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InnatechIs there a patch for Quagga yet? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/quagga/+bug/4884812:50
ubotuLaunchpad bug 48848 in quagga "[Dapper SRU]  Assertion failure in OSPF" [Medium,Confirmed]  12:50
Innatechgrr. :(12:51
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lousygaruserverhello, i've just noticed that the root's home folder on my server had 0755 permissions04:08
lousygaruserveris that known and default? bcoz i thought that /root is a safe place for passwords and keys, which is not readable by anyone by default04:09
PumpernickelPasswords aren't stored in /root, they're in /etc/shadow.04:32
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Eversunhello is 7.4 good for server?11:32
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Michael_T_KingHeres one for you11:54
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dendrobatesmorning all.12:42
sorendendrobates: Hi, Rick. You're up early?12:44
dendrobatesdamn babies12:44
`6og(asking again in hope) - does anyone ehre have experiance with courier imap?12:56
`6ogi'm wondering about high (90+%) cpu utilisation when copying email from antoehr system12:56
dendrobates`6og: it's been a while, but that seems extremely high.  12:58
`6ogdendrobates, thats what i thought, but felt its worth asking12:59
`6og10356 kgoetz    17   0  7800 5468  844 R 85.3  0.3 131:23.17 imapd12:59
`6og85's about as lwo as it gets12:59
dendrobatesdo you have the sysstat package installed01:02
dendrobatesthat package contains iostat and other tools that can be used to record system performance01:04
`6ogjust fixing my sources.list and installing it atm. :)01:04
dendrobatesmight be useful if this as an ongoing problem.  01:04
`6ogit happens every time i try to copy any large amount of email over01:05
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`6oglarge is anything from a few hundred to 35,000, just fyi01:08
`6ogi wonder if its something to do with the dma/irq bit of my world. the harder i thrash the cpu the slower the network runs (or so it seems to me)01:10
=== soren -> lunch
`6oglater mate01:11
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jimI'm having difficulty installing CGI perl module. Any documentation I don't know of?02:49
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sorenjim: Which module and which version of Ubuntu?02:58
jimI just want to be able to execute cgiscripts on my Ubuntu Linux 6.06.103:03
jimI thought I only needed cgi.pm03:03
sorenjim: Apache can execute cgi scripts as it is.03:08
sorenjim: Depending on your actual CGI scripts, you may need glue code of various shapes and colours.03:09
jimsoren: I can't execute and don't know why. I am using perl03:09
sorenjim: Look, to get a helpful answer, it helps if you provide some specific information about: a) what you're trying to achieve, b) what you've done, and c) what happened?03:11
jimsoren: sorry, let me try. I've installed ubuntu lamp server. php works but perl cgi does not. Perl is installed and I can use it from command line but not from web with cgi03:13
sorenjim: The information you've given me so far corresponds to calling the IKEA help desk saying "I've bought something from you. I can't assemble it. It's blue." and expecting them to guess which piece of furniture you're trying to assemble and that you tried to stick knob X into hole Y, while you should have poked nail J into hole Z.03:13
sorenI'm not trying to be offensive, I just find that analogies often make a point come across better. :)03:14
jimlol... sorry again03:14
sorenjim: What's the script? Where have you put? What happened? What did you expect to happen?03:14
jimI'm managing server via webmin, and can see other perl modules, but cgi module won't install03:15
sorenWhat's the script? Where have you put it? What happens? :)03:15
sorenAnd where did you install webmin from? It's not in Ubuntu (we yanked it out long ago).03:16
jimThe script simply displays its own code and does not execute. It is chmod 75503:16
jimis there an alternate to webmin that is prefered?03:17
sorenYou've now answered "what happens".03:17
sorenWhat's the script? Where have you put it?03:17
jimit is in /home/jim/public_html/cgi-bin03:18
sorenjim: There's your problem.03:19
jimwhere should they be ?03:19
sorenjim: By default, random users are not allowed to run arbitrary scripts like that.03:19
sorenjim: /usr/lib/cgi-bin03:20
jimsoren:I'll try now03:21
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jimsoren: I've moved the file, now the browser cannot find it.03:26
sorenjim: How are you trying to access it?03:27
jimsoren: my-ip-address/~jim/cgi-bin/script.cgi03:28
