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ikoniaspam in #ubuntu12:38
jribompaul: yeah, I know :)12:40
ompauljrib, k12:41
jrib56k atm12:41
thoreauputicompaul: hello there :)12:41
ompaulhi there12:41
thoreauputicompaul: my first appearance for some time in the IRC world12:42
ompauland I catch you12:42
ompaulikonia, (from LFS) please meet thoreauputic :-)12:43
thoreauputic //me used to practically live here, but took a break ;)12:43
ikoniaI think I remember you actually12:45
thoreauputicikonia: yeah, I'm unforgettable ( kidding)12:46
ikoniaha ha ha12:46
thoreauputic... some would prefer to forget me though ...12:47
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ompaulfor that mostly12:47
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thoreauputicaargh just in time ompaul - I just did a /cs k on you12:48
ikonianext time be faster12:48
thoreauputicikonia: world's slowest typist12:48
Amaranthwhy do i not have op here? :)12:49
ompaulyou have voice12:49
ompaultry to op yourself12:49
thoreauputicAmaranth: I don't either - ompaul did it12:49
thoreauputicmy access level is too low for -ops apparently :)12:49
ikoniahe's god around here12:50
ompaulI deny that and smite ikonia :)12:50
Amaranthi'm a god to millions ;)12:50
ikoniasee you in hell12:50
ompaulthats my boy :012:51
=== thoreauputic hands ompaul a couple of thunderbots
thoreauputicno that isn't a typo12:51
ompaulNo Amaranth it is the irc version of a thunderbold12:51
=== thoreauputic does a " export DEITY=ompaul "
mneptokmmmm ... thunderbutt ....12:56
=== thoreauputic larts mneptok for poor taste
=== thoreauputic does an apt-get remove --purge mneptok
ompaulthoreauputic, the purge might not have been needed, there are no config files he is always the same - and non dare edit12:58
thoreauputicnice one12:58
thoreauputicpackage mneptok is not available but is referred to by another package12:59
thoreauputic..perhaps you are using the unstable version12:59
ompaulthoreauputic, you got that from the canonical list?12:59
ompaulmneptok, this is kinda nuts01:00
thoreauputicah, mneptok must be non-free01:00
ompaulahh no he is not proprietary he is ......01:00
ompaullets stop before01:00
ompaulwe go further than we should, which is prolly back at the start of this01:01
nalioththoreauputic: are you new here? Welcome!01:01
thoreauputicnalioth: help! My Linux Doesn't Work (tm)01:02
thoreauputichello nalioth :)01:02
naliothwhere have you been?01:03
mc44thoreauputic: Have You Tried Rebooting? (tm)01:03
thoreauputicnalioth: trying to cobble together a live CD without X as a tutorial for CLI newbies01:03
thoreauputicmc44: I think I just need to retry and reinstall ;)01:04
nalioththoreauputic: ah. just remember the sleeves fasten in back01:05
thoreauputicnalioth: that whooshing sound is your comment sailing over my head01:06
nalioththoreauputic: the pretty white jackets01:06
ompaulthoreauputic, he fears for your sanity01:06
PriceChild#ubuntu <sevilnatas> PriceChild, Can we make love?01:06
thoreauputictoo late I fear01:06
mc44PriceChild: quick, grab the opportunity! :)01:06
ompaulokay people exhaustion has gotten the better of me01:10
ompaulcatch you again sooner or later01:10
poningruthoreauputic: whatsup dude?01:16
poningruthoreauputic: I would go with something like a debian live cd01:16
poningruthere are many floating around01:17
thoreauputicponingru: I have made a CD with bootcd - it works mostly01:17
poningruwhats wrong then?01:17
naliothponingru: doesn't it have <gasp> X on it?01:17
nalioththoreauputic: is after an X-less environment01:17
thoreauputicponingru: tried casper, make-live etc but got kernel panics01:17
poningrunalioth: what does?01:18
poningrunot the official live cd01:18
thoreauputicnalioth: I have iy working - it needs a lot of polishing though01:18
poningruI'm talking about debian based01:18
naliothponingru: i thought you were talking about the  sid livecd that just popped up01:18
thoreauputicponingru: I know about that - there are several ways01:18
thoreauputicponingru: I used a chroot + bootcd01:19
thoreauputicbut bootcd is a bit inflexible01:19
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thoreauputicponingru: the idea is kind of retro - I want a CD that uses only tty + framebuffer01:20
thoreauputicto familiarise people with the cpabilities f the command line01:20
thoreauputicplus some surprises like a picture viewer ( fbi), mplayer for video etc01:21
thoreauputic... as I said, it works. I'm currenly rewriting the scripts for the demo and tutorials01:22
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thoreauputic_well that was ... interesting. managed to kick the power cord on my way out of the room...01:38
naliothyou're supposed to blame it on the cat01:38
