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gregis anyone here testing thi tribe 3 iso?01:35
gregthe that is01:35
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retourWhat e-mail client to install to preserve amazing speed of Xubuntu?01:40
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BFTDis there a linux version of quicken?01:54
BFTDor something that can import quicken files?01:55
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retourWhat e-mail client to install to preserve amazing speed of Xubuntu?02:06
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Pumpernickelretour: Pine.02:09
retourThank You!02:09
retourI was using KMail before on Mandriva. Is it a way Pine can import my old mails from it etc?02:10
PumpernickelI wouldn't thank me quite yet - pine is definitely a change from KMail.02:11
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retourWell if its really faster I may consider it (I saved my contacts in HTML file would it be useful for Pine?02:12
PumpernickelBFTD: GNUcash.02:12
dmdzinexubuntu it is really fast02:12
dmdzineor... XUBUNTU. Faster than Blazing Lightning.02:13
retourI have xubuntu already - HUGHE difference from Mandriva on KDE. Most important is that I couldnt play my game under Mandriva/KDE, Ubuntu was also so so but xubuntu saved me another year at least before I have to buy new hardware02:14
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dmdzineI know...02:15
retourOr how to say that: in office like use was less noticable but in 3D performance is much better. I wonder if ALL of this is because XFCE?02:15
dmdzineit is so wicked cool02:15
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dmdzinei thought that the office uses were much much much faster, whereas hardware intensive uses (i.e., 3d gaming...) were not much better02:16
solowlrgreetings all02:16
dmdzineI do have a very old computer running it though...02:16
solowlrhow do I add an application to the top panel in xubuntu?02:16
solowlrright click seems to just run the app...02:17
dmdzine2001  DELL XPS B... 933MHZ Pentium III, 128 mb RAM, 32mb NVIDIA graphics...02:17
retourNow I have to install e-mail client. And I dont care to be speedy opening mails. I just want to be sure whatever client it will be it dependent libraries I have install wont kill my 3D performance or system speed as general02:17
dmdzineMaybe thunderbird?02:17
dmdzinevery cool, very nice program...luv it02:18
retourWell if I wont pay with system performance I would install KMail. PIII 500MHz (OC'ed to 560MHz) + 389MB RAM + Nvidia Geforce 4. Enemy Territory + quite demanding mod to it True Combat Elite run pretty well02:20
dmdzineum...try Mozilla Thunderbird... seems to run well on just about anything...fast, effective, nice02:21
Drew3bThe lightest-fastest mail client is possibly Claws or Sypheed, I switched to Thunderbird for simplicity; not sure CLaws or Sypheed ate in .deb.02:23
dmdzineyep...thunderbird...easy, fast, effective, nice...O:-)02:24
retourOh Yeah! remember Sylpheed - default client for Damn Small Linux - lightning fast distro but somewhat servicing oriented. But runs well on my P200MMX with 64MB RAM02:26
solowlrI'd like to create a shortcut to Terminal on the desktop, any ideas?02:28
dmdzinesolowlr, try dragging?02:28
dmdzineor right click desktop and create a launcher pointing to Terminal02:29
solowlrdragging doesn't work from the applications menu, and right click just runs the program02:30
retourOK time to go and experiment. But if I tell SYnaptic to remove package completely it will be weeded out with all the dependent packages?02:30
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dmdzineright click on *desktop*02:30
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ubotuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with CUPS. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows04:20
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damo22hi whats the command to capture screenshot in xubuntu04:54
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odathi everyone04:57
odati have a second harddrive installed and i see it on my desktop04:57
odati can access it if i enter an administrator password04:57
odathow can i have this not do that04:57
Jester45when you access it where does it send you04:58
Jester45eer /dev/*04:58
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Drew3bI give up, where can system fonts be adjusted(bigger)? Window headers are done, not yet, the application menu or similiar fonts05:52
Drew3bThe top of each window fonts, are made larger in window setting dialog/control panel. I need the rest of the system/giu fonts larger.05:54
viddoh...why not just go to a smaller resolution?05:55
Drew3bThat is one solution. but that makes the screen effectively a lot smaller.05:57
vidddo you REALLYneed all that real estate?05:59
Drew3bYes, either that of add a 5th monitor :-)06:00
Jester45yes i bet he does06:00
Jester45vidd, you just used to 15" screen :)06:00
Jester45Drew3b, have you logged out or rebooted after the chagne06:00
Jester45you have to get the fonts to change06:01
Drew3blogged out yes, rebooted no.06:01
viddso are you saying im spoiled? or sheltered?06:01
Jester45well you can try reboot or maybe just a gdm restart06:01
Jester45opposite of spoiled06:02
Jester45Drew3b, try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart       it will log you out instantly06:02
Drew3bok ty,06:03
Jester45its allmost the same as a reboot06:03
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Drew3bNoope, restart didn't do it  :-)  <shrug>06:12
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xubuntunoobmy friend burned a copy of xubuntu cd for me, but when i tried to run it live, i din't get a task bar accross the top with the 'applications', firefox icon, etc... that i see on the screenshots page at xubuntu website; does that mean that there might be errors on the disk, or am i missing some step to get going?  anyone ever have this prob?06:27
viddyeah....its a know issue06:29
Drew3bIs it an issue on the 6.10 cd's? or just 7.04?06:29
viddis your live cd running, or did you already install?06:29
viddDrew3b, dunno...i never use the live cd06:30
viddits WAYto buggy to be a "first choice" at least in my opinion06:31
=== Jester45 uses the live cd as a rescue cd (like lots of people)
xubuntunoobso, ezackly what are you saying... what's the other options for 'first choice'?06:31
Jester45xubuntunoob, the alt cd06:32
viddthe "alt" cd...06:32
Drew3bIt was the same for me, in 7.04, but it installed.06:32
viddpersonally ... ithink the "live" should be labled "rescue" and the "alt" listed as installer"06:33
xubuntunoobi don't get it; where's the alt cd, i thought we downloaded the latest stable version?06:33
Jester45alt X86 cd06:33
xubuntunoobso the alt cd you load just like the live cd?06:33
=== [tokin] [n=ryan@dynamic-acs-24-144-225-167.zoominternet.net] has joined #xubuntu
viddyou got the latest stable LIVE cd06:33
Jester45xubuntunoob, the "desktop" cd is the live cd the alt doesnt boot an entire DE06:33
viddthe alt cd was about 1/2 a page lower06:33
Jester45if you can call it stable :)06:34
=== vidd will never use it
=== vidd dl the live a week or so ago to fix a server issue....