sorenjim: You've moved it.. It's at ip-adress/cgi-bin/script.cgi03:29
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jimsoren: my-ip-address/cgi-bin/script.cgi shows internal server error03:29
sorenjim: Then you cgi script is probably broken.03:30
sorenjim: You'll find more info in /var/log/apache2/error.log03:30
jimsoren: Premature end of script headers: env.cgi03:34
jim(2)No such file or directory: exec of '/usr/lib/cgi-bin/env.cgi' failed03:34
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jimsoren: above are the error's I've found03:35
sorenWhat happens if you type /usr/lib/cgi-bin/env.cgi in a terminal?03:35
jim-bash: /usr/lib/cgi-bin/env.cgi: /opt/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory03:36
dendrobatesedit the cgi script and correct the first line to point to the  correct location of perl.03:38
sorenjim: " I can use it from command line "03:38
sorenjim: ?03:38
jimsoren: Its working now. I had the perl path wrong and of course the file in the wrong place.03:39
dendrobatesyeah :)03:39
jimsoren: Thanks for your patience and your help .... !03:39
jimsoren: what about a webmin replacement? I found webmin here. http://www.howtoforge.com/node/138803:43
infinitywebmin is the devil's tool.03:45
sorenjim: Well, you can get security holes in all sorts of shapes and colours now.03:45
sorenjim: webmin is great for that.03:45
sorenjim: But I'm almost sure that's not what you want it for?03:45
jimdevil's tool ??!!03:47
sorenjim: But if that's what you want webmin for, you can replace it with a wide variety of stuff. The easiest is probably a compiled version of securityhole.c in your cgi-bin.03:47
jimsoren: I can remove it and just run from the command line if I have too. 03:47
sorenjim: I'm trying to use humour to show you that you've asked a question that has no simple answer. I can't tell you what to replace webmin with, if I don't know why you've installed webmin to begin with.03:48
sorenjim: What are you trying to achieve?03:49
jimsoren: I only wanted to manage the server remotely, without using command line03:49
jimsoren: I actually only need it while configuring it and getting it up and running03:49
sorensoren: "Manage" can mean a lot of things. A combination of http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/warfare/8a0f/ and a simple script can be turned into a clever way to "manage" your power button on your server.03:50
sorenjim: What *specifically* are you trying to achieve?03:50
sorenjim: ^^ The power button management system comment was for you too.03:51
jimsoren: I was only setting up the server so I could learn more about linux and also practice developement of web/php/perl ... etc03:51
sorenjim: So... When I ask: "What do you want to achieve?", you answer: "I want a webserver, that can interpret php and perl scripts".03:53
jimahh well... yes03:53
sorenjim: For that, you open a terminal, type "sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5". That installs apache, a php5 interpreter and you already know where to put perl scripts.03:53
sorenjim: No webmin.03:53
sorenjim: webmin is the answer to a question noone should ask.03:54
jimsoren: I'll remove it promptly. thanks03:54
dendrobatessoren: doesn't ebox answer the same question?03:55
sorendendrobates: No.03:55
sorendendrobates: Let's play Jeopardy :)03:55
sorendendrobates: 'I'll take "Stupid software" for 1000, Alex'.03:55
dendrobatessoren: sorry, you seem like you need someone to give you a hard time.03:56
sorendendrobates: '"Stupid software" for 1000: "This software is a completely useless way to transform a configuration file into a html form"'. BZZZZZTTTTT! "What is webmin?" 03:57
soren\o/ I win!03:57
dendrobatessoren: it's amazing how popular it was 7 or 8 years ago.  until redhat learned the error of it's ways.03:58
`6ogwhats amazing is that its still sort of popular03:59
sorenebox asks you questions. Your answers are then turned into a set of configuration file settings, possibly spread out over several packages.03:59
dendrobatesit comes form commandlinephobia.03:59
sorenwebmin takes the config files from disk, puts a <input type="text" names="foo" />  where you'd normally put stuff into the config file. When you've put stuff in, you click "save" and it writes it back to disk. It's just a retarded, webified, configuration file editor.04:00
`6oghow many nameservers can you have in /etc/resolv.conf?04:00
`6ogiirc its unlimited...?04:01
`6ogah ok04:01
soren# define MAXNS                  3       /* max # name servers we'll track */04:01
`6ogis that 3 nameserver+1x search?04:01
sorenfrom /usr/include/resolv.h04:01
infinity(manpages are good for this)04:01
sorenYou can put more, but they'll probably be ignored.04:01