thoreauputic_nalioth: sadly, no cat to blame it on01:39
=== thoreauputic_ can't have a pony, but a cat would do
naliothoffer a virtual cat to the gods of blame01:40
thoreauputic_is this a cat as in "catastrophe" ?01:41
naliothif it unplugs your computer, it could be01:41
thoreauputic_... which is what i thought had happened for a moment01:41
thoreauputic_ie. a catastrophe01:41
=== thoreauputic_ checks if his 42 tabs will be resurrected in Firefox
thoreauputicgutsy tribe 3 torrent is humming along nicely :)01:58
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PriceChildthought volli was about to start spamming spoilers for a second then...02:00
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Urbandaleum... i was banned from #ubuntu04:52
Urbandaleand ive never been on that channel04:52
Urbandalecan someone tell me why?04:52
naliothi'm looking, Urbandale04:54
Urbandalethank you04:54
naliothUrbandale: what message are you getting?04:56
Urbandale #ubuntu You're banned from that channel04:57
naliothi don't see any bans against you04:57
Urbandalelol, thats what i thought04:57
naliothlet me look again04:57
Urbandaleok, thanks04:57
crdlb #ubuntu *!*@*.desm.qwest.net04:57
crdlbthat's quite broad O_O04:59
Urbandalewhat do u mean?04:59
naliothUrbandale: means it bans EVERYone from your isp04:59
Urbandalethats extreme04:59
Urbandalea bit much, yes?05:00
naliothi don't know why it was set so, Urbandale.  might have been a persistent troll05:00
naliothit's lifted05:00
naliothenjoy #ubuntu  :)05:00
Urbandalethank you guys05:00
mneptoknalioth: not from the ISP. only that region.05:02
mneptok(Qwest is *massive*)05:02
naliothmneptok: yes, well it's still quite broad05:02
mneptoknalioth: not really. Des Moines isn't *that* big. :)05:03
Urbandalewas the ban only is des moines?05:03
naliothUrbandale: probably the whole state05:03
mneptokUrbandale: yeah, it was placed against Qworst's DSM uplink05:03
mneptoknalioth: careful. if you put Des Moines, Davenport, and Ames people in a big basket, there could be bloodshed ;)05:04
naliothmneptok: i've been there several times05:05
Urbandaleonly if you said they were all the same05:05
mneptoknalioth: yeah, i drove through last year.05:05
Urbandaleits boring over here05:05
nalioththe amish folk in the north are pretty cool05:05
=== mneptok has seen The Typical Iowa (i.e. what you can see from I-80) ;)
naliothmneptok: nothing to see from there05:06
naliothi drove trucks through there all the time05:06
naliothall over iowa05:06
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Amaranththoreauputic: ...06:08
thoreauputicAmaranth: ?06:09
thoreauputicjust making an observation06:09
Amaranthdon't be an ass06:09
=== thoreauputic smites Amaranth with the jawbone of an ass
elkbuntuthoreauputic, being an ass? surely no06:10
thoreauputicelkbuntu: It's my usual mode I fear ;p06:11
elkbuntuthoreauputic, :06:11
thoreauputic... stubborn as a mule, too06:12
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jsestri2Would anyone know why I would get the error: #ubuntu unable to join channel (address is banned)?06:42
Burgundavialikely somebody else who used your addy got banned06:42
jsestri2ok...Can I get my address unbanned?06:43
crdlbjsestri2, change your realname06:48
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maxamillionHobbsee: ping07:43
Hobbseemaxamillion: pong07:45
maxamillionHobbsee: i just noticed your release announcement on distrowatch.com :) .... just kinda strange to see a name up on there of someone i am familar with :)07:46
maxamillionHobbsee: did you take over ubuntu release management?07:47
Hobbseemaxamillion: oh, did i make it to distro watch too?07:47
Hobbseemaxamillion: i did for tribe 3, yes07:47
Hobbseeunsure what's happening after that07:48
maxamillionoh well... gongrats07:48
maxamillionHobbsee: http://distrowatch.com/ <--- you're on there :)07:48
Hobbseei'd like to for the rest, but we'll see...07:48
Hobbseerock on!  they even spelt my name right!07:49
Hobbseesigh @ #ubuntu07:50
Hobbseeyay for nalioth's auto-kill script07:50
=== maxamillion doesn't lurk there
maxamillioni don't have ops there and its generally scrolling too quickly to be very managable in a 80x25 terminal window07:52
maxamillionHobbsee: ahhh, ok07:52
AmaranthHobbsee: do people usually misspell your name?07:53
HobbseeAmaranth: yeah.  shirish often does, and there are a couple of others07:54
Hobbseethey seem to like using sarah hobbsee, sarah hobsee, sarah hobbess...07:54
Hobbseeno idea *how*07:54
jdongAccording to irssi it's spelled "Flying spaghetti monster"07:54
Hobbseehehe :)07:54
Amaranthbtw, the release announcement someone made on planet ubuntu is really annoying :/07:54
=== jdong noticed shirish hasn't brought in any flaming torches or pitchforks to the forum council yet....
