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Jester45kalikiana, i dont think i changed anything let me pastebin my fstab12:29
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)12:29
Jester45ls -ln /home == drwxr-xr-x 68 1000 1000 20480 2007-07-24 16:55 ryan12:32
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PumpernickelWhy do you have notail specified for an ext3 partition?12:41
Jester45dont know12:41
Jester45figured i would put it in12:41
PumpernickelIt's a reiserfs feature.  Don't.12:42
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elbingsince last wine update I can't put any accent (spanish keymap). Is there any way to configure keymap only for wine?12:56
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imduffy15hi can somebody help me i have got the live cd install of xubuntu and i want to install it is there anyway i can install it without going into the live desktop or getting the alternative disc???12:59
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imduffy15 hi can somebody help me i have got the live cd install of xubuntu and i want to install it is there anyway i can install it without going into the live desktop or getting the alternative disc???01:01
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imduffy15so how do i install it ever time i go into live desktop i takes about 2 hours to load and frezes and i have not even got to click on install yet01:02
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PumpernickelUse a different installation method.  There are lots.01:03
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - See also !automate01:03
imduffy15ok but i have the live cd do i just press f6 for other options and type it in there01:04
imduffy15what command do i type in to format my hard drive01:15
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mrpokMe again, more troubles for you. :)01:17
viddwhats up?01:18
imduffy15hi can somebody help me i have got the live cd install of xubuntu and i want to install it is there anyway i can install it without going into the live desktop or getting the alternative disc???01:18
mrpokMy machine starts up fine, and loads some apps that were already open, but the taskbar and menu bar are not there01:18
mrpokCan I get those going somehow?01:19
viddimduffy15, no...that is what the alt cd is for01:19
Jester45imduffy15, no the live cd is for booting into a live desktop not for doing the alt install01:19
mrpokimduffy15, the alt install is pretty easy, I did it myself the other day01:19
imduffy15crap i just wasted 600mb of my download limits is there any way to install it expect having to load that desktop thing with the install icon01:20
viddnot with the live cd imduffy1501:20
imduffy15are you sure there is no command that you can type into the other commands option01:21
viddabsolutely possitive01:21
Jester45i would hate to repeat myself but there isnt 2 cds for the fun of it01:21
imduffy15so i have to go and download the alt cd01:21
imduffy15what is the point in the live cd01:21
mrpokHe's a bit of a huffy duffy, then!01:22
Jester45a bit hard headed01:22
mrpokprobably 14 and using his mums dialup with 1gb d/l cap. :)01:23
mrpokSo any ideas on how to get my top and bottom panels back?01:23
mrpokOr why they went?01:23
Jester45mrpok, try alt+F201:24
Jester45then type xfce4-panel and click run01:24
mrpokokies, I'll give it a go01:25
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mrpolthat worked!01:27
Jester45np common problem01:27
mrpolthanks Jester01:27
mrpolnow to muck about with keyboard setup again01:27
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benpeytonhello everyone01:33
benpeytonyea, im not certain anyone can even see this01:34
Jester45we cant :)01:34
benpeytonhaha perfect01:34
benpeytoni guess im just surprised i got this to work at all considering i have no idea what im doing01:36
Jester45what client are you using01:36
Jester45most arent that hard01:36
Jester45you just gotta know the channel and server name01:37
benpeytongaim internet messanger01:37
Jester45there is a newer version thats not in the repos its called pidgin i can give you a link if you would like01:38
Jester45its simple to install01:38
benpeytonyea that would be great...yea i just installed xubuntu and its just the default one i think, gaim that is01:39
Jester45and do you have a X86 or a 64bit cpu01:40
zialsits not in apt repo?01:40
Jester45only gain01:41
benpeytonhere comes a stupid answer...i dont know if this computer is X86 or 64bit.....how do i find that out01:42
Jester45do you know what cpu is has01:42
mrpolWhen I installed, there was a series of questions asking me to press keys, so it could determine my keyboard layout. Can I run something like that again?01:43