soreninfinity: Amazingly so :)04:02
=== `6og doesnt have source lying around (he does have man pages though)
sorensearch can have 6 entries.04:03
sorenAll on the same line, IIRC.04:03
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sorenmathiaz: Good morning.04:03
infinity              The search list is currently limited to six domains with a total of 256 characters.04:04
infinityReally, manpags are good. :)04:04
infinity(And yes, it's all on one line)04:04
dendrobateswelcome mathiaz04:04
mathiazsoren: good afternoon04:04
mathiazdendrobates: hi04:04
dendrobatesI'm finally back on my normal schedule.  damn travel.04:05
sorendendrobates: You were remarkably quiet at the meeting yesterday when Colin asked if everyone had gotten home safely :)04:06
dendrobatesI figured it didn't need repeating.  It's a long story.04:06
sorendendrobates: :)04:08
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benlakeanyone running 6.06 and and trying to add a service to logwatch get this error:04:43
benlake*** Error: There is no logfile defined. Do you have a /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles/<service> file ?04:43
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coNPwhat do you think about bug 12718005:10
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127180 in squid "Install squid in chroot by default" [Wishlist,Triaged]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12718005:10
coNPit is a kind of "change default"05:11
coNP(bug 127184 is similar)05:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 127184 in bind9 "Installing bind9 in a chroot" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12718405:11
Kamping_Kaiseri thought bind chrooted itself?05:11
mathiazcoNP: In the squid bug, it is suggested that there is the option to install a chroot05:11
mathiazcoNP: when installing a package.05:12
coNPKamping_Kaiser: me as well05:12
coNPmathiaz: you mean asking the user if she wants it in a chroot or not05:12
mathiazKamping_Kaiser: I don't think so. You have to configure the chroot.05:12
mathiazcoNP: Yes.05:12
mathiazcoNP: but not in the default install.05:13
coNPseems fine05:13
mathiazcoNP: Just that the package has the ability to install itself as a chroot if the user wants it.05:13
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nealmcbcould someone with the right permissions change this ssh bug from "invalid" to "won't fix" to mirror the recent upstream change?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh/+bug/3690705:47
ubotuLaunchpad bug 36907 in openssh "scp won't handle remote -> remote file transfers that require password authentication" [Medium,Invalid]  05:47
mathiaznealmcb: done05:47
nealmcbmathiaz: thanks!05:50
jetolehey guys, I know this is too server specific but since I do run servers and since you guys are smarter then 98% of the people in #ubuntu I have to ask, how do I tell the apt/dpkg system that I don't want it to ever upgrade package X?05:51
jetole*is not too server specific 05:51
infinityecho "packageX hold" | dpkg --set-selections05:52
benlakeanyone running 6.06 and and trying to add a service to logwatch get this error: "*** Error: There is no logfile defined. Do you have a /etc/logwatch/conf/logfiles/<service> file ?"06:06
benlakethe file does exist, BTW06:06
jetoleinfinity, thank you06:11
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mralphabetbenlake: does it have permissions to write to it? does it have the same permissions as the rest of the log files?06:14
benlakeit has the same permissions as the stuff in /usr/share/logwatch/.. and I'm starting it as root in my testing so it could write to it if it wanted, but I dont think it needs to write anything06:15
benlakemralphabet: that answer your question?06:22
mralphabetbenlake: yes, but it doesn't answer yours ;(06:31
benlakemralphabet: :P06:32
benlakemralphabet: you have any custom services setup?06:32
mralphabetbenlake: no06:32
benlakemralphabet: and by custom I mean I've pulled it from a 7 box onto my 6.06 :)06:32
mralphabetbenlake: right, no ;(06:36
benlakemralphabet: I have a feeling itll work if I shove it in /usr/share, but ugh06:36
mralphabetbenlake: hah, probably06:37
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hansin321I know the server edition used to have a different kernel than regular Ubunut (optimized for server environment).  Is that still the case?09:26
mathiazhansin321: there is linux-image-server09:27
hansin321mathiaz: Ok, that is right.  Soemthing was said on a different channel that had me thinking ubuntu server was moving to use the same kernel as plain ubuntu.  Thanks.09:31
mathiazhansin321: I think that -bigiron was dropped a couple of weeks ago.09:32
