_ir transmitting and such?07:22
tgm4883_laptopno ir transmitting07:25
tgm4883_laptopeverything is wired07:25
tgm4883_laptopnew construction only07:25
tgm4883_laptopits some heavy duty wire too, and controls the whole house07:25
tgm4883_laptoplights, audio, video, tv, phone, internet, blinds07:26
superm1_oh so its smart home esque07:26
tgm4883_laptopnothing that I saw it do couldn't be done in linux with a few different programs though07:27
superm1_actually you know, i met the guy who started Mr. House07:28
tgm4883_laptopI was going to implement that in my design07:29
tgm4883_laptophow is that project going anyway?07:29
superm1_he told me that its gotten to the point that he doesn't understand a lot of the code in it now07:29
superm1_since so many people joined in on it07:29
superm1_and added to it07:29
tgm4883_laptopi was looking at mr house and plutohome07:30
superm1_both are a bit pricey to setup07:31
superm1_but pluto is nice in that its got all the mythesque stuff07:31
tgm4883_laptoppluto is nice, but they didn't have any real answers for me07:31
tgm4883_laptopsupposedly they have dealers, but couldn't tell me a single one when i called07:32
superm1_some business people they are huh?07:34
tgm4883_laptopi just looked up the cable for my brothers house.  It's called CresCat and has (2) Cat5e, (2) RG6, (2) RG6 plus cresnet07:34
tgm4883_laptopyea, i was ready to spend money as i needed test equipment07:34
superm1_what did you quote him?07:35
tgm4883_laptopnever found a dealer07:35
tgm4883_laptopneeded a couple different things to test with, orbitor, remote, etc07:35
tgm4883_laptopit was just the main components i was worried about07:36
tgm4883_laptopthere website still has no dealers, they were suppose to have dealers listed in a couple months, but that was a year ago when I talked to them07:38
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superm1_morning Daviey10:35
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DaveMorrisget the price refunded if you write a linux install guide they like10:58
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lagasuperm1: i did have that mythweb.prerm, i just forgot to bzr add it, sorry :(01:08
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OskarLHello. What is up with mythfrontend not being able to disable xscreensaver?04:17
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DaveMorrissuperm1: ^^04:26
lagaOskarL: hum. it's possible that the ubuntu packages call gnome-screensaver instead04:27
OskarLlaga: Thanks for the hint. You are right (or I was wrong) it stops xscreensaver, not gnome-screensaver...04:31
OskarLThere is apparently a ticket for it in the mythtv trac... http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/3652 so maybe it will be fixed in a year or so :)04:33
lagai believe this patch or a similar patch is applied to the ubuntu packages04:36
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OskarLlaga: It must be quite recent then. It doesn't in 0.20-svn20070122, but I'll check 0.20.1+fixes1383704:44
lagaOskarL: it's debian/patches/06_gnomescreensaver.dpatch04:45
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OskarLlaga: That patch is quite old (December 4. 2006) 0.20-svn20070122 doesn't properly disable the screensaver for me. I will have to investigate that further... Thanks for the help04:53
lagais gnome-screensaver running for you?04:54
lagahow do you notice it's unable to disable the screensaver?04:54
OskarLThe screen is blanked after 5 minutes of watching tv :)04:55
OskarLcould be a d-bus problem at my side though04:55
lagatry gnome-screensaver --poke04:56
OskarLseems to work04:58
lagamythfrontend should do the same04:58
lagadoes it say anything about the screensaver in the frontend logs?04:58
OskarLit says "Gnome-Screensaver support enabled"04:59
OskarLCould the resetTimer timout interval be too long for the timer that --poke:s the screensaver?05:04
tgm4883whats the safe nvidia driver?  nv?05:12
mkrufky"safe" ?  nv is the open source one05:13
mkrufkythe binary one is better, though ...  and i hate to say it05:13
tgm4883yea i know, but this guy in the forums is having some problems, and im trying to get him back into X first05:14
tgm4883he had installed the nvidia drivers from the repos, then he enabled the restricted driver.  Now his driver and module are a version mismatch05:15
Hugolpmkrufky:  its not that extrange that nvidia oficial driver is better because the open source one its being done using reverse enginering05:15
Hugolpthe nvidia programers have the specs so its way easier05:16
tgm4883so if i wanted him to get into X, the nv driver should do it?  Or a different one?05:16
mkrufkyHugolp: no argument, there05:18
mkrufkytgm4883: both of them work in X05:18
tgm4883actually, now im thinking a dpkg --reconfigure might be in order.  If the screens have an unusable configuration05:18
tgm4883not in their current state of his system05:18
mkrufkythe binary nvidia driver is better for hardware acceleration -- dont try HDTV with nv05:18
mkrufkyabout the driver and module version mismatch -- just uninstall both, then reinstall05:19
tgm4883did that05:19
DaveMorristgm4883 vesa will allways work as a driver05:19