Amaranthsays to report all graphical bugs to compiz07:54
Hobbseei should change it to "She Who Must Be Obeyed"07:54
jdongI'm actually slightly shocked07:54
HobbseeAmaranth: doesnt it say that in the annoucement?07:55
Hobbseejdong: haha07:55
AmaranthHobbsee: If it does I'm gonna get stabby07:55
HobbseeAmaranth: then perhaps you should complain before it's published...seeing as that's been in the last 2, at least.07:56
jdongHobbsee: he sent the council and the CC an e-mail basically saying he thinks he might have possibly found 2 bugs.... and he doesn't like the rank bean icons. hence, vbulletin is closed source crap and we should switch to phpbb2.....07:56
Hobbseethat sounds just like him07:56
jdongyep :)07:56
Amaranthdude he emailed the _doc list_07:56
Amaranthlike ubuntu-doc has anything to do with the forums07:57
Hobbseehe emails the LP list about bugs in ubuntu...07:57
jdongAmaranth: I saw that too, when the doc list didn't work he CC'ed all of Ubuntu's governance :)07:57
Hobbseeplus every development list around...07:57
Amaranthis ubuntu-devel-discuss still crazy nuts?07:57
Hobbseewell, it's still moderated07:57
Amaranthit is?07:57
Hobbseeit's not so bad07:57
Hobbseefor spam, yes07:57
Hobbseethere's still rules it has to follow07:58
Amaranthalso, how do i get access to ubuntu-devel?07:58
Amaranthi seem to remember you handling this stuff :)07:58
jdongneato!! Xgl + parent server DPMS = hardlock07:58
Amaranthi think the nvidia driver causes my second core to flips out07:59
Amaranthand i know it breaks my suspend07:59
=== Amaranth kicks nvidia
jdongAmaranth: lol hey hey it's better than yesterday's flgrx release07:59
Amaranthi doubt it07:59
jdongAmaranth: there's this HUGE EFFING WATERMARK that says "FOR AMD INTERNAL USE ONLY08:00
HobbseeAmaranth: the irc channel?08:00
Amaranthwith the 100 series driver powertop reports 28000-80000 wakeups per second with no source unless i disable the second core08:00
AmaranthHobbsee: no, the mailing list08:00
Hobbseeoy, mneptok, you around?08:01
HobbseeAmaranth: as in, moderating it?  ask cjwatson08:01
Amarantheh? no no08:01
Amaranthi don't have enough time for all that08:01
Amaranthi want to be able to post to it08:01
Hobbseeoh, right.08:01
Hobbseepost, and someone will approve it, if it's any good, and follows the guidelins08:02
Amaranthright but that takes days08:02
Amaranthhow do i get on the whitelist? :)08:02
Hobbseeget MOTU08:02
Amaranthi do nothing for motu08:03
Amaranthall my stuff is main08:03
Hobbseeor core dev, but MOTU is a step in that08:03
Hobbseebut to be on the white list, you hvae to be in ~ubuntu-dev08:03
Amaranthwell, that sucks08:04
Amaranthi have to go out of my way doing motu stuff just to post on a mailing list to discuss core-dev stuff08:04
Hobbseenot really - people have demonstrated that they're not responsible with it.  look at teh bot control08:04
HobbseeAmaranth: they are looking for more moderators of it.  if they find some, then it'll be more effective08:05
Amaranthdoes core-dev stuff apply toward getting accepted as motu? :)08:05
Amaranthi should apply, i guess08:05
Amaranthsome compiz stuff is going to be in universe08:06
Amaranthand timevault08:06
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Amaranthjdong: should have left it on :)08:15
jdongAmaranth: I'm really serious about making it permanent....08:16
jdonghe says another word, and it WILL be permanent08:16
Amaranththere he goes08:16
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BurgundaviaAmaranth: you can also ask to be in the whitelist08:17
jdongalright, paladine challenging Amaranth in #ubuntuforums is really getting on my nerves08:18