hansin321mathiaz: Maybe that was the issue.  I'll look into it, just out of curiousities sake...09:33
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donspauldingdoes anyone know of a way for me to supply a password to sudo from my python script?09:58
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eddieIs ubuntu - server light weight?10:00
eddieor packed with junk?10:00
eddieokay.. *downloads*10:01
kshahnjddoes ubuntu server come with an sshd? if not could i get a recommendation on what to install?10:02
donspauldingit comes with openssh http://packages.ubuntu.com/edgy/net/openssh-server10:03
kshahnjdthis is a rook question but, how can i get a list of currently installed packages or can someone link me to a basic command list10:05
kshahnjdi suppose all debian commands will work10:06
mathiazkshahnjd: yes. all debian commands will work.10:06
kshahnjdso, the command 'sudo apt-get install openssh-server' works, but how do I specify to grab the files from another source, like an online repository10:08
kshahnjdinstead of the cd10:08
donspauldingyou need to edit /etc/apt/sources.list10:08
donspauldinguncomment the online repositories there, but comment out the ones for the CD if you don't plan on keeping it in the drive forever :)10:09
kshahnjdso uncomment the 'backports' lines?10:09
donspauldingif you want yes.10:10
kshahnjdoh nvm, just comment the cdrom lines, there are many repositories defined in the file10:10
benlakeanyone have some experience with customer services for logwatch in 6.06?10:16
kshahnjdan anonymous user in terms of ftp is not a guest user right?10:27
donspauldingin what context?10:27
kshahnjdlike, I disabled anonymous login to vsftpd, and I can't login at all, it won't give me a chance to authenticate10:28
kshahnjdso what is an anonymous user then?10:28
kshahnjdi've never used a linux ftpd so I'm a bit confused, I use filezilla server on windows10:29
donspauldingdid you enable local user login after disabling anonymous?10:33
kshahnjdno, i'm going to now10:33
kshahnjdlocal users are ones that have accounts on that server10:33
kshahnjdokay, so the admin account, whatever it is, will have a proper authentication10:34
kshahnjdnice, it works, beautiful. thanks10:35
kshahnjdthis is so easy i'm never running a windows server again10:37
donspauldingglad to hear it :)  Although they can serve their purpose in large organizations.  I've never seen an OSS product that compares with Active Directory for ease of implementation or management.10:38
=== donspaulding ducks before someone shoots
kshahnjdI have to install Trac now, but that means python has to get installed first10:40
donspauldinghmm, interesting that you should mention that, hold on a second.10:40
hansin321eddie: I love the default install.  It is light and you decide at that point what to add.10:41
hansin321eddie: With apt-get (or whatever) after you did the install...10:41
eddiehansin321.... So its definitly worth it?10:41
donspauldingkshahnjd: python is installed by default, have a look at this:http://pastebin.com/f2aad93cc10:42
eddieWhats the text based installer like? Complicated?10:42
eddieAh nevermind10:43
hansin321eddie: I think so.  I am running it on a 350mhz PII / 392M ram and two NICs.  It is my firewall/gateway and I host some services on it.  I liked it immediately.  I have loaded Red Hat, etc. where it loads tons of junk that I didn't need.  Sure, there maybe be more 'leet' ways of getting the same effect, but for an 'out of the box' experience, I have been very happy with Ubuntu Server.10:43
kshahnjddonspaulding: oh wow :)10:43
donspauldingIt's an outline of getting SVN/Trac installed and creating new projects10:44
eddiehansin321: Awesome ... Ill try it later :D10:44
donspauldingI based it off of this excellent guide: http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracFeisty10:44
donspauldingHe has everything there, but it's not arranged very nicely, since he installs and creates a project all at once10:45
kshahnjdwow, thank you, probably saved me an hour of fumbling around10:45
eddie500meg disc... nice10:45
donspauldinglike I said, interesting that you mentioned that, since I'm working on a python script that does all that right now10:45
kshahnjdautomagically connects all the components?10:46
hansin321eddie: Installer is pretty straight forward.  Text based, but nothing too tricky.10:46
donspauldingwell, creates new projects, the rest of that is all a one time setup, and not nearly as difficult as it looks10:46
eddieokay... cheers hansin10:46
kshahnjdlet me give this a shot10:47
eddiehansin321: Does it have ssh server package on the disc?10:47
donspauldinggood luck10:47
hansin321eddie: I can't remember, but if not you can 'sudo apt-get install ssh-server'.10:47