xubuntunoobwell, what is it that you like about it if it's not stable? teach me the ways...06:35
Jester45if you can call it stable :)06:35
viddthe alt cd? it IS stable....06:35
viddthat installer has been used....what? 4 years now?06:36
Jester45xubuntunoob, some of us mess our systems up to where they dont boot right... so we keep a live cd so we can access the files on the harddrive to beable to fix it06:36
xubuntunoobi have an older dell that i need a lite system on to send to some po folks in central america06:36
viddlive cd is MAYBE 2?06:36
viddget the alt cd...follow the instructions on the screen...dont be afraid of the "no mouse needed" installer06:37
Jester45vidd, it was -2 months from the release of feisty... but the alt cd is based from debain so thats a added 10 years06:37
Jester45yep just tab to select things and enter to ... enter them06:37
viddthey had the live cd for breezy06:38
=== Warp4 [n=robert@] has joined #xubuntu
viddi remember...they even shipit'd you a live and an alt then06:39
xubuntunoobok ... how heavy is it?  could i go to 24 hour walmart and get a usb stick to load it to to transfer it to the other laptop?06:39
Drew3b~/.config/xfce4   <---where would I look for that?06:39
Jester45o well its 2+ years06:39
Jester45xubuntunoob, its same size as live, but you can get the mini iso its only 9mb06:39
Jester45vidd, did you mean the mini?06:40
Warp4Drew3b, ~ means that the you would look for that in your home directory06:40
Jester45as the alt is about the same06:40
viddi have that on my site too...06:41
viddJester45, post the link06:41
Jester45Drew3b, ~/ is home for that user so ~/.xfce would be /home/user/.xfce06:41
xubuntunoobbut i don't have a burner, so that's why i was axing about usb stick ... but i have a couple of lite 128mb sticks here, they would be large enough to start the install and get it up and running?06:41
viddmight just as well use the live...since you have it06:42
xubuntunoobvidd: but the live isn't rendering a complete desktop to me06:43
viddjust click the install, follow the prompts...and when its done, come  back to get your desktop to work right06:43
viddits a know issue, and we can walk you thru the cure06:43
Warp4_workxubuntunoob, "isnt rendering a complete desktop"?06:43
viddno panel06:43
Jester45Warp4_work, no top panel, maybe none at all06:44
xubuntunoobok, of course with cheapos like me (po folks) it's more complicated06:44
viddxubuntunoob, dont worry....you dont need it for the install06:44
Warp4_workJester45, ah, ok06:44
Warp4_workJester45, ah ok, that's odd06:44
viddand it is a rather easy fix once the install is complete06:45
Jester45Warp4_work, its a bug06:45
Warp4_workwhich brings me to ask, anyone else using Xubuntu under VMware like I am currently?06:45
viddWarp4_work, odd???? it a KNOWNissue!06:45
Jester45vidd, all you have to do is add the panels?06:45
=== Jester45 has under virtualbox
Warp4_workJester45, ah, ok.06:45
Warp4_workJester45, haven't tried it under that yet.  Any problems??06:46
Warp4_workvidd, hrmm, guess I didn't know that, but do now.06:46
Warp4_workJester45, ah, ok.  Will have to try that when i get home then.06:46
xubuntunoobi'm on my regular desktop now, which is where i tried out the live cd, but i couldn't try it on the other older dell laptop, because it's not recognizing it's cd drive ...arrrrrggggghhhhh, hence, me wondering how to join the two?  would the cd drive in my latitude 600 fit interchangeablely into the other older laptop?06:46
viddJester45 used the alt install or the mini...so of COUSE there are no issues06:47
viddxubuntunoob, dunno....06:47
Warp4_workvidd, I used the regular CD to install the OS under VMWare 6.  That's why I asked.06:47
viddyou probably just need to tweek the bios to set the boot order to boot from cd first06:48
Warp4_workanyway, back to work for me.  so much code to write, so little time! :)06:48
viddWarp4_work, define regular06:48
Warp4_workvidd, the live cd06:48
viddsorry to hear that06:48
Warp4_workas in no the mini or alt06:48
vidd=] 06:48
xubuntunoobvidd: nope, bios is froze up on it06:48
xubuntunoobgot to get it right to the hd i think06:49
viddfroze up??? as in password protected?06:49
xubuntunoobvidd: no, it just won't scroll thru like its sposed to to get to boot devices06:50
xubuntunoobeverything is a mission06:50
viddthen point your browser to the bios update and flash it06:50
xubuntunoobok, but i don't know how to do that either06:51
viddlet it be the last ting M$ does on the system!06:51
xubuntunoobgod i hate ms06:51
viddwho made the laptop?06:51
xubuntunoobthe older one is also a dell CPi it says06:52
xubuntunoobthe one i'm on lat 60006:52
viddso go to dell's website and search thier support for your model06:53