benpeytonim sorry, what are you asking....i know its a dell dimension 3000, 80 gb hd, 256 mb ram01:44
Jester45benpeyton, try uname -a as a command01:44
Jester45and see if it says i686 or something else01:45
Jester45it would be the 2nd to last word01:46
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benpeytonyea it says i68601:47
Jester45then you also need http://vidd.us/downloads/deb/pidgin_2.0.2-1_i386.deb01:47
Jester45and then you can install by runing sudo dpkg -i ./pidgin_2.0.2-1_i386.deb ./pidgin-data_2.0.2-1_all.deb01:48
benpeytonok...so what did i686 just tell you about my computer01:49
Jester45or well it would probly be sudo dpkg -i ./Desktop/pidgin_2.0.2-1_i386.deb ./Desktop/pidgin-data_2.0.2-1_all.deb01:49
Jester45benpeyton, it told me that your running a 32bit processor and not a 64bit like AMD Althons01:50
Jester45most intels are 32bit and a lot of AMD's are 64bit01:50
Jester45i just needed to know if you had one or the other as you would need a diffrent .deb01:50
benpeytonoh ok.....yea so i ran that and it said error processing01:50
Jester45here type sudo dpkg -i then drag and drop the 2 files01:51
Jester45or you might beable to double click them01:53
mrpolHeh, gotta love Engrish... If products pictures in conflict with physical then follow physical01:53
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Jester45mrpok, ?01:53
mrpolFrom this cheap import keyboard box01:54
mrpolBad translations from Chinese01:54
mrpolAll other product names are trademarks or registered /tirade/marks of their respective owners01:55
greg_Jester45, I want to help out with Gutsy so I did the long test. How and where do I report the results? The ISO tracker just asks about partitioning and install stuff.01:56
ubotuGutsy Gibbon is the code name for the next release of Ubuntu (7.10). See https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2007-April/000276.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/GutsyReleaseSchedule - Roadmap and specifications: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/gutsy - Support in #ubuntu+101:56
benpeytonhmmm so i dragged and dropped it, which was cool, did not think i was going to be able to do that, but another window popped up and said stats: same version is already installed01:57
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Jester45benpeyton, sudo apt-get remove gaim gaim-data && sudo dpkg -i file1 file201:58
greg_Jester45, these seem to be ubuntu. Is there a Xubuntu-specific reporting site?02:02
Jester45not sure02:03
Jester45you could try asking in #ubuntu+102:03
greg_Gutsy is going to be sweet.02:03
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Balaams_MiracleDoes anyone know if Xfce will be updated to 4.4.1 for Gutsy?02:04
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mrpolhrm I cant seem to get this keyboard working right02:06
benpeyto1Jester45: alright thanks.  Im up and running pidgin right now.  Can you maybe explain real quick what you just had me too02:06
mrpolOf the number keys, only 5 and 6 work02:06
Jester45benpeyto1, the first part removed gaim then after the && installed the new pidgin02:07
Jester45the && mean after command1 do command202:07
Jester45apt-get is a fast way to isntall/remove packages. its like synatics but better02:08
Jester45you can search for packages by useing apt-cache search term02:08
Jester45or install via apt-get install package1 package202:09
Jester45and to update and upgrade your packages you run sudo apt-get update02:09
benpeyto1when i run the update do i have to say what package i want updated or will it just do all of them02:10
Jester45that gets a new list of package names/version and apt-get upgrade to upgrade packages that are old. also sometimes a major upgrade needs apt-get dist-upgrade such as a kernel upgrade. you can tell those because it will say something like 1 package(s) are not going to be upgrade02:11
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Jester45benpeyto1, when you run update it doesnt upgrade anything it downloads a list of the packages and their version02:11
timposeyhas anyone here ever installed xubuntu on an intel dot station?02:11
Jester45then the upgrade will upgrade all packages that are older than the newly downloaded list02:12
benpeyto1i see02:12
greg_Update Manager seems to work pretty well too.02:14
Jester45benpeyto1, this is something i just started to write some basic tips on linux -> http://jester45.homelinux.net/tips.txt02:15
Jester45greg_, but you cant automate the updatemanger02:15
benpeyto1yea if you cant tell i need some of those02:15
Jester45and it is also slower than apt02:15
