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rogue780argh. why does kubuntu have to be weird12:57
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smacfarlI have some questions about Mythubuntu02:14
smacfarlany takers?02:14
tgm4883_laptopwhat are your questions02:16
smacfarloh hey!02:16
smacfarlSo what is a good minimum box spec?02:16
smacfarlI have the option of buying some old P3 733 boxes no-os for 75USD02:17
tgm4883_laptopwhat do you want to do with it02:17
smacfarland I was thinking about creating a Mythubuntu test box02:17
smacfarlI currently run MediaPortal on an XP box which is more powerful02:17
smacfarlHowever I don't like to pay windows tax02:17
smacfarlso I figured now is the time to support linux02:17
smacfarlAnd i really like ubuntu. So you gotta start somewhere02:18
OpenMediasmacfarl: what are you going to be displaying the TV on?02:18
smacfarlLiterally a tv02:18
smacfarlold fashioned s-component02:18
smacfarlsplit the PC audio card to two channel02:18
smacfarlin the back02:18
OpenMediaUS or Europe?02:18
tgm4883_laptopread this http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-3.html#ss3.102:19
smacfarlMedia Portal does a nice job of displaying video content02:19
OpenMediaYou would be ok for SD but not for HD02:19
smacfarlStandard Def vs High Def right?02:19
smacfarlreadding link02:19
smacfarlI know this page02:19
smacfarlI see the differences are if you want to record while watching02:20
smacfarland 256 mb of ram minimum02:20
smacfarlSutpid question does Myth TV use VLC under the covers?02:20
smacfarlto play video?02:20
tgm4883_laptopwell it could i think02:21
smacfarlI think VLC is pretty embedable. Is the player that comes with Myth Good?02:21
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smacfarlI have a whole variety of video files02:21
smacfarlbtw thank you for being here to answer my stupid questions.02:22
tgm4883_laptopyea it's pretty good.  You can also select a video players for each file type02:22
smacfarlMedia Portal runs on dot net and allows an external player, but you lose the control from the main application02:22
smacfarlit just launches like a shell command launch rather than using the other player within the main applicaiton02:23
smacfarlOk. Any video card recommendations. You guys seem to support more drivers than the default myth tv02:24
tgm4883_laptopor the pvr-500 if you want 2 tuners in one card02:25
tgm4883_laptopand if your looking a saving money you can use the pvr remote, but if you want a nicer remote i recommend the MCE remote02:26
smacfarlis that the hauppage wintv pvr-500 you are recommending?02:30
tgm4883_laptopdo you have a cable box?02:34
smacfarlYou can get the mce remote in the kit hauppage offers. That's the one you are talking about right?02:41
smacfarlno I don't.02:41
smacfarlI don't actually have cable. All my video is internet or from my dvd collection02:42
smacfarlwhat were you wondering about the cable box?02:42
smacfarlmyth tv replaces the cable box right? It does schedule browsing and the like?02:42
tgm4883_laptopyeah, but if you have a cable box you can stream via firewire02:43
tgm4883_laptopif you don't have cable, what are you going to record?02:43
smacfarlnothing. I actually don't need the recorder.02:44
smacfarlI just need something to playback the video, and and do an out to a tv. Cheaply02:44
smacfarlIt seemed like there were some driver problems with Myth TV and cards so I was hoping to get the Viideo card(s) that would have the least problems02:45
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smacfarlIn fact. I was originally hoping I could get a bare motherboard with video and sound onboard, and just plug that into the tv02:45
tgm4883_laptopI use to use an nVidia Geforce 7300GS, it had a dongle that output component and svideo02:46
tgm4883_laptopit worked pretty well02:46
smacfarlare there video cards to avoid?02:46
tgm4883_laptopand any $400 cards as that is overkill02:47
smacfarlso any low end nvidia card is good. Does it need to do mpeg2 decoding?02:47
smacfarlWill myth tv be smart enough to use mpeg-2 decoding on the video card rather than the cpu02:48
tgm4883_laptopi believe so02:51
tgm4883_laptopI believe that it is compiled to do that02:51
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needinfoStill seeking help! Would there be any available?06:34
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tgm4883_laptopwhats the question?06:41
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superm1laga, Daviey DaveMorris ping04:53
superm1laga, any luck on the mythweb postrm on trunk?04:54
lagano, doesn't seem so :( haven't investigarted much more due to RL interferences :(04:54
superm1DaveMorris, i was going to see if you knew how to make the latex files make links in that index04:55
superm1i've seen some latex made pdfs that do that04:55
DaveMorrisclickable links04:55
DaveMorrisI'll investigate04:55
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superm1OpenMedia, man am i exhausted.  i didn't sleep more than 1 hr on the plane yesterday05:52
superm1er well today i guess - since it was a 12:30am flight05:52
OpenMediasuperm1: I'm beginning to feel like my body is pickled.05:53
OpenMediaAs long as you had a "good time" ;)05:53
superm1did you make it out to the google awards thing yesterday evening?05:53
OpenMediaYeah, it was a bit quiet though.05:53
superm1where was it?  Andrew and i walked around for a few, but didn't know where to head05:54
superm1and there was a guard standing post, so it would have looked fishy for us to just start checking rooms05:54
DaveMorrisyou could of asked ;)06:08

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