tgm4883now the screens have no usable config05:19
DaveMorrisvery slow though05:20
tgm4883maybe a dpkg --reconfigure xserver-xorg-video-?05:20
tgm4883can you do a reconfigure and fix the screen problem?  is it just xserver-xorg?05:22
tgm4883I figured that if I could get him into X, then i could have him post the xorg.conf, but if thats not needed then great05:22
DaveMorrisyou can do a reconfigure, it tells you how in the top of your X file.05:23
=== DaveMorris unless its remvoed like mine :)
tgm4883sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg05:24
DaveMorrisseems right, I'm jsust looking it up on a machine at home05:24
tgm4883its if you want it auto updated05:24
DaveMorrisits the command he wants though05:25
tgm4883ok, i'll let him know05:25
tgm4883time to go check my mythburn05:28
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tgm4883There is no input plugin to handle the location of this movie05:37
DaveMorriswhats the problem ?05:37
tgm4883anyone run across that trying to play a non re encoded dvd in totem from mythtv?05:37
tgm4883i think it roots back to me not being able to download the shows from mythweb and play them05:38
tgm4883which I think is because its a mpeg 2 transport stream, I think05:38
tgm4883I lied, just checked and I can play shows from mythweb.  Checking the iso in vlc now05:53
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superm1i was called for earlier this morning?06:10
superm1laga, did you see my message about the prerm missing?06:10
superm1keescook, i tested your changes.  Your udev rules work as expected, but my myth patch doesn't seem to be so fortunate06:11
superm1keescook, i think that the way myth is populating that directory, it doesn't like to find symlinks.  I glanced for the the Qt API for QDir stuff (how it populates), and didn't see much of anything regarding following symlinks06:12
superm1manually putting in the device name in the box (/dev/v4l/by-path/pci-XXXXX-ivtv ) worked fine in the UI however06:13
lagasuperm1: yes. the prerm was there, i jsut forgot to commit it. it should be pushed now06:17
superm1laga, so in your local builds, it was using the prerm too?  hmmpfh06:17
lagai'd think so06:18
lagado i have to tell it to add the prerm somewhere06:18
keescooksuperm1: yeah, it's happy to use whatever you type into the UI.  I have a specific-to-my-cards udev rule that builds symlinks for /dev/video-pvr250 and /dev/video-pchd06:19
keescookthe feedback I got from udev upstream wasn't positive, but they didn't have a better suggestion yet, so I'm waiting to hear back about it.06:19
superm1laga, as long as you have the line in debian/rules indicating that they are present (the line slips my mind), then it will know.06:20
superm1keescook, what was the negative feedback re: it?06:20
keescooksuperm1: yeah, basically, Keybuk (ubuntu maintainer of udev) showed it to Kay (udev upstream) while they were in a presentation at GUADEC.  The feedback on got was "Key is making faces", and "can't HAL do this?".  I said I was interested in options, but they had to run off to the next presentation.  :P06:21
superm1but hal is only present on boxes with X?06:22
superm1is it not?06:22
superm1(by default)06:22
keescookI don't think HAL can do it in a useful way, and while it's a hack, it's easier than fixing v4l, since we need a solution for the ordering issue _now_.06:22
keescookI'm actually not sure where hal fits.06:22
superm1and its not like it breaks anything06:23
keescookright.  though I suspect the worry is creating a bad solution that becomes a compatibility problem in the future.  I don't think it'd be very serious, though.06:26
superm1I won't be able to do any more prodding with that patch again until after ULive, so there is plenty of time here for the interim06:29
superm1laga, could you pastebin a diff -urN fixes/debian trunk/debian (well without that one patch i have for mythweb - that will be huge)?  I don't have either branch immediately available to me.06:32
lagasuperm1: not at the moment, i'm about to run06:32
superm1ah k06:33
superm1foxbuntu___, u present?06:33
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tgm4883superm1, i checked the archive i made last night.  Commercials were gone, but half the show was missing and there was a problem with stuttering (probably due to either it being an analog recording over firewire, or because I was watching a movie on the same machine at the same time).  Doing another test now, but what are your thoughts on archiving on the same machine that also records?06:55
tgm4883i gotta think im pushing the machine pretty hard here06:55
superm1well i don't think that it should push it that hard06:58
superm1since transcode is a background processs06:58
tgm4883interesting.  I was always told (over in videohelp.com) that you shouldn't use a machine that is encoding. (general rule of thumb)06:59
tgm4883This machine's load average:07:00
tgm4883    * 1 Minute: 3.307:00
tgm4883    * 5 Minutes: 3.5707:00
tgm4883    * 15 Minutes: 2.7707:00
superm1well the process is niced down to i think 1507:00
tgm4883its also recording 1 show in HD while comm flagging07:00
superm1which is pretty low on the priority scale07:00