viddfor the old one...ONthe old one....06:53
xubuntunooband that's where i find the bios flash?06:53
viddand you run it from M$06:53
xubuntunoobis that just a simple download process?06:54
vidddownload then execute06:54
vidd(dont forget to vross your fingers and pray)06:54
xubuntunoobcould i download to a flash usb on this machine and then put it on the other one?06:55
viddits not required...but it wont hurt06:55
viddyou should be able to06:55
xubuntunoobdoesn't need a lot of space on the drive?06:56
viddits just easier if you do it from the old laptop so you can use the "detect my hardware"06:56
viddno...they are usually less then 1MB06:56
xubuntunoobi know, but another complication.  i am connected from my modem to this comp by ethernet, but the older one doesn't have ethernet connnector06:57
xubuntunoobyes, everything is a miision06:57
xubuntunoobok, thanks guys; i go away now and try some of these errands you have sent me on06:59
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gerrotrying to login with tinyirc07:00
=== maxamillion [n=adam@mobile-166-217-118-136.mycingular.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45hi maxamillion07:02
vidd*wave* maxamillion07:02
maxamillionhi hi07:02
gerroI keep getting this error "481 Permission Denied - You're not an IRC operator"07:02
maxamillionhow is everyone this evening07:02
maxamilliongerro: what are you trying to do?07:03
=== a_n_n_e` [n=anne_car@] has joined #xubuntu
gerromaxamillion: use tinyirc something I found in repository07:03
=== vidd is getting ready to hit the rack
=== gerro hits vidd with the rack
Jester45yep about time for him to go bye bye07:04
a_n_n_e`hello, who can help me install my a4tech webcam with mic?07:04
maxamilliongerro: oh, you are running your own irc server?07:04
gerromaxamillion: i did /connect irc.ubuntu.com after typing tinyirc into terminal07:04
maxamilliona_n_n_e`: we can try07:04
gerroumm not that I know of07:04
a_n_n_e`my mic does not work07:04
maxamilliongerro: oh, you just want a command line irc client?07:04
=== Drew3b [n=Drew3@pool-71-241-192-223.port.east.verizon.net] has joined #xubuntu
a_n_n_e`tnx maxamillion07:04
gerroyeah that what I'm using07:04
gerroa_n_n_e`: a4tech?07:05
a_n_n_e`i can hear my voice but the other person im talkin to online couldn't hear me07:06
=== agentnoob [n=h4mx0r@c-68-33-161-50.hsd1.md.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
agentnoobyay it works!07:06
=== agentnoob is now known as gerro
gerroI had to do "tinyirc irc.ubuntu.com" to launch it properly07:07
Jester45why irc.ubuntu.com07:09
a_n_n_e`can anyone help me?07:09
gerroa_n_n_e`: what went wrong?07:09
gerroJester45: incase ubuntu ever changes where its irc is hosted07:10
a_n_n_e`i bought an a4tech webcam with mic, my webcam is workin but my mic isn't, what could be the problem?07:10
a_n_n_e`i can hear my voice but the other person im talkin to online couldn't hear me07:10
Jester45he is trying to get his mic working on his a4tech webcam07:10
gerroa_n_n_e`: have you tried playing with the mixer? there are loads of sound options07:10
a_n_n_e`where can i find it?07:10
gerroa_n_n_e`: right click panel and choose add new item then choose sound mixer then click it and play around with options07:11
Jester45a_n_n_e`, if you can hear your voice from the speakers then theres nothing wrong with the webcame07:11
a_n_n_e`ok i'll try, tnx much07:12
Jester45gerro, is it a diffrent irc channel/server ? or does it just forward freenode07:12
gerroI'm connected to it now so I guess it forwards freenode07:12
=== eagle_101 [n=eagle@wikimedia/Eagle-101] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45so why not just freenode07:12
gerrobecause your evil twin on irc.ubuntu.com doesn't pick on me as much :P07:13
Jester45i need to teach Jester54 metter07:13
maxamillionubuntu has its own irc network?07:16
=== maxamillion was under the impression that all official ubuntu irc happened on freenode
Jester45it just forwards freenode07:16
maxamillionJester45: so the 'evil twin' would be you?07:17
Jester45it would be Jester5407:17
maxamillionohhh, sorry... i missed the dislexic moment the trailing integer had07:18
Jester45i wonder if someone has ever wrote down all possible floating point numbers07:18
maxamillionnewNick = evilTwin(nick,switch(nickNums));07:19
Jester45or even has them all printed on a plain text doc07:19
maxamillionJester45: wait ... all possible or all possible within the finite spectrum of computing?07:19
Jester45good bye zelazny07:19
Jester45they had a good empting of nicks07:20
Jester45wonder how it looked on #ubuntu07:21
a_n_n_e`a_n_n_e`: right click panel and choose add new item then choose sound mixer then click it and play around with options ...i am using winxp how do i get there?07:21
