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ogralmveloso, hey, sorry for being so unresponsive, can you mail me the links ?01:25
=== nzdude [n=gta@60-234-159-7.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #edubuntu
ogra(this month is just insane for me)01:25
=== nzdude is now known as t94xr
lmvelosoogra, np oliver! I understand.01:26
lmvelosowich is your email?01:27
lmvelosopvt /me01:27
ogra(no need to hide that ;) )01:27
lmveloso:) Ok!01:27
lmvelosoI can share the doc with you but you will need a google account to look and edit it!01:28
lmvelosoI'm sending it right now.01:28
ograi have one01:28
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lmvelosoogra, mail sent.01:31
ograthanks :)01:32
lmvelosoI'm behind my original schedule but now I'm still confident I can meet the program deadline.01:33
lmvelosoNow I'm developing the Sniffer GUI and there is some security issues needing your advice. :-) So, take a look and ask me anything you want to know.01:35
lmvelosoogra, You can also edit or comment the doc I sent you. Write down there anything you want.01:37
lmvelosoBy the way, thank you for answering me.01:40
ograwell, really sorry for doing that so late01:43
ograbut there was also some confusion about the mentorship ...01:43
lmvelosoYes, I noticed that but we still have time to handle the project.01:44
lmvelosoRodrigo Pereira was mentoring me01:44
lmvelosobut now he is a Google employee01:45
ograwhat about using dbus for the front/backend communication ?01:45
=== jsgotangco [n=JSG@ubuntu/member/jsgotangco] has joined #edubuntu
lmvelosoand I believe you can improve the project.01:46
lmvelosoI didn't think about dbus because I was trying to solve the remote monitoring feature01:47
lmvelososo I decided to add a regular IPC instead of threads or dbus.01:48
ograah, k01:49
lmvelosoFor local communication we can use dbus, but we will need to rewrite the communication in the future.01:49
lmvelosoPyro is very interesting but potentially insecure (as raw sockets), so if we are really going to keep it we'll need to use openssh + password IMHO.01:52
lmvelosoogra, think about the architecture and fell free to suggest me anything.01:53
ograi will, using IPC makes more sense, you are right01:54
lmvelosoI was solving all the problems by myself and there might be better ways of doing it.01:54
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lmvelosoogra,  Wich way do you prefer to keeping in touch ?01:59
lmvelosomail, irc, shared doc, blog?01:59
ograIRC is fine but note that i fly out very early tomorrow and wont be available before the weekend then, so for such phases mail is better02:00
ogra(i hope my travelling will be done then and i'm available until realease)02:00
lmvelosoit seems there is a lot of coding sprints lately02:02
lmvelosoWell, I'll keep you up to date with every progress I make02:02
ograwell, this here is rather a business thing02:02
ogratwo weeks ago was the distro sprint02:03
ograin between the two i got ill ... (still not fixed yet)02:03
lmvelosoRichEd told me, and how is your tooth ? :-)02:04
lmvelososorry.. I didn't notice the '(...)'02:05
ograthe tooth itself is fine, but there seems to be another infection as well ... will need to see the doc next week ....02:05
ograi'm not really well atm02:05
ograwe seem to have to leave here ...02:06
lmvelososo bad..02:07
lmvelosoI'll see my dentist soon, I hope it will be just a check up.02:07
=== ogra waves ... more by mail then ....
