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tyocHi there, is possible to delete a branch?, ie, I have some +junk branches12:38
tyocor simply I let them there?12:38
kiko-afkthumper, ^^^12:40
thumperkiko-afk: ta12:40
thumpertyoc: real soon now12:40
thumpertyoc: initial branch deletion is coming with the 1.1.8 release12:40
thumperwhich is in about 5 weeks12:40
thumpertyoc: one way to get to them not appearing in the default listing is to mark them as abandonded 12:41
tyocI see, thx for the info12:42
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ubotuNew bug: #128113 in launchpad "html page title for searches is always "Bugs in Ubuntu"" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12811301:01
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ubotuNew bug: #128121 in blueprint "Cannot see completed blueprints on a distro series" [High,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12812101:51
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ubotuNew bug: #128126 in soyuz "process-death-row should run across PPAs" [High,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12812602:30
ubotuNew bug: #128127 in soyuz "remove-package should work for PPAs" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12812702:30
wm_eddieHmm, one of the bugs I'm subscribed to isn't listed in my subscribed bugs...02:31
mpttaa, what do you mean by "launchpad specification"?02:32
mpttaa, you can also report bugs, and confirm "New" bugs that others have reported02:38
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mptGoooooooooooooooooood afternoon Launchpadders!04:00
mptwm_eddie, which bug, and what's your Launchpad ID?04:01
wm_eddiewm_eddie.  Let me try to find the bug.04:02
wm_eddieI'm guessing maybe because it's recently been invalidated or something then I'm not actually subscribed to the bug anymore.04:03
mptwm_eddie, probably you are still subscribed, but the bug is marked Won't Fix, Invalid, Fix Released, or duplicate04:04
mptin any of those four cases, by default it won't show up in the list04:04
wm_eddieBut I still get notified when duplicates are marked?04:04
wm_eddieHow do I stop that?04:04
ubotuLaunchpad bug 102309 in desktop-effects "desktop-effects sets workspaces to 1" [Low,Invalid]   - Assigned to Michael Vogt (mvo)04:05
mptWhat exactly do you want to stop?04:05
wm_eddieEmail notifications of duplicate bugs.04:06
mptNo, I mean from which side04:07
mptYou want to stop receiving notifications when04:08
mpt(a) you report a bug and that bug is marked as a duplicate?04:08
mpt(b) another bug report is marked as a duplicate of one you reported?04:08
mpt(c) something else?04:08
mpt(d) another bug report is marked as a duplicate of one you're subscribed to?04:09
wm_eddiePretty much, I would like to stop all e-mail notifications, because I can't check my e-mail for the next few months. d (I didn't report the bug, I just commented on it with a patch.04:10
mptUnfortunately we don't yet have a way of turning off all notifications, that's bug 4454204:11
ubotuLaunchpad bug 44542 in launchpad "Add a holiday/vacation mode to temporarily turn off email sending" [Wishlist,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/44542 - Assigned to Barry Warsaw (barry)04:11
wm_eddieYeah, that'd be great.04:11
mptBut if you didn't report the bug, you're in luck, you can just unsubscribe from it04:12
wm_eddieSince this bug is invalid does that mean I'll stop getting e-mails?04:12
wm_eddieIt doesn't say I'm subscribed to it though.04:12
mptNo, a bug's status does not affect e-mail notifications04:12
mptthat's interesting04:13
wm_eddieAhh when I look at the bug i'm in the Subscribers to bug list.04:13
mptYou're not subscribed, but you're still getting notifications04:13
wm_eddiebut when I look at my subscribed bugs in my page it only lists the pydance bug.04:13
mptok, you are subscribed04:13
mpt"the pydance bug"?04:13
mptoh, ok, an unrelated bug04:14
mptSo you should be able to click "Unsubscribe" in the colored box near the top left04:15
wm_eddieOk, that worked.04:15
wm_eddieBut why doesn't it show up in the "Bugs wm_eddie is subscribed to" page?04:16
mptbecause it's marked as Invalid04:16
mptand Invalid, Won't Fix, Fix Released, or duplicate bugs don't show up04:16
mptwhich is a bug in itself, for that particular list04:16
wm_eddieOh ok.  Maybe it should be renamed to Open Bugs %s is subscribed to.04:17
mptwell, that would be a cheap fix04:17
mptbut really, the reason for people using that list is to (a) control the amount of e-mail they get, and (b) recall bugs they remembered being subscribed to04:18
mptand hiding the Invalid etc bugs doesn't help either of those cases04:18
mptso we should just show the bugs in that list regardless of status04:18
wm_eddieYeah, where can I go to fix that?04:19
wm_eddie(During lunch)04:19
mptWell, you can go to "Advanced search" on that list, and check (or uncheck) all the status checkboxes, and uncheck the "Hide duplicates" checkbox04:21
mptbut you shouldn't have to04:21
mptFound it, bug 597704:22
ubotuLaunchpad bug 5977 in malone "Person Bugs pages seems to be incomplete" [Medium,Confirmed]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/597704:22
wm_eddieWow, launchpad should really try that whole open source thing, this bug is from 2005.04:24
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mptwm_eddie, there are many years-old unfixed bugs in Firefox too :-)05:01
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Hobbseeheya mpt!05:06
mpthi Hobbsee 05:18
wm_eddiempt: I think that stems from the C++-ness more than the open-source-ness05:32
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kiko-afkwm_eddie, uhhh, no, it doesn't.05:55
kiko-afkthere are many JS and XUL and XBL-only bugs from 200405:55
=== kiko-afk is now known as kiko-zzz
wm_eddieYeah, those are totally better since everybody knows JS, XUL, and XBL.06:00
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wm_eddie(I'm not saying that C++ is a exotic language, just that if there are bugs that require someone to have a deep understanding of the internals of XUL it's going to stay open for a long time.)06:04
kiko-zzzwm_eddie, my point was more that bugs can stay open for a long time, regardless of how hard they technically are to fix06:05
wm_eddieWhile I'll dive right into Python and C programs to fix bugs I stay away from C++.  I don't think I'm alone.06:05
kiko-zzzif you want to turn off all launchpad bugmail you can just filter out stuff with the X-Launchpad-Bug header06:06
=== kiko-zzz really zzz now
wm_eddieHard to do when the only access to the internet I have ATM is behind the company firewall, that blocks Gmail.  But I think I've got all the loud bugs out of the way already.06:07
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NamNguyenlaunchpad doesn't support + email address06:24
NamNguyeni tried to register with a + in my email address but it never came through06:24
spivNamNguyen: hmm, I'm fairly sure it does support + in email addresses.06:25
NamNguyenspiv: let me try one more time06:25
NamNguyenweird, the last two times weren't successful, this time it was06:28
wm_eddieBlame cosmic rays.06:33
=== NamNguyen blames on the sun!