Jester45??? you cant customize windows like that :007:22
maxamilliona_n_n_e`: this channel does not provide support for the WindowsXP operating system, please seek help else where and if you were to find yourself needing support for the Xubuntu distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system then someone in our irc channel would be more than willing to help07:22
xubuntunoobvidd: omg. i am more confused than ever.  the older laptop is dell lat cpi D300XT, currently using bios version A11.  when i search for cpi bios update on dell site there are 2150 hits for the search; how do i know what upgrade to choose?07:23
ubotuFor help with Microsoft Windows, please visit ##windows or your nearest mental health institute. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and !equivalents07:23
Jester45the higest number should be best07:23
xubuntunoobthe highest number will be compatible with this old machine you think?07:24
Jester45idk if its an update for that machine then yes07:24
Jester45but dont just get a higher number because its there07:24
xubuntunoobmaybe this job too big for me ... arrrrrrggggghhhhh.07:25
xubuntunoobi scawed.07:25
=== w8tah [n=w8tah@static-acs-24-239-210-31.zoominternet.net] has joined #xubuntu
xubuntunoobi go back and look some more07:26
=== Jester45 removed his gtk2 engine :(
Jester45it still looked better than gtk107:27
gerrog2g having some more fun07:27
=== [tokin] [n=ryan@dynamic-acs-24-144-225-167.zoominternet.net] has joined #xubuntu
xubuntunoobanyone know where to find the service tag on dell lat cpi D300XT?07:42
xubuntunoobgod i think i will never get this machine running07:47
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RedimereSo whose alive08:08
=== Redimere checks his pulse.
RedimereYou are correct sir08:08
xubuntunoobvidd: u still here08:10
Jester45no hes sleepin08:10
Redimerewho sleeps08:10
=== Jester45 doesnt to much
Redimerexubuntunoob: So what did you break08:11
Jester45at least it seems like it to a lot of people08:11
xubuntunoobRedimere: how well you know me08:11
Jester45i say on till 4 in the morning and sleep then get on at 808:11
xubuntunoobactually, i *fixed* something08:12
Redimereoo impressive08:12
Redimerewhat'd the fixing break?08:12
Jester45when people say mmm its kinda obvious08:12
xubuntunoobgood question08:12
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Jester45or when they ask if someone is still on that was helping them08:12
Jester45hey look08:12
xubuntunoobok, heres what i did.  switched the cd drives between the old dell and the older dell08:12
xubuntunoobnow the older dell is recognizing the cd drive08:13
Jester45freenode is back to its healthy self again08:13
xubuntunooband i have the live cd loaded in it; how do i extract the files and install xubuntu from here?  help!08:14
Jester45and the old dell dont reconnize the older drive? if so you might have a broken drive08:14
Jester45xubuntunoob, on the desktop click install08:14
Redimerexubuntunoob: there should be an icon on the desktop08:14
xubuntunoobno, the funny thing is, now i put the older drive in the newer computer, and it's functioning with ubuntu in it08:14
xubuntunoobgo figure08:14
Jester45answer the questions let  the partitioner auto do its mojo and your done08:14
Jester45o betwwen mojo and done insert wait08:15
Redimeresprechen ze duestch?08:15
xubuntunoobok, but i still don't know what you mean; i don't have a xubuntu icon on my desktop; just in 'my computer' its displaying xubuntu 70408:16
Redimereyou have to stop it and tell the computer to boot from the CD08:16
Jester45xubuntunoob, you might want to manualy partition. make a swap around 2x the memory on it. make a 1-2gb / and put the rest on /home08:16
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RedimereJester45: He's not actually booted to the live cd yet I think08:16
Redimerexubuntunoob: Do you know how to boot to a CD?08:17
xubuntunooboh crap, back to the same problem then, my bios is froze and i can't get it to boot from alternate source08:17
Jester45aarrrg zelazny is  is messingup a lot08:17
Redimereit's not your bios08:17
xubuntunoobya, i boot live on this one, but that one wont08:17
Jester45xubuntunoob, try removing the harddrive, or discconnecting the cable08:17
Jester45see if it boots at all08:17
Jester45with cd in still08:18
Jester45well... i had a late work day i think im gonna do that thing forbidden by many geeks08:19
Redimerelater Jester4508:19
=== Jester45 will remain online to log everything :) the log file is at 40,000 lines :) no help from netsplits and ubotu
=== Redimere ponders if Jester45 is big brother.