Jester45its not much yet02:15
greg_Yes, but apt isn't as pretty.02:16
Jester45define pretty02:16
Jester45i think apt is very pretty02:16
greg_Point and click no cl pretty02:16
Jester45PnC is pretty for web browsers and thats about it02:17
mrpolI like being able to point and click in the keyboard model menu02:17
mrpolThe drop-down list is A Good Thing02:18
mrpolNot that it got my keyboard working. :)02:18
greg_I didn't even know it existed until the last dist-upgrade - I read that aptwouldn't work and to use Update Manager02:18
Jester45yea that was a bad little bug02:19
timposeyI tried to install xubuntu to an intell dot station by taking out the hard drive putting it in another machine and installing xubuntu on the hard drive and placing it back in the machine.  It worked find in the computer but when I put the hard drive back in the intell dot station it hangs up trying to load lilo which is some type of loader that I think was associated with red hat that was originally on the dot station. any ideas... should I have comple02:19
timposeytely formated the drive before installing xubuntu or does the installation program do that?  I have wondered if the Lilo program is not on the hard drive but resident in bios or something.02:19
Jester45its a boot manager02:20
ubotulilo is an alternative [Li] nux Boot[Lo] ader. Note: it is recommended that you use GRUB on Ubuntu instead.02:21
timposeyso how do I get rid of lilo?02:21
mrpol 02:22
timposeyI thought that it would have loaded grub on the install02:22
Jester45timposey, grub or lilo are useable but grub is recommended02:23
mrpolWell changing layouts doesn't get the numbers working02:23
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benpeyto1alright....im really interested in setting something up on my xubuntu system to help manage my rather large music file.....any suggestions on how to get that started?02:23
mrpolMaybe the keyboard itself is buggered.02:23
=== mrpol runs of to testaroonie.
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about mpd - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi02:25
timposeyJester45:  on the new install how do I make sure that Lilo is completely off the hard drive before the install?   I am a little confused because when I installed it said that all data on the drive would be erased but Lilo stayed?02:25
Jester45benpeyto1, you might like mpd+mpc+sonata02:25
Jester45timposey, it should ask what boot loader you want02:26
Jester45benpeyto1, it takes a little to setup but is really nice02:27
benpeyto1i might be getting ahead of myself though....i have my music files on an external hard drive.  Is that going to be difficult to set up?02:27
benpeyto1meaning..i haven even tried to plug it in yet02:28
timposeyJester45  it did not, but I will try again tomorrow and see what happens, I didn't see any question but maybe I skipped over it.  Thanks again..02:28
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Jester45benpeyto1, it shouldnt02:29
Jester45benpeyto1, once you plug it in it should just show an icon on the desktop02:29
mrpolJester, you are most helpful.02:29
mrpolAre you any good with lawnmowers?02:30
benpeyto1so if i understand correctly mpd is a player i use from the command line?02:32
benpeyto1is that the only way to use it?02:32
Jester45pull the cord and hold the metal bar and it goes vveeerroommm02:32
mrpolWell, mine doesn't.02:32
Jester45benpeyto1, no mpd is the server you connect with clients mpc is a cli client02:33
Jester45sonata is a nice gui one02:33
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benpeyto1yea...ok i understand02:33
Jester45its very lightweight02:34
livecd1Anyone know why grub works fine when i have pulled the plug on my windows harddrive? Othervise when my windows hdd is plugged in i get an error 15 from grub.02:34
Jester45mpc is good for say making short cuts on a multimedia keybaord02:34
benpeyto1awesome......well im going to for sure look into that tomorrow....jester45 thanks so much for your help and im sure i will be seeing you around here again02:35
Balaams_MiracleDoes anyone know if Xfce will be updated to 4.4.1 for Gutsy?02:35
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Jester45Balaams_Miracle, i think it is02:37
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Balaams_MiracleWouldn't you kjnow it, just after i've asked for the second time, i've found the answer on the Tribe2 page...02:37
mrpolYay! I can type numbers! 1234567890!02:39
Balaams_MiracleI am *so* itching to try the latest tribe, but i'm too afraid to brrak stuff on my system and i don't have the space to install it in a VM02:39
=== mrpol beams like a two year old.