hansin321eddie: Also (and someone correct me if this is a bad idea), but I use the 'ubuntu-firewall' program from here: http://rob.pectol.com/content/view/2/1/10:48
hansin321eddie: It is just a script I think that allows you to configure it.  I find it is pretty simplistic and works well.10:49
hansin321It has a config files that lets you set things like ports to open, if you want to do nat, etc.  I think it just sets all the iptables rules for you, but in a light-weight manner.10:50
hansin321eddie: Oh, ssh-server on disk?  Not sure, but very likely.10:51
eddieyay, 62gb's to copy over the network again :|10:54
eddieI have a direct pc-pc connection through an ethernet cable10:54
eddieI get about 10/megabytes a second10:54
eddieis that good?10:54
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novavisionanyone around?10:55
novavisionI need some help setting up an ubuntu server with lampp10:56
Nickeeddie: That would be 80 mbit/s.. so yes, if the nic's only handle 100 mbit, that's probably good :)10:56
eddieNicke: Okay .. :)10:56
eddieInstallation time... :p11:07
kshahnjdhey donspaulding, so far so good, but i hate running commands if i don't know why they work, I assume chown changes ownership of a file or folder, and the -R appears to be recursion, but what the heck is www-data:www-data11:15
donspauldingthat's the user and group that you are changing the ownership to11:19
donspauldingwww-data is the service account that apache runs under11:19
donspauldingWindows has a few (poorly utilized) equivalents to service accounts, think of it like IWAM_computername for IIS11:21
kshahnjdI see, understood11:21
kshahnjdso can I print out a list of users from the shell?11:21
kshahnjdand if so, www-data should appear?11:21
kshahnjd'users' just lists me, and me via ssh11:21
donspauldingyeah, I'm not sure what the best way to do that is though, I usually just do 'cat /etc/passwd'11:21
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donspauldingthat prints out a list of all user accounts and a good number of details about them11:22
donspaulding'users' lists all user accounts currently logged into the system11:22
kshahnjdgot it11:23
eddiethe server installation didnt ask for a password11:24
eddiehow do I set one?11:24
kshahnjdoh, it (trac) wants to use sqlite, no problem if I ask it to use mssql?11:24
donspauldingI don't think it works with mssql, sqlite is fine if you're just testing, it comes preinstalled with python and you don't have to do anything to configure it11:25
kshahnjdI meant mysql, sry11:25
donspauldingoh, yeah, mysql's supported11:25
kshahnjdI don't know how to specify the line though11:26
kshahnjdthey're format is [sqlite:db/trac.db] 11:26
kshahnjd[mysql:db/trac.db]  ? :)11:26
donspauldingyou'll have to look up the syntax for that line on trac's website11:26
donspauldingshould be more like mysql://user@host:port/db_name11:27
=== donspaulding says always verify me
kshahnjdmysql://root@localhost:3306/trac i guess, let me see11:27
kshahnjdi wonder if the db has to be created b411:28
kshahnjdnope :) failed11:30
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eddieSetting a root password  anyone?11:33
kshahnjduh oh, if I try to initenv again it says does the environment already exist, and so clearly yes it does, but the db connection is screwed up11:33
kshahnjdnow I gotta modify that setting manual and complete the init11:33
kshahnjdeddie: for what?11:33
eddieUbuntu server11:34
eddieIt didnt ask to set one during installation11:34
eddiedont I need to be root to do that though?11:35
kshahnjdtry it, if not sudo passwd11:35
eddieah yeah11:36
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eddie"Host key verification failed."11:37
eddiedamn ssh :|11:37
eddieIm such a n00b with it11:37
donspauldingheading out now, good luck kshahnjd11:38
kshahnjdhehe, thanks, i f*ed myself with the mysql thing11:38
eddiedoes anyone know why I cant connect to my other PC?11:38
kshahnjdgotta screw with tracadmin now i think11:38
eddieRSA host key for  ********* has changed :|11:39
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lcddeddie: ssh is comparing the server's host key against one that you have previously saved. you need to remove the old key.11:41
eddielcdd: How would I go about doing that? o.o11:41
lcddeddie: right next to the error ssh should say which file contains the key11:42
eddieAdd correct host key in...11:43
eddiethat file ( after that )11:43
eddieawesome ... thanks lcdd 11:45
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BFTDOH CRAP, I just got a kernel panic12:00
BFTDVFS unable to mount root partition(0,0)12:02

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