Jester45little brother08:20
Jester45i wore the same work shirt for 3 days now08:21
=== varka [n=varkatop@p54A5FF14.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45i think it needs a wash08:21
Redimerefebreeze it08:21
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=== Jester45 leaves his virtual gentoo to recompile after an update
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mikeyhatesmshey guys, i'm  baaaaaAAAAAAAAAccccccckkkk...08:42
mikeyhatesmsit's me, xubuntunoob08:42
mikeyhatesmscan't change my nick, though08:42
mikeyhatesmsRedemere: you still here?08:43
=== Kprofthreat [n=kpr@adsl-68-123-225-251.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #xubuntu
mikeyhatesmsthe cd drive crapped out and crashed my ubuntu live cd, so it took me this long to boot up windows (the antichrist version), get to seamonkey, pull up chatzilla, and viola, just like that i'm baaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkk.  so can someone help me install the xubuntu from the cd in my other old machine?08:45
=== mikeyhatesms is now known as xubuntunoob
xubuntunooboh, kool, i'm xubuntunoob again.08:46
xubuntunoobi have ice tea, vanilla milk, diet pepsi, or beer for anyone that can assist ... lol08:48
xubuntunoobhere's where i'm at.  the xubuntu cd is in the other machine.  i pulled up the control panel.  i clicked 'add/remove' programs, and now its axing me to click install to add a program from floppy or cdrom drive... is that what i want to do?08:51
xubuntunoobif a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it; did it fall?08:54
xubuntunoobguess everybody busy, i'll go outside and have a smoke...08:55
xubuntunoobplease. can anyone help me instal x?09:01
=== highvoltage [n=highvolt@vc-196-207-41-253.3g.vodacom.co.za] has joined #xubuntu
xubuntunoobmust be someone who could help me install09:03
xubuntunoobgot no issues with having to save files or anything; it's a 'new' old machine09:04
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
xubuntunoobjust need to know how to get the process started, and i can prolly take it from there09:05
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magic_ninjais there an emulator tool for the cmd.exe in windows wp09:21
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RedimereWhose alive now09:45
Redimereyay insomniacs or aussies09:47
Warp4_workmagic_ninja, why?  to run windows applications?09:47
Warp4_workRedimere, or those of us linux admins at work at this late hour :)09:47
RedimereYou guys hiring09:48
Warp4_workwe just hired a new guy a couple weeks ago09:49
Redimeredo you know much C?09:49
RedimereI need to stop going into unexplored terrain when nobody else is awake09:49
magic_ninjaWarp4_work: na man, sec i'll get you a link to what i need to do09:57
magic_ninjahttp://redvex.d2help.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=192  view the first screenshot man....its basically a proxy for diablo II stuff but in order to run it I need to drag and drop the redvex file into the Patch.exe which opens in a command prompt, but that won't work, and doing a wine Patch.exe RedVex.exe just returns that the files to patch don't exist10:00
magic_ninjamy guess is something to do with the windows api, and wine issues10:01
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Warp4_workmagic_ninja, you could always run windows under virtualbox or vmware10:24
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magic_ninjaWarp4_work: the only problem with that is then i would have to install windows and stuff and a new game, and i bet the hash for that prog is generated from your registry and such12:49
magic_ninjaWarp4_work: i was thinking of just compiling hte prog myself and leaving out the patch12:49
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odatanyone in here familiar with banshee01:36
=== TheSheep [n=sheep@atos.wmid.amu.edu.pl] has joined #xubuntu
ubotuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:41
odatwhy doesn't the radio in banshee work?01:45
Pumpernickelmagic_ninja: Wine can present a full desktop, which should let you do the drag'n'drop thing.01:45
Pumpernickelodat: It could be many things.  The streaming server might be down.  You could be missing a library.  There could be a bug.01:46
PumpernickelAn error message of some kind would help.01:46
magic_ninjaPumpernickel: the only problem with that is that when I run the program nothing happens, its supposed to run in a cmd.exe prompt for winxp, and when i run it in terminal the program works correctly but i can't drag n drop it unless wine has some kind of ms-dos prompt01:53
magic_ninjaPumpernickel: http://redvex.d2help.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=19201:53
magic_ninjaPumpernickel: the thread means nothing, but that first screenshot is what the program is supposed to do01:54
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odatPumpernickel, i think i'm missing a library but i'm not sure which one02:02
=== gabkdlly [n=gabriel@dslb-088-073-034-240.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #xubuntu
Pumpernickelmagic_ninja: http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=119602:07
magic_ninjaPumpernickel: thank you so much man, i spent 2 hours looking for that last night, i was about to attempt to compile it from source ommiting the patch function02:09
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magic_ninjais having 4 or 5 getty processes running normal?03:55
=== balaam_ [n=balaam@g175073.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #xubuntu
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TheSheepmagic_ninja: yes04:21
magic_ninjaTheSheep: i had to restart x sheep, what did you answer lol04:26
TheSheepmagic_ninja: affirmative04:26
magic_ninjaTheSheep: what was my question lol04:26
TheSheep15:55 < magic_ninja> is having 4 or 5 getty processes running normal?04:26
magic_ninjaohh ok04:27
TheSheepyou have one for every virtual console04:27
magic_ninjaman, i dont have a windows box, and i need a copy of cmd.exe lol, i got the cd but not the box04:27