Balaams_Miraclemrpol, congrats!02:40
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casperinis there some way of running a checkdisk with xubuntu running directly from the cd?02:52
mrpolI can't seem to find where to specify what happens when I put a CD in03:07
mrpolCurrently, gxine loads, but I don't want that to happen03:07
Jester45that casperin guy was impatient03:10
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mrpoloff to the shops, bbl.03:12
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casperincould someone guide me through running fsck on xubuntu? I'm very new at this03:22
PumpernickelIt's not terribly difficult.  You pick a drive/partition, e.g; /dev/sda1, make sure it's not mounted, and run `fsck /dev/sda1`.03:24
casperinI *just* got that far on my own.. but it says I don't have permission to do so because I don't have r/w access03:25
Jester45use sudo?03:25
zialstry sudo before the command in terminal03:26
zialstype* sudo03:26
casperingave me a bunch of info I don't know what means03:26
zialssudo = gives you administrative privelages (like root)03:26
casperinstill no permission though03:27
zialssudo fsck .... ?03:27
casperinhehe.. that's how new I am03:28
zialsusually you'll need to do sudo when dealing with the file system (this makes your system more secure)03:28
casperinuhm.. didn't actually work out.. it can't find the superblock03:29
casperinbut to be honest I'm not sure I'm checking the right disk03:29
casperinwhat I would like the most is to run a chkdsk from DOS, but for some reason it wont let me - so I was told this could do the same03:31
casperinthere's pretty much nothing on the HD aside from some windows install files03:31
zialswell, you're trying to check your windows partition then?03:32
casperinI'm trying to check the HD for errors.. it's very old03:32
casperinand when I had xp installed it'd give me a bluescreen and reboot out of nowhere once in a while03:33
zialswell... erhm... I guess you could check which parition it is on03:39
zialsby typing in the terminal: mousepad /etc/fstab03:40
zialsactually.. no03:41
zialstry : sudo fdisk -l03:41
casperinyes? what am I looking for?03:42
zialsit'll show you all your drives/partitions03:42
casperinhda1 hda2 and hda503:42
casperinso those are the ones I should rund fsck on?03:42
zialsnup, only the one with windows03:43
zialslook at the last column, it'll tell you what system03:43
zialsNTFS or FAT would be the windows one03:43
casperinlinux, extended, linux03:43
casperin(I had Ubuntu before I formated it and put windows install files on it)03:43
casperinlast one is Linux Swap / Solaris03:44
zialswell, you can ignore the swap...03:44
casperintried to run fsck on hda1 but I got an "Error 2 while executing fsck.ntfs for /dev/hda1"03:45
casperin.. there is no fsck.ntfs03:45
zialswell, since you want to fix you're windows... you could try http://www.ubcd4win.com/03:48
zialssince I don't know much about tinkering with windows03:48
casperinnono.. I don't want windows at all... I only used the windows cd to format my HD03:49
zialsok, windows CD formatted HD and now you want to...?03:50
zialscheck it for errors?03:50
casperina pretty unconventional way I admit.. but xubuntu couldn't do it and my dos wouldn't acknowledge anything03:50
casperinyes... find bad parts and make it not try to use them.. and then install xubuntu03:51
zialsahh, I once tried to do that too (xubuntu often gets stuck when partitioning)03:51
zialsthe problem is, windows formatted the HD to a different format... so you made no difference really, because the install will have to re-partition and format everything again03:52
casperingreat.. </irony>03:52
zialsbut... there was another application that I used03:52
zialsit'll partition the HD to the correct format (ext3 format)03:53
casperinexcuse me for asking a way stupid question, but does a partition also scan the hd for errors?03:54
zialsdoesn't need to... because it formats everything (it wipes everything clean... then creates the partition)03:54
zialsso, what I used was, Gparted, available at -> http://gparted.sourceforge.net/download.php03:55