jdongI am going to remove him for 48 hours if he doesn't stop; 3 warnings already08:18
jdong(just a heads up)08:18
Burgundaviahad to see the action for myself :)08:18
jdongthanks guys08:19
jdonghopefully he shuts up after he sees the big guys (and gals) with machine guns come in :)08:19
=== Hobbsee wondres if this stuff is the same as last time
jdongoh boy08:20
AmaranthIt more or less is08:20
jdongit was kinda random08:20
jdongpaladine linked me to some picture of a retarded guy and said it was me.08:20
jdongand that's roughly how it started....08:21
jdongserves me right for not going to bed at 2AM :D08:21
Amaranthdude he would be so gone 6 months ago if i was still an op08:21
jdongalright, it seems like he's behaving now that he sees that nobody's on his side08:22
jdongthanks guys :)08:22
Burgundavianothing like a good flash mob08:24
jdonghaha, you said it :)08:24
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Tm_TTm_P: welcome back from the other side08:44
Tm_Ptack tack08:46
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-ops): set by Hobbsee at Sun Jul 15 18:07:02 2007
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Hobbseeif eagles... comes and bitches, dont undo the bans08:55
Hobbseehe's disrupting the channels, due to his absolute idiocy08:55
SpamSlayerWho do I talk to if I am banned from #ubuntu?08:55
HobbseeSpamSlayer: seems that it's due to your nick08:58
SpamSlayerOh, alright, I was like: "what did I do?" when I saw the message08:59
Hobbseea lot of people use spam* as their nicknames, to go and spam the channels08:59
naliothSpamSlayer: you can thank the several thousand bots all named spamXXXX for it08:59
=== SpamSlayer is now known as Andr1
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geemyeah i got banned too09:06
geemovernight apparently09:06
geemfrom #ubuntu09:06
geemwhile i was asleep i guess09:07
geemany help here?09:07
PriceChild*looks at bantracker*09:07
jdongPriceChild: are you hiding from #uf? :)09:08
HobbseePriceChild: please watch SomePerson in #ubuntu+1.09:08
PriceChildHobbsee, ok09:08
HobbseePriceChild: they either a) shouldnt be there, due to being clueless, or b) are a troll.09:08
PriceChildjdong, i just haven't spoken... didn't understand what was going on and will look in a min09:08
PriceChildgeem, hmm...09:08
jdongah, didn't see your nick09:08
Hobbseeand seeing as that's a development releaes channel....they have no reason to be there09:08
jdongturns out I'm blind in addition to retarded09:08
jdongI... I don't know what to do with my life!09:09
Hobbseejdong: refresh it.09:09
jdongwhew it's back up09:09
jdongthat was close!09:09
Hobbseejdong: it's on crack too, giving out that message.  bug has been filed09:09
PriceChildgeem, you spammed the same message, an ftp server, user and password several times.09:10
PriceChildjdong, what're you doing in here?09:10
PriceChildubunut, ^09:10
jdongPriceChild: mmm? hanging out with my _best buddies_ :)09:10
=== PriceChild huggles jdong
Hobbseeubunut: funnily enough, i dont think that ban will be getting undone today...09:11
ubunuti did09:12
ubunuti don't remeber but i may have been asking a question pertaining to it09:13
PriceChildubunut, I suggest you /part for a while...09:13
ubunuti am not there09:13
ubunutu mean form here?09:13
ompauljdong, what powers you have refreshing life09:14
PriceChildI did.09:14
ubunutftp://meklort.isa-geek.com user:star + pass:star09:14
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jdongwhat the heck is ubunut?09:14
PriceChildjdong, troll it seems...09:15
Hobbseea troll.09:15
jdongha there's an open port on every major service on that thing...09:16
jdongholy crap I woudln't even open up that many ports setting up a honeypot!09:17