magic_ninjawhat about ssh-agent, thats for your logins and such right04:27
TheSheepmagic_ninja: no, ssh-agent is for handling ssh connections, the remote ones04:28
TheSheepfor authenticating with keys automatically and such04:28
magic_ninjaso i might have a compromised box04:28
TheSheepssh agent is started automatically in *ubuntu, afair04:29
magic_ninjai have three questionable processes04:29
magic_ninjassh-agent, sh and system-tools-backends04:29
=== [tokin] [n=ryan@dynamic-acs-24-144-225-167.zoominternet.net] has joined #xubuntu
magic_ninjathat is not normal correct?04:30
TheSheepmagic_ninja: it's normal04:30
magic_ninjawell i don't want an ssh-agent running if it leaves my box open to connections04:30
TheSheepit doesn't, ssh-agent doesn't accepts connections by itself, it's sshd that does04:33
TheSheepmagic_ninja: here, compare with mine: http://sheep.art.pl/Sandbox04:34
magic_ninjalooks good04:35
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tech404anyone feel that ubuntu server would be a good alternative to debian stable for servers?05:05
pleia2sure, you'd probably want to go with the LTS version of ubuntu server though, so you don't have to upgrade every 6 months05:06
tech404let me clarify that I already have the debian servers up in running but after using ubuntu on my desktop for sometime I am getting kind of attached. Do you think that there are major benifits worth moving everything over?05:09
=== Jester45 [n=ryan@72-161-146-2.dyn.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
pleia2tech404: it really depends on what you need, if there are packages in ubuntu that aren't on debian and you want them, or the stuff in ubuntu is newer it might be worth it05:10
=== pleia2 still runs debian on her servers
pleia2if I was installing a new server I'd consider ubuntu, but for me it's not worth doing a migration because the stuff in debian is fine for me05:11
tech404ok.. that was kinda what I was thinkning. The only thing I use on my server I cant apt is MyAdmin and it installs just fine05:12
=== ablomen [n=ablomen@unaffiliated/ablomen] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45im running ubuntu on 3 headless servers05:13
Jester45havent had a problem yet05:13
TheSheeptech404: it's generally not advised to meddle with servers too mych, except for security updates05:14
TheSheeptoo much*05:14
TheSheepand ubuntu is about as stable as debian unstable -- maybe a little more, because of all the testing05:14
tech404well there not critical... a gateway and a lamp server at home... not a big deal, I just was thinking about experimenting05:14
tech404TheSheep: thanx I thought server might be more stable05:15
pleia2TheSheep: I'd probably say s/unstable/testing05:15
Jester45tech404, same packages05:16
tech404are they the same packages as in desktop?05:16
TheSheeptech404: it's called 'server' because it doesn't have all the packages that desktops have -- but it's the same distribution05:16
tech404i see just less preinstalled?05:16
Jester45meaning a desktop's apt-get is the same as a servers05:16
pleia2tech404: right05:16
tech404and a diff installer05:16
tech404thanks for the help05:16
TheSheeptech404: you can for example install the server and then add the xubuntu-desktop package with all dependencies, and you will have a regular xubuntu05:16
Jester45well lots of people use the same type of installer for desktop also05:17
tech404the alternative installer?05:17
=== wbadger [n=wbadger@bzq-88-152-86-168.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45i only use that to install the live cd for me is only a rescue disk05:17
tech404i had to use that on my P2 with 128mg ram, live wouldnt come up05:17
tech404XFCE has alot of KDE libraries right?05:18
Jester45i use it because im faster with it05:18
Jester45no it has some gnome libs i dont think any KDE ones05:18
Jester45and even less if its a server install (i think) because a lot of fui tools on xubuntu have gnome libs05:20
tech404i thought that was a play on acronyms, i thought it was very funny05:22
=== leandrew [n=andrew@12-227-232-133.client.mchsi.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== kahrn [n=kahrn@5ac4a001.bb.sky.com] has joined #xubuntu
kahrnHi all. Anyone able to help me with a problem (or possibly a bug)?05:29
=== SamRose [n=SamRose@c-71-206-109-110.hsd1.mi.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
tech404we can always ttry05:30
=== darrend [n=darren@monroe-aaisp.davisononline.org] has joined #xubuntu
tech404better to just ask the question usually.05:30
Jester45kahrn, we need to know the problem im sure someone knows05:30
kahrnI just upgraded to the development build/gusty and am having problems with the xfce-mount-plugin05:30
kahrnit's not listing all my mounted devices like it did in 7.0405:31
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule - Roadmap and specifications: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy - Support in #ubuntu+105:31
tech404what about mount at command line?05:31
kahrni checked to see if it was actually mounted (sudo mount) and it was listed. Checked my /etc/fstab and reloaded it too.05:32
Jester45it might be a bug but your using a development version so thats common and also your upgraded to it that might of caused more problems05:34
tech404i concur05:35
kahrnI reloaded x server, and it was still broke.. also rebooted the entire system. Still had the same problem.05:36
=== apit [n=apit@] has joined #xubuntu
kahrnIs anyone else having the same problem?05:36
Jester45im sorry i cant help anymore but if development versions didnt have bugs then they would be called stable05:37
kahrnI don't mind it having bugs at all.05:37
Jester45most people in here are away or using stable version you may ask in #ubuntu+105:37
wbadgeris there a MIME type that applies just to .exe files?05:40
tech404could anyone in here even consider spending $1600 on a keyboard?05:41
wbadgeror any way to associate wine with just .exe files (not all binaries)?05:41
Jester45tech404, if it typed for me. maybe a neuro interface05:42
tech404yeah and make me coffee05:43