zialswhich is basically a LiveCD that'll let you partition your HD03:55
zialsuse it to format your HD to the ext3 format03:55
casperinreading reading..03:57
casperinaw shiet.. I don't have a burner here03:57
zialsLiveUSB too...03:57
zialsthough... its a bit more complicated03:58
casperinyou don't say lol03:59
casperini wonder if i even have any space left on my usb.. i used it to back up my things04:00
casperinhang on04:00
casperingod.. I'm so helpless :(04:00
casperin350mb left04:01
zialswell, you could try to use xubuntu's liveCd and try to install it...04:05
zialssometimes you get lucky and it works04:05
zialsjust tell it to use the whole HD...04:05
casperinwell.. i dl'ed both the gparted liveCD and liveUSB to the desktop04:06
casperinbut the files for some reason aren't showing up04:06
casperinwell.. they do in a browser, so...04:06
casperini got a folder with an .sh file now... i have absolutely not idea what it's for haha04:07
zialsurgh... well, I have to call it a night right now04:07
Jester45anyone know how to set your screen offset04:07
zials.sh = executable04:07
casperinoh wow04:07
zialsin terminal.. type: ./filename.sh04:07
casperinyeah me too in a sec.. it's 4am here =/04:08
Jester45better type sh filename.sh04:08
casperinok, I'll try04:08
casperinthat didn't do anything04:09
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Jester45what are you trying to do04:10
Jester45paste the .sh04:10
casperintrying to run an .sh file on my desktop..04:10
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:10
Jester45no paste the stuff insite04:11
Jester45cat /home/ubuntu/Desktop/set_usb.sh04:11
casperinoh wow04:12
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casperinok, I'm getting in way above me now and it's 4am.. i have to call it a night too04:12
casperinthanks though :-)04:13
casperinoh wait!!04:13
casperini think it worked haha04:13
casperini created a usb stick that can run a check disk04:13
casperinok gnight then.. i hear sleeping is good for your heath :P04:15
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panfistthis may seem like a weird question but is there any way I can get the titles of windows to be formatted to the left instead of the center05:25
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KaelriHello... is there anyone in particular I can ask a question regarding Xubuntu installation?05:59
KaelriHm. Well, as there doesn't seem to be a conversation for me to interrupt, I'll just ask it: I'm trying to install it on a computer with two hard drives - a primary 60GB drive and a secondary 40GB. I have XP on the 60, and I'd like to install Xubuntu by itself on the 40, but the installer is only recognizing the 60. If someone knows of a way to fix this, please let me know.06:04
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aliveriussproblem with libstdc++ here!06:13
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> hey06:13
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> listen to this , this is strange...06:13
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> i boot into my linux, remembering that before shutdown it behaved strangely06:13
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> it still does06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> most apps wont load06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> the terminal did load tho06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> so i run firefox in the terminal and get a message:06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> /lib/libgcc_s.so.1: version 'GCC4.2.0' not found (required by /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6)06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> i thought a package i had manualy installed had done the job...06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> since synaptic wouldnt run either06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> i compiled from 4.1.2 source libstdc++06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> the system came back to life06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> everything worked06:14