NamNguyenwhich reminds me of the silver surfer ;-)06:34
NamNguyenby the way, i found out a few accounts which supposedly were mine06:35
NamNguyenis it possible to merge the current account with more than one accounts?06:36
FujitsuNamNguyen: Just head over to each duplicate and follow the instructions on each.06:36
NamNguyenwho knows launchpad automatically imports accounts from projects06:36
NamNguyenFujitsu: i merged with one account successfully06:37
NamNguyenthe other account doesn't show "merge" button06:37
FujitsuProbably means it has already been claimed...06:37
NamNguyenhmm, so, what must be done to de-claim it?06:38
FujitsuProbably ask a question on the Launchpad answer tracker. Which account are you trying to merge into your own?06:39
NamNguyeni'm trying to merge tnnguyen to bitsink+launchpad06:39
FujitsuBoth of them seem to be real, claimed accounts; file a support request at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad asking for one to be merged into the other.06:41
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ubotuNew bug: #128167 in launchpad "SSH key - import - dosen't check for duplicate keys" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12816707:45
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lifelesswould it be reasonable to expect the bugs pie chart to be clickable ?10:37
=== jtv [n=jtv@163.pool85-48-166.static.orange.es] has joined #launchpad
wm_eddieI for one would never expect it to be clickable... unless it looked really buttony.10:42
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juliuxhi all11:21
juliuxi am searching for somebody how can make a talk about launchpad at the german ubucon11:22
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carlos_ddaa: hi12:22
=== carlos_ is now known as carlos
ddaacarlos: hello12:24
carlosddaa: about the gksu email on launchpad-users12:25
ubotuNew bug: #128213 in rosetta ""[language]  statistics in [distroseries] " heading overruns" [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12821312:25
carlosddaa: shouldn't be better to use bzr-svn so he has a chance to commit that patch later directly?12:25
ddaafeel free to suggest it12:25
carlosddaa: or using importd trees allows you to do it too?12:26
ddaathey do not12:26
carlosjust checking, will answer too suggesting that12:26
ddaawhen users ask me something, I usually try to assume they know what they are asking12:26
carlosddaa: thanks12:26
ddaa(unless there is evidence to the opposite)12:26
carlosddaa: which is a good assumption, but maybe is just that he doesn't know about bzr-svn12:27
ddaamaybe, indeed12:27
carlosbtw, having importd generating svn compatible trees would be a really cool thing, is that planned?12:27
ddaaYes it would be a really cool thing.12:28
ddaaThere are lots of unobvious difficulties hidden there.12:29
ddaaSo far, I do not have a practical plan to do something like that.12:29
ddaaAnd I am waiting for the other guys to tell me what they think.12:29
carlosI understand that previous imported trees will not have such feature, which may be confusing12:30
ddaaYes, it is potentially confusing.12:30
ddaaBut there are use cases for both solutions at the moment.12:31
ddaait is currently possible to have an import in foo/trunk, and still have lp:///foo/trunk redirect to a user-provided branch.12:31
ddaa(though the UI for setting this up IS confusing as heck)12:32
carlosI see12:33
ddaaso, for example12:34
ddaathere could be a gksu/main import run by launchpad12:34
ddaaand a user-maintained ~foo/gksu/main branch produced by bzr-svn12:34
ddaaand they can coexist happily12:34
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barrysalgado: ping04:54
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ubotuNew bug: #128284 in blueprint "Incorrect information on blueprint documentation page." [Undecided,New]  https://launchpad.net/bugs/12828404:55
salgadobarry, pong05:14
barryhi salgado.  check your email05:14
barryi sent you something re: 277305:15
salgadocool. it didn't arrive yet, but I'm sure it will soon05:19
=== salgado watches his procmail.log
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