Jester45oo and a mouse needs to be encluded05:43
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=== apit [n=apit@] has joined #xubuntu
tech404I mean this KB is ubercool but $1600! I wish there were caps for numbers so I could emphasize that more05:44
=== apit [n=apit@] has left #xubuntu []
totalwormagewhat keyboard05:45
totalwormageah that one05:45
totalwormageit is actually the most sexy project i've ever seen05:45
totalwormagethay said it would be for sale for about 200 euros :'[05:46
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=== kalikiana [n=kalikian@xdsl-84-44-178-253.netcologne.de] has joined #xubuntu
tech404yeah I mean its awsome but thats crazy talk05:48
tech404I might have spent 200 eurosonit05:48
totalwormagei also05:49
tech404euros on it*05:49
Jester45its ugly05:49
tech404at least im not spending 44000 rubles onit05:49
=== kahrn [n=kahrn@5ac4a001.bb.sky.com] has joined #xubuntu
wbadgertech404, it doesn't seem that useful unless you use like 100 languages... and also its only for XP \ Vista05:50
tech404the board it self is kinda ugly but the keys are awsome05:50
tech404i use 77 languges and I still think it would be useful05:51
tech404no i realize that it is a glitz prduct with little real use but it is cool05:51
tech404farewell all05:52
=== kahrn [n=kahrn@5ac4a001.bb.sky.com] has joined #xubuntu
=== OwdGitRon [n=ron@88-110-12-187.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com] has joined #xubuntu
balaamWah! How do i change the keyboard settings in Xubuntu so that a single tap on " or ~ or ^ immediately displays those chars? Right now, if i type 's, i get , ~n becomes  and ^o turns into  if i don't follow the first char with a space.06:12
=== Balaams_Miracle [n=balaam@g175073.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianaThat wasn't a (x)ubuntu question anyway.06:20
Balaams_MiracleYes it was06:20
kalikianaWell, it was about xorg. :P06:21
Balaams_MiracleNope, definitely about xubuntu/xfce06:21
kalikianaBalaams_Miracle, Since when do you setup your keyboard in xfce?06:21
kalikianaAfterall it's only a desktop.06:21
Balaams_MiracleCheck the settings menu, it right there06:22
=== JohanSalim|NA [i=G3b0ys@ip84-223.cbn.net.id] has joined #xubuntu
kalikianaBalaams_Miracle, You can't choose your general keyboard in xfce, can you?06:22
TheSheepBalaams_Miracle: if it's right there, then why do you have to ask? :)06:23
TheSheepBalaams_Miracle: I'd guess you want to disable the compose feature of the keyboard06:23
Balaams_Miracle*Sigh* Are you intentionally unhelpful?06:23
Balaams_MiracleTheSheep, yes, i guess that whaty it called06:24
=== _aussieman [n=bobo@4.Red-80-24-238.staticIP.rima-tde.net] has joined #xubuntu
TheSheepBalaams_Miracle: no, that's not intentional, that's lack of knowledge + lazyness to look it up06:36
Jester45TheSheep, you have to look something up? thats amazing i never thought you had to do that06:37
Jester45you know everyting06:38
TheSheepJester45: I *always* do look things up when I seem to know everything06:38
TheSheepJester45: you're talking to thousands of wikipedians and internet users impersonated ;)06:38
TheSheepBalaams_Miracle: knowing it's not xfce-specific may help you searching06:39
=== BFTD [n=thomas@67-150-253-198.oak.mdsg-pacwest.com] has joined #xubuntu
Jester45 TheSheep do you know of a mpd client that can look up lyrics?07:07
TheSheepJester45: sonata07:12
Jester45really? im using it but i dont see that feature07:13
TheSheepyou need SOAPpy for lyrics support07:13
TheSheepsee the 'requirements'07:13
Jester45so do i need their client or does the one from the repo work?07:14
TheSheepJester45: you just need that python library installed in your system07:14
TheSheep!info python-soap07:14
ubotuPackage python-soap does not exist in feisty, feisty-seveas07:14
TheSheep!info python-soappy07:14
ubotupython-soappy: SOAP Support for Python (SOAP.py). In component universe, is optional. Version 0.11.3-1.8 (feisty), package size 92 kB, installed size 532 kB07:15
Jester45aa its in the about song07:16
Jester45do you know where it gets it from?07:16
TheSheepJester45: lyrics wiki07:17
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stuart-suddenly my volume is so low, what gives? i can't hear much even tho i've set it in xfce4-mixer08:36
maxamillionstuart-: what's PCM set to in xfce4-mixer?08:38
maxamillionstuart-: alot of the time you have to set that up to around 80% to get good sound08:39
stuart-maxamillion, it's maxed, but i can't hear anything08:40
stuart-i mean i can hear little tiny sounds. wonder what's wrong08:40
Redimere[sleep] are you using speakers?08:40
maxamillionjust a moment, let me check something08:40
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Redimereor headphones08:40
stuart-geez, silly me.08:41
stuart-it was the electrical connection, sorry08:41
stuart-i mean it was on. it just wasn't powered enough] 08:41
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stuart-how do i check if i have nvidia installed correctly tho08:44
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maxamillionstuart-: when you restart X it should give you a nvidia splash screen08:46
khatuidosorry someone can help me for install my wifi?08:46
stuart-maxamillion, it always gives me errors and i have to edit /X11/xorg.conf to change nvidia to nv08:46
maxamillionstuart-: oh, then something is wrong08:46
maxamillion!ask | khatuido08:46
stuart-then it's fine again. i'm using geforce2 and i installed the nvidia-glx package, so it shouldn't be a problem?08:46
ubotukhatuido: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)08:46
khatuidoubotu:in fact i try install wifi with Bcm43xx but it doesn't looks work, i search someone for help me08:48
kalikianakhatuido, You should ask the bot. ;)08:49
khatuidoso maximilion or other08:49
khatuidowho can help me :'(08:49
kalikianaI'm afraid I can't help out out.08:50
khatuidoi try do this08:50
maxamillionkhatuido: and what happens?08:51
khatuidoit said network is down08:51
khatuidoand my wifi doesn't work08:51
maxamillionkhatuido: what wifi card and chipset do you have/08:52