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> so i thought ok, now i should replace it with the ubuntu one06:15
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> i did and the problem returned06:15
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> i thought maybe something corrupted my cache, so i cleaned the apt cache06:15
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> i copied my own libstdc++ to get synaptic to work06:15
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> reinstalled the ubuntu libstdc++06:15
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> again dead....06:15
aliveriuss<aliveriuss> any ideas?06:15
KaelriGood luck... I came in here a while ago with an installation problem and I've gotten nothing but silence...06:15
aliveriusswake up people!!!06:16
aliveriussby the way Kaelri isnt xfce damn fast? :D06:16
KaelriIt really is. I think we're gonna be fast friends. I just want to get the thing on my hard drive. ;)06:16
aliveriussand what is your problem?06:16
KaelriI've got a laptop with two drives. A primary 60GB and a secondary 40GB. I've got the 40 all cleared out just for Xubuntu, but the CD installer is only detecting the 60.06:17
aliveriuss(i am running this in a new computer and it is amazing it shows even wth 1gb ram that xfce is more lightweight)06:17
aliveriussthe 2nd drive is external?06:18
Kaelri(Heh, excellent.)06:18
aliveriusstell me more06:18
KaelriHm. It's a Dell Inspiron B130. Only a year old. Came from the factory with the two drives. The second one has worked perfectly fine in Windows.06:19
KaelriI read a help file online somewhere that said the installer should automatically read it.06:19
aliveriusswhat kind of controller do wondows report:?06:19
aliveriusscontroler yes06:20
Kaelri(Sorry if I'm being an idiot, but I've only dabbled in the world beyond garden-variety PC work.)06:21
=== Jester45 [i=Jester45@d43-154.rt-bras.wnvl.centurytel.net] has joined #xubuntu
aliveriussat least could you show me a link with your laptop's specs?06:21
KaelriBeneath the picture. Hope it helps.06:22
aliveriusshave you tried to install windows on that drive?06:23
=== aliveriuss goes to read the specs
KaelriNo. (Sadly, Dell neglected to send me a reinstallation disk.)06:23
Jester45do you have a cd key?06:24
Jester45or ms calles it a product id key06:25
KaelriSince when has Microsoft been that generous? ;)06:25
Jester45i was just going to say if you wanted thepiratebay is sure to have a good copy of the version06:26
Jester45ive done it before but i have a key from the first install but the disc was scratched so i needed a new copy06:27
KaelriYeah. I'm hoping I'll be able to put Linux on that drive, though, and eliminate the problem. (Thanks for the suggestion, though. It might come to that.)06:28
KaelriI should mention that Xubuntu itself was able to read the drive. I could view the files on it and so on. It's just the installer application that listed only the primary drive.06:30
Jester45Kaelri, what cd are you useing06:32
panfisthey i was wondering about panels autohiding...two questions, one can i map a keyboard shortcut to show/hide certain panels? or toggle autohide? second question, can i change the delay of how long i have to put my cursor on the edge of a hidden panel before it shows itself?06:32
Jester45panfist, thats a good idea but i dont know how, if any of that is possible it would be the delay06:33
KaelriJester: I downloaded the ISO here - http://mirror.anl.gov/pub/ubuntu-iso/DVDs/xubuntu/7.04/release/xubuntu-7.04-desktop-i386.iso - and burnt the image to a blank CD.06:33
panfisti have a panel docked on the right side of my screen with some applets like cpu, mem, swap monitor, battery monitor, weather, notes etc that i have autohidden and its annoying when the mouse acceleration causes the cursor to bump the right side of the screen for a split second when im trying to scroll, and theni cant scroll because the panels in the way06:34
Jester45Kaelri, if you can try the alt cd as it is stabler06:34
KaelriAh. Worth a try. Thank you.06:34
Jester45Kaelri, you can get it from http://vidd.us/downloads/06:34
Jester45if the ubuntu servers are a bit slow06:34
