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brycejcristau: one of the reviewers of my patches suggested it.06:28
jcristaubryce: ok06:32
jcristauit seemed overkill for adding an epoch, that's why i asked :)06:32
bryceprobably.  I've since learned about doing -Xbuild1's so have mostly switched to doing that06:33
brycealso, another reviewer pointed out that the copyrights are only worth doing where the packaging was done by canonical (i.e. the x-apps)06:33
brycejcristau: btw, speaking of epochs, it would be awesome if some time we could get debian and ubuntu on identical epochs.  Save a lot of manual syncing06:34
jcristaui did libice the other day after i noticed you had updated it :/06:36
bryceI was pretty much able to get all of them done in about 2-3 days, although I'm still waiting on reviewers for uploading them06:38
jcristaudo you know which ones still need an epoch bump? i've lost track06:39
brycefor the next week or so I'm going to focus on getting the bulletproof-x code integrated into xorg, and maybe do syncs for libx11, xorg-server, and xinit06:39
brycejcristau: yeah06:39
bryceit's pretty evident scanning down through:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~bryce/Xorg/versions_current.html06:39
brycemostly the lib* section06:40
jcristaulibxaw libxext libxfontcache libxinerama libxmu libxtrap libxtst libxv libxvmc06:42
bryceyup, that sounds like them06:42
jcristaui think mostly that's already commited but there was no upload since then06:43
brycenite, ttyl06:46
jcristaugood night06:47
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