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maxamillionkhatuido: and what is saying the network is down?08:52
khatuidoit's the sentence they give me08:52
khatuidowhen it try send package to my eth108:52
khatuidothe problem is i am newbie in linux08:53
khatuidofirst time i install it08:53
maxamillionoh goodness ... this could be hard08:53
khatuidoi install the things like they explain08:54
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stuart-installation of nvidia sould be the same on ubuntu as xubuntu, right?08:56
maxamillionkhatuido: right, but there is a sufficient amount of background knowledge that is required to efficiently trouble shoot this because those wifi cards aren't very well supported by linux because broadcom won't release the specs for them08:56
maxamillionkhatuido: what card exactly do you have?08:57
khatuidoi don't know what card i got08:57
khatuidoi don't know how i can check it08:57
khatuidohumm in wifi i don't know many things i choose follow bcm43xx cos i can choose the mode 802.11g with my livebox08:58
TheSheepkhatuido: lspci might give you some information for start08:58
khatuidoi got a livebox sagem08:59
khatuidomy comp is compaq R400008:59
khatuidothe mode can be 802.11g or 802.11b+g08:59
khatuidodon't know the difference08:59
khatuidoi am in WPA09:00
maxamillionkhatuido: i really can't help unless i know what card you have and what chipset it uses09:00
maxamillioni gotta brb09:00
khatuidohow can i check it?09:00
TheSheepkhatuido: try typing 'lspci' in terminal09:00
TheSheepkhatuido: and look for a relevant line09:01
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khatuidois it this "Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g]  802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)"09:04
TheSheepkhatuido: yes09:05
khatuidothe chip i can get it with "lspci -n" ?09:06
TheSheepkhatuido: I think you only need that "BCM4318"09:06
khatuidoah ok09:07
khatuidobut for me it's chinese09:07
khatuidoi don't know what does it mean09:07
TheSheepkhatuido: well, the next step is usually searching the forums or google for that symbol and 'linux'09:08
TheSheepkhatuido: start with forums09:08
khatuidobut the link i choose was about this card no?09:09
khatuidothere is 2 days i try a lot of things and read forum09:09
TheSheepkhatuido: ah, yes, sorry, I wasn't paying attention before09:10
TheSheepkhatuido: I don't really have much experience with wireless, I think you must wait for maxamillion to ocme back :(09:10
khatuidooh ok thanks09:11
TheSheepkhatuido: sorry09:11
khatuidothe thing is i don't know if my wifi is really switch on09:15
khatuidocos  when i was still on windows i got a light on the button09:15
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khatuidosomeone else can help me09:30
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stuart_ i think my running kernel is 1.9xxxx and my nvidia driver is 1.7xxx how do i match them?09:30
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rathelAhh How do I downgrade packages? I installed stuff and now my whole system doesn't work properly.09:33
stuart-rathel, downgrade or remove?09:42
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rathelDowngrade, I did a simulated remove and it would remove pretty much everything...09:43
stuart-aw man, no idea there.09:43
rathelOkay thanks anyways.09:43
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stuart-whats a strg key anyways09:46
stuart-i'm reading a guide and it says strg+alt+f109:46
SrRavenstrg = german09:48
SrRavenits ctrl :P09:48
TheSheepand Home is Pos009:53
stuart-oh okay09:53
stuart-was a real brain buster09:53
stuart-now let me see if i can finally install nvidia properly09:53
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lozzyI am trying to set up wireless on a laptop with the Xubuntu livecd. I have no experience of this whatsoever. I have obtained a wireless 'BSSID' from my router's webmin, and possibly? a network password from underneath my router labelled 'wireless key'. This gives me no joy however. The wireless card is a BT Voyager 1020.10:34
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BFTDI updated my system (kernel wise) and now none of my wireless devices work, and whenever I open up terminal it slows down my system11:37
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maxamillionBFTD: i haven't the slightest idea11:39
piliHi, could someone recommend me a download manager for firefox?11:39
BFTDone card used prism and the other used ndiswrapper11:39
BFTDniether work now11:40
maxamillionpili: download manager for firefox?.... i don't follow11:43
maxamillionBFTD: that's no good11:43
pili<maxamillion> like kget11:43
pilibut more ligthweight11:44
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piliI found WxDownloadFast11:44
pilibut crashes all the time11:44
maxamillionpili: i've never heard of either of those ....11:44
maxamillionpili: wget comes by default ... its a command line tool, i imagine kget is just a frontend for it11:45
maxamillion!info wget11:45
ubotuwget: retrieves files from the web. In component main, is standard. Version 1.10.2-2ubuntu2 (feisty), package size 229 kB, installed size 1960 kB11:45
piliyeah, i know, but I need something easy and with a gui11:45
piliwich one uses to be the default download manager for ubuntu?11:46
maxamillionit is easy ... 'wget http://www.wherever.com/path/to/file'11:46
piliin gnome?11:46
maxamillioni don't know if gnome has a download manager11:46
maxamillionpili: what's wrong with just downloading with firefox?11:46
pilimm kde has kget11:46
maxamillionit has a built in download manager11:46
piliyou can not stop and continue downloads11:47
maxamillionok, well i am getting off work ... gotta go11:47
maxamillionpili: you can on my machine in firefox11:47
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khatuidoi got a problem with my wifi i cannot keep it more than the synchronisation time11:57
khatuidosomeone can help me to set it?11:58
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