Jester45as far as i have seen that server's upload is 600-700kb/s06:35
KaelriAye, that's about what I'm getting.06:36
aliveriussKaelri, the laptop you showed me doesnt have a second drive....06:43
KaelriMine's probably a bit different from the review model. Dell offered a number of custom options for the purchaser, including a second drive.06:44
aliveriussi bet you have a secondary card that runs that disk, to be more vulgar06:44
aliveriussand that card is unsupported or badly supported06:45
KaelriHmm. Best I can do is try the alternate ISO that Jester recommended, I guess. Thanks for looking, though.06:45
aliveriussdo that06:46
KaelriCD's done. Once more unto the breach. Thanks again for the help. Good luck with your libstdc++, aliveriuss.06:51
Jester45finished the download? im gonna take the server down for a quick upgrade06:51
KaelriHeh, speak of the devil.06:51
Jester45guess so06:51
aliveriussKaelri, i suggest you verify the MD5 had of the image you downloaded06:52
aliveriussi bet you dont know how tho06:52
KaelriHeh, you'd win that bet.06:52
KaelriIt contains a text log called "md5sum" - that what you're talking about?06:54
Jester45sudo aptitude install sleuthkit then md5 xubuntu-7.04*.iso06:54
aliveriussactually you should read that sum in an ubuntu website06:55
aliveriussand compare it to the one some utility for *windows* you find on the net will tell06:55
KaelriAh, Wikipedia, you never fail me... will do.06:56
Jester45oo yea06:56
Jester45not on linux yet :) you have to search the web for you programs06:57
KaelriHeh. Luckily, I'm trained in the art of Google just like everyone else.06:58
aliveriussnot everyone knows to google effectively06:58
aliveriusstrust me in the univ i can find more articles than anyone hehe :D06:59
KaelriHeh. Fair enough.06:59
Jester45your not better than TheSheep07:00
aliveriusswho TheSheep?07:00
Jester45hes 34 scientist that sit on this channel and randomly answer questions07:01
Jester45it has all of google's kownledge in his brain07:02
Jester45at least it seems like it07:02
aliveriuss!google aliverius07:02
Jester45he just knows a whole bunch about everything07:02
Jester45 ubotu  is an infobot not a regualr bot07:03
ubotuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type  lsb_release -a  in a !shell07:03
Jester45they changed it07:03
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots07:03
aliveriussyeah yeah he already told me in pvt07:03
Kaelri(Just to let you know, the MD5 checks out. It was a good thought, though.)07:04
KaelriI'll go give this thing a try.07:06
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KaelriAlas! No cigar. Thanks again for the suggestions, though.07:20
aliveriussyou have to go to the properties pf ""my computer"07:21
aliveriusscan you do that?07:22
aliveriussi will tell you step by step07:22
=== aliveriuss does everything to convert people into linuxism
=== Kaelri assumes aliveriuss is talking to someone else who popped in after he left.
aliveriussno i am talking to you07:27
KaelriWell, then, I'm there.07:27
aliveriusstab: hardware07:27
aliveriussdevice manager07:28
Kaelri...now that is interesting.07:29
aliveriussclick the cross beside ide ata/atapi controllers07:29
aliveriussthat is the hardware that, well, controlls your hard disk07:29
aliveriussso what does it say?07:30
KaelriIntel 8280 1FB/FBM Ultra ATA Storage Controllers - 266F.07:30
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aliveriussis that all?07:31
KaelriThere's a second tab that simply reads "Primary IDE Channel."07:31
KaelriOtherwise, yes.07:31
aliveriussdo you see any scsi / raid conntrollers in the main tree?07:32
KaelriI do not.07:33
aliveriussunfold the hard disks tree07:34
KaelriI do believe my computer just scammed me.07:35
KaelriIt seems the second drive I thought I had is a partition from the primary drive, after all...07:35
aliveriusscase dismissed07:36
KaelriHeh. Well, partially, anyway. The Xubuntu installer didn't distinguish between them as partitions any more than it did as drives.07:37
aliveriusswhy did it report a 100gb partition?07:37
aliveriussyou probably have a 100gb drive07:37