lmvelosoogra, nice to meet you!02:07
lmvelosoTake care!02:07
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sbalneavEvening all03:36
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effie_jayxsbalneav,  :D05:04
=== Knightlust [n=Dax@ubuntu/member/knightlust] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavWhoo hoo!!!06:11
sbalneavNew LDM handles password expiry!!!06:11
sbalneavNow we're cooking with gas06:11
=== LaserJock [n=mantha@ubuntu/member/laserjock] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockanybody around who can help with some testing?06:12
sbalneavWhat's up?06:13
sbalneavHey!!! Just got password expiry going in the new ldm!!!06:13
sbalneavTotally pro.06:13
LaserJocksbalneav: what are you running?06:13
LaserJockdid you dist-upgrade today?06:14
sbalneavHmm, well, I ran update manager.06:14
LaserJockso did you get a new gcompris?06:14
sbalneavroot@edubuntu:~# apt-get dist-upgrade06:14
sbalneavReading package lists... Done06:14
sbalneavBuilding dependency tree06:14
sbalneavReading state information... Done06:14
sbalneavCalculating upgrade... Done06:14
sbalneav0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.06:14
sbalneavWhat would you like me to test06:15
LaserJockwell, I need to test gcompris *without* tuxpaint06:15
LaserJockwith the latest version I merged I moved tuxpaint from Suggests to Depends06:16
sbalneavso apt-get remove tuxpaint?06:17
LaserJockhmm, well it might want to take out gcompris with it06:17
sbalneavLets see06:17
sbalneavHmm, I don't appear to have it06:18
sbalneavdon't appear to have gcompris either!!!06:18
sbalneavDurn, do I gotta download the edu cd?06:19
sbalneavor just install gcompris?06:19
LaserJockdo you have a good connection?06:19
sbalneavnot bad, cable modem06:20
sbalneavohh, name change to childsplay?06:20
sbalneavhmm no06:20
LaserJockwell, I'd like you to download an older version of gcompris from Launchpad06:21
LaserJockyou on i386?06:21
sbalneavhmm, gcompris still wants to install tuxpaint.06:21
sbalneavyes I am06:21
sbalneavpoint me to what you want downloaded06:22
sbalneavhmm, what's a good way to resolve all dependencies?06:25
sbalneavdpkg -i lists a ton of stuff, just single step through the deps, apt-get installing them?06:26
LaserJockdo a dpkg -i on all three06:26
LaserJockthen do a apt-get -f06:26
sbalneavSmart, you are06:27
sbalneav21 %06:27
LaserJockyeah, it's a beast of a package06:28
LaserJockI can't believe ogra used to put it on one CD06:28
sbalneavHad to suck in his gut :)06:29
LaserJockgood thing he's skinny06:29
=== inga [n=inga_edu@CPE-124-183-64-130.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #edubuntu
sbalneavapt-get -f?06:37
LaserJocksudo apt-get -f06:37
LaserJockit might be -f install06:38
sbalneavThe following extra packages will be installed:06:39
sbalneav  gcompris gcompris-data gcompris-sound-en libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-mixer1.206:39
sbalneav  libsdl-ttf2.0-0 libsmpeg0 python-pysqlite2 tuxpaint tuxpaint-data06:39
sbalneav  tuxpaint-stamps-default vorbis-tools06:39
sbalneavSuggested packages:06:39
sbalneav  gnucap python-pysqlite2-dbg ttf-arphic-gbsn00lp ttf-arphic-uming ttf-baekmuk06:39
sbalneav  ttf-thryomanes06:39
sbalneavRecommended packages:06:39
sbalneav  tuxpaint-config06:39
sbalneavThe following NEW packages will be installed:06:39
sbalneav  libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libsdl-ttf2.0-0 libsmpeg0 python-pysqlite206:39
sbalneav  tuxpaint tuxpaint-data tuxpaint-stamps-default vorbis-tools06:39
sbalneavThe following packages will be upgraded:06:39
sbalneav  gcompris gcompris-data gcompris-sound-en06:39
sbalneavTuxpaint's still loading06:39
sbalneavso, I did a dpkg -i *.deb06:39
sbalneavwhich didn't complete, due to deps06:39
LaserJockit's trying to dist-upgrade gcompris06:39
sbalneavand an apt-get -f install06:39
sbalneavI could just march through the deps manually?06:40
LaserJockok, maybe just do apt-get install <add individual packages>06:40
LaserJockjust leave out tuxpaint*06:40
LaserJockso apt-get install libsdl-image1.2 libsdl-mixer1.2 libsdl-ttf2.0-0 libsmpeg0 python-pysqlite2 vorbis-tools06:41
sbalneavgot it06:42
=== SimonAnibal [n=sruiz@] has joined #edubuntu
LaserJockdid gcompris install?06:43
LaserJockok, so fire it up and go to the Amusements -> Tuxpaint06:43
sbalneavCannot find tuxpaint06:44
sbalneavinstall it to use this activity06:44
sbalneavThen a plane crashes into a wall06:44
LaserJockbut it returns you to gcompris ok06:44
LaserJockdoesn't crash or hang?06:44
sbalneavIt surely does06:44
sbalneavwas it supposed to crash?06:45