tgm4883So the priority is low, can that be changed?07:01
tgm4883via a frontend or backend setup07:01
superm1well that shouldnt be the reason half the show was mising though07:02
superm1i've gotta rn though.  i'll be back in ~hr07:02
superm1can tchat more then07:03
tgm4883i didn't think it was07:03
tgm4883on a different note, if anyone knows if they are showing planet earth jungles in HD again let me know, somehow it got erased off my system.07:04
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reclusivemonkey_hello everyone10:00
superm1hey reclusivemonkey_10:02
superm1tgm4883, i'm back10:02
reclusivemonkey_hi superm1; I am pretty excited today. I got my iMON VFD finally! Just trying to get it to work now...10:02
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reclusivemonkeyhello again, does anyone have any experience with LIRC in feisty?10:37
superm1reclusivemonkey, yes10:47
reclusivemonkeysuperm1: thanks; I just got a link from someone in #ubuntu-uk; checking that out now10:47
superm1reclusivemonkey, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Install_Lirc_Feisty ?10:48
reclusivemonkeysuperm1: that's the one =] 10:48
superm1it's a wee bit complex as many people have pointed out, expect things to be getting easier with gutsy10:49
superm1Daviey, ping10:49
reclusivemonkeysuperm1: that's good news. I am hanging on for gutsy to try out the mythbuntu and this iMON will move into my mythtv box then. I am trying it out on my desktop for now10:50
Davieysuperm1: pong10:50
superm1Daviey, gonna have some time for some hardcore meta action this weekend?10:50
DavieyI'll have to :S10:51
DavieyI've been so rushed off my feet at the moment, but i'll certainly find sometime10:51
superm1good good10:52
reclusivemonkeyah Daviey, you're here too =]  I think I'll keep it all in here10:52
superm1Chadarius started on the control centre10:52
Davieyawesome, any screen shots10:52
superm1and i've got live-autostart chugging along10:52
superm1of the control centre or the live autostart?10:52
Davieyi made a python+gtk scratch for lirc mapping - but not that effective atm10:52
Davieywhat is live autostart.. being seeing it on the MOTU mailinglist10:53
superm1it configures all the "other stuff" in live frontend mode10:53
superm1and stores the changes to a flash drive10:53
superm10.1 and 0.2 were uploaded, i'm working on adding lirc support for it10:54
superm1but just like ubiquity it needs that lircd->lircrc parser ready now10:54
Davieysuperm1: you're zooming!10:54
superm1i was testing it last night and i've got it to the point where you plug in the flash drive, and start that app.  you choose everything you want and hit save and start10:55
superm1it does magic10:55
superm1and then you can pull the cd and flash drive10:55
superm1go to another machine10:55
superm1and plug both in10:55
superm1and it magically repeats it all10:55
Davieyso on boot, does it overwrite /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt etc?10:55
superm1and lircd.conf10:56
superm1and hardware.conf10:56
superm1and does those mounts for you10:56
superm1and adjusts $HOME10:56
superm1to use .mythtv on a flash drive10:56
superm1or other media device10:56
=== Daviey slaps superm1 for being too efficent.. makes the rest of us look bad!
Davieywell done.10:56
superm1thanks.  so get your meta going and work some magic already ;)10:57
Davieyyes sir!10:57
Davieyany news on the auto-detection of cards?10:57
superm1well as mkrufky mentioned, cx88-dvb autoloading should be fixed in 2.6.2210:58
superm1i haven't put anything in yet to try to detect cards a'la mythtv-setup does though10:58
Davieynaa, i mean for setting up mythtv chans etc10:58
mkrufkyoh....  in ubuntu-land, yeah... 2.6.2210:59
Davieykernel support is fine, but i mean populating the database10:59
superm1i have focused around ironing out these other odds and ends before thinking about that11:00
Davieyonce that is sorted we can work towards xmltv setup aswell11:00
superm1it's going to turn into a lot of code duplication i'd think from mythtv-setup11:00
Davieywasn't keescook looking into that?11:00
superm1well keescook was doing a udev rule11:00
superm1that allowed for video0 and video1 to swap places11:01
superm1for which i was trying to do a mythtv patch to use those symlinked files11:01
superm1but haven't had much luck as of yet with the results11:01
superm1er symlinked devices11:01
=== mkrufky goes home. .. bye
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reclusivemonkeywoo hoo! well now IRW is giving me some output =]  thanks Daviey that link worked a treat. I had to fiddle a little but I got there in the end11:25
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superm1foxxbuntu, hey11:46
tgm4883superm1, I have tested it again with a non HD program from an HD channel.  This seems to be working much much better.  I did re encode it at the same time and it worked beautifully.  I did make sure that the cutlist was loaded (I thought it was last time too) and they are gone too.  I'll now go back and try the original program that I was working with the first time12:00
superm1sounds good12:02
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