aliveriussa 60gb partition07:37
aliveriussand 40gb of free space07:37
aliveriussgo install your xubuntu in there!07:38
aliveriussthen come back through windows07:38
aliveriussand ask how to chat on irc with ubuntu07:38
KaelriSome of that free space is on the 60GB partition, though... isn't there a chance that if I tell it to just take 40GB for its own use, it'll take some from what Windows thinks of as both drives? Seems like that could screw up Windows' file system quite a bit.07:39
aliveriussof course it will07:40
aliveriusswindows reports 2 different partition on the same hard drive07:40
aliveriussas two different drives07:40
aliveriussso if windows now see one drive of 60gb07:41
aliveriussand before it saw another one of 40gb07:41
aliveriussthose 40gb are distinct space07:41
aliveriussso dont worry07:42
aliveriussjust be careful not to choose automatic partitioning on the entire disk space07:42
aliveriusscause that will wipe everything out07:42
KaelriYeah. Hm. So will Xubuntu's guided partitioning be able to isolate the space in what Windows calls the 40GB partition?07:43
aliveriussif you choose automatic partitioning in the FREE space yes07:43
KaelriAnd it'll deliberately ignore the free space on the 60GB?07:43
aliveriussnot sweet, standard!07:44
KaelriHeh, granted.07:44
aliveriussyes that07:44
Kaelri*crosses fingers*07:45
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KaelriA major milestone. :) The last hurdle is that I have to set up the partitions manually. I know I need a root "/" of at least 2GB, and a "swap" of the same size (I'm told the rule of thumb is to make the swap double your RAM). Do I need another one, or will Xubuntu be able to handle files on a regular NTFS partition?08:07
=== sigmamu188 [n=jwheeler@c-76-31-163-140.hsd1.tx.comcast.net] has joined #xubuntu
aliveriussno it wont08:08
KaelriAh, ok.08:09
sigmamu188dose anyone know hot the add a location to the "send to" options when you right click on a file?08:09
aliveriusscreate one swap first about 1gb08:09
sigmamu188how not hot*08:09
aliveriussabout 15gb root08:09
aliveriussthe rest /home08:09
aliveriussthis way every time you destroy your xubuntu08:10
aliveriussyou can just install that08:10
KaelriHeh, gotcha.08:10
Kaelri(Conceptual question: is root just for the OS, or will it also hold application data and/or personal files?)08:11
aliveriusspersonal files go to /home08:11
aliveriusshome is like documents and setting ins windows08:11
aliveriussapplications go to /usr but you dnt need to separate that for now08:11
aliveriussapplication data goes to home ttoo08:11
KaelriSo root, then, is indeed just for Xubuntu itself?08:12
aliveriussdo swap then root then  home08:14
aliveriusshow much ram do you havE/08:14
KaelriThat change anything?08:14
aliveriussmany would say make a double size swap08:15
aliveriussbut hey 1gb is going to be fine08:15
KaelriHeh. Excellent.08:15
KaelriI thankye once more for your patience. Hopefully I'll be in the midst of a pretty Xfce interface next time we speak. :)08:16
sigmamu188 dose anyone know how the add a location to the "send to" options when you right click on a file?08:18
aliveriussme not sorry08:20
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tuxcrafterhello guys09:53
tuxcrafteri am looking for a shortcut for always on top09:53
tuxcrafteri cant find it09:53
tuxcrafteralso is there an option to get this in the taskbar menu09:54
tuxcrafterinstead of stick or something09:54
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imduffy15hi i am having problems installing xubuntu i have the live cd and am trying to boot into the live desktop to install it but the icons will not apppear on the desktop and it seams as if it has stoped loading the disc10:06
tupaimduffy15, are you low on RAM?10:09
tupaeg less than 256 MB10:10
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mrpo1Hey guys12:21
mrpo1I'm having keyboard problems again. :(12:21
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timposeyis grub only needed on a dual boot system or is grub necessary to boot all systems?06:07
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