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jdongnice username.09:22
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naliothjdong: so nice, it got him an express invitation to join us here09:37
jdongnalioth: it's where the party's at :)09:37
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naliothlovely.  potter spoiling trolls11:31
PriceChildthere was a couple yesterday11:31
AmaranthThey haven't spoiled anything :)11:31
Amaranthstupid bot11:31
PriceChildI would perhaps half believe them if they didn't say dobby died... that just ruins it11:31
Amaranthi've been randomly going around saying '!ftp' and it keeps popping up11:31
AmaranthPriceChild: no comment :)11:32
jdongHARRY DIES11:32
PriceChildAmaranth, what pops up?11:32
=== jdong ducks
=== PriceChild sets ban on jdong*!*@*
AmaranthPriceChild: the ftp thing11:32
jdonglol the /. article on potter was tagged with a bunch of *dies$11:32
jdongAmaranth: ha really?11:32
PriceChildAmaranth, I'm confused.... you say !ftp and the factoid appears? :s11:32
PriceChildjdong, not in here11:33
Amaranththey got rid of it here11:33
jdongubotu has an ftp factoid11:33
jdonga valid one...11:33
PriceChildAmaranth, I'm still confused... ?11:33
jdongthat lists ftp clients11:33
jdongyou mean the spammer's ftp account?11:33
Amaranth<Amaranth> !ftp11:33
Amaranth<geem> ftp://meklort.isa-geek.com user:star + pass:star11:33
jdong07-20 17:33 wireless-19-51:~% sudo nmap -vv -O -sV meklort.isa-geek.com11:33
jdong^^ that guy?11:33
PriceChildAmaranth, ohh geem11:33
PriceChildjdong, yes11:33
Amaranthnot always called geem11:33
PriceChildAmaranth, is he still online in places?11:34
=== jdong smells klines
Amaranth<Pici> !ftp11:34
Amaranth<ubunut> ftp://meklort.isa-geek.com user:star + pass:star11:34
AmaranthPriceChild: i just randomly say it in channels11:34
jdongwhat the heck is ubunut doing??11:34
PriceChildAmaranth, ah k11:34
Amaranthgeem is not in any channels i am but is online11:34
PriceChildargh he's changed his channel11:35
PriceChilddyamic ips grr :)11:35
Amaranthhe does often11:35
PriceChildwait no... my /who is just defective11:35
Amaranthi'm honestly starting to think it's a virus of some sort11:35
jdonggeem is still online...11:35
Amaranthi've banned a couple of them with different hostmasks11:35
PriceChildI went to the web page and saw some 7z's but cba to figure out how to open them11:36
jdongPriceChild: hmm11:36
jdongPriceChild: I'll take a look at those11:36
Amaranth!info p7zip11:36
PriceChildfileroller didn't do them so i gave up for another time 8-)11:36
jdonghis user/pass don'g work11:37
jdong530 Login incorrect.11:37
jdongI pastebinnned his nmap earlier11:37
jdongrosbe is the ReactOS build environment11:38
Amarantherr, he has a router?11:39
jdongit's running behind a linux router11:40
Amaranthsure does have a lot of open ports on that router11:40
Amaranthooh and an ircd11:40
jdongno kidding11:41
jdongI'm tempted to DDOS him11:41
Amaranthbet he has some clonebots or something on there11:41
Amaranthno no11:41
Amaranthyou're an op, you can't be doing things like that11:41
Amaranthwas bad enough the last time11:41
Amaranthplus wouldn't you get in trouble with your school?11:42
jdongAmaranth: I haven't said where :)11:42
jdongand I'd like a few copies of RosBE11:43
jdongit puzzles the crap outta me why he's spamming an FTP that doesn't work11:43
jdongit could be a virus, but that's really hard to believe11:44
jdongthat a virus would forward 10 ports and set up a dyndns.org11:44
PriceChildlots of people just joining saying hi.... odd11:47
jdongFYI -- whatever he is running on port 23, MIT exit routers are blocking11:48

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