LaserJockwell, kinda yeah06:45
sbalneavSeems like it did the RIGHT thing06:45
sbalneavI'm in window mode06:45
LaserJockwe had a bug on LP, and I was able to reproduce it a while ago06:45
sbalneavshould I try in fullscreen?06:46
LaserJockyou might, just for the heck of it06:46
sbalneavhmmm, how do I do that now....06:46
LaserJockgcompris -f I think06:46
sbalneavsu - sbalneav06:47
sbalneavblargh I'm ded06:47
sbalneavyeah, fullscreen dies horribly06:49
LaserJockoh really?06:49
sbalneavYA RLY06:49
sbalneavMy video mode is hozded06:50
sbalneavWonder if it works with the -x06:52
sbalneavtwo shakes06:52
sbalneavYup, if you run it with -f -x, then it pauses for a sec, but then comes back06:53
sbalneavIf you have problems starting GCompris in fullscreen, try the -x option to disable XF86VidMode06:54
sbalneavso I'd say there's some bugs in there opposite that.06:54
sbalneavIs gcompris in C or python?06:54
LaserJockI think both06:55
LaserJocksbalneav: does -f mess up other apps in gcompris06:56
sbalneavHmm, lemme check06:56
sbalneavOther things seem to work, from quick testing07:01
sbalneavLaserJock: still there?07:05
sbalneavI can't dig into it right now, as I'm pushing to get ldm2 done by new-feature cutoff date07:06
LaserJockno problem07:07
sbalneavbut after mid-august I could spend a day poking at it if you'd like07:07
LaserJockI just moved tuxpaint from Suggests to a Depends07:07
LaserJockso I *know* it'll work07:07
LaserJockbut it's intriguing to me as sometimes I've had it work and other installs not07:08
sbalneavIf running another app bombs because it's not there, based on the video mode07:08
sbalneavI'd say we have a misplaced pointer somewhere, leading to memory corruption.07:09
sbalneavstrace or the like would show us what's going on07:09
LaserJockwell, I've had it do it in windowed mode07:09
LaserJockand some people have reported it freeze, others a crash07:09
sbalneavI'd have to poke into it.07:10
sbalneavbut I suspect a dangling pointer, or buffer overrun somewhere.07:10
LaserJockwell, for now I think it was an ok idea to make it a depends07:10
sbalneavSolves the problem short term.07:11
sbalneavLeave the bug open, and poke me about it later07:11
sbalneavI'll use my gdb-fu on it.07:11
sbalneavYou on central or mountain time?07:12
LaserJockoh heah, could you try installing tuxpaint real quick and retrying with -f07:15
LaserJockretrying gcompris that is07:15
LaserJocksame thing?07:25
sbalneavthat doesn't work either, full screen07:25
LaserJockyeah, that's what I figured07:25
sbalneavProblem appears to be the fullscreen stuff07:27
sbalneavMaybe it doesn't like the newer xorg07:27
sbalneavFWIW, tuxpaint itself works as expected in --fullscreen --800x60007:28
sbalneavWell, 12:30 am here07:29
sbalneavI'm beat07:29
sbalneavI'm gonna head to bed.07:29
LaserJockthanks for the help07:29
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NewToUbuntuI recently installed edubuntu by downloading a CD labeled 'Edubuntu 7.04 i386 Bin-1'07:34
NewToUbuntuWhenever I try to download applications using Add/Remove, I get a window asking for a disk labeled 'Edubuntu 7.04_Feisty Fawn_Release i386 Binary-1 (20070415)'07:36
NewToUbuntuI only have the above CD, and the same window keeps coming back up...07:36
NewToUbuntuwhat am I doing wrong?07:37
LaserJockwhat are you trying to install?07:37
NewToUbuntujust about any application gives me either a '....cannot be installed on your computer type (i386)', or the error above.07:37
LaserJockdid you have an internet connection when you installed?07:38
NewToUbuntuYes, and I'm running pretty much a garden variety intel Pentium 407:38
LaserJockok, please pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list07:39
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:39
NewToUbuntuok .. just a sec07:40
NewToUbuntuok - it should be there.  got all the uncommented lines from the sources.list file.  URL : http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/31209/07:43
LaserJockok, well I can see the problem07:44
LaserJockalthough I'm not sure why it doesn't like the CD07:44
NewToUbuntuand what's the immediate problem you see?07:45
LaserJockgo to System -> Administration -> Software Sources07:45
LaserJockthe problem is that for some reason you lost the Main repository07:45
LaserJockwhich is where most of the important packages are :-)07:46
NewToUbuntugreat ... how do I correct it?07:47
LaserJockhave you got it open?07:48
NewToUbuntuyes - sorry forgot to update!07:48
LaserJockyou want to make sure the first option is clicked07:48
LaserJockthe one that has (main)07:49
NewToUbuntuthe 'canonical -supported Open Source Software' (main) ...07:49
NewToUbuntuit's downloading 39 packages07:49
NewToUbuntuNow, I'm trying to download 'Bluefish Editor', and I get the dreaded insert disk window ...07:50
LaserJockhmm, bluefish is in Universe07:52
NewToUbuntunot sure what that means or its significance ...07:52
LaserJockit's a different software repository07:52
LaserJockbut it looks like it was enabled07:53
NewToUbuntuso if I select 'Supported Ubuntu applications', I should not see the error?07:53
LaserJockwell, you probably wouldn't find bluefish if you did that07:53
LaserJockok, here's something to try07:54
NewToUbuntuthat's  correct, but I could try e.g. Quanta Plus just for kicks07:54
NewToUbuntuall right...07:54
LaserJockgo back into the Software Sources app07:54
NewToUbuntui'm there07:55
LaserJockand go to the Third-Party Software tab07:55
LaserJockyou should see that cdrom07:55
NewToUbuntuyes, there two identical lines, only the second one of which is check marked...07:55
LaserJockok, uncheck them both07:55
LaserJockyou might also want to go to the Updates tab07:56
LaserJockand make sure feisty-security and feisty-updates are checked07:56
NewToUbuntuHmmm... the security and update are checked ...07:57
NewToUbuntubut when I try to uncheck the cdrom, it says the information about available software is out of date07:57
NewToUbuntuif I say reload...then it rechecks the cdrom!07:58
NewToUbuntushould I just click 'close'?07:58
NewToUbuntuoops .. never mind.  operator error.  the cdrom is now unchecked.07:59
LaserJockdid the reload go ok?08:01
NewToUbuntuAh, that appears to do the trick! Except that now everytime I go to Add/Remove, it says the list of Available applications is out of date ...08:02
NewToUbuntuyep - bluefish is loaded and runs!08:03
LaserJockwell, I'm not sure how it got that way08:04
LaserJocksorry about that08:04
LaserJockbut hopefully we got it ironed out ;-)08:04
NewToUbuntuHein?????  You just helped me out of a headache and you're apologizing?08:04
NewToUbuntuThank you !!!!!!  This is amazing.08:04
NewToUbuntuGood night.08:05
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BLUG-fredHi guys! I'd like to report a bug (well check if it has been found yet or not..) that is specific to Edubuntu install. Where and how do I do that?12:10
juliuxBLUG-fred, take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/12:16
juliuxBLUG-fred, perhaps it is allready reported12:16
BLUG-fredthanks.. will do asap12:16
BLUG-fredno edubuntu project registered as project.. is it normal?12:25
BLUG-fredmmm ok.. thanks12:28
BLUG-fredso who is responsible for the Install of edubuntu 'package'?12:28
juliuxif you don't know the exact packagename then only report the bug12:30
BLUG-fredit's the installation app12:33
BLUG-fredwell right.. i don't know the package12:33
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teknopaganHiya, folks05:34
teknopaganHaving some trouble with the DVD iso05:34
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sbalneavWhat's the trouble?05:38
teknopaganwell, I donloaded the DVD image, which is 4.9GB05:38
teknopaganThus I can't burn it to a regular DVD, and I don't have any dual-layer discs available05:38
teknopaganI tried opening the iso to look around inside, because the DVD is supposed to have images for Server and Desktop, but I'm not finding those images05:39
teknopaganI'm seeing 3 folders inside the iso, including "El torito boot", "ISO9660" and "Joliet level 3"05:40
teknopaganInside ISO9660 there's what looks like a disc image, the same in Joliet level 3 - are those the images I'm looking for?05:41
sbalneavWell, you're a little beyond me.  Modifying the image so that it will fit on a smaller disk isn't something I know how to do.05:41
teknopaganI'm not trying to modify the image - I'm trying to extract the individual images from inside the main one to burn them separately05:42
sbalneavWell, either way, I don't know :)05:44
sbalneavogra's not around right now, he'd be the one to ask.05:44
teknopaganAnother question I have, is it worth getting the 7.x images as far as feature enhancements go? Or should I just stick with the LTS version?05:46
sbalneavAre you interested in thin client support?05:46
sbalneavThere's been a huge amount of improvement in thin client support since LTS, so I'd say go with feisty.05:47
teknopaganSweet - actually, that DVD I was looking at is Gutsy05:47
sbalneavThere'll be even bigger improvements for gutsy, I'm working on those now.05:47
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HalcaAre there open development